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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Great Gatsby' Trailer & Poster Released!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Great Gatsby' Trailer & Poster Released!

Check out the just released trailer and poster for Leonardo DiCaprio‘s upcoming flick The Great Gatsby, in theaters December 25!

Here’s the film’s synopsis: Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), a Midwesterner now living on Long Island, finds himself fascinated by the mysterious past and lavish lifestyle of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio). He is drawn into Gatsby’s circle, becoming a witness to obsession and tragedy.

Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher, Joel Edgerton, and Callan McAuliffe also star in the Baz Luhrmann-directed flick.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the trailer for The Great Gatsby?

“The Great Gatsby” Trailer

Bigger poster pic inside…

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leonardo dicaprio great gatsby trailer poster

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  • Candy

    @Oh please:

    A lot of women who ‘has success on their own’ were sleeping with a lot of men for their success.I do think that the average waitress is more decent human being that the average celebrity.

  • Candy

    P.S. Comparing to Beatty leo is just more than average celebrity.

  • Candy

    P.S.2 I think that there is no need to continue his acting ‘career’(box office will show it )He probably doesnt understand this because of his great ego.It would be great if instead of his already boring acting and even rehab he will go to the university for example.

  • Candy

    Really leo ur kids wont have respect for u.But probably there is no decent woman for ur great ego in this world.Even plain uneducated and pretty average in reality top-models can find a better father for their kids.

  • Tom

    Sorry guys but maybe Leo even cant distinguish things?It is because of his low intelligence?I read somewhere that the main quality of intelligence is the ability to distinguish one from another.But if u have low intelligence u cant do that, u feel only ‘one level’. That is why panty model and professor can be just the same waitress in ur head.That’s pretty sad, i think.

  • Oh please

    @Candy: you’re right no celeb woman does the same and even worse, he thinks that because he’s celeb he deserves a good looking (?) woman who admires him ( he has a great ego). I think that he’s not that smart and intelligent. …

  • @Candy

    You’ve changed your name again I see?
    One question as your multitude posts, which unlike others has no analysis, no new info, simply insults show you can’t stand the guy. So why are you here?

  • Candy

    @Oh please:

    It is obvious that nobody in the right mind doesn’t need leo.And not because he is not smart (he is really not smart) but because he is sick egocentric.I think the full analysis+good news for his adoring fans he can receive during rehab.

  • KeyGuest

    Sick Leo. Disgusting rats (some of his fans).

  • Leo is gay

    What it all comes down to is the fact that Leo is gay and some people just can’t get over it.

    Think about it, when Leo has free time, it is spent with his “posse”, not with other women, there may be other women around but they are mostly ignored. When Leo spends time with his “girlfriends”, it seems like he is being forced and that he is not enjoying himself. If you look at vacation photos of Leo, there is a woman in the background and a bunch of men in the front. If you think about it, the bulk of Leo’s time is spent around men whose sexuality is often called into question.

    Leo has a lot riding on his being heterosexual because of the way Hollywood is but think about the movies that he has done in where he plays a homosexual or there is a homosexual moment; This Boys Life (he gets kissed by gay boy), Total Eclipse (he plays a gay poet), Basketball Diaries (Jim Carroll was gay), J Edgar (need I say more).

    Talk about life imitating art.

  • It`s official!

    This thread turned into a joke yet again! Thanks to the last couple of comments / theories ( of course without proof ). It`s a waste of time reading comments here. Good job again ruining the Leo thread!
    @160: Why don`t you provide proof not just your theory for once to prove your point?

  • some news
  • some news

    oh and even if the last comments are not very interesting, it’s less annoying than the soulmate stuff…

  • tinkerbell

    @some news: Thanks some news. I like the pix—-its starting to look very grindhousey for some reason—all the styles from the 70s somehow. I hope Leo keeps the beard and the hairstyle—even though by contemporary standards its a “mullet.” Looks good on him–he looks great as evil Calvin Candie. yum yum!

  • Tink and Everyone

    I think anyone should be able to post their own pov. That is what a public board is for. TINK: I enjoy reading your opinions, and you have a sense of humour too. I DO believe that Leo and Bar are together. It is hard to prove because Leo stays idden well, and the barKey team just keeps posting on here and posting. I”ve noticed that they flip from “barK and leo are not together” to dropping little suggestions, like BarK”s Access Hollywood interview. I think it”s on her thread. I love the way BarK and her mother know how to contradict themselves in the same sentence. VERY DISHONEST? Don’t know what the truth is anymore BarK? Leo will cheat on you forever, and Bar will show her true colours after she drops 2 baby cats – or she’ll have tonnes of help so she can handle it. Are they getting married in Africa in June?

    Tinkerbell: excellent assessment on the co-dependency stuff. Right on the mark. Course, BarK’s mom might not agree. She said one time that her daughter was going to marry Leo, but that it wasn’t a good choice, but she could do worse. I’m paraphrasing what she wrote – I think I’m pretty darn close.

    Aren”t there any nice and pretty Jewish grls in America?

  • tinkerbell

    I also think if Leo never had Gisele things might be different as well– a lot of these girls think dating him turns them into HER—the most successful female model ever, worth every bit as much as Leo jimself–both around 200 million. She makes more money than her husband. But Gisele is GISELE, Leo didnt make her, she had the good to begin with and also her sister (twin, non identical) does all her business for her—its like having a clone to do your work for you. So really you can UP your brand with him, but its largelty because of HER rather than him. People confuse the two. But young girls who are working ina very insecure and competitive business will seize on anything to make them successful–its like it wouldnt be in their best interest careerwise to say no to him. Bar got told by her manager that no one wanted her without him, (some incog here from the agency said so anyway) and that in order to continue her career she needed to “fix this thing with leo.” ie get back with him somehow. see how it goes?

  • @166


    Ugh – can’t stand the thought of him making such a mistake. Poor boy.


    One of my friends stayed at an apartment -or chateau or something- that Leo stayed in while filming man in the iron mask movie. (long time ago) She rented the place with her family right after Leo left & he left afew magazine. So she looked through them of course and saw he had burned the eyes out most of the models faces in the magazines with a cigarette.(some mouths too) She was creeped out & threw them away. I was creeped out too when she later told me. That’s some serial killer, rapist shit. Not that I think Leo is one. I think he has weird fear of women and his ‘girls’ prove it.

    Also I remember around that time Carmen Electra went out on a date with him and said he was weird. but then its carmen electra who ended up marrying & divorcing dave navarro goth drummer guy.

  • da club

    @leo is gay
    um there have been several sitings of him hooking up with girls at clubs. He loves the clubrats but are bored with his girlfriends!!!!!!!

  • tinkerbell

    @Tink and Everyone: Thanks for a respectful and logical post. I know the publicists around here cant stand me…..Im almost proud of it. Its ok to help promote a good product—but this one isnt.

    I beg to differ about them being together—I think at this point his ellness is like BAR WHO? the Bar-Kays? (soul group from 70s) and they dont talk any more.

    But what really amazes me is for how long and how outrageously, unbelievably they have been flogging this ! I mean a year later and supposedly they are secretly going to get married? She’s living at his house? NAH. I mean she used him enough when they were together,
    but still keeping it going a year later?

    I just dont see it. I think Leo is taking some time on his own, good for him.

  • tinkerbell

    @LEO WEIRDO?: Well thanks, that is interesting. I could see it–he had a michievous prank pulling streak back then too, like shutting the lights off and on at a party he was bored at…remember that??? a bit spoiled but not evil. I’ve also burned a picture of an ex at one time, it was cathartic and helped me get over him. But this does hint at misogyny—I think he does desire control over women because he doesnt have control over his feelings for them or frustrations.

    Interesting tea to spill though, thank you.

  • tinkerbell

    @da club: you mean currently in NOLA or his whole damn life???

    He’s not gay. My guess is hetero leaning bisexual with strong libido/addiction issues. Made worse and totally enabled by being a superstar. If he was selling real estate or owning a restaurant or something, he’d still be cheating but not on as massive a scale, less opportuity. But there are “leo juniors” everywhere.

  • tinkerbell

    @LEO WEIRDO?: Carmen is sort of a freak, but I like her and can forgive her becauseshe is so upfront about what she is. I mean she was MARRIED to DENNIS RODMAN for crying out loud, and also dated Joan Jett and Prince. Of them all, Joan is probably the sanest one. But she never once called herself a “supermodel” and outright joked on herself in Scary Movie. She also said Dave spent more time in the mirror than she did. She has a sense of humor about herself, and actually is beautiful, not just pretending. She should be on the Hot 100, she hotter at 40 than half the girls on it.

    But I believe the dude had/has issues.I love him to death but lets get real.

    He’s not gay. As far as Travolta tried to stick himself in the closet, hes been banned at spas and hotels around the world an the stories have been circulating for decades. Although I think Bar’s family tried to plant a gay story with Ted Casablanca as revenge, and her mother was outed for doing the same thing not only with Leo on X17 online but also threatened to “out” a tv producer in Israel, I havent heard a single one-on-one account ever, anywhere, from anyone, and you know they would have if possible.

    Supposedly however Jean Claude Van Damme propositioned Leo early on and got served with legal documents telling him not to even show up in the same room with him. Read the tea on the JCVD at LSA if you want further info.

    I did read someone posting they saw Leo “cruising” at a gay bar– decades ago….but this is not a first person account and hanging out somewhere doesnt necessarily constitute cruising. And he could have been curious, Ive known young men who “tried” it once or tried and were like, yuck, Im straight. Of course, others said “im gay or Im still confused.”

    Bottom line I dont care if he has the potential to be into or did once or twice or WHATEVER. I dont care. I dont care about Travolta either but if you read what was written about him in bathhouses a few years back its very graphic, very detailed and repetitive. I wish John could come out somehow and I think oddly enough its not the general public anymore that minds its the suits that front the money for films that are conservative and cant deal.

    Stiffler from American Pie is gay in real life—he plays the ultimate frat boy but isnt. How thats for acting???

    Funny thing is, I watch that wonderful, iconic disco scene with John in it with new eyes…and I’m like…this so gay…but I still love it! And SNF II?What about the headband and leg warmers didnt tip you off? Not be stereotypical…but come out come out wherever you 1

    the general public is so less homophobic than the corporate media and the stars themselves…

  • tinkerbell

    @Tink and Everyone: Of course I’m right about the codependency stuff. I knew this about Leo back in 1998 when he was hanging out at Moomba. I knew to stay away… not that I was his type…but I didt want to be either. (And at the time if you didnt have dreadlocks and west indian accent i didnt want you either)

    It just astounds me how desperately they cling to that connection–I mean she could really do something with herself now– i could, I could turn what she’s done into an acting or TV journalism career pretty easily if I were her…but then I can act worth a damn and studied english and journalism at one of the best schools in america…so maybe she just can’t. I mean all her past attempts have flopped or are about to flopperoo again….

  • It`s official!

    Tinkerbell calls Carmen `sort of a freak`. The pot calling the kettle black! lol

  • tinkerbell

    BTW, I had no illusions/liking for Leo at the time of Titanic or after. I saw someone I would probably not get along with or like very much in real life.
    But since he’s grown up hes grown some frustratingly likable and respectable qualities, advocacies, and achievements…and looks like a grown man,

    DAMN YOU LEO I was more comfortable ignoring you! :) Why you’d have to GROW UP HOT–for one who never thought you were as a kid before you were 30 or so???


  • Rosie

    @some news: @tinkerbell:

    GB will have no great career without Leo. She is just lucky cos leo was at his best while dating her. She is really boring, the same face expression on almost all adverbs, really stupid thoughts in interviews… I think she is not bad person anyways,but without his promo this model would be really not that rich,lol

  • @176

    @tinkerbell: Leo doesnt want your old a s s! : )

  • Rosie


    Look at Giselle Facebook account!She is 30 already but her posts are about ‘which bra is better on me,guys’?LOL

  • ??????????????????????????????

    Can someone please translate this thread for me,please???? OMG I can’t understand one word :O

    Enough people!!!!!

    Let’s talk about REAL gossips…


  • Rosie

    @some news:

    There is no soulmate for him, just his sick or strange fans who are waiting for entertainment. Even Blake said that she hates his fans. Не has not very bright soul, very limited acting skills, that is why his fans always discuss his models, their money, their interviews, they find the controversy in Bar interviews, but they don’t notice his and THEIR own endless hypo. In fact we see that even models are just more interesting than his talent.

  • 2 Rat Team

    @Tink and Everyone:

    Listen, american rat, why u are posting here, not on mobli or facebook?U have too ugly soul to show your face to Bar, Bar team, her mom?

  • raven

    Hey Tink! Hope you are well.

  • tinkerbell

    @@176: I dont want his either ! He doesnt work out enough for me and white boys gets flabby in that department…..they get azz reversal syndrome…they lose their butts but they become their guts….. didnt you know? I’m younger than him anyway, for the record.

  • tinkerbell

    @raven: thanks rave, same!

  • tinkerbell

    @Rosie: OK, rosie hosebag, I’ma take this one on for old times sake.

    Rosie @ 05/28/2012 at 10:16 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -3

    @some news:

    There is no soulmate for him, just his sick or strange fans who are waiting for entertainment.

    1. Wrong, everyone has a soulmate. Some souls, like those whom occasionally express themselves here, are so ugly that looking in the mirror would be overpowering for them. I have found “soulmates” in many people—not direct matches, but here and there yes I have. My BF is a soulmate in many ways, but we are different.

    Even Blake said that she hates his fans.

    2. Where, because I dont remember her saying that, EVER, and I would know.

    Не has not very bright soul,

    3. Disagree, a very bright and beautiful soul clouded by HW and whatever other glamorous crap is out there. But the soul up until Titanic, is very beautiful,and we still get glimpses of it.

    very limited acting skills,

    4. That’s where the 3 Oscar noms came from….the look on his face sometimes in Basketball diaries alone is enough to crush me.

    that is why his fans always discuss his models, their money, their interviews, they find the controversy

    5. Because they are fun in of themselves. Such a joke what society thinks is “beautiful” A and also what idiots they make of themselves.

    in Bar interviews,

    6. We dont have to look far with Bar. Like the Associated Press? Heard of it? Little news gathering organization in the US? Or the fact that she directly contradicted herself in two of the biggest new york tabloids–the Post and the News and Conan O’Brien—we generally see both papers on the newstand or glance at the sites anyway. Not too bright there.

    but they don’t notice his and THEIR own endless hypo.

    7. Did you mean hypocripsy? Hypodermic needle? Hynpnoss. Help me out here. Hype?

    In fact we see that even models are just more interesting than his talent.

    8. Because they are foolish and silly. Saw Erin in the Post today, looks nice all by herself. Also Cam Diaz is in town, she knocked boots with LWD in 2009.

    No models arent more interesting that his movies. We just cant see the new ones right now and have to wait.

    Guess again sugar!

  • tinkerbell

    @2 Rat Team: I can’t stand Facebook, its moronic and boring and for dumb people who cant have a social life otherwise Like friends and colleagues they often talk too, parents they speak too, old school buddies they keep in touch with, people that do the same things they like to do…all that existed….my GOD! Before Facebook. If I WANT to know you honey I ALREADY do.

    Also eventually will fall out of favor like…remember Myspace?

    I know you’d love to put a face to the voice but it aint gonna happen. I know what YOU look like, and its

    lay off the ho-hos honey, its just not doing you any good.

    BTW what the f**k is mobli anyway? I know LWD invested in it, he doesnt trust stocks since dana giachetto defrauded him, but really its just another stupid thing for teenagers to play with right? He just has too much damn money.

    Don’t put anything personal here guys, because if you post negatively about a certain person, her mommy will come get you. She just did that to an Israeli model who asked why Bar was “spreading” all the time—and nude all the time…she wants REAL BAD to do that here as well. Did it on twitter…cant seem to deal with reality so well and this latest “coup” at the Maxim Top 100 Not Very Good Looking Suckbags You’ve Never Heard Of hasnt quite turned out the way they thought…..the world is not full of mindless zombies just taking what you feed them..

  • tinkerbell

    OK, I cant resist. Top 10 Names They Should Have Called the Maxim 100

    1. The Maxim Lukewarm 100
    2. The Maxim At Least 90 Chicks You Never Heard Of and Probably Never Will Again
    3. The Maxim Publicist Derby 2012
    4. The Maxim Lame 100
    5. The Maxim Please Put Your Clothes on We’re Not That Interested 100
    6. The Maxim Like 5 Real Models and 95 Chicks Who Were Willing to Disrobe 100
    7. The Maxim Are You Cuter Than an Accused Murdered, A Gay Guy and a Housewife Cartoon Character – Find Out 100?
    8. The Maxim How Much Am I Bid For a Spot 100?
    9. The Maxim Miss Draft Dodger Beauty Pageant
    10. The Maxim How Much Is That Doggy In the Window 100?

    and the #1 choice

    SOOOEY! SOOOEY HERE PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY send us your picture
    Maxim 100 list.

  • tinkerbell

    @Rosie: I am not sure about that. I am sure that in some ways he helped but I was working in the media in NY and I didnt even hear they were together until they broke up. I recognized her for waht she was—-supermodel body, born that way, not to everyone’s taste but born that way. Her sister is a great business woman and they havent been together in 7 years. She’s made $200 million. Do you have $200 million hanging around? And I think she keeps making it…30 million the year she was pregnant, for cripes sake..

    Leo didnt make her. Her sister did, and Gisele being born with the right equipment did. She is what the upscale fashion people want, he has had very little to do with it for years. She’s on French Vogue this week,and yes SHE’s PREGNANT with #2.

  • tinkerbell

    oopsy daisy got moderated must have been the picture of Jabba the Hut I posted

  • Rosie


    There was an article about Blake hating his fans on his non-official fan-page on fb.I can’t believe that a person with bright soul could have such fans like Leo has.They find the controversy in Bar interviews while their own senator can be the last liar in the world, while they are probably the most disgusting liars themselves but nobody publics their interviews in the magazines and nobody sees them. So this fact give them the ‘courage’ to open his mouths here!

  • tinkerbell

    oops, well that’s Ok. I’ll post what you are not letting me post later on LSA or here on several threads when you are not paying attention.

    “That’s the way cookie crumbles G…..”

    Flavor Flav

  • tinkerbell

    Ooooo goodie! Another one!

    Rosie @ 05/29/2012 at 12:06 am

    Thumb up Thumb down 0


    There was an article about Blake hating his fans on his non-official fan-page on fb.I can’t believe that a person with bright soul could have such fans like Leo has.

    1. It makes PERFECT sense to me. Leo does artsy films, his best pix are indies and arguably early in his career. He espouses liberal causes, comes across as intelligent and liberal, of course he would attract people not in love with or particularly fooled by the HW hoopla.Or in love with right wing model girls. Or particularly impressed by his bimbos either.

    They find the controversy in Bar interviews

    2. Not controversy, idiocy.

    while their own senator can be the last liar in the world,

    3. Sweetheart, do you know who the two senators from NY are? I am waiting. Don’t google it honey.

    while they are probably the most disgusting liars themselves

    4. Or addicted to, as Leo would say, “An Inconvenient Truth”

    but nobody publics

    5. Did you mean publicize?

    their interviews in the magazines and nobody sees them.

    6. Right because we dont have the neurotic need to prove we are “supermodels” and force ourselves on an unwilling public.

    So this fact give them the ‘courage’ to open his mouths here!

    7. Are you using a translator? Because this makes no sense and Hebrew to English machine translations are a little raw?

    If you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen. If you want to be admired do something admirable besides lie, cheat, whine, and yes
    SPREAD your way to the top. Then you might get what you want…you dont have fame, you have INFAMY.

  • Rosie


    200 millions doesn’t make you special.Girls with great ‘standarts’ can choose more decent profession that is why someone like GB doesn’t have the competitors on her supermodel way.
    French Vogue cover from the Brazil forests?No?

  • tinkerbell

    de toute facon leo apparait d’etre a paris peut-etre pour un “lay-over” pour cannes?

    look like his ellness is in paris…more than one french tweet—was seen at nashville airport sat too….babey is on the move! maybe a layover to catch the last of cannes and report of big blonde dummies seen with him…then again you never know.

  • Rosie


    No,I am not using a translator and Hebrew is not my native language.Yes,I meant ‘to publicize’.

  • %

    @2 Rat Team:

    LOL – Tzippy or Bar or Adi – calm down. Yes, I have the impression ____ is far too stupid and desperate for Leo’s image and mind. Leo needs to back-up and start flying right. Although I was a huge fan of Leo-Gi, I believe that Leo could find a beautiful Jewess in America, who has more class – not such a cheap choice as ______. I’d like to see him with a REAL university student. Perhaps a grl who is studying art or ecology. Or someone like Luciana Damon.

    LOL…. Bar will probably try and buy her degree from that 3rd rate correspondence school. In the meantime, he can have fun behind her back at da clubs :) :) Go Leo, go!!

  • Tink


    Pffff…heee, heee, HA, HA…LOL.

    EXCELLENT. Good One.

  • clarify to tink

    LMAO at post 187. Thanks for that one.

  • Enoughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Enough with the Bar convo pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!