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Daniel Craig: Turkey Takeoff

Daniel Craig: Turkey Takeoff

Daniel Craig catches a flight at Istanbul Atatürk Airport on Sunday (May 20) in Istanbul, Turkey.

The 44-year-old English actor has been busy filming the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, in the country for the past few weeks.

The action flick, co-starring Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, and Ralph Fiennes, hits theaters November 9.

“This movie is going to have everything that any James Bond fan would expect and even more,” Javier told MTV News. “Also the emotional aspect of it and the action aspect of the movie as well, it’s going to contain a lot of surprises for the audience.”

Check out the teaser trailer and poster in case you missed them!

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Credit: Seskim; Photos: WENN
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  • Kate

    I love him, so marry me :D

  • Elle

    Jared, thanks for the photos.
    @Kate. Daniel is married to Rachel Weisz…you know! LOL

  • BB

    I’d always thought, I want to bite his pec badly!!!!

  • Q-tee

    I saw the teaser poster/trailer just now. Good job Daniel, AGAIN.

  • Esra

    Ahhhh. You went home without so much as saying good-by to me! I would like to see you again some day!!

  • Aube

    Daniel looks buff as always.



    ODDJOB!!!!!!! HAHAHA










  • luvcat

    Thanks for your hard work. Can’t wait to see Skyfall!! Count down!


    Skyfall looks amazing. Craig is the best bond by far!




  • Deb

    Looking forward to skyfall Daniel Craig ya sexy beast. He*l yeah!




  • Julia

    He’s in NY? I know Daniel is licking up Rachel now! hehe!

  • the_boyfriend

    Mmm Papi!

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  • Gossipgirl

    Hotness! I loves me some DC!

  • Elle

    Hopefully we’ll see new pics, Daniel and Rachel together, soon!

  • Mako Morton

    Just saw the trailer, tuxedo-attired Daniel looks pretty fit! Is that Macau?

  • Mike

    @Mako Morton: Yes, Bond’s going to a floating casino in Macau. Looks fantastic. Just fantastic!

  • Amy

    adriennw ‏@adriennw
    Eek! Daniel Craig & Rachel Weiss are sitting behind me! Panic attack!!!
    from Manhattan, NY

  • MonkeyHateClean

    Oh, Daniel Craig, how I love thee. (That shirt has GOT to go, though. International Male went out of business years ago, right?)

  • Amy

    Daniel and Rachel are enjoying a dinner here!

  • susan

    to Amy

    i know where Sobaya is. my brother and i have eaten there; good food.

  • Amy

    Do you live near East Village? Wow, that’s amazing!

  • susan

    to Amy

    my eldest brother and his wife live the West Village. i live on the Upper West Side not far from Midtown West. but as we all know everything in Manhattan is within walking distance.

  • Fio

    The Establishing Shot: We analyse the Skyfall Teaser Trailer – THAT’S HOW YOU MAKE A TEASER TRAILER
    With 5 months to go till Sony’s Skyfall is in cinemas, the first signs of motion picture action from Skyfall arrived yesterday in the form of a 1 minute 15 second teaser trailer – and blimey has it been worth the wait – as it doesn’t disappoint as James Bond explodes into action for the 23rd time.

    Before I get into my thoughts about the trailer I have to say Sam Mendes makes it look very easy to make a decent teaser trailer. Start with an engaging personal scene, tease us with exciting visuals and sounds, show a mysterious figure (but not too much) and end with clean and simple dialogue that sets the tone of what to expect and raising Bond to where he should be – ruthless and very dangerous when prodded with a stick. All coming together leaving us hanging for more.

    This spectacular teaser trailer makes me sad for all the rest as the Bond team again prove nobody does it better and this teaser trailer sets the bar.

    But what exactly does the teaser trailer tell us apart from that we can expect one cool and suave Bond, some beautiful visuals that leave the Bond novelty factor behind as we are given some serious gravitas and this all leads to the almost familiar strains of the Bond theme at the end teasing us? Skyfall teaser trailer – job done.

    We open up on a warmly dressed James Bond (Daniel Craig) high above the streets and part of the London skyline, with the sun setting behind Big Ben. Big Ben is possibly one of the greatest and most used Establishing Shots for any film set in the city of London. But this angle or view has not been seen before.

    Bond is atop the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) and Dept for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) building on Whitehall looking East over the Ministry of Defence (Old War Office Building) with the watch towers and the Ministry of Defence (Main Building) with the flags towards the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. This is not only the heart of Britain’s strategic homeland defence but very recognisable symbols of the United Kingdom.

    To nail the point home we hear in voice over -
    Query: Country?
    And Bond responding with: England.

    With this Establishing shot Sam Mendes is letting us know that Bond is above the city and like a lone guardian surveying his or rather HM’s realm and that Skyfall will be bringing Bond home and that trouble is coming knocking on his door threatening not some far flung location but his home. This signals a change in the formulaic direction Bond seems to have been sliding back into with Quantum of Solace and is more in line with the reboot that Casino Royale promised.

    All of the above and let’s not forget Bond is up there, not just to look cool and suave he is obviously keeping a watch out for someone or something.

    The Old War Office directly in front of Bond has actually been used as the location of James Bond’s office in a number of Bond films including; Octopussy, A View to a Kill and Licence to Kill.

    We see the lone figure of Bond jogging through a chilly Hyde Park under the weight of the sky again reinforcing that Bond is out in the cold, at least emotionally. Again both Hyde Park and the BT Tower seen in the background symbols of England. I for one or over the moon that after years of being used as scenery passing by outside Bond’s car window, London has taken a much bigger role in the Bond mythos.

    This scene is also memorable as I think this is the first time we actually see James Bond exercising to maintain his physical edge, past, the recreational sports he often undertakes on screen. This is a harder Bond. Or could this be part of a therapeutic recovery programme. Also I have to say it is pretty cool seeing Bond on his home ground.

    It has now become apparent that the voice over dialogue is a word association game and Bond may be on the receiving end of some sort of fit for work assessment. To be honest given his rebellious actions in both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace this is no surprise and an inevitable consequence of his actions but could there be more to this?

    We are in some sort of gritty training facility. We see a buffed Bond silhouetted in a doorway of a locker room, flexing his shooting arm after therapy or a workout. He seems to be recovering from a physical injury and a little unsteady or at least unsure of himself.

    Still in an underground training facility, this time in a shooting range we see a target at medium range – at least 2 of the gun shots that have marked the target are very wide. Confirming that Bond may not be in the best of shape.

    Whoa! It is finally revealed that indeed Bond is being psychologically assessed as he sits dressed in what we assume is standard SIS training gear, across a table from an assessor in a clinical white tiled MI6 Psyche Lab watched by; M (Dame Judi Dench) Head of MI6), an unidentified man and Bill Tanner (Rory Kinnear) M’s Chief of Staff and trusted aide.

    - Smithfield Meat Market

    We are on the other side of the table now, close enough to see a subtle smirk on Bond’s face – he isn’t taking all this head shrinking stuff too seriously. And who blames as we can see that it is a quarter to six in the evening and Bond would usually be getting ready to hone his card skills down at the St James Casino.

    Oddly the clock reflection in the one way mirror has just past 6 o’clock. Military code for “got your back” and it is in the exact position where M is standing. If I’m not reading too much into this – the undertones of betrayal of Bond’s loyalty are being hinted at here.

    Psychological assessor: Skyfall

    Instantly the smirk is gone, Bond po-faced as he stares half blankly and half with intent at the assessor. A long pause – with something stirring beneath his silence only interrupted by a boom as Bond has a flashback causing his bottom lip to almost imperceivabley drop.

    In his flashback we see a darkened living room lit by shafts of light coming through shutters – the room looks like it may have been either ransacked or damaged in a struggle. In a chair we see a slumped body whilst a silhouetted figure holds a gun aiming it in the direction of the crumpled body but is actually aiming into the open door behind it.

  • Fio

    The mystery of Skyfall deepens. Who is the man in the chair? Is he a victim, or another victim of Bond? This has obviously had a major affect on Bond. Is this part of a recent event post Casino Royale & Quantum of Solace that has brought Bond’s physical and mental state into question? As Barbara Broccoli has said – that the series “will go on to other different stories from now on.” This would be a completely new event in Bond’s life. More thoughts about Bond’ Skyfall flashback a little later…

    We see the three figures watching Bond’s assessment where it is revealed that the third man is Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) and judging by the reactions in the room Bond’s assessment is not going well. Tanner drops his eyes; Mallory turns to M with seeming confirmation of his pre-conceived thoughts whilst M’s intensity increases as she continues looking for further signs from Bond.

    The assessor repeats: Skyfall
    Bond ends the session with: Done

    Not much is known about Gareth Mallory at this stage other than he is a Government man, presumably for working for MI6 and senior. Judging by the official still released awhile back he is not afraid of mixing it up and getting involved in field agent work.
    OK! now that Mallory has been introduced I conclude my thoughts on Bond’s Skyfall flashback ….or are these old memories being addressed? Possibly contributing to his attitude throughout Casino Royale & Quantum? A closer look reveals that although the man is holding the distinctively shaped Walther PPK he may not actually be Bond, despite the silhouette hunching slightly with knees bent to reduce his height, the body shape is all wrong and this silhouette looks a lot more like Gareth Mallory or the least convincing body double since Lee Pulford in Blade Runner.

    Bond stands up and leaves, glaring a M through the one way mirror. The dirtiness of the spy being spied upon by stifling the scene.

    The action moves to a lit up Shanghai cityscape at night

    We see Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe) standing in what looks to be a hotel room high above ground level. In a brilliantly framed shot reminiscent of the Ricki Tarr – Boris – Belinda -Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy voyeur scene of the hotel room in Istanbul. However Sévérine’s windows all been shot out and her hair & curtains are billowing in the wind whilst broken glass covers the floor.

    Sévérine stares at our window – from our POV we can blue neon reflections on the inside of the window. From earlier official stills we know Bond is hiding just to the right of our sight.

  • Fio

    This is the neon lit Shanghai Tower that we saw in the first official still from Skyfall and previous videos showing Bond stalking a sniper in the neon lit Blue Optic Communications office. This scene must lead on from Bond in the bar and even earlier chase/follow scene that includes the Yan’an Highway when Bond’s arrives in Shanghai following someone, possibly Patrice (Ola Rapace) who arrived at the same time in Shanghai.

    Presumably back in London a dusty Bond explodes into action firing his Walther at unseen assailants. The room around Bond seems shot up and he is not alone as we see another shooter to his right. This seems to be the same location that Gareth Mallory is seeing handling a pistol.
    Eight Union Jack draped coffins with a grim M at the end of the room. The toll weighing heavily on her. Presumably these are MI6 agents and Bond’s colleagues or at least men who have died in service of their country.

    Back to China presumably Macau, where Bond enters the dragon’s mouth. It doesn’t tell us much but it is incredibly beautifully shot and lit. Bond is wearing a tuxedo; presumably he is heading for a night out – casino maybe? As he did the last time he was in Macau in The Man With The Golden Gun.

    Bond receiving a shave from fellow agent Eve (Naomie Harris) presumably this is at the end of his recovery and the removal of his stubble signals he is going back into action after being nursed by Eve. It would appear that Bond hasn’t learnt anything and continues to eat where he shouldn’t. I can only surmise that as Eve thinks she’s like James bond and that she has hooked up with him – it ends badly for her.

    A dusty Bond bolting up Whitehall amongst the traffic there are many emergency service vehicles. And he looks pissed off.

    Bond falling into very turbulent water.

    Bond armed with a Heckler & Koch HK416 assault rifle seemingly protecting a Scottish looking couple, in the door way of a chapel, as he reacts to either gunfire hitting the walls next to him or a blast.
    A Westland Merlin helicopter coming in with a huge gun, presumably part of the attack Bond is under.

    Bond running with his HK416 through what looks like a rather large dining room that is being shredded by the Merlin Helicopter gun ship.

    A dark silhouette falling down a great height. This seems to be a skyscraper in Shanghai. No wires are visible so I’m guessing that there is a good chance that this is Patrice meeting his demise.

    M and Bond parked by the side of the road in a scene echoing the opening of the teaser, with Bond looking over the Scottish Highlands. Are they looking towards Bond’s ancestral home? Two things strike me in this picture Bond’s suit looks dusty, like when he was running around London. Does this mean that M and Bond drove all night straight from London here? Or that the light is playing tricks on my eyes?

  • Fio

    The other thing more that I notice is that M’s jacket looks remarkably similar to the jacket worn by the lady (of the same height as M) that Bond seems to be protecting in the earlier scene in the chapel entrance.

    A train smashes through the underground walls. At first look this would seem part of a villainous plot to use London’s transport system as a weapon as hinted at in the Skyfall teaser poster where the iconic inside of the gun barrel seems to echo a tube tunnel.
    But the room the train is crashing into, is of a similar interior design to the secret underground MI6 Bunker as seen in the production videos, and need I remind you Dame Judi Dench referred to the first set as being “absolutely vast an like a train station down there”. Has London’s transport system been used to attack the Government?

    Bond walks down a darkened corridor to reveal himself at the end. This looks to be the same interior design as the room in his flashback. Is this where James Bond sees the events in his flashback and the secret of Skyfall is revealed?
    No time to think about it as a dark Keyser Soze looking figure is walking away from a destroyed building still in flames. Our first partial glimpse of villain Silva (Javier Bardem).


    Written in a style letting us know things are going to get gritty and dirty, very dirty.

    Back to Blue Optic Communications in Shanghai, bathed in the blue neon we see a man in a similar fashion to Scaramanga’s Golden Gun from The Man with the Golden Gun building a boxy modular gun. Initially I thought this may be an updated Signature gun but it looks more to be a modified submachine and judging the site on the gun it has medium range sniper capability. As the camera pulls back we see that this is Patrice (Ola Rapace).

    So I’m guessing Patrice is responsible for shooting out Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe) windows. I’m guessing he was aiming at Sévérine and the windows got in the way. But before Patrice completes his mission Bond exercises his double licence which ends with Patrice been thrown off the skyscraper.

    Bond seems to be talking to M.

    Bond has identified a problem: Some men are coming to kill us
    But not to worry as he has a solution: We’re going to kill them first.

    Simple, blunt and taking it head on. Is there anything about this Bond that is not to like?

    Bond and Patrice (Ola Rapace) slugging it out in the offices of Blue Optic Communications in Shanghai.

    The Scottish pile being blown up, bodies are strewn on the ground.

    Bond running down a tunnel as the flames from an explosion chases him. Could this be how Bond escapes the attack on the Scottish home? If so where are the two people he was protecting?

    Bond lifting his Walther and firing in the sunlight. This looks to be Istanbul.

    Volkswagen Beetles been off loaded from a train mid journey again this looks like Istanbul. It looks like they are being offloaded to hinder the chasing 4×4 vehicle obscured by the Beetles and dust. I’m guessing Eve (Naomie Harris) is driving the 4×4 trying to catch up to Bond.

    A tuxedo wearing Bond fighting an oriental goon. Presumably this is what happens after he has entered the dragon’s mouth at the Macau casino.

    Bond and his motorbike ramping off a bridge to catch a train. Presumably in Istanbul and as part of a motorbike chase with Patrice. If this is correct the event in Shanghai take place after Istanbul.

    Bond stalking Patrice (Ola Rapace) at the Blue Optic Communications offices in Shanghai.



    Skyfall in IMAX October 28 #skyfall

    The Establishing Shot frantically googling Skyfall IMAX get ticket now

    SKYFALL opens at cinemas across the UK on 26th October 2012

  • Fio

    Skyfall Teaser Trailer Released And Daniel Craig, I Am Skyfalling In Love With You
    Oh. Oh hey, Daniel Craig as James Bond. I didn’t even see you there. Did you come out with a new teaser trailer for Skyfall today? It wasn’t like I was looking for it or waiting for it…I just happened to be in the area, so I watched it. No big deal. It’s fine. I’m not stalking you because I don’t find you attractive or anything. At all. Don’t worry about it.

    ALRIGHT. Enough with the interrogation, 007. You cracked me. I do I do I do find you attractive, and even though I’m not a Bond purist, you can bet your spy decoder ring (he wears those, right?) that I’ll be at the midnight showing when the movie premiers on November 9th.

    And don’t worry, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one of those annoying human beings whose appreciation for the James Bond franchise is entirely dependent on who’s playing Bond currently. I love me some Daniel Craig, I like me some Pierce Brosnan, and I tolerate me some Sean Connery. Beyond that, I haven’t delved into the depths of 007 even enough to know the names of the actors playing him. (Whomp whomp.)

    But this movie! This one I will see because look at all the shooting and the bright colors and the Chinese dragons and the Javier Bardem I’ve been promised!

    And after that I’ll totally catch up on Thunderbags and MoonShaker.

    (My friend Richie is so mad at me right now.)

  • Fio

    ‘Skyfall’ starring Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem – teaser trailer review

    Directed by: Sam Mendes
    Starring: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench
    Rating: Not Yet Rated
    Release Date: November 9, 2012

    Thoughts by TSR: I’ve enjoyed a number of the James Bond films in the past, but it’s never been one of my favorite franchises. One of the films I do love, however, is Casino Royale. I thought Daniel Craig was brilliant in the role, and couldn’t wait to see his next turn. That was Quantum of Solace, a film that was a bit of a letdown. Over these last few years I haven’t been champing at the bit for Craig’s third go as 007, but my interest was definitely piqued when Sam Mendes was chosen to direct. Let’s just say this first teaser has taken that interest to new heights.

    This marvelously edited teaser only vaguely hints at the plot, instead focusing on mood and breathtaking images. The fantastic look of the film should come as no surprise, what with Mendes once again working with Roger Deakins. Between the coffins with flags draped over them, the dragon heads illuminating the river, and what might be Javier Bardem silhouetted in front of the flames, it’s hard to pick a favorite shot. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr. Deakins – one of the very best – and if this is what’s on display five months before release I can’t wait to find out what else they have in store.

    I love the word association Bond is doing at the beginning (“Murder.” “Employment.”). It appears getting Skyfall “done” deeply affected Bond. I’m excited to find out more – especially just what Skyfall is – and that’s the mark of a great teaser. Skyfall. Can’t wait.

  • Fio

    Watch: Trailer For Sam Mendes’ New James Bond Film ‘Skyfall’ Starring Daniel Craig
    The stakes have arguably never been higher for James Bond. 007 came roaring back in the form of Daniel Craig with “Casino Royale” in 2006, with the film proving the most successful of the franchise to date, and one of the most acclaimed. But two years later, the rushed, messy, poorly directed “Quantum of Solace” arrived, and while it outgrossed its predecessor in the U.S, it fell short worldwide, and got poor reviews. Furthermore, the property was then thrown into turmoil by the bankruptcy of its parent studio, MGM. So in any year, a return for Bond would have a lot riding on it, but given that 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the franchise with “Dr. No,” success seems to be even more crucial.

    So Eon, the rebirthed MGM and Sony have spared no expense to make the 23rd installment, “Skyfall,” a special occasion, with an Oscar-nominated writer (John Logan), an Oscar-winning director (Sam Mendes) and a cast with a whole host of acclaimed talent, in the shape of Javier Bardem, Judi Dench (in her seventh, and supposedly last, appearance as M), Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney, Ben Whishaw, Helen McCrory, Naomie Harris, Ola Rapace, Berenice Marlohe and Rory Kinnear. And after the poster was revealed last week, as of this morning, we’ve got our first look at the film in motion after the teaser trailer premiered over at

    It looks pretty excellent, all in all. It’s clear that they’re going for psychological depth, with that opening word-association voiceover (plus sly ‘Agent’ ‘Provocateur’ gag). And it’s clear that the stakes are higher than the who-will-get-a-South-American-utilities-contract plot of “Quantum of Solace.” It’s clear that the action has not been skimped on. And it’s clear, above and beyond everything else, that this thing is gorgeous. Mendes brought frequent collaborator Roger Deakins on board with him, and every frame of this looks like it could be hung on a wall (which makes the rather dull teaser poster feel like even more of a missed opportunity.) And it’s still a teaser: Bardem’s villain is only seen in silhouette, so there’s plenty more to be revealed. We hope he wears clown make-up or something.

    You can catch the trailer for “Skyfall” on the big screen in front of “Men In Black 3″ from Friday, and the film hits Europe on October 26th, before making it to the U.S. on November 9th.

  • Fio

    ‘Skyfall’ trailer suggests James Bond movies will be good again (video)
    Bond is back, thank goodness.

    Now that we’ve forgotten about that whole “Quantum of Solace” thing, we can carry on knowing the James Bond franchise is in good hands in the newest film “Skyfall.” But who knew “American Beauty” director Sam Mendes would perhaps be the right fit?

    The gloomy tone of Mendes’ previous works like “Beauty,” “Jarhead” and “Revolutionary Road” seems out of place in an action franchise, but this Daniel Craig age of a more brooding and self-serious 007 might require someone more familiar with those emotions.

    The big question: Can Mendes handle the action? From the looks of the first teaser trailer for “Skyfall,” it seems like it.

    Mendes has never lacked style behind the camera, and the visual design here looks static and sleek, erasing any notions of Bond going for Bourne this time around.

    While we can likely count on the style and the brawny Craig to deliver on the physical action, one thing this era seems light on is the secret agent’s even deadlier British wit. Yes, he has a license to kill, and that’s serious business. But Sean Connery managed to never let us forget that, even while making us laugh here and there.

    In the meantime, this looks very promising. The film opens in November. Watch the trailer:

  • Amy

    @susan: Sweet!! Have you seen a celeb in NY?
    @Fio: Things are progressing as expected. :)

  • Fio

    yesterdaysperfume: Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz in NYC #whyaminotapaparazzi

    Movin’ On Up NYC: #CelebSighting Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig on 11th&2ndAve….even more beautiful in person!

    Jason Sleurs: Daniel Craig and I shop at the same jewelry store.

  • susan

    to Amy

    yes, i’ve seen Hugh Jackman and his wife; very nice people. there are other celebrities around as well. you got to understand; here in Manhattan people leave them alone. and yes, i’ve seen Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz as well. but i didn’t go near them because it was in a restaurant; it would have been both rude and inappropriate to interrupt their privacy.

  • susan

    Berenice Marlohe thought Craig was ‘boring’
    May 22, 2012, 15:02 GMT

    New Bond girl Berenice Marlohe didn’t think Daniel Craig was sexy before she met him
    The 33-year-old French actress – who plays glamorous character Sévérine in new 007 adventure ‘Skyfall’ – had the preconception that the hunky actor was ‘boring’ until she finally got to meet him on set.
    Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday (21.05.12) at the unveiling of the first ‘Skyfall’ trailer, she said: ‘What you read in the magazines is very boring, because that can come across as one-dimensional. Personality and what you have to say for yourself in reality is what’s important. So when I finally got to meet him (Craig), he had such a beautiful nature, very grounded, a very nice personality and a fantastic sense of humour.
    ‘He’s truly a great person. All of those things are what makes someone sexy or attractive.’
    Berenice was thrilled to land a role in the movie – which is the 23rd big screen outing for the suave spy – and she has especially enjoyed dressing like a ‘femme fatale’ in the film.
    She told website ‘I worked together with the costume department, and what’s great about James Bond movies is you can still find this femme fatale concept that you don’t see any more in movies. Yes, you see women in bikinis but it’s tasteful and the clothes are very glamorous, sexy and dark.’
    ‘Skyfall’ is directed by Sam Mendes and also stars Javier Bardem, Dame Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris.
    It opens in cinemas in October.




  • Amy

    @susan: Have you met Daniel and Rachel?
    I’m not jealous of you
    I’m not jealous of you
    I’m not jealous of you
    I’m not jealous of you
    I’m not jealous of you
    I’m not jealous of you
    I’m not jealous of you
    I’m not jealous of you
    I’m not jealous of you
    I’m not jealous of you

  • Amy

    Daniel and Rachel went to see a play, One Man, Two Guvnors, on Broadway!
    Adrian Bryan-Brown ‏@Bubbles2828
    Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig, Stephen Frears, Penn & Teller were all at One Man, Two Guvnors tonight . Damn, missed ‘em! @1man2guvnorsnyc

  • Fio

    A day after the release of a new Skyfall trailer, Daniel Craig links up with wife Rachel Weisz for a sweet stroll around New York on Tuesday.

  • Fio

    Craig voted snappiest film dresser
    Movie fans reckon suave Daniel Craig suits to thrill – naming him the sharpest dresser on screen.
    The James Bond actor’s role in Casino Royale, wearing a fitted tuxedo, has been named the snappiest film appearance in a suit.
    The 007 star finished just ahead of Will Smith in Men In Black in the poll for movie streaming and DVD service Lovefilm.
    Mike Myers’ retro Carnaby Street look in Austin Powers finished eighth while Richard E Grant’s rather more dishevelled appearance in Withnail & I was ninth.
    Lovefilm editor Helen Cowley said: “Sharp suits and snazzy dressers can really make a character.
    “Classic black suits as featured in Men in Black, the Reservoir Dogs line-up and Casino Royale clearly stand the test of time and continue to influence wardrobes across the country.”
    The poll was launched to mark the release of Men In Black III tomorrow.

  • Fio

    Oops, I wanted to post this, tho…

    Daniel Craig’s Tux Voted Sharpest Suit On Film

    Stealing hearts (and votes) Daniel Craig’s classic tuxedo from Casino Royale has been named Sharpest Suit in Film – according to a poll of fashion conscious film fans.

    To celebrate the return of the notorious, extra terrestrial busting black suits to the big screen in the eagerly anticipated Men in Black III on 25th May, LOVEFiLM asked over 3000 people to cast their vote for the sharpest suits in cinema.

    Craig’s sartorial choice topped the style list with an impressive thirty per cent of the vote, putting him streets ahead of Will Smith’s infamous black outfit from the Men in Black franchise, which made its way into second place with twenty per cent.

    Taking third place in the style stakes (with a slightly less conventional look) is Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight, whose menacing purple and green outfit snatched seventeen per cent of the vote.

    Another colourful ensemble, Johnny Depp’s delectable Willy Wonka get up from Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, gained eight per cent of the vote, (glass) elevating him into an impressive fourth place in the chart

    In a more garish image choice, whilst he might have been a sight for sore eyes, Jim Carrey’s orange number from Dumb and Dumber managed to stumble into the fifth spot with six per cent of the vote.

    Sweeping gracefully into the sixth spot with five per cent is Fred Astaire in Shall We Dance, closely followed by Quentin Tarantino’s garb in Reservoir Dogs which took seventh place with four per cent.

    The outrageous retro blue velvet number from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery boogied its way into eighth place with three per cent of the vote, while Richard E Grant’s dandyish outfit in Withnail and I managed to win two per cent of those polled to take ninth place.

    Rounding off the top ten with a spot of nostalgia is a true ’80′s throwback in the form of Adam Sandler’s oversized suit from the Wedding Singer, with one per cent of the vote.

    The top ten sharpest suits in film are:

    1. Daniel Craig, Casino Royale – 30%

    2. Will Smith, Men in Black – 20%

    3. Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight – 17%

    4. Johnny Depp, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – 8%

    5. Jim Carrey, Dumb and Dumber – 6%

    6. Fred Astaire, Shall We Dance – 5%

    7. Quentin Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs – 4%

    8. Mike Myers, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – 3%

    9. Richard E Grant, Withnail and I – 2%

    10. Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer – 1%

    Other – 4% Helen Cowley, Editor of LOVEFiLM, commented: “Sharp suits and snazzy dressers can really make a character, so it’s great to see these classic outfits getting the recognition they deserve.

    “Whilst we might leave Austin Powers’ crushed blue velvet suit to the movies, classic black suits as featured in Men in Black, the Reservoir Dogs line up and Casino Royale clearly stand the test of time and continue to influence wardrobes across the country.”