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Who Won 'American Idol' 2012?

Who Won 'American Idol' 2012?

The winner of American Idol season 11 has been announced!

Sixteen-year-old powerhouse singer Jessica Sanchez and 21-year-old heartthrob Phillip Phillips were the last two contestants standing in the finale.

A record number of votes were cast after last night’s sing off — 132 million!

During last evening’s performance show, the judges – Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson – crowned Phillip as their favorite after his original song performance.

On tonight’s results show, past Idol contestants Ace Young and girlfriend Diana Degarmo got engaged. Host Ryan Seacrest pulled the couple up on stage where Ace proposed!

Click inside to find out who won American Idol season eleven…


ARE YOU HAPPY with the results of American Idol season eleven?

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  • Bit*ch

    Lol who didn’t saw this coming it’s always be them same the cutie hottie one always win but the one who have talent always in second or third .
    Just like Adam he should win but Kris the one who won , Same goes for scott. But don’t worry it’s not about who win the idol , it about who the one can last long in these music industry and I really sure Jessica the one .

  • Sad

    Race card. Wow. Sore losers all over. Face it. Phillip has more fans. That doesn’t take anything away from Jessica and her fans. I’m sure she will make music and all her fans can enjoy it. This wasn’t a racial thing. That’s just a copout.

  • iamAMAZING


  • sdf

    @Sad: seriously, the card thing is getting old. Is there another term you guys can use, instead of the ‘card’ thing?

  • ls

    He totally deserved it.

  • Blue

    yeah because American idol is deaf and only using other nationality to watch their show, Philip is white and Jessica is brown so do the math no one wins in American Idol, the choices are clear, White or Black never mind how bad or good their voice is it’s always going to be Black & White.
    Yes, America tried to boot out Jessica because she is a treat to all the contestant and that is the reality of this show, If you have an ear on music then you know Jessica is the winner unless you use your eyes instead your ears to their voice.

  • mafel

    i like philip’s style,he is so cute!altho jess’s voice is way amazing for a 16yr old girl,and this girl will go a long way for her talent,producers are rooting for her,some says she’s the next whitney houston or whatsoever. plus american idol is for americans not mix races…fyi!so dont wonder if jess’s didnt win,just my pov!

  • Silence

    They should just end this show

  • Blue

    Oh yeah your one of the deaf in america!

  • http://@JuanDirexyon Jal

    @Eric: That is so true. :D

  • Blue

    Congratulation to both finalist! Finally the show is over!

  • John

    I feel frustrated about the results…very very frustrating! I can’t even waste my time to hear Philips sing. But anyway everybody knows that Jesica is the real deal. If she holds a concert I can even risk to walk a thousand miles just to see her sing. I hope that next season American idol should change its name to American white who got no talents.

  • Rose

    I’m sorry, but when everyone sits here and states that only little girls vote for Phillip, I laugh. I’m 30 and voted for him all season. To ME, he’s the ultimate package! I think Jessica is boring. All she sings are ballads and I don’t feel any emotion in her voice. She is a good technical singer; ok, GREAT techincal singer… But like I said, I just don’t FEEL it with her like I do with Phillip. To me that’s the difference. Yes I am sure lots of little girls vote and only vote because they think he’s cute, but that is not the only people who vote. People vote on who THEY personally like; not on who they think other people feel is the best singer. If so and so thinks Phillip, to them, is someone they’d buy an album from, why would they vote for Jessica? Same goes the other way. Honestly, I wish more females won on the show, and I really don’t think last years Scotty should have won. But maybe people are voting for the whole package, instead of just the voice. And in a way, that’s a good thing. Don’t we want a preformer and not JUST a singer that stands there on stage? I know that’s what I want.

  • Yolanda

    I preferred Phillip over Jessica but I really liked elise the best. IMO, Jessica should’ve gone home weeks ago.

  • Mikka

    Its obvious Phillip would win.. Even if we wanted Jessica to win!
    People in charge of American idol. Did this on purpose.
    They made Jessica in the top 2 because they know that’s how they will get millions of views and votes.And there rating will increase!!!

    Jessica was rigged. 132 million? Majority of those votes were for Jessica and that’s true. 

    Another WGWG won Ofcourse and I won’t be surprised if next season another WGWG wins.
    It just comes to show that American idol isn’t always about talent but is mostly about popularity and looks.

    I was hoping that Jessica would win American idol this season.
    She’s 16 years old and has amazing talent.
    Jessica will be HUGE. You’ll see later on..

    Phillip Phillps is talented but will be forgotten in a few months.

    Jessica deserved to win. But got rigged. 
    She’ll be successful. Way more then Phillip!

    You’re the winner Jessica even of you weren’t crowned American idol! 
    You’re the winner to all your fans! <3

  • RR

    Yes, Jessica has the chops, but she has no personality!!! Philip Philips is the whole package, congrats to him!! I’d see him in concert, her?? I don’t think so!!

  •!/tweetwithjoyce joyce

    I love Phillip but I really hope Jessica had won. But I was not surprised when Phillip won. Another white guy with guitar. This would be the last time I’m going to watch AI. The winners are like scripted or anything else. Its just not fair.

  • Selena Miranda

    @Selena Miranda: To Carol–yaah.. your right
    Philips never changed from the very beginning till the end…hes SOOOO BBBBORING TO DEATH…he sings as if hes constipated or..has some ePHILLIPtic attack..LOL

  • Joy

    Another disappointment! Another goofy country boy! Every song he sang sounded the same. Jessica ran circles around him…she’s really the true winner and will be more successful in her career. By the end of the year, he will be forgotten.

  • Sylvia

    This is Idol show, not talent show we are talking about. The voters go for the one which they like, not the one that can sing. Sorry, but i think Philip is forgetable. I do hope those who votes for him buy his records. Don’t just vote for the sake of voting…cause the winner will suffer at the end.

  • Sybil

    Imagine listening to Phillip in a long concert – all his songs will sound the same. Country and Western, he belongs in Nashville, not Popville!

  • Jneuman

    American Idol has turned to shit, it’s not about talent anymore but about looks and what the public sees to be a “star” but true talent is always frowned upon depending on the physical visage of the person.. It’s truly sickening. Jessica is obviusly 99.9% better in all fields of musical genius. \

  • Carol J.

    Jessica is light years ahead of P.P. He reminds me of Joe Cocker( w/ strange facial & hand moves) who had one really good song. P.P. seems like a nice guy, but I think Jessica will have the career.

  • Sybil

    Yep, the judges should choose American Idol and not the public but that will never happen ‘cos its all to do with money, ratings etc……

  • Bee

    I am in Africa and was a fun of American idol, but not anymore. The truth is it is not about talent. So why waist our time watching.

  • JHON

    he will be like kris allen whit adam
    adam way better!
    congrats jessica u are the best

  • boba

    In my opinion Philip is the most original and he deserve to win it.

  • Rick

    With the terrible song given to Jessica to sing & make her first record, it’s better that she did not get the contract. Only Kelly Clarkson got a hit with her finale song. Watch PHILLIP PHILLIPS song go……um…no where!!! LOL!! The 3 best parts of American Idol are:
    (1)The beginning with all the crack-pots
    (2)The end, where you see the REAL talent
    (3)When it’s over….BECAUSE IT’S GUARANTEED TO DISAPPOINT!!! hahahahahahahahahhahahaha….. Just 2 camps left over hating each other.

    I hope they both do fine….Let the better talent rise & keep rising!!!!

    ok….That’s my opinion…Much Metta to all!!!

  • Bowen

    No wayyyy!!!! He can’t even sing!!!!! What are people voting for???? It cracks me up how these voting shows go. The news right after the show, took a poll and Jessica won by 60%!!!! She is clearly the most talented one!!!! The voting process needs to be changed one per phone number. It’s a joke anymore.

  • Nancy

    Phillip Phillips got my vote and I’m 54 years old. Why? He came across like a regular guy who was confident in his own skin. I did like Jessica, but sometimes I felt she was trying to be too grown up with her dress and song choice. She is a talented singer- no doubt – and I wish her the very best. I got choked up watching Phillip struggle with his emotions in the finale. To see him leave the stage in the middle of his song to go embrace his family was so tender. He came across as genuine and truly American.

  • Bonita

    @Me3: you wouldn’t recognize singing if it came up and bit you on your face, boring one note phillip please, white people…….shakin my head

  • Joel

    Jessica is the better singer, Phillip is the better musician. In fact, he’s one of the most talented musicians that has ever been on AI. I would see the argument for both to win. If it’s a singing competition, vote for the better singer, but if you see it as building a young talent I believe you must go with PP. He’s more entertaining, more diverse, & more unique. Phillips deserved to win tonight. Glad to see him so taken by it

  • Bonita

    @Antonio: minorities cannot be racist their the disadvantage group have to stick together, majority of anything equals advantaged

  • Bonita

    @Sad: white people…shaking my head

  • http://yahoo cocoy

    America, America, Why do we have to be so angry. Philipps has his own talent and charms but vocally no way compare to Jessica. We all see that. And for all Jessica fans Let us all be happy cause She will do better than Philips. Almost all the runner up has better career than the AI. With Jessica’s voice and talent as young as she is she will far and succeed more. It is just sad that because of the cute , and sexy and wgwg tradition american has lower the standard of our american Idol.
    Jessica will go a long ways with her super vocals and will develop to be a performer. she is only 16 y/o lot more. God bless you, There is more blessing to come for you. Stay humble.

  • tennille

    It goes simply as it is; Jessica’ high pitch voice was beated by Phillip’s boyish & charming looks.
    Congrats Phillips!!!
    I would even like you even more if you put past Justine Bieber’s tweensy career into the grave.

  • Bowen

    @Ladybug: lol

  • Gavin


    I find it funny that you criticize a Grammy/Tony award winner singer as well as a broadway actress. Clearly Jessica and Jennifer’s duet was the best of the night. Oh, and doesnt Philip make horrendous faces? Or after seeing him make the same face every five words become normal to you :]?

  • AmuseMe

    Strange… Every time I try to add my “+” or “-” to a comment, the opposite is added.

    Anyway, this is the very first season of AI I’ve completely watched. I am not a karaoke fan, and despite the fact that some of these kids have amazing voices, it’s generally still just an elevated karaoke contest. Phillip Phillips is the only reason I hung on for the entire season this year. Don’t get me wrong- I fell in love with the Top 3 (Jessica, Joshua and Phillip) in the end. But it was Phillip’s artistic talent, the way he can take a boring, run-of-the-mill pop song and turn it into something interesting, that kept me tuning in week after week.

    You cannot compare Jessica to Phillip. Jessica is a pop vocalist and Phillip is an artist. They are both good at what they do, and I would have been happy with either of them (or even Joshua) as the winner. It all depends upon your personal taste, and what you like to listen to. I am not a fan of pop, so I would buy Phillip’s music before Jessica’s. Don’t fret, because all three should have successful careers. And if you don’t like the results, vote more!

  • Mark

    When Jennifer thought that PP’s terrible rendition of a Billy Joel’s great song “Moving Out” was better than Jessica’s version of “The Prayer” I had doubts with both American Idol and Jennifer’s ability to see talent. Jessica’s talent goes way beyond any talent that Phillip will ever reach. Phillip is a good singer but I have seen similar out there in many bars in NYC. 13 year old girls voting have never seen all the talent out there in the streets yet. How do you get 132 million votes cast on less than 20 million viewers? Does that mean that adults aren’t putting in 20 votes each. They should all look at Melanie Amaro from the X Factor to see real talent and only Jessica could compare to her.

  • klista

    I love jessica, but i dont want to hate phillip…
    I think, ninakaw yung title kay jessica
    she deserves the title.. but what can we do now? si phillip na yung nanalo… wala na tayo’ng magagawa.. right? Phillip is already 21 yrs. old while jessica is 16. Jessica has a bright future and have a long way to go and she can mold her talent as time goes by. You know, even though jessica end up being in the 2nd place she have a great future waiting. hindi naman lahat na nanalo sa American Idol became popular, you know, some end up “Laos”/not popular. Jessica got the great talent while phillip only got fortune/luck.

  • maryjane johnson

    I think Jessica is very talented , she can sing anything she likes, any style .Phillips is just a cute and handsome guy. So what?
    America are you really that superficial? Look for talent , why limit yourself to only one style of music. NO, you want to reach every person that loves music. Jessica will have a very outstanding future, her voice is amazing
    she is blessed and Phillips knows it. Dude your looks did it, not your voice.

  • Bonita

    I think Phillip showed no emotionswhen they annouced winner because he knew Jessica was robbed and started crying because he knew this was wrong, I mean he knows he did not sound better than joshua and jessica, he knows, poor guy i feel sorry for him I really do

  • Bonita

    @Antonio: Jessica is not black

  • Bowen

    @klista: What????

  • jhestine

    how messed up, jessica sanchez has talent, she’s more talented than him, philip’s not as talented as jessica, admit it, but even though she’s second, the second one’s are always more popular than the winners.. hah!!!! yeah!!! so vote for real talent and not cuteness or anything! like you girls did for justin bieber for the kids choice awards or the mtv

  • jhestine

    yeah, he is good looking but i don’t really like him, hell, what happened to talent?!


    America did it again! Another WGWG to prove that racism in America is still strong.

  • bobbyg

    To be honest, she did have the better voice but lets be real…the contest is about who will be the next american idol and who’s record will you ultimately buy? Would want someone with a great voice but not much in the way of originality and catch and groove or would you want to listen to someone that will sell records and someone you’ll enjoy listening to more. Philip Philips is the new american idol and well deserving….his song last night brought him home a winner.

  • Jessixca

    I’m so upset that Phillip won . he cant even sing high notes and he sings crap . Amercians really dont know how to vote . Jessica is the real winner to me mxm