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LeAnn Rimes Performs in New Hampshire!

LeAnn Rimes Performs in New Hampshire!

LeAnn Rimes greets fans as she makes her way into the Casino Ballroom for a performance on Saturday (May 19) in Hampton Beach, N.H.

The 29-year-old singer will make her way to Long Island, New York tonight (May 20) to continue her tour.

“Sure is beautiful in NH. Gonna go enjoy the day. Love you all and see some of you tonight at my show!” LeAnn tweeted.

LeAnn is performing all across the country for the rest of the year. Check out her website to find out when she will be in a town near you!

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Credit:; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Skars

    ew don’t come to my state.

  • @@@@

    Please stop reporting on this creature.

  • BrandiSucks

    I honestly wonder when you haters will grow up and move on. Such immature children. :)

  • Lisa

    these jj pics along with this photo leads me to believe that she has DEFINITELY had some facial work done, be it fillers or a baboon jaw, either way. wooof.

  • Lisa


  • maggie

    massive wedding ring. so there TROUBLE IN PARADISE!

  • maggie


  • Erin

    *yawn* no-one cares, she only still gets tabloid attention because the whole world loves to hate her. Ugly inside and out, wish she’d just go away.

  • yoyogirl

    Oh right, Leann has a music ‘career’…it’s so easy to forget…!

  • dobbi

    She’ll be yodeling at a car wash near y’all soon.

  • Sharon

    She looks great! LOVE the outfit

  • BrandiSucks


    Grow up, SUGAR. I don’t care enough about Brandi to hate her. She’s a nobody, just like Leann’s pathetic haters.

  • BrandiSucks


    At least Leann can sing, unlike her haters. :)

  • BrandiSucks

    Leann’s haters = immature people who spend way too much time online. :)

  • Lisa

    @BrandiSucks: How dare you lecture anyone? You are daring to call them immature when your handle is Brandisucks? Hypocrite much? Why don’t you take your own advice and grow the hell up yourself. You tell others not to bash someone while openly insulting another. You are not making a very good argument when your own obvious immaturity is glaringly on display for the world to see.

  • Lisa

    My name on the above comment should be Lisa 2 as I did not make the prior comments under the name Lisa.

  • JL

    Bet she came in last place in the Preakness. Neigh.

  • Jill

    “Check to see when she will be in a town near you!”??!! I have zero interest in going to see a fake personality with tons of plastic surgery who has no regrets and revels in the fact that she is a homewrecker. Not to mention all the trouble she tries to cause for the ex-wife. NO THANK YOU.

  • Truth

    Ewww…. the kuhnts posting all the Leann lies with too much hatred are uglier than LeAnne, inside AND out.
    Weird how they act like they actually know a celebrity.

  • Vivian

    Neigh? OMG did you see Brandi’s face on E! story? LONG and horsey neigh neiiigh

  • Danielle


    LOL and yet here you are replying to every negative post!

  • Leann Sucks


    People don’t hate this beotch, they lothe her. So l ong as she continues to manipulate, use children, ues disabled, people will continue to call this trick out.

  • sickened

    Trash. I would rather watch bird loop drying in the sun.


    Would you people get over it! What ever happened is done. We all make mistakes. Leann has been beaten down enough. She is a great singer. Move on people.

  • Peri

    I don’t give a rats ass about Brandy Glanville and I still think that LeAnn has proven herself to be a desperate fame wh&re and nut job. She’s torpedoed her and her husbands (not that his was smoking hot to begin with) careers with her antics and has chosen to waste what was once an incredible talent in favor of staging photo ops, tweeting every 2 seconds and deluding herself into thinking that her constant PR failures are worth repeating again and again and again. What’s the saying? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results equals insanity. Maybe LeAnn should take that into consideration and rethink her behavior . Before all this mess wit her personal life happened, she was out of the limelight but still had her dignity and reputation in tact. I guess that any attention is good in her eyes because she is really paying a huge price for this surge of exposure based on the affair and aftermath rather than her talent.

  • Mich

    Hey Leann quit posting under different names. We know you do that, people just don’t like you, get over it!

  • Karla H.

    I secretly despise her. #Team Brandi

  • ironic?

    @Danielle: she does the same thing on twitter.

  • **

    @Lisa: she looks totally different from even just early last year. Her face is losing its definition, and turning into a botoxed, puffy mess. She has had something done to her nose, too. It’s less pointed on the end, more round. Hopefully she stops soon? Or else she’s really traveling down the path of looking very “joker” ish.

  • Cam s

    So…. she REALLY does pay this site to post crap huh? Poor delusional, co dependent mess of a woman-child. Cibrian definitely DOWNGRADED

  • Neigh!

    I LovE that there is a “story” because she actually made it to one of her dog and pony shows. No life threatening illness this week, yet.

    I notice she has her pocket gay Mateo with her. Of course. Since Ed is in LA (and his kids are being babysat….so what’s Ed up to?!) This loon appears to not be able to be alone for even one second. Wonder if she does self harm when she is? Cutter, ODer? Wish she would be left alone so we could find out.

  • betty

    Nice try Leann trying to do damage control from that shooting gallery saga You were trying to one up Brandi because she stated her true feelings when she saw Leann with her child. When is this broad going to learn that being manipulative and scheming always backfires it’s something her mother should have taught her along with values.. Her karma has just started. You get what you give out of life and Leann is no different.

  • Carrie

    Ugh! I’d rather watch paint dry than this skank ho. I hope the county fair gave you a free moon pie when you were through singing. Hi Dobbie and Drp2u. You’re not enough to keep the WeWe love going.

  • Life of Brian

    @ Cam s: She posted a link on her twitter to this site, so yeah- it’s safe to say she pays for the “publicity”. Leann obviously suffers from Histrionic Personality Disorder

  • lil ole me

    Wow this trick really loves her Forever 21 clothing huh? She is better off when she doesn’t try and copy the FIRST WIFE. High fashion is NOT her friend, she always ends up looking like a kid playing dress up. Stick with your homely roots I say, you can’t turn a “3″ into a “10″.

  • Theskinny

    Didn’t she just say something to the affect that she hates when people manipulate a situation to paint a pretty picture? (Referring to Brandi inviting her over for Easter?). Etu LeAnn? lol Oh by the way..this charity states they only release the names of the donors with the permission of the person giving. So photo op.

  • lulz

    yeah, we don’t really care lisa2

  • lulz

    LeAnn is a pig, an embarrassment to women. It’s disgusting how she used this poor woman in a wheelchair for her own self promotion. She probably didn’t even pay for it and just presented it to her and posed for the photo. Gross. LeAnn, your “acts of charity” mean nothing when you throw your money towards everything, including your ridiculous vacations. Disgusting.

  • sammi

    Leann is a stalker and a sociopath, She has been stalking and copying every part of Brandi’s life for years. She is now bullying her day and night on twitter. Eddie won’t stop her because he is obsessed with hurting his ex and he loves the paycheck. The horror is that all of this is being played out in front of two small kids whose lives are in danger. Great job Eddie! Maybe for Father’s Day, Leann willl tweet a picture of herself with a gun to your boys’ heads.

  • gwen

    What did she do to her face?

  • BIMM

    @lulz: LeAnn DIDN”T pay for the wheel chair, the press release of the Charity indicated the wheel chair was provide “Courtesy of the Manufacturer”, meaning LeAnn didn’t pay for it. LeAnn takes credit, LeAnn doesn’t pay!

  • Lisa2

    @lulz: You may not care but I didn’t want anyone to get attacked for what I posted. LeAnn’s minion doesn’t take criticism well.

  • gwen

    You would think that after the whole XFactor fiasco, that Leann would lay low and shut up and stop the staged photo-ops. But then again, why would she lay low, shut up, or stop the staged photo-ops when her bad behavior is being rewared by certain media outlets? I guess Leann really thinks that the staged photo-ops with the person in the wheel chair fixed things. Imagine her surprise when she gets slammed for these staged photo-ops.

    She seriously needs to wear a bra and sue the doctor who did her breast implants. It’s creepy how she is trying so hard to look like Brandi. If she knows that Eddie loves her even when he is far away from her, why does she single white female Brandi and Eddie’s other mistresses?

  • wellnow

    Hampton Beach, NH is beautiful. I lived there across the street from ocean mostly in the off season. Wonderful watching the ships on the ocean everyday or visiting the local areas without the seasonal crowds. Beautiful.
    (Imho, Brandi and Leann should stop with the twitter stuff. They should realize at this point it is hurting them both—and they do talk–you know they do.)

    Leann is a good singer.

  • gwen

    Eddie is still pining for Brandi and cheating on Leann, so Leann isn’t going to stop the twitter stuff with Brandi.

  • Jane

    Wait…stop the presses..she actually showed up to one of her concerts? Now that’s news worthy…NOT!

  • ggurl

    thanks for the use of your hubs l.r. he’s still hot im seein him again 2nite xoxo

  • JustSayin’

    You know, you would do Brandi a bigger favor if you would send her to
    some classes to teach her to be classy and dignified. She might be able
    to get and actually keep a man if you succeed.

    Try to teach her how to speak nicely and be a nice person. No man wants a bitter old lady with two little kids at 40. No man wants a bitch that can’t keep her legs closed or keep her mouth shut about her many, many affairs. Seriously.

    Maybe, if she stays with that show she is on, she might learn what class is since she isn’t taking direction from Leann.

    I would also tell her to lay off the botox, she is looking mighty
    plastic these days. Maybe she could put on a pound or two, so she looks more womanly, too. Those bony knees are really bad. But, Rupaul could teach her some tricks!

    Oh… and the hair. THE HAIR! PLEASE do something with that rats nest, it is horrid! Doesn’t photograph well at all.

    Instead of proving what a complete twat she is by posting here for her,
    maybe you could do her a solid and be a REAL friend and tell her how
    bad you make her look here by posting for her.

    Just sayin’.

  • Shulie

    Not a fan of Rimes one way or the other but it’s funny to read the comments here. You guys get so worked up over somebody you don’t even know. What a bunch of bitter yentas! LOL!!!!