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Who Won 'American Idol' 2012?

Who Won 'American Idol' 2012?

The winner of American Idol season 11 has been announced!

Sixteen-year-old powerhouse singer Jessica Sanchez and 21-year-old heartthrob Phillip Phillips were the last two contestants standing in the finale.

A record number of votes were cast after last night’s sing off — 132 million!

During last evening’s performance show, the judges – Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson – crowned Phillip as their favorite after his original song performance.

On tonight’s results show, past Idol contestants Ace Young and girlfriend Diana Degarmo got engaged. Host Ryan Seacrest pulled the couple up on stage where Ace proposed!

Click inside to find out who won American Idol season eleven…


ARE YOU HAPPY with the results of American Idol season eleven?

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  • jeyeykei

    @Carol: a boring idol every year, you mean?


    @Nancy: yeah you’re racist…obviously.. congratulations the racism won. again.


    @Joy: true!! 2013: “Philip Phillips?” “WHo?!” hahahahaha…

  • Sue


    I agree completely with your comment. I have felt this way all along. Phillip sings what he believes in and has his own style. We never heard Jessica’s style, not even once. Having a great voice is not enough to complete what a good artist is. Stage presence, making the audience feel what you are singing, being creative in your performance and immersing your whole self into what you believe in is a true artist. Jessica has time to find her own style and become creative in her performances……remember she is only 16. There is no reason to insult any of these contestants as they are all talented in their own way. I don’t understand all these comments about the guitar. Playing an instrument only makes the performance more enjoyable and shows how talented that person is!!! Good luck to Phillip and I will buy his music………and I’m not a 13 year old who has a crush. I enjoy music that is soleful and relaxing which is my personal taste!!!!

  • Lauren

    People are being so offensive over Phillip. I bet most of you didn’t even voted. I think saying ‘another white guy blabla’ is so irrelevant! Maybe you guys should think a little bit more about OKAY, SO, IF JESSICA HAS THIS AMAZING VOICE, WHY PEOPLE DIDN’T VOTED FOR HER? I don’t really believe 132 million people voted Phillip just because he has a pretty face. Come on, stop being childish. He is a complete artist: he sings, plays guitar, he is original at every performance. Jessica has an amazing voice, but she is always the same, you always know what to expect from her. And with Phillip, you never know, that’s the great thing about him. He never gets boring, and Jessica does (not hating, just being realistic). Anyway, I hope the best for them both, and I am truly excited to see what the future holds for Phillip.

  • Lauren

    @Bonita lmao are you serious? He was overwhelmed! Im pretty sure that if Jessica had won, she would have cried too. Im sorry, but your comment was so childish and stupid omg.

  • Amb

    YAYYY.. Thank Goodness that ugly annoying Sanchez chick didn’t win. PHILLIP ALL THE WAYYY

  • http://website russ

    both Joshua and Jessica had real talent and versatility, every song Philip sang sounded the same.It was obvious the show wanted Philip to win, just look at the final song they gave them Jessica had a crappy song that she really had to work at, Philip was given a real good song and a big production number to go with it ,he did a decent job with it and gave his usual smile to all the young heart throbbing girls.
    Change scoring to more like dancing with stars where judges score based on actual talent would count for 50% of total score. maybe then real talent would count for something.
    both jessica and Joshua will have long and prosperous c arrears but not Philip

  • john

    Phillips will have no career like the rest of the past 4 guy idol winners.. Jessica has so much natural talent and singing ability at the age of just 16 its ridiculous! No matter if she won or not i promise she will have a 10x bigger career than Phillip ever will! They’re not even on the same level..its kinda a joke really!

  • neknek

    dear carol, let’s talk next year.. and see where YOUR idol will be…

  • anickh

    @SE: I totally agree. Phillip is multitalented, humble, and original. He definitely deserves the title. I really like Jessica. I think she’s adorable but just not as good as Phillip. Jessica sounds like a lot of other female pop singers (and sometimes off key.) I might buy her album but I’ll definitely buy Phillips. Phillip is flawless!!

  • Jesse

    I think after tonight results American Idol proves that the show has no more credibility and reputation. So sad :(

  • belllers81

    Really??? Phillip has his own unique style? I think i’ve seen and heard the same style of performing from john mayer, rob thomas, the three idols before him except for scottie, mucisians performing in bars all over the US, and this list can go on and go on. Unique? I don’t think so!

  • gladys

    Jessica has a very powerful voice. I thought America will vote for this young talented girl. For me , The IDOL is JESSICA…. who can sing that last song she sang today. Amazing Voice…….JESSICA YOU ARE THE AMERICAN IDOL .

  • anickh

    The idol voting results had nothing to do with racism. I have never once thought about any of contestants race. you’re racist if your bringing racism into this. I voted for phillips solely based on his vocals, nothing else!! And no way is American Idol racist. J Lo is latin, randy is black, fantasia is black, jordan sparks is part balck, and ruben is black. ya, sounds WAYYY racist!! people need to stop making excuses for why jessica didn’t win. the real reason she didn’t win is because she didn’t get as many votes as phillip because her vocal skills are not as good as his. Bottom line. Deal with It!!

  • MickeyMouse.

    Jessica should really have won! I honestly have nothing against Philip but I really wanted Jessica to get the crown. Because she shows talent beyond sixteen. Is it just me, or does it seem like those who win are always fangirl-based?

  • O J


  • AmuseMe

    I wish Jessica had waited a few years to enter this competition. Her inability to connect with the audience (something Philip & Joshua both excelled at) plus her confidence level in choosing songs that fit her style would have been better developed by the time she reached her 20′s. Had she chosen to sing Whitney’s version of “I Will Always Love You” and/or J Holiday’s “I Am Telling You (I am not Going)” plus picked a better single, she very well might have won last night! But she is simply too young & inexperienced as an artist to make such choices… My musical preferences lean toward rock and folk, so I naturally preferred PP (and no, his looks had nothing to do with it) but after listening to Jessica’s fans bitch and moan all night about “conspiracy theories” and Phillip winning because of his looks, I wish she would have won! Phillip is a true artist and would have been signed regardless, and did not “need” the AI contract. Quite frankly, he would have had more artistic freedom without it! As for all the stupid conspiracy theories, had anyone on AI not wanted Jessica to win, they would not have used their Save on her!

  • arturo

    i am sad, i was expecting jessica to win because of talent and flexibility. philips though is a good talent. i like josua better than philips, talent wise.

  • NotAGirl

    Well, he’s hot, but this show sucks.

  • amensister

    i wonder how many multiple votes he go, GO WGWG!!! NOT :-9

  • http://@olemanbob olemanbob

    As a 71yr old music fan and have followed music for well over 50 yrs,you younger kids just don’t get it! In all my years of tracking music, I feel that the voice of Pia Toscano is the best to come along in well over 50 yrs!Shortly her album will be released and you will see the REAL Pia Toscano rise to the top of the music industry. YOU CAN PUT THAT STATEMENT IN THE BANK!

  • chaari

    Good for Jessica. Tommy Mottola is going to sign her up!

  • gfdgret

    Jessica while very good was predictable and Beyonce copycat. Philip was the most unique and no one else sounded like him. He was not a clone. He is a true music artist. the little girl sounds like everyone on the radio right now! who wants to hear a bunch of ballads? ugh.

  • jenfan

    Jessica is really talented…bt she’s not humble…im happy Phillip won he has a very unique voice…and is talented in his own way!!

  • Raini

    Boo! I wanted Jessica to win, but Phillip is good to.

  • jenfan

    [plus when Sacnchez is singing there is no passion..look at her face compared to Joshua's and Phillips....its like she's just singing....

  • eb

    This guy has the charisma of a rock.

  • megan

    You seem to forget Jessica was voted off once already, should it surprise you she didn’t win. I am not a teenage girl and like Phillip because he will make music I want to listen to. I think that Jessica will do well for herself. Phillip may not have the voice of Jessica or Josh both are amazing. This contest is more than just singing voice though it’s called American Idol and that has to do with looks and performance just as much as voice. I really didn’t care who won everyone on the show works hard and deserve to be there. A lot of them will do well because of the show and good for them. Don’t be bitter because your favorite didn’t win just buy their CD when it comes out a support them in the future because that is how they stick around for the long haul.

  • mooner


    STOP PEOPLE WITH THE RACIST WHITE GUY COMMENTS. a BLACK GUY ONE THE VOICE. JENNIFER HUDSON IS ONE OF THE MOST SUCESSFUL AMERICAN IDOL PEOPLE. JUST STOP whityes are getting beaten down when ever they do anything. WHAT ABOUT THR PRODUCER? WAS HE JEWISH? you want to start race calling stArt behind the scenes.


    @Antonio: first of all jessica is waaay more talented than philp only reason why he won was because he’s cute and plays guitar but she has soul when she sings and u can tell that she gives it her all. and second don’t be hatin on the black only products b/c(not being racist at all like you were…but) b-4 we had black ony white people had white only and i agree american idol and any other show is for black and white and mexican and aisan and sooooo on but dont make a comment like that agan please b/c that was very offensive. THX

  • Yolanda

    Why is he being criticized for being white? Racism at its worst. Its ok if a white guy wins. Sore losers all over. Show some class people.

  • Shelby

    Phillip is very popular. He can’t hit every note, but he sings with genuine emotion and that’s what singing is all about. all the cry babies need to learn how to lose without attacking the winner.

  • Mrsmartinez

    Losers crying racism? How ridiculous. Just maybe the majority liked Phillip more. We are entitled to our opinion without being called racist. The real racists are those that bring race into the discussion. This was about which singer we liked. Period. Jessica sang with no real feelings. She’s just too young. She will get there but this wasn’t quite her time. Too young. And Phillip has a sweet voice and style. Whole package.

  • helena

    everything is scripted . . . they let joshua exit first because it will be more ridiculous to see if phillips will win over josh . . .then they gave jessica a not so good 3rd song . . .so that phillips will shine . . .no reason for the judges to give him a standing ovation because the 3rd song of phillip is so easy to sing and yet he cannot give it a nice rendition . . .AMERICAN IDOL sucks because boring guys always win . . .it is an insult to phillips , the judges, jimmy lovine because the whole nation saw and heard the beautiful and powerful duet of jennifer holiday and jessica . . .then after that they announced boring phillips having won . . who are you fooling YOURSELVES and no one else . . .ha ha ha

  • Jlorocks

    Phillip is amazing. Smooth voice that’s pleasing to my ears. I don’t enjoy screamers. Sing. Don’t scream. Best one won. Phillip is amazing. So happy for a really nice guy.

  • Cece

    I stopped watching this show years ago. The only reason I tuned back in is because of Jessica. Now that it’s over, I guess there’s no point in watching it again next year and the year after that. Phillip has talent, but Jessica’s vocal ability is so much better than his. Don’t believe me? Ask every freaking celebrity that wanted her to win. Aerosmith, Akon, Jennifer Holliday, Jesse McCartney, Colbie Caillat, past Idol contestants, and many more believed that she should’ve won. Look her up on Wikipedia for more details. I’m tired of witnessing WGWGs win this so called “singing” competition when it’s obviously more of a popularity contest.

    Update: The guy who launched Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Billy Joel’s career will be working with Sanchez on her first album. :) Yay!

  • Debbie

    I knew he would win – not that i didn’t like him but jessica is far more talented and lets not forget my joshua – I loved hime and was so upset when he got the boot – what a mistake to me joshua was the real american idol.

  • Barry

    Not a single note of originality came out of Phillip Phillips mouth all season, it’s amazing that a Dave Matthews wanna be singer would have a chance but then again American Idol is just a kid show anyway, lately the show is not based on talent but solely on popularity. Until the show allows the judges to become a deciding factor in the voting process the show will continue to produce results like this.. Judges being able to have only one save is ridiculous. Phillips should have been cast off the 3rd week in, ZERO originality Hopefully the show THE VOICE can be the show to succeed A.I. that show has some issues to but at least the talent level is way higher. don’t hate Phillips, hate the voting process and know record producers will do nothing with this guy trust me.


    To Antonio!!! What a racist remark! You complain about this? What about all of the “Hispanic only” groups? Miss Latin America, Telemundo, minority loans, Eva Longoria Foundation for Mexicans only..etc…etc… Why don’t you complain about that////huhH?

  • LEVY


  • SteveTyler

    And why are all of you Puerto Ricans complaining anyway it is none of your business Jessica is not Puerto Rican she is Filipino.

  • wakeupNsee

    Singing with a lot of passion in your face doesn’t make you a good singer. And Phillip sounded awful last night. Just like Taylor Swift winning signing awards based on people thinking she’s a good song writer. Being able to write a song doesn’t make her a good singer. I’m sick if these no talents having careers because 13 girls don’t care that they can’t sing!!

  • Cammie

    UGH. This show has lost all credibility, considering not one of it’s newly crowned “white guys with guitars” has had any actual post-Idol success. Over it.

  • http://facebook shameika maths

    wow! thats was supp all did yall thing

  • Simon

    This show lost all its credibility when they hired that old saggy butt no talent JLOW.

  • Arman

    To all, NOT american Asian/mexican contestant for american IDOL, guys think a million times you are not gonna WIN. though you all know ONLY AMERICAN can WIN for this competition.

  • San Francisco

    Next time there will be a Filipino winner because Filipinos have great soulful voices and they can really sing.

  • Fred


    You must be kidding, his talent is no where near the young Sanchez or Joshua. We know why smiling and winking Phillip won and it had nothing to do with his talent. The proof is in the record sales and he can’t smile his way to the bank!

  • Sarah

    Phillip was never been in the bottom two and if u remember America voted Jessica off but the judges saved her. if they didnt save her, she wouldn’t even be in the final two so I think all you people who thought Jessica should have won just think if she didnt make it to the final two then what would u be complaining about.