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Pink Slams Chris Brown's 'Lipsync' Billboard Performance

Pink Slams Chris Brown's 'Lipsync' Billboard Performance

Chris Brown makes his way into AV nightclub on Monday (May 21) in Hollywood.

Over the weekend, the 23-year-old singer hit the stage at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards – a performance that didn’t exactly sit well with another musician.

“One day if i lipsync, i hope i do it as well as him….,” Pink tweeted.

Her hubby, Carey Hart, also chimed in, tweeting, “Im pretty sure i saw my wife did that same performance, but she was 3 months pregnant and actually sang the song.”

Chris brushed off the criticism, writing “Anyone who is upset obviously is upset with their lives… Make your music…make a difference.. Be better than me! Godbless!”

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  • Gabby

    Regardless of their opinions of Chris, I think it’s very immature for another musician to tweet something like that. Especially when Pink KNOWS that Chris probably wasn’t the only one who lipsync during that award show. Pretty much every singer lipsync at some point during their performance. Not everyone can be Pink, Adele, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, or some others who just sound wonderful live.

  • notyourfriend

    pink needs to take care of her baby and sit down….not even some men can compete with her man-like physique…she didn’t say a thing when Madonna did it at super bowl, im sick of these white b*** ***
    minding others’ businesses..have a sit p!nk

  • mel

    The problem with lip syncing nowadays is that so many people that are famous cant actually sing.. like at all.. so its all autotuned bull crap with a bunch of pretty lights, costumes and dance moves. As much as I cant stand Chris Brown as a person, he CAN sing, he just didn’t do it in this performance.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    Right, and anyone who is upset shouldn’t HIT others in anger!

  • WebbAlexandra

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  • Bbii!x

    Chris def. lipsynced! but if u listen real good u knowdest he’s really singin to!!! & tw pink shouldnt act like she never done that before!
    & what if chris did lipsync? Damn girl try to dance like he does and sing at the same time… so shouldnt be all in he’s busniss!

    People are hatin on chris cuz what happened in de past but also because this niggga is actually reaklly good at what he does…. so bitch can go suck a dick!! :D

  • Me

    @BloodbuzzOhio: But that has nothing to do with this. People need to stay on topic. Bitterness is ugly.

  • aimee

    idk why he resorts to lip syncing when you can watch other performances of him singing live while dancing and its really good!

  • ghjgjbn

    It’s so wonderful she totally ignored the fact he danced his ass-off. I really do wonder who can sing live while dancing to such a hard choreography…

  • Ace

    All of you defending Chris Brown better NOT be black girls or else I will be very ashamed of you!
    The way he has trashed you because of your skin color and sex is disgusting and I don’t know how you can support him after that!
    Do you lack sense!? Good lord…give me strength to deal with these lost girls.

  • amanda

    be better than you? anybody who has never beaten a woman is better than you

  • ghjgjbn

    i’m a white guy, and i’m defending his performance, not his attitude…



    ALWAYS about color… make me SICK

  • Effy

    THANK YOU PINK. Agree 100% about this talentless hack.

  • http://@Cicero_001 Cicero Ikyegh

    No matter hw people hate on him, they take it away from him his good. thats how you know your at the top, when people start hatin on you and Pink can go suck a d*ck. ITS BREEZY BITCHES!!!!

  • Dude

    Everyone gets away with everything in hollywood just like Roman Polanski got away with rape and last year he directed a movie with Kate Winslet and some other actors in it then he was nominated for an award, yet no one shunned him in hollywood everyone defended him and that’s why being in hollywood is a dirty business….If you have the right contacts you can get away with ANYTHING and it’s sad

  • http://@Cicero_001 Cicero Ikyegh

    Or do people think he stands or sits down like Adele and the rest while presenting on stage? Singing and dancing at the time is as good as tryin to look right and left at the same time, how possible?

  • betty

    He told her right. Chris act included that strenuous dance number and all singers know you can’t dance and sing without being out of breath that’s why they do it .She needs be concerned with her a performance instead of criticizing another. Chris is a good singer without dancing.

  • alessandraj

    OMG! CB is always lip syncing at award shows. Even at the Grammys he was lip syncing. Was he not? The biggest night for music and your lip syncing? It’s like dude you get paid to sing, and you can’t even do that. Why the hell did you show up anyways?

  • sky

    what the heck does pink do on stage, she stand there and sing. Chris, Usher, Justin and all those people are dancing heavy dance numbers. This chick needs to find herself.

  • betty

    For all you Chris haters he didn’t whip your a**and if Rihanna can forgive and move on then you just deal with it because regardlesss life goes on.

  • Hap

    @sky: You’re an idiot. She performed at the Grammys a few years ago, dripped in water, spinning upside down in the air. YouTube her Glitter in the air performance and you’ll see that this woman trumps your precious little Breezy. Pink has room to talk, she’s a real performer.

  • ryan

    hes an idiot.

  • camila

    You go girl ! If he presents himself as a singer so he should sing. if he also can dance great. but don’t forget to sing because that why people are giving you money for.

    If you wants to dance more than sing you should be a dancer.

    I’m tired of this talentless people that wants an easy life.It’s not the music industry that in crisis it’s the musicians himself

  • Yo sista

    He lip syncs ALL THE TIME!

  • Dooley

    @Hap: And Katy Perry copy that performance at this years Billboard award and not one comment by Pink… Because a BULLY knows who they can pick on and who they can’t…Carey Hart tweeted that Chris Brown copied Pink AMA awards performances but didn’t comment on Katy.

  • prettydew

    @Ace: You are so RIGHT, they are ALL black girls in support of this rotting punannny!!!!!

  • Dooley

    Its OK to Lip sync now..The World most Famous Lip Syncing Artist Britney Spears in Judging a singing contest.

  • To Ace

    @Ace: what did he say about black girls?!? I don’t follow his his actions…living under a rock with that one…

  • NoprobBOB

    For everyone who keeps complaining about his lip sync performance!! He didn’t really have a choice…In order to do all the choreography that he did on stage it would have been almost impossible to carry all the right notes & keep on pace w/ all those dance moves…
    Its part of his image!! If he just stood there & sang a slow ballad ppl his younger fans would he complained up the wall that he didn’t do crazy dance moves!!
    I could see Pink’s point if he pulled this at an actual stadium performance while he was on tour!! but it was 1 freaking song during an awards show!!! He was trying to put a crazy awesome show for like 3mins for GODS SAKE!!!

  • ?

    the thing is, I don’t like him
    I don’t like him because I think hes rude and arrogant douche not because what happened between him and Rihanna
    I do like his music, honestly I think hes a great singer and he performed well. You can’t dance like that and sing live its impossible. In the end at least it was his voice on the album. At least hes open about
    So many artist lip-sync live no one makes a big deal out of them i.e Britney Spears, Nikki Minaj,etc
    and they don’t even dance half as well as him how are they not bashed?
    if your gonna condemn one condemn all
    same w/comparison to Roman, Roman drugged, raped a 13 yr old, denied and ran away to another country. Never convicted
    Chris beat up a girl, admitted it, went to court, apologized. Did his sentence,community serive there are videos of him on street picking up trash.
    Legally he did everything right, and even made up w/his victim
    honestly its unfair to keep bringing it up. He made a mistake once and legally did everything right
    compared to charlie sheen who did it to every girl he has ever dated rarely being convicted or Roman

  • lexy hates bilson

    I love Pink but she needs to shut up! She did her share of lip syncing and from a business point of view when you’re doing a televised event like this you want to put on a show. How boring would it be if all the performers just stood around and sang!!
    Let’s not put Pink in the same category as Alicia Keyes or Adele – she’s not THAT talented. She can go with Beyonce b/c she’s a phoney too who pretends she’s not!

  • Rose1987389!!!

    @lexy hates bilson: THANK YOU!!! I don’t like Chris Brown nor Pink but she and her husband sound like two stupid kids. I would like to hear her and other celebrities get on Britney Spears about her lip syncing but instead she gets praised constantly. For what I don’t know!!

  • MsQ#82

    This has nothing to do with any of that. Chris Brown is a great entertainer and for that i will continue to give him his props. Its very sad that all you can focus on is the negativity and BS. I’m sure that at some point in your life you made an inappropriate comment about someone. So before you judge someone look at yourself and grow up.

  • MsQ#82

    I am a HUGE Pink fan, which is why it saddens me that a beautiful woman, with talent like hers would stoop to trashing another clearly very talented artist. It takes the spotlight off of his past behavior and speaks monuments on the ugliness of her character. Some things are better left unsaid. Hate is unattractive no matter what color spews it. She definitely lost some cool points. As we say in the MIA…” SHE RATCHETT!”

  • Marie

    If you want your dancing to overpower your singing then be a dancer.

  • One D

    I understand that he lip synced so he could dance hard out but i think he could have sung some parts of the song he doesn’t usually lip sync the entire song he always has the mic turned on for some parts and anyhow Justin lip synced heaps aswell but didn’t see him getting called up for it.And one more thing i would love to see pink get on stage dance as hard as Chris brown did and sing the exact same time good luck pink

  • Jasmine

    @Gabby: I love Pink. She’s so headstrong and blunt and talented. I watch a lot of her performances and all the ones I’ve seen were live even when she’s pulling all these stunts on stage. She still sounds amazing. Chris can’t touch her in the talent department. That little dipsh*t relies on autotune for a living. And who in their right mind still listens to his crap?

  • Michelle

    Pink is absolutely right. Chris Brown is an angry, untalented child. He’s successful because of ignorant girls who support him, but America is sick of him.

  • rc


    She didn’t sound that good anyways.. and whats your excuse for that?…..oh she was in the air. Anyway point is her writing that was unprofessional. If she has a problem with Chris then let it be known, she is a grown as woman. Hollywood is all fake anyways and she fits right in.

  • Ljjohnson

    Chris’s response to lip-synching allegations sounded like a lip synched, canned response straight from a publicist’s mouth.
    Nice try grasshopper.
    How’s that throwing hand?

  • NotAGirl

    @lexy hates bilson: Most singers that are actually terrible PERFORM because it’s their only way of distracting the audience from their lack of talent. You’re an idiot not to know this.

  • Oh Yeah

    Mature Response Chris. IF Pink is such a WOMAN attack Britney about her Lip Syncing!!!!! Pink is a BUlly! Pick on Somone ur own Size PINK!!!


    Chris Brown sucks period. I’m sick of the excuse, that he dances, so it’s ok to lip-sync, WRONG. I want to know why no one is talking about how, Chris Brown, the sorry Justin Beaver, Usher and others are doing a poor rip off of Micheal Jackson. Madonna fans are attacking Lady Gaga and Gaga has more talent than Madonna will have in a lifetime. Justin Beiber or what ever his name is can’t even dance or sing and does a poor imitation of Micheal Jackson’s moves and so did Justin Timberlake. Why is no one speaking up and saying these guys are copycats. The reason they can’t copy Superstar, Prince is it would be to hard to because he does dance, sing live, produces his own music and plays tons of instruments. Chris Brown will use the excuse, that he lip-syncs because Micheal Jackson did the same in some of his performances. Thats lazy and shows lack of talent.

  • nat

    cause your music really does make a difference chris.yeah.sure does.yeah. *massivefacepalm*

  • who

    Michael Jackson is the original badass dancer and he still sang live. So Chris Brown lipsyncing because he was dancing so hard is just an excuse.

  • Ben

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Wow, you must know more than the rest of the world. You might actually want to find a performance of Pink lip syncing before accusing her of doing it. If you actually had a clue and knew anything, you would know she’s never done such a thing in her entire career. Could it be that you’re used to such garbage music and terrible singers that you can’t even appreciate actual talent? Most likely. Pink can sing with the best of them and it’s been proven over the course of many years. You’d have to be an ignorant, uneducated and complete fool to accuse Pink of lip syncing and then accuse her of not being a top tier talent.