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Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Photo Call!

Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Photo Call!

Brad Pitt is all smiles at the Killing Them Softly photo call during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday (May 22) in Cannes, France.

The 48-year-old actor (in Gucci) was joined at the photo call by his co-star Ray Liotta.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The crime thriller is about Jackie Cogan (Pitt), a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game. Killing Them Softly hits US theaters September 21.

Check out the first clip from the movie below!

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  • Dog?

    wasn’t his show cancelled yesterday?

  • RotflmaoOoo

    @bizzy bee: beautiful ? Man u r delusional.

  • foxycherylcole

    oh how he looks like shi :)

  • sydisstuckinthepast


    nope, angelina wrote the foreward months ago,u think brad didn’t know but life and style did/
    did u miss the art gallery pics????

    angelina didn’t go to bosnia to pick her award, very telling,,she is busy with filming.

  • RotflmaoOoo

    @RotflmaoOoo: oh my gooooowd ur caught me . I want this -barf- hunk so we can share hair dying tips and just in case I get anorexic and lose my hair I can get wiglet tips 2.

  • RotflmaoOoo

    @sydisstuckinthepast: Did he now exactly what she said about him having unmatchable wit and that #4 thing? Bbt saying they talk regularly ? Bwjahahah noooooooo. The way bbt gushes he regrets losing ange….. Is she having second thoughts? Hollywood reporter is credible if they say a designer was doing her Cannes dress than a desingner was doing her Cannes dress. It just so happens that bbt and the revelation of pittstains anorexic fetish news breaks right before Cannes and twiglet isn’t there. the first time in years she wasn’t his trophy. She looks scary skinny anorexic and he is finally embarrassed that people know its because that’s what he’s attracted 2.

  • umm

    I like this style more than last year’s . No matter what style he has, he always looks good.

  • NAN

    Hi Phool, How are you ? Long time no see,

    I miss all of JP fans,but all of us have our own lives,not likes The Halfmantamsin the dogs they can be here 24/7/365 (B@rking job)

    Yeah, BP&AJ’s lives killing the paid dogs solfly,they hates to see

    BP&AJ’s family glowing strong and their boss has a terrible life.

    But they must B@rking for her b/c no one Ca Ca like her,

    Huvsy cannot pull her back from her Krama,from now she will gone with the Dogs,he ha he ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Krama waiting for Jenny Poop,An EZ PooseyHo of HW.


    Back Stage ‏@BackStageCast

    People have been lining up for hours to see Brad Pitt walk the red carpet of Killing Them Softly at #Cannes2012

  • plz

    Brad won’t tell them the wedding date until or after the wedding date.

  • Sherry (not from JPW)

    Well, well well, poor little lamey and her hate army… no beautiful Angie to nitpick at… and just look at her, she’s throwing shade at Brad’s acting in the movie, “well if Harvey wants to push this for Oscar, you know, he’s got material ” WTF!!!!!! is that????. It just BURNS them that they know nothing about what’s going on in JP land, and B!!!tch they all got played.

    Now on the other hand, if Brad was with one of her girls, Ticky or Goop, she’d be all over that and Kizzing his azzzz till kingdom come. And it goes up her nose that he is wearing a gold bracelet??? Calling him Sony Crockett…. It only bothers her and she hates it because all the jewellery he now wears, his dear love Angie gave to him, and he will wear it to the day he dies…. hahahaha suck it hard Lamey and be sure to enjoy!!! Life is Good!!!

  • RotflmaoOoo

    @plz: twiglet is not marrying him. She never will. It’s up to the woman to set a date and of she hasn’t then…………

  • RotflmaoOoo

    @Sherry (not from JPW): R u delusional ? She kissed his arse like crazy. U must be pizzy at the photos she used, she has plenty of the unairbrushed photos of pittstain bwhahahah Jared must get paid to post the decent most flattering photos of him. In the unairbrushed photos u can see what an old tool he is with bleached Wiglet and wrinkles. Bwhahaha

  • well

    Brad always does that. Last time on ellen degeneres show, she really tried to get him talking on marriage, but he wasn’t telling. then they got engaged.

  • ozzie

    As much as I miss Angie I too am happy she is not there. All the hens were going to do is rag on whatever she wore or wha she said. So I am happy she is busy at work and her man is taking care of his business. He will be home soon and the family will be back together. Brad siad they are both really busy right now. I think the wedding means more to fans than to Brad and Angie. They are happy and in love. The hens however are miserable so be prepared for the silly stories they will make up.

  • Rose

    @Sherry (not from JPW): #221,That bracelet maybe Angie’s engagement gift to Brad. Lamey is mad, she don’t Have Angie to pick apart tonight. I love how the Jolie Pitts keep their business quiet. Also, we will know they got married when we see Angies wedding band on her ring finger and BrAds wedding Band on his ring finger. Just like the engagement, no one knows when they got engaged until today. they never said when, only that they are engaged. Poor Lamey and kiser are out of the loop.

  • zenith

    Tristan in Cannes.

  • Dude looks terrible.

    He looks like William h Macy. Why is his face bloated?


    Jill Lawless ‏@JillLawless

    The sun has returned, Brad Pitt is due on the red carpet … It’s madness out there. #Cannes

  • RotflmaoOoo

    A mix of William h Macy and Val Kilmer bwhahaah

  • Celebitchy

    Where are the reviews of this movie?As it has not been very good, silent, almost all the critics say that the story is good but disappointed by pretentious

  • who

    How is it possible that this man gets better and better looking with age? OMG, Brad is so HOT!

  • Country bitch

    Celebitc h y google is your friend now f off not getting enough hits I see

  • Truth

    He makes a fool of her once again. She is stupid.

  • Rose

    Fans, I see the trolls are taking Angie not being at Cannes very hard. They are falling apart. Their plans have been scrapped. Now they have to go back to their stand by, they are breaking up, they are so over. Now they can’t say Angie left her kids to go with Brad, who is watching the kids, who is feeding the kids, ect. I’m going to miss her, but I love it, Love it, fake the haters out BA.

  • fyi

    Brad is trending on Twitter in France.

  • who

    The short Killing Them Softly clip is making me want to see the whole movie.

  • Pot Calling Kettle Black


    I don’t think we can blame Jared or Huvane for feeding the beast that lives here. You guys constantly talk about the X in relation to B&A, hence over 2000 posts on the last thread. C’mon. It’s the haters and squabblers here that are paying Jared’s mortgage and keeping X attached to B&A.


    I love me some Brad, but when the papz found out Angie was not going to be there, all the wind went out of the Cannes balloon Im reading, and I love the Twi kids, but they ain’t walking each others red carpets either. but here’s how big Angelina is, the stories will STILL be about her, now they’ll just be bitchhing and whining about her not being there. Hahahaha. She rules the world. Oh, and hey trolls instead of wasting your lives and time coming up with slanderous insulting bullshite about Angelina as usual (as if you camping out here 24/7 means Angelina has gotten less fascinating to you numbskulls, hahahaha) – why not go pick on that other 36 yr old who can’t get arrested without a Twi kid attached, Charlize Theron. 2 people showed up at her Japan premiere and that was her OWN movie. Yet, conversely, we have the entire world crying and moaning because Angelina isn’t in Cannes for a movie she isn’t even in. Ahahahahahaha. Star power. Some people have it, some people don’t, see Maniston and Ted bundeaux and their 25 cent opening weekend for wanderbuttt. Muahahahaha!!


    FunnyHow Films ‏@FunnyHowFilms

    At our happy hour but I hear screams… That can only mean Brad Pitt has arrived. #CannesFilmFestival

  • Celebitchy

    Bad reviews? let’s blame Huvane, Aniston and Jared

  • Sad Fan

    Why does he do this every time?He goes off and become engaged to her only to humiliate her in front of the world by saying He hopes Gay marriage rights will happen before his own wedding.Does anyone remember when he was engaged to Paltrow he couldn’t shut up about getting married to her and how he couldn’t wait.Sometimes it really seems he doesn’t really love or respect her at all.

  • lurker

    get help loser the movie is getting great reviews,brad work is called solid,poor things missing angie more than us fans lol

  • fyi

    Gettyimages has photos, he looks amazing.

  • Celia

    He’s so muthafu*king sexy!!

  • ozzie

    Not a bad review yet. Huvane is busy trying to get someone to pay attention to Ticky and her little man. But C is right. The story is always about ANgelina. Cannes is not the same without her. But I am pretty sure she knows that Brad gets more attention on him without her. Love Angie.

  • Julliette


  • fyi

    Brad uses his iphone filming the red carpet, I guess to show it to Angie when he gets back home.


    FilmLand Empire ‏@FilmLandEmpire

    Basically Brad Pitt turns up and the sun finally shines. The true mark of the greatest #cannes2012

  • wow

    No one can work the red carpet like Brad Pitt. Sigh.

  • RotflmaoOoo

    @Sad Fan: the engagement was a publicity stunt created by pittstains Pr team. He uses gays for publicity 2……….. It sure didn’t benefit twiglet bwhahaahha she looks like da fool. She is a dumb as da brangeeelionies bwhahhahahahaha

  • wow

    He is a legend.

  • RotflmaoOoo

    @CLINIQUA: no one is crying because she’s not there. They are laughing at her because of pittstain bwhahahaha

  • queen jolie

    wow, brad is campaigning early for an oscar.he didn’t bring angie because she might ruin his oscar chances.gotta impress the academy.

  • Carly

    Brad is so hot.

  • it’s not the worst thing

    It’s not the worst thing that Jolie is not there.

    At least the focus gets to be on the film and his performance.

    I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves for having been probably the sole “name” actor who has consistently chosen quality films and quality roles.

    Have loved him since “A River Runs Through It”.

    Hope he soon gets the trophies to go with his body of work.

  • annon

    Brad Pitt Hits Cannes As Skies Part, Sun Shines Again

    The last of the Weinstein Company films in the Official Selection (and easily their most controversial, politically at least) Killing Them Softly is premiering tonight in Cannes with star Brad Pitt making the day of the paparazzi who kept incessantly yelling “Brad! Brad! Brad!” at the pre-press conference photo call even as his co-stars and director Andrew Dominik stood virtually ignored in the same shots.

    Marking the biggest star presence yet at the Festival and , showing his true power, even the rainy skies turned blue, the temperature outside heated up and the sun came out just in time for his hike up the Palais’ red-carpeted steps.

    As with his Oscar-nominated Moneyball and The Tree Of Life Pitt continues to choose challenging roles that may not be everyone’s cup of tea but certainly see him stretch as an actor. He also said he enjoys producing. “What I like about producing is you get to start at the beginning of a project and develop it. I enjoy the creative process but once we start shooting it is all about the acting,” he said noting that being a producer does make him much more conscious of budgetary items. “It does give you a sense of responsibility”, he told the interviewer. Pitt says his company is particularly looking for stories that say something about our time and who we are.

    The film on which he and partner Dede Gardner were also part of the group of producers ( through their Plan B production company) is a tough-as-nails, tight,noirish and brutal crime thriller that boasts an ensemble of exceptionally fine performances including Pitt as an strictly all-business hit man hired by the Mob after small time crooks pull off a heist of their poker game. Also perfectly cast are veterans James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins, Ben Mendelsohn, Ray Liotta , Sam Shepard (briefly) and Scoot McNairy.

    Pitt is practically a regular in Cannes now, having been here with many films including the Palme d’Or winning The Tree Of Life last year. This year Angelina Jolie is not with him. She is in pre-production now on Maleficent.

  • So true

    queen jolie @ 05/22/2012 at 1:42 pm

    He makes it even obvious how much happier he is when she is not around.Why don’t journalist have that much courage to ask him what is it about that whenever she is not around,He can’t stop smiling and goofing around?But as soon as she shows up,He can’t even fake a smile for cameras?Does he hate her that much?I can’t believe Angelina sees this evertime and she doesn’t get offended.I certainly would feel embaressed if it was me.How embaressing when the guy in your life does happy dance when you are not around.

  • queen jolie

    look how happy he is because he has all the attention.he doesn’t want to bring angie because she took all the attention from him.he is ruining it for angie fans.he is so selfish and oscar hungry.Why is he not in the movie zero ground thirty,it is an oscar movie.isn’t he supposed in all oscar movie?

  • holy moly

    The man is getting hotter and hotter as he ages.