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Aishwarya Rai - amfAR Cannes Gala 2012

Aishwarya Rai - amfAR Cannes Gala 2012

Aishwarya Rai dazzles at the 2012 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala on Thursday (May 24) at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France.

The 39-year-old Indian actress attended the star-studded bash held during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, which raised money for AIDS research.

Aishwarya recently has been under harsh criticism about her post-baby body.

“[She]is like a goddess,” one columnist noted about Aishwarya, who gave birth to a daughter in November. “She is held up as the ideal of beauty and so there is an expectation on her to look perfect at all times.”

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain, Dave J Hogan, Andreas Rentz, Lia Toby; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • AlrightyThen

    I don’t understand the criticism. The photo that was plastered everywhere was taken at a bad angle. I think she looks pretty and healthy.

  • Nick

    Wow… those eyes….!

  • Birdie

    F*** the criticism in India, she is gorgeous, no matter how much she weighs!

  • JEZ7

    The criticism she has received is completely ridiculous. She will always be one of the most beautiful women. Let her enjoy motherhood and stop pressuring her to lose weight. She is a woman, not a magazine cover.

  • Rose

    Wow her face is so beautiful. wow those eyes are magic and the lips wow. Beautiful make up and hair.. but bad dress.

  • Vish

    I wish I could look as beautiful as her when she is fat when I’m perfectly skinny. Damn, she is truly an exotic beauty and a great actress.

  • Dane

    She is looking STUNNING, her face is so beautiful. I actually like what she is wearing, looks like some queen.

  • http://justjared sarah

    She still looks so beautiful as ever.

  • cfgcd

    no way thats her!

  • mlllllllllllle

    Just Jared participate to those criticism by talkin madly about post baby bod, debuts baby BS !
    He is doing that several times a month, sometimes a week, and don’t talk about the children pics on this blog.

    Shame. Whatever, of course she is beyond beauty.

  • Babe

    Still very beautiful…though yes, a little more curvaceous than before.

  • tom

    She looks horrible. It should be a crime for hot chicks to let themselves go like this.

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    This woman looks absolutely drop dead GORGEOUS as usual. Weight? What weight? She looks amazing. If the Indian public cannot see her beauty because a few pounds it’s their loss. Many other countries would be proud to have such an amazing and talented beauty representing their film industry.

  • mn

    @tom: we must not be looking at the same pictures. aishwarya looks gorgeous no matter what size scale or beauty standard you are using. i sincerely hope you were being sarcastic in your post!

  • Jane

    No wonder she is called the most beautiful woman in the world. WOW! Much prettier then most of those scary skinny women in Hollywood.

  • Patrick

    I don’t know why but does anyone else think she looks kinda looks like Mila Kunis? Except indian version? I see it.

  • plez

    So beautiful.

  • Amber

    What’s wrong with these people? She looks incredible, and she’s supposed to gain weight for her baby’s health. It would be weird if she WAS skinny.

  • Amber


  • Ash

    She is an arrogant lady so yeah becoming overweight is her karma.

  • persis

    She looks like a fat Brown Indian elephant!

  • beachbum

    I am not a fan of this common “Indian” look with light eye color, round face and droopy nose. I think Freida Pinto is by far the prettiest Indian woman I’ve seen because she looks different like a mix of European and Indian with a straight nose and defined bone structure.

  • Peapo

    She is one of the most beautiful woman in the world. How dare anyone criticize her for weight gain especially after having a baby.
    If a man gained some weight no one would not notice. even if they did they wouldn’t say anything.
    She is gorgeous.

  • anika

    was and always be her fan.

  • Lilla

    She’s stunning. Always has been, always will be.

  • Bodhi

    attributing features such as ‘defined’ bone structure to European races is ignorance. Asians, such as those of Chinese, Japanese, and Indian ethnicities have a huge variety of facial characteristics that are endemic to their ethnicity, not as a result of ‘mixed’ heritage. Some of these are more ’rounded’, others are ‘sharper’.
    One of my northern Chinese friends gets asked often whether she is of eurasian heritage because of her tall nose and large eyes. Sorry, just because your exposure to East Asian races is limited to the influx of southern Chinese immigrants doesn’t mean they all look the same.

  • Sonia

    I find it so funny when people say “how stupid India media” “India needs to chill” I wonder where they got this idea that women need to be skinny,maybe the same media that criticize Jessica Simpson when she gained a pound,remember those Jeans in FL. The same media that bashed Christina A with disgusting jokes and countless other actresses.
    Anyways I keep track of Bollywood and the India media,I never saw much criticism on her weight.People were shocked of course but not any insult.I honestly think the whole thing was blown out of proportion,insults came from idiots on youtube

  • Sonia

    anyways on her look. I love her make up, sadly she looks very uncomfortable,sad I usually see her smiling and blowing kisses. Her hair is a mess, she should have let it down. She has lovely hair
    Her outfit is terrible sorry to say,she never really had much of fashion taste. But this is by fair the worst. It looks like an armor,covered from head to toe. no wonder she looks uncomfortable
    She should have opted for a lovely Sari or Salwar.
    This designer was a family friend Abu jani but friendship aside its terrible outfit.
    The motherly glow,happiness is missing from her face, has been for awhile. Honestly the weight crap has gotten to her or something else.

  • Van

    Fat my ASS!!! She looks AMAZING!!

  • kelli

    she looks very normal here. it just makes me believe that how she looked before was not her ‘real’ appearance and likely a result of intense diet and exercise over genetics

  • renu


    She looks overly HEALTHY – a little gol matol for me … ha ha ha

  • Nat

    Can I just be her? Okay cool thanks.

  • GKR

    @tom: Don’t be panic. she give importance to her motherhood to for her beauty. atleast give respect to her motherhood.

  • Anna

    If she gave birth in November she got plenty of time to loose the extra weight she gained. Maybe it’s just the angle or the outfit whatever that is. It makes her look way too matronly which is not a good thing. She could have opted for a gown that looks good for the curves she has now instead. It almost makes her look like she’s hiding half of her full figure!

  • Rachel

    She is one of the most beautiful women in the world!
    And why compare Ash with Frieda?? Ash is wayy ahead of her! Frieda is a rising star but Ash is an establishes actress, among the top in Indian cinema!

  • Kelly

    Wow what a beautiful woman!

  • Lisa

    I think she is beautiful, her face is amazing its a natural beauty not a Hollywood made up one! Sure she does not look the same as she did before baby but no woman really does nor should she be expected to.



  • katey

    she’s stunning as hell ! !

  • Andrewkamp

    Fu#$k Indian Media.Dnt knw why Indian Media hates their Own Beautiful goddes.If she was born in my Country She would be a Great Role model for whole Hollywood.

  • Daljeet

    The woman has the audacity to promote herself as beautiful when she never ever allows herself to be photographed without kilos of white paint on her face and blue or green colour lenses.

  • Lina
  • wereqryan

    Why is this woman wasting her time at international film festivals like the Cannes? Lets be honest here; Hollywood is clearly out of her league.

  • B

    @beachbum: You are not indian right? Freida is very average looking. You will finds loads of girls in india that look like her, many like her in south indian have her nose and bone structure.She does not look europeon, she looks indian or sri lanken. You would have to be blind to think she looks mixed.

  • Leo

    Now this is a beautiful woman, not that Angelina Jolie who people have a major fixation with. Dunno why americans go ga-ga over her or even Jennifer Aniston who makes all the top spots on those hot lists.

  • Suneel

    This ugly hag is still around with her makup box face??

  • Jake


    I dare you to watch this video on youtube – after I saw that I was like DAMN… I might start believing she was one of the most beautiful women

  • shahid kappor

    @beachbum: Oh my god LOL!!! Freida looks typical indian, not a mixed indian. And I pity you if you think Freida is the most prettiest indian you have seen. There are many beautiful girls in india.

  • Aaron

    Stunning woman. Looks good in gold.

  • Manisha Mishra

    @Daljeet: she doesn’t wear lenses…