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Halle Berry & Nahla: Pavilions Pair

Halle Berry & Nahla: Pavilions Pair

Halle Berry pushes her daughter Nahla in a shopping wagon after picking up some groceries from Pavilions on Saturday (May 19) in West Hollywood, Calif.

After getting into a confrontation with a photographer outside her daughter’s school last week, the 45-year-old actress is trying to enlist President Obama to set laws to protect children from paparazzi.

“There are no laws here that protect our children and, as a mom coming to the school… not only my child, but all the children that are there. It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong,” Halle told Extra (via ABC News).

“You know, I think I’m going to call Obama and say, ‘Look, can you help us? I know this seems like a little issue right now, but it’s a big issue in our lives and our lives at the school and our children being protected,’” she added.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry picking up groceries…

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halle berry nahla pavilions pair 01
halle berry nahla pavilions pair 02
halle berry nahla pavilions pair 03
halle berry nahla pavilions pair 04
halle berry nahla pavilions pair 05
halle berry nahla pavilions pair 06
halle berry nahla pavilions pair 07
halle berry nahla pavilions pair 08
halle berry nahla pavilions pair 09
halle berry nahla pavilions pair 10

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  • lol

    Sideshow Bob

  • niagirl

    There you go again showing pap (pictures of a child takened by adult men)pictures. Theres something pervy about those who take them and those who post them.

  • bobby-ray

    her hair looks absolutley ridicoulis

  • BerryBerry

    The most unattractive hair style i have ever seen her with TAKE IT OFF HALLE TAKE IT OFF!!!!!

  • Bunny*

    Omg halle wtf is this hair??!! Are u deliberately trying to look bad cuz it takes alot of work for u to look this atrocious!!

  • s

    No security with her and Nahla? I thought she was so afraid for her safety. I don’t know about Ms Berry, maybe she really is a liar.

  • JUSTme

    I don´t like Halle and I don´t like her wig. Nahla is a cute kid.

  • Ace

    I agree with her.
    I’m personally sick of seeing celeb’s kids on here such as Jennifer Garners kids, literally everyday! Do we really need to watch them grow up in front of our eyes!?
    That’s NOT why I come here. I come here to see celebrity ADULTS, not children.
    I hope there will be a law that makes it illegal to pap kids. And soon.

  • Jean

    I always think it strange how celebs have on sun shades to protect their eyes from the sun and they do not put any on their children, their children are left squinting in the sun.

  • Jean

    Ace @ 05/20/2012 at 10:35 am #8
    I agree with her.
    I’m personally sick of seeing celeb’s kids on here such as Jennifer Garners kids, literally everyday! Do we really need to watch them grow up in front of our eyes!?
    That’s NOT why I come here. I come here to see celebrity ADULTS, not children.
    I hope there will be a law that makes it illegal to pap kids. And soon.
    If you don’t want to see celeb children don’t click on the “Celebrities Babies” section. OR just don’t come to the Just Jared site, PERIOD! Jared has the right to post what he wants to post, and you cannot dictate to him what to post. It is his blog, NOT yours. You hypocrite.

  • Ace

    @Jean: Are you an idiot? I don’t click on “celebrities babies”, I SEE them while I scroll down the site!
    I have not dictated anything or demanded Jared NOT post them so stfu and learn how to read!

  • http://google Cynthia

    The price a celebrity ~ wh they get paid BIG $$$, are vocal on their political issues, and we folks like to see how they live….that’s why we all on this website…so sorry Halle…..that’s your unfortunate reward.

  • Peapo

    It is Halle’s unfortunate reward but it should not be her small child’s. Whoever her friends or who she is dating should not matter but children should be off limits. They do not understand the situation around them. adults do.
    And to change the subject, Halle has got great legs.Just perfect.

  • wigging out

    Throw the wig away girl, it looks horrible!!

  • k.

    What happened to her older, adopted daughter? The poor girl vanished the very moment Halle got pregnant.

  • Wanda

    Halle never adopted Eric Benet’s daughter now Eric has a new wife and his daughter has a new stepmother.

  • Celeste

    It is very possible that this is Halle Berry NATURAL hair and God gave her beautiful, curly brown hair. I love it (and who cares if you don’t)!

  • Jean

    Ace @ 05/20/2012 at 10:56 am #11

    @Jean: Are you an idiot? I don’t click on “celebrities babies”, I SEE them while I scroll down the site!
    I have not dictated anything or demanded Jared NOT post them so stfu and learn how to read!
    You are the idiot because you ARE on a
    celebrity site, so just don’t click on it, MORON, and you won’t see any celeb children.

  • From Danielle, to Ace

    You are not too bright. If you don’t want to see celeb children don’t go on entertainment sites. Do you think celebs are never going to go out in public with their children? If you go to celebrity sites, you are bound to see their children, Stupid.

  • huggy bear

    Celeste that not halle hair, no one hair can grow fast in a matter of one week that fast. halle childhood picture she have real bad hair not curly she have being relaxing her hair for years .that why she make her baby with a white boy insted of one my brothers.

  • patricia s.

    I think its wrong for paps to stalk children, but OTOH, Halle has put Nahla up to cry when she sees paps, to make her case better to move to France. Nahla never seem bothered by them before.

  • Gossipgirl

    Children should be off limits. Period.

  • Lucy Lui

    @Jean: @From Danielle, to Ace: Last I checked, children are NOT celebrities so I have every right to visit these sites without being a hypocrite you illiterate morons.
    Obviously, you didn’t read the part where I agree with Halle on celebrity kids not being papped. Key word; PAPPED.
    Where have I said I don’t wish to visit this site? How does that make ANY sense? 99% of the content here is ADULT CELEBS without their children being featured. And I DO NOT click on the ones where children are featured because it doesn’t interest me but I still SEE them when I scroll down to OTHER celebs.
    Good lord some people…

  • huggy bear

    Lucy Lui what about child star who are in the business

  • huggy bear

    patricia s. your so right Halle is setting up Nahla to cry when see the camera flash, that kids is going to have some problems because of her mom. she is already acting. Gabriel get you kid some before Halle demage her.

  • .

    Boo boo, you chose to live a public life so deal with the paps.

  • me II

    halle ….your hair looks awful like that…

  • leah

    @Lucy Lui:
    Children who have celebrity parents will obviously will be in photos when they are with their parents in public. If you don’t like it don’t check out celebrity blogs, and magazines.

    Celebrities will always be out and about with their children, and these children will always be photographed with their famous parents. This has been going on since the beginning of show business. And YOU and nobody else will stop it.

  • elaine

    Gabriels little girl ALWAYS looks unhappy when she’s with MOMMIE DEAREST. with Gabriel, she’s always laughing and happy. hope the judge in this case investigates Hallie. she’s a real nut job

  • Peapo

    In Europe they block out the face of celebrities children’s facese. So at least stalkers won’t know what the children look like. it’s a start!

    Leah; You say NOBODY will stop it but Europe is doing something to stop it. they at least admit it is a problem. maybe in the future they will go farther and NOT allow celebrity children on sites like these. NEVER SAY NEVER!
    And why shouldn’t people who criticize children on sites like this told not to look at sites like this. The majority of pics are of adults and it’s easy enough to skip over pics of celebrity children or ones you don’t care for so so STOP YELLING at people who think differently than you do!

  • leah

    @Peapo: #30
    This is NOT Europe. This is America. American celebrities don’t care if their children’s faces are seen, or else they would request their faces be blocked. They are proud of their children, and do not try to hide them. When they want protection they hire bodyguards. But they do hot hire their faces.

  • Guest

    This seems so stupid because if Halle moved out of the Los Angeles area I am sure she would not be bothered at all. But she choses to live where she does. I am sure there are no paparazi in Arizona or Oregon or even San Diego for that matter. So Obama has to waste his time on Halle Berry’s dumb paparazi problems? I am sure she knew what she was getting into by living where she does. She does’t need to get away to France to get away from the paparazi. She just needs to move to one of the thousands of other cities where there are no paparazi. Duh!!

  • Elle

    I completely agree with Halle. I don’t know if she actually makes Nahla cry when she sees paps and neither does anyone else on here. But how is it ok for papparazzi to take pictures of these kids when if they were just some random guy taking pictures of kids AND GETTING MONEY FOR THEM they would end up in jail? It’s not safe for their kids or anyone else’s kids who happen to go to school with them and I don’t think it’s that small of an issue.

  • Kaya

    Wow, the haters are out in force. Is it her best look? No, but I think she still looks gorgeous.

  • Amazed

    She dresses really badly these days



  • puma

    it is terrible how can a mother do in this way, the girl has so many rehearsed poses not only on these images.

  • Anna

    She is so dumb, why would you go to the President, wouldn’t you go to your elected officials first. She always says the dumbest things to me and I use to like her, but not anymore.

  • British Latin American

    @leah: That’s the most ridiculous statement in this thread.

  • rohan


    The celebrity kids are FROM celebrity parents, the media will always see them as an extension of their famous parents. Whether the kids like it or not or even know the depth of media’s interest in them, as long as their parents are in this profession they too will be involved. It’s easy to see why the media is obsessing over the kids even though they don’t have a job and an identity of their own, except for being the son/daughter of famous parents. So, it’s fair game for the media to follow the kids just like they do with the parents. The only solution for the kids is to find out about their parents life that attract media and the reason for the intrusion/constant attention on them. When they mature they can move out of the hollywood surroundings and get their own life. Otherwise, they just have to live along with the media for the rest of their lives even if the constant attention is detrimental.

  • jace


    Anyone’s else kids are nobodies so paps wont bother them or take pictures at all. The only picture they want is the famous parents children. If the paps are random people engaging in a job like this, they would be in jail along time ago. I don’t think authorities give a damn about the job of the paps since they know the paps, celebrities, hollywood are all the same. The specific person taking pictures is not regarded as some sexual predator or a criminal stalking a child, these people are only called paparazzi. This incident regarding halle and her child is not news, this is the way of life in hollywood and not some serious issue to involve authorities. As long as halle and her daughter are safe from physical harm, the issue is not all serious. It would be another story if this guy came into their house, then the police have to be involved.

  • huggy bear

    so true jace so true