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Nicole Kidman Arrives at Cote for Cannes

Nicole Kidman Arrives at Cote for Cannes

Nicole Kidman flashes a smile while landing at Côte d’Azur Airport on Tuesday (May 22) in Nice, France.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress (wearing Lanvin sunglasses) is in town for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, where her new film, The Paperboy, will be screened later in the week.

The movie’s director, Lee Daniels, recently chatted about his high-profile cast, telling THR casting “was a circus.”

“It was crazy. We kept losing actors because we kept pushing the start date. We started out with one cast and ended up with another. We started out with Tobey Maguire and Sofia Vergara and Bradley Cooper and we ended up with Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey and Nicole Kidman,” he revealed.

“I think the universe plays it exactly as it’s supposed to,” Lee added. “I couldn’t be prouder of each of the actors in the film. They serviced author Pete [Dexter]‘s characters magnificently.”

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  • Corinne

    What has she done to herself??? Unrecognizable!!! Had to be told it was she. Scary!!!

  • Mel

    @Corinne Did you have trouble reading the title with her name?

  • Justme

    @Justice: Miss me? LOL. You don’t even know me. I get more action than you. You spend an inordinate amount of time stalking people Like Ms. Kidman and Mr. Urban. As well as others. All for nought. None of the stalked are impressed by you.

  • Justice

    @Justme We know you. You get more action than me? Where did that come from?
    You are obsessed with calling people stalkers, and blind to your own issues.

  • may

    to Hank

    a man asking where two little girls are?

  • Susan

    She looks fabulous for her age. We should all have such perfect skin and a slender body. That takes much work. Typing won’t burn enough calories, so stop trashing her out of jealousy, get up and exercise and maybe you too can find a man like Keith. Oh wait, yeah that would require some effort. But you know Keith wants a woman that puts effort into her appearance, and not one that puts effort into bashing celebs.

  • theresa

    yes, Nicole is almost 45 years old. so what? she looks lovely in what she’s wearing just as she always does. as for Nicole’s demeanor; sorry to break it to you, your royal highness, but there’s nothing wrong with it at all. she is actually smiling for the camera; a rarity for other celebrities to do. and no, Nicole does not need anyone to keep her company. unlike you, she is not a child.

  • somali girl

    Its a new nose job. Looks more like a snout. She looks
    like alien now.

  • arno

    @somali girl:
    What the hell are u talking about??

  • Julia

    Some women spend so much time obsessed by their looks, that their men look elsewhere.

  • X

    She looks somehow plastified. Remember when she had freckles ans face expressions like frowning and her mouth was naturally small not botox injected? I think thehy should learn to age gracefully with wrinkles, not plastic faces.

  • http://comcast Marj

    Nicole looks different every time I see her, Keith Urban, her husband used to be known as a womaniser. No wonder he is so happy with Nicole, he has a new gal every time he arrives home.

  • http://comcast Dee

    This (one) person with all of these names is soooo sick and ugly inside, she (and I mean she) should never get on her PC and go seek some help from mental health. Also. Keith really loves his beautiful, young looking, talented wife, and going by the comments, so does her millions of fans, including me. Nicole is a REAL movie star with class.

  • Just Barb

    Agree, some women spend too much time obsessed by their looks. Anyone who’s seen a pic of Nicole leaving the gym, shopping, aka doing normal things, knows she’s not one of them. How many times has see been called a hag by you nuts? By the look of you all in the pics I’ve seen, I’d say most of you could spend a little more time taking care of yourselves. “Ageing gracefully” does not mean belly rolls, fake tans and b00bs hanging out the top of your matching butterfly tshirts.

  • Julia

    @Dee: You must mean Justice

  • Julia

    @Just Barb: Hey Barb. Sounds like a perfect description of the fans that I’ve seen.

  • Aly

    A little sunshine in Cannes.

  • Julia

    @Dee: If there are millions of fans, why doesn’t it translate to the box office?

  • toby


    Good point May , that is scary stuff!

    Or was it just an oppps from the phoney multi screen looser haunting this article?

  • Lori


    Good question.

  • Tess

    So many user names, cynical gal, middlesea, justme, skeptical, julia,
    breathingmusic, I could go on and on.

  • Leap Year

    You see one ya see em all. LMAO

  • Marina

    Yes, she is very talented, but she doesn’t look like herself anymore. I thought she was one of the Olsen twins.

  • Susan

    No, men cheat when their wives get fat and disinterested in intimacy. I don’t think Keith has anything to worry about. Sorry to disappoint. He’s taken. He’s happily married and will be in it for the rest of his life. How do I know? Because he’s a good man. He loves his family and they love him. Try to be happy for him. If you cared at all about him and not just about your selfish desires, you would be happy for all of them.

  • Julia

    @Tess: LMAO

  • Julia

    @Tess: I would be careful about shaking bushes and making assumptions. You could be surprised at the names that might fall out.

  • Leap Year


    ha ha ha. you mean NAME! not names

  • Julia

    @Leap Year: NO. I mean names. Real names. Yours along with others. We know who you are.

  • Leap Year

    Hey JJ Are we being threatened on your web site?

  • Just Barb

    @Julia – “Hey Barb. Sounds like a perfect description of the fans that I’ve seen.” – Well they were fans at the time. Now they’re just unhappy old coots. I’ll challenge you on the real names you think you have, honey. You first then me. I can even provide a picture if you’re interested.

    Today’s menopause moment provided by Middlesea. : 2,659 hate-filled, personal stab posts towards Nicole Kidman since Feb of 2007, on Nicole’s observation of a stranger. “I still find that kind of forced familiarity unspeakably rude”. Oh do you, middlesea? Maybe now you can wrap that tiny brain of yours around why we find you so unspeakably rude.

  • Julia

    @Leap Year: You mean like you threaten others. Like you assume that you know who people are. Reality check. You are chasing your tail.

  • Julia

    @Just Barb: I’m not your honey. The fans. You and those like you. We aren’t interested in your picture. Not anyone we know. We have multiple pictures.

  • Corinne

    I swear she stole Mariah Carey’s mouth!!!

  • Spring

    Nicole looks like a breath of spring, gorgeous.

  • dontchaknow


    Cannes just got classier.. Keith has showed up to join her :)

  • Justice

    The best couple in Cannes. middlesea is having a cow.:)

  • Just Barb

    @Julia – Yes, the old bittys who use to be fans but have spent the last 7 years bashing Nicole because she stole their fantasy. Yes, we have multiple pictures as well. So go ahead, name us, honey. We fans don’t have a thing to hide.

  • Julia

    @Just Barb: You have plenty to hide. As I previously said. Your pictures mean nothing to us. They aren’t our pictures. I would wager that the real people in your lives would be surprised to find out what you do.

  • Marina

    She got new teeth. A brand new set of veneers! I knew something was different! It took me some time to figure it out. I think It’s time to stop Nicole or you will end up like Joan Rivers! LOL!

  • KellyInNash

    @Marina; No, she has the same teeth. She’s still her same gorgeous self! Love the hair style in this picture. Baby Faith has the same color hair. Sweet.
    @Julia: Fans have nothing to hide but I think a few of the real people in the haters lives would be appalled to find out what they do. It’s disturbing that middle age women devote their lives to tearing apart another woman for fun.

  • Julia

    @KellyInNash: It’s appalling that people tear other people apart at all. Especially people they do not know. Even when they think that they do. There are certain fans of hers, also middle aged women, that will tear anyone up that does not agree with them. Which is beyond the pale for stalking a celebrity of choice. We know that changing names doesn’t change that fact. We know that those same fans insist that they are correct about everything. We know that they are not. We know that saying you are an insider, does not make that fact. We know that some people do know. They just don’t tell the facts.

  • Missy

    @Julia- Oh shut up, you miserable cow. Go back to your laughed at thread on E with the rest of your mentally ill friends where you think Keith reads and reacts to your stupid posts. You know squat.

  • Julia

    @Missy: @Missy: You’ve made my point. Bravo.!

  • Hitchenchild

    Tom Cruise ran away from this amazing woman? What a ASS…………