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Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Photo Call!

Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Photo Call!

Brad Pitt is all smiles at the Killing Them Softly photo call during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday (May 22) in Cannes, France.

The 48-year-old actor (in Gucci) was joined at the photo call by his co-star Ray Liotta.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The crime thriller is about Jackie Cogan (Pitt), a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game. Killing Them Softly hits US theaters September 21.

Check out the first clip from the movie below!

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  • TamsinIsChelsea

    @anon2: your welcome. they are really made for each other. =>

  • Miami Lice

    brad’s dirty take on a retro look

  • Dc

    @:( #91 – I am disappointed angie won’t be there. I was waiting for this day to see them together. Still can’t wait to see brad later.

    Brad is still a handsome hot man. Not only his looks it’s everything about him that makes him standout and continue to be handsome and charismatic.

    Haters you all really need to get a life. Being so bitter is not healthy.

  • hopeso

    I thought Angelina would be there i have been looking for her

  • MIMI

    Brad and Andrew, the same hair style, color, jacket, they look like twins. . Brad looks beautiful

  • QQQQ

    I wonder what conspiracy theory ass_hole MORONIC B*TCH LAMEY and equally MORONIC IDIOTIC b*tch Kaiser will come up with now that AJ is not at Cannes. LOL! “The supposed Brand”, No dress to b*tch about or compare to other losers. LOL!
    BTW.. all this just goes to show, no one knows sh*t about J-P’s. Janice Min and her gossips (liars) at HR going on about dresses being put together for AJ for Cannes.

  • naturegirl

    One Word


    Well maybe two


  • briseis

    @QQQQ: Someone at CB posted that lamey said that the ring was just a promotion strategy. That they are not getting married. Stupid lamey, if all they want is PR then Angie would show up at Cannes in a knockout dress and that is all the promotion they need. And of course kaiser posted that Brad looked old, and yet she would hit Ray Liotta, who looks as tight as can be. They adjust their standards as they see fit just to dis the JPs. If Brad had been nipped and tucked then they would go the opposite way and say he is Botox King, a fan of restylane and fillers or whatever it is plastic surgeons use to make celebs look younger. These beeyatches always find something to knock the JPs with. And of course Brad will never give a wedding date to reporters. He never gave a heads up on the engagement ring, why would he do it for their wedding? These trolls and bloggers can be such major idiots.

  • well

    Angie didn’t go to Sarajevo for citizenship award because of her work in Maleficent, I guess she is really busy with it. The movie requires a lot of makeup and costume preparation. But we have gorgeous Brad, can’t wait for the red carpet.

  • Rose

    @briseis: #108, Kaiser and Lamey are mad because Angie is not there so they could tear her apart. They are just like the trolls they were just waiting to find fault with Angie, her dress, her size, her ring, her hair and their body language. You know they were all just waiting to pounce. So, even though I’m disappointed, good for her for leaving them hanging.

  • Vanassa

    He looks so great now, he will look even dapper at the premiere.

  • QQQQ

    briseis @ 05/22/2012 at 9:26 am
    The way the ass_wipes go on, you would think the J-Ps are the only couple who doesn’t have a date set for their wedding. Ann Hathaway got engaged, we haven’t heard anything since, but the question isn’t being asked about why she got her ring. They are just praying and hoping that their dream about BP not marrying AJ come true, so any little thing they jump on it. Heads will explode eventually.
    Don’t even get me started on that LAMEY wanna be, piece of shite MORINIC B*TCH kaisersh*t! Seriously, how does Brad look old. He is 48/49 in 7+ months, is he supposed to like 35. She is a hen, so whatever!

  • Dc

    I read that Angie will be there. I guess we’ll see later.

  • Kikicohen

    I think a lot of what makes BP so darn good looking, is that he’s so darn
    Kind as well- a generally, good guy, non pretentious, humble, etc.
    It comes across in all of his interviews- impressive.

  • They are SO OVER

    Something is wrong between Jolie and Pitt.First pictures of them looking completely unconnected and at fight in London,Then Pitt showing up in Cannes ALONE,Something he had never done before.Guess Jolie wasn’t TOO BUSY during Salt filming,right in the middle of it to show up in Cannes.Does preparing make you busy but when you are filming and in the middle of it you can go to Cannes?Why CAN’T Pitt like any HAPPILY ENGAGED man say he can’t wait to marry Jolie?Instead he says he wants to get married after everyone in State can get married.Doesn’t that mean years and year later maybe never?LOL I’m sensing we will be seeing more of a disconnected Jolie and Pitt in pics and interviews and before any wedding happenes,There will be the Split.Pitt sure doesn’t sound and act like a man wanting to get married any time soon.

  • briseis

    @QQQQ: And what about Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez? No word on their wedding date either. But is anybody saying they aren’t getting married and it’s all for promotion? Of course not!
    @Rose: I am also in a way glad that Angie left them hanging … otherwise they would go on and on and on again about Angie and whatever her pose would have been (like they went on for weeks about The Oscar Leg). But I am still hopeful we will see them on the red carpet for Killing Them Softly premieres (in September?)

  • Passing Through

    Brad looks good…but needs to lose some of that hair…
    I haven’t had a chance to read the thread yet so I don’t know if reviews have been posted but here’s a really good one from The Playlist. I’ll only post the link since it contains spoilers…

  • Passing Through

    # 42 a lurker @ 05/22/2012 at 7:30 am
    Shoot…I can’t watch the press conference until tonight. Oh well…it’ll give me something to look forward to after I get bored spending the afternoon laughing atTampon’s ass while she loses it over the RC pix. LOL!


    Love Brad!! He looks mighty fine!! No wonder the bitter b.itches are still here trolling. Even though I’m disappointed that I will not see Angie in Cannes, I’m kinda happy in the sense that old hags like cross-eyed Lamey is WRONG AGAIN and doesn’t know s.hit about this family. She’s the one who kept on saying that the engagement were all for PR and they will debut it in Cannes. What a LOSER! Hahahaha LONG LIVE BRAD AND ANGIE! KING AND QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD! GODBLESS THE JPs ALWAYS!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    @They are SO OVER:

    So we are back to “they are so over again” Seven years, you trolls still haven’t learn s hit.

    Didn’t you read Brad said she’s preparing for Maleficent? Or you just choose to ignore it. As for the wedding date, do you think Brad is going to tell the media the exact wedding date so the media can hound them. You are an idiot.

  • Dd

    OMG! Yummy to da max….

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Love him. Gorgeous man. Thanks PT for the link. Looking good. Can’t wait to see it.

  • anustin

    awwww…..happy daddy.

  • Passing Through

    # 54 TWEET @ 05/22/2012 at 7:52 am
    entertainment_news ‏@newsentertain

    Brad Pitt mob movie portrays broken American dream – Reuters
    He told journalists that his fiancee Angelina Jolie was not in Cannes, quelling rumors that the Hollywood power couple would appear together on the red carpet.
    This Reuters article says Brad said Angie’s NOT in Cannes. This is why you can’t trust all tweet sightings. There were a couple yesterday saying she was with him when he checked into the hotel. If she’s not there then I guess my afternoon of making fun of Tampon won’t be so fun after all. Bummer…thanks, Angie…way to ruin my fun…
    BTW – If Angie’snot there for the premiere the organizers are gonna be major bummed…and so will dumb twat hypoctrites like Lamey and their faux love of “the Brange” and their “brand”. If for no other reason than that I’ll be glad if she’s not there.

  • fyi gives it A-

  • young at heart

    Finally!!!!!. Thanks JJ.

  • anon2

    OT: what Lamey wrote about herself concerning Usher and custody/support. But, goes without saying why she and Jenny are two peas in a pod, at least Lamey doesn’t lead people on about wanting kids. Venus: The Dark Side (google it)

    “I am too selfish to have children. Selfish, petty, vindictive, and totally the kind of person who would use my child as a pawn to punish my ex-partner. Which is why it’s better that I shouldn’t have kids. Some parents are actually more selfish than those who prefer not to have any. There is no way that this is the only way for these two. He’s too greedy to make concessions and write a bigger cheque. She’s too jealous to settle for anything less than seeing him miserable for the rest of his life without her. ”

    Grow up, err, “ladies”.

    Just because they cannot feel something doesn’t mean that should hate on the JPs, Lamey and Lenny.

  • Passing Through

    # 94 briseis @ 05/22/2012 at 8:53 am
    All the female reporters sitting in the press con swooning obviously didn’t have a problem with how Brad looked. It’s pretty danged obvious that he didn’t bother to even attempt to “get pretty” for Cannes. Why should he? He’s off work and enjoying his family. People complaining should just be glad he didn’t show up with Z’s blue beads in a ratty 2010 goatee…or his hair. I think we ALL know he totally lets her braid them, and whatever else she comes up with, into his hair…while Vivienne helps her out by handing her the beads and Shiloh rolls around on the floor laughing at how funny daddy looks with Z’s beads in his hair…

  • young at heart

    I hope Angie makes it too.

  • wow

    I feel Killing Them Softly is going to be like The Tree of Life, provoke all kinds of arguments.

  • Celebitchy

    original almond says:
    May 22, 2012 at 8:41 am

    He’s starting to morph into Fabio.

    Eve says:
    May 22, 2012 at 8:50 am

    Speaking of Angelina, she’s not there. She didn’t come with Brad to Cannes, like everyone hoped she would.

    lower-case deb says:
    May 22, 2012 at 10:00 am

    Yanno, I’m just dreading the onslaught of tabloid “they’re breaking up! AJ chucked her ring into the Thames!” just because BP makes this Cannes thing alone and with a rough face. You know they’ll say it’s because he’s been crying.

    I hope not though.

  • anustin

    anjie is not CANNES…..ok im fine….but,but,but wa happen to the cross-eyed lainey???????hehehehehe

  • Celebitchy

    kpist says:
    May 22, 2012 at 9:29 am

    NEVER thought I’d see the day where Ray Liotta looks hotter than Brad Pitt

  • Rose

    I’ve never see so many grown a$$ people who would be happy to see a family of eight break up. Can’t the trolls understand that Brad and Angie are in this for the long haul. Time for the trolls to stop wishing bad on others before it comes back to bite them in the you knows where. If Angie is not there, watch how fast Brad leaves Cannes tonight, running back to his family.

  • anon2

    Apparently the twits @ CB or Lamey didn’t see the video that TamsinIsChelsea provided us.
    I sure would like to see what those “lovely” women at Celebitchy look like since they are so judgmental of every detail of everyone. Wonky-eyed Lamey ought to sit down and STFU.
    Angie’s man still got it going on at almost 50. Those bytches would fall all over themselves if they met either B/A.

  • anustin

    lol those bit.ches kaiser and cross-eyed just want to see the ring.hehehe

  • plz

    Who cares what people at CB say? Brad looks yummy

  • They are SO OVER

    Rose @ 05/22/2012 at 10:41 am

    He WON’T.He has many interviews lined up for tomorrow and he has a big a** party planned on a yacht in there.Something is wrong with them,big time.All these years.They always attended Cannes together but this year all of a sudden She is too busy to attend the Cannes while she is only afew hours away and She is NOT even FILMING yet,She is just PREPARING for a movie.Say what.Doesn’t that sound like a LAMEST excuse ever.

  • Passing Through

    # 106 QQQQ @ 05/22/2012 at 9:15 am
    LOL. As soon as I read that Reuters story I immediately thought of Min’s THR story saying Angie was gathering dresses for Cannes. You can give a tabloid hack a legit job but you can’t take the tabloid hack out of her.
    BTW – I wouldn’t worry about Min being at THR much longer. Nikki Finke said their ship is sinking fast and they’re now a very distant third to Deadline and Variety…and Variety is a very distant 2nd to Deadline, so that tells you all you need to know about Min’s leadership at THR.

  • young at heart

    I guess I should be happy that at least there is a picture of one member of my favorite family. I wish I could see them all. I feel like rolling on the ground and having a tantrum.


    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Thud!!!!! I can’t wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this!!!!!

  • roxy

    There’s my sexy hunk :). This man knows how to wear clothes well. Love the hair.

  • Passing Through

    # 112 QQQQ @ 05/22/2012 at 9:39 am
    4Q -
    Now you know…Lamey says Annie only got engaged to try to make Christian Bale jealous. That trick has never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t like…
    Re: Kaiser – Frankly her not wanting to hit it is making Brad look all the more attractive to me. I think she needs to visit an optometrist. Either that or get her head out of her ass. Her choice.

  • seriously

    Looks like this movie is even more bad ass than Fight Club.

  • Rose

    #138, aren’t you tired of being wrong for seven going on eight years? If something is wrong, it’s with you. Ask yourself this question, why am I so happy to believe a family will break up. You live a very sad life.

  • Passing Through

    # 116 briseis @ 05/22/2012 at 10:04 am
    Briseis -
    Don’t get me started on Halle’s oh-so convenient engagement to a citizen of foreign country during her baby daddy custody/visitation drama. I’ll go Grassy Knoll Lamey on you…

  • PJ

    Thank you very much for the link.

  • Sissy

    OMG, the trolls are crying foul, but when Brad and the tickster were apart for months and months, and then finally divorcing, there was no problem? You never know what is going on, if a child is a bit ill or whatever. And the trolls complainin? What is new.
    First they say that he is using her for promotion of his film, that they are just pr, blah, blah, blah… Then they turn around when she does not come to this event and then cry that because she did not come, they are breaking up… Crazy. SMH.

  • somali girl

    His hair is terrible its making him look tired.
    shorter hair maybe?

  • kony

    more violent movies
    makes my job easy