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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Great Gatsby' Trailer & Poster Released!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Great Gatsby' Trailer & Poster Released!

Check out the just released trailer and poster for Leonardo DiCaprio‘s upcoming flick The Great Gatsby, in theaters December 25!

Here’s the film’s synopsis: Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), a Midwesterner now living on Long Island, finds himself fascinated by the mysterious past and lavish lifestyle of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio). He is drawn into Gatsby’s circle, becoming a witness to obsession and tragedy.

Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher, Joel Edgerton, and Callan McAuliffe also star in the Baz Luhrmann-directed flick.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the trailer for The Great Gatsby?

“The Great Gatsby” Trailer

Bigger poster pic inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
leonardo dicaprio great gatsby trailer poster

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  • @184

    You might be younger than him but you’re not that much younger…f_ck outta here about you dont want Leo! LOL! Read post 176 EVERYBODY!!

  • @Leo is gay

    @Leo is gay: I don’t thinf he’s gay and so I don’t think this blind item is about him :
    but I really want to know who he is and hope his honesty doesn’t have bad consequences on his career

  • Rosie

    I suppose you are just american fool.I will find this article for u.

  • Rosie

    I told about this model’s facebook, I am not a great twitter reader of DiCaprio’s proteges,really.I saw her fb photo once and it is enough for me.Really I am not into Leo’s proteges, like you.

  • Rosie


    Firstly, you could wish the university degree for Leo. For Leo, don’t you understand?U wish him educated girls but you think he doesn’t need the same for himself?And with your logics u are trying to find controversy in Bar interviews?

  • @Rosie

    Liar Liar Liar. Find this article never published anywhere else in the US/UK. Post it.
    You are not into Leo proteges, whateva the hell that means. Then why are you here on his post? why are you reading allegations/lies made about him on facebook? Why do you care? Liar. Please don’t connect to the National Enquirer, and write in hebrew you will make more sense

  • Rosie

    I dont want to have a dialogue with trash, american or english or hebrew. Sorry.

  • @Raven

    Don’t be chummy chummy with Tink’s crazy a s s, if you were dating Leo she would be berating your FAT a s s even worse than Bar or have you forgotten what you look like? Don’t try to fit in with the crazy kids : )

  • Rosie

    Who wants to find the most important article ever (lol) about Blake and awful (really awful,I agree with her) Leo fans, you can try to find this article on his popular Argentina fan-page.

  • @210

    Aww thats the best you can do. An UNOFFICIAL Argentinian/Spanish Leo facebook page is where Blake allegedly/exclusively told the site a remark that was never carried in other press venues, other websites/blogs or even in supermarket rags who will print anything. LOL Try harder.
    You realise that there are people on there who also claim to be carrying is baby. And you don’t like Leo but you are looking at his unoffical facebook pages looking for news/gossip on him? Weirdo

  • Rosie


    You can say hi to any mom personally, without my participation, poor human being!I wish the other human being will say hi to you too.

  • ???

    @tinkerbell: Please, please burn a picture of bar, then maybe it will be cathartic for you and wonderful for us lol!

  • @215

    I don’t like you either sweetie Bar pr trash

  • @???

    @???: Bieber ‘s crazy fans are going to burn her photo and perhaps try to burn her because of that :

  • Tink marriage

    Tink marry Leo!You deserve each other!

  • lol

    @@184: Ha ah I know, she’s crazy for him, she is on the very first bellazon Leo page, saying how hot he is, I tell you this woman lives and dreams Leo and when she’s not doing that she’s scouring the internet for news of bar, hahaha talk about pathetic creature!

  • @209 – Rosie


    Ummm…. can you copy/paste the article here or the important pieces? Not everyone has access to Facebook :( If you have some time.

  • tinkerbell

    @%: Luciana Damon copy that—she is adorable and they are cute together. I LOVE that he is a big movie star, met a former waitress with a child, they clicked and he fell in love with her for her. She’s probably a sweetheart…just one of those congenitally sweet people. Good for Matt. (I know she was his personal assistant-they probably just got along really well, its a partnership, not a tabloid “relationship” which lets face it we’re all sick to death of. Even people who dont seem that bad- Eva Mendes for one, come across as venal when they and their other are always in the press)

    I dont think she (Luciana)O would be Leo’s match in reality but I think the Damons are sweet…four kids later. Good for you Matteo! (I have cousins from Boston who look like him)

  • tinkerbell

    @lol: No sorry, Bellazon has what 1064 pages now? I am NOT on the first page. It doesnt matter, but I wish Leo was someone I wanted to go out with. I only go out with nice guys who call when they say they are going to, dont cheat, are completely trustworthy, hardworking, considerate and kind. Like the one I’m with now. You dont have to believe me but he just went to the grocery store for us a minute ago, doesnt make him not there for me.

    Leo and I would never get along but I really would like to SEE him act better/BE better. It would restore a little of my faith in the world…but I am not holding my breath. And yes, I am not his “type” but he as a person needs to stop having a “type” and look at something besides externals. Isnt that obvious? And no we’ll never meet and I am not blonde or dumb enough for him, I am speaking of him more as an icon or symbol of contemporary American maleness.

    He looks cute on the new thread. Too bad it wont last.

    Oh, and I am not a member of Facebook, so I cant post there.

  • tinkerbell

    I also refuse to be a member of Bellazon and dont /cant post there. It hurts my teeth to read that crap sometimes, but there is info for my curiosity for there. I read sometimes but dont post.

  • tinkerbell

    @clarify to tink: you’re welcome. I HATE social networking. Too much tweeting makes you a twit, and intelligent people cant really express themselves in (what is it) 160 characters? Boring, boring, I cant imagine what most people find interesting about it.

    People just arent that interesting. And if they are, pick up the phone and call em. Email. Have lunch, stop, talk, listen, quality not quantity. I have friends the same age as the unmentionable, a young MFA student with a baby, a nutritionist, girls who work in healthcare. Nice cool, WILL MAKE time to talk to them.

  • tinkerbell

    I guess I grew up actually reading books like Les Miserable (1500 pages) and think you cant really express yourself well in emoticons and LMFAO OMG OMFG BTW IMHO etc. OK for blog sites but what people say on twitter is terminally useless. Also like Thoreau..simplify,simplify, simplify, Melville, Dreiser, Dos Passos, Anderson, Fitzergerald…sit down and read a book why dont you.

    Wont kill you I promise!

  • tinkerbell

    @Tink marriage: sure, the wedding will be private, no media, just a few close friends. No announcement. Barefoot on the beach on the island of Kauai. Ginger flowers for the bouquet, everyone jumps in the water afterwards. Because traditional weddings and the bridezillas who want them make me totally ralph.

    You arent invited though.

  • @218


    Here, here. You could have a career like Lainey gossip, you know. Not bad, blog and tv.

  • tinkerbell

    before you go there, that was IRONIC HAHAHAHAHHAH because someone suggested it.

    But if he ever did you can bet it would be totally unannounced, private, and low key. No Prince William and Kate kind of thing…..only the tacky want this. I bet the reason even they went full out was because they felt they owed the populace a royal wedding. Wills was taught to think of people other than himself and I like that Kate is attractive and no idiot.

    Guess what? Any bitch that is too into wedding and all that lame, gay stuff, bridal registries, invites, bridal party, rehearsal etc, he wouldnt marry.

    Probably WOULD have a hell of a bachelor party.

    Read Ted C’s latest post on LWD its interesting,

  • tinkerbell

    @@218: I am thinking about it, thought about it yesterday. It aint hard to start a blog, but I think most celebs are BORRRRRRRRINNNNNGGG.

    But then again some news items are interesting too….they solved the Etan Patz mystery which really gets my gullet. Because the answer was RIGHT THERE and they missed it and these poor people (I’m a NYer) had to suffer for 30 years. And the guy confessed years ago to people who should have turned him in. Not only that the public had to suffer—we had to hear about over and over

    never mind that poor little innocent boy…makes me nauseous thinking about it,

    OK, I’ll get started but I am not going to link from there to here.

    And guys, be careful, dont give anybody from you know where your real email on this website. I am just saying. Dont use it when you post and turn on anonymous browsing when you come here.

    I am just saying because a certain person may well use it against you. Another CERTAIN person was quoted saying she wish she could change the libel laws (good luck changing the first amendment toots, let me know how that goes) so she could sue gossipers and people who post on blog sites…

  • raven

    @@Raven: I have always been cool with tink, since back in the day. I have no issues with her. I wish her well.

  • tinkerbell

    @raven: thanks rave ! I’m starting my own blog

    Rot In Hell
    with Tinkerbell

    Current Affairs and Celebrity Stupidity

    I thought I would start with 10 People You Dont Want Be Stuck on Bus With….Tony Robbins and Mr. T come to mind….and 10 Things I Wish We Still Had—like UHF stations, 1 hour photo labs and record stores…. well we see.

  • lol

    @tinkerbell: Your man always seems to be running errnads for you, are you sure he exists honey?… by the amount of time you spend here, I doubt it very much

  • @Raven

    @raven: ok fa t t y ,…she wouldnt wish you well if you were Leo’s girlfriend is all…she would say “Why is Leo with that f a t a s s…. didnt you say you were obese?!?” You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

  • @tink


    Dude, that was for me. Should I be concerned?

  • Tigerseye

    How dare you @raven. what right do you have attacking someone like that, and for what,because you dislike tink? Raven has never thrown abuse at anyone here. Its one thing to tear apart celebrities, that in itself is shameful and i wont pretend that i havent made comments that judge these strangers we dont know, Infact i have no intention to do so here or anywhere from this day forward its ridiculous and has absolutely no merit. Im not going to insult you @raven,But to make light of something like obesity, or anorexia for that matter, is low act and is tantamount to juvenile school bully tactics that serve no purpose but to give pain to another person. I myself have fallen into both categories of anorexia and what you would call a ‘fatty’ and i’ll tell you one thing, its not enough to have that sick demon chase you, even when your well, but to have people make such comments, especially to those you assume are already suffering or recovering is what feeds the doubts and low self esteem that brought that demon up from that persons own personal hell. I happen to know raven off these boards and she’s the most beautiful person anyone would hope to know inside and out. To all reading this own your daggers before you throw them.

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