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Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley: Cannes Couple!

Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley: Cannes Couple!

Tom Hardy and his fiancee Charlotte Riley pose for the camera as they arrive at Nice Airport on Saturday morning (May 19) in France.

The 34-year-old actor is in town to promote his new film Lawless at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Later in the day, he attended both a photo call and the film’s premiere along with his co-stars Shia LaBeouf and Jessica Chastain.

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Lawless is set in the Depression-era Franklin County, Virginia and follows a bootlegging gang threatened by authorities who want a cut of their profits.

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94 Responses to “Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley: Cannes Couple!”

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  1. 76
    Cintia Says:

    @Eddie: Hey you idiot, this is a gossip site, people talk about other people’s lives here, if you don’t like it, GET OUT! Also, if you waste your time to comment here, it means you need to get a life too. =D

  2. 77
    Michelle J. Says:

    @Eddie: Look who’s talking…..If you can’t handle the truth don’t read! We’re not blind like Tom Hardy.

  3. 78
    Michelle J. Says:

    @Eddie:….And if you think this is bad, I’ve read worse!

  4. 79
    Angelina Says:

    @Eddie: Sad people, pathetic, really??? Before you open your dirty mouth look at yourself first, as if you’re not doing what this people are doing….. You’re worst, judging people like you are so clean!!……… Just admit it Tom, you’re a failure when it comes to women, you can’t get a decent woman, you have to offer the world for them to take you. What if you have nothing to offer anymore??? Grow up!!!

  5. 80
    Brooke Says:

    i’m just really glad that i’m not friends with people like you. one day people should wish as much misfortune and negativity into your lives as you are doing to people you don’t even know. this isn’t gossip. this is just mean.
    Seriously? How can you judge a couple based on who they do movies with and what movies they make? Did any of you even see the both of them in Wuthering Heights??

  6. 81
    Chris Says:

    @Brooke: Who is judging those people based in their movies? You really read the comments? you really know these couple? read/see interviews with them? you know that Tom cheated on his son’s mother with his current girlfriend and this is the reason why a lot of people didn’t like either of them? I guess no!
    Who is wishing misfortune and negativity? Tom and Charlotte aren’t saints!
    You don’t have to be stupid and blind to be a fan and think everything your idol does is amazing and he/she is always right and never can be criticized, if they don’t want to be criticized they should choose another career. They hurt someone else feelings with their cheat (Rachael), not to mention the fact they stopped and posed for paparazzi in these pics, this is the reason why people are calling them “famewhores” if you don’t understood.
    Well, a lot of people saw Wuthering Heights, this has nothing to do with this post or the comments here, seems like you is the one who is judging these people based on that movie, they’re not a couple forbidden to be together by a cruel society.

  7. 82
    WTF Says:

    Charlotte and her family are back! LOL

  8. 83
    Louise Says:

    Who cares that they posed for the camera? It doesn’t make them attention whores, they’re “giving back” to their fans. They look like a happy couple, leave them alone. Several of the posters need to go back to 3rd grade English class.

  9. 84
    Rose Says:

    @Louise: “Giving back to their fans”? since when paparazzi are fans? Don’t be so stupid! I doubt you would say the same thing about Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian when they stop and pose for paparazzi in a airport! This is an attention/famewhore thing, you can’t denied!
    You really need some lessons about Hollywood and actors/singers/whatever who make everything to be noticed, even pose for paparazzi in the beginning of their careers.

  10. 85
    Danielle Says:

    @Louise: You don’t know if they’re fr other countries. Who cares about their English? Have you read Tom’s writing and spelling? And he’s English! LOL…..I’d rather be bad in english than be STUPID like you, can’t fix that!

  11. 86
    All u need is love Says:

    Wow. I came on this website because I rented Wuthering Heights and had never heard of Tom Hardy or Charlotte Riley. I thought they were great. I’m now a huge Tom Hardy fan and I hope Charlotte will do more movies as well. It’s unfortunate that Tom didn’t stay with his baby momma but no one knows what happened between them. He wouldn’t be the first guy, actor or not, to knock up his girlfriend and later realize its not meant to be. Until we’re all perfect don’t judge. Maybe he’s a good for nothing man ***** and Charlotte’s a home wrecker. I care not. As an actor Tom is brilliant, I hope he keeps making movies because I love everything he’s in. I wish both Tom and Charlotte the best, if two people love each other they should be together. I think y’all are jealous.

  12. 87
    bonnieparrish Says:

    dump her and keep jessica

  13. 88
    bonnieparrish Says:

    tom better off witout greedy char

  14. 89
    bonnieparrish Says:


  15. 90
    Sam Says:

    @bonnieparrish: Open your eyes! Jessica is another ***** just like Charlotte.

  16. 91
    Rachael Says:

    @Sam: No, Jessica is not like Charlotte….Jessica is working and not riding on someone else’s popularity, she’s beautiful, elegant, very talented and most of all not cross-eyed!…I like to see Tom ends up with someone like Jessica, or any one else but not Charlotte.

  17. 92
    Sam Says:

    @Rachael: Did you ever see Jessica flerting in public with all her male co-stars (including the married ones)? she has no class or respect for their girlfriends/wifes, she always acts like a desperate woman crazy for sex. She’s not different of Charlotte who did the same thing when Tom was in a relationship with Rachael Speed. Tom would change from sh*t to garbage dumping Charlotte for another woman like her.
    In my opinion, he should date someone like Marion Cotillard (well, not exactly her cause she is married and happy with Guillaume, she’s just an example) who is really pretty (even without makeup), talented, never needed a famous boyfriend to help her career and don’t had to star in 15 movies in a year to be considered a great actress, she is famous only by her talent. But Tom is a stupid man, when he had a nice girl (Rachael) he messed up everything, so he don’t deserve a woman like this.

  18. 93
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