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Bar Refaeli Tops 'Maxim' Hot 100 List!

Bar Refaeli Tops 'Maxim' Hot 100 List!

Bar Refaeli has taken the top spot in this year’s competitive Maxim Hot 100 list!

“[I'm] shocked that among all these beautiful ladies, I’m number one,” the 26-year-old Israeli model told the magazine, on newsstands May 29.

Rounding out the top three are Olivia Munn and Mila Kunis. This year’s top 100 were voted by the readers – a first for the magazine.

Taking the remaining top ten spots are Katy Perry, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Megan Fox, Malin Akerman, and Adrianna Palicki.

Check out to check out who else made the coveted list!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the 2012 Maxim Hot 100 list??

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  • ricku

    EWWW! Olivia Munn! EWWW!

  • kea

    what a fete.

  • Geez

    Yes Bar. We’re all shocked too
    In what world are you #1 and Candice Swanopel #31?
    Joke of a list

  • jk

    Thats sad this is probably gonna ever be the top of her “accomplishments”.

  • carrie

    who knew Munn is so popular?

  • plumber charlotte

    Yikes.. olivia munn :(

  • Sean

    So the top 2 are girls that don’t even work and are only known because of who they dated. Nice!


    Maxim for a model is the equivalent to one of those cheesy teen movies that go straight to DVD. what a 3rd rate model this one is.

  • Tam

    No Cold 100 list?

  • LOL

    Maxim is all she can get after dating Leo? aww kind of embarrassing, lol. Shes in good company with Jwow and co.

  • just me

    really? Olivia Munn? like seriously?? you gotta be kidding me

  • Nat

    What kind of list is this?!




    people who speak ill of Bar Refaeli is all bunch of repressed and envious!

  • VSreject

    yes Bar we are all well aware you are nothing more than a Maxim/FHM lad’s mag model but when are you gonna quit settling and try for something actually prestigious?

  • doodle


  • haha

    Olivia Munn in the top 3… REALLY?! Her PR must have paid nice. That list means nothing. And the type of men who get that magazine.. yea no thanks that says it all


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    Every single Asian alive is hiding their mind reading abilities, they don’t want ANYBODY to know that they can read minds, they will always deny that they can read minds, they will lie about having mind reading abilities forever!!!
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    Try thinking, best yet visually picturing in your mind something absolutely crazy as you possibly can when you are around Asians, and try looking for Asians who give people particular looks, especially dirty looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, that is them giving people looks when they hear and visually see someone thinking something they don’t like, find astonishing, or funny etc.
    I know this may sound crazy, impossible and unbelievable, BUT IT ISN’T CRAZY WHEN ITS TRUE
    You have to spread the message!!!!!!
    The world has to know about this!!!!!!

  • Mel

    @Tam: I think they got a lot of criticism for that and rightfully so. It’s pathetic as it is to make a “hot” list but that cold list they did was really bad. You could look up the author of it and he was some chubby ugly man!

  • MccallJulio

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  • Tam

    @Mel Exactly! Thank you.

  • Haters Suck!

    This may be just me but of the top 10 only 2 belong there. Megan and mila. Those girls are hot. I could find 8 replacements for the others higher on the list who are way hotter.

  • My top five

    My top 5 according to achievements, persnality, and sexiness: Candice Swanopel #1, Jennifer Lawrence #2, Mila Kunis #3, Charlize Theron #4, Scarlett Johansson #5.

  • omg

    WTF is this list? In what world is Kristen Stewart sexier than Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson? In what world is Taylor Swift sexier than Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima? In what world is Candice Swanopel number 35? What is this list?!

  • M

    Yeah she deserves it : CHEAP MAGAZINE -CHEAP MODEL :D

  • Mike

    The fact that they have Stephen COLBERT in this list…tells how much serious this list is…

  • Fassdong

    This girl hasn’t been relevant since she broke up with Leo. She was actually never relevant. Not a good model, cheap. It’s not like Maxim is classy anyways, neither is she or Olivia Munn.

  • yas

    you people are acting like maxim is a prestigious title. well guess what? It isn’t! I believe the likes of D listers,it girls we never see again after a year, or d list models such as Bar take the title. chill. Its hardly an accomplishment, and her acting like it is, speaks volumes about her character. I guess VS and Vogue have rejected her so much she had to take the next 30 levels down.

  • sick

    Maxim has lost it. They put murder convict Amanda Knox on the list? I’m legit apalled at this list.

  • ?

    okay all the ladies
    this is picked by the readers,mostly men so have a problem go yell at them stop bringing the girls down

    I’m very sick of all these Leo fans coming here saying crap about her. What has she done wrong. Dating him?
    If your not impressed by her don’t comment, why do you read her posts?
    Go to Erin shes his latest squeeze. I feel sorry for who ever he dates because these fan-girls are never impressed.
    Damn man its his life
    I’m happy shes on the list. Shes beautiful Plus this prove A girl doesn’t have to be a stick to be liked by men
    Bar has a very curvy, feminine body compared to all the new models
    i.e all VS models
    she has a very healthy body, I love that.
    btw idk whats all this hype on Candice shes nothing impressive
    typically blonde model, plump lips, cat eyes. She blends in all these VS models, I can’t tell the difference between anyone of them besides Erin,because whenever Erin’s there I see comments below saying how ugly she is by ‘DiCaps no.1 fans”

  • pukes

    @sick: wow that is appalling indeed. This list and the little crdibility they had just went way out the door with that one. I heard Amanda Knox became a se* symbol. shows you what kind of vile men even pay attention to this mag…


    I believe Cindy Crawford did Maxim.
    In her 40s….

  • Ray

    Bar is definitely the hottest of the hot ones out there. Way to go, MAXIM!

  • Lana

    Women should start making list like this about men.

  • Shuddup

    You realise that people questioning this list and the relevance are not all from a conspiracy nest of Leo fans. They are sentinent humen beings like you giving their opinion

  • klondike

    Actually, I don’t find any of those those top 3 beautiful. Mila is pretty but not beautiful, Bar is sexy but not beautiful, Olivia Munn is just ugly. I don’t know what silly person came up with this list, but it’s just an opinion of one person or group, and doesn’t make it a fact. Had they put Rachel Weisz, Catherine Zeta Jones, Candice Swanapoel, Rachel McAdams, and Salma Hayek on top of the list, then it would’ve been worth analyzing.

  • good-joke

    J-Wow, Lea Michelle, Kristen Stewart are all on the list. Maxim has no credibility and this list proves it. It belongs in the trash bin. Why even give it attention Jared? We’re talking Maxim here, not Vogue or even Elle!

  • Not

    @klondike: thats the thing though, you listed all classy,striking,less in your face looking beauties who look more elegant and expensive than trashy and cheap. Often time men living in their mother’s basements dont want anything to do with elegance.

  • JJ

    @Mel: What is the cold one hundred?

  • Gossipgirl

    @ricku: Seriously! Who did this woman sleep with to get on this list?? She also needs to lay off the orange tanner. Just ridiculous; Maxim editors don’t have the first clue about what makes a woman hot. Whatever!

  • snickers

    I feel bad for the girls stephen colbert beat.

  • Fan of VS models

    Well, well, well…. apparently, Leo’s ex still gets more posts “and” attention than Leo’s “rumored” latest VS model/girlfriend who is as exciting as a sleeping pill.

  • EyeSpye

    Did you notice that bar had the only nude picture to vote on? Supplied by her rep no doubt. They know what her “money maker” is and it isnt her plain jane face. Also the average age of the Maxim reader is 15, so they voted for the nudity.

  • Why?…

    @Fan of VS models:
    is an alleged ‘Fan of VS models’ making disparging remarks about an actual VS angel rather than a Catalogue/Men’s mag model?
    And what has Leo got to do with this?

  • Whycantipost

    The only one I find pretty in this list is Mila Kunis. Where are Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes, Chanel Iman, Adriana Lima, Scarjo, Charlize Theron and Mila Jovovich (and many others I can’t think of right now:p)

    Oh well, list must be made by the same person who called Beyonce the most beautiful woman on the planet a couple of weeks ago. Also BLEH.

    Think the people on the list paid a lot to get there. Seriously; Olivia Munn, who is known to *bleep* her way to the top? I don’t even know ANY movies she has been in, don’t even know what she is famous for. And tbh, she is very below average atttractive, same with Bar. Bar has a good body, but her face is meh.

  • Whycantipost

    Just saw on Maxim that even Amanda Knox is on the list. Are you effing serious? -.-

  • sam

    Amanda Knox and Lily Collins? WTF? Two ugly nobodies.

  • awalker

    Olivia Munn #2 two years in a row. Well deserved. Funny, beautiful, and talented. Nice work maxim.

  • barron797


    What is she doing being #2 on the list? Oh ya, she must’ve performed some sex act (a la Brett Ratner) with the editor. #1 would’ve been too unrealistic so she settled for #2.

  • Maxscum magazine Not Hot

    Porky faced beady eyed ignorant stupid tantrum thrower Bar Refaeli is known to give out sexual favours to get what she wants. She got out of serving her country, got homes, cars, and work by scrw ing horny powerful men who delighted in seeing how much abuse she could take and watching her beg for more. She’s a hot mess hobag.