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Bruce Willis Covers 'Esquire' June/July 2012

Bruce Willis Covers 'Esquire' June/July 2012

Bruce Willis takes the cover of Esquire‘s June/July issue.

Here’s what the 57-year-old Moonrise Kingdom actor had to share:

On the presidential race: “Yeah, Romney. He’s just such a disappointment, an embarrassment. Chin up, hair up. He’s just one of those guys, one of those guys who says he’s going to change everything. And he’ll get in there, and they’ll smile at him and introduce themselves: ‘We’re Congress, we make sure nothing changes.’ He won’t do it. He can’t. Everybody wants to be Barack Obama. And what did he change?”

On family life: “Now I’m fun, just with fewer people. I’m in love with my wife and my kids. I require very little. Friends come over, the kids come over when they can. We eat dinner. And I’m happy to play along with their momentum. I save it for them. This is it.”

On fatherhood: “Sometimes I have to resist the urge to speak. I learned it from dealing with my kids. That’s my number-one rule. It applies in life. But it’s more about being a father. I’d rather hear what they have to say. You learn more by listening. And this stuff is just a matter of not equating drama with actions that will help them. Teach them to shun drama.”

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    Obama could have made changes if it weren’t for your obstructionist Republican friends. You’re only sad that Romney can’t make up his mind on anything or can actually think on his own. How that man got a college degree is beyond me.

  • RhodesRick

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  • Mary H.

    It’s not President Obama’s fault, majority rules and the Republican party keep shooting down his ideas, but I respect your opinion.

  • Lola

    An American icon. Love Bruce. One of the good guys

  • Tiffany

    I love how people blame congress for Obama doing nothing – he did nothing when the congress was majority democrat…and to flamingo – Romney cant make up his mind??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Obama wouldn’t know what a decision looked like if it hit him in the face…He flip flops more than anyone I know and changes his stance on things all the time – he goes with what will make him more popular and has no real backbone of his own – he has no singular true thought because everything he does is calculated and cold. He changes his mind on the war, on gay marriage, on the economy (don’t get me started) almost daily… The fact that people still believe what his says is laughable… Im not a Romney fan – but anyone but Obama in 2012!!!

  • Eric

    I love when people start saying crap about how Obama didn’t change anything. Trying to change an entire country isn’t easy. It’s not like trying to change your clothing style or trying to change your hair style. Change doesn’t just happen over night. It takes time, it takes YEARS. People complain about nothing getting done, but they don’t realize that they need to be patient. Like I said, change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. Besides, YOU people elected Obama. So you really have no right to complain because YOU are the one’s who made him the President. Also, I think people need to be a little more respectful when it comes to the President. You may not like him, but he is the President of the United States. Show some respect and stop being so ignorant. I’d like to see you run for President and see how well you do. Changes are, you will get criticized just like every other President and you will get the same flack.

  • Mitchell

    When Obama ran for President, one of the things he was consistent and adamant about saying was that true changes would take MORE THAN FOUR YEARS. Did people think he was joking? Do people think the incredibly difficult job of making major changes in an entire country and all its’ established systems is something that happens in a handful of months simply because one person, even the President, believes they should be changed?

    Being short-sighted, impatient, and selfish brought on this country’s mess. Being patient, thorough, and brilliant at understanding the long-haul involved in creating permanent and positive change is what will lift it out. And given the proper chance, meaning another 4 years, Obama will do this.

  • pup

    All I see are a bunch of EXCUSES for a failure people voted for. RON PAUL 2012.

  • nicole

    @Eric: i didn’t elect him

  • bull

    Ultimately he is the dirty old man, hollywood hypocrite. He should tell the world 20 years ago, when he was with DEMI MOORE, love his family, and not to F***** with women. Thanks GOD, I have not seen 1 of his movies…..Thanks…. He wanted to show to the world he was the fake HERO…. REAL MEN DO BUY GIRLS, NOT REAL MEN CHEATED THEMSELVES AND FAMILY AND OTHERS. Dirty old man….
    BULLSHITS…….Crazy couple…Crazy Gold digger drity bith….

  • Shea

    I love how people right “I love how” when they are about to tell you how much they hate something or someone.

    Here’s the reality, people… Obama is a wonderfully charismatic charlatan, as is the entire congress of the United States, and Mitt Romney, for that matter.

    If you’re not familiar with the book The Secret Team, written by the former Cheif of Special Operations under JFK, as well as a retired USAF Col., then here’s a link to his book, in it’s entirety.

    Bottom line: The presidents and Congress are like barnacles on a ship. The ship is moving. They don’t get to make “changes” to its directions. They’re along for the ride.

    Perhaps you think that this is a radical viewpoint, however it would seem that the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, comprised of top officials, yet working in total secret, are meeting year after year to discuss… what? Their mutual richness? Their latest oil portraits of their miniature pinschers? *(it is an established fact that these meetings take place- don’t try to say its a “conspiracy”, as main stream media has covered it, and that should suffice for the lot of you out there that covet the New York Times or what-have-you).

    There are no room for changes at the presidential level. Point.

    If you are elected president in these times, you are a puppet. Point.

    Bruce Willis is Seeeeeexxxxxyyyy. Point.

    Now would all you p.c. yuppy status-quo brainwashed folks… could you please do a little more research? A little more sleuthing? Figure out some shit on your own, as opposed to what you’re spoon-fed, what has been drilled into your mind and psyche since day one?

  • emma