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Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Trailer - Watch Now!

Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Trailer - Watch Now!

Joaquin Phoenix goes shirtless carving up some coconuts in this newly released trailer for his upcoming movie The Master!

The 1950s-set drama follows the relationship between a charismatic intellectual known as “the Master” (Philip Seymour Hoffman), whose faith-based organization begins to catch on in America, and a young drifter (Phoenix) who becomes his right-hand man.

Rounding out the cast of The Master are Amy Adams, Rami Malek, and Laura Dern.

Be sure to catch The Master when it hits theaters nationwide on October 12 of this year.

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  • Ted

    lookin old

  • pup

    I can’t believe he & River are brothers. They look nothing alike. o.o

  • sunny afternoon

    This is the film about “Scientology”.
    Oooooooo …. I can’t wait!

  • Jamie

    OMG Joaquin what the hell happened to you?! He looks SOOO OLD!!!!

    It is scary I don’t even recognize him anymore!!!!!

  • maggie

    I love PTA, and although I’m very excited for this movie, I wish the ad wasn’t so similar to There Will Blood. Hopefully, the tone and pacing of the actual movie won’t resemble it…

  • maggie

    ^^not that I’m not a fan of There Will Be would just be more interesting to see him do something different like he did in Punch Drunk Love

  • TheEricaStar

    My handsome Joaquin wtf happend looking like u aged so much :(

  • Midi3eyes

    WOW he has aged horribly. He literally looks like he is in his late 40′s and he is only 37! Sadly his aging has caught my attention more than this movie trailer.

    The trailer looks meh. It’s far too short to judge. It doesn’t look like anything groundbreaking though from what I’m seeing. But seriously dude Joaquin, take better care of yourself! I though vegans had good skin! STOP SMOKING.

  • Peapo

    At least he looks healthier than when he was doing his rapper hoax and he was fat and his clothes looked like they had never been washed. and his hair looked not only never washed but like he was rubbing dirt in it.
    that was his absolute low point so all he could do was look better. He’s thin, muscular, tan. Just trying to look on the positive side.

  • Anonymous


    I fail to see how he looks any healthier now, simply because he isn’t overweight. He looks 10+ years older than he is, his face looked sunken in, even his body looks incredibly aged for a man in his 30′s. All this shows is how much his smoking has caught up with him (possibly even drug use given his rapid aging which is common among junkies)

    Not being fat doesn’t = being healthy.

  • Jerry

    Paul Thomas Anderson, Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman. I can’t think of a more thrilling combination. A must watch!

  • JP is all of us

    I pee my pants laughing at some ppl’s comments about Phoenix looking old. Disappointed with your Signs crush? Well, time flies.The guy looks older that’s for sure, but I bet great part of it is for the movie. He doesn’t even look himself and that was the effin point.
    And yeah, I’m afraid he’s never gonna look like a guy from Gladiator anymore. Everybody’s ageing. And IMHO he looks hotter than hell, ‘cos he looks like a MAN, unlike some Hollywood monkeys in their 50s who can’t step out the house without making sure they had put their foundation on (I’m talking about males).

  • Josephine

    Judging his looks by watching the movie trailer is tricky – what if someone judged Charlizes look after watching Monster?He didn’t look as old and skinny at the more recent pictures, so his older look is probably connected not only with aging but also with movie make-up, light, and loosing weight for the role. He obviously aged and it’s normal, but I don’t think he looked bad at the pictures with Marion Cotillard.

  • Alaia

    Seriously? The main draw of this trailer is him being shirtless?

  • Peapo

    I didn’t say he looked better just because he was thinner ( but that does make a big difference.) I also said during that fake documentary phase his clothes were filthy. His hair was greasy and tangled like dreadlocks and he was pale and looked like death.
    He may look older but he looks healthier. He’s clean. Plus as poster #12 said he IS older and not all buff from when he did gladiator. And he could be made to look older for the film.
    My point is he looks healthier for many reasons besides just weight and that is a good thing!

  • ash

    welcome back to award season joaq

  • Mia

    Thanks jesus ! HE’S BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  • Mia


    it’s the makeup dude ^^

  • Idiot

    @JP is all of us:

    Oh stfu. “He looks like a MAN” because he looks OLD??? Since when does looking like a man mean looking OLD?

    No, looking wrinkled and aged at 37 doesn’t mean he looks “manly” though that is a nice spin to put on it. You act like the opposite of not looking like a meth head, is looking like a “made up pretty boy”. Um NO. You can look like a MAN, and not look 15 years older than you are. It is a clear sign that he isn’t taking care of himself. The man is 37 and look 45. Casey Affleck is one year younger than him, and could pass for being in his late 20′s. Hes not a “man” for looking beat up and haggard, he’s just a smoker and likely a junkie

  • Idiot


    Charlize was wearing MAKEUP to look that way you idiot. She gained a ton of weight, and transformed herself for the role. Joaquin simply looks OLD. There is no makeup making him look that way. And have you SEEN his recent candids? He looks like he’s packed for a 2 week vacation with he massive bags he has under his eyes.

  • JP is all of us

    @Idiot-I was about to write a long response, then I looked at your nickname and saved three minutes of my life ;)

  • JP is all of us


    Well, I think he actually looked superhot on the set of Low Life.

  • Idiot

    @JP is all of us:

    You’re right. My username is not only a great response to your post, but to your idiotic username as well

  • Ginger

    I am really looking forward to this new movie.

    Joaquin is a wonderful actor if he is given a meaty role. That’s all I am interested in. What he does in his personal life is his business. Of course, I hope he is in good health but he never has married and doesn’t have a wife or kids to worry about.

    He has always walked to the beat of his own drum.

  • Buzzy

    Joaq looks fantastic. The things I’d do to that man. Love guys who smoke, too, so that’s not a problem. Joaq rox!

  • WAlterBisho[

    I also was schocked to see how old he looks, or may be it’s not age or smoking but rather his role that requires to show a very drifted, self-destructing person who barely sleeps and drinks and parties and is looking for a purpose in life in all the wrong places.
    I don’t know why…I just hope he’s healthy because I want him to get an Oscar and live a long happy life and continue to perform and express himself as an actor and may be marry and have kids. I want him to be healthy because I want him to act more and make me happy with his movies because honsetly he’s such a naturally blessed actor, he lives onscreen. It’s such a joy to watch movies that he’s in and it’s not because you want his pretty face to have more screen time, but to see how he delivers the character.
    Like many of you I was schoked to see him like this it’s not because I expected him to be all his old Gladiator self (for the record, Russel too doesn’t look like tonned Maximus anymore ). But that’s the thing about JP and Russel and a bunch of other actors – they are ACTORS not HEARTHROBS. Speaking of River, Joaq and Riv never looked alike in fact River looked differently from all of his siblings and even his parents. May be he took after his mom more whereas Rain, Joaquin, Liberty and Summer have more of their father’s features than their mom’s. River too by the way always positioned him as an actor and artist first. I don’t know whether he was aware of his good looks (Joaq too is very handsome; it’s just his appearance is more exotic) he could easily cut his hair off or dye them black if needed for the role even if it didn’t look good on him whereas most actors wear wigs or spend hours in the hair salon before they pick the right color.
    And I greatly enjoyed I am still here. A piece of art, very brave and amazing performance
    Looking forward to this movie

  • Junniee232

    I love the 10 Joaquin obsessive fanbots going on multiple names to thumbs down people who speak the truth. haha

    Johnny Depp >>>>>>>>>Joaquin.

    Johnny’s a far better actor, makes far better, and is a vampire for being almost 50 and looking 33. Deal.

  • Bernadette

    Why always with the cigarettes?

  • bernadette

    Um…… yeah, it actually IS the camera angle and the fact that the camera IS THAT CLOSE that makes the actor look unfavorable. That’s the same wrinkled forehead (when he makes a certain face) and the same eyes that he had in Gladiator. If he was clean-shaven and took that cigarette out of his mouth and flashed a big smile, you’d see the same guy. Of course, he’s a few years older. I wouldn’t say he’s been ravaged by time or ANYTHING ELSE. (in my opinion)

  • Trine

    still so cute and teddybear OMG …. My life true mascot out there !!!!
    He looks so cosy in a way :) He is adorable , I want to give him a long hug and never let go of him hehe !!!! cuddle cuddle cuddle all the way!!