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Who Won 'American Idol' 2012?

Who Won 'American Idol' 2012?

The winner of American Idol season 11 has been announced!

Sixteen-year-old powerhouse singer Jessica Sanchez and 21-year-old heartthrob Phillip Phillips were the last two contestants standing in the finale.

A record number of votes were cast after last night’s sing off — 132 million!

During last evening’s performance show, the judges – Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson – crowned Phillip as their favorite after his original song performance.

On tonight’s results show, past Idol contestants Ace Young and girlfriend Diana Degarmo got engaged. Host Ryan Seacrest pulled the couple up on stage where Ace proposed!

Click inside to find out who won American Idol season eleven…


ARE YOU HAPPY with the results of American Idol season eleven?

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  • dave franco

    I’m a male and I voted for Jessica. Agree with the comments in here. Fan girls are annoying. Quite a shame talent goes unnoticed but Jessica will do fine. She has the look.

    Btw, It doesn’t matter who wins… which AI alumni have had a successful career? Hmm… Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson.

  • anne

    that’s why i don’t watch AI anymore. that a guy with a guitar wins and soon he will be forgotten. don’t worry about jessica not winning, she will make it after AI.

  • laurel

    who names their child Phillip Phillips…

  • Arci

    Let us not lose sight of the fact that AI is a singing competition, not an instrument playing comp.

    Being allowed to play an instrument or use a prop of any kind enhances the performance, adding another dimension and flavour, thus disadvantaging those forced to who rely completely on raw singing talent.

    The show should be stripped down so that NONE of the contestants can use props. Perhaps then, the contestants will be judged more fairly on their singing ability.

  • Jlorocks


    Nobody has lost sight. Don’t forget… The IT factor comes into play on idol. Personality. Appearance. You can hate that, but it is the way this world is. Jessica will be ok. She has the talent but needs to work on her likability.

  • A

    Phillip deserves this!!!! He is a true artist! He sings, plays instruments, and writes! Jessica is a great singer, but that’s it! Phil would go on stage and you could feel every emotions he was feeling where as jessica just went up there and just sang karaoke! I think the fact that Phillips single, “Home” is the #1 song on iTunes speaks volumes! He is relevant!

  • Randy

    Why can’t losers learn that their opinion is no more valid than anybody else’s? Show some class and stop whining. People voted. Majority spoke. Phillip appeals to more. And those that voted for Phillip are just as right as you are. It’s an opinion. My favorite was voted off weeks ago. So what? I won’t bash the few that remained because I can’t handle that my opinion wasn’t the most popular. YOU PEOPLE CAN’T HANDLE COMPETITION.

  • A

    @Fred: maybe you should check out the itunes top songs!

  • Maria

    Randy – I completely agree. Jessica is a great singer and had wonderful performance last night and throughout the season. However trying to take away the talent factor from Philip is extremely sad! They are two different singers with different styles. That does not make one better than the other. It happened that more votes went for Philip who is VERY talented. Love his voice, style and how he writes his own music. These two were my favorites and I would be happy with whomever wom. You guys speak of fan girls…what do you sound like whining? Give credit where it is due. He deserved the win. She will also go on to be successful for sure. He didn’t win on playing an instrument. He has that great overall appeal and talent to boot. Enough said.

  • Chelsea

    If everyone’s complaining about the winner, why didn’t YOU vote? I’m not saying you all are Americans and have access to voting, but most of you probably are.

    To be honest, the first time I watched this season was this week for the finale. I’m sure a lot of people did not watch the entire season because it becomes very repetitive after 11 seasons. I know, we all just want to know who the winner is. So, from what I saw during Tues performance night, the judges, the audience and even myself were siding with Phillip. It was just unfortunate that Jessica couldn’t pull through to the very end to win America’s vote one last time, especially for an episode that most likely had highest viewership of the whole season.

  • Arci


    Wow, the voice of reason. I wonder how many people did tune in just to see the final “sing-off”? A good many I would think and a lot of them would have felt compelled to add their voice to the results.

    On the basis of that one night’s performances, Phillip won hands down. .

  • Eliz

    Totally agree! Phillip has soul and is true to himself as well as being an entertaining performer–I would buy his album and will download a couple of his songs from the show. I have no desire to do that with Jessica, although she is an amazing singer. Sometimes a singer has that “it” factor without being the best techinical singer. I predict that he will be successful, but I’m sure Jesssica will too. Clearly, a singer can have great success without winning.

  • gma

    @Carol: I agree Carol–and I’m no 13 year old–71 year old mother and grandmother-I loved Philip’s unusual voice, style and integrity–voted for him over and over, but never thought he would win–so glad he did. gma

  • angelina

    UNBELIEVABLE! That is just ridiculous. Jessica deserved to win, not Phillip. I’m a teen girl and didn’t think he was cute one bit. He had a good voice, but EVERYTIME Jessica sang it gave me the chills. Now that’s a true idol. I mean Phillip was good but he didn’t blow me away EVERY time he sang, Jessica did. Ohhh well, she’s still got a badass voice that can blow anyone away and when she comes out with all her amazing albums , I’ll be sure to buy each and every one of em’ :)

  • Mindy Turner

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  • Mindy Turner

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  • http://yahoo Ray

    Teenage girls have more patience to vote 50 times on facebook. Casual AI fans only vote once. 132 million votes versus 21 million viewers?? There real poll is the 60% votes in favor of Jessica.

  • JO

    @Carol: Phillip is very talented. Let’s not forget that the public voted Jessica off earlier on. But, the judges saved her. They didn’t save Pia Tuscano years ago, when she was in that same position. People are making this out to be a race thing. It’s not. What about when Taylor Hicks won against Katherine McPhee.Let’s just let the winners enjoy their reign. Thanks.

  • D

    I think it’s comical how people are so irate over the results. If you voted, then share your opinion, if you didn’t that’s yourownfault. If your pick didn’t win then support her when she releases something. We will see how that goes, she’s really young and I feel doesn’t know who she should be, yet. I wish them both the best,and yes I’m happy I voted for him and I will support him.

  • bethy

    I agree with Carol. I like both of them, but phillip makes you feel what he singing. I honestly think that is the best thing to look for in a singer. Jessica has not told us anything about her style or what she is like. if she told us more about her it might help us connect with her music. that is why i would vote for Phillip.

  • http://pegasuslegend pegasuslegend
  • Luba Nieman

    Jessica was a much better artist and singer. She will be the next Whitney Houston. Very dissapointed with the result.

  • http://pegasuslegend pegasuslegend

    @Carol you are 100% correct… The only song that Jessica sang that was over the top amazing was Whitneys I will always love you. When she tried to sing whatever the heck that was she wrote it wasn’t rememberable at all… So that is the difference orginality with a rememberable stay… Joshua and Philip should have been the last two.. When Jessica got save that was all for show… that’s it. She has lots of talent, doesn;t know how to make people feel it.. it wasnt about looks theres no way, who cares if they are 13 who vote. If she had political pull then she’d be in with those votes… it’s all good.

  • glo

    The people spoke and I think he is sooooo much more capable of handling American Idol than a little girl. He is a star and humble and I don’t think this will go to his head. He has talent and composure, just what people love to listen to, and hes the star….I hope he takes precautions against losing him self like J Lo who was talented and now is a self indulgent losing all she worked for

  • Maris

    I stopped watching a long time now. When the judges has 60% say on the final judgement I will reconsider. The American public never gets it right

  • Ellie

    I have watched my last American Idol show. Jessica deserved to win.
    Phillip is a light weight that will fade away and be forgotten. The judges have lost all credibility with me as they touted his voice every week and possibly influenced the voting.

  • nina

    Who won in american idol last night.

  • Amanda

    Jessica is just a 16 year old girl that didn’t care about anybody else but her self. yes she might have talent but philip was unique and had a great personality! people vote just because she was young and she was somewhat cute! so i think america needs to open their eyes!

  • Sam

    Im soo happy. He sooo deserves it. He’s an amazing singer and I love him!! To all those saying that Jessica has more talent, she might to some people. To those saying that just white guys are winning now, that’s not what it’s about! It’s about talent. And those saying he just won because of 13 year old girls voting for him, that’s what it’s about, voting, and picking your favorites! Ok,he deserves it and I’m happy for him. You should be too:).

  • dismayed

    Her Name is Jennifer Holliday…A TONY Award Winner and Grammy Winner. You know Broadway, right? She played the part of Effie in Broadway..Dream Girls. This is exactly the reason why its always the less talented and less deserving contestant that wins…people who are voting know nothing,…as in NOTHING at all…of music and the respected names in the field. They just base their criteria in choosing a bet on who catches their eye…You guys laugh about her..but she has achieved FAR MORE than what you have or ever achieve in your lifetime. AI is not minority friendly…how many minorites have won the title? The set up of allowing the audience vote and decide who wins brings out deep seated biases. As long as you are will win. No matter how good you are…if you are not their idea of how and what an american should look will never get the title. They will deny it to you…and they say discrimination is dead.

  • Mona

    I am totally with You. It was not a talent competition,but cuteness. And to all people,who say ,that” Phillip is just Phillip”, he is boring Phillip. Something needs to be done,so little kids won’t take a good portion of votes from contestans,who realyyyyy deserve them. Bravoooo JESSICA.Your carrer is a sure thing.

  • Mona

    I agree ha,ha,ha.

  • dismayed

    dont get me wrong…i am happy for Phillip…. just exasperated with this trend that have not produced much after the contest is over

  • Mona

    Please,don’t call kids “fans” . They don’t even know,what kind of music they like. Girls just like young,cute man.

  • Mona

    And what emotions Phillip presented? Boring songs,boring voice. To be able to hit a higher note,he had to make a face.

  • Mona

    How about his boring grey shirts? Was he a whole package? No way. And politeness has nothing to do with a tallent.

  • Mona

    And You call Phillip original? In what way?

  • dismayed

    and how can you say that she doesnt care about anything but herself? Have you seen how happy she was when Philips name was called as a winner? She was genuinely happy for him that she immediately hugged Philip. And she said he really deserve the title becasue he worked harder than any of them because he was enduring his sickness on top of the sterss of the competition. That is such a baseless judgement of a person whom you havent even spoken or met even once.

  • JCN

    You know I am so sick and tired about hearing how Philip should not have won. He did win the votes were not rigged. He won because he not only had a great style about him he has showmanshil.
    I am also tired of hearing that a White person won. When is the world going to stop butting a color on people. It is people who make those kind of comments that will keep this race thing going forever.
    I voted for Phil I like his stye. I would buy his records. Jessica had the same voice as so many other people that I can buy her style of music right now.
    Jessica is a great singer she will do fine in the world of music.
    The right person won and its time we just said Good Job.

  • Mona

    Jenfan,Jenfan. PP was not full of passion,when singing. He had to make a face every time he had to take a higher note. That’s not passion,that’s diffilulty singing.

  • Carol

    @neknek: sad that you hope for the worst when it comes to someone’s dream. =/

  • Donna

    America got this so wrong. I’ve been watching the show every single season and this was the worst vote I’ve ever seen. Joshua is a much better entertainer with a much better voice.



  • Mona

    I totally agree with Arci. No more instruments (besides orchestra),so we can hear the raw talent. How obout a one night “a capella’?

  • http://facebook ricki


  • john

    but im really sure that jessica will be very known instead of philipps,,,,
    coz jessica has a power to catch the attention of the audience/

  • songbird4

    I am a vocal coach and while I admire Jessica’s vocal abilities, she did not appeal to me. Her song choices and tendency to over sing were part of the reason. The other part was that she is so young and not believable when she sang. I also don’t think she came across as very likeable. Again, too young.

    Phillip isn’t technically perfect, but he knows how to deliver a song. There is more to singing that hitting every note as Hollie and her fans know very well.

    To those that think this was racial, or unfair – it’s American Idol. The majority of votes wins. You knew the rules going in. Had your favorite won, I doubt you would be crying about the rules. It’s OK for a white male to win. They are just as capable as white females, asian females, black females. Just because they are white doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for them. If you like them, you vote for them. This sounds more like reverse racism than anything. White men aren’t evil or any less deserving.

  • Arci


    Maris, I think if you watched the final competition night, you would have seen that the judges wanted Phillip to win. Their comments were totally in favour of Phillip and less favourable for Jessica. Randy Jackson was particularly over the top in favour of Phillip. Those comments would have swayed the audience to a large extent, so in the end, I think the judges did have a say, and a strong one at that.

  • http://twitter Gorio

    Now that America voted another WGWG ………I will predict that Phillip will have the same fate of Lee Dewyze and Kris Allen. We will find out who is going to sell more records..Jessica or Phillip…and because Jessica has more international appeal than Phillip, Im sure, she will become more successful than Phillip in the music industry…..lets see.

  • Sue

    Winning idol doesn’t guarantee commercial success. So what? I’m sure he is thrilled he won. Get well Phillip. I can’t wait to hear you sing again. You are a winner.