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LeAnn Rimes Performs in New Hampshire!

LeAnn Rimes Performs in New Hampshire!

LeAnn Rimes greets fans as she makes her way into the Casino Ballroom for a performance on Saturday (May 19) in Hampton Beach, N.H.

The 29-year-old singer will make her way to Long Island, New York tonight (May 20) to continue her tour.

“Sure is beautiful in NH. Gonna go enjoy the day. Love you all and see some of you tonight at my show!” LeAnn tweeted.

LeAnn is performing all across the country for the rest of the year. Check out her website to find out when she will be in a town near you!

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  • Anon

    More like, Brandi and Leann’s twitter nonsense is the only thing keeping these two relevant. At least Leann can struggle back into her career, not sure about Eddie. Did Brandy ever have one? She doesn’t seem like a young mother, so that’s no excuse.

  • what?

    @ggurl: So…you are a homewrecker, right? Blasting it makes you a what?? Yes, hypocrite.

  • gwen


    Didn’t you write the very same thing when you were posting as Teresa on x17?

    You know, you would do LEANN a bigger favor if you would send her to some classes to teach her to be classy and dignified. She might be able to get and actually keep a man without having to dish out money from her bank accunt if you succeed. I heard that Eddie and Liz had quite the wild weekend.

    Try to teach LEANN how to speak nicely and be a nice person. No man wants a bitter old lady with two little stepkids at 40. Oh wait, Leann isn’t 40, she just looks like it. No man wants a ***** that can’t keep her legs closed or keep her mouth shut about her many, many affairs with a married man and then his mistresses because the only way Eddie will have Leann is if she is paying him or making out with his mistresses. Seriously.

    Maybe, if LEANN stays with that show she is on, she might learn what class is since she isn’t taking direction from Brandi, Liz, or Kim K. Oh wait, that’s right, Leann didn’t get the judging job on Xfactor.

    I would also tell LEANN to lay off the botox, she is looking mighty
    plastic these days. Maybe she could put on a pound or two, so she looks more womanly, too. Those bony knees are really bad. But, Rupaul could teach her some tricks!

    Oh… and the hair. THE HAIR! PLEASE do something with that rats nest, it is horrid! Doesn’t photograph well at all. What is Mateo doing to Leann? Does he hate her?

    Instead of proving what a complete twat Leann is by posting here for her, maybe you could do LEANN a solid and be a REAL friend and tell her how bad you make her look here by posting for her, especially when you are writing the very same thing everyone saw you post when you were going by Teresa on x17.

    Just sayin’.

  • Marisa

    @wellnow: Hampton Beach is known as the redneck Rivera. Obviously you are lying about living there, Leman. Where u performed is a dump.

  • you!

    How many usernames do you use, gwen?

  • lil ole me

    Its so funny to me that Leann fans think that everyone that can’t stand Leann is automatically a Brandi supporter. I Could CARE LESS ABOUT THE FIRST WIFE- just can’t stand that phoney, stalker, co dependant, insecure, fameho Leann Rimes. Deal with it. Most people (with a shred of decency) can’t stand that trick. It doesn’t make us Brandi fans either

  • gwen


    The better question should be how many women did Eddie sleep with over the weekend while his wife was “working”? People thought the gun photos were directed at Brandi, but what if they were a message to Eddie and his mistress. In other words if Eddie’s mistress decides to get out of hand and call US Weekly to expose the affair, Leann has something for her. Maybe that is why Leann is taking Liz out to lunch. So Leann exploits Eddie’s son at his soccer game and in return Eddie gets to spend a weekend with his mistress, free from Leann. Eddie uses his kids to bargain with Leann for alone time.

    Was LIZ in Cabo with Eddie and Leann because people are pointing out how odd that Leann didn’t set up one staged photo of them at LAX before they left for Cabo and when they returned to Cabo? She took Mike K with her when they went to Cabo/Hawaii/Aspen last time, so she wasn’t embarassed about people seeing them at the airport then. So why on this Cabo trip did Leann decide to hide from the paps? Did Eddie and Liz take a flight together?

  • betty

    @Just Saying Brandi has more class than Leann will ever have as far as getting or keeping a man she had that Eddie for 13yrs.without clinging to him like glue. ,changing her appearance, being his ATM,taking photos and tweeting about how much she is loved. Eddie was a cheater but undoubtedly he made Brandi feel secure in their relationship unlike Leann despite all the her talk about how he loves her she comes across as desperate ,jealous insecure and possessive.Most women in a secure relationship know they have their man Leann lives in fear of Eddie leaving her,her actions tell it all despite her tweets. When single you can date and have as many affairs as you wish there are no attachments.Having kids and being 40 does not keep a MAN away only the boys.Maybe her next relationship she will find a MAN not a toyboy like Eddie.

  • you!

    Seriously. You talk crap like you actually know LR and you don’t. You don’t know the situation at all yet you sit here like a coward posting lies under multiple names. Get a life.
    Women in a secure relationship don’t trash other women.

  • betty

    @You Must,have hit a nerve Leann isn’t the only woman been involved with a man like Eddie. Leann and Eddie lives aren’t unique plenty of men like Eddie out there and likewise for Leann. Not trashing just stating facts.something her mother should have taught her.

  • gwen


    Seriously, we know everything there is to know about Leann’s personal life because LEANN is VERY public about everything that goes on in her personal life. If Leann doesn’t want people to mention that Eddie is cheating on her and was hooking up with Liz in Leann’s absence, that Liz was in Cabo with her and Eddie, and that perhaps the gun photos were a warning to Eddie’s mistress so that she won’t run to US Weekly and expose her affair with Eddie, then Leann needs to shut up, lay low, and stop the staged photo-ops. Did Leann seriously think that she wasn’t going to face any backlash for this staged photo-op because she posed with a woman in a wheelchair?

    If Leann was secure in her relationship/marriage with Eddie, she wouldn’t be getting surgeries to make herself look more like Brandi and she wouldn’t post photos of herself with a gun to keep her husband’s mistresses quiet, and she wouldn’t have to make comments about how she knows that Eddie loves her even though he isn’t on tour with her. Leann slept with a married man who called her a speedbump, so then by your logic Leann needs to get a life? And how secure with herself does that make Leann for acting like a man who called her a SPEEDBUMP is a prize? Didn’t Eddie also make fun of Leann’s nostrils? And yet she sits on twitter everyday and acts like Eddie is God’s gift to women, especially when Eddie is so disliked that any show he is on has trouble keeping viewers and ratings.

    Didn’t you also make the same comment on x17 as Teresa about how people are cowards and posting lies about Leann? Since Leann does a great job at documenting everything, what we are saying isn’t lies. You have been sitting here trashing Brandi and anyone who doesn’t write loving comments in support of Leann all day long while using mutiple names, so then by your logic, you need to get a life and are not in a secure relationship? You are just upset because I pointed out that you have been posting comment 49 in the threads on x17.

  • gwen


    Seriously, how does Leann expect anyone to believe that Eddie loves her, is a sweet/incredible/loving/thoughtful/devoted husband to her, and isn’t cheating on her when Eddie doesn’t have ANY qualms about Leann tweeting and blogging about his kids or inviting the paps to his kid’s soccer games after he stated in a court document that he didn’t want kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure and he told Rachel Ray that he was shielding his kids from the paps/tabloids/press during an interview on her show?

  • Jane

    I have to tell you, people…there is no easy way around this whole situation. It is one big clusterf**k. Come to think of it, it is the Mother of all Clusterf***s. The absurdity or it boggles the mind.

  • gwen

    The Wetpaint released an article about Scheana Jancun, the woman Eddie was sleeping with in 2009 when he was supposed to be committed to Leann. Leann spent all this time taunting Brandi with her single “Borrowed” and album about her affair with Eddie, only to be met with the same fate by Scheana’s new single and acting gig on the May 25. Who wants to bet that on 25th, Leann will be tweeting up a storm because Eddie will be “reading”(ie-watching Scheana on TV).

    Scheana released her single two weeks ago. What happened two weeks ago? Leann was bombarding the internet with photos of her and Eddie in Cabo/leaking photos of her vow renewal and of her and Eddie in a hammock and Guiliana took a dig at Brandi. So with all that going on with Brandi, no one noticed that Scheana released a single. What a great plan on Leann’s part. She was worried that the media would question if Scheana’s single is about Eddie(since Eddie had an affair with her in 2009), so she distracts everyone by creating chaos with Brandi. So now everytime Leann wages a media war against Brandi, we should just ask what is Scheana doing. So was Leann sending Scheana a message with the gun photos? Interesting… Leann’s “Borrowed” vs Scheana’s “What I Like”.

    She says that she has been working at Villa Blanca for 3 years. Now didn’t Leann tweet about dining at Villa Blanca last year(or maybe it was in 2010)? Or was that a different restaurant owned by Lisa that Leann dined at? Did Leann purposely go to that restaurant knowing that Scheana would be there? Was it Eddie who wanted to dine at Villa Blanca so that he could see Scheana and hook up with her? This explains Leann’s foot tattoo the day before Scheana was featured on RHOBH. Leann thought Scheana was going to spill the beans about how Eddie has been “dining” at Villa Blanca.

  • Lisa3

    @ gwen — nice with with all that scheana info..very very interesting.

  • Julie

    That’s nice of her to meet with fans before the show. She’s been singing since she was like 13 and still able to sing. Despite her personal life, which has NOTHING to do with her music, she is a true talent.

  • betty

    Maybe if she had spent more time pursuing her music than that loser Eddie she might be on top again.

  • kaylyn

    read article just to see whats going on with Leann. I wanted to comment on the blouse she is wearing, nice for her coloring and hair, as well as i liked the lipstick she chose to go with it. Glad she is touring again and if she came to my area i would go to see her because above all the drama she has talent. I’m hoping one day people will realize things happen for a reason, if it was not LeAnn, It would have been someone else for Eddie. He was not happy in that marriage. Brandi will do just great without Eddie, she has already proven that.

  • gwen


    If Leann’s personal life has NOTHING to do with her music, then how do you explain Leann’s new album where Leann flat out states that the album and songs are based on her PERSONAL LIFE and relationship with Eddie? Why would anyone pay attention to Leann’s music and talent, when Leann herself doesn’t pay attention to her music and talent? What do twitpics of Brandi’s kids and tweets about Brandi’s kids have to do with Leann’s music? Nothing. You can’t get mad at people for focusing more on Leann’s personal life than her music, since LEANN RIMES was the one who allows her personl life to overshadow her music everytime she tweets and sets up a staged photo-op.

    The only true talent Leann has these days is famewhoring. What “fans”? This is a STAGED photo-op. She isn’t meeting with “fans”, she is trying to make it look like she has fans. Notice how you don’t SEE ANY FANS pictured in the photo, just Leann, Mateo, and the guys from her band. Plus what is that in Mateo’s hand? Is that alcohol? So they are standing in a parking lot getting drunk? Amazing what you learn from Leann’s staged photo-ops.

  • gwen


    And yet when Eddie was calling Leann a speedbump in his marriage/tellng his friends(most likely Lizzy and Dave) that he was replused by the fact that people thought he would sleep with Leann/still sleeping with Brandi while he was dating Leann, Leann wasn’t willing to accept that things happy for a reason. She continued to actively pursue Eddie, bribing him with cars, jobs, women, money, watches, vacations, etc…Even now, Leann isn’t willing to accept that Eddie’s affairs with Scheana, Lizzy, and all the others while he has been dating and married to her is happening for a reason. Rather than accept the fact that her hubby is cheating on her, still pining for Brandi, and wants out of the marriage, she will continue to tell us that her life with Eddie is sunshine and rainbows. And she thinks posting a twitpic of herself laying topless on a drunk Eddie proves that Eddie loves her? Instead of feeding into Leann and Eddie’s unhealthy marriage, why won’t her “fans” accept the fact that Eddie isn’t happy in his marriage to Leann? Look at how much work Leann has done to become Brandi? And yet you want to insist that Eddie loves Leann? Leann created a media war with Brandi to distract from the fact that Eddie’s mistress was releasing a single which Leann thought was about Scheana’s 2009 affair with Eddie. Leann dined at a restaurant she knew that Eddie’s mistress worked at. And yet you want to insist that everyone should be happy for Leann despite the fact that you are claiming that Brandi should be thankful for Leann cheating with her husband?

    And do you honestly think that writing “I will support Leann despite what is going on in her personal life…” posts under all these different names will save Leann’s career? This didn’t work last year or the year before that. Perhaps you should tell her to close the twitter account and stop the staged photo-ops.

  • gwen

    So a day after Scheana’s interview with Wetpaint hits the internet,

    1) Radaronline posts yet another negative story about Brandi from their “source” who “works” at Bravo, who has consistently fed Radaronline information about RHOBH that is false.

    2) People magazine writes an article comparing Brandi and Leann in yet another bikini that Leann single white femaled from Brandi, instead of writing about how creepy it is that Leann copying Brandi.

    So once again Leann creates chaos with Brandi to distract from Scheana’s new single(which Leann thinks is about Eddie) and appearance on May 25(which Leann knows Eddie will be watching).I can’t wait to see what nonsense Celebuzz is planning on releasing about Brandi because you know it’s coming. Leann throws Brandi under the bus to solve her “problem”(Scheana resurfacing).

  • Jane

    @gwen: Very well said, Gwen. I wish they allowed emoticons on here as I would have a “bowing down” one for your bloody brilliant statement.

  • **

    What is up with her special “math”? She keeps talking about her 12 days of touring. Didn’t she just do 4 shows, 1 cancelled, over the course of two weeks, where she also had days off in between and flew home for 2 days at one point? In what world is that 12 days of touring to brag about? So confused. She makes it sound like she worked for 12 days.

  • betty

    @** Only in Leann delusional world of fantasy.

  • ***

    @betty: She is on top…OF EDDIE!!!!

  • ***

    Brandi G IS a bully…and so are all of her Munch Bunch.

  • gwen


    Wow more posts that everyone saw you make on x17 when you were posting as Teresa.

    Leann isn’t on top of Eddie, but Lizzy was and is on top of Eddie. Seeing how Leann has been freaking out over Scheana’s new single, it’s probabl safe to say that she is on top of Eddie too.

    Seriously, do you even understand the damage you are doing to Leann by using the word, “Munch Bunch” ? Leann posted the link to this article to her page. It’s obvious that you are one of her fans. First of all, Leann was photographed by The Dailymail and Eddie making out with Lizzy. There are photos of Leann kissing Lizzy, putting her face in Lizzy’s breasts, strippng down to her bra, and touching all over Lizzy. Secondly, Leann promotes herself as an advocate for LGBT. So what do you think this does to Leann’s rep when her avid fan makes derogratory terms about Lesbians? So once again you prove that Leann doesn’t have loyality to anyone. Third, didn’t Leann and Eddie pose for NoH8? Leann supports her fans who trash talk lesbians and call them derogatory names, and yet she then has the nerve to poses for NoH8? The bully is Leann and her fan who seems to think that using derogratory names for lesbians will redeem Leann. No wonder XFactor didn’t want to have anything to do with Leann. Who would blame them when she hangs out with people like you.

  • betty

    @***Brandi and Scheana have been on top of Eddie and who knows how many more Eddie is no prize but leftover goods. Only desperate Leann thinks he’s special. Brandi and others are not bullies just don’t take any BS.

  • Ashley

    i absolutely LOVE the fact that she links this to her twitter thinking that everyone will comment on how wonderful, nice, giving, and ”attractive”, she is….. NO DICE. duh. come on JJ how long does this nonsense have to go on…
    now i must go on to more important things… like listening to scheana’s new single and giggling. truth.

  • Denise

    The little hillbilly who could just can’t stop her man from his waitress habit. He was out and about this past weekend and very public. I love it that this guy just can’t wait for the ole nag to gallop out of town so he can have a good time again. You go Eddie, you got the cash now have fun and spend it on your girlfriends.

  • gwen

    Leann tweeted that she is giving interviews for AOL and did a PSA for Pride week to “raise money” for LGBT youth. This means one of two things, either this is the damage control for the articles that she has been releasing to Radaronline about Brandi or Leann has a major media blitz planned for Fridai-Monday(in other words, Leann once again thinks it’s okay for her to release back to back staged beach/bikini photo-ops because she did something nice). Can you guess who bought AOL? The HuffPo. The same HuffPo that writes fluff for Leann.

    Once again, why does Leann exploit children just to keep her name and face in the press? Seriously, whatever happened to the homeless kids in Chicago? Or the little girl Leann exploited at Disneyland? What happened to donating playground equipment to children? Leann doesn’t pay attention to those causes once the kids have served their purpose.

    And who thought it was a good idea for Leann to do a PSA for Pride and LGBT, considering that she associates with people who write mean and nasty terms about lesbians and even attempts to slam Brandi and her followers by calling them derogatory names? What type of message are you sending to teens by allowing someone like Leann who knowlingly associates with people who hate on lesbians? It’s all going to backfire because now it just appears as if Leann is just using LGBT youth. Who is advising Leann?

    I find it funny that Leann makes the tweet about how she supports LGBT by giving interviews and doing PSAs, as if she is reading these threads.

  • Julie

    This was a good concert because she does still have a great singing voice. As LeAnn walked into the venue for the concert, she greeted her fans that were outside after the opening act. Most of them happened to be there on the side to smoke, since you can’t smoke inside! Think maybe the pap just wanted to take pictures of her, not the crowd of fans outside!
    True, like most artists they do write & sing about their own personal experiences. So maybe that’s why she wants to incorporate that into her next album!! Just a thought! Peace : )

  • Erin

    Like her music. If she has a show near me, I’d go to one of her shows.

  • ***

    Who knows so much and writes so much and follows so much people they don’t like?? I think you are a liar…you LOVE LeAnn!

  • betty

    @***no name speak for yourself!!!

  • gwen

    @***: @Erin:

    Wow, another post that you made on x17 when you were posting as Teresa. The more connections you make to Teresa, you more you hurt Leann’s rep.

    Now let’s see, now WHO knows so much and writes so much and follows so much people they don’t like?? YOU. Because the posts that you are writing here on this site, are the very same ones that you left on x17 when you were posting as Teresa. I think you are a liar…you LOVE Brandi and those people who won’t kiss her behind!

    Seriously, why does Erin’s post sound just like the post made by Kaylyn and Julie? It’s sad that Leann’s fanbase is nothing more than just her twitter pals using several different names to make it look like she has support.

  • gwen


    And yet when it’s Brandi talking about her personal experiences, Leann and her fans are always whining that she should move on.

    That’s funny, how do you know what happened the day of this concernt? In your orginal post, you made no mention of the fact that you were at the concert and if you were truly there like you are implying in the post you made today, you would have stated that much. Only when it’s pointed out that this was a staged photo-op and that Leann and her band are outside in a parking lot getting drunk, do you suddenly have all the details of what went on the day or night of the concert?

    If Leann had just laid low, shut up, and not set up this staged photo-op, she wouldn’t have to send one of her twitter pals to do damage control when people point out that this photo-op is STAGED, that there weren’t ANY fans-just an attempt to make it look like Leann has fans because people said that she had to cancel her concert last week because of low ticket sales, and that Leann, Mateo, and her band members were in a parking lot getting drunk.

    So what we learn from Julie’s post is that Leann is indeed reading what is being posted here, that Leann is feeding her fans information, and that the people most likely writing about how they want to see Leann’s concerts are just one of Leann’s twitter pals pretending to be other posters.

    Hi Leann. Perhaps you should try laying low and shutting up, that way “Julie” won’t have to make lies for you.

  • ***

    Yeah. like gwen or betty is your real name, go scratch, cow.

    You are a jealous, poor and a piece of crap, just like Brandi. Are you a slut like she is too?
    Eddie was lucky and absolutely correct to divorce her.

    And no, Brandi is NOT a good mother.

  • betty

    @***no name Betty is my name unlike you I don’t hide behind symbols. You know nothing of my financial status or etc. Eddie did Brandi a favor by divorcing her.She is in a better place than she has ever been now starring in a TV show ,column in mag,new book in the works.She is on a roll.What is Eddie doing?

  • gwen


    Wow, isn’t this the very same post that you made on x17 when you were posting as Teresa? If you had any common sense, you would know by now just how your comments reflect on Leann’s rep. Your comments about Brandi are precisely why Leann’s career is in the state it’s in now. Why would anyone support Leann when she has fans like you make these posts about Brandi? Leann has been bragging about her interviews and huge productive meetings, which are only going to backfire because once again instead of telling her fans to shut up and lay low, she encourages them to make these posts about Brandi. And everyone knows that she sent you here because she posted the link to this article on her page.

    So Eddie thinks that Leann is a jealous, poor, piece of crap, now?

    And what did Leann tell you about Brandi that has so so convinced that Brandi isn’t a good mother? Does that mean that Leann isn;t a good stepmother since she made out with Liz while Eddie watched knowing that her stepsons were a just a few feet away from them?

    Eddie wasn’t lucky, just look at how his career and rep has taken a huge hit since he has been with Leann. When he was with Brandi, no one knew that Eddie was a weak man or a jerk.

    Didn’t Leann bribe Eddie with a trip to Cabo to get him to file the divorce from Brandi?

    Keep up the posts, I’m sure that your comments are impressing those people Leann had meetings with yesterday!

  • nemesis***

    Wow, you are a truly sick woman, “gwen-betty”.
    I wasn’t aware they let psycho patients such as yourself use the internet in the nut house.

  • gwen


    So now Eddie thinks that Leann is a truly sick woman who deserves to be in a nut house because she won’t allow him to watch Scheana’s TV acting gig tonight?

    Leann is a psycho patient who uses the internet 24/7 to taunt Brandi and exploit Brandi’s kids, so what is your point?

    Keep up the posts Teresa! Why would anyone support Leann when she has fans like you? We know that she is seeing everything that you post and since you keep coming back, she must agree with what you are posting.

  • Ashley

    keep it up gwen!! i love your comments/truth/facts. little miss **** and teresa and nemesis can keep on trying with their personal attacks on people who post the truth. and we all know how much leann and her fans like ‘truth’. truely.

  • Sandy

    I missed you Gwen!!!! :) Glad you are back.

  • Lisa
  • Jane

    @Lisa: Please tell me you are being sarcastic…..

  • gwen

    Poor Leann. On the day that Eddie’s ex-mistress was making her acting debut on a t v show on Friday, Leann mysteriously gets “sick” so “sick” that she couldn’t breathe or even get out of bed. Was Leann’s “sickness” an anxiety attack(Leann can’t deal with the fact that Eddie is still pining over Scheana) or just another “LOOK AT ME EDDIE” tantrum(Leann tries to get Eddie not to watch SMJ by pretending to be deatjly ill)? Notice how Leann is all better today now that it’s all over? Leann is so better that she is going to set up staged photo-ops with Eddie at some Mexican restaurant today to prove to everyone that Eddie loves her and isn’t pining over Scheana or Brandi. And of course, as usual Eddie will be drunk in the “taco” staged photo-op, Leann made sure to tweet about Eddie’s other, other, other mistress, TEQUILA.

    Isn’t Brandi always tweeting about tacos? And once again here we have Leann single white femaling Brandi. So Leann thinks that pretending to be Brandi will take Eddie’s mind off of Scheana?

  • Lisa

    @ jane –yes, extrememly sarcastic. borderline facetious.

  • Julie

    Oh, guess I should have clearified this in first post! haha Yes, I was at the concert. Think she is a good singer. That is all. Have a good day! Peace

  • gwen


    You weren’t at the concert. If you were at the concert, you would have stated that in your first post, not AFTER someone pointed out how this is a staged photo-op and the fact that the “fans” are absent in these photos.

    If Leann was a good singer, Leann wouldn’t have sent you here to cover for her because she thought that setting up a staged photo-op in a parking lot while she and her band members got drunk was a good idea. If that was all, you wouldn’t have came back and lied once again.

    Leann doesn’t have peace and she must not have been having a good day based on your post. Leann just doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone. Why continue to lie when base on your first post it’s obvious that you weren’t there.