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Gerard Butler - amfAR Cannes Gala 2012

Gerard Butler - amfAR Cannes Gala 2012

Gerard Butler suits up for the 2012 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala on Thursday (May 24) at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France.

The 42-year-old Scottish actor (in Dolce&Gabbana) came out to support the event, which was held during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival to raise funds for AIDS research.

Gerard recently told the Associated Press why he’s avoiding premieres during this year’s festival.

“You can’t really go down other people’s press lines,” he explained. “You have to make sure you’re politically correct. It’s a bit of a bummer.”

Also pictured inside: Adrien Brody, who attended de Grisogono‘s Glam Extravaganza party the night before.

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Credit: Andreas Rentz, Dave M. Benett; Photos: Getty
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  • MissThing

    @cupccake: Not a chance. She’s the type that will take off the second a bigger star, or someone with a fatter wallet shows her some attention. And we all know what his pattern is.

  • FYI

    @The real couple is –: LB=Lawrence Bender If that is the case she’s a smart cookie.

  • FYI


    Looks like LB is part of Gerry’s wider circle of friends. What are the odds of one woman dating two men with “bender” in the last name?

  • MissThing

    @FYI: Money talks, if that’s true. He’s like 30 years older than her. Ick.

  • FYI

    Try that link again, take out the space between t and e not even the proper spelling of the word erds-michael-fassbender-michael-cooper

  • FYI

    @MissThing: “Baby I can make you a star”

  • MissThing

    @FYI: So gross. I heard a pimp say that once, lol.

  • http://gerard-butler-amfar-cannes-gala-2012/comment-page-3 CHOLITA

    hola ruso,gracias por tu mensaje,que tengas un lindo fin de semana….son los sinceros deseos de …..cholita de la tierra de los incas…….Oh!!!!….INTI….. regalanos un dia de luz,porque hoy se me congela hasta el tuetano……ja…ja…ja…que frio!!!…besitos,besitos…adios.

  • http://gerard-butler-amfar-cannes-gala-2012/comment-page-3 CHOLITA

    querida amiga dargabriel que tengas un lindo y excelente fin de semana,te envio un gran beso y muchos abrazos con energia positiva,yo siempre muy exagerada….ja…ja..ja……adios.

  • Beeny

    Now … about ‘La Draculette’ (MG) – I know that the Romanian ‘lady of the day’ is not quite from Transylvannia, but the idea of a ‘blood sucking little vampire’ works for me.

    I really think that GB quite deserves the leggy lovely, as she has clearly got her eyes on the prize. Now that the knick8r modelling days could be left to younger lovelies, she is taking up a place to study acting at the Actors Studio in NY. LOL. I totally accept that many actresses who are very famous in HW are ex models, but seriously!!!!

    She says in her interview in the Romanian press that she wants to be ‘taken seriously for her accomplishments, rather than who she is dating’ – then the lovely Draculette have slightly misunderstood so far!

    I do get that Cannes is all about networking, but she seems to serially hang off the arm of the most powerful or spotlighted guy of the moment, moving on from Leo di Caprio, a sideways dip into the shark tank with GB and possibly allegedly much further up the food chain to movie producer Lawrence Bender. She certainly has all the ruthless ambition to get a great deal, and I can imagine that, it talent fails, ambition can count for a lot.

    But, if she wants an affirmation as a serious woman, wanting to be remembered for more than being photographed in her knick8rs, and keeping her legs akimbo for any passing HW douche, then she has a long long way to go to get my affirmation.

  • http://gerard-butler-amfar-cannes-gala-2012/comment-page-3 CHOLITA

    oh!!!!!……el amor fluye……querido y amado fantasma del amor no te preocupes que yo posteare una linda cancion solo para ti… te molestes conmigo …….si…si…si……….

  • http://gerard-butler-amfar-cannes-gala-2012/comment-page-3 CHOLITA

    ……..que lugar tan emocionante y paranormal ….dios santo!!!!!!……..ME GUSTA ESTO!!!!……….

  • MissThing

    @Beeny: I can’t take anyone seriously who has permanent monkey but/t. I loathe that pose of looking behind and over one shoulder while sticking out your behind, much like a baboon in heat. There’s only one purpose for that pose, and it ain’t to be taken seriously, lol.

  • tess

    @WF: yes are MG an DM, and the people still in doubt if she is dating gerry, i wonder what they are waiting yet to have a sure?lol

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Trainer still promoting himself. Who cares if we don’t see his pics? Got plenty of GB this past week and will have more of him at the game.

    Nicky Holender ‏@NickyHolender
    Hmmm wonder if I’ll get to 3k followers before the game on Sunday ;) sure will have some cool pics by then!

  • JustSayin’

    @Can’tGetEnough: Along with party tickets, plane fare and accomodations, promoting himself was probably part of the deal he made with Gerry as incentive for leaving his familly and other clients to be Gerry’s onsite trainer. In fact, Gerry may want to help him grow his business. Why is there a problem? Everything concerning Cannes is self-promotional.

  • Chloe

    “looks like madalina and david meister…”
    She sat in Gerry’s table with David and Alan. Is she his new GF?

  • Huh?

    Is “cholita” the counterpart of “dudette”?

  • Another Perspective


  • tess

    @Chloe: yes she is

  • Another Perspective

    Did you read earlier in the week? He said on his twitter that he’s surrounded by beautiful women in Cannes but they don’t hold a candle to his wife. Sounds like a decent guy. He is Cannes for Gerry and he deserves to promote himself. After all, he left his wife, his business, and other clients. I said very similar things in the past thread. I don’t necessarily think he is a fameho. He is a businessman like they all are, and I also like the way he treats his wife.

  • quiche

    If you search AMfar cocktails you’ll see Gerry was photographed early, daylight time…and MG way way later, already dark around her. Since it was before dinner and immediately after the arrivals, it means they didn’t arrive together at the event…
    As for the table, Brody could have been sitting there also…in one of the romanian magazines he was identified as her bf around New Year but she apparently said it had to end because she couldn’t commute from Milan to NY…so, Brody still a possibilty, and he was at every event Gerry went in Cannes…and now also L.Bender is in the mix…
    If she had some plans for Gerry, I’m sure he backed down after the first gossip…thus her melancholic look …..and btw, she had another ring , less flashy last night…

  • GB no GF

    No GF no!
    MG + LB = it = <3 –for now–
    Plain like day.
    Eyes no lie.
    It is sure.

  • JustSayin’

    @Another Perspective: Agreed. His twitter account has a picture of him holding his daughter. He seems like a nice guy who is way out of his league in Cannes (as any of us would be), not a fameho.

  • noni

    Was it Manny who was asking about Cannes sales for Gerry’s films? Sorry if I’ve got the wrong person.
    This was tucked away in a Deadline article: “Back on the international front, Mark Damon’s Foresight sold out on Motor City and Lone Survivor, aided by the presence of Gerard Butler and Peter Berg on the Croisette which lends credence to the theory that buyers get excited by seeing stars.”

  • Wondering

    Tess was the poster insisting that GB and MG were together in NYC. She reappeared to tell us that they are engaged (to each other). Now she’s back to reassure us that MG is Gerry’s gf. Tess, where do you hide between posts? Are you hanging out with N?

  • H.
  • quiche


    no, now tess is all about LB being with MG…

  • niknoks


    I don’t have an issue with Nicky Holender promoting himself and his services, everyone has the right to earn money and I’m sure he wouldn’t be doing it without GB’s permission but I think in this case it’s a little pointless, GB is going to be on SoccerAid tonight (I think) and will be playing on Sunday, they’re not exactly going to be exclusive pics.

  • Common Sense

    It’s all for publicity folks—on both sides.Didn’t Gerry do something for GQ,just before Cannes? Madalina is the cover girl for South Africa’s edition of GQ with the headline “the next Monica Bellucci ,someone’s got delusions of grandeur lol.They probably met when they were both having their cover pics shot in NYC.
    Only time will tell, if there’s more to it.If she turns up when he’s filming or becomes a regular sighting.But my guess is Gerry will hit the clubs after Sunday’s game and they’ll be someone new to speculate over lol.

  • tess

    @GB no GF: and you belive in easter bunny gnomes and in santa claus too, lol

  • Whatshedonenow


    I still think she’s porked or is porking GB, but she’s also so Lawrence Bender’s girlfriend type - tall, exotic, beautiful but a  bike. I’d imagine she’d be more than happy to trade up.  My Goodness me doesn’t this chick get around. 

  • @tess

    Which Lia is telling you that MG and GB are an item? because the one who liked your comment on MG’s Facebook page isn’t the same Lia who posted the pic on twitter of her and Gerry doing the wooly bully in New York .They are two completely different people.I think someone is playing you.

  • quiche


    the one that liked the comment is a blonde…and the one with NY tweets is a black brazilian girl.. lol

  • I know…

    It’s all in tess’s head lol.She’s been saying for nearly 2 weeks that Lia told her but which one? It seems she’s mixing up 2 different people.

  • tess

    @Wondering: i never said the are engaged, someone here posted their photo together,what i insist and will die saying they was together in NYC, because i have 100% sure, and in cannes she was always around him, sitting ever in same table, someone here posted a photo with her and david meister(alan siegel partner), is just add 1+1 .
    Wondering, i never hide myself, i ever post here with my name, sometimes i prefer don’t post, because i get tired in argue with blind persons, or gerry ‘s xiitas fans.

  • quiche

    one thing is interesting though…only the romanian press picked this gossip and just because they saw 2 photos from Cannes…they called her , she denied almost angrily…. but, not one gossip site outside Romania…not even italian ones, and they follow MG closely…
    because there’s nothing to say?

  • ?

    @quiche: Whatever their times of arrival they were both on table 58, next to each other.

  • Another Perspective

    Right! Not a fameho at all. Why people here always disparage everyone for something they themselves would do? It’s not right. The guy is only trying to earn a living.

  • Jealous Much?

    @GB no GF:
    In denial much?

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough

    Anita Singh ‏@anitathetweeter
    Gerard Butler on my flight and managing to look hot despite wearing a baseball cap at age 42

  • tess

    @@tess: lia who said me about it is the same girl in 2 photos, the black one,isnt different persons, is the same girl.she is a brazilian’s model,we had talk in portuguese and i understood her very well. if you dont want believe gerry is with MG, i dont give a sht, but he is. and for now is enough, i have more things to do, than be here on net arguing. have a good afternoon.

  • quiche


    you have a photo of them sitting together? no, just a photo of the table…the sitting arrangement is just someone’s supposition… is she near Brody, near GB, or Alan or David or LB….you don’t know…

  • Question

    Don’t let people upset you.
    What did the black Brazilian girl tell you? How does she know that GB is seeing MG?

  • GFW

    If they are GF and BF then why are they not photographed together at all? No, not once. Not one photographer found them even near each other. I think she’s encroaching on his space, friends, for to try to get at him. He’s not interested.
    Why is the only photo of her, with any life within, with another man? A man who is really got his smile on! They look very, very chummy indeed. I see what they refer to as “credit card eyes”. The fist time with any sparkle to them. He looks very, very happy if you know what I mean. That smile (of his) can be seen from Saturn!
    Fact it. She is only photographed with another man, another man everyone is choosing to ignore? Another man other than Gerry. What part don’t you get?
    And here at a huge event like Cannes, at a important charity event, a business event and they are not even sitting at the same table. Not seen talking. Nowhere near each other!
    If Gerry were dating someone (in this case MG) and it was real, he’d have his photograph taken with her (again). And she’d be at his table. And he’d insist on both. Back to cleaning. This week has flown by!
    who thinks “tess/TESS” and “N” (and a few others) are all the same person who is gaslighting you guys

  • GFW

    Note she hightails it when I appear? Wonder why? Suddenly busy. Wonder why? I’m her target. I know that. I know why too.
    who hopes to see a team shot soon of my lug with his teammates hoping they can keep it together because he’s on the funny team (LOL) who didn’t know Edward Norton was that good a soccer player hopping they win, stay safe and mostly have fun!!

  • Interesting!

    what other man is she photogrpahed with? do you have a link to the picture?

  • lefigaro

    Interesting CDAN blind item is indicative of what Cannes is sadly for many actresses:

  • anglesrock


    I agree, CGE. I wonder if Gerry knows he’s promoting himself this way using Gerry as bait.