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Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Photo Call!

Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Photo Call!

Brad Pitt is all smiles at the Killing Them Softly photo call during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday (May 22) in Cannes, France.

The 48-year-old actor (in Gucci) was joined at the photo call by his co-star Ray Liotta.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The crime thriller is about Jackie Cogan (Pitt), a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game. Killing Them Softly hits US theaters September 21.

Check out the first clip from the movie below!

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  • plz

    Brad Pitt alone > robsten

  • Sorry Charlie

    @Sad Fan:
    I think the person you don’t love or respect or KNOW, is Angelina – you describing Pitt as calling the shots on when they’ll tie the knot is pretty hilarious. Yes, Angelina is just waiting, waiting, waiting for Brad to set the date. Hahahahaha! Angie knows everything that comes out of his mouth, because she put it there, as it pertains to this wedding shite. If it was up to Brad they’d have been married as soon as the ink was dry, everyone knows it but you…but if it makes you feel better to paint the woman “who has no boss,” as sad because brad won’t plan her wedding…(doubling over with laughter) then knock yourselves out. It’s posters like these that make me realize how worthless Maniston fans really are…they suggest sci fi like this because they know that’s what Anistin was like, begging, pleading, cajoling, getting the soap opera daddy to go public and embarrass, crawling back to latent homosexual and douchebag John Mayer twice, bribing this latest rentadate with a CAA contract….these cat ladies can’t even fathom a strong family unit, devoted partner, and independent secure woman in love, who wouldn’t really give a fck about what her marital status on Facebook is, even if she had one.

  • estelle

    new thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bizzy bee

    The POWER and CHARM of Brad Pitt!!!!!!!!!

  • queen jolie

    i hope angie fans can now see the real brad took me years to realized how selfish he is.everytime i listen to his interview i become more turned off.just saw how he answer about the marriage and about angie not arrogant.when is he going to be complimentary to angie.i guess he will die first before he will do that or there should be an oscar first before he could defend angie so as not to disappoint the academy.i wish the academy will give him an oscar already.angie fans cannot enjoy her because of this movies and now no red carpet.who wants to see brad pitt without angie.i am so disappointed.i really want to see angie on the rc.

  • Yoco

    Pics of Brad at premiere @


    @queen jolie:

    So the Oscar winner who was recently nominated for another one, might ruin the chances of the man who doesn’t have one?
    You have no brain stem.
    However I certainly can see why Brads career was dormant, why he was smoking and toking and a doughnut on a couch, making ensemble oceans movies, and everyone saying his career was toast, when he was with the tv shittcom hacktress Maniston.
    Obviously, his body of work has flourished and become acclaimed since Angelina and his children, with his last nod, being his third Oscar nom, 2 of them were with Angelina, 1 of them was PRE Paltrow.
    Zero awards or recognition or good movies, with shitty jizzm rom com tv hack, Maniston.

  • Liz

    @queen jolie:Since Angie is still with him I guess she has no problem with how he treats her. If you have so little respect for her why are you a fan? You are basically saying she is with a man that doesn’t respect her. Only a weak woman w/ no self esteem would stay in that type of relationship. Why are you a fan of a woman w/ no self respect ?

  • http://Ipad Susan

    @queen jolie: @So true: Poor suckers, Angie LOVES HIM, and there is nothing you can do or say to change that.
    Promoting a movie is part of an actor’s JOB, why should he walk around with a sad face, his family is fine, he is taking care of them, and he don’t have to prove anything to you b,these.

  • Passing Through

    # 234 fyi @ 05/22/2012 at 1:26 pm
    I like his mirrrored shades. No Angie…and the trolls wank on…

  • de Cosmos

    Why on earth would they get him to wear a suit styled for a skinny 20-year-old? It’s time for Brad to adopt a more mature and elegant style.

  • awww

    good on you Pitt for keeping your skank baby mama at home. You look yummy BTW, you should go Freida Pinto doggy style in Cannes. At the best for Oscars

  • jilly

    Wow, Brad all washed up without Jolie! He looks much happier when she’s not around. It’s like a kid in the candy store without the pushy mother!

  • ahh

    He aged about 10 more years. but at least he shampooed for once

  • Manny

    Lordy Lordy… My heart is beating a little faster and I’m feeling flush. Angie your man is a hottay!!!

  • St. Joe

    Brad’s skin is the color of children’s aspirin.

  • scott

    Isn’t that Hillary Clinton’s current hairstyle?

  • Danny

    Sorry, But He looks old. not sexy at all.

  • DiatribesAndOvations

    He’s certainly looked better.

  • chunky pipe

    …this movie is just another bad creationthat pitt is trying to sell the public…every trailer is terrible and wtf talks like that with the over the top tv batman and robin figting…pitt’s character talks too much to be a hit-man or him believeable as that character…the one time he shouldn’t talk, he’s yapping away…corny, unbelieveable, suck-fest, etc…he should try better…well, at least he still thinks he’s pretty and the best actor…hahahahahahaahhahaha

  • chunky pipe

    …I see denzel running atop trains in “unstoppable”, sword fighting in “the book of eli”, and fighting in the “training day’…I see sean penn and tom hanks, and russel crowe, and dicaprio, and depp are all active in their movies…but this guy up top ain’t gonna work “hard”he thinks he’s gonna be ‘typecast’…he is lazy as fcuk…he just sits, stands, crosses his legs, eat something when noone else in scene is eating, scrunches up his face and uses some kinda accent from where-de’fcuk…’I'll justlet everyone else do the hard work, then our just take credit and the biggest check’…’I'm entitled, duhh’

  • jen the hag

    Aawwww jealous, whinny hags posting non stop about brad face sorry whinny hags brad Pitt still hot and no matter you post that he is not reality check women in France whether fans or journalist seeing him up front and personal still swoon over brad Pitt you trailer park beyotche does not count. I’d rather have brad pitt killing me softly than Tommy girl pretend to be hot rock of ages or something bwahhhaha and since whinny hags still mad at bradd dumping the old boring hag idol of theirs I bet they ‘ll post Tommy girl is hotter…so predictable bwahahahahah

  • jen the hag

    Ahhh lazy brad still get millions and respect by his peers and OSCAR nomination .. It suck to be brad Pitt hater bwahahahah

  • RotflmaoOooo

    @jen the hag: he doesn’t respect the mother of his children. He has her anorexic and now he’s embarrassed because we all know he has an anorexic fetish. Anorexic Jolie is a bad look for pittstain. Poor poor twigglet……….she’s crying and depressed again.

    Ange ten fans will stop supporting him and now there only 5 brangelo0nz bwahhahaha

  • ellie’

    Brad looks good ,,having his hair just like Jennifers how cute is that.,, such dark eyes and always looks high as a kite like Angie.. and Brad is also getting thin… .

  • Queen Bee

    Wow. Just what my eyes needed after a long day at work……BRAD LOOKS SO FREEEAKIN SEXY!!!! So happy for Angelina!!!

  • RotflmaoOoo

    @Queen Bee: happy about her fiancé being embarrassed of her?

  • reeven


  • Love The Shoes

    @ellie’: And you are sounding even more junior high-ish then you normally do.

  • Love The Shoes
  • theresa

    to Celebritybitchy

    my you’ve been a busy little troll. don’t you think it’s time to fade away.

  • Love The Shoes

    @chunky pipe: Chunky Pipe, put it down now and call Drug Rehab Directory and Referral Service RIGHT NOW! 888-907-4714. It WILL be ok.

  • cesar

    to all crazy jealous of Angie, who are obsessed with her beauty and intelligence, i´m glad she have decided to not go to Cannes.



    She have others priorities and she his the command of his life. she do not live only for acting and red carpet.

    She is working in a movie but she must be working in the recent problems of Syrian Refugees and Congo Refugees.
    She is a UN SPECIAL ENVOY for REFUGEES the only one.
    Angie his talking with Presidents, Secretary of State and powerful people from every part of the world to help this people.

    She have the Birthday party of Shiloh , she will make SIX YEARS OLD in 26 of May. she have to prepare his trip to Bosnia next week and she have her birthday too. so she don´t need to spend his precious time if she do not have time to do it.

    i´m sad because she do not go to Cannes cause i´m in love with Angie not just because she his AMAZING GORGEOUS but cause i love the why she his living his life and ALL THE GOOD WORK SHE DOES IN THE WORLD.

    the jealous haters can wait until next UN trip, but this time Angie Slap all with his silence.



  • maleficent

    OMG, Brad is s till the most famous, admired & hot man for his age. I miss Angie today . God bless the Jolie-Pitt Family.

  • maleficent

    Red carpet is not exciting without Brad’s better half. hope, to see them soon.Goodnight all the fans of the Jolie-Pitt’s around the world.

  • emmy jay

    now that is one goooooood looking man

  • Guest25

    Rose @ 04/14/2012 at 6:30 am +25

    @guest25, don’t worry about when the wedding will take place. Worry that SS hens will not have the triangle to hold on to any more. There will be a wedding and you will be one of the first one running to every site looking for pictures. Jen hens, give it up, it’s over. Brad spend one year designing and making Angie’s ring to perfection, are you so delusional to believe that a wedding is not going to happen.

  • busted

    Just for fun..

    Brad didn’t say they would not get married this summer. He said that the date was a rumor. He also didn’t discount getting married in France.

    The hags are on meltdown.Trust the rags are not going to print the wedding is off stories..then the get married and they once again look like the liars and fools they are. Brad made it clear that the date was not set. Not that they are were talking about it. I guess we will know when we know.. But the hags need to really stop. Brad/Angie are not breaking up or anything.

    Have to say again how wonderful this man looks.. Yep.. Brad is just something to behold. And looking at the reaction of the people around him. well you just feel his power and draw.

  • faye

    Where can I find that site? This I wanna read.

  • Chitta

    Brad had this locks in the Legends of the fall and of course in the Troy. He has not copied any one! Not even J Depp.

    Love you King and Queen of Cannes! Miss you Angie!

  • Chitta

    Love you always. Love you more in that outfit!

  • cesar

    In the last Golden Globes Angie, dressed like a Queen that she is and deserve. She have show the Power of their Love.

    When Angelina was asked what she was looking forward to most tonight, she said:

    “Getting into bed with Brad”, …. smiling with excitement !!!!

  • cesar

    Killing Them Softly Premiere, Cannes Film Festival, 22 May 2012.

    The movie is be calling the “first political gangster movie ever”

    Brad was fantastic with the fans and his name was scream by all people. He was the solo MEGA STAR of the event.

    Only Angie could be more loved, she is a SUPER MEGA STAR. We all missed his grace and glamour.


  • busted

    Well Cannes is almost over for me.. When Brad leaves I don’t care about the rest.

    Just being real

  • Whamo

    Angie didn’t go because she had a date with her girlfriend, Brad’s happy because he can FINALY get laid without having to puke.
    These two will NEVER get married. If it’s so important to the kid’s how come they’re not married..oh ya it’s not about the kids it’s about equal married rights…no IS about the it’s all about equal rights..wait… LOL!!! what a joke these two are playing on the public. Nothing more than a 7 year PR campaign to rehabilitate one persons image and promote pet projects, and still the loons eat it ALL UP.

  • jilly

    @Whamo: So true! I thought she bought a helicopter to go cannes, what happend? She is getting ready for a movie, whatever that means….It means, Brad can’t stand her and she is dying of jealousy beause he gets all the roles and attention. All she can do is to stick her boney leg out and get laughed at!!!

  • RotflmaoOoO

    @busted: u r delusional. He looks terrible. Orange and the airbrush was worked better at his premiere. Bwhaha he looks like Val Kilmer and David spade. Bwhahah @jilly: pittstain is embarrassed that his secret anorexic fetish has come to light that and twiglet still loves billy bob bwhaha

  • RotflmaoOoO

    U can see his Wilglet glue 2. Bwhaha

  • elaine

    It’s a wrap. The King has arrived. The Sultan of cool. The master of the swagger!

  • RotflmaoOoO

    @elaine: why does he look like the love child of Val Kilmer and David spade?