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Kate Bosworth & Chloe Moretz: 'Infinite Loop' in South Korea!

Kate Bosworth & Chloe Moretz: 'Infinite Loop' in South Korea!

Kate Bosworth and Chloe Moretz attend the Infinite Loop exhibition held at the Seoul Railway Station on Thursday (May 24) in Seoul, South Korea.

Calvin Klein Collection hosted the event, which was organized by the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate brought along boyfriend Michael Polish for the one-night only exhibition, where she also met up with Calvin Klein‘s Creative Director Francisco Costa.

“Seoul Sisters @ChloeGMoretz @MrsLS,” Kate tweeted with a pic of her with Chloe and model Lara Stone.

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Credit: Chung Sung-Jun; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Chloe Moretz, Francisco Costa, Kate Bosworth, Michael Polish

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    Chloe is very sexy…wow

  • mforman

    KB should be embrassed, now she is trying to look like her and Chole are the best of friends, she even tweeted pictures of them together.
    KB is probably jealous because Chole even at her young age has more fashion sense in her little pinky, than KB could ever hope for.
    Once again KB is posing like there is something wrong with her and I love the fact she always has to have the same two poses with MP, one with him looking at her like she is it and the other with them staring into each others eyes; no matter when they are photographed together the ridiculous one always makes sure those poses are covered.
    KB should give it up already and stop. That stupid JM commercial is enough to turn everybody off, what a ridiculous concept and again the jewelery isn’t really even featured, maybe three or four pcs, all the two of them are doing is trying to showcase her and it is really getting creepy.
    I am really starting to feel bad for Cher, because she is the one that designs these pcs and they are destroying it little by little with these stupid commercials.
    If you go on JM facebook page, even their customers are commenting about the fact that the commericals are only focusing on KB and not the jewelery, poor Cher. No wonder she is staying away from these ads.

  • Jana

    Chloƫ is gorgeous and classy. Love her.

  • Whycantipost


    Please go back to calling her the creature. Everytime I read it I LOL and imagine this;

    Same obsession with jewelry and same bodytype. And lack of hair from not eating and obsessing over random dumb stuff like the Hobbit. (Hobbit and Gollem, match made in heaven! xD)


  • ladybug

    I actually sort of like KB’s outfit, it covers her knees and her posture’s not as bad (solo posturing, not the weird one where she’s bent backward).

    (goes and checks self for fever)

  • Tizzy

    Calling a 15 year old girl sexy is wrong! Personally she shouldn’t be even wearing those shoes especially with those heels. I love the dress though.

  • Lois

    Chloe’s shoes kill!! A little too old for her but, what can you do?
    I have to shake my head and smile at KB and Molish, they’re truly meant for each other. Btw, is me or does she have her hair parted the same Alex has been doing his recently? She looks like a robot in this shot,

    though the outfit and total look is nice (Egads! I feel the avian bird flu coming on.)Back to normall scheduled…Zoey Deschanel would have killed it!

  • Lois

    Molish really doesn’t seem to have a life outside of KB, does he?

  • Mutu+

    Chloe looks great! Love her!

  • Abbeylane

    Wow! Chloe Moretz looks all growed up. Very pretty outfit.

  • nimmie

    I could see why Chloe Moretz gets a mention, but who the heck is Kate Bosworth?

  • Lois
  • yep

    Both Kate and Chloe look lovely! Love both dresses!

  • Whycantipost


    I hate to say it, but i also dont hate her look. xD (feels forehead, nope, no fever:O)

  • Rhia


    IA, this kind of outfit is far more flattering to her then when she was posturing her “Swedish/street/boho-chic” BS. The vagabond look really doesn’t suit her, and seemed an obvious ploy to make her fit in with AS’ style. I think she’s a bit sad and overwrought, but she has a pretty face, it’s just the overall package that needs a bit of enhancement: hair (more of it) makeup and clothes, etc.

  • ladybug

    @Whycantipost: Sometimes she gets it right: more classic, less ‘stuff’.Also covers her upper chest and her knees/thighs, which aren’t her best parts. Her hair’s not as tight as at the Met, though you can still tell how thin it is.

    Question, not specifically aimed at either KB or Chloe-when celebs do these sorts of events, are they getting paid/compensated in some way?

  • ~~~~~

    @Lois: @ladybug:

    There is nothing wrong with either of you. You are both wonderful, intelligent, and rational who know you should give the Devil his due. I mean H*ll even a broke ass clock is right twice a day.

    Maybe competing with Jasper is forcing her to change her style a little.

  • Eresyn

    I really like her outfit ,and the fact she’s not doing the complete “dumb baby giraffe” pose…(It’s almost there, though LOL ;)). Molish is insufferable, as always, but he seems to like her plays and her endless need for attention, so i guess they’re made for each other.

  • ~~~~~

    @ladybug: Sometimes they are. Sometimes cash sometimes clothes.

    RFLMAO at post #11

  • jbean

    i cringe when I seen kb and mp…too much.

  • DailyNightly

    Thank God he grew the beard back. The other look was not good. I have to say, much as I dislike her, I don’t think she looks bad here. She may have even gained a bit of much needed weight.

  • Lilla

    Wow, I actually don’t hate KB’s outfit. Chloe looks so pretty & I’m in love with her shoes.

  • ladybug

    @~~~~~: That’s what I thought: please show up and help promote our product, here’s some tickets, hotel rooms, swag bag and some money.

  • Macy

    Both of them look alright here, KB for once looks decent.

  • Actually…

    Chloe Moretz looks good here, although I do agree that the shoes are too high for a 15 year old.
    I would like Kate Bosworth’s dress, but I don’t like how the folds of the skirt sit so the bottom looks like gaucho pants.

  • Lois


    It’s a CK event and KB still has ties to them. I think Chloe has a contract as well since she has attended several CK events in the past.

  • mforman

    @Whycantipost (#4)——Your post was a true classic and I am still laughing.
    I really couldn’t think straight, there was just so much wrong today, with that stupid JM commercial and her hanging onto Chole M, like she clung to RHW, both with her trying to get across, see people like me. Too bad we know they are forced to take these pictures with her, because the downside of saying no is worse than saying yes. It was like when AP and SM were forced to pose at the Scream Awards, both looking like they wanted to vomit, it was just easier for them to say yes and get it over with.
    The *creature* is getting more and more desparte as the threads dry up. KB has absolutely nothing and I mean nothing coming her way in roles, there aren’t even rumors, she is so far down the usless list that she doesn’t even qualify to have rumors spread about her.
    The scariest part of this is now she is bringing “Jaspita” onto her twitter with retweeting things. The creature has reached the losest of the low and the saddest part is, Jasper’s father doesn’t think his daughter deserves to just be a high school student. I mean seriously, I am so scared as to what is next from KB and MP. They are so desparte to stay relevant who knows what is coming.
    I just cannot believe that insane JM commercial, what was the point, MP is just as obsessed with KB as KB is obsessed with herself, that is why they are such a match.
    I am sure the stans and trolls will attack.
    I only hope to take some of the heat off of the real Texas Swede.

  • Fashionista

    Both Kate and Chloe look fantastic. Kate’s look is very very chic. She has a great sense of fashion. And she’s beautiful! There are a couple of Askar fans who post here who need to grow up! Silly girls.

  • Lois

    When was the last time KB was photographed or mentioned with anyone that she didn’t have professional ties to?

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: Funny, most of the comments about her have been positive and yet you’re the one who keeps bringing up AS.
    Lois, I figured she still had professional ties to CK, so it’s still a paid (in some way) promotional appearance.

    Chloe’s look-she’s at that ‘difficult’ age, she’s not a tween and can dress older, but how ‘old’? So yeah, the shoes cold have been a little shorter.

  • Jeannie

    @Fashionista: So then by your logic, when her & MP breakup, those that dislike KB will be jealous because she dated him? I somehow doubt that.

    I like what both girls are wearing. KB looks age appropriate for once.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    I like the dress and she looks better than usual but still …she seems to have lost her looks hard partying , smoking, bed hoping and God knows what else will do that for you…

  • Lois

    Must suck to know a 15 year old has surpassed you on many levels (critical acclaim, box office success, professional ties and respect, cult status, fan base, etc.).

  • Lois

    She’s so lame and try hard, I can’t believe she actually tweeted “Seoul Sisters”. KB would never in a million years be considered a “sister”. That term would have been cute for the Fannings, the Olsens or known gal pals like Jen A and Courtney C, not casual acquaintances.

  • Like her outfit!

    I really like her outfit! Very cool, very polished.

  • natasha

    i don’t get you people you think this 15 year old chick dressed like a grandma is better dressed than KB ? i get that you hate KB but seriously if you don’t get fashion at least don’t talk about it .

  • ~~~~~

    @natasha: Fashion is an personal thing. Most of us have been nice about KB’s choice of ensemble. It is her behavior we find questionable. She acts like she and Chloe are so close when they don’t exactly run around like pals.

    Did anyone see the ‘Temple time’ pic she tweeted? Has she become a Buddhist? Maybe Lainey was more on track than she thought.

  • ~~~~~

    Check this out.


    The first pic from KB and then Cher’s pic with retweet made me go hmm.

  • ladybug

    @natasha: If you think Choe’s dressing like a grandma you must hang out with some really well-dressed grandmas.

  • Lois


    You’re seriously picking on a 15 year old CHILD to defend KB? That’s the type of fans KB attracts.

  • mforman

    @Lois—You hit the nail right on the head.
    KB is at the lowest point possible now. There is nothing for her and I mean nothing.
    I am seriously waiting for even JM to come to an end, which would be sad for Cher. I do not think anybody could blame her for stepping away from these self serving ads that KB and MP are doing, and the funniest thing is it is getting them nowhere, but to get laughed at.

  • Texas Swede

    Just watched the ‘cough’ short film ‘cough’ um I mean commercial for JM. I think others covered it very well. Lois did an excellent job. I just have one thing to say to Mr. Polish, “If you think the Iphone and an 8mm app did such a great job think how much better a real camera shooting in black and white would have been,” It might have made the thing bearable.

    And to KB, if you are going to act like you are doing a flapper dance at least research and learn how before you “try” to act like it. Made me cringe with embarrassment for you.

    I think you 2 are perfect as life partners but you should really re-think the artistic pairing. It just isn’t working on a popular level.

    Yeah I am me.


  • Warren

    Chloe looks so sexy in red. Chloe has hot kissable lips and pretty arms too.

  • Tulip

    @Texas Swede: How did Lois cover the film so well? She came up with a lame scenario that involved all kinds of characters and period pieces that would have cost a fortune. That’s not what they’re doing with the JM films. Not to mention, the NY Times launched the film which is quite a compliment to Kate and Michael. The NY Times wouldn’t have gotten involved if they didn’t think it was special. And special it is! Also, Kate isn’t trying to do a flapper dance. You really need to find a hobby, TS.

  • Tulip

    Kate looks beautiful, really really beautiful at this event. I love her dress, hair, makeup, the whole look. Stunning.

  • Texas Swede

    @Tulip: Can you say paid advertising? And the NY Times doesn’t promote anything for free.

    And yes she is attempting a flapper dance. Right before she finds the note in the necklace she is dancing around the chandelier twisting back and forth pointing her fingers up alternately. It has the earmarks of a1920′s flapper dance after the Charleston. I also found the choice of shooting location to be rather coincidental also. But that is another story. And where have you seen this so called film in any genre other than paid media? It is a commercial. They pay to have it placed and played.

    I need a hobby? At least I am not going to other threads to humiliate posters. I noticed you did not rush to let anyone know about my apology, did you?

  • ladybug

    @Texas Swede: It definitely read like a promotional piece, didn’t i?. This line intrigues me:

    …combines outstanding prices (everything is under $30) with ethical action. (Portions of the proceeds from celebrity-supported pieces go to charity;

    Do we really know how much is going to the actual charity (I ask this of any ‘buy this an a portion [nice weasel word] goes to charity)?
    BeachMint as a whole hasn’t release revenue figures, never mind charity donations figures.

  • mforman

    @ladybug (#47)—–JM has never, ever said what portion exactly goes to charity, they are very clever that way and if you really look at it who are the celebrities that are doing this, JJ, Kysten RItter (after she needed to start promoting her new show), and Rachel Bilson, who has Shoemint, I mean come on.
    @Texas Swede (she is back, yeah)—–You are totally right. The New York Times was paid to advertise this new ridiculous, commercial, ad, whatever it is, it is just plain nonesense and completely ridiculous.
    The people that have always stated the truth have always and I mean always stated that KB cannot act, after watching this I have never laughed so hard in my life; and what the heck is MP doing, those captions were so foolish, “Oh, where is my love:, and having her do another stupid dance or try to and those insane facial expressions.
    I love silent films, because they are genius, but the faces MP has the creature making a just plain scary, it is a mess from start to finish.
    I do not know if you guys will remember this, but it was in the JM commercial set in Paris, when she did that jig. In both of these videos she isn’t dancing, it looks like she is having some kind of fight and her acting, what the heck.
    Please I really do think it is time that she just goes away, the writing is on the wall, am I the only one that sees it.
    @Tulip #44)—-What type of dance would you call it, if KB wasn’t trying to do a flapper type of dance? Also the New York Times of course will launch it, becasuce they were paid for that.
    Cant you see that KB only hangs onto and tweets photos of her with people that are forced to pose with her. Chole M is a real fashionista, KB obviously realized this and I bet we never see the two of them pose together.
    KB has gone so far down , that she is beyond even Z list, she is so desparate now, I am waiting for a wedding or a baby, KB will stop at nothing and that is what makes her so scary, because now she will say and do anything to make herself relevant.

  • loonsontheboard


    Don’t get fooled. They are not his real fans, they are only interested in his private life. Obsessive sad cows they are. They give all the Skarsfans a bad name :(

  • Texas Swede

    @loonsontheboard: And pray tell what is your definition of a real fan? Every one has a different way in which they admire someone. Who are you to say I give his fans a bad name. I don’t dis other fans of his. I believe in loyalty. Which apparently you do not. And if you bothered reading more you will find most of us have posted over and over to stay out of his private life. I won’t call you any bad names, however if there is ever a battle for him in which I am involved please do not join in. I do not need or want our help. You come to start fights and you come unprepared.