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Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: 'Paperboy' Cannes Premiere!

Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: 'Paperboy' Cannes Premiere!

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron arrive at The Paperboy premiere during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival on Thursday (May 23) at Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France.

Co-stars Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack, Macy Gray, David Oyelowo, as well as the film’s director, Lee Daniels, also walked the red carpet after attending a photo call earlier in the day.

“I had the most lovely time in the world [working with Nicole]. I was ecstatic the day I found out she was playing the part,” Zac told reporters.

“I have been in love with her for a long time, since Moulin Rouge,” he added. “It was the best opportunity in the world for me and I loved every moment.”

FYI: Nicole wore a dress and clutch both by Lanvin, Casadei heels and vintage Cartier jewels. Zac suited up in Dolce&Gabbana.

10+ pictures inside of The Paperboy cast at the film’s Cannes premiere…

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Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto; Photos: Getty
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97 Responses to “Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron: 'Paperboy' Cannes Premiere!”

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  1. 51
    Lulu Says:

    That dress is so graceful but at the same time, risque. I have never seen such backless dress. It looks amazing on her.

  2. 52
    lira Says:

    I just had to say how beautiful Nicole looks in that gown, breathtaking!!!
    You have been missed, Nicole!! John (my love) looks great, also!!!!

    As for the reviews of the film, well….I have to say, Kidman is so back! Some of her BEST performances were in polarizing films ( like in Dogville)

    The divisive reviews are making me want to watch The Paperboy more to be honest.

  3. 53
    Lulu Says:

    Lee Daniels said some people hate Precious; some people love Precious. Same for this. Some people don’t like it and pick it apart, but some said it’s thought provoking. It won’t be a feel good movie. Not for box office success; more for critical artistic value.

  4. 54
    Sara Says:

    Been nice seeing all the pictures lately. !

    Lee Daniels has Cannes talking!

    I am sure he has made the movie he set out to make and has done exactly what he wanted!

    The buzz is everywhere!

  5. 55
    KellyInNash Says:

    Nicole looks stunning as usual! Love love love the color of the dress. The whole cast are a handsome bunch as well. I read this book and it was raunchy but in a fun way. From the reviews, it seems like the individual performances are getting raves. Like Black Swan, some people will comment only on the sex scenes as if they represent the whole film. Personally, I can’t wait for this one. One major distributor turned the film down but two others majors want it so it looks like a go!

  6. 56
    A. OK Says:

    @Bite me I saw a twenty minute standing ovation for the film .The Guardian U.K gave it four out of five stars. you see only the bad , I look for the good and keep the bad in mind.

  7. 57
    Rachel Says:

    Wow Nicole looks amazing, certainly the best anyone has looked at Cannes!
    And Zac is gorgeous :)
    Everyone is saying that Nic’s performance is amazing.
    And I’ve read that Zac gave a very good performance!
    P.S. Nicole’s dress is so beautiful!

  8. 58
    linny Says:

    Nicole! you are always our muse, you look stunning like always!!

  9. 59
    R U sure Says:

    That’s right people fall for it. it’snot Lily he is being good for. She is PR wait and see

  10. 60
    R U sure Says:

    Before Everyone climbs down my throat go look at all the pics of him before Cannes. he looks a mess ( Like buffy face and being drunk) Those idiot friends again.

  11. 61
    A. OK Says:

    I was so wanting none of that to be true. I want Zac to be happy. He looks that way in Cannes

  12. 62
    lauren Says:

    @ r u sure
    ive heard that lily is just for pr and etc, that he’s not even dating her,
    it’s lily that for some reason is just really pushing zac to be in her movie, and ill doubt he would take her ****** movie role.

  13. 63
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – The only before Cannes pictures that I’ve seen are the ones at the Staples Center for Baskettball and Hockey and he is with, I believe, his assistant Mike. Also the airport with his brother and dad. Sorry, there is also one of him with Lily. I don’t see him drunk with his idiot friends, or did you mean the scruffy mustache makes him look bad like when he was drunk and with his idiot friends. Please share, and I am not climbing down your throat, just curious.

  14. 64
    Whatever Says:

    @R U sure: I’m sorry, but again, I have doubts about a hidden lover. It’s not Lily he’s “being good for”. But you claim it’s someone else for the last year, yet he was very frisky with Schilling in TLO promos just recently, talked about having loved Vanessa(which really wasn’t necessary) , and now it starts with Nicole and promo for this movie. I don’t call any of that behavior, especially groping Schilling and nuzzling her on the red carpet, very good behavior if you have an insecure shrinking violet tucked in at home. I just don’t think Efron knows what good behavior is.

  15. 65
    tree Says:

    @Whatever – @R U sure didn’t even mention a hidden lover, they were talking about how Zac looked and how Lily is PR, nothing about a lover. At least not in this post. I think his behavior at Cannes with Nicole is due to the fact that Nicole is married, she is much older and more mature and I don’t think she would go along with the childish behavior of flirting and making believe there is something going on with Zac, that’s not the kind of women she is and she of all people does not need the PR for that kind of thing. Therefore, I believe we will not see that kind of touchy flirty behavior with this movies premiere and interviews.

  16. 66
    tree Says:

    @A OK – You want none of what to be true?

  17. 67
    R U sure Says:

    @lauren Lily is out for herself not Zac. she needs him , he doesn’t need her. Her and her PR team want you to think there is a romance there. if they are getting it on good for them, I don’t think so.
    @tree The basketball and hockey games. In tweets it was said he was drinking “One right after another”
    I never saw a pic of him with the idiot friends , but two of them tweeted he was with them Monday night at a viewing party watching the game.
    scruffy is one thing , looking like hell is another. He looks bloated in the face. I have’nt seen pics so maybe (I hope) the tweets were a lie
    @Whatever I’m not getting into this he has someone hidden thing again. If he does or doesn’t (that is their business and why)
    I agree with you he doesn’t seem to know what good behavior is. I will say this at Cannes he seemed on his best behavior. I still say not for Lily The images that these two have don’t mix. He will drag her down , or she will make him look a fool. PR is PR no matter who does it and why.

  18. 68
    A. OK Says:

    @tree That Zac is doing PR and he is drinking heavy and seeing those old friends again. I know they lied about where he was before and I’m hoping this was a lie too. Zac doesn’t do or read his tweets . That is his team.

  19. 69
    lauren Says:

    @r u sure
    why would lily and her team want you to think there is something when there isn’t? is lily’s and her team that desperate for attention or is she that desperate?

  20. 70
    A. OK Says:

    @lauren This is my opinion and mine only from things I heard. The first couple “dates” were PR for her . It did her wonders , attention everywhere. He got a little good out of it , but it was causing hidden problems. He got tired of being used and stopped . Her PR team kept tring to link them , but it was going nowhere without Pics. Suddenly Sat.
    He had to make up for looking unhappy on the one date where they did have a pic. Now she wants a real romance Who wouldn’t ? he is really hot right now and can garner PR like nobody’s business. She could use him like she did Taylor Lautner, but This would be the New Hollywood “Young IT couple’. Paps everywhere they go. I would hope he doesn’t fall for this. But if he is drinking heavy , who knows or is that the reason why.

  21. 71
    tree Says:

    @A OK – I agree with your opinion about Lily and the PR. Hopefully Zac is smart enough not to go along with it, if he has a choice and stands up to his own PR team. As for the heavy drinking, that’s hard to tell based off of the few pictures we have. I don’t believe the tweets from idiot friends because they have proved false in the past. Lets see what happens when he is back from Cannes. In regard to the scruffy look. Alot of actors if they don’t have a scheduled event don’t usually try too hard to look good, so maybe this is Zacs way of laying back and not trying to impress anyone.

  22. 72
    R U sure Says:

    @A O K You said just about everything I have been saying. I was going by tweets and what I was hearing also. The only thing I would add is that one of his “friends” wanted or wants this Lily thing to take off , so he can be in the pics again. That should be an easy guess who.

  23. 73
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – That would be RR, I was under the impression they are not friends anymore.

  24. 74
    R U sure Says:

    @tree That was the one I was going for. On the tweets, What I saw and then what I heard , I’m not convinced yet that everyone mentioned was there. They have done this before when I knew two were out of town.(there own tweets). If I see a pic I will believe if not I hold out hope that they were all not there.

  25. 75
    tree Says:

    @R U sure – I agree with you, I think Zac knows that RR is bad press and I think he is smarter than that. If we can see it with limited information, I think Zac has to see what a bad friend RR was.
    Does anyone know whats on the schedule next for Zac, does he still have travel for The Lucky One or is something else coming up. Maybe he has the summer months off? Does anyone know.

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