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Beyonce: Revel Performance in Atlantic City!

Beyonce: Revel Performance in Atlantic City!

Beyonce sparkles on stage at Ovation Hall in the Revel Resort & Casino on Friday night (May 25) in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The 30-year-old entertainer, in a Ralph and Russo dress featuring Swarovski Elements paired with Stuart Weizmann shoes, kicked off her four-night run at the resort with a bang.

Bey paid homage at her concert to the late Whitney Houston with her own rendition of “I Will Always Love You.”

Beyonce was recently nominated for two 2012 Teen Choice Awards – one for Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Song for “Love On Top” and one for Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist.

Beyonce: “I Will Always Love You” and “Halo”
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Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Getty
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  • McKenna

    She looks lovely. Truly a singular talent.

  • jjenn

    bey looking hella fattttt!! look at them thighs..mymy turkey legs!!!!!

  •!/MsNiaImani Ms. Nia Imani


  • MMX

    Such talent. This woman is amazing!!

  • Work It!

    Cannot wait to see videos of her performance

  • Kourtnee Nicole

    Her thighs have always been thick, either way she’s fit, that’s all that matters, her body is what god gave her and she’s dealing with it just fine. I’d like to see what y’all are working with, twigs perhaps? Smh
    Anyways….I can’t wait to see her for the 2nd night of her Revel shows #pow #BeyonSLAY #BackToBusiness and yes I know this isn’t Twitter but don’t care!

  • silleny morkal

    Beyonce YOU WERE BEYOND AMAZING!!!!!! And more BEAUTIFUL than ever!

  • Jess

    I saw a lot of vids from the show and it was absolutely amazing. The Whitney cover was amazing. The visuals, the choreography, the vocals, the set list we are incredible. And I’m not even a Beyonce fan. This was an absolutely brilliant show. Welcome back Bey.

  • Tiana

    Queen BEE!! imo one of the best performers and vocalists out there right now! <3

  • yara

    finally a different nail color

  • Peapo

    Her thighs are too big? Come on people leave her be? Is there a time limit for losing weight after having a baby? In four months she should be perfectl weight again? I’m amazed how people judge.
    If she was too skinny everybody would say she never had the baby. A surrogate did. She can’t win either way.
    I for one thinks B looks gorgeous and is amazing to be able to put a show on like that right after having a baby!
    You go Beyonce! I think you rock!

  • somali girl

    She never had a baby. She looked like this before, during “pregnancy” and after. Didn’t she say she gained 50 pounds how come we’ve never seen it. She’s been dancing for 15 years and she still has big ugly thighs. Eew

  • Helen

    I understand this is her body and not everyone should look like a model but does she have to wear these clohes all the time on stage ..disgusting

  • Liza

    WHY , WHY , WHY, SOME BLACK PEOPLE WANTS TO get the hair blonde?
    Fake Beyonce wants to be white people. I do not understand.

  • Jon


    This is the biggest cast call of all time. For years some of you have been waiting for this moment, well is arrived! Are you ready… hold on to your seats, because you are about to get the details! The Invitation, the biggest role you’ll ever play to date.

    What’s the role?

    You’re a person that has done a lot of wrong things in their life, some knowingly others unknowingly, but all needs forgiveness. 2000 years prior to this, someone decided to do something about it. It wasn’t just anyone; it was the son of God, Jesus. God loved you so much that He sent his only begotten son to die in your place, a sinless man. In him doing so, he broke the chains of bondage that you were trapped in – some didn’t even know they were, because they’d just become a normal part of society in a fallen world. But by Jesus dying on the cross, he broke that bondage for you, so now you can have salvation, eternal life and a direct relationship with God.

    Now the next part of this role is how you respond to this free gift. Do you except it? It doesn’t matter what you have done, your sins will be forgiving, whether it’s lying, stealing, murder it doesn’t matter they are all classed as bad with our father in heaven, God. But the only thing that can save you is Jesus; invite him into your life: “Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from You. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me turn away from sin. I believe that Your Son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to help me obey you, and to do your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.” Congratulations! Welcome to the family of God!

    What next after getting saved, get in a good bible based church, make God first place, The alternative to not getting saved, which is by choice, as we all have free-will, is eternal separation from God, because if you’re not with him, you’re against him and we all know where that horrid place is. Peace, love and celebration of this wonderful news in your next big role, getting saved. Do you except?

  • somali girl

    I’ve seen some videos and its the same old crap. Nothing new or refreshing

  • Oh Yeah

    Luv this Woman. I see those Post Baby Thighs and Curves and you are Lovey girl!!!!!

  • Oh Yeah


  • Oh Yeah

    Videos Jared??????

  • Mosley

    Come on girl put on some clothes for a change!

  • Oh Yeah

    @ Mosely #21 – You are on the Wrong Post, the NUDE Pics Post of Rihanna are Above this Post!!!!

  • Amy

    I wish I was there ! Everybody was tweeting about how amazing it was :(
    The best Performer HANDS DOWN

  • Oh Yeah

    Videos are on Not official but watchable!

  • Big Vic

    @somali girl:

  • Big Vic

    Somali which means maybe your from there,skin and bones or fat one of the other. Get a life!!!

  • Oh Yeah


  • XYZ

    She looks like EVA MENDES in the pics where’s shown walking…

  • Love The Shoes

    I like Beyonce and I love Beyonce & Jay-Z as a couple but she is not a great singer AND, once you’ve seen her in concert and try and repeat that experience, it’s “why did I pay for this AGAIN?”. It’s all ever a variation on the same theme which is what most do but some are fresher than others. Beyonce? She does the walk, she does the dip, she does the hair toss, she grimaces, there’s the backup action and if you close your ears and just watch it’s like groundhog day. Single Ladies? Excellent change up. That routine was genuis. It’s up there with the Singing In The Rain and Michael Jackson’t Billy Jean routines. Classic. Apart from that, it’s a bore.

  • Kelly

    Why doesn’t she ever wear pants….

  • PraiseGod!

    @Jon: Praise God Someone found a use for these comment booths! THe Lord Reigns for ever more!

  • Cece

    And this is a woman who gave birth just a couple of months ago. Sexy. Beautiful <3

  • curtisdacrab

    hey y’all don’t be ragging on “yo-momma’s” wife’s want to be like.
    i can understanding not wanting to be mrs “yo-momma” for sure but
    what is wrong with being yourself?

  • Ajacqx

    @somali girl:
    ♪ silly of you to think you have a clue…♫

  • Ajacqx

    its entertainment…. these are show-biz outfits… are you living in the real world?!

  • Ed

    She’s looking good now that she’s lost some weight. (look at her waist) I have nothing against a “big” girl like Beyonce as long as she’s packing mostly muscle and not fat.

  • Yo sista

    keep on doing your thang B!

  • donz

    Yes show that @ss & entertain us men, you slut!

  • http://justjared anne

    No comment on her looks—just thinking how much her little girl is going to ‘admire’ her Mom when she sees the video in a few years. Think she’ll care how ‘hot’ she is?

  • http://justjared anne

    Thank you Jon –but the word is ‘accept’–not ‘except’. @Jon:

  • everyone

    I think it is weird that she wants to perform on stage in her underwear-?! I mean, fine wear a sexy dress or something- btu the underwear thing is just TACKY

  • Lizzy

    Shut up bitch

  • Argghhhh!

    Post baby bod my ass! This woman is so contrived it is laughable. Self proclaimed talent, beauty, mother, actress, writer, diva, annoying self centered fame whore. Oh my God, she is back after having a baby (more like faking a baby). Even so, big deal! What else does she have to do when the nannies are taking care of the kid, but get prepped for her come back tour. (I am personally waiting for the going away tour). She is not the first woman to become a “mother”. Others have done it without a blib on the radar. So sick of how she makes her so called pregnancy sound like it was the first ever in the world. Blue Ivy will grow up not being able to tout her father’s hard luck life…her mother’s “I am so humble it is fascinating, no?” And if she looks like her dad, all that money will hopefully help ease the pain.

  • Argghhhh!

    @somali girl:

    AMEN! Another who has not drank the Bey KoolAid.

  • Anna

    @Kourtnee Nicole:

    So what if I am “working with twigs”?
    After all, my body is what God gave me, right? I mean, you said so yourself.
    *rolls eyes*
    I understand your supporting her body type, but to do that you don’t need to offend people that are skinny either.

  • Argghhhh!

    Love how a low comment rating will get your post hidden. I guess we now know what Bey is doing in between concerts and photo ops with Blue Ivy…she is on here low commenting on anything that does not flatter her self proclaimed image.

  • KN

    She has a great voice, too bad unlike Adele she doesn’t let her voice shine and is in need of another ridiculous no-pants outfit. Why does every pop singer today wear no pants (Rhianna, JLO, Christina, ect) and outfits that belong on a figure skater!!! I so wish Beyonce would have made her “come back” with a change of style (she’s been dressing like this forever) and worn something different. Imagine if she had performed in a classy dress or a nice pants outfit, ANYTHING but these constant bedazelled baby onesies with snaps on the bottom that they all insists on wear, now that would be different!! But nope, she is still wearing the same crap she wore during her Crazy in Love days. BORING (yet they all think they are so different LOL!!). That’s why I prefer to listen to singers versus watching them and their silly sexed up videos and ridiculous clothes. Just SING!!!

  • kimmi

    I have not drank the Bey KoolAid. She should go away. I mean how many more songs can she make about shaking her ass?

  • cindy

    Please she looks alright and her singing isn’t all that spectacular like other greats. It’s amazing how much hype she gets for being an average singer .That’s a fact!!!!!

  • everyone

    yeah she is a decent singer and no more than that- her crazy in love album was amazing though. Vut she is a great dancer and performer and stunningly beautiful so that is why she gets hype. But the underwear thing is lame