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Who Won 'American Idol' 2012?

Who Won 'American Idol' 2012?

The winner of American Idol season 11 has been announced!

Sixteen-year-old powerhouse singer Jessica Sanchez and 21-year-old heartthrob Phillip Phillips were the last two contestants standing in the finale.

A record number of votes were cast after last night’s sing off — 132 million!

During last evening’s performance show, the judges – Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson – crowned Phillip as their favorite after his original song performance.

On tonight’s results show, past Idol contestants Ace Young and girlfriend Diana Degarmo got engaged. Host Ryan Seacrest pulled the couple up on stage where Ace proposed!

Click inside to find out who won American Idol season eleven…


ARE YOU HAPPY with the results of American Idol season eleven?

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240 Responses to “Who Won 'American Idol' 2012?”

  1. 1
    Fassdong Says:

    Yes! he is so hot!

  2. 2
    Germany Says:

    How do you post before it is announced?

  3. 3
    Hina Says:

    Predictable. Another wgwg won.

  4. 4
    sheila Says:

    no im pist Philip sucks Jessica Sanchez Is going to be bbeter then philip because every singer that wins american idol sucks and the runner up tyurns out better.

  5. 5
    SE Says:

    He so diserved it, I just love him :D

  6. 6
    Jessa Says:

    Nonsensical. Her voice blows his out of the water. She’ll be fine – I have a feeling she’ll pull a Jennifer Hudson in no time.

  7. 7
    B Says:

    The same guys have won for years now, David Cook,Chris Allen, Lee Dewyze ,and now Phillip . Good for him, but Jessica is way more talented. Little girls should not be able to vote.

  8. 8
    Kylee Says:

    AI is so predictable. He is a good performer, someone similar to Mumford and sons (vocally) but he doesn’t have the chops like Jessica. Glad to see he was so overwhelmed by it though.

  9. 9
    Eric Says:

    If Phillip did win, they need to change the name of American Idol to “Who would you vote for if you were a 13 year old girl”, or possibly “American’s Smiling Growler Contest”. Jessica, according to anyone who knows about talented singers, is in a league FAR ahead of Phillip, who will end up singing in a lounge at the Holiday Inn in a couple years.

  10. 10
    Sean Says:

    America keeps voting for these cute white guys every season yet their albums always flops. Yet the 2 most successful Idol winners were….women.

  11. 11
    Rose1987389!!! Says:

    What only white guys win American Idol now? Not that I think it’s a racial thing more than just a bunch of silly girls who only vote for the guys that they think are hot instead of the best performers. Anyone knows the shows demographics in regards to viewership? It would be interested to know because the guys who have won over the past few years have not had a lot of commercial success in real life.

  12. 12
    buio Says:

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  13. 13
    Ryan Runs Says:

    Who cares

  14. 14
    ahhh Says:

    Three years ago i wanted Adam to win , he didn’t. Last year i wanted Haley Reinhart to win, she didn’t, This year it was either Joshua or Jessica , they both didn’t. American Idol is all about being safe.Nothing against Phillip , he’s a nice guy.But When little girls pick up the phone they go for who’s cute, they don’t go for talent.There should be an age limit or something, or they should just let the judges pick The American Idol , because clearly the voting system is messed up.

  15. 15
    Renee Says:

    Un freaking believable! Another guy with a forgettable voice gets crowned. Both Joshua and Jessica were light years ahead of this guy. I hope all those little girls who voted for him will buy his record!

  16. 16
    NancyT Says:

    Hell, they all suck. Jessica should be grateful the judges saved her ass. America wanted her out weeks ago!

  17. 17
    Debbie Says:

    Congrats Ace and Diana!

  18. 18
    sid Says:

    “she’ll be like jennifer hudson”
    um no. She’d need to have a much better voice than the one she has.
    people said the same about Pia Toscano and nobody cares about her anymore.

    There are a lot of women out there with big voices, unless you’re Sarah Brightman, i don’t care for you.

    Phil has that extra something and has a lot more commercial potential, regardless of how much you hate on him.

  19. 19
    Krista Says:

    Yes! He so deserved to win. Anyone who thinks that jessica is better is so wrong. She’s a whitney housten wannabee and he makes songs original and better! Go Phillip Phillips, you rock!

  20. 20
    Rebecca Says:

    @Krista: You are just another person that thinks that Philip is “HOT” even though every time I hear him sing I want to slap him.. He just sucks! Jessica has the talent here.. She deserves to win I may be young but I don’t care about looks I care about talent..

  21. 21
    Victoria Says:

    Jessica deserves it. She is the talented one..

  22. 22
    Suzanne Says:

    Ryan Seacrest…will you marry me ?

  23. 23
    Harley Says:

    HELL NO!!! I was really hoping Jessica would have won. I agree with Sheila … like adam lambert american idol season 8. I’ve seen him come back on AI and I hear his name on the radio. But for the life of me … I can’t even remember who won season 8 with out having to google who it was. So there was really no Shocker that Philip won.

    Jessica is still the winner to me … Phillip … may had some really good songs, but still was never as good as Jessica. If this show was more about finding really good talent and not just a cute guy that could play a guitar (which we already had last season) who is every young girl or grandma’s eye candy they want to watch every week until AI is over (with only one exception of Scotty McCreery: because the wgwg was really awesome). I really do believe Jessica would have came up on top.

    Fun facts: Expert say Jessica won’t win because … check this link out

    for the past 4 seasons it’s been all white guys that’s won on AI.

    Season 7- David Cook, S8: Kris Allen, S9: Lee Dewyze, & S10: Scotty McCreery. Now S11: Phillip Pillips …. do you see a trend going on?

    The last female that won AI was S6: Jordin Sparks.

    So why should anyone be shocked that Phillip won AI. .

  24. 24
    Antonio Says:

    To Rose1987389!!!: What a racist remark! You complain about this? What about all of the “black only” groups? Miss black America, BET, minority loans, Magic Johnson Foundation (for blacks only)…etc…etc…etc Why don’t you complain about that///// huh? That is the real issue, not American Idol.

  25. 25
    Carol Says:

    @Eric: Actually, I think you are wrong. Jessica does have an amaazing voice, but she never really showed what her style was. She would always sing something that would make her voice nice to be heard, no matter what style that was. Philip was philip from beggining till the end. When people told him what to do, how he should sing, his choice was to say “no, this is the musician I am”. You don’t need to have the greatest voice to be an amazing singer and musician. Although Jessica has an amazing voice, every time Philip was on stage, you could feel his performance through lyrics and melody and harmony and everything. That is what makes an idol.

  26. 26
    :P NO! Says:

    Darn you American Idol! In my opinion, Jessica deserves it! Are you kidding me?! She’s only 16! I’m guessing most girls voted for Phillip… T^T

  27. 27
    solecito Says:

    Another triumph for stupid teenage girls voting non-stop for the cute white guy with guitar.

  28. 28
    Marymartisius Says:

    Regardless of who wins, my fav and most entertaining part is the auditions. My family laughs like crazy. Exposure is the most important issue for these young singers. Those who are the best , winner or not, will move forward with a singing career….and most of the ones who win, because of the “cute” factor will fade over time. It is frustrating that the best and most talented don’t always win, but those who really want it have a chance to go after it.

  29. 29
    Tiana Says:

    So pissed right now! Jessica, with the right material, your still going to shine baby girl<3 Her voice is amazing!!

  30. 30
    Marisa Says:

    This is by far one of the, if not the best season EVER of American Idol. Soo many talented singers in the top 12! Although I really wanted Jessica to win, I had a feeling that Phil would take home the trophy. Sometimes the most talented person doesn’t take the title, just look at Daughtry and where he is now. He got out after the top 7!! Jessica will definitely be a HUGE star with that voice and I wish both her and Phil a lot of success. Great show tonight and can’t wait for next season!!

  31. 31
    Marissa Says:

    @Krista: @Hina: Yes predictable again You must be kidding me

  32. 32
    Diane Says:

    Um, I’m far from my teen years. 51 actually. I am thrilled Phillip won. His style and song choice and performances entertained me week after week. I never cared for Jessica’s performances. How about that annoying screaming tonight when she sang with that bizarre woman with the strange faces? What the heck was THAT? Certainly not entertainment.

    I really enjoyed Phillip with Fogerty. Way to go America! Phillip rocks!

  33. 33
    Marissa Says:

    @SE: So you must be one of those adolescent girls

  34. 34
    Me3 Says:

    Totally agree Diane. Phillip rocks! I’m so HAPPY! Oh yeah, I’m 37 yrs. old. Far from my teen years too.

  35. 35
    Rick Says:

    Who was that woman Jessica sang with tonight? I couldn’t keep a straight face. That was just stupid. That’s why Jessica lost. YOU WILL LOVE ME! No. No we won’t.

  36. 36
    JoshyBoy Says:

    I’m a Josh fan, but I voted for Phillip last night. I’d buy his CD. Not Jessica’s. I’m a 27 year old guy. It takes more than impressing teen girls to win.

  37. 37
    wakeupNsee Says:

    I only heard Phillip sing once and that was tonight when I tuned in to the last 5 minutes of the show. I skipped the whole season. Anyway, I thought he sounded awful! And he showed no excitement when he won. Like he expected to win and was bored.

  38. 38
    Ladybug Says:


    I’m with you Diane. I don’t think I remember my teen years it’s been so long. HAHAHAHAHA Phillip is adorable and has a sweet voice. It was so sweet when he cried tonight.

  39. 39
    Ladybug Says:

    He was crying! You try singing when you’re crying! He was stunned, couldn’t you tell? He’s a sweetheart. Everyone loved him.

  40. 40
    Ladybug Says:


    HAHAHAHA Rick! I know! When that lady first started to sing, I thought she yawned. The facial expressions were out there. And I don’t care for that type of song or singing. Shove it down our throats why don’t you. YUCK!

  41. 41
    sdf Says:

    @Antonio: What makes you think Rose1987389 is black? Or are you just using Black people as an example? For YEARS whites had their t.v. with NO black people on it. So don’t try to pull that black people have their own station bs as if whites never had theirs. Come up with a better example next time.

  42. 42
    Paulina Says:

    Phillips sucks… Jessica waz soooo much better!!!!

  43. 43
    gmac3 Says:

    duh you must blind as well

  44. 44
    Stef Says:

    Indeed, Jessica did a great job. The sad part is, talent like hers is never appreciated. At the end of the day, those who people think is cute, hot and everything nice physically wins. I am so disappointed… tsk.=(

  45. 45
    Sunny Says:

    @Marisa: Are you kidding me this is the worst season of American Idol ever…EVER!!!

  46. 46
    Roy Says:

    ANOTHER bull—t show…!!! The judges changed their minds and made it clear who they wanted to win – for whatever political reasons. They “sold Jessica out” – BIG TIME!!!

  47. 47
    AmerIdol Says:

    Talen t like hers in never appreciated? Or maybe, people just don’t LIKE her style as much as Phillips. There is no right and wrong in what people LIKE about music. Your opinion is not more valid than mine. She made it to the final. Some people like her. Fact is, more people like Phillip. Deal.

  48. 48
    bella0104 Says:

    So far in 11 seasons, only Whites and African Americans have won the contest. Both Phillip and Jessica were talented and I was hoping that Jessica will win if only to show that the rumors of the contest being racist are not true. The judges skewered Jessica at the perfect moment the other night and at that point i knew that it will be the white guy again. It’s been WGWGs one after another and so far, they have had no commercial success that came close to Carrie’s or Kelly’s.Clearly, the WGWG demographic vote but do not buy the records. Jessica has a wider demographic globally and her winning would have made a great statement. She would have been the youngest, Asian-Latina-American who almost went home but got saved winner.

  49. 49
    Sad Says:

    I’m shocked at how Jessica fans have been bashing Phillip. This attitude is maybe what turned people off of voting for Jessica. You can’t tell anyone how to vote and saying bad things about Phillip only backfired in the end. Show some respect. She lost, but she made it to the finals. She’ll be okay.

  50. 50
    jay Says:

    this is the reason why philip win:the most viewers of american idol is women

  51. 51
    Bit*ch Says:

    Lol who didn’t saw this coming it’s always be them same the cutie hottie one always win but the one who have talent always in second or third .
    Just like Adam he should win but Kris the one who won , Same goes for scott. But don’t worry it’s not about who win the idol , it about who the one can last long in these music industry and I really sure Jessica the one .

  52. 52
    Sad Says:

    Race card. Wow. Sore losers all over. Face it. Phillip has more fans. That doesn’t take anything away from Jessica and her fans. I’m sure she will make music and all her fans can enjoy it. This wasn’t a racial thing. That’s just a copout.

  53. 53
    iamAMAZING Says:


  54. 54
    sdf Says:

    @Sad: seriously, the card thing is getting old. Is there another term you guys can use, instead of the ‘card’ thing?

  55. 55
    ls Says:

    He totally deserved it.

  56. 56
    Blue Says:

    yeah because American idol is deaf and only using other nationality to watch their show, Philip is white and Jessica is brown so do the math no one wins in American Idol, the choices are clear, White or Black never mind how bad or good their voice is it’s always going to be Black & White.
    Yes, America tried to boot out Jessica because she is a treat to all the contestant and that is the reality of this show, If you have an ear on music then you know Jessica is the winner unless you use your eyes instead your ears to their voice.

  57. 57
    mafel Says:

    i like philip’s style,he is so cute!altho jess’s voice is way amazing for a 16yr old girl,and this girl will go a long way for her talent,producers are rooting for her,some says she’s the next whitney houston or whatsoever. plus american idol is for americans not mix races…fyi!so dont wonder if jess’s didnt win,just my pov!

  58. 58
    Silence Says:

    They should just end this show

  59. 59
    Blue Says:

    Oh yeah your one of the deaf in america!

  60. 60
    Jal Says:

    @Eric: That is so true. :D

  61. 61
    Blue Says:

    Congratulation to both finalist! Finally the show is over!

  62. 62
    John Says:

    I feel frustrated about the results…very very frustrating! I can’t even waste my time to hear Philips sing. But anyway everybody knows that Jesica is the real deal. If she holds a concert I can even risk to walk a thousand miles just to see her sing. I hope that next season American idol should change its name to American white who got no talents.

  63. 63
    Rose Says:

    I’m sorry, but when everyone sits here and states that only little girls vote for Phillip, I laugh. I’m 30 and voted for him all season. To ME, he’s the ultimate package! I think Jessica is boring. All she sings are ballads and I don’t feel any emotion in her voice. She is a good technical singer; ok, GREAT techincal singer… But like I said, I just don’t FEEL it with her like I do with Phillip. To me that’s the difference. Yes I am sure lots of little girls vote and only vote because they think he’s cute, but that is not the only people who vote. People vote on who THEY personally like; not on who they think other people feel is the best singer. If so and so thinks Phillip, to them, is someone they’d buy an album from, why would they vote for Jessica? Same goes the other way. Honestly, I wish more females won on the show, and I really don’t think last years Scotty should have won. But maybe people are voting for the whole package, instead of just the voice. And in a way, that’s a good thing. Don’t we want a preformer and not JUST a singer that stands there on stage? I know that’s what I want.

  64. 64
    Yolanda Says:

    I preferred Phillip over Jessica but I really liked elise the best. IMO, Jessica should’ve gone home weeks ago.

  65. 65
    Mikka Says:

    Its obvious Phillip would win.. Even if we wanted Jessica to win!
    People in charge of American idol. Did this on purpose.
    They made Jessica in the top 2 because they know that’s how they will get millions of views and votes.And there rating will increase!!!

    Jessica was rigged. 132 million? Majority of those votes were for Jessica and that’s true. 

    Another WGWG won Ofcourse and I won’t be surprised if next season another WGWG wins.
    It just comes to show that American idol isn’t always about talent but is mostly about popularity and looks.

    I was hoping that Jessica would win American idol this season.
    She’s 16 years old and has amazing talent.
    Jessica will be HUGE. You’ll see later on..

    Phillip Phillps is talented but will be forgotten in a few months.

    Jessica deserved to win. But got rigged. 
    She’ll be successful. Way more then Phillip!

    You’re the winner Jessica even of you weren’t crowned American idol! 
    You’re the winner to all your fans! <3

  66. 66
    RR Says:

    Yes, Jessica has the chops, but she has no personality!!! Philip Philips is the whole package, congrats to him!! I’d see him in concert, her?? I don’t think so!!

  67. 67
    joyce Says:

    I love Phillip but I really hope Jessica had won. But I was not surprised when Phillip won. Another white guy with guitar. This would be the last time I’m going to watch AI. The winners are like scripted or anything else. Its just not fair.

  68. 68
    Selena Miranda Says:

    @Selena Miranda: To Carol–yaah.. your right
    Philips never changed from the very beginning till the end…hes SOOOO BBBBORING TO DEATH…he sings as if hes constipated or..has some ePHILLIPtic attack..LOL

  69. 69
    Joy Says:

    Another disappointment! Another goofy country boy! Every song he sang sounded the same. Jessica ran circles around him…she’s really the true winner and will be more successful in her career. By the end of the year, he will be forgotten.

  70. 70
    Sylvia Says:

    This is Idol show, not talent show we are talking about. The voters go for the one which they like, not the one that can sing. Sorry, but i think Philip is forgetable. I do hope those who votes for him buy his records. Don’t just vote for the sake of voting…cause the winner will suffer at the end.

  71. 71
    Sybil Says:

    Imagine listening to Phillip in a long concert – all his songs will sound the same. Country and Western, he belongs in Nashville, not Popville!

  72. 72
    Jneuman Says:

    American Idol has turned to ****, it’s not about talent anymore but about looks and what the public sees to be a “star” but true talent is always frowned upon depending on the physical visage of the person.. It’s truly sickening. Jessica is obviusly 99.9% better in all fields of musical genius. \

  73. 73
    Carol J. Says:

    Jessica is light years ahead of P.P. He reminds me of Joe Cocker( w/ strange facial & hand moves) who had one really good song. P.P. seems like a nice guy, but I think Jessica will have the career.

  74. 74
    Sybil Says:

    Yep, the judges should choose American Idol and not the public but that will never happen ‘cos its all to do with money, ratings etc……

  75. 75
    Bee Says:

    I am in Africa and was a fun of American idol, but not anymore. The truth is it is not about talent. So why waist our time watching.

  76. 76
    JHON Says:

    he will be like kris allen whit adam
    adam way better!
    congrats jessica u are the best

  77. 77
    boba Says:

    In my opinion Philip is the most original and he deserve to win it.

  78. 78
    Rick Says:

    With the terrible song given to Jessica to sing & make her first record, it’s better that she did not get the contract. Only Kelly Clarkson got a hit with her finale song. Watch PHILLIP PHILLIPS song go……um…no where!!! LOL!! The 3 best parts of American Idol are:
    (1)The beginning with all the crack-pots
    (2)The end, where you see the REAL talent
    (3)When it’s over….BECAUSE IT’S GUARANTEED TO DISAPPOINT!!! hahahahahahahahahhahahaha….. Just 2 camps left over hating each other.

    I hope they both do fine….Let the better talent rise & keep rising!!!!

    ok….That’s my opinion…Much Metta to all!!!

  79. 79
    Bowen Says:

    No wayyyy!!!! He can’t even sing!!!!! What are people voting for???? It cracks me up how these voting shows go. The news right after the show, took a poll and Jessica won by 60%!!!! She is clearly the most talented one!!!! The voting process needs to be changed one per phone number. It’s a joke anymore.

  80. 80
    Nancy Says:

    Phillip Phillips got my vote and I’m 54 years old. Why? He came across like a regular guy who was confident in his own skin. I did like Jessica, but sometimes I felt she was trying to be too grown up with her dress and song choice. She is a talented singer- no doubt – and I wish her the very best. I got choked up watching Phillip struggle with his emotions in the finale. To see him leave the stage in the middle of his song to go embrace his family was so tender. He came across as genuine and truly American.

  81. 81
    Bonita Says:

    @Me3: you wouldn’t recognize singing if it came up and bit you on your face, boring one note phillip please, white people…….shakin my head

  82. 82
    Joel Says:

    Jessica is the better singer, Phillip is the better musician. In fact, he’s one of the most talented musicians that has ever been on AI. I would see the argument for both to win. If it’s a singing competition, vote for the better singer, but if you see it as building a young talent I believe you must go with PP. He’s more entertaining, more diverse, & more unique. Phillips deserved to win tonight. Glad to see him so taken by it

  83. 83
    Bonita Says:

    @Antonio: minorities cannot be racist their the disadvantage group have to stick together, majority of anything equals advantaged

  84. 84
    Bonita Says:

    @Sad: white people…shaking my head

  85. 85
    cocoy Says:

    America, America, Why do we have to be so angry. Philipps has his own talent and charms but vocally no way compare to Jessica. We all see that. And for all Jessica fans Let us all be happy cause She will do better than Philips. Almost all the runner up has better career than the AI. With Jessica’s voice and talent as young as she is she will far and succeed more. It is just sad that because of the cute , and sexy and wgwg tradition american has lower the standard of our american Idol.
    Jessica will go a long ways with her super vocals and will develop to be a performer. she is only 16 y/o lot more. God bless you, There is more blessing to come for you. Stay humble.

  86. 86
    tennille Says:

    It goes simply as it is; Jessica’ high pitch voice was beated by Phillip’s boyish & charming looks.
    Congrats Phillips!!!
    I would even like you even more if you put past Justine Bieber’s tweensy career into the grave.

  87. 87
    Bowen Says:

    @Ladybug: lol

  88. 88
    Gavin Says:


    I find it funny that you criticize a Grammy/Tony award winner singer as well as a broadway actress. Clearly Jessica and Jennifer’s duet was the best of the night. Oh, and doesnt Philip make horrendous faces? Or after seeing him make the same face every five words become normal to you :]?

  89. 89
    AmuseMe Says:

    Strange… Every time I try to add my “+” or “-” to a comment, the opposite is added.

    Anyway, this is the very first season of AI I’ve completely watched. I am not a karaoke fan, and despite the fact that some of these kids have amazing voices, it’s generally still just an elevated karaoke contest. Phillip Phillips is the only reason I hung on for the entire season this year. Don’t get me wrong- I fell in love with the Top 3 (Jessica, Joshua and Phillip) in the end. But it was Phillip’s artistic talent, the way he can take a boring, run-of-the-mill pop song and turn it into something interesting, that kept me tuning in week after week.

    You cannot compare Jessica to Phillip. Jessica is a pop vocalist and Phillip is an artist. They are both good at what they do, and I would have been happy with either of them (or even Joshua) as the winner. It all depends upon your personal taste, and what you like to listen to. I am not a fan of pop, so I would buy Phillip’s music before Jessica’s. Don’t fret, because all three should have successful careers. And if you don’t like the results, vote more!

  90. 90
    Mark Says:

    When Jennifer thought that PP’s terrible rendition of a Billy Joel’s great song “Moving Out” was better than Jessica’s version of “The Prayer” I had doubts with both American Idol and Jennifer’s ability to see talent. Jessica’s talent goes way beyond any talent that Phillip will ever reach. Phillip is a good singer but I have seen similar out there in many bars in NYC. 13 year old girls voting have never seen all the talent out there in the streets yet. How do you get 132 million votes cast on less than 20 million viewers? Does that mean that adults aren’t putting in 20 votes each. They should all look at Melanie Amaro from the X Factor to see real talent and only Jessica could compare to her.

  91. 91
    klista Says:

    I love jessica, but i dont want to hate phillip…
    I think, ninakaw yung title kay jessica
    she deserves the title.. but what can we do now? si phillip na yung nanalo… wala na tayo’ng magagawa.. right? Phillip is already 21 yrs. old while jessica is 16. Jessica has a bright future and have a long way to go and she can mold her talent as time goes by. You know, even though jessica end up being in the 2nd place she have a great future waiting. hindi naman lahat na nanalo sa American Idol became popular, you know, some end up “Laos”/not popular. Jessica got the great talent while phillip only got fortune/luck.

  92. 92
    maryjane johnson Says:

    I think Jessica is very talented , she can sing anything she likes, any style .Phillips is just a cute and handsome guy. So what?
    America are you really that superficial? Look for talent , why limit yourself to only one style of music. NO, you want to reach every person that loves music. Jessica will have a very outstanding future, her voice is amazing
    she is blessed and Phillips knows it. Dude your looks did it, not your voice.

  93. 93
    Bonita Says:

    I think Phillip showed no emotionswhen they annouced winner because he knew Jessica was robbed and started crying because he knew this was wrong, I mean he knows he did not sound better than joshua and jessica, he knows, poor guy i feel sorry for him I really do

  94. 94
    Bonita Says:

    @Antonio: Jessica is not black

  95. 95
    Bowen Says:

    @klista: What????

  96. 96
    jhestine Says:

    how messed up, jessica sanchez has talent, she’s more talented than him, philip’s not as talented as jessica, admit it, but even though she’s second, the second one’s are always more popular than the winners.. hah!!!! yeah!!! so vote for real talent and not cuteness or anything! like you girls did for justin bieber for the kids choice awards or the mtv

  97. 97
    jhestine Says:

    yeah, he is good looking but i don’t really like him, hell, what happened to talent?!

  98. 98
    WGWGWTF Says:

    America did it again! Another WGWG to prove that racism in America is still strong.

  99. 99
    bobbyg Says:

    To be honest, she did have the better voice but lets be real…the contest is about who will be the next american idol and who’s record will you ultimately buy? Would want someone with a great voice but not much in the way of originality and catch and groove or would you want to listen to someone that will sell records and someone you’ll enjoy listening to more. Philip Philips is the new american idol and well deserving….his song last night brought him home a winner.

  100. 100
    Jessixca Says:

    I’m so upset that Phillip won . he cant even sing high notes and he sings crap . Amercians really dont know how to vote . Jessica is the real winner to me mxm

  101. 101
    jeyeykei Says:

    @Carol: a boring idol every year, you mean?

  102. 102
    WGWGWTF Says:

    @Nancy: yeah you’re racist…obviously.. congratulations the racism won. again.

  103. 103
    WGWGWTF Says:

    @Joy: true!! 2013: “Philip Phillips?” “WHo?!” hahahahaha…

  104. 104
    Sue Says:


    I agree completely with your comment. I have felt this way all along. Phillip sings what he believes in and has his own style. We never heard Jessica’s style, not even once. Having a great voice is not enough to complete what a good artist is. Stage presence, making the audience feel what you are singing, being creative in your performance and immersing your whole self into what you believe in is a true artist. Jessica has time to find her own style and become creative in her performances……remember she is only 16. There is no reason to insult any of these contestants as they are all talented in their own way. I don’t understand all these comments about the guitar. Playing an instrument only makes the performance more enjoyable and shows how talented that person is!!! Good luck to Phillip and I will buy his music………and I’m not a 13 year old who has a crush. I enjoy music that is soleful and relaxing which is my personal taste!!!!

  105. 105
    Lauren Says:

    People are being so offensive over Phillip. I bet most of you didn’t even voted. I think saying ‘another white guy blabla’ is so irrelevant! Maybe you guys should think a little bit more about OKAY, SO, IF JESSICA HAS THIS AMAZING VOICE, WHY PEOPLE DIDN’T VOTED FOR HER? I don’t really believe 132 million people voted Phillip just because he has a pretty face. Come on, stop being childish. He is a complete artist: he sings, plays guitar, he is original at every performance. Jessica has an amazing voice, but she is always the same, you always know what to expect from her. And with Phillip, you never know, that’s the great thing about him. He never gets boring, and Jessica does (not hating, just being realistic). Anyway, I hope the best for them both, and I am truly excited to see what the future holds for Phillip.

  106. 106
    Lauren Says:

    @Bonita lmao are you serious? He was overwhelmed! Im pretty sure that if Jessica had won, she would have cried too. Im sorry, but your comment was so childish and stupid omg.

  107. 107
    Amb Says:

    YAYYY.. Thank Goodness that ugly annoying Sanchez chick didn’t win. PHILLIP ALL THE WAYYY

  108. 108
    russ Says:

    both Joshua and Jessica had real talent and versatility, every song Philip sang sounded the same.It was obvious the show wanted Philip to win, just look at the final song they gave them Jessica had a crappy song that she really had to work at, Philip was given a real good song and a big production number to go with it ,he did a decent job with it and gave his usual smile to all the young heart throbbing girls.
    Change scoring to more like dancing with stars where judges score based on actual talent would count for 50% of total score. maybe then real talent would count for something.
    both jessica and Joshua will have long and prosperous c arrears but not Philip

  109. 109
    john Says:

    Phillips will have no career like the rest of the past 4 guy idol winners.. Jessica has so much natural talent and singing ability at the age of just 16 its ridiculous! No matter if she won or not i promise she will have a 10x bigger career than Phillip ever will! They’re not even on the same level..its kinda a joke really!

  110. 110
    neknek Says:

    dear carol, let’s talk next year.. and see where YOUR idol will be…

  111. 111
    anickh Says:

    @SE: I totally agree. Phillip is multitalented, humble, and original. He definitely deserves the title. I really like Jessica. I think she’s adorable but just not as good as Phillip. Jessica sounds like a lot of other female pop singers (and sometimes off key.) I might buy her album but I’ll definitely buy Phillips. Phillip is flawless!!

  112. 112
    Jesse Says:

    I think after tonight results American Idol proves that the show has no more credibility and reputation. So sad :(

  113. 113
    belllers81 Says:

    Really??? Phillip has his own unique style? I think i’ve seen and heard the same style of performing from john mayer, rob thomas, the three idols before him except for scottie, mucisians performing in bars all over the US, and this list can go on and go on. Unique? I don’t think so!

  114. 114
    gladys Says:

    Jessica has a very powerful voice. I thought America will vote for this young talented girl. For me , The IDOL is JESSICA…. who can sing that last song she sang today. Amazing Voice…….JESSICA YOU ARE THE AMERICAN IDOL .

  115. 115
    anickh Says:

    The idol voting results had nothing to do with racism. I have never once thought about any of contestants race. you’re racist if your bringing racism into this. I voted for phillips solely based on his vocals, nothing else!! And no way is American Idol racist. J Lo is latin, randy is black, fantasia is black, jordan sparks is part balck, and ruben is black. ya, sounds WAYYY racist!! people need to stop making excuses for why jessica didn’t win. the real reason she didn’t win is because she didn’t get as many votes as phillip because her vocal skills are not as good as his. Bottom line. Deal with It!!

  116. 116
    MickeyMouse. Says:

    Jessica should really have won! I honestly have nothing against Philip but I really wanted Jessica to get the crown. Because she shows talent beyond sixteen. Is it just me, or does it seem like those who win are always fangirl-based?

  117. 117
    O J Says:


  118. 118
    AmuseMe Says:

    I wish Jessica had waited a few years to enter this competition. Her inability to connect with the audience (something Philip & Joshua both excelled at) plus her confidence level in choosing songs that fit her style would have been better developed by the time she reached her 20′s. Had she chosen to sing Whitney’s version of “I Will Always Love You” and/or J Holiday’s “I Am Telling You (I am not Going)” plus picked a better single, she very well might have won last night! But she is simply too young & inexperienced as an artist to make such choices… My musical preferences lean toward rock and folk, so I naturally preferred PP (and no, his looks had nothing to do with it) but after listening to Jessica’s fans ***** and moan all night about “conspiracy theories” and Phillip winning because of his looks, I wish she would have won! Phillip is a true artist and would have been signed regardless, and did not “need” the AI contract. Quite frankly, he would have had more artistic freedom without it! As for all the stupid conspiracy theories, had anyone on AI not wanted Jessica to win, they would not have used their Save on her!

  119. 119
    arturo Says:

    i am sad, i was expecting jessica to win because of talent and flexibility. philips though is a good talent. i like josua better than philips, talent wise.

  120. 120
    NotAGirl Says:

    Well, he’s hot, but this show sucks.

  121. 121
    amensister Says:

    i wonder how many multiple votes he go, GO WGWG!!! NOT :-9

  122. 122
    olemanbob Says:

    As a 71yr old music fan and have followed music for well over 50 yrs,you younger kids just don’t get it! In all my years of tracking music, I feel that the voice of Pia Toscano is the best to come along in well over 50 yrs!Shortly her album will be released and you will see the REAL Pia Toscano rise to the top of the music industry. YOU CAN PUT THAT STATEMENT IN THE BANK!

  123. 123
    chaari Says:

    Good for Jessica. Tommy Mottola is going to sign her up!

  124. 124
    gfdgret Says:

    Jessica while very good was predictable and Beyonce copycat. Philip was the most unique and no one else sounded like him. He was not a clone. He is a true music artist. the little girl sounds like everyone on the radio right now! who wants to hear a bunch of ballads? ugh.

  125. 125
    jenfan Says:

    Jessica is really talented…bt she’s not humble…im happy Phillip won he has a very unique voice…and is talented in his own way!!

  126. 126
    Raini Says:

    Boo! I wanted Jessica to win, but Phillip is good to.

  127. 127
    jenfan Says:

    [plus when Sacnchez is singing there is no passion..look at her face compared to Joshua's and Phillips....its like she's just singing....

  128. 128
    eb Says:

    This guy has the charisma of a rock.

  129. 129
    megan Says:

    You seem to forget Jessica was voted off once already, should it surprise you she didn’t win. I am not a teenage girl and like Phillip because he will make music I want to listen to. I think that Jessica will do well for herself. Phillip may not have the voice of Jessica or Josh both are amazing. This contest is more than just singing voice though it’s called American Idol and that has to do with looks and performance just as much as voice. I really didn’t care who won everyone on the show works hard and deserve to be there. A lot of them will do well because of the show and good for them. Don’t be bitter because your favorite didn’t win just buy their CD when it comes out a support them in the future because that is how they stick around for the long haul.

  130. 130
    mooner Says:


    STOP PEOPLE WITH THE RACIST WHITE GUY COMMENTS. a BLACK GUY ONE THE VOICE. JENNIFER HUDSON IS ONE OF THE MOST SUCESSFUL AMERICAN IDOL PEOPLE. JUST STOP whityes are getting beaten down when ever they do anything. WHAT ABOUT THR PRODUCER? WAS HE JEWISH? you want to start race calling stArt behind the scenes.

  131. 131

    @Antonio: first of all jessica is waaay more talented than philp only reason why he won was because he’s cute and plays guitar but she has soul when she sings and u can tell that she gives it her all. and second don’t be hatin on the black only products b/c(not being racist at all like you were…but) b-4 we had black ony white people had white only and i agree american idol and any other show is for black and white and mexican and aisan and sooooo on but dont make a comment like that agan please b/c that was very offensive. THX

  132. 132
    Yolanda Says:

    Why is he being criticized for being white? Racism at its worst. Its ok if a white guy wins. Sore losers all over. Show some class people.

  133. 133
    Shelby Says:

    Phillip is very popular. He can’t hit every note, but he sings with genuine emotion and that’s what singing is all about. all the cry babies need to learn how to lose without attacking the winner.

  134. 134
    Mrsmartinez Says:

    Losers crying racism? How ridiculous. Just maybe the majority liked Phillip more. We are entitled to our opinion without being called racist. The real racists are those that bring race into the discussion. This was about which singer we liked. Period. Jessica sang with no real feelings. She’s just too young. She will get there but this wasn’t quite her time. Too young. And Phillip has a sweet voice and style. Whole package.

  135. 135
    helena Says:

    everything is scripted . . . they let joshua exit first because it will be more ridiculous to see if phillips will win over josh . . .then they gave jessica a not so good 3rd song . . .so that phillips will shine . . .no reason for the judges to give him a standing ovation because the 3rd song of phillip is so easy to sing and yet he cannot give it a nice rendition . . .AMERICAN IDOL sucks because boring guys always win . . .it is an insult to phillips , the judges, jimmy lovine because the whole nation saw and heard the beautiful and powerful duet of jennifer holiday and jessica . . .then after that they announced boring phillips having won . . who are you fooling YOURSELVES and no one else . . .ha ha ha

  136. 136
    Jlorocks Says:

    Phillip is amazing. Smooth voice that’s pleasing to my ears. I don’t enjoy screamers. Sing. Don’t scream. Best one won. Phillip is amazing. So happy for a really nice guy.

  137. 137
    Cece Says:

    I stopped watching this show years ago. The only reason I tuned back in is because of Jessica. Now that it’s over, I guess there’s no point in watching it again next year and the year after that. Phillip has talent, but Jessica’s vocal ability is so much better than his. Don’t believe me? Ask every freaking celebrity that wanted her to win. Aerosmith, Akon, Jennifer Holliday, Jesse McCartney, Colbie Caillat, past Idol contestants, and many more believed that she should’ve won. Look her up on Wikipedia for more details. I’m tired of witnessing WGWGs win this so called “singing” competition when it’s obviously more of a popularity contest.

    Update: The guy who launched Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Billy Joel’s career will be working with Sanchez on her first album. :) Yay!

  138. 138
    Debbie Says:

    I knew he would win – not that i didn’t like him but jessica is far more talented and lets not forget my joshua – I loved hime and was so upset when he got the boot – what a mistake to me joshua was the real american idol.

  139. 139
    Barry Says:

    Not a single note of originality came out of Phillip Phillips mouth all season, it’s amazing that a Dave Matthews wanna be singer would have a chance but then again American Idol is just a kid show anyway, lately the show is not based on talent but solely on popularity. Until the show allows the judges to become a deciding factor in the voting process the show will continue to produce results like this.. Judges being able to have only one save is ridiculous. Phillips should have been cast off the 3rd week in, ZERO originality Hopefully the show THE VOICE can be the show to succeed A.I. that show has some issues to but at least the talent level is way higher. don’t hate Phillips, hate the voting process and know record producers will do nothing with this guy trust me.

  140. 140

    To Antonio!!! What a racist remark! You complain about this? What about all of the “Hispanic only” groups? Miss Latin America, Telemundo, minority loans, Eva Longoria Foundation for Mexicans only..etc…etc… Why don’t you complain about that////huhH?

  141. 141
    LEVY Says:


  142. 142
    SteveTyler Says:

    And why are all of you Puerto Ricans complaining anyway it is none of your business Jessica is not Puerto Rican she is Filipino.

  143. 143
    wakeupNsee Says:

    Singing with a lot of passion in your face doesn’t make you a good singer. And Phillip sounded awful last night. Just like Taylor Swift winning signing awards based on people thinking she’s a good song writer. Being able to write a song doesn’t make her a good singer. I’m sick if these no talents having careers because 13 girls don’t care that they can’t sing!!

  144. 144
    Cammie Says:

    UGH. This show has lost all credibility, considering not one of it’s newly crowned “white guys with guitars” has had any actual post-Idol success. Over it.

  145. 145
    shameika maths Says:

    wow! thats was supp all did yall thing

  146. 146
    Simon Says:

    This show lost all its credibility when they hired that old saggy butt no talent JLOW.

  147. 147
    Arman Says:

    To all, NOT american Asian/mexican contestant for american IDOL, guys think a million times you are not gonna WIN. though you all know ONLY AMERICAN can WIN for this competition.

  148. 148
    San Francisco Says:

    Next time there will be a Filipino winner because Filipinos have great soulful voices and they can really sing.

  149. 149
    Fred Says:


    You must be kidding, his talent is no where near the young Sanchez or Joshua. We know why smiling and winking Phillip won and it had nothing to do with his talent. The proof is in the record sales and he can’t smile his way to the bank!

  150. 150
    Sarah Says:

    Phillip was never been in the bottom two and if u remember America voted Jessica off but the judges saved her. if they didnt save her, she wouldn’t even be in the final two so I think all you people who thought Jessica should have won just think if she didnt make it to the final two then what would u be complaining about.


  151. 151
    dave franco Says:

    I’m a male and I voted for Jessica. Agree with the comments in here. Fan girls are annoying. Quite a shame talent goes unnoticed but Jessica will do fine. She has the look.

    Btw, It doesn’t matter who wins… which AI alumni have had a successful career? Hmm… Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson.

  152. 152
    anne Says:

    that’s why i don’t watch AI anymore. that a guy with a guitar wins and soon he will be forgotten. don’t worry about jessica not winning, she will make it after AI.

  153. 153
    laurel Says:

    who names their child Phillip Phillips…

  154. 154
    Arci Says:

    Let us not lose sight of the fact that AI is a singing competition, not an instrument playing comp.

    Being allowed to play an instrument or use a prop of any kind enhances the performance, adding another dimension and flavour, thus disadvantaging those forced to who rely completely on raw singing talent.

    The show should be stripped down so that NONE of the contestants can use props. Perhaps then, the contestants will be judged more fairly on their singing ability.

  155. 155
    Jlorocks Says:


    Nobody has lost sight. Don’t forget… The IT factor comes into play on idol. Personality. Appearance. You can hate that, but it is the way this world is. Jessica will be ok. She has the talent but needs to work on her likability.

  156. 156
    A Says:

    Phillip deserves this!!!! He is a true artist! He sings, plays instruments, and writes! Jessica is a great singer, but that’s it! Phil would go on stage and you could feel every emotions he was feeling where as jessica just went up there and just sang karaoke! I think the fact that Phillips single, “Home” is the #1 song on iTunes speaks volumes! He is relevant!

  157. 157
    Randy Says:

    Why can’t losers learn that their opinion is no more valid than anybody else’s? Show some class and stop whining. People voted. Majority spoke. Phillip appeals to more. And those that voted for Phillip are just as right as you are. It’s an opinion. My favorite was voted off weeks ago. So what? I won’t bash the few that remained because I can’t handle that my opinion wasn’t the most popular. YOU PEOPLE CAN’T HANDLE COMPETITION.

  158. 158
    A Says:

    @Fred: maybe you should check out the itunes top songs!

  159. 159
    Maria Says:

    Randy – I completely agree. Jessica is a great singer and had wonderful performance last night and throughout the season. However trying to take away the talent factor from Philip is extremely sad! They are two different singers with different styles. That does not make one better than the other. It happened that more votes went for Philip who is VERY talented. Love his voice, style and how he writes his own music. These two were my favorites and I would be happy with whomever wom. You guys speak of fan girls…what do you sound like whining? Give credit where it is due. He deserved the win. She will also go on to be successful for sure. He didn’t win on playing an instrument. He has that great overall appeal and talent to boot. Enough said.

  160. 160
    Chelsea Says:

    If everyone’s complaining about the winner, why didn’t YOU vote? I’m not saying you all are Americans and have access to voting, but most of you probably are.

    To be honest, the first time I watched this season was this week for the finale. I’m sure a lot of people did not watch the entire season because it becomes very repetitive after 11 seasons. I know, we all just want to know who the winner is. So, from what I saw during Tues performance night, the judges, the audience and even myself were siding with Phillip. It was just unfortunate that Jessica couldn’t pull through to the very end to win America’s vote one last time, especially for an episode that most likely had highest viewership of the whole season.

  161. 161
    Arci Says:


    Wow, the voice of reason. I wonder how many people did tune in just to see the final “sing-off”? A good many I would think and a lot of them would have felt compelled to add their voice to the results.

    On the basis of that one night’s performances, Phillip won hands down. .

  162. 162
    Eliz Says:

    Totally agree! Phillip has soul and is true to himself as well as being an entertaining performer–I would buy his album and will download a couple of his songs from the show. I have no desire to do that with Jessica, although she is an amazing singer. Sometimes a singer has that “it” factor without being the best techinical singer. I predict that he will be successful, but I’m sure Jesssica will too. Clearly, a singer can have great success without winning.

  163. 163
    gma Says:

    @Carol: I agree Carol–and I’m no 13 year old–71 year old mother and grandmother-I loved Philip’s unusual voice, style and integrity–voted for him over and over, but never thought he would win–so glad he did. gma

  164. 164
    angelina Says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! That is just ridiculous. Jessica deserved to win, not Phillip. I’m a teen girl and didn’t think he was cute one bit. He had a good voice, but EVERYTIME Jessica sang it gave me the chills. Now that’s a true idol. I mean Phillip was good but he didn’t blow me away EVERY time he sang, Jessica did. Ohhh well, she’s still got a badass voice that can blow anyone away and when she comes out with all her amazing albums , I’ll be sure to buy each and every one of em’ :)

  165. 165
    Mindy Turner Says:

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  166. 166
    Mindy Turner Says:

    as Dorothy replied I am inspired that a student able to get paid $4609 in four weeks on the internet. Did you look at this


  167. 167
    Ray Says:

    Teenage girls have more patience to vote 50 times on facebook. Casual AI fans only vote once. 132 million votes versus 21 million viewers?? There real poll is the 60% votes in favor of Jessica.

  168. 168
    JO Says:

    @Carol: Phillip is very talented. Let’s not forget that the public voted Jessica off earlier on. But, the judges saved her. They didn’t save Pia Tuscano years ago, when she was in that same position. People are making this out to be a race thing. It’s not. What about when Taylor Hicks won against Katherine McPhee.Let’s just let the winners enjoy their reign. Thanks.

  169. 169
    D Says:

    I think it’s comical how people are so irate over the results. If you voted, then share your opinion, if you didn’t that’s yourownfault. If your pick didn’t win then support her when she releases something. We will see how that goes, she’s really young and I feel doesn’t know who she should be, yet. I wish them both the best,and yes I’m happy I voted for him and I will support him.

  170. 170
    bethy Says:

    I agree with Carol. I like both of them, but phillip makes you feel what he singing. I honestly think that is the best thing to look for in a singer. Jessica has not told us anything about her style or what she is like. if she told us more about her it might help us connect with her music. that is why i would vote for Phillip.

  171. 171
    pegasuslegend Says:


  172. 172
    Luba Nieman Says:

    Jessica was a much better artist and singer. She will be the next Whitney Houston. Very dissapointed with the result.

  173. 173
    pegasuslegend Says:

    @Carol you are 100% correct… The only song that Jessica sang that was over the top amazing was Whitneys I will always love you. When she tried to sing whatever the heck that was she wrote it wasn’t rememberable at all… So that is the difference orginality with a rememberable stay… Joshua and Philip should have been the last two.. When Jessica got save that was all for show… that’s it. She has lots of talent, doesn;t know how to make people feel it.. it wasnt about looks theres no way, who cares if they are 13 who vote. If she had political pull then she’d be in with those votes… it’s all good.

  174. 174
    glo Says:

    The people spoke and I think he is sooooo much more capable of handling American Idol than a little girl. He is a star and humble and I don’t think this will go to his head. He has talent and composure, just what people love to listen to, and hes the star….I hope he takes precautions against losing him self like J Lo who was talented and now is a self indulgent losing all she worked for

  175. 175
    Maris Says:

    I stopped watching a long time now. When the judges has 60% say on the final judgement I will reconsider. The American public never gets it right

  176. 176
    Ellie Says:

    I have watched my last American Idol show. Jessica deserved to win.
    Phillip is a light weight that will fade away and be forgotten. The judges have lost all credibility with me as they touted his voice every week and possibly influenced the voting.

  177. 177
    nina Says:

    Who won in american idol last night.

  178. 178
    Amanda Says:

    Jessica is just a 16 year old girl that didn’t care about anybody else but her self. yes she might have talent but philip was unique and had a great personality! people vote just because she was young and she was somewhat cute! so i think america needs to open their eyes!

  179. 179
    Sam Says:

    Im soo happy. He sooo deserves it. He’s an amazing singer and I love him!! To all those saying that Jessica has more talent, she might to some people. To those saying that just white guys are winning now, that’s not what it’s about! It’s about talent. And those saying he just won because of 13 year old girls voting for him, that’s what it’s about, voting, and picking your favorites! Ok,he deserves it and I’m happy for him. You should be too:).

  180. 180
    dismayed Says:

    Her Name is Jennifer Holliday…A TONY Award Winner and Grammy Winner. You know Broadway, right? She played the part of Effie in Broadway..Dream Girls. This is exactly the reason why its always the less talented and less deserving contestant that wins…people who are voting know nothing,…as in NOTHING at all…of music and the respected names in the field. They just base their criteria in choosing a bet on who catches their eye…You guys laugh about her..but she has achieved FAR MORE than what you have or ever achieve in your lifetime. AI is not minority friendly…how many minorites have won the title? The set up of allowing the audience vote and decide who wins brings out deep seated biases. As long as you are will win. No matter how good you are…if you are not their idea of how and what an american should look will never get the title. They will deny it to you…and they say discrimination is dead.

  181. 181
    Mona Says:

    I am totally with You. It was not a talent competition,but cuteness. And to all people,who say ,that” Phillip is just Phillip”, he is boring Phillip. Something needs to be done,so little kids won’t take a good portion of votes from contestans,who realyyyyy deserve them. Bravoooo JESSICA.Your carrer is a sure thing.

  182. 182
    Mona Says:

    I agree ha,ha,ha.

  183. 183
    dismayed Says:

    dont get me wrong…i am happy for Phillip…. just exasperated with this trend that have not produced much after the contest is over

  184. 184
    Mona Says:

    Please,don’t call kids “fans” . They don’t even know,what kind of music they like. Girls just like young,cute man.

  185. 185
    Mona Says:

    And what emotions Phillip presented? Boring songs,boring voice. To be able to hit a higher note,he had to make a face.

  186. 186
    Mona Says:

    How about his boring grey shirts? Was he a whole package? No way. And politeness has nothing to do with a tallent.

  187. 187
    Mona Says:

    And You call Phillip original? In what way?

  188. 188
    dismayed Says:

    and how can you say that she doesnt care about anything but herself? Have you seen how happy she was when Philips name was called as a winner? She was genuinely happy for him that she immediately hugged Philip. And she said he really deserve the title becasue he worked harder than any of them because he was enduring his sickness on top of the sterss of the competition. That is such a baseless judgement of a person whom you havent even spoken or met even once.

  189. 189
    JCN Says:

    You know I am so sick and tired about hearing how Philip should not have won. He did win the votes were not rigged. He won because he not only had a great style about him he has showmanshil.
    I am also tired of hearing that a White person won. When is the world going to stop butting a color on people. It is people who make those kind of comments that will keep this race thing going forever.
    I voted for Phil I like his stye. I would buy his records. Jessica had the same voice as so many other people that I can buy her style of music right now.
    Jessica is a great singer she will do fine in the world of music.
    The right person won and its time we just said Good Job.

  190. 190
    Mona Says:

    Jenfan,Jenfan. PP was not full of passion,when singing. He had to make a face every time he had to take a higher note. That’s not passion,that’s diffilulty singing.

  191. 191
    Carol Says:

    @neknek: sad that you hope for the worst when it comes to someone’s dream. =/

  192. 192
    Donna Says:

    America got this so wrong. I’ve been watching the show every single season and this was the worst vote I’ve ever seen. Joshua is a much better entertainer with a much better voice.

  193. 193
    RONNIE Says:


  194. 194
    Mona Says:

    I totally agree with Arci. No more instruments (besides orchestra),so we can hear the raw talent. How obout a one night “a capella’?

  195. 195
    ricki Says:


  196. 196
    john Says:

    but im really sure that jessica will be very known instead of philipps,,,,
    coz jessica has a power to catch the attention of the audience/

  197. 197
    songbird4 Says:

    I am a vocal coach and while I admire Jessica’s vocal abilities, she did not appeal to me. Her song choices and tendency to over sing were part of the reason. The other part was that she is so young and not believable when she sang. I also don’t think she came across as very likeable. Again, too young.

    Phillip isn’t technically perfect, but he knows how to deliver a song. There is more to singing that hitting every note as Hollie and her fans know very well.

    To those that think this was racial, or unfair – it’s American Idol. The majority of votes wins. You knew the rules going in. Had your favorite won, I doubt you would be crying about the rules. It’s OK for a white male to win. They are just as capable as white females, asian females, black females. Just because they are white doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for them. If you like them, you vote for them. This sounds more like reverse racism than anything. White men aren’t evil or any less deserving.

  198. 198
    Arci Says:


    Maris, I think if you watched the final competition night, you would have seen that the judges wanted Phillip to win. Their comments were totally in favour of Phillip and less favourable for Jessica. Randy Jackson was particularly over the top in favour of Phillip. Those comments would have swayed the audience to a large extent, so in the end, I think the judges did have a say, and a strong one at that.

  199. 199
    Gorio Says:

    Now that America voted another WGWG ………I will predict that Phillip will have the same fate of Lee Dewyze and Kris Allen. We will find out who is going to sell more records..Jessica or Phillip…and because Jessica has more international appeal than Phillip, Im sure, she will become more successful than Phillip in the music industry…..lets see.

  200. 200
    Sue Says:

    Winning idol doesn’t guarantee commercial success. So what? I’m sure he is thrilled he won. Get well Phillip. I can’t wait to hear you sing again. You are a winner.

  201. 201
    bobby junior Says:

    phillip phillips sucks sh*t

  202. 202
    angela Says:

    Jessica you were ROBBED. Phillips cant sing = I thought that was a requirement but quite clearly not. Time will tell who will be successful and I look forward to buying your album Jessica, you should have gone on X Factor – Simon knows talent when he sees it.

  203. 203
    Jo Says:

    The top three are really talented and i hope they all just won cuz they’re different but please stop hating on phillip phillips. we all think that jessica should’ve been the next american idol but I don’t get why a lot of people didn’t vote for her and you could tell in the finale of A.I than phillip wasn’t expecting to win. I was really proud for him because the top three deserved it, I mean if you guys think that person is good then listen to their album when it goes out! and even though you’re the runner-up in american idol.. you’ll still be famous!! honestly i think its better if joshua won :)))))

  204. 204
    jo Says:

    dont blame the guy.. blame the people for the votes! i like jessica to win too but if i was phillip phillips and no one was proud for me, i’d be so guilty and upset..

  205. 205
    Tre Says:

    I know Philipp is good but I think Jessica is way better!

  206. 206
    leoSaez Says:

    I believe that Phillip Phillips is the reencarnation of Kurt Cobain looks his facial movements. Kurt came back in phillips ,Welcome Back Kurt !!!!!!!!!! also his personality its very similar , Serious , just make Phillips singing an album of Nirvana . Well done !!!!!

  207. 207
    amy Says:

    OMG! I hate the sound of his screeching voice. I hate his screaming! I hate the way he even holds the guitar! Someone, please get him a girlfriend so he can stop violating his guitar!! BARF! Let’s see how the album does.

  208. 208
    samdopy Says:

    You fools when would you people wake up mentally and realise the show is “FIXED ” and i cannot but from now on dismiss CAROL scribblings as the libelous drivel of an unbalance mind

  209. 209
    ExAmericanIdolFan Says:

    Phillips Phillips isn’t orginal, he sounds like Casey from last year.. No orginality what so ever, I liked jessica, but she was too over the top for me. I don’t think american idol is that big on finding actual talent like they used to be.

  210. 210
    icouldntcareless Says:

    I am african, quite surprised to read about the past 4 winners never heard of them.. Except when they make an appearance on idol of course.. The only idol winners i know r underwood,clarkson n sparks.. Daughtry too though he did’nt win. That says a lot about the WGWG type.. Phillip is headed down the path of the forgotten.

  211. 211
    blkspice21 Says:

    American Idol ratings are dropping.. This is why.. I understand people have certain styles of music they like but clearly we know that Jessica is going to have a waaaaaaayyyyy better career than Phillip he will die out just like the rest of the guitar players that have won. Forgotten by the end of the year mark my word. This is not to bring Phillip down but really I mean really. I will continue to watch The Voice and Xfactor.

  212. 212
    A Says:

    I think the important thing here is to realize that you don’t have to win American Idol to be successful! Yes, Jessica didn’t win, but she definitely didn’t lose! They both gained so much exposure that they may have never received had they not been on the show! While I voted for Phillip, I did so because he has more of the style of music I enjoy! And for the record, I am an adult female, not a little girl! So, stating that only little girls vote is completely invalid! That doesn’t mean Jessica wasn’t good! It just means everyone has different tastes and there is nothing wrong with that! That said, I am glad Phillip won, but Jessica will also have a great career!

  213. 213
    cheyenne cole Says:

    omg im 11 but i really do think the girl should have won .olny because she was strong threw the hole thing.whos with me

  214. 214
    Peter Says:

    I dont get american idol, Chris Daughtry was good and he got eliminated a bit too early…. but now he’s famous and Taylor Hicks umm aint that famous. Clay Aiken got runner up but he sold more than the winner of his season as he really had the better voice. Kris Allen won….really I dont know why because Lambert out sold him. Then James Durbin got fourth place. THEN JESSICA GETS RUNNER UP!!!!!

    ***** PLEASE LIKE COME ON!!!

    The point is the good ones actually usually lose, for some reason but really Idol is pretty much just like there mini jumpstart its all about what happens after….

  215. 215
    Grace Says:

    Hey everybody!!! Jessica Sanchez is the American Idol. Best Vocal! Best Performer! Best Attitude! Best Looks! She is an amazing singer! Ridiculously Good!!! Can sing the phone book. PHENOMENAL star!!!
    Philip is FORGETTABLE!!! How can he accept he is the winner when in fact he knows JESSICA is much better singer. Oh well, I just keep on buying Jessica’s songs. You will all see how she becomes FAMOUS!!!
    She has a lot of fans. America watch the coming SUPERSTAR JESSiCA SANCHEZ!!!

  216. 216
    Seleen Says:

    I don’t “like” a male to be the next American Idol, I don’t want to be racis or anything it’s just last year a male won American Idol so yea

  217. 217
    Ralph Says:

    @Rebecca: Yeah right.. jessica is so a copy cat. If Simon was still a judge, he would call her out every time and force her to be original, which she has no clue how to. Blame the judges this year for agreeing.. what a load of crap. Both the men look at Jennifer before they comment.. whats up with that? She has to give you approval and review what you say now? Are you married to her? Whats this bs about America we cannot allow this to happen and grabbing the mike from a fake singer? Should have let her walk weeks ago, what she just deserved.. then we would have a real show.. between Phillip and Joshua

  218. 218
    Ralph Says:

    @Marisa: How dare you compare Jessica vessica to Daughtry.. They are nowhere in the same stratosphere.. Daughtry has charisma, and sang with originality.. What did Jessica do? Sing copy cat like Whitney, or “insert name of artist she is currently singing here”. Besides, she has no charisma.. Do you remember someone with the last name of Doolittle on American Idol? Yeah, the one with the best voice of the century.. remember her charisma? that shy little thing? Guess how successful she is? I didn’t think so. You only say Jessica because she is half Pinoy..

  219. 219
    Ruth Says:

    Yay! I loved listening to Phillip’s melodic voice. Glad he got it!! :)

  220. 220
    nicoise Says:

    i felt sad when i heard that phillip is battling with kidney problem. i really like him but Jessica deserved the title.

  221. 221
    stringfellow Says:

    To lose to Phillip is a blessing in disguise! Young Jessica will have an awesome career. She is a class act with an amazing voice and personality!

  222. 222
    madison Says:


  223. 223
    andy Says:

    @Antonio: @Antonio:

    How about the KKK? How about the new KKK, the conservative republican party? Modern KKK no longer wear hoods. They are educated and they are running the congress right now.

  224. 224
    andy Says:

    @Roy: @Roy:

    According to producers in the music industry, AMERICAN IS NOT READY for an Asian pop star…..therefore, no matter how great or awesome Jessica is…..she would never win 1st place. Jessica needs to find herself a producer like David Foster to get her over. A producer who only deal with talented artist…not good looking guys.

  225. 225
    frank ryan Says:

    the black thing it always have to be the issue, this country has bent over backwards for African Americans is always a racial thing when a black person does not win. everyone was out to get the rich black guy that purchased a house on Manhattan . “Amos n’ Andrew” starring Nicholas Cage, Samuel L Jackson even the dog was a racist in that movie, it was so funny about a black guy who bought a house on Manhattan and the white guy was a thief and the sheriff got it wrong he thought that the black guy was the thief please rent it then you will see that everything is not about race. PS every black guy looks alike and sounds alike to us crackers:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) that’s why a black guy never wins :-) :-:-)

  226. 226
    frank ryan Says:

    it always has to be a racist reason why the black guy did not win. This country has been over backwards to accommodate the African American you should be grateful that we brought you here. Just picture where you would be if we left you in Africa. They have been there the same amount of time time that we have been here. They don’t even have running water or toilets they don’t even have enough food to feed themselves. You would be right where they are, so why don’t you just kiss your own ass and be grateful that we brought you here. If you really want to know how we all feel go rent” Amos N Andrew” and again if you don’t like it here go back and wright a Constitution and fix your screwed up country instead of bitching that you’re black guy did not win American Idol by the way not only do you all look the same you all sound the same when you sing terrible sincerely.The Cracker

  227. 227
    frank ryan Says:

    it always has to be a racist reason why the black guy did not win. This country has been over backwards to accommodate the African American you should be grateful that we brought you here. Just picture where you would be if we left you in Africa. They have been there the same amount of time time that we have been here. They don’t even have running water or toilets they don’t even have enough food to feed themselves. You would be right where they are, so why don’t you just kiss your own ass and be grateful that we brought you here. If you really want to know how we all feel go rent” Amos N Andrew” and again if you don’t like it here go back and wright a Constitution and fix your screwed up country

  228. 228
    frank ryan Says:

    it always has to be a racist reason why the black guy did not win. This country has been over backwards to accommodate the African American you should be grateful that we brought you here. They have been there the same amount of time time that we have been here. They don’t even have running water or toilets they don’t even have enough food to feed themselves. You would be right where they are, so why don’t you just kiss your own ass and be grateful that we brought you here. If you really want to know how we all feel go rent” Amos N Andrew” and again if you don’t like it here go back and wright a Constitution and fix your screwed up country

  229. 229
    frank ryan Says:

    it always has to be a racist reason why the black guy did not win. This country has been over backwards to accommodate the African American you should be grateful that we brought you here. They have been there the same amount of time time that we have been here. They don’t even have running water or toilets they don’t even have enough food to feed themselves. You would be right where they are, so why don’t you just kiss your own ass and be grateful that we brought you here. If you really want to know how we all feel go rent” Amos N Andrew” and again if you don’t like it here go back and wright a Constitution and fix your screwed up country African American what a joke

  230. 230
    frankRyan Says:

    it always has to be a racist reason why the black guy did not win. This country has been over backwards to accommodate the African American you should be grateful that we brought you here. They have been there the same amount of time time that we have been here. They don’t even have running water or toilets they don’t even have enough food to feed themselves. You would be right where they are, so why don’t you just kiss your own ass and be grateful that we brought you here. If you really want to know how we all feel go rent” Amos N Andrew” and again if you don’t like it here go back and wright a Constitution and fix your screwed up country African American what a joke

  231. 231
    frankRyan Says:

    what do you want us

  232. 232
    frankRyan Says:

    it’s pretty funny how you have to search differently when you read certain peoples Comments like mine you have two push show all comments or you will not see what I wrote

  233. 233
    frankRyan Says:

    the more I think about it during the depression almost 70 years ago but the blacks almost got what they should have got a senator from Texas had an idea to end the depression is idea was to send all the blacks back to Africa it is not going anywhere. You should kiss your black asses that this did not go through. I’m sure you don’t believe me however if you do so some Google you will see that I am right however just like schools they don’t even teach the children about slavery is too touchy of a subject by the way, for those who think I’m a racist, you are wrong what I I do not like foreigners coming into this country and ruining it for everyone this has nothing to do with black or white is about letting Muslim terrorists, Indians, Brazilians, Mexicans. .especially Mexicans they have most dirtiest filthy animals that breathes life dirty cockroaches and then they give them hospital care food stamp section 8 housings at our expense. I don’t think anyone has any idea what is going on these people will bankrupt our country and this morons that represent us are not doing anything to protect his country

  234. 234
    kmk Says:

    @Eric: That’s idiotic of you to say. Phillip won because because he wasn’t a prissy 16 year old girl. Every year they have a girl like jessica on the show and they all sound the same to me. American Idol should not be Toddlers and Tiaras… and the people who win should not be someone who sounds like every other little girl. I would know… I’ve won several international singing competitions.

  235. 235
    kmk Says:

    @sheila: Who are you to be judging which was better? You can’t even spell! So why don’t you go back to kindergarden and learn how to write properly?

  236. 236
    Mimi Says:

    wow…jessica should have won by far…and i mean im 13 and philip is prettyyy attractive but i mean cmon guys jessica was so much better..yay another cute white boy wins american idol *sarcasm*

  237. 237
    Rod_SoRandom Says:

    :( jessica didnt get it Q_Q i wish she had gone on x-factor or americans got talent something american idol just isnt good anymore, i dont even know what season they on, to be honest i only watch the auditions to see the crazies and the bad singers, i stumbled on jessicas sweet dream number and fell in love, good luck jes hope to see you doing an amber/katharine and landing on a musical tv show or pull a jennifer and be in a great movie where you can bellow as loud as you like THEN win awards for an album you dont even have out.
    good luck and take care of that talent!

  238. 238
    Maria Says:

    i´m portuguese and i love to watch “american idol” on FOX LIFE!
    on portuguese tv, we still dont know who won the season eleven of american idol, it´s steel on top 6.
    im very happy to know that Philip won this competion! he his my favourite sense the very first time i saw him on castings :D
    PHILIP AND ELISE were my favourites… elise´s voice is very strong and beautiful! philip´s voice is from the other world! its overwhelmed! i love him…
    jessica is a great singer! her vibrato is amazing and she sings with so maturity!
    bye bye, and so im sorry bad english, im still 13 years old

  239. 239
    elizabeth Says:

    my friend says she loves phillip but i agree with most of you jessica won it and had an astonishing voice no matter what!!!

  240. 240
    Arnel Says:

    I suppose u are the best performers and sa very good ideal and

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