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Vanessa Hudgens: Amber Lounge Fashion Show!

Vanessa Hudgens: Amber Lounge Fashion Show!

Vanessa Hudgens hits the Amber Lounge Fashion Show on Friday (May 25) at Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel in Monaco.

The 23-year-old actress posed backstage at the charity event, which featured Formula One drivers joining their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and children on the catwalk.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Before jetting to Europe, Vanessa got in a workout, attending a yoga class in Studio City.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa enjoyed the sunny weather with beau Austin Butler at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire where they held hands while strolling the grounds.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a sheer silver fully embroidered gown by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti.

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214 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Amber Lounge Fashion Show!”

  1. 1
    Mike Says:

    Austin Butler is spitting image of Mac. Culkin

  2. 2
    Mike Says:

    In Culkin’s better days i should say…

  3. 3
    sarra Says:

    omg!!! amazing baby v beautiful zac is loooser

  4. 4
    yes!!! Says:

    why is she in pijamas?

  5. 5
    Hihihihu Says:

    I 100% agree with mike

  6. 6
    selena Says:

    she’s so hot <3

  7. 7
    Pulis Patola Says:

    She looks pretty but LOL @ mike! He does kinda!

  8. 8
    stumpy Says:

    looks like a little person

  9. 9
    chris Says:

    i love her butterfly ringgg she’s the best austin is lucky guyy

  10. 10
    lauren Says:

    how did she get to lax without being noticed?

  11. 11
    creep Says:


  12. 12
    Wes Says:

    She looks really beautiful!

  13. 13
    creep Says:

    @yes!!!: why r u such a douch3?

  14. 14
    creep Says:

    @sarra: don’t mention him, really, can we just grow up already? i’m vanessa’s fan, but i honestly don’t know why you people (zac fans and vanessa’s) need to trash one of them to make the other look better

  15. 15
    John Says:

    She has weird body proportions, how short is she??

  16. 16
    sarra Says:

    well i am saying the truth he is loser for breaking up with this beautiful girl she’s almost perfect <3

  17. 17
    tina Says:

    She’s 154cm (5’1″), short is cute!

  18. 18
    Mrs. Gaston Says:

    i’m not a fan and this girl normally looks a hot, sloppy mess imo, but she actually looks BEAUTIFUL here! i almost can’t believe it!

  19. 19
    Kudos Says:

    This dress hides her marshmallow belly and ghetto badonk quite effectively.

  20. 20
    Pulis Patola Says:

    @sarra: wow, the way you say he’s a “loser” is as if you actually know any of them and their relationship. That’s not the “truth” girl.

  21. 21
    Marina Says:

    @John: 5’2″ or 5’3″ something like that, she’s very short

  22. 22
    creep Says:

    @Kudos: well, your comment, in the other hand, don’t hide what a hater you are.

  23. 23
    creep Says:

    @sarra: well, you don’t know what actually happened you know… none of us know, so we better just focus on how happy both of them are now, instead of constantly remembering of the past.

  24. 24
    creep Says:

    @lauren: you would know nothing about not getting noticed, since you are ALWAYS here trying to be noticed, right?

  25. 25
    Pulis Patola Says:

    @Marina: well, amanda seyfried and rooney mara are about 5’2/5’3 but they don’t look short as her. She does have weird proportions.

  26. 26
    lauren Says:

    first of all it’s a question, i didnt say anything about her or her outfit, chill out.
    stop trolling everyone on here.

  27. 27
    creep Says:

    @Pulis Patola: because they are too thin, is that what u are tryin to say?

  28. 28
    creep Says:

    @lauren: thats funny, especially coming from you.

  29. 29
    Pulis Patola Says:

    @creep: sheesh calm down girl! Amanda is actually curvy by the way though you’re right about Rooney being thin which makes her appear taller. I don’t know, there’s just something about her which makes her look shorter.

  30. 30
    creep Says:

    @Pulis Patola: maybe the arms, they do look a little fat, but again, its really hard to lose them. And Rooney is beyond thin, it just doesnt look right.

  31. 31
    Pulis Patola Says:

    @creep: perhaps, or she’s shorter than 5’2 but anyway, with the face like hers, I don’t care if I look short or have a bit heavy arms. I really and I really mean it, I like her face!

  32. 32
    creep Says:

    @Pulis Patola: lmao
    right? life is so unfair! i think her face is really gorgeous, she doesnt look like anybody else, which its a big thing to say nowadays, since everybody looks like everybody in hollywood.

  33. 33
    What! Says:

    Vanessa is not fat and her arms look fine. Have you seen her in person? Interviewers always say she is really tiny in person. So if she looks tiny in person (because pictures add about ten pounds), then I can imaging what Rooney and Amanda really look like in person. There is thin which I think most people call fat. Then there is too thin which I’m starting to think more people approve of. I’m just glad that Vanessa is healthy and she’s fit. I wish I had her body. I think she looks good in these pics and I love her hair.

    By the way, no one is perfect. Why do people always try to find fault? I’m sure if we all looked in the mirror, there would be a feature that we didn’t like. I’m just sayen.

  34. 34
    creep Says:

    @What!: well, i love her, love that she stays healthy and doesnt let industrie pressure affect her, but her arms ARE a little fat, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  35. 35
    A. OK Says:

    Vanessa you look beautiful , you two are so close go see him again

  36. 36
    Xo Says:

    She looks flawless. So stunning

  37. 37
    creep Says:

    @A. OK: lol

  38. 38
    Xo Says:

    @lauren: She does it all the time.

  39. 39
    chchcherrybomn Says:

    @lauren: when there are pics of her doing normal things like going to the gym, going to lax, and stuff like that, you say something bad, and now, that there aren’t pictures, you still find a way to say something bad. Seriously, what is your problem, girl?

  40. 40
    StarWars Says:

    I don’t like this girl. Overrrated.

  41. 41
    tina Says:

    Where’s Vanessa’s PR team?? (Haters Suck!, MoreThanWords, BOJI & Rise Above Rate…).

  42. 42
    lily Says:

    @StarWars: then, why are you commenting here? i mean, you could use your time to do soooo many things, yet, you decide to come here and comment on a post about someone you don’t like. I just don’t get it lol

  43. 43
    What! Says:


    Well I think you are being rude. Her arms are not even a little fat IMO. Have you seen her before? Sometimes the angle of a picture can make someone appear thicker than they really are. I noticed that in some pics her arms appear to look smaller. So there you go.

  44. 44
    creep Says:

    @What!: Rude? Please, I’m a FAN of hers, I totally love her, and I’m more than okay to accept that she has flaws, just like everybody else.

  45. 45
    creep Says:

    @tina: Not here yet lol

  46. 46
    g Says:

    eh..she’s gone down hill..

  47. 47
    creep Says:

    @lily: yeah… u know, the world its just full of hate ]=

  48. 48
    What! Says:


    Whatever. lol.

  49. 49
    creep Says:

    I get that not everybody likes her, and nobody should be forced to, but when i came here… well, i just wish you guys could respect not only her, but her fans as well. I know that some of V’s fans are not respectable either, but, still… This is so silly, and we have such a short life, we might, as well, not expend it hating on each other.

  50. 50
    may Says:

    got a new video up come check it out :D

  51. 51
    dogface Says:

    @lauren: her paid paps were busy and the normal ones don’t give a toss about her :)

  52. 52
    Roxy Says:

    SO unbelievably Gorgeous and Flawless! i’m so proud to call her my idol :) Her beauty is just amazing amazing!!!! And yes, she is tiny and curvy and very sweet. I was very impressed with her height when i met her but i’m short too, so both being the same height wasn’t bad lol Any guy who dates her should feel very lucky and fortunate and right now that is Austin, her boyfriend.
    i’m thinking she flew out at night that’s why we probably havent seen any pictures of her at lax. anyway Monaco seems incredible in pictures so i’m hoping she’s having a great time. she always gets invited to fashion shows…which is good! says a lot, especially for this charity event that i think she is hosting. i simply love her for who she is :)

    Sarra- i so agree with you lol

  53. 53
    my 2 cents Says:

    Vanessa looks gorgeous. Period!

  54. 54
    What! Says:

    Ignorance is bliss on this website. Some of the comments sound like they come from a bunch of judgmental and bitter haters with no type of morals or decent character (or maybe its coming from the same people). No matter what, the hate is thick around here. Its so sad that a bunch of commoners can actually think someone’s career is actually affected by nonsense.

  55. 55
    creep Says:

    The reaction of the 5 minutes teaser in Cannes was great! I’m so happy because of that!

  56. 56
    Danielle Says:

    She looks gorgeous!!

  57. 57
    lily Says:

    @dogface: obviously you care about her, if you didn’t, you wouldnt be here.

  58. 58
    thetis Says:


    For those of you who are interested Vanessa hosted the event. And she doesn’t need a PR team here haters are not really worth the time.

    When people have empty, bitter, unloved lives you just leave them to it and their stupid jealousy

  59. 59
    peggy Says:


    Dogface what a perfect name for you – I’d be hateful like you too if I kept getting mistaken for a pitbul

  60. 60
    peggy Says:

    Chantelle Tagoe ‏@ChantelleTagoe
    Hosted by Vanessa Hudgens ☺ Im star struck in this place! Bernie + Tamara Eccleston a few seats away

  61. 61
    tina Says:

    Well, yet again another inane comment by my namesake. She looks great here. What is this new obsession with her height? It’s not as if she shrank she has always been petite. Maybe it’s because of Austin’s height that it’s notice more.

  62. 62
    marie Says:

    kim kardashian wannabe

  63. 63
    tina Says:

    @marie: Yoy most be doing some serious drugs Kim K does even want to be Kim K.

  64. 64
    creep Says:

    Does anybody know if Austin is there?

  65. 65
    A. OK Says:

    Very beautiful

  66. 66
    Danielle Says:

    I don’t think so

  67. 67
    Pulis Patola Says:

    @Roxy: you met her? That’s really cool! Is she really that tiny like 5’0 or something? Yeah, it’s just that i’m quite interested not only with Vanessa’s height but celebrities’ as well since I never get to see or met them personally.

  68. 68
    Neve Says:

    Tina, you must be doing drugs since you can’t spell right.

  69. 69
    Sybil Says:

    This girl would attend the opening of an envelope. It’s quite funny, I’ve seen her at a handful of events, and the photographers really could care less about her when there are actual stars around. Good thing she’s got her own paid paparazzi to follow her around.

  70. 70
    tree Says:

    Vanessa looks beautiful, I really like when we see her doing something other than going to the gym or store. I wonder what is next on her schedule, Hopefully something soon.

  71. 71
    creep Says:

    @Sybil: well, she is the host of the event, so you’re totally wrong lol

  72. 72
    creep Says:

    @Neve: there r people here who r not from the us, and not from english speaking countries, so that was a really dumb thing to say.

  73. 73
    creep Says:

    @Danielle: he was on the list tho…

  74. 74
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I’m part of vanessas PR team? Well I better inform my current boss about this, not sure how he’s gonna take that. Vanessa owes me some money than cause I ain’t seen a cent from that. I’m also going to have move considering we don’t live in the same state. So much to do.
    Anyway while I’m busy with that, Vanessa looks very stunning.

  75. 75
    Xo Says:

    @Sybil: You’re right, no one cares about her at all. That’s why someone at this event paid over 37K for her to make a video for them. RME

  76. 76
    creep Says:

    @Xo: lmao

  77. 77
    tina Says:

    Sorry for the misspellings, I’m typing on my tablet. No drugs lol. You must have her confused with someone else, name one opening she’s this year where she wasn’t invited or hosting as she is here.

  78. 78
    kami Says:

    her usual beautiful self. girl has a stunning face.

  79. 79
    Cutie Says:

    She’s beautiful. She is very tiny in person, flat stomach but curvy also. One thing i noticed is she has very beautiful skin. I used to see her around when i lived in Silver Lake.

  80. 80
    Jessa Says:

    I frequent pretty much every major gossip site and this one gives her 100x more press than anywhere else. How much does she pay you?

  81. 81
    kL Says:

    UGLY. She’s not going anywhere. There are plenty of beautiful girls out there that are more talented than her.

  82. 82
    tina Says:

    She is one of the top viewed and commented on this site@Jessa: thanks for contributing to her count. That means more pictures will be posted (see how that works)

  83. 83
    creep Says:

    @kL: yet you are here talking about this “ugly” “untalented” girl… Sad life, huh?

  84. 84
    BOJI Says:

    Isn’t she lovely!!!? Yes she looks amazing. Having read the earlier posts, I can’t believe some of you are still going on about her weight and body proportions. She looks just fine to me. I’m taller than her but I wish I had her proportions, sensuous, not too much and not too little, and the fact is that she is all natural. Hasn’t succumbed to plastic surgery or Botox just yet like a good many of whom I shall not mention.
    Good to know that she there for work.

  85. 85
    Fan Here Says:

    she looks gorgeous!

  86. 86
    Fan Here Says:

    how awesome!!!!, Vanessa was the special guest and the host of the Amber Lounge fashion show at Monaco GP! and she will be at some more events… what a good surprise!

  87. 87
    Fan Here Says:

    oh and this was a charity event, everyone was there, the royalty and the more prestigious families around Europe + a beautiful fashion show, and a family paid over 60,000 dollars for a video of Vanessa just saying Hi to her daughter!

  88. 88
    Fan Here Says:

    actually she is wearing an ALBERTA FERRETTI. Thank You!

  89. 89
    Fan Here Says:

    I know!!! she is wearing a butlerfly and her name means buterly <3
    i think we all know he is a lucky guy!!! he makes her happy

  90. 90
    Fan Here Says:

    why do you care??
    she was in las vegas last weekend too with her boyfriend too. She is there for a charity event with her manager and i think her boyfriend is there too.. at least he was invited too!

  91. 91
    Fan Here Says:

    agree.. she is happy and that’s all that matters here.. no one cares about her ex…

  92. 92
    FrG Says:

    Hey Zac Efron is still in Cannes!!!!!!!!! Vanessa is in Monaco…!
    I can’t believe they will not meet…!! We want pics of that moment!!! LOL

  93. 93
    maria Says:

    Gorgeous! Love this whole look, from hair and makeup, to her dress. Simply stunning! As far as ANYone suggesting she is “out of proportion”, what does that mean? We are all the combination of our parents and genetics. We don’t get to choose our proportion, nor can we change it. Vanessa is tiny, and makes the utmost of her size and the beauty she was given, all naturally. THAT is something to be proud of. You gotta embrace what God gave you, and she does beautifully!!

  94. 94
    Fan Here Says:

    NO ONE ACTUALY CARES ABOUT HIM HERE… this is about Vanessa

  95. 95
    Fan Here Says:

    LMAO WTF!!!

  96. 96
    bella Says:

    hermosisima como siempreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa beatifulllllllllllllllllllllllll

  97. 97
    Evolution Says:

    This is the best I’ve ever seen her. Most days, she’s MEH.

  98. 98
    veritas Says:

    Beautiful as always, V is gorgeous just the way she is!!! I hope There will be a trailer for any of her new projects soon. I’m so excited about them!!
    Gimme Shelter, Frozen Ground and Spring Breakers!!!

  99. 99
    kelly martineau Says:

    Nessa looks pretty. Was wondering also if Austin there with her or she’s by herself.

    Nessa needs to start on some project soon.

  100. 100
    bella Says:

    beautiful as always no matter what happens I will always be his fans

  101. 101
    Fan Here Says:

    there were previews for Spring breakers and The Frozen Ground in Cannes, both movies got really good comments

  102. 102
    Fan Here Says:

    @kelly martineau:
    i hope Austin is with her… he makes her happy <3 and she loves him!

  103. 103
    Amanda Says:

    @sarra: Why was that necessary? The article did not mention Zac once, so why mention him?

    @sarra: Also, the only thing you need to be worrying about is your atrocious grammar. Yes, Vanessa is beautiful but there’s no reason to call Zac a loser as you have no idea of their reasons for breaking up. They’re amicable (look it up since I know you’re not smart enough to know what it means) toward one another, so what’s the problem? It’s time you grew up, sweetheart, the rest of us who like V have.

  104. 104
    Cutie Says:

    This look on her..the hair and makeup is stunning. She really is a beautiful, beautiful girl or woman I should say. I will probably get the beat down for saying this but Vanessa and Zefron matched perfectly on a physical level and I think they really loved each other and had a tight bond. It’s unfortunate that it didn’t work out but sometimes that’s that way it goes.

  105. 105
    kami Says:

    @Fan Here:

    found this on
    @ EcranLarge: 3 minutes sexy, violent and drug Springbreakers of Korine, James Franco is unrecognizable.

    @ VIFFSTER: The best thing I’ve seen so far in Cannes: the outdoor movie Harmony Korine, Spring Breakers, alongside Tarantino movie. Harm is back!

    @ Lazslokovacs: The craziest movie of 2013? To be a Harmony Korine movie with theft, lesbian scenes, and punk. And James Franco with gold teeth.

    @ OtrosCines: We saw a few minutes. Struck me see Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens in such extreme scenes for the film from Korine.

    Otros Cines:
    The best was for last: a much broader view of the Spring Breakers, the salutary Harmony Korine (Gummo, Trash Humpers), with James Franco and ex-Disney, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez in the euphoria and madness sex with other teens. Images allowed to see that this is a much higher production than usual for the director, but with the same lack of prejudice and bullying.

  106. 106
    Nicole Says:

    @Fan Here: The plan was for Austin to get to fly with her, but he had to stay back at the last minute for publicity work for The Carrie Diaries. He’s with her now, though. She makes HIM happy and he loves HER.

  107. 107
    tina Says:

    @Nicole: How do you know this? You people amaze me talking as if you’re best friends with V & A .

  108. 108
    maria Says:

    @Amanda: I agree with you, except for the amicable part. They did not part on good terms, and it’s their business only. It’s long gone, lessons were learned, and life goes on. We learn a lot from early relationships, though, and I’m sure they both did. One thing for sure……hating on either one for their relationship not working out, is totally ridiculous. It wasn’t meant to be. They are both happy again, and that’s all that matters.

  109. 109
    Fan Here Says:

    We all know the break up wasn’t amicable. Vanessa suffered so much, she even talked about how important was to TRUST in someone and how much she apreciated the loyalty n her friends and the ones she loves. But right now, i think they both are pretty much over the past. Vanessa is happy, and thats why i think she is not hidding her feelings and her happines, she is finally smiling with her eyes again! she found the person who can actually loves her back. I dont know what the future could bring, but she is happy now, and i like Austin because HE MAKES HER HAPPY NOW!

  110. 110
    Roxy Says:

    @pulis patola yes, I had the chance to meet Vanessa when she was filming spring breakers. It happened so fast though but I will remember that moment forever. She is very tiny between 5’0 and 5’2 no more than that and VERY sweet. She’s also stunning. I was amazed at her great figure when she was wearing a bikini. She takes good care of her body to be short. But hey, expensive things come in small packages right? :)

    @fan here I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m happy that Vanessa is happy now :)

  111. 111
    Max Says:


  112. 112
    Sarag Says:

    Wow, this is the best she has looked in a long time! Why can’t she look like this more often!

  113. 113
    tina Says:

    Wow ! She’s a stunner. Just beautiful!!!!!

  114. 114
    kami Says:

    vanessa is a free spirit with nothing to hide.

  115. 115
    Jon Bale Says:


    This is the biggest cast call of all time. For years some of you have been waiting for this moment, well is arrived! Are you ready… hold on to your seats, because you are about to get the details! The Invitation, the biggest role you’ll ever play to date.

    What’s the role?

    You’re a person that has done a lot of wrong things in their life, some knowingly others unknowingly, but all needs forgiveness. 2000 years prior to this, someone decided to do something about it. It wasn’t just anyone; it was the son of God, Jesus. God loved you so much that He sent his only begotten son to die in your place, a sinless man. In him doing so, he broke the chains of bondage that you were trapped in – some didn’t even know they were, because they’d just become a normal part of society in a fallen world. But by Jesus dying on the cross, he broke that bondage for you, so now you can have salvation, eternal life and a direct relationship with God.

    Now the next part of this role is how you respond to this free gift. Do you except it? It doesn’t matter what you have done, your sins will be forgiving, whether it’s lying, stealing, murder it doesn’t matter they are all classed as bad with our father in heaven, God. But the only thing that can save you is Jesus; invite him into your life: “Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from You. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me turn away from sin. I believe that Your Son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to help me obey you, and to do your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.” Congratulations! Welcome to the family of God!

    What next after getting saved, get in a good bible based church, make God first place, The alternative to not getting saved, which is by choice, as we all have free-will, is eternal separation from God, because if you’re not with him, you’re against him and we all know where that horrid place is. Peace, love and celebration of this wonderful news in your next big role, getting saved. Do you except?

  116. 116
    Bunnylover Says:

    @Jon Bale: no thank you! I’m a pagan!! Blessed Be! )O(

  117. 117
    siennagold Says:

    She looks very pretty here! Love her makeup!

  118. 118
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @yes what a **** you turned out to be
    @your weirdest body proportion is the absence of your manhood
    @Kudos sucks to be a sack of potatoes like you isn’t it
    @Star Wars, beam yourself back to your cave
    @tina WHAT
    @Dogface still being an annoying lil piece of scum. Nothing changes when you don’t have a life huh?
    @Sybil shut ya bitter flappy piehole
    @Xo how about you xo yourself into a far away stratosphere
    @Jessa every major gossip website? Holy $hitballs you need a life woman.
    @kL so they passed on your ugly mug, and now you’re bitter. Build a bridge.
    @Nicole YAY!
    @Max yes, you are fudgen piehole, stupid ignoramus

  119. 119
    creep Says:

    @Fan Here: actually, there wasn’t a frozen ground preview in the festival, only spring breakers…

  120. 120
    yets Says:

    We Love Vanessa hudgens is Trending Worldwide.

  121. 121
    Truth is... Says:

    No matter what you do Vanessa, where you go, what you wear, if you get plastic surgery or not to fix your potatoe nose, non-existing upper lip, fat arms or tree trunk legs… you will always be for me and MANY others, just a famewhore and sl.iut that took pictures of herself spreading her legs to post them on the Internet. You disgust me, useless

  122. 122
    ronan Says:

    omg, look perfect, amazing!

  123. 123
    Money Says:

    wow! she looks gorgeous! I think i’m in love

  124. 124
    Josh Says:

    @Truth is…
    Finally someone speaking the truth !!!!!!

  125. 125
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Truth is…:Finished with your jealous little rant? Good, now go back to your dungeon and bang your head against those moss engrossed walls until you passout you disgusting filthy foul mouthed little troglodite. Just because you were left in a trash can as a child because your mouth was so wide you looked like a jester, doesn’t mean you should run your mouth about anyone. Vanessa or not. Your words are ugly, your comment reeks of faeces, but it’s like the saying goes, you live by what you say. Clearly, you are as ugly a person as your pathetic post.
    @Josh, same goes with this knuckle dragging cave dwelling hairy nut sack sucking troll.

    If you don’t like her, then piss off and make your own website where you can hate her as much as your lonely measly little selves want.

  126. 126
    tina Says:

    @Truth is…: Just go away and take Josh with you.

  127. 127
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @tina: They are both little people who have done nothing significant other than leaving imprints of their as*ses on their seats. Combined they have an i.q of 4.

  128. 128
    tina Says:

    @MoreThanWords: Are you sure it that high?

  129. 129
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @tina: lol Sorry, slight error on my part. Neanderthals probably didn’t have any. All that was required was looking like trash and occasionally snacking on flies, or what ever insects that were unfortunate enough to get stuck on the slime that adorned their hairy bodies. So below zero it is.

  130. 130
    Kale Says:

    “truth is” is a bit harsh but I do understand where it’s coming from. Whether they have an IQ of 4 together, Vanessa sometimes cannot handle herself classy in public media and thus may irk some people. Another thing, don’t get mad at people for hating or criticizing her. It’s a free world with freedom of speech. Plus, they are not even mad at you for loving her. So if you love her, then go and praise your idol. Just because they don’t like her doesn’t mean he/she gobbles insects and have hairy bodies. That’ll make you look like a hypocrite and nobody wins.

  131. 131
    Jennifffer Says:

    I just love going to any Vanessa post and find the comments section flooded with people constantly arguing about her. Well, mostly attacking and its already not even about her. Funny is, the “haters” say one statement then a huge rumpus follows. I’m afraid this might contribute to the increasing number of stroke patients.

  132. 132
    tina Says:

    @Kale: When have you ever seen her not handle herself in a “classy” in public media? Do you even know what that means? When people talk about “potatoe” (sb potato) noses they are being prejudiced because of her race. When they go on about something that happened when she was unaged and that the FBI investigated and found someone else guilty of they are stupid. No way around it. The fact that she doesn’t fit into whatever little cookie cutter mold you want her to, is what make her special.

  133. 133
    Bahogilokkamungtanan Says:

    OMG!!! I don’t usually comment but just…WOW.. I’m just speechless with More than words. I mean, you really go into the trouble attacking one by one those “who hath spoken ill against The Woman”. I mean just come on! You could be vanessa’s secretary of defense!

    By the way, i might get a bodyguard right now cause you might go ape on me once after i click the submit button.

  134. 134
    Bahogilokkamungtanan Says:

    But dude seriously, whats with all the hate against vanessa?

  135. 135
    tina Says:

    @Bahogilokkamungtanan: No because the Secretary of Defense is a cabinet post. The Military does the defending.

  136. 136
    my 2 cents Says:

    Vanessa is beautiful and unique. That’s what I love about her. She hasn’t had a boob job, nose job or tummy tuck. She is gorgeous with what God gave her.She doesn’t look like all the cookie cutter actresses in Hollywood. She herself knows she’s not perfect but if anything she has told people she is not a role model she is just herself she makes mistakes she is not perfect. She says to be happy with your body and practice to be happy from the inside. She tells young girls to love themselves. She loves what she does . You can tell when it is for work she dresses accordingly. When it’s her time for herself she dresses in her own style and taste. People may not like it but it’s her life and she is not hurting a soul. It makes me laugh that people come here on her posts and bash her for what having her picture taken everyday, dating a guy they don’t approve of, or picking on her body parts and clothes. I sometimes wish the peoiple posting could show their faces then I could LMAO at what you look like.

  137. 137
    tammi Says:

    What’s so special and obsession with this no talent chick?

  138. 138
    abbimorgan Says:

    @tammi: u bitchh¡¡¡¡¡

  139. 139
    ics Says:

    Breathtaking beauty!
    She’s clearly one of the most beautiful girls in the world!

  140. 140
    creep Says:

    @Truth is…: and you’ll be to me and MANY others just a sad person that needs to trash somebody that you don’t even know to feel better with your useless self. Seek treatment, really.

  141. 141
    creep Says:

    @Kale: Well, if they don’t love her, and not even like her, what are they doing here? Its beyond pathetic that a person expends his/her time commenting about a person they clearly don’t like. Its like, hey, if you don’t have nice things to say… Well, don’t say anything, at least not on a post where, clearly, that are fans.

  142. 142
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Kale: You can shut your piehole too. Harsh? More like downright rude. Truths post comes a close second in terms of outright messed up to a racial slur posted recently.

  143. 143
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @tammi: Well clearly she’s famous so she had more talent than your redneck self.

  144. 144
    I Says:

    wow… she looks just WOW.

  145. 145
    Love Her Says:

    She looks so awesome, seps for her super wide nose.

  146. 146
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Bahogilokkamungtanan: Look, that post by Truth was not called for. When you read that, what tone did you get? Angry? Yes. Jealous? yes. Self rightous? Yes. That was far beyond rude, and comes a close second to racial slur was that said against Gina. Her own mother. You see, now people have taken to attacking her mother with comments that are deemed outright rude. And excuse me everyone knows she took pics of herself naked, We got over it, however, I don’t recall anything about spread legs etc. We’ve seen comments that bash Vanessa, it’s on here everyday. But Truth deserved a reply, and one was accordingly given. Funny thing is, commenters like Truth probably has nothing better to do that hate the world.

  147. 147
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Jennifffer: LMAO haters are getting increasingly vicious. Racial comments, attacking her mother. Perhaps the haters should pay a visit to the nearest cardiac clinic.

  148. 148
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Bahogilokkamungtanan: I majored in writing, so it really is no trouble to respond to the hate on here. I respond to comments that are out of line. I have let many hater comments slide, not all of them are as bad as others. If they don’t like what I have to say in response, too bad.

  149. 149
    Steph Says:

    Actually, a lot of people agree with Truth… we just don’t take the time to comment here. I did, just to let you know… As a mother of 2 I was concerned and disappointed when Vanessa’s nude pictures were all over the internet because she was my little girls’ role model.

  150. 150
    Pulis Patola Says:

    hmm i went through the comments and really? Racial slurs, insulting one’s mother, that’s WAY beyond the belt people. It’s one thing to point out someone’s weight and be offended with her “******” actions but it’s another thing to insult one’s race and mother who has nothing ever to do with you at all. People should be glad (and hope) Vanessa will never read these “hate” cause if she did, it’ll really suck for her but more on you cause you might push her to do things that are might be surprising or shocking and THE TRUTH IS guilt really, really sucks.

  151. 151
    Pulis Patola Says:

    Oops the bleeped word is supposed to be the synonymous for promiscuous.

  152. 152
    Kale Says:

    @MoreThanWords: i was just talking about freedom of speech and you’re telling me to shut my piehole. Oh God.

  153. 153
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Steph: Well unless you let your child see those pictures that is YOUR problem. Maybe you should be concerned with your childs welfare. Has she done drugs? Has she been arrested for DUI? A resounding NO. Have any of you whingers done anything in the past that you regret ever doing? If you answer no then your a bunch of bull$hitting trolls. You can’t paint her a tramp for something she did, she realised and apologised.

  154. 154
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Pulis Patola: Agreed, racial remarks of any kind are unacceptable. If anything bad were to happen you can blame people like TRUTH for spreading hate. But then again they’d probably still hate on her.

  155. 155
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Kale: I’d say it again but what’s the point?

  156. 156
    tina Says:

    Ok… she apologized, she got her second chance and yet… she did it again 2 years later!
    What kind of example is that to give… like saying it’s ok to take pictures of yourself like this, keep them on your cellphone or send them to a boy.
    MoreThanWords, you are delusional, nobody is attacking nobody here but you… you always insult people and you make a fool of yourself on Vanessa’s threads.

  157. 157
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @tina: actually Tina the haters out number the fans on these boards, and again I MUST stress, I reply to those special cases, like you, who think its cool to hate on someone you DON’T …… I repeat, DON’T know. If I reply, it is in defense of Vanessa. If you don’t like it, then too bad. Don’t like JJ posting anything about her? Too bad. Make your own website.

  158. 158
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @tina: So you’re saying she can’t take pictures, not or not? Here’s a novel idea. Would she your approvals to wipe her a$$?

  159. 159
    Bahogilokkamungtanan Says:

    @MoreThanWords: if i were you buddy, just ignore the hate. The more you reply and insist them they’re wrong, the more they reply and comment with hate (maybe with a different username). You said it yourself, whether something bad might happen to her, they’d probably still continue to hate her so it’s just useless expending your energy at them. Haters love making chaos; don’t give them that. I bet some are not really that offended with the woman’s you know, actions, let alone her weight. They may be annoyed by her fame or face but they love annoying people more.

  160. 160
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Bahogilokkamungtanan: Agreed, I think it’s directed at her appearance if anything. The amount of hate on these threads is amazing. I only spoke out because despite her previous actions the girl seems grounded, who appears to be very close with her family. But you’re right though, they’ll just continue to hate for the sake of hating.

  161. 161
    yets Says:

    im proud of vanessa Fans WE LOVE VANESSA HUDGENS is Trending worldwide…Go Girl

  162. 162
    maria Says:

    @tina: You don’t seem to know your facts very well. The pics were taken about the same time, and she had nothing to do with when they were released, since it was done ILLEGALLY by someone else. You can’t “learn your lesson” if someone steals from you; you have no control over that. You can bet she’s never done it since then though. And as a mother, it’s also important to know adolesents do impulsive, stupid things. Will you hate your daughters forever when they make mistakes?? Cause you bringing that up, shows you have absolutely no understading or compassion for a teenage girl, who meant no harm, and who bravely dealt with the tears and hate that came with that mistake. She’s still dealing with it, thanks to hateful people like you.

  163. 163
    ics Says:

    @tina >>>like saying it’s ok to take pictures of yourself like this, keep them on your cellphone or send them to a boy.<<<

    Yes, it's perfectly ok, no one got hurt in any way (other than Vanessa, who suffered due to people's stupid and backwards "morality" standards – which are nothing but crappy religious and conservative ideas)

  164. 164
    maria Says:

    @maria: That was also directed to Steph.

  165. 165
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @maria: Well said.

  166. 166
    tina Says:

    This tina is not me, of course, we know the pictures were taken at the same time and released for maxium effectiveness. Whenever she was in the news for a project or movie, the sick ******* knew he could get away with it. Well, he;s in jail now, that should put an end to it. Instead it lives on in the hearts and minds of idiots.

  167. 167
    BOJI Says:

    @ Maria, bravo. You’ve said it better than I could have.

    @ Tina, not to worry. We know better.

  168. 168
    Josh Says:

    General public (common visitors of JJ) seems to agree a bit more with Truth, Kale & tina than VH’s PR team! Love it! Guys, just face it, her 15 minutes of fame are up :) Can’t wait to read your comments now, especially MoreThanWords, since you are so good at attacking and insulting people. Big hugs!

  169. 169
    Marina Says:

    have fun with the pics here:

  170. 170
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Josh: I ‘attack’ cave men like you who doesn’t have the ability to attract an insect.

  171. 171
    Rise Above Hate Says:

    Just because i live my life by faith and being positive does not mean im part of anyones team. I like vanessa im her fan and i believe she is a good person and has a good heart. Just because i don’t leave hateful remarks doesn’t mean anything. I’ve seen what the power of hate can do, it was part of my life for a long time that it nearly ended my life, literaly almost ended my life. Until i was saved both spirtitually, by God and physicaly and mentally by people who care and would not give up on me. If hate is how you choose to live your life so be it, im not here to change that just know there are consequces, I pray for you all and hope that God will be with you. God bless you all, not just the fans but the haters as well, they need it the most.

  172. 172
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Josh: YOU love to hate her because you can’t have her, let alone anything to her. The general visitors love her. It’s mean vindictive people like you haters who would probably be satisfied if she died. Have you done anything significant in your poor excuse of a life? PROBABLY NOT.

  173. 173
    Rise Above Hate Says:

    I understand your need to defend vanessa, but please i implore you don’t do it by being like them. Hatred on begets more hatred and just goes on in an never ending circle. Live your life and pray for those who are cruel. God bless you.

  174. 174
    tina Says:

    Could it be that her fans aren’t unemployed school girls who have nothing better to dto than sit on their computers? Just saying…..

  175. 175
    jr Says:

    Could say the same about you. Say what u want but vanessa is living her life has travled the world and is in monaco right now hosting an event and watching a race in a foreign country. And you, what makes you so special, have u done anythig like that in your life?

  176. 176
    BOJI Says:

    @174′ could it be that her non-fans are are those who have nothing better to do than go seek out her threads just to spew venom and racial abuse? Just saying……
    @ marina, thanks for the pics, she looks like a movie star alright. Love it that Austin was there to support her.

  177. 177
    tina Says:

    @jr: read my post. I am a fan> And I ‘ve done a little traveling in my life (Germany, England, Italy, France, Holland not to mention most of the US)

  178. 178
    jr Says:

    Well I don’t know there are so many tinas on this post I’m losinh track of which is which.

  179. 179
    tina Says:

    I know sometimes I come here and the”other” tina is saying the most unfound garbage you want (or don’t want) to hear. When i reply it seems as if I’m bipolar. lol

  180. 180
    Tony Says:

    I think Vanessa deliberately picked Austin because he is plainer than white bread. She will never have to worry about girls throwing themselves at him the way they did at her good looking ex. No worry there. My cousin gave up a good looking flirty dude and went for a balding one who wears those nerdy glasses. They ended up getting married. And yes, he’s very good to her. I’ve never heard her say she loves him but she never stops raving about how good he is to her.

  181. 181
    Marina Says:

    @BOJI: I don’t like Vanessa, never have, never will and that will never change. In my eyes she doesn’t look like a movie star, I have more the feeling she tries to be something like ???, well I keep that for myself.

    And this time it’s pretty much for sure, that she pays the whole trip, because Austin doesn’t have the money to pay for that. Just the hotel rooms have prizes between 1,000 and 20,000 EUR (25,000 USD) per person per night during the Formula 1 Grand Prix just Cannes is more expensive at the moment, the hotel rooms (suits) cost between 1,000 and 36,000 EUR (45,000 USD) per person per night during the Festival. With the little money that he earns, not really payable, neither the one nor the other.

    Neither Vanessa nor Austin are interesting for me. I think the nicest thing that I can say is, that I feel nothing but antipathy for them and I have some good reasons why.

  182. 182
    Haters Suck! Says:

    don’t worry I’m sure Vanessa doesn’t like you either. And I guess it never entered your brilliant mind that since Vanessa was hosting the event her expenses are taken care of and she was allowed a plus 1 and bring a guest with her? Guess not.

  183. 183
    barbara Says:

    one thing for sure she paid for the airplane ticket, which is not cheap!

  184. 184
    Haters Suck! Says:

    you know this how? You need to get over your zanessa denial and get off austins back. And I’ll tell you again Vanessa and austins finances are none of your or anyone elses business.

  185. 185
    Amy Says:

    If you don’t find her nor Austin interesting then why post on her threads not only here, but JJR as well?
    Everyone has different taste in partners and while he may not be everyones cup of tea, he’s not completely unfortunate in the looks department.

  186. 186
    tina Says:

    @Marina: Lucky for her she doesn’t just “look” like a movie star she ‘IS” a movie star. Like Haters suck says she is hosting this event and not only are they paying her expenses they are paying her. So while you’re adding what everything cost add her oay check to that. THE PEAKS OF ACTUALLY BEING A MOVIE STAR.

  187. 187
    touche Says:

    @Marina: If you don’t like Vanessa than why waste your time trying to denigrate her? News flash…she IS a movie star while else would she be hosting this type of event in Monaco? You are not going to change anyone’s perception…she has a fairly strong fanbase that will continue to support her. Amazing how people say they dislike her or don’t care for her yet they never stop rattling on about her.

  188. 188
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Rise Above Hate: True dat rise
    @Guess you should learn to love yourself before you love others

  189. 189
    touche Says:

    @Tony: Vanessa’s current beau is actually quite good looking…they guy was not shortchanged in the looks department that’s for sure. I think it’s you that need glasses

  190. 190
    Tina Says:

    @Marina: Your an idiot what does a movie star look like? They come in all shapes and sizes hello they are just people. Vanessa is exotic and very beautiful and she doesn’t look like the glamorous blonde bimbo with fake everything. I think she is happy working trying to live her life. She isn’t hurting anyone. Plus her BF is a doll. I will give those that her ex is top of the line good looking but he is a d-bag so I’d rather see her with just a nice looking good guy rather than just having the best looking person. Looks aren’t everything. Believe me she is much better off.

  191. 191
    ics Says:

    She’s unbelievably beautiful!
    These new pics attracted quite a lot of attention and the haters are eating their hearts out! :D Pathetic losers!

  192. 192
    maria Says:

    @tina: Do our comments sound like those of school girls? I think not. Vanessa has fans of all ages, FYI. Another fact…..many of us are college grads, have great careers, and are parents, like Boji and I. That gives us insight to parenting, adolescents, and life experience that some others don’t have. I have NO desire to be a “school girl” again.

  193. 193
    WOW!!! Says:

    Can’t wait for another Vanessa post so all the haters and fans AND the superfans can all fight again with the same old reasons!!! It all starts with “vanessa fat” then comes agfjksgfjksgfjksgfj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. 194
    maria Says:

    @Marina: You’re just a bitter Zac fan, who just can’t fathom that life goes on after him. You hate that she continues to make something of herself, and is no longer just his arm candy. You are offended that she finds living life is as important as her career, and she wants to have both, and NOT in 10-20 years, as Zac does. Good for him….by then he’ll marry some bimbo Victoria’s secret model who is 20. Vanessa, on the other hand, loves sharing and enjoying her life NOW with someone special, and no reason she has to wait. Not wanting to be known for what you do on Saturday is fine, but I would rather see her with one special person, instead of being speculated and rumored about for years. She has nothing to hide, and is just happy.

    So why don’t you just go back to your Zac posts if you don’t find her interesting in any way? You’re just wasting your time AND ours reading your trash??

  195. 195
    nessa Says:

    why Vanessa and Zac is wearing a same bracelet?

  196. 196
    tina Says:

    @maria: not you maria, I was replying to a comment that the haters out numbered the fans. I was thinking more jr high than college ( for the naysayers not the fans) I fully support her.

  197. 197
    maria Says:

    @tina: Oh, ok! Thanks for clarifying!

  198. 198
    lei Says:

    i love vanessa thread its so intertaining.
    we Love you Vanessa hudgens!!!

  199. 199
    Janet Says:

    There is no doubt austin is riding on her coattails. Thats why he has to be very attentive to her, he needs to get his own agenda then he wouldnt have need to follow her around and be at her beck and call. The perfect boytoy.

  200. 200
    Deb Says:

    So, you are Austin’s financial person. How else would you know how much money he has and what he can and cannot afford?

    I just hate these people who come on here and think that they know everything about the celebrities. They know why Z and V broke up. They know who and why people are dating. They know who is cheating on who. They know who does what to who. The nerve of these people is simply appalling. Many of us have said this before, so I guess it won’t make any difference to say it again, but I just have to. YOU DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE PERSONALLY. THEY ARE NOT FRIENDS OF YOURS. YOU KNOW NOTHING, I REPEAT, NOTHING ABOUT THEIR PERSONAL LIVES.

  201. 201
    tina Says:

    People are so ignorant. Can it just be they want to be together. They are in love and want to do things together while they can. In my life I’d rather go with my BF than alone especially to share such romantic places. Let her be happy

  202. 202
    Amir Says:

    @tina: Don’t u dare teased them like that, *****. Go die! If u don’t like vanessa, don’t read her post. simple. gosh

  203. 203
    Amir Says:

    @kL: u think you’re so perfect? u’re so pretty? well keep dream on *****!

  204. 204
    Amir Says:

    @kL: u think u’re so damn pretty? u can simply judge people like that, *****? go die!

  205. 205
    sam Says:

    I’m sure Vanessa has her reasons for being with Austin.

    “What former almost A list tweener and now a C+ movie actress said that unlike her former A list tweener boyfriend and now B list movie actor, her new boyfriend lasts longer than 30 seconds and wants sex more than once a month.”

    That blind item was on the crazydaysandnights blog and most ppl were guessing it was Z and V.

  206. 206
    tina Says:

    @sam: No Matter what Vanessa would never say something like that .Don’t believe that crap.

  207. 207
    Sky10 Says:

    Wooow! this is really good, I’m sure Vanessa will be the Top Celeb at the end of the year in this site…fans and haters, let’s put those hates, frustration and admiration together….anyway, she is beautiful.

  208. 208
    yets Says:

    Vanessa and Austin is in LA right now.
    hope they enjoy thier Vacay.

  209. 209
    oh please Says:

    @sam: The guy that pens that blog is a lawyer but not an entertainment lawyer as he has implied. He isn’t credible…wouldn’t rely on that blog to get you the real story. Ted C is only one step above…not really substantial either especially when it comes to BI. Blind Gossip will not post anything penned by CDAN due to a serious lack of credibility.

  210. 210
    VV Says:

    Vanessa just sucks.

  211. 211
    Vanesa or Vannesa?whateverSUCK Says:

    She just sucks. Totally agree to @VV.

  212. 212
    Sunshine Says:


    You deserve many gaalis :-)

  213. 213
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Sunshine: what the hell is that?

  214. 214
    Selma Kacha Says:

    This is a real beauty for me ! Just shut up haters please SHUT UP. Leave Vanessa alone, don’t come here to trash her and Austin. They doing nothing but just live their lives and enjoying. Do the same. LOVE HER <3

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