Taylor Swift Calls Fallen Soldier's Family

Taylor Swift Calls Fallen Soldier's Family

Taylor Swift and a pal stop by the Brentwood Country Mart for some iced coffee on Saturday (May 19) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 22-year-old country singer recently showed her support for a military professional who died in Afghanistan earlier this month.

Sgt. Wade Wilson
was killed during combat on May 11, and was a huge fan of Taylor‘s.

Taylor phoned the Sargeant‘s family and sent flowers to express her condolences, according to a Texas news report. She even told his family she wanted to wear Sgt. Wilson‘s dog tags in her next video to show her military support.

FYI: Taylor is wearing Joe’s jeans and carrying the Coach Classic court bag.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift grabbing an iced coffee…

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Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, FameFlynet
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  • Shanice

    Or should could call the thousands of civilians who died because of the invasion.

  • ryan

    taylor looks great!! what a respectable and loving girl. my idol.


    @Shanice: Thank you!

  • raluca

    I don t like her.

  • buio

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  • Helen

    Every time I see her I remember the way Jake broke up with her LOL

  • linda

    How many awards did Carrie Underwood win last night at the Billboard awards? 0000000 OMG LOL Taylor woman of the year.

  • Demitasse

    Not a fan.

    She needs to get a new look. Hate that red lipstick.

  • http://www.gotobelfast.com/ trendeh

    wow, transformation? i’m happy for yo Taylor and congratulations for the woman of the year

  • pull my string

    support the troops support the troops
    support the troops support the troops
    There is not alot going on in that tiny head.

  • yuk

    She is such a dork.

  • maybe?

    Im impressed!! She loves dead people. Maybe that’s the only way she can show some sympathy.

  • Truthhurts

    @maybe?: We Know!!!

  • yep

    Beautiful talented, giver young lady! Taylor has a lot of heart! The world sees it and her actions with her money shows it! Keep on your path Taylor!

  • http://www.wardrobe4x4.com thanhhuysing

    Even though I have never admired Taylor Swift for her fashion sense, I actually admitted that she really did make a statement with her cat-eyed sunglasses.


  • dave franco

    Look at those legs. Nice. Did she sell her Nashhille home? She is spending more time in Calif.

    Btw, Carrie Underwood is still a better singer than her, but Swift is more marketable. Carrie has dominated the charts for the last weeks with little promotion.

  • raluca

    Taylor is a really bad singer,Carrie Underwood is so beautiful and talented.

  • Riley

    I find it so odd that some people buy into her nice, small town humble girl act. Everything about this girl seems contrived and disingenuous to me. Hey “awards surprise face” sort of proved it and when people caught on and started making fun of her, she toned it down.

  • agree – “contrived”

    a child of crazy stage parents

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Beautiful, thoughtful gesture on Taylor’s part. Nice lady. 2 thumbs up!!

  • KissThis

    Not that I’m hating or anything, she seems like a nice girl. But everytime she does something charitable like this why does her PR team have to call the press and tell everyone about it? Can’t she do it privately? Every couple of months it’s like they have to shove all this great stuff she’s done down our throats, painting her as a saint or something.

  • she’s a bit goofy

    When she stalks around stage half skipping, guitar in hand, with her large feet and lanky body I have to laugh.

  • buzz

    Gosh she’s not the only artist who’s good deeds being reported, atleast she does something, why you guys hating this girl much?! i dont see the good and make sense reason on hating her

    she did good stuff, you guys always find a way to bash or bring her down, seriously?! lol you all have no life!
    while you guys bashing on her, she at least did something good either it’s PR stunt or not, it’s still for good cause and she actually take action

  • buzz

    and please being popular or someone that made influenced doesnt mean need to have DIVA-ish Voice,gosh~! what a shallow mind to say someone is not deserved smth just because of the voice

    and why carrie in here anyway?

  • buzz


    well maybe cause it’s not her or her PR Team who spill the bean but the family&friends of ppl she actually helped who say the words

  • buzz


    so what if she’s “shocked” each time she won, let her be!

  • ryan

    like i dont know what you people want. shes one of the only humble genuine people out there in the public eye and still you tear her down. she could be a dumb slut like alot of other celebrities that people talk about but instead she trys to do good for other people and her fans and still cant make anyone happy. grow up people.

  • http://twitter 54saynomore

    It’s all about publicity,why don’t Taylor go entertain the troops.why did she just pick out this last soldier?many others have passed.should of went to womans home,no phone call!Gather some entertainers and visit our troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter 54saynomore

    @yep: her actions are a joke.has she ever gone over to entertain the troops,no money to be made there.she only knows how to call people.never goes to see them!

  • http://twitter 54saynomore

    @buzz: If she did such good stuff ,why has’nt she visited these peop;le personaly.It is all about her and always will be!

  • http://twitter 54saynomore

    I thought she walked on watertoo!that is until I became chat budies with her on her Indonesian site.Thats right,Indonesian site!We talked for over 3 hours one night.She needed some”secret” advice. Like an ass i gave it to her. I will admit it I once thought she was special.Until after the first night. then I was a bother. I am alone for 11 years now.Taylor said i disturb her because i posted too much,what a fake. after tthat could no longer be my friend.What a ,”woman of the Year”. what a joke.
    everything she says is no big deal. she wants to wea the guys dog tags her next video,whoopie doo. I am sure had she visited even troops here that would of meant a whole lot of difference.acts like has class,but, is classless.support our troops? you want to support our troops go entertain therm for nothing.Then you can show how to support our troops.Or don’t you want to scratch your nail polish. i still tweet to her to show what class is I wish her “Good Night, Sweet Dreams,God Bless you God Blove you{bunches of love} an old family thing..Other then that I never heard from the so called”Woman of the Year”!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter 54saynomore

    That woman whom lost her husband should tell Taylor no thatnks! Your just”,MEAN.”Because that song fits her to a “T”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just ask me

  • http://twitter 54saynomore

    @ryan: ryan,you really buy that? it is all part of her sweet little act she puts on for all young guys and young girls.she has to donate thay all do. get real Ryan she a little puppet

  • http://twitter 54saynomore

    Hw about that young sick guy from New Jersey. Coudl’nt make it to his prom.Then she invited him to an award show.He could’nt make it so she mention his name when recieving another award.What an entertainerI wonder, here is a guy with cancer,i beleive,did the unbeleivable,untouchible,superstar ever go and see this young man????

  • http://twitter 54saynomore

    @ryan: Ryan, how old are you? grow up, Taylor is the one whom needs to grow up.Oh, I forgot Twenties are the new teens! sorry!

  • http://twitter 54saynomore

    @Dave From Canada: No offense Canada, Our troops have been loosing their lives over ther for many years. Taylor “called”, why could she not have gone to see this woman and asked for the tags? much more heartfelt then a Quarter phone call and some flowers. if they were hand delivered ,maybe i would of given her some credit.Otherwise she’s ptting on another show thats all. the dog tags are a gimmic to try and get another winning video,that’s all!

  • wendyokoopa

    @Demitasse:I don’t care what people say I really do think she’s a disgusting woman inside and out. I’m going to be called a jealous hater blah blah blah. She really isn’t that gorgeous, cute, or talented. Her lyrics are nothing more then high school pop sung by a voice that is nothing to write home about.

  • sam@bereal

    lets all look in the mirror ,we all fake thjngs in life.

  • TXStrat

    Web editiors, that should be Sergeant, not Sargent.

  • fat

    Taylor is a bad singer with less talent.That s truth.

  • ct

    She’s rocking some serious cameltoe in these pics lol