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Justin Bieber: 'Doing Real Stuff Sucks'

Justin Bieber: 'Doing Real Stuff Sucks'

Justin Bieber wears a white tee with the words “Doing Real Stuff Sucks” while leaving a studio on Friday (May 25) in Burbank, Calif.

“#BOYFRIENDREMIX!!! u ready????” the 18-year-old singer tweeted the day before. Check out the track, made by 2 Chainz, Mac Miller, and Asher Roth, below!

“#BOYFRIENDremix today… #BELIEVEtour tix on presale now… and new song from #BELIEVE on ITUNES tuesday?? #DieInYourArms #BELIEVE,” Justin wrote in another tweet, revealing what his next single would be.

In case you missed it, check out the full list of dates for Justin‘s upcoming world tour in support of his new album Believe!

Justin Bieber – ‘Boyfriend’ Remix

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  • arcbelieber

    FLOP! dont like this song, even with this remix, its hard to go billboard no.1.. big dream, sucks song..

  • http://justjared POLO

    i’m 17. and i’m thinking what’s wrong with this generation???? how could a talent less boy like this could get so famous?? he is worthless. i see talented people all the time on youtube, trying hard to get people’s attention. whats wrong with people these days can’t recognize real talent. they are into talent less stars like kesha, miley cyrus, lady gaga and so on.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Not a fan, not a hater, totally indifferent towards this kid but I have got to say that whenever I see his pants like that, I have the desire to tug them down because really?! Pull them up boy! It doesn’t make you look cool, or sexy, or anything positive. You look ridiculous, not to use a harsher word.

  • dave franco

    He still looks like a little boy though. Granted I respect the kid for being a star without the major powers behind him, essentially the internet made him famous. How many artists can say that?

  • a. lambert

    Boyfriend is terrible. I like Beiber but that song is awful

  • not laughing

    he’s down? mmh. he coulda done kinda new elvis?! really?!

  • not laughing

    mind… if he’d grow outta that pre teen music! ;)

  • Karolina Slota

    He’s wearing a polish brand Local Heroes!
    You can get the tshirt here:

  • notyourfriend

    he looks really sad, where is Selina Gomez?? are they broken up for real?

  • notyourfriend

    now if this guy was black, you know that he would not be this famous right, bcuz white ppl will accept and look through talentless whites, but would ignore talent blacks….sad

  • Marie

    Does his shirt mean he likes being fake?

  • hey

    what’s the matter? mommy trying to teach you how to do laundry? paying taxes hurt? learning how to cook? strugglin to graduate from school, yeah you missed a lot of real school buddy

  • Tiana

    Didn’t really like boyfriend before but this remix is siick!! I personally think the remix is sooo much better than the originial. love it!

  • McKenna

    He seems like a nice kid but his whole “act” is laughable.

  • Mia

    Pulls up your pants, seriously kid.

  • Asdfghjkl

    God, this kid is just BEYOND ridiculous. He’s a brat and i bet he thinks he’s the hottest guy ever. I can’t wait til he grows up to his 30s and he’ll be like another washed up Aaron Carter, only worse. Oh wait, he already stopped growing! Hahahaha

  • Asdfghjkl

    I mean 20s.

  • Name

    @hey: no, the shirt means he’s afraid to step into the real world, face real problems and be like real people. Cause he’s busy laying back with his drooping pants and having the rest of the obsessed delusional fans and industry feed him with a golden spoon.

  • Name

    I meant to reply @maria by the way. But I 100% agree with hey.

  • Hamed

    i bet you guys this kid wouldn’t clean his ass after leaving w.c!

  • Sheila

    No matter how successful he currently is, I think his entire career will slow down to a possible stop if he doesn’t grow taller. Majority of his fans are female and they will grow up and move on and will think he is a small twerp and embarassed they liked him once upon a time. And as he gets older he will need to attract a new audience, but the lack of height and looking like 12 year old will hurt him. Mark my words, if doesn’t grow taller and stays tiny, that will impact his career big-time.

  • hillray

    He is a MIDGET!

  • Bahogilokkamungtanan

    ROFL @shiela!!! I mean c’mon! What would he do lets say 5 years (i give him 2 truthfully) later? He couldn’t act therefore he couldnt be like aaron carter and star in some musical or broadway. He cant be like justin timberlake who went from preteen to teen heartthrob then to sexy solo singer then to legit actor. He’ll never be umm sexy with a height likethat for a guy and he definitely cannot continue singing teeny bopper songs once he gets older cause it’ll be weird. I mean, this guy.. His future is too blurry to tell. He better start learning real life stuff and start saving up.

  • Mary H.

    Hey, being short works for Zac Efron.

  • SeeWhatsReal

    Let’s be real, in 5-7 years, he’ll be on Dancing with The Stars, then Rehab with Dr. Drew; I don’t take this kid seriously. History tends to repeat itself, every five years there’s another teen ‘heartthrob’ (<—really? Dude looks like a lesbian who shops at UrbanOutfitters ) who girls go crazy for. Not hate, just a fact.

    He'll be a wash up before you know it. Enjoy your 9 year old fans while they last.

  • http://N/A Kelly

    Well, he may have stopped growing height-wise, but his head is getting bigger every day!

  • Veronica

    Sheesh. Canadians these days.

  • Darwin

    I found the shirt he was wearing on I’m buying one lol

  • Dominica

    The t-shirt from Polish designers :)) Local Heroes yaay

  • No.

    @hey: @hey:

    … he did graduate. About a couple weeks ago, I think. He was being homeschooled while on tour and such. It’s just a t shirt, chill.

  • http://@KidrauhlLeague Jaclyn

    Stop judging. You haven’t even seen his interviews. He is NOT a product and if you’ve heard his WHOLE new album you’d probably recognize his talent. Judging by his LOOKS or what you have HEARD is not good. Why are you even on articles about him if you don’t like him…Like you’re wasting YOUR time on someone you hate. Like, c/mon. Real mature. Shame on you for hating on a guy who’s dream actually came true do to TALENT. I mean, if you’re able to pick up your cell phone and call USHER…you’ve gotta be doing something right.