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Alex Pettyfer & Riley Keough: Le Pain Lunch

Alex Pettyfer & Riley Keough: Le Pain Lunch

Alex Pettyfer holds tight to his adorable rottweiler puppy as he and rumored fiancee Riley Keough head out to lunch on Friday (May 25) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The happy couple and Alex’s pal, fellow British actor Ant Garland, grabbed a bite to eat at Le Pain Quotidien before heading off for Memorial Day Weekend.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alex Pettyfer

A new trailer for Magic Mike was recently released – check it out if you haven’t seen it yet! The comedy features Alex, Riley, and Channing Tatum, and hits theaters June 29.

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • lou

    omg, is so cold in California?

  • molly

    I know this is a dream but I wish he and Dianna Agron got back together…

  • thanks but no thanks

    well, at least the puppy is cute…

  • Sergi

    Oh no molly
    Dianna not need psycho Alex again, let Riley find out on her own the douche, and leave Dianna away for him.

  • Luka

    Alex is not even promoting his latest movie Magic Mike, the others actors are everywhere doing the promos, even in magazines covers. Wonder if the bad image and reputation of Alex have something to do, or simple nobody care of him at all.
    Just look his profile on imdb, he doesn’t have much going on right now.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    The dog is sooooo adorable but why is he holding it with one hand in some pics? It looks awkward, like the dog is some bag or something.

  • Monca

    I remember some time ago, Alex was one of the hottest actors, and was mentioned in every hot new movie (hunger games, mortal instrument, anyone?) but after all the articles of how douche and arrogant he was, his demand fell as a rock on the see.
    Payback is a bitch.
    And to think he wanted 10 million for the mortal instrument. Poor guy had to settle with the embarrassment movie that is gonna be Magic Mike,

  • M

    He’s HOT! <3

  • molly

    @Sergi: Yeah maybe you’re right, actually i don’t know about what Alex did to Dianna so much. Everyone says the same thing but I don’t understand what you actually mean. I just think they look good together.

  • Jane

    Luka- Just because he’s not following the rest of the cast in promoting MM doesn’t mean squat. Maybe the guy is tired, or just doesn’t want to it’s no big deal. He did his job, got paid done. Oh right but you fans always want something from him like no shirt EW pics to fulfill your needs.

    You and Monca are the reasons why Alex has a gullible fan base that thinks he’s this bad culprit to his cast mates, people, or Dianna. If the Dianna thing were true no smart girl would date him, the guy wouldn’t have friends if he was BAD. Back to point people like you are haters and bitter ones at that. At least you haters care enough to use that 10-15 second of comment time on sites like these. Go you!

    Petty- gron fans suck by the way. Talk about a death grip on the past. Fake ex equals fake ex.

  • mark

    Bringing a puppy into a restaurant??? Not cool unless it’s a guide dog.

  • Michele

    He was obviously annoyed but the idiot snapping pictures, you can see it in his face. And, as much as I like to see Alex and his puppy, for that I feel bad. As for some of the stupid comments here, you cannot believe everything you read, and I have to wonder why people get such a thrill about writing shit about another human being, whom they’ve never met, who is doing nothing but going to lunch with his girlfriend, and a friend. You never hear anything about him now, nothing—no drugs, no parties, no bad press—absolutely nothing. He’s just an actor, he’s done nothing wrong, so why all this hate? Check out his interviews, he does not come off as arrogant or conceited. So you’re actually going to base your maliciousness on things an ex said, and the fact that he chooses roles that he actually wants to do, instead of what everyone thinks he should do? As for taking the puppy (sooo adorable) into the restaurant, it’s a puppy. Maybe they were eating outside? Maybe Alex just got him, because the puppy has no lead. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • Karen

    Hey Alex Haters – enough. He does not want to be a tabloid celeb. He is just an actor who happens to have a super rich family and dates Elvis Presley’s grand daughter. He is picky with his parts because he can. Dianna Agron is in the past. I bet he does not even think about her. Also – he just got signed to another movie.

  • Karen


    I take it English is not your first language. So here is a lesson. Shut the F– up.

  • Karen


    Well said. Thank you.

  • incredulous


    To Luca, Monca and the other sad haters: As it happens, Alex is promoting Magic Mike, he will be doing a press junket next week. He just signed to play the lead in a new film, and It also seems that he is among those being considered to play Finnick in the Catching Fire and Christian in 50 Shades of Grey. And he is starring in Magic Mike, which is one of the most anticipated films of the summer. So, despite the fact that people like you are running off at the mouth, you know nothing about Alex or his career. How funny that someone spewing hate and bile about someone they don’t know and never met is talking about Karma. Better watch out because your hate is coming right back at you.

  • Ralph

    Alex fangirls and stan just calm down, not everybody likes the guy. If people and specially the press think he is a douche/arrogant who cares? only time with tell how successful he will, but for his movies choices his acting future doesn’t look good

  • Jodie

    When in your next movie nobody talks about you and only your costars are mentioned you’re in trouble.
    Alex is a nobody as an actor and doesn’t help the bad reputation he created himself.
    But maybe this is good for him, because the movie looks a total embarrassment.

  • squeeze


    He’s successful enough makes more money then you will in literally 2 lifetimes, let’s here what you do for a living and how it’ll hold up your future? So because he’s not choosing innocent hot boy roles people got something to say. typical. Alex is slow in choosing roles but that’s better then someone who quits acting and does nothing at all.

  • Sheila

    You haters are coming out of the woodworks. get hit by a garda truck!! Us fans will be sure to root you on while you bleed. I can only ponder what causes the hate to come out? like he’s personally done something to you guys are you people just pissed that you can never F— someone has hot as him?

  • incredulous


    If you are going to post under several different names, and least be smart enough to use different words. Dumbass.

  • Michele


    You’re wrong. Everyone is talking about Alex. Even You, you are here, right? Taking the time to talk about . . . Alex.

  • Michele


    You’re welcome, Karen. Don’t let these idiots get to you.

  • bambino

    OMG people, how can you be so mean? He is cool guy, I actually like it that he is not promoting the movie like it was the biggest thing that ever happened to him.
    He is hot, sexy and in any video I have seen with him he seemed really nice and cool, wasnt arrogant AT ALL.
    I dont lika Dianna, she is just too overrated and its really stupid to gain fans by saying bad stuff about her ex.
    I hope Alex will do fine and the best for him is yet to come.

  • Elton

    OK girls calm down, haters gonna hale, and I see a lot of awards for Alex in the future, even an Oscar. Who knows maybe this is his year.
    Magic Mike looks a winner.
    I mean the guy is HOT and Sexy and , and ???

  • Reggie

    Alex has incredible acting abilities, unlike the rest of young hollywood. I dont see alex going anywhere, he keeps getting better and better. And I think hes only 21

  • It Girl

    Dianna never said anything about Alex and their break up! magazines and websites started all that crazy speculation about Alex being a psycho saying “insiders” or “close friends” say this or say that. Dianna never said anything neither Alex.