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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder takes a romantic stroll with his Vampire Diaries co-star and real-life girlfriend Nina Dobrev while out and about on Friday (May 25) in Paris, France.

“Good morning Paris-I’ve missed you,” the 33-year-old actor tweeted.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

Ian later wished the executive producer of The Vampire Diaries a happy birthday, saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @julieplec!!!!!! I love & appreciate you like I’ll NEVER be able to describe in 140 characters. Can’t wait to see you tonight!”

He also added, “Amazing day here in Paris… Wow.Can’t wait to see @julieplec and party down in the City of Lights.”

FYI: Nina is wearing a Show Me Your Mumu “Baxter” blouse.

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235 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers”

  1. 1
    lola Says:

    gosh their relationship is soo forced!

  2. 2
    Yuannita Says:

    Aren’t they adorable??!!! Best couple ever!. Love you Ian and Nina…

  3. 3
    sara Says:


  4. 4
    TRP Says:

    Why does it look like they are filming a scene? Doesn’t seem genuine at all.

  5. 5
    Yuannita Says: Please see this before saying that it is forced and all the bad comments about them! They are IN LOVE and HAPPY!

  6. 6
    StaCeppa Says:

    I think Ian is gay.

  7. 7
    Tefy Says:

    The Best Couple EVER.

  8. 8
    tvfanatic Says:

    They are so adorable! I let me just say Ian is hot hot hot <3

    I don't get why some of you think its forced? They are together for 2 years now…get your facts right before you judge someone!

  9. 9
    sarah Says:

    Lets see when Ian wasn’t known, he started dating Nicky Hilton. Was on lost and Maggie Grace was the well known celeb, started dating her. Twilight was huge, started dating Ashley Greene, started the foundation and needed someone with a brain, started dating Megan Auld. Vampire diaires was popular started dating Nina while he was still with Megan. Anyone else see a pattern or loves his picture taken attention thing. As for Nina, eveyone knows she wants to be a huge star and will do anything and everything to get her picture taken. Can you tell I’m soooooo tired of these two. btw, it’s really funny how Ian brown noses the right people, including the fans. He knows exactly the right thing to say. Guess that’s why they call it acting.

  10. 10
    Jenna Says:

    ian looks wasted. nina looks like she is pouting, again. it is hard when a 34 year old is dating a 22 year old

  11. 11
    Maryam Says:

    They are both amazing inside and out.

  12. 12
    Rayne Says:

    Ian and Nina are so happy together. I just love this couple! They are so adorable. Wow! Two years together and still going strong.

  13. 13
    Cynthia Says:

    And cut!

  14. 14
    samsam Says:

    i never actually realised there is 10 years between them because 1) ian looks so young 2)their relationship is so real that age means nothing :)

  15. 15
    marty Says:

    you are tired of them but you’re here to hate them. I guess you’re not so tired. When i can’t stand someone or i don’t like someone i don’t write hate comments about him/them EVERYWHERE. If you don’t like them/can’t stand them why speding your time hating on them?You are always the same people who can’t wait to see a new Nian post to come here and hate.
    I bet most of you are the ones who can’t separate real life from fiction. GROW UP for god sake!!!

    anyway im kinda annoyed by the fans stalking them all the time, you can see they both look upset in some pics. I can undestand fans want to know and see them but they should respect them. You can’t staking them! They are person, not toys.

  16. 16
    JenniferH Says:


    Except that Ian didn’t start his foundation until months AFTER he and Meghan broke up. He and Nina were together when that started. And, no we have no clue that he was with Nina when he was still with Meghan because ALL behind the scenes reports have it that Ian broke up with Meghan in early-to-mid March, and he and Nina didn’t start dating until end of March/early April. Close in between, but nota t the same time. Unless you have proof? Oh, wait you don’t. You just come into every Nina/Ian article to spew lies.

    And on what planet was Maggie Grace more famous than Ian? Ian had a tv show under his belt, and was a famous model before Lost I watched Lost and followed press & stuff during the first two seasons and Ian was DEFINITELY one of the people who got more fame out of it.

    If you want to come in here and insult Ian, at least get your facts straight. But that won’t work will it since all facts point to what an incredible human being Ian Somerhalder is, working to save the environment, animals, helping kids, etc.

  17. 17
    Natalie Says:

    I agree with Sarah.

  18. 18
    Sam Says:

    Hottest couple EVER!!

  19. 19
    JenniferH Says:

    @Natalie: Oh, so you agree with someone whose insults are based on incorrect information? Score one for you then.

  20. 20
    jacqueline Says:

    I don’t think it’s a showmance, I think they’re really sweet together (and separate), BUT whenever I see pictures of actors outside LA (especially in another country, not promoting anything) being casual, I kinda think they set it up (as in called paparazzi and are pretending not to see them…). There is nothing wrong with that, I guess. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know.

  21. 21
    Natalie Says:

    @JenniferH what proof do you have that her information is wrong? And who appointed you Nian’s spokesperson?

  22. 22
    CC Says:

    I just noticed that most of the hateful, bitter, jealous people that come to sites like this and insult Nian all have Paul Wesley icons on Twitter, Tumblr etc……all I can say is, poor Paul. Some people really need to get a life and stop believing in fictional characters.

  23. 23
    Sped Says:

    They are just so cute. Love them!

  24. 24
    JenniferH Says:


    Ian broke up with Meghan before Ian started getting really involved with the gulf clean-up. The gulf clean-up is what led to ISF. Therefore, her contention that Ian got involved with her (someone he had dated for 3 years BEFORE the ISF was even thought of) was wrong. Also, anyone who watched Lost and followed press knows that Maggie Grace was not more famous than Ian. Also, all behind the scenes sources as well as photos/events, etc. that have talked/shown about the Ian/Meghan break-up, and Nina/Ian getting together correspond with the dates I mentioned.

    i’m not Nian’s spokesperson (duh!). However, I am a fan of both and I’m not going to just sit quietly by while someone spews lies on things that can easily be proven false if they spend five minutes reading up. She’s making erroneous statements that have no factual backing. I personally think it’s pretty crappy to spread hurtful lies about someone just because you happen to be a fan of someone you feel is in direct competition with them.

  25. 25
    Natalie Says:

    @JenniferH I don’t really care who Ian dated before Nina but she is the reason Ian and Megan broke up, you want facts about that honey? Ask Nian. And further more, Nina does not care about you people “fans” that are fighting on her behalf. She does not even acknowledge you all, unless there is a TVD event or some function she was invited to and for that, she has to do her job.

    Ian does not care about you all either when he is with her. “Please don’t take any pictures of our little private moment together.” But yet they will show their togetherness most boldly knowing fully well cameras are nearby.

    Darling you keep fighting for Nian, spend your money to get noticed by them, or if you’re lucky you might come across Ian in the street when he is without her, or he might play a little game of pick and choose to wish you happy birthday. Anyhow it goes, all the best to you.

  26. 26
    sue Says:


    Jealous much! Guess haters gonna hate no matter what and btw since when has being ambitious been such a bad thing? Doesn’t everyone go into their chosen profession wanting to get ahead? I guess treating your fans nicely with respect and apprecaition is a bad thing too?

  27. 27
    sarah Says:

    @JenniferH: You know you sound like GP from that site that bullys people. Actually stopped going on that site because “Delena”s” bully way to much. As for the comment about “fan of someone you feel is in direct competition” sorry, you are wrong. I watched the first season. Not into the show as much now. Watch it when I can, here and there. As for my info, try wikipedia and as for Megan the year that Nina and Ian got together. The pap’s had a picture of Ian and Megan holding hands in NY in Feb. Literally, days later Ian and Nina were cozying up. That’s called a cheater on both there part.

  28. 28
    confused Says:

    I’m confused. How can you be sure they are real or fake? And I mean for both sides. You don’t know unless you have a proof.

  29. 29
    kgg Says:

    Sarah, Nicole, or whatever name you’re going by at the current moment, you sound like a bitter little child who is unhappy and wants everyone else to be. So you pick and prod and verbally attack someone who has done nothing to you and is a good person who is trying his hardest to better the world and what have you done lately….just as I thought…nothing. You, my dear are a bully and your victims are a happy young couple in love….since when is that a crime? Nuff said…

  30. 30
    sarah Says:

    @kgg: Typical Delena. There way or the highway. God forbid someone actually tells the truth. Nothing wrong with being happy. But when you have to step or cheat on people to get what you want. That is wrong.

  31. 31
    Natalie Says:

    @kgg “Better the world,” no wonder he’s so full of himself. “Happy young couple in love,” a 33 year old dating a 23 year old, well I guess that makes a young couple and not an older man dating a younger woman. You are so right but, he is also dubbed “God’s gift to women,” and he loves to play with the ladies.

  32. 32
    Clare Says:

    My god, look at the comments “typical Delena” huh?? Yep that says it all. What has Delena got to do with Ian and Nina spending time in Paris.
    I agree with kgg, Sarah and Natalie sound like spoilt bitter little brats not getting their own way about something.
    Boyfriends and girlfriends break up all the time, Ian is not in an exclusive club for that……and you go on and on about something that happened 2 years ago. You find articles to spew your same old crap about Ian. Get a life, you are pathetic.
    I have nothing but respect for Ian and what he wants to achieve in life, which is a damn sight more than hiding behind your big computer screen bashing people you don’t really know. Seriously look at yourself. FU hater.

  33. 33
    Natalie Says:

    @Clare Temper temper… I don’t know what Ian and Nina are doing in Paris but I do know that TVD has a convention in Paris. “Spoilt bitter little brats” well I guess that makes you, Ian and Nina all perfect little saints.

  34. 34
    florence2 Says:

    For me TVD has become the Ian and Nina show, the writer’s have totally stuffed up the series and everyone know’s that they will put them together in the show as well as in real life so they should just get on with it.

  35. 35
    Vamp Says:

    Some ppl really sound like jealous good for nothings here…. FYI people, they have been dating for 3 years almost and going quite strong…. As for the “showmance” crap, I think this is the first time uv seen a happy couple on d street…. Get a life…. Sorry to be rude but this just frustrates me…..

  36. 36
    ouch Says:

    cute, old bro taking care of lil sis

  37. 37
    Natalie Says:

    And here we go… beautiful couple, cute couple, perfect couple, lovely couple, perfect together, great together, happy together, awesome together and in love together, Nian, Nian, Nian, Nian, Delena, Delena, Delena, Delena. Broken records, noise makers and empty vessels.

    They probably belong together because they have the same hair color, which they don’t, since black in not his natural hair color and you don’t know what’s going on between them behind closed doors. They are not rabbits, so sex all day as you may believe, does not happen.

    “6000 friends” not even rock stars talk like that. Nina is “on top of the world,” self proclaimed of course, so she became an astronaut while dating Ian.

  38. 38
    XYZ Says:


    He really is and the whole “romantic” crap is staged. Imbeciles cant see and/or dont want to see that there’s 0 chemistry between them. NINA is just another beard for him. Everyone in Hollyweird knows it…

  39. 39
    Jamilyn Says:

    Reading all the comments in here makes me laugh! PEOPLE WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR PRIVAT LIFE!

    All I know is that Ian is one of the sweetest human being ever and I want him to be happy!

    And do some of you guys even know what ‘faking a relationship’ means? Basically= giving up your whole life! Ian is one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen and there is NO way he is single…so if he’s NOT with Nina…who is his girfriend? We’ve NEVER seen him with someone else beside Nina! THINK ABOUT IT!

  40. 40
    JenniferH Says:

    Lovely how you just assume what kind of fan I am. Unlike you I actually follow up and read on these actors who I like, and Nina has her off-days, but she also does some wonderful things that are well-documents (and not sent out by her PR people). Nina/Ian have been together for TWO YEARS and it is only in the last 3 months that there have been romantic pictures of the two. The first year and a half they avoided being seen together so that screws up THAT contention of yours.

    As for for me? I spend my money on DVDs, that’s it. I don’t do conventions or stalk them. Heck, I live in Georgia and have yet to visit the set. I don’t care about stuff like that. I enjoy their work, think they’re a cute couple, that Nina’s pretty well put together, and that Ian is amazing.

    Just keep assuming the worst about people, it only assumes the kind of person you are, “honey.”

  41. 41
    JenniferH Says:


    Really? Wikpedia? REALLY?! The last pics of Ian/Meghan were the end of February 2010. Nina/Ian were seen together (in a non-work related function) at the end of May at the Lakers game, then in Venice Beach. Your “literally days later” — was about Nina, Ian and PAUL at the Paley event where Nina was smiling and had her arms around both guys. Was she more into Ian? Yeah, cuz girl obviously had a crush on him. But as far as we know, there was nothing going on until after he broke up with Meghan. Is it possible something did happen? Absolutely. However every bit of photographic, video, etc. “proof” that is out there shows clearly that by the time Ian/Nina were together, Ian had broken up with Meghan.

    And honestly how am I bullying by pointing out that your “facts” are incorrect? They are. You are saying some things that are emphatically not true and besmirching Ian’s character in the process. Period. And other things are pure guesswork on your part (he was cheating on Meghan) because there is no actual evidence — anywhere — that shows Nina/Ian together as a couple before the middle of April.

  42. 42
    Vamp Says:

    Yea, if ur sooo uncomfortable with the fact that u don’t see a couple on d street but a”33 year old man with a 23 year old girl” something is obviously wrong with you… Age is just a number, not a barrier. And who are u to question some others life? Don’t like it, don’t comment and get the hell off this page….

  43. 43
    Natalie Says:

    @JenniferH You live in Georgia and “follow up and read on these actors” which makes you “the know it all” about their lives, you know when they eat, bath, and take a dump.

    You are so deep into their lives you have made yourself some kind of champion to defend them, because they need it. Two grown adults and one of them, Nina demands that you all respect her private life but shows that she wants something else.

    Only three months they’ve been romantic in pictures, I wonder why, yes, it was to show off to the world that they are a so called happy, cute couple. Well at least you have common sense to only spend your money on DVDs, but who gave you the impression I was assuming anything honey? “Nina’s pretty well put together,” she has makeup artist. to make sure she looks that way.

  44. 44
    Natalie Says:

    We are uncomfortable, what we see is more than age. So we must get off this page because you don’t like disapproving comments, bully101.

  45. 45
    Anon Says:

    He is truly a gorgeous man, inside and out.

  46. 46
    JenniferH Says:


    Yeah, I’m done. You are just coming across as a thoroughly unpleasant person who enjoys coming up with insulting conclusions about fans simply because they are {gasp!} fans who don’t sit quietly by while insulting, easily verifiable lies are being spread about their favorites. Peace.

  47. 47
    Amanda Says:

    Theyre lovely. Thanks for the pics, Jared.

    @JenniferH honey don’t feed the trolls. You don’t need to defend or justify Ian and Nina. Every one with eyes and brains can see they’re a sweet young couple very much in love and having a great life. Lucky them.

    People who say its a front make laugh so much. Why would a young beautiful girl like Nina go along with it? These claims of PR make even less sense. They are not even a couple on the show.

    The less sense the trolls make the more entertaining to read your comments, so please carry on

  48. 48
    Anna Says:

    Staged. Not famous enough to be followed by paparazzi in Paris.

  49. 49
    JenniferH Says:

    @Amanda: Great attitude, you are so right. :)

  50. 50
    Lala Says:

    @jacqueline: why would they call paparazzi whenever they’re in other countries? That makes no sense. Wouldn’t doing so in America be hella easier if that was what they were trying to do anyways?

  51. 51
    Case Says:

    @confused: well what’s the purpose of fake pr relationships? To get more hype for w/e show they’re on right? &the method is getting as much pictures of each other being as sweet as possible and and talking about each other and showing how “in love” you are. Which is why it’s called a SHOWmance. You’re trying to put on a show.
    But these two have been dating for practically over two years, they’ve never really admitted that they’re dating or talked about each other that way. In every TVD event they don’t even get pictured together. And Paris with their mothers! &basically being together whether the public knows it or not, pictures or not. If this is a fake relationship then their PR people are doing a ****** job.
    It’s not really about evidence, it’s more just common sense.

  52. 52
    Alaine Says:

    @Anna: LOLL “not famous enough to be followed by paparazzis in Paris” comments Anna under paparazzi pictures of Nian in paris.

  53. 53
    nick Says:

    This site needs to be moderated. I see all the haters come out full force here cos they can’t spread hate at most other sites or forums.

  54. 54
    M Says:

    I don’t get all the animosity being spread on here. If you don’t like Nina or Ian, it’s simple STAY off of sites/articles that are about them. Don’t read about them either. I can bet that all these haters on here would say absolutely NOTHING like this if they were face to face with either Nina or Ian. So go back to cowering behind your computer screen since it’s what you do best.


  55. 55
    Anna Says:

    @Alaine: Yeah, that’s why I said the pictures were staged. No way these pictures are taken otherwise.

  56. 56
    Amna Says:

    I love both of them.lovely couple and perfect for each other.people should not hate them.get life people.i must say jealous people r jealous…

  57. 57
    Amna Says:

    Seriously i love nina and ian.and plz stop hate nina.bec she is sweet not rude..she want some spend privte time with bf ian…and dont hate ian he is nice…they both r in love eachother.people and lier fans should leave them…

  58. 58
    Kate Says:

    @Anna: Yeah, so can you please explain to me, why Paul Wesley and Torrey de Vitto, who are exactly on the same level of fame and actually on the same show, got papparazzi picture in the very same city a couple of days ago? Wait, I get it… because their MARRIAGE is stagged and nothing but PR as well!
    And in case you haven´t realised, I was being ironic.

  59. 59
    R.A Says:

    Always looking for a photo-op, really sick of these two. Its funny how every other celebrity couple is supposed PR, but these two who make sure to pose is considered true love.

  60. 60
    Chris Says:

    Bitter Mofo’s can’t keep this couple down! Love them! they are adorable <3

  61. 61
    Verite Says:

    I for one don’t believe that off-screen romances are good for a TV show. The line between the story and the show gets blurred and writers and producers can feel constrained because fans cannot distinguish between one and the other. I feel like these two likely hid their true relationship for some time because it would harm the show and it must make working with their fellow castmates awkward. I don’t really think its a “fake” relationship. Whether it is a good one and they are good for each other is another story. Ian has had MANY girlfriends and dalliances. He’s been a playboy and he’s not shy to speak of it. Nina is very young and I doubt she is looking at something as “forever”. They probably care for each other very much in their own way right now. But relationships in show business are very hard to maintain. In the end though we don’t know these people are their true motivations or intentions and what I really dislike most is when people go on these boards and attack others very personally when they have no real knowledge of them and its none of their business anyway. Does it really make a difference to any of our lives if they are faking it or not or if they last or not? Who cares?

  62. 62
    Natalie Says:

    @JenniferH According to you, all we do are spread lies, but you, you are one of the kindest and most respectful fans out there, a hot little thing and force of nature for Nian.

    Ian is the sweetest person inside and out, so you all worship him like he is some kind of god. That is man like any other so don’t put him up on a pedestal and say he is perfect. No man in this planet is perfect. Fame and fortune are what you are hooked on, half of you there, did not know who he was before vampire diaries nor did you care about him.

    You behave as though Nina is the best thing to ever happen to him, but Megan was the one that stood by him when he was struggling in his career, Megan was his initial guide with his environmental work. All Nina does is look pretty, and be taken all over the world as his “arm candy.” She only does these charitable events when invited. She follows two main environmental advocates besides Ian, because of Ian, and they are Leonardo DiCaprio and ISF. She only posts certain important issues on a rare occasion when asked to.

    But hear what, we are trolls, blind and deaf without a brain, hiding behind a computer screen just like you. We are haters because we don’t want to join the Nian bandwagon and worship them. The TVD family portrays the most disgusting attitude to the outside world, as just said “Bitter Mofo’s,” so forgive us, if we have no desire to be sucked in your hypocriticalness, as defenders for Nian.

  63. 63
    treenapants Says:

    @JenniferH: I agree with jenniferH.

  64. 64
    Natalie Says:

    @Treenapants Unlike @JenniferH response to me, here is my response to you… I have no problem with what you agree with.

  65. 65
    I Says:

    they are just perfect together. HATERS GO GET A LIFE :D

  66. 66
    Natalie Says:

    Maybe you should get one instead.

  67. 67
    Verite Says:

    @Natalie, I am not a defender for Nian nor am I going to go on a board like this one and be against them. I read these stories to pass the time and relax. I know that we are presented with only a fraction of what is actually true. I work in an industry where we deal with the press all the time and I can tell you that what is written is highly distorted most of the time. But people read things and they think they are true. For example, you can’t possibly know how good or bad his previous girlfriend was for him. If she was then the fact that he left her and immediately started dating Nina says more about HIS character than Nina’s. Nina is a young woman – only 23. Before this show she lived in Canada most of her life, going to school, doing gymnastics,acting on a local TV series. If she seems to be more superficial it’s because she hasn’t lived enough yet to have formed those goals. And perhaps this is what Ian was looking for right now that is, something not so serious. Who knows? We can’t know the truth either way. For all we know they are the best thing that ever happened to each other OR they are just fooling around for now and will go on to other people. We don’t know so its no point defending them OR attacking them.

  68. 68
    Natalie Says:

    @Verite I appreciate your unbiased judgement to highest. You are a very sensible person and for that, I respect your view.

  69. 69
    jannyjo Says:

    I don’t think it’s real, but what do i know? They just spend spend so little time together it’s either a PR stunt or a casual relationship. One day of PDA in Paris, one day in NYC. Ian was photographed several times in NYC without her and when he spent the day with his family she wasn’t there. Very strange if they are seriously involved. He also just spent a week in the Philppines without her. He’s gone to several important events without her. I just don’t buy the whole big romance thing. But like I said, what do I know? It’s just speculation on my part.

  70. 70
    just me Says:

    Cute couple ! Don’t talk about each other at all. Which is good thing. Hope it last Maybe Rachel bilson should stop talking about hayden and hook up with her co star too. The one that play wade!

  71. 71
    Natalie Says:

    The thing is, they always see a disapproving comment as hate, like everyone is just supposed to love them automatically because they are stars. As soon as they notice people are not on the same page with them, they are ready to attack and insult others because of their differences in opinion, but they want to come across as though they are this magnificent family of valiant fighters, pioneers for the good cause of a relationship. The majority of these people are teens and young adults with a few older ones mixed in between, but hey, this is just my opinion.

  72. 72
    Rose1987389!!! Says:

    @Jenna: 34 & 22??!!! Yeah this would have been cute but he does looks really old next to her. She looks like a teenager and he looks like an old dried up married man!!

  73. 73
    Verite Says:

    @Natalie, I agree it is wrong to look at actors as flawless people who can do no wrong just because they are talented or attractive or even charming. As you state, often fans are very young people who have the ideals of romantic love where everything is wine and roses. And who among us wouldn’t want that? A handsome man, a pretty girl, travelling all over the place, stolen kisses, beautiful gowns … why not? But the truth is relationships are VERY HARD and complicated even for those of us who just work at regular jobs every day. For these people, I am always amazed when they DO work out. Actors travel so much and are away from each other and have many MANY temptations from their collegues as well as fans and groupies. So if you enjoy Nina and Ian’s performances, as actors, and you like to look at their pretty photos as models and promoters, enjoy them and be entertained. But don’t expect them to be paragons of virtue in their lives because they are NOT perfect people and you will inevitably be disappointed if you expect them to be.

  74. 74
    Verite Says:

    @jannyjo … remember that the pictures you see online are not their lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just because you don’t seen them hanging out together all the time, doesn’t mean they don’t have a relationship with each other. The fact that since filming ended, they’ve been apart sometimes but did eventually travel to be at each other’s side even when they didn’t have to be does signal to me that they are more than just a PR couple. Nina Dobrev didn’t have to go to Paris at all…she wasn’t at the convention. But she went. And when they were in NYC, Ian didn’t have to go to NYC; it was her event to go to. But he went. So they do follow each other around a fair bit on and off camera. Again, say what you will about whether or not you like them together but what they are doing is far too much work for just a bit of PR.

  75. 75
    Natalie Says:

    @Verite Well said…

  76. 76
    Brittney Says:

    Now I get it, this Natalie must be Meghan.

    It’s been 3 years, sweetie. Move on. Ian obviously has. Isn’t it pathetic to come and bring up ancient history under every article of his? Bitter much?!

  77. 77
    Natalie Says:

    Oh @Brittney you have so much too learn, but just to ease your curiosity, no this is not Megan.

  78. 78
    Vamp Says:

    Okay, let’s get one thing straight here. These pics were taken to show them as a happy couple not to ***** about their lives…… So unless u can’t comprehend, I think everyone of us understands what Paris lovers is…… It’s not written weird couple or awful couple…… And I think ur the one passing unjust opinions about people who are not even related to u in any way….who’s d bully now?????

  79. 79
    Natalie Says:

    @Vamp Actually you’re the bully now, good for you on demonstrating your talent.

  80. 80
    Haters Will Always Be Pathetic Says:

    Baby Doll, you may say whatever lies you want about Nina, but talk trash about Ian and we got a problem.

    Ian cares about the world, and every being on the earth, even pathetic beings like you. He is constantly in volunteer work, LOVES children, and LOVES HIS FANS TO DEATH! Where the bloody hell are YOU getting YOUR information love? Last time I checked, you were hiding behind your 40 dollar ancient PC spreading your hate and lies around the internet like a epidemic. But wait… you have no proof now do you? It’s a FACT Ian is a down to earth, caring person. Wether you like him or not is YOUR choice and no one is trying to force you to like him, BUT DO NOT MAKE LIES ABOUT GENUINELY GOOD PEOPLE!

    They have done NOTHING what so ever to you. Although their relationship IS NOT staged, what the hell does it have to do with you anyways? WHY DOES IT CONCERN YOU? That’s right… it doesn’t… Your opinions do not matter love. You honestly, do not matter. Haters and Liars aren’t welcome here. Go troll you a$$ off somewhere else, Love.



  81. 81
    Beard Says:

    Fake as ever

  82. 82
    Natalie Says:

    My my my, aren’t you all fired up. Well if my opinion does not matter love, why are you all upset?

    “Haters Will Always Be Pathetic” but you are pathetic right now; wasting your precious energy on me when you should be reading a book, and making yourself knowledgeable about the world you claim Ian cares about?

    Take it easy darling, don’t burst a blood vessel, I want you to be around for a while.

  83. 83
    florence2 Says:

    Nina look’s bored in these photo’s and does’nt even seem to want to get to close to Ian.

  84. 84
    chica Says:

    Dont scream but I have to agree with sarah on this one and I am not one to judge but, I have friends that have actually meet Nina and they say she is a complete B***h to Ian. At the empowerment event (ISF) she got in such a mood because Ians fans were around him and she hated it so she said to him I want to leave at his own event. When he didnt she stormed off and one of the volunteers had to run after her and calm her down. She acted spoilt and chidlish because Ian was getting the attention from his fans!

    She is in Paris for the TVD convention with Ian but they didnt invite her, many of the TVD conventions she hasnt been invited doesnt that make you wonder, there is one next month in Birmingham which i am going to and again Nina not invited. Yet all the other cast members go, you would have thought being one of the main characters in the show she would be there but apparently due to her attitude and her demand for more money that Ian noone wants to touch her. She hasnt attended that many.

    She rubbed poor Ians face at the Teens Choice Awards he deserved an award and somehow even though she wasnt intially voted she won wtf? Then the pics showed her tweeting her award poor Ian looked miserable. I mean fair play you won it but dont rub it in your boyfriends nose for christ sake!

    I know alot of people love Nina I used to too but finding all of this out just makes my opinion less of her.

    As for their relationship I have to agree it seems like its for publicity, Nina isnt that famous and to me it seems that everytime there is a camera she is looking straight into it! It just seems very staged! I look at Torrey and Paul and think now this is a couple in love they dont have to keep showing affection for the cameras seems to me everythime they are out Nina and Ian they have to show some kind of affection for the camera and yes it does look forced.

    Candice and Zach are dating in real life (Matt & caroline) but you dont see them do as much as Ian and Nina, first it was a massive secret oh no we arent dating pics showed him walking in front her at the back like they didnt want to be seen with each other and then the big clanger was the coachella concert when suprise suprise she was holding ians hand and guess what she looked straight into that camera as if she knew. Sorry I know this is probably gonna rub people up the wrong way and I am sorry but truth be told Nina isnt an angel and Nian just looks way too fake and all for publicity. Nina is riding off Ians success and once she has found her footing and got her fame she will leave him high and dry!

    Dont get me wrong I love Ian and I think what he does for the environment is great and I respect him, I also run a support ISF site on twitter and yes he follows me and also spoken to him and he is an amazing guy but honestly I cant see why he puts up with Nina he is way too nice and too good for her!

  85. 85
    So true Says:

    All interenet is oh poor Nina right now,because some fans finally said the truth to her face.
    She wasn’t invited to {Paris,she came there just for Plec BDay and because Nian crazy pees demanded her to be near Ian. But what did she do when she first came there?(well except posing for paps on the pics above with a very sore face as she is doing Ian a favor) She refused to sign a pic to a fan in wheelchair!!! Or so nice girl!
    No one who met or worked with Nina believes in Nian anymore,especially after Barcelona. She was the only one from trio who has problems with fanbase all the way (remeber Ian comment after PCA about ppl do love you!? ) and the only way to get an attention is to be Ian’s gf.
    But now she can’t pull even that because she is to much selfcentred person.
    Ian is to good in his attitude for her.Yes of course he gathers smth from this stuff too,but he can be with out staged relationship but Nina can’t,she is nothing with out him/ Barely who want’s to read about her when Ian isn’t ,mentioned with her.
    So i am not surprised that fans hates her,they do have reason.

  86. 86
    chica Says:

    Exactly! The whole Nian is unfortuately a good publicity stunt come on the stars of TVD dating its a massive publicity stunt, why only focus on them two as I said Candice and Zach are dating but yet noone really cares about them two, its all Nian Nian! For me I dont buy it! She is dreadful with her fans and cant stand the fact that Ian gets all the fame. She got run down again in paris I hear, this is the 2nd time french fans have pushed and shoved her out of the way. Unfortuately she will only be known as Ians girlfriend. Ians name is always before hers never do you see Nina Dobrev’s boyfriend Ian Somerhalder its always Ian Somerhalders girlfrend Nina Dobrev. I understand that fans love her and i do feel sorry for her fans cause they truly dot on her and to be brutally honest without her fans she is no one! So show alittle respect Nina for your fans! Yes she was only in Paris for Julie Plecs birthday otherwise she probably would have stayed in her room like she always does. I mean what sort of gf would make her boyfriend cancel all plans in June/July as she is filming and wants him there with her, doesnt she trust him or something? That is just abit unfair he has ISF stuff and probably other movie deals but no she wants him to cancel everything! Sorry guys for me the whole NIAN is a big FAKE! People are panicing that Ian may not even turn up for Birmingham because of Nina so rumour has it they are trying to get Nina down to Birmingham so he will attend as many people are flying from other countries to come and see him in the UK next month. Lets hope he doesnt cancel as he will really annoy his fans! There are where they are purley because of their fans!

  87. 87
    So true Says:

    What do u mean cancel everything? He has Rio in June, then Germany,then Vienna and then England
    I know that there was problems with Rio because not all guests managed to get visa at time. But germany and Vienna are still on. Though as i heard no one even wanted\planned to invite her to attend.
    If they are dating for 2 years or more, why she is so insecure?Why she is always moody when someone is near Ian?
    she acts like a spoiled kid. I was very surprised that when someone asked her about ISF in barcelona she wasn’t able to give an answer. She is Ians gf who she doesn\t know about ISF projects!
    All Nian screams fake.
    Paul and Torrey do not flaunt their relationship, we barely know about them. Zach and candice. Steven too has a gf but no one follows them
    but Nian is pure fan fuss and to please fans
    poor Ian, he wanted to help a kid (aka Nina) but get involved with hysterical baby

  88. 88
    bbiix3 Says:

    @CC: paul has nothing to do this so dont bring him up

  89. 89
    Ianfan Says:

    Ian made alot of fans annoyed when he cancelled one of his cons this year and said he had ISF stuff and ended up in Coacella (sp) he blantely lied and said he was in the dessert doing ISF work, fans flew all over the country to see him and he blew them out to be with Nina at the concert. Yet other TVD stars managed to do the con and still do the coacella concert, alot of people were not happy.

    she even goes around slating him on how bad he is behind doors their intimate relationship like wtf? I am friends with alot of the ISF ppl who actually know the couple and well Ian is amazing but sorry Nina is a nightmare she acts like a brat! Everyone is entitled to their opinion so this is mine you may love or hate it but I have heard it from people that know her and met her. My friend travelled to see her on one of the mystic falls events and she was horrid she didnt even want to come out and sign autographs! She doesnt get invited to cons here cause she asks for way too much money more than Ian just her excuse being I play two characters wtf? That doesnt mean you have to ask for more money! If she is so great why hasnt she been invited to many cons, why invite Torrey she isnt a main character? Its because noone likes her and she knows it! Ians comment said it all, ” See babe people do like you?” Sorry you can dislike and give me negative feedback but thats only cause you cant handle the truth! Sorry, the relationship is SHAM and once TVD is over the couple will split or if not before once she gets her fame. Remember Nina was a nobody before TVD she has only gotten famous because of Ian and the show nothing to do with her! All this crap about supporting cancer etc but she smokes like a chiminey how two faced is that?? I have met Malese, Torrey, Steven, Zach and Candice and Paul and there are lovely! Hoping to met Ian next month! I agree with Chica she is right sorry guys!

  90. 90
    So true Says:

    How bad he is behind the doors? Really and that comes from 23 yers old kid who is veeeery experienced i guess!
    Actually in Toronto there is club called ROX and miss Jenny is very often guest thre, who got a free pas because she is Ninas cousine. And when she is vereeery drunk she might tell u a lot of stories about how Nina tried to seduce Ian during summer after season 1 but Ian prefered to be drunk rather go to bed with Nina! TO is full of stories from Ninas ex gf whom she pissed off by being stuck up B8ch

  91. 91
    Ianfan Says:

    @so true lol really well my friends friend knows her PA and well things started to get out. I do feel sorry for Ian i really do as he is amazing and such a nice guy the sort of guy you would so want to bring home to your mum, i really think he is great but I am not a mad ian stalker, I go to the cons cause I want to meet people not because of him, funny as all the cons i went to i never really met him but seen him there. Hoping next month will be different.

    He can date whoever he wants I just think that Nina is going to end up breaking him because of him his fans are backing off because she is so neagative towards them, it cant be helped that his fans are girls he is a good looking guy so she has to grin and bare it thats the price that comes with dating a good looking famous guy she has to get over it! Seems to me she cant handle it! I would say bla its her age but come on Kat Graham is lovely with her fans, I met her when we went to the chigago con and she asked a group of girls to go for some pizza with her, she is amazing and she is not that much older than nina. So what makes Nina so different your just an ordinary girl who happens to be dating hot leading vamp in a popular show! Get over it Nina and stop acting like you are so much better than everyone! Respect your fans they deserve that! @Chica yeah without their fans people like me and you and many on here Nina and Ian wouldnt be where they are! Remember its the fans and the viewers that made the show no one else!!

  92. 92
    So true Says:

    but Ian,Nina and Paul share same PA. And there were ppl who said that when things started to get out it was about Ian passing out before she managed to..well you know. That story started a long ago because everyone at one moment was fed up how she was chasing him not only on set but during the cons. I just think that Nina misunderstood Ian flirting attitude and though that she can get more. They are just up in this situation because of fans. We all see that BS like – I would die if Nian will ever break up. No show for me with out Nian/ So whole Nian thing is crazy fans and they have to play along. Difference is how they handle it with class and friendly as Kat or cancdice or like Nina/ Ian is gentelman he can’t say in public smth like – hands off me/ And yes he is protective over Nina but people who visited cons knows that he is THE SAME protective and touchy feely with other girls too, he is like a big brother towards them

  93. 93
    Ianfan Says:

    @so true oh yeah i heard that haha and that he just was too fast before you know what and she ended up annoyed yeah that was apparently what she said to one of her mates, why would you do that and slate your bf is beyond me?

    Apparently they have different PAs Nina has her own but dont quote me as i dont know that for a fact just what I have heard from others.

    Yeah Ian is touchy feely and he is so lovely she just doesnt seem to trust him. cant believe she was the one chasing after him I heard it was him chasing her.

    I dont think she would beable to work with him if they did break up but rumour had it their relationship was on the rocks as he was spending alot of time with Matt Davies (RIC) and when she had her tooth done at the dentist he wasnt even with her. So who knows! She wouldnt be professional like Candice and Matt they dated before she was with Zach. I cant seen Nina being professional, I mean i would love to see what she thought of that scene with Clare Holt she probably wanted to kill her lol.

    I wouldnt mind if Ian dated anyone else just Nina needs to grow up and stop acting like a brat!

  94. 94
    So true Says:

    Sometimes (especially after looking at the pics when Ian pull back or aside the most precious part of his anatomy) i start to believe that there was nothing and they just forced to pretend in front of fans/ They was good friends in the beginning but we all know that in the middle of shooting season two whole cast hated Nina and i so doubt that Ian started and affair even just for well u know..with her after she showed her true colours. He is nice to her, polite,sweet and protective because she is a young girl and collegue and yes he might feel responsible towards her, but nothing more.
    He was to fast..haha…i know that we being rude and crude here/ But even on the show look at his moves,his body language tells that he knows how to use his body. May be she is to cold and to slow?
    He chasing her? he was in love and very beat up and broken after his relationship ended much later than fans think.
    i don’t care whom he is dating i just don’t like when a wannabe free bee lying to my face for my money and thinks tjhat i cant see that

  95. 95
    Miss M Says:

    @ianfan I went to the chicago con, and I was so amazed by all the other cast members who found time to come to the convention for a few hours out of their busy schedules. I’m still mad at Ian’s reasoning for cancelling on chicago, but I still love Ian. I just don’t look at him the same anymore.

  96. 96
    kristin Says:

    some people are so retarded. its a known fact that they are in Paris right now, so theres no need to call any paparazzi. and these two have been together a while now. this looks like a couple waiting on the street for a cab or something while they talk. nothing staged about it. if it was Paul and Torrey no one would be saying it was staged and ****. if Ian and Nina were a stage couple then they are doing an awful job considering they’ve only been caught kissing in public like twice since they’ve been dating. this is a couple, who prefers to keep their relationship to themselves, and you can tell they are genuine towards each other. you people should spend more time worrying about things that actually effect your life, staged or not, is any of this really bothering you people? leave them alone, let them live your lives and you live yours.

  97. 97
    Natalie Says:

    Nothing these two do is spontaneous where their public affection is concerned, but in any case, from what I read here, no one is question if they are together anymore, it has now changed to Nina is more or less using Ian which was established a long time ago, but the truth is sometimes hard to swallow.

  98. 98
    So true Says:

    i do have all reasons to believe that they are not together as an item or as a couple. They are together as a pack of leading actors for sale and yes Nina is using Ian in this situation
    best shot what happend between them is a drunk sex!

  99. 99
    Natalie Says:

    @So true, at this point, it’s just sad that Ian has allowed himself to be sucked into the hype and not really considered what he was getting himself into or what he has.

  100. 100
    So true Says:

    I think due to the fact that he wasn’t on TV show longer than one season he never thought that smth like that will last and he def wasn’t prepared that his courtisty will be used like that/ ppl who works and worked with Ian saying that he is smart cookie but to noble for his own good
    But the good thing is that no matter what Ian did earned respect not only from fans buty inside industry so in the end of the day he wins, can’t say the same from Nina
    some fans are blaming her for FAKE (it was proven by videos) rumors about being insulted in Paris

  101. 101
    Natalie Says:

    Ian will always have a ton of supporters and because of the show Nina will have her sect of supporters, but in terms of this relationship, Ian needs to open his eyes and stop sweeping this under the rug. He is being used.

  102. 102
    So true Says:

    I think he knows it, and behind the doors when cameras are off and they are in free from fans area she recieaves comebacks
    but they need to pretend to be on good terms in public and that is when she is using him knowing that he MUST paly along and play nice
    But yeah i agree ian is to kind with her

  103. 103
    Natalie Says:

    I wonder if anyone has noticed, when he’s on relax time, “vacation” which has been a while now, he does not even care to tweet. It’s like he’s under some sort of spell. He’ll be missing for one to five days on twitter, then all of a sudden you’ll see pictures of them together showing PDA, so that’s why. Fans are not important (not even on twitter) when they are together “in private,” but Ian does love his fans.

  104. 104
    So true Says:

    Nah i think it is not b/c of that/ Well yeah i heard that she can be quite hysterical but i really do believe that when cameras are off they might be in the same place or even in the same room but not together as together if u know what i mean
    I think that he is just worn out and don’t tweet cause he has nothing good to say when he ius near her, he is to busy protecting himself from her stunts

  105. 105
    Natalie Says:

    @So true, your statement made me laugh but I understand what you’re saying. lol

  106. 106
    Natalie Says:

    Apparently people are forgetting that Nina is an actress.

  107. 107
    So true Says:

    why laugh? the more i see them the more i think that they are just co workers who are acting to be in love in front of fans ….
    she is an actress and she is playing to be in love or u want to say that she is playing to be the *****?

  108. 108
    Natalie Says:

    Your statement made me laugh by how you worded it, but in terms of her acting, Nina can pretend to be sad, happy, or in love at anytime or anyplace.

  109. 109
    So true Says:

    i am trying to avoid direct statments here b/c of Nian shippers who can start defending campaigne anytime, so i put the words that way for ppl who is able to understand and who can see through fanservice
    yeah Nina and Ian (btw) both can pull whatever needed whenever needed
    love,attraction,passion,sadness e/t/c
    fans wanted touchy feely moments – here we are
    but i doubt that there is smth more than perfomance for fans

  110. 110
    Natalie Says:

    They are truly obsessed, but Ian thinks it’s spectacular (nothing wrong with that, he does need the fans) but there is a point where he encourages it not realizing how aggressive they become.

  111. 111
    So true Says:

    The Nian fans are basicaly just sexually agressive teen girls or despareta housewives with failed marriage who needs a fairytale of epic love. They don’t see Ian as Ian, the see atrractive man for whom they created qualities and actions and enjoy writing stories about how Nina managed made someone like ian to fall for her and be so protective and loving e/t/c it is just an idea that pretty looks and nice smile can help to get u a man and happy ending
    fans do not see behind the scenes and reality that is why they are so aggressive, because when they forced to face the facts it hurts it ruins their sublimation
    that is why Nian rumors started even when Ian was with Meghan. Meghan is attractive gilr but she is an epithome of the fact that if u want to be with a man in long term relationship u have to have personality,intellegence and work for relationship as much as ur partner that is why there was so many b**ing about her/
    Fans created Nian in season one and that will last till the end of the show or till one of them snaps finally
    fans are aggresive they even tried to bribe receptionist at comic con to know if Ian and Nina staying at the same room!lol!
    but it is not only Iab (and even Nina) fault. Theay are actors they need their job they need the show to last so wether they like it or not they must to do this stuff to, the thing is just how far each of them ready to go
    rumors has it that Ian did put boundaries, Nina didn’t and now she is threataning to ruin the whole thing if Ian and others wont play along
    we all know that in the middle of season 2 whole cast hated her

  112. 112
    Natalie Says:

    And all I can say to that is wow, I do think he’s a good person, but I believe he’s a bit self-absorbed too and she makes him that way. I see it, when he’s at conventions, when he’s doing interviews for TVD, when he’s tweeting. I’m in the Philippines, I’m in Paris, I’m in the Philippines, I’m in Paris. Come on…

  113. 113
    So true Says:

    well u see the twitter is a public source. I think Ian is tweeting like that just to preserve more speculations
    he sometimes give hints like – alone or the season left scars on me, or smth like that, but fans ignore it and thinks that they are always right in their assumptions
    all cators are self absorbed at some level it is just a question of how deep is this self absorbed thing is
    Of course ian loves all attention he gets but it doesn’t hit his head so he is more genual person
    also he never ever in 10 years denayed that he loves the attention he was open about his attitude and reasons, he doesn’t pretend to be private or shy or someone who he isn’t
    it is just the way how vieweras / fans twists his words and actions

  114. 114
    Natalie Says:

    Yes, they really do twist him around, and sometimes ignore him completely when he’s tweeting about the environment. It’s really out of this world.

  115. 115
    So true Says:

    Nian fans are not always ian fans. They don’t care about what he cares and actually barelly understands his interview b/c one thing is undenaylable – Ian has sharp intellegence. They react only on his words about damon, delena and nina
    sad thing that they ignore a lot of things he is saying or denaying
    i can bet if they were busy helping ISF more than writing epic love bs nian would fade

  116. 116
    DNACowboy Says:

    The reason Nina is really upset is that she was insulted by French fans who declared (very bitchily supposedly) Nina wasn’t anywhere near ‘good’ enough for Ian Somerhalder.

  117. 117
    So true Says:

    FYI it was proven that rumors are fake
    no one inusulted Nina in Paris

  118. 118
    Ianfan Says:

    The rumours were fake agreed with so true. The real truth is that she is shallow and fans dont like her. Ok i understand there is those Ian crazies out there that are in lurve with him and think noone will be good for him doesnt matter if its nina or not any girl they would probably envy. What we are trying to get across is Nina is no saint, she is very self centered person. Ian is quite concited too and very much a diva, my friend knows him and apparently he is quite the attention seeker so I have been told. He is lovely guy and I dont dislike him I think what he does for the world and ISF is amazing he is passionate and good hearted which makes me wonder what the hell is he doing with Nina she must have something going as once that make up is off she isnt the most attractive woman on the planet! I have to admit when they were on the red carpet they looked stunning as a couple but reality is that she isnt very nice to him at all, the ISF empowerment con showed how self centred she was wanting to leave his own event because she didnt like the fans! Maybe she is young and hungry for fame dont know but she really has rubbed alot of people up the wrong way! Nian is good for the publicity and for the show but I dont think personally she is good for him. Apparently she is the one that got him smoking again! He quit after lost and then he met her and he started up. Sorry I just dont like her!

  119. 119
    Teyla Says:


    Actually, Candice and Zach broke up right after the first of the year. She moved out of their apartment and moved in with her Aunt, who also lives in Atlanta. Hopefully, they can work things out, but at this point I doubt.

    As for Ian and Nina, they are the real deal and have been for over two years. Nina was not scheduled to be at the Paris convention, but went to Paris to be with Ian. NO harm, No foul, just two people in love. They are no out there pretending to be lovers for a promotional stunt for the show. Anyone thinking that is delusional. If it was only for the show, I doubt seriously if Ian and Nina (and their families) would be spending the past two Christmas holidays together, nor would they be going to Mexico and Bora Bora for the past two New Years together. If Ian and Nina were not in love, I doubt seriously if they would be going to Hawaii for a week together for alone time after season three had finished filming. They spend as much time together as possible, even with their busy schedules because they love each other. When people speak badly of Nina, they are also hurting Ian because he loves her.

    Ian and Nina are two of the most gracious, kind hearted people I know. They overlook the vicious “haters” because there are more people that love them by the millions than the few that spew hatred.

  120. 120
    Teyla Says:


    Nice try, but Meghan was threatened by Ian’s career once he was hired for The Vampire Diaries. As far as their two year relationship, it was on again and off again, but he did love her otherwise he would not have kept trying to save their relationship. They were never engaged, they just dated, but broke up permanently around the end of February, first of March 2010. Ian and Nina started dating in mid April 2010 and have been solidly together ever since. Meghan is old news.

    Ian started the IS Foundation after the BP Oil Spill and by that time he was already in a solid relationship with Nina Dobrev. Nina is very supportive of Ian, as is he of her. They have a fantastic relationship whether people want to believe it or not.

    As for Ian and Maggie Grace, they did not start dating until after Ian left Lost. They were great friends, dated for a year, enjoyed each others company and both had a love for animals, as was seen by them rescuing the feral kittens in the jungle of Hawaii. Hence, Ian has “Moke and Maggie has “Roo”. To date, Maggie and Ian are still good friends. As for how Ian met Nicky Hilton, that was due to his friend, Jason Moore. Jason was the manager for Paris Hilton at the time and he introduced Ian and Nicky. Ian and Nicky were short lived and went nowhere. Ian and Ashley Greene were already friends and in April 2009, Ian escorted Ashley to the premier of “Twilight”. He also attended her birthday party. This took place during one of the “off” times between him and Meghan. Ian and Ashely are still very good friends. Ian was in a serious relationship with Sarah Malatesta in 2000, who like Meghan, was not in show biz, At the time, she was a college student and they met in a laundry mat.

    TVD cast in relationships:
    Paul Wesley and Torrey Devitto – Happily Married
    Ian and Nina – Solid couple for over two years and happy
    Michael Trevino and Jenna Ushkowitz
    Kat Graham and Cottrell Guidry
    Steven R. McQueen and Hillary Harley
    Daniel Gillies and Rachel Leigh Cook – Happily Married

    Zach Roerig (no longer with Candice)
    Candice Accola (no longer with Zach)
    Joseph Morgan
    Matt Davis
    Claire Holt

  121. 121
    lolly Says:

    I cant help laugh at you lot seriously so funny! Personally I dont really care about Nina and Ian, what they do is their business! But I have met Nina & sorry Nina lovers but she isnt such a nice person. We saw her at the ISF Empowerment event, you have to have been there to see what the fuss was about, she was moody and darn right rude to Ian. He tolerates her probably cause he loves her or he is doing it for the publicity who knows!

    Nian isnt all its cracked up to be, she is very mean and horrible towards him and many of the ISF ers were shocked at her outrage just because the fans were all over Ian. Ok you gonna get jealous but you have to trust and respect your bf he aint gonna jump on any of his fans the first chance he gets! She doesnt treat him right and she is mean! She left an autograph signing because she got all moody that noone turned up for her and wanted to leave half way!

    But if Ian likes it then good for him, hope they are happy!

    Nian only happened because of the Delena fans everyone wanted Delena on screen and it was an added bonus that Nian happened, i personally think is a publicity stunt but who knows right. I dont think they are the perfect couple some people probably think Ian is gay and is in denial who knows and really do we care?? I personally dont!

    I think there is something going on behind the scenes i dont think the relationship is real, there are just something not right, why did they keep their relationship hidden for so long and even when they got caught on camera at the concert holding hands they still denied rumours come on guys were not stupid! I just think if your dating then be proud be loud and tell everyone dont hide it, the fans wanted Nian so didnt understand the whole point of the big secret! Sure they want they privacy but come on your freaking celebs do you honestly think you will get any??

    Nina always looks moody in her pics with Ian the only time she looks happy is when she has the camera pointed at her take a look at her pics or when she is having a *** even those she looks pretty miserable!

    We were going to go on set when they were shooting we sat outside for ages and apparently he was all for it but she refused and said too many people on set, so he had to come out and say hello to us outside, yeah pics of him on twitter coming to greet his fans that was US! She isnt great and she is far from perfect but you know everyone has their opinion and i find it funny that everyone is giving negative feedback to people who have an opinion and are not Nina lovers just makes me laugh that your just as bad. Its called freedom of speech, respect what others have to say and people who have actually met her or been to cons and seen the proof!

    Ian is kind hearted and amazing he is so great with his fans he tweets his fans and actually trys to get involved, what does Nina do exactly??? She doesnt even tweet her fans only when she is saying thanks for all her fan mail woot bloody woot! Try interacting with your fans I agree with Ianfan – the fans MADE HER so be abit nice Miss Dobrev your not a princess! If ian knew what was best for him, he should really call it a day, she is gonna ruin his image sooner or later and she is still young she can make something of her career he is 33, what happens when the vampire diaries ends, its going to be another Charmed or BTVS all over again! Sorry Ian your fans love you but your girlfriend not so much!

  122. 122
    So true Says:

    the more i read posts of ppl who met her the more i undesrtand that when i met her it wasn’t just her bad day it was real face of Miss Dobrev and that was ugly!Now i understanmd all Ians hints about the fact that he has no time for relationship and has only business comitements.
    All ppl says that they are like oil and water. Yes opposites atrackts but their difference is to much to work out
    all that crap about vacation is fan made theories with out a proves. As i said they might be in the same place but still not be together as an item
    I think Ian tolerate her just b/c fans want him to tolerate her/ He need his fans
    Now i am sure that Nian is just fan creation and a stunt for them bot to drop the show

  123. 123
    Lisa Says:

    I’m with Lolly on this one, I dont care about Nian, I dont get it neither, I think its all a show but we dont have proof we dont know! If Ian is happy with her gf being rude and nasty to fans then so be it! Its up to him to sort her out. I havent met Ian but hoping to next month at Insurgence 4 anyone going?

    As for their relationship who knows whats real and fake eh, for we know they could be in love or they could be doing it for the fame. I agree i did find it about odd why they kept their relationship a secret and when asked on national TV if he had a gf he said the vampire diaries, at this point everyone knew he was dating nina. I just think they should have come public ages ago.

    I think Ian is being used and Nina is riding off his fame thats obvious but if he is happy with it who are we to say eh! Of course she will drop him like a sack of patatoes once she gets her fame she is young and she will eventually have guys falling at her feet and she will probably end up going off with someone closer her age who knows? Its all speculation.

    Am I a Nian fan erm No but then you will find probably half the women population arent neither purely cause she is dating him!

    Yeah I have heard from people who have met her she is moody and not really fan friendly thats her problem and for her publist to sort out, I personally do care for Nina and never have really before and after she was with Ian, i dont rate her as an actress. I think she makes Elena dull and very boring!

    I am sorry to hurt anyones feelings but guys you gonna find alot of Nian haters so you gonna have to live with it and get over it! I personally cant see Nian lasting any longer than another year.

    I say good luck to them if they last then thats great if they dont then hey I told ya so! lol

  124. 124
    So true Says:

    Lisa i totally get ur opinion
    I reread my posts and they look like i am Nian hater. Though i don’t care about them as an item or smth like that
    I just hate that when u go for ISF (not even to meet Ian but to hel his foundation)event u are forced to see how Nina behaves (as Influence affair). She treats a man who made her noticable for fans as sh!t!What kind of gf is she? I personally don’t see Ian as a man who likes to be under the heel or been controlled by a woman.
    a lot of ppl said after the event that no worries as soon as fans will be gone Nina will hear out what he thinks of her
    i read sowehere here that it is common for them to be at each other throats and during cons whan Ian talks about delena he hints that he isn’t a fan of damon to date a younger girl
    so i don’t see them in a relationship but it really annoys me that b/c of crazy fans voulanteers at ISF gets Nina as unwelcomed bonus who treats ppl like sh!t in general

  125. 125
    Rayne Says:

    I was at the EmpowerEsque event too and saw how some of the fans were misbehaving. Over zealous for sure. Kudos to Nina for getting security involved and for protecting Ian, who was suffering from a torn ACL. She did exactly what she was suppose to do. Nina was looking out for Ian. If some fans want to hate her for that, so be it. I am on her side in this one.

    For those complaining about the Chicago convention, Ian gave a two month notice that he would not be attending. Creation Entertainment came up with three guests to take his place. The Chicago convention was not an Ian Somerhalder convention, but a Vampire Diaries Convention. At the Coachella Music Festival Ian was working for his foundation and had set up three meeting over that weekend to promote The Go Green Mobile generators, of which he has a financial investment. His ISF secretary was there too, along with her fiancee. Did Ian also enjoy the music festival with Nina? Of course he did.

  126. 126
    Sharon Says:

    You know, I’ve read all 125 comments on this article and can’t believe that people are really ready to talk so negatively against a very private, very shy 23 year old young woman. I mean, really….saying all the god awful things about her? Have you actually met her, in person? Or are you all going on what other people have said?

    Let me tell you a little story….I live in Atlanta. One night, toward the end of filming this season, we went to the set to meet the stars of the show…we waited a LONG time….I think it was like 3:00AM before Ian & Nina came out. They were exhausted. They’d been on set for close to 14 hours straight, for the 3rd day in a row. It was rainy and the weather was miserable. But you know what they both did? They came over, spoke with us, signed autographs, took pictures & talked with us for a little while. They didn’t ignore us and walk on like some of the other cast members did. No, both of them came over, after working such grueling hours, and was as nice & sweet as they could possibly be to us. Then, after about another 45 minutes to an hour of signing autographs, taking pictures and chatting with us, they went home, together. Nina was a part of all this and was just as gracious, and just as sweet as Ian was.

    I’m a big fan of both of them. I’m also extremely happy that Ian & Nina are together, as a couple. I don’t believe for one second that this is a photo op to promote TVD, I mean really people, Damon/Elena hasn’t happened on the show, Elena chose Stefan……I believe that these are two people, who are in a romantic relationship, who are trying to spend what little time they can together, before they have to go back to the grueling schedule of filming TVD……you’d think people would just be happy for them and move on.

  127. 127
    Natalie Says:

    Let me begin with @Teyla, a source of massive amounts of information (must be family or friend or crew.)

    I’m almost surprised you did not tell me the exact dates. Who needs the paparazzi when they have you? You can’t possibly have all that useless information in your head. That has to be written in a book somewhere. So Ian and Nina went Mexico together? Well blow me down… And Bora Bora, well isn’t that spectacular, but as I recall he was silent for a few days (forgot all about his fans you included) then all of a sudden tweeted “Skinny dipping with sharks.” I need to do some skinny dipping myself minus the “sharks,” of course.

    Furthermore, I’m fully aware of Megan’s issues with the fan base. When I first saw it I did not understand her reaction to them, but let me tell you, I certainly know why now.

    Ian and Nina can go anywhere they want, they have the finance to support it and they are together right? At the end of the day Ian will always try to maintain his image as the most outstanding man in the world.

  128. 128
    Natalie Says:

    @Rayne, So the fans were “misbehaving,” my hand is over my mouth, I’m in shock. This truly has to be a first for the TVD family. Yes, we were aware he hurt himself doing stunts and Nina, oh sweet Nina had to call in the big guns to protect him, because the fans (who spent a large sum of money and did not receive what they were promised) would have knocked him over, trampled on him and killed him. Then that would surely bring an end to TVD, and a bold news headline of “Sexy Beast Somerhalder, wasn’t beastly enough to keep his fans inline and was killed at his own Empoweresque event.”

    Yes we can’t forget about Coachella, where Ian was doing the ground work for ISF, and feeling up Nina’s backside for the eager cameras.

  129. 129
    Natalie Says:

    @Sharon you actually read all 125 comments? Isn’t a great discussion off of twitter? Man top notch; let me tell you. Both sides of a story not just one, all Nian and Delena based. This is very good, what’s happening here right now.

    Nina is “a very private, very shy 23 year old young woman.” I never got that vibe from her, I mean, if she can pose naked and semi-naked for EW, she’s not shy at all, Moreover she was extremely proud about it, but I guess that was just work.

    She’s indeed really private, I never know when she’ll do some shopping, baking, dressing up, having her hair styled or nails done, or spending time with her mom or her friends, or when she has her backside felt up while on stage at the MMVAs. That’s really hard info to get your hands on.

    Nian actually came out in bad weather after work at 3am, when the other cast members left, to sign your autographs? This had to be something new to them. Ian really does love his fans and he has Nina with him. How would it look, after work, you guys are there and they pay no mind? They need you all to keep supporting their relationship and the show, but I must add you are some truly dedicated fans. Really bad weather, and you guys are standing out there in the cold, waiting? That is true devotion. No difference between you really, and the other fans that love everything to do with Ian.

  130. 130
    one girl Says:


    I understand he had other things come up, but it looks bad on him and his people that he was at coachella the same weekend as chicago when he committed to chicago last july. aka 9 months in advance… yes they had 3 other guests come in his place. But all those guests had busy schedules as well and still managed to steal a few hours to come to chicago and be with the fans

  131. 131
    Rayne Says:


    The fans were not given what they were promised which was …. what ??? The expectation of time alone with Ian for hugs, kisses and a make out session just for them? They would truly be silly to expect that. The gift bags that were stolen by the fans that crashed the upper level area, which is why Nina went to security to begin with? Ian paid for a security detail to be on hand to make sure the different levels of tickets purchased were not compromised. Apparently the security team did not do their job because Nina noticed there were more people in that area than there was suppose to be. The room became too crowded and “yes” there were many of his friends and other attendees that were concerned for Ian’s knee. He was in a lot of pain the whole night, but tried not to show it. Kim Klinger, ISF Executive Director, sent out a notice to contact her and she would make sure the gift bags were sent to people that did not receive theirs. The amount of money that was spent was for a charity event? … charity means giving without an expectation of something in return. Apparently there was a group of fans that went to the Empoweresque fundraising charity event that did not understand the concept of what charity means. Considering at 9pm the event was only for 21 and older, I would think that Ian, as the host, would not have to keep his fans inline. At age 21 and up, they should be able to handle themselves in an appropriate and respectful manner, but apparently some were not. I went (did not dress in burlesque) to his fundraiser to have a good time, which I did, and to support Ian and his foundation, but I would have been just as willing to write a check in the same amount as my ticket as a charitable gift without attending. My gift bag was taken too, but I understood what had happened and did not make a fuss over it, nor have I held a “grudge” over it. To do that would be petty. While some of these fans that had enormous expectations for themselves and felt like Ian should be indebted to them somehow because they attended his “charity” event, decided to take their anger and frustration out on Nina because she was the easiest target. Suddenly she was being called the “*****” that interfered with them getting their way, which resulted in the rumors that were spread about her that night. Nina never yelled at Ian, nor did she ever act like a “*****” to anyone, nor did she stomp out of the event. That is all lies just to destroy her reputation. Nina left with the other cast members and rode a shuttle bus back over to the Eyecon. Ian stayed behind for a little while longer and continued to be a host as his guests were leaving. After that Ian, Nina and the other cast members that supported him by attending his charity event all went out for a bite to eat and friendly conversation.

  132. 132
    Rayne Says:

    @one girl:

    I don’t see how that reflects badly on Ian at all. It would be different if it was an Ian Somerhalder event, but it wasn’t. It was a Vampire Diaries fan convention. Ian gave a two month notice that he would not be able to attend, which gave Creation Entertainment plenty of time to get replacements. In reality it doesn’t matter why he cancelled, it just meant there was a scheduling conflict, which is why the event planners have a disclaimer regarding their guests may have scheduling conflicts. How Creation Entertainment or Eyecon handle refunds to the attendees is totally up to them, but before purchasing tickets I would definitely read their refund policies. Jensen Ackles just cancelled his fan convention too. It happens. While it is nice that the actors want to come to these fan conventions, they are not obligated to do so. Ian has only cancelled two USA fan convention events over a three year period and unfortunately they were both handled by Creation Entertainment this year. Overall, that is a pretty good record. The first year a fan convention was held in England both Paul and Ian had to cancel due to the filming of TVD. Paul had to cancel out on the Atlanta Dragon con twice due to scheduling conflicts. I don’t think any of the TVD cast deliberately want to disappoint any of their fans, but sometimes things come up and schedules have to be adjusted. I certainly don’t take it as a personal insult although it is disappointing if a favorite actor has to cancel, but that is the risk one takes in purchasing tickets to these events. There are no guarantees.

  133. 133
    Natalie Says:

    @Rayne I’m truly loving this moment when someone explains charity to me and I’m also loving your explanation to me about security detail. It’s a good thing I have some experience in both so I know how this works. In any case you have some direct contact with Nian, and their associates so your point of view will be different from the rest.

    Now you’re saying that 21 year olds and up should know how to carry about themselves with Ian, Really? 21 year olds? With Ian who does lewd gestures, talks sex in the presence of a children but then catches himself and apologizes, but does it over and over again? And I’m not even surprised that things were stolen, this is the TVD family we are talking about, but I agree with you though, they should be more mature and behaved.

    Alright, rumours were spread about Nina’s behaviour when she was being all kind and sweet and just looking out. Funny thing is rumours on a whole are nothing new within this group of people, but I suppose you were with Nian ever second of Empoweresque to know what was taking place between them, but you seem level headed so I’ll go with your version for the time being.

    There is one thing you need to understand however, we know that was a fundraising event, and we know the principle of charity. We know Ian is not well, but people paid their money (whether it is was $50, $300, $1000 whatever) and were told of certain level of service which they did not receive. Money will always have value charity or no charity, and people will always gravitate towards an organization which they believe will give them the most satisfaction, whether that satisfaction is simply knowing that they helped someone, or satisfaction in getting back a certain level of gratitude for their donation.

    Even the most famous love the attention of everyone knowing they gave to a charity. They love the comments they receive, “you’re selfless,” “thank you, your donation will go along way,” “your too kind” and Ian is no exception to this rule. So do not be upset with the folks who want to be acknowledged for just showing up at Empoweresque. They did not have to buy tickets; they could have left his event high and dry with just you to write a cheque.

  134. 134
    alyssa Says:

    I don’t think nina is shy! Do you see the video at conan O’ Brien?

  135. 135
    chick2508 Says:

    Guys look at ourselves we are all bickering because of celebs come on! Havent we got anything better to do? Ok so everyone is gonna have their opinions some love Nian some hate Nian noone is gonna agree we just have to agree to desagree.

    I have stong reservations about the relationship but you know what Ian is a big boy and I am sure he knows what he is doing. If its publicity stunt or not do we really care? All i have to say is that I wish them the best of luck in whatever they decide to do and if it works great if not then I am sure the Nian fans will get over it!

    I am personally not a Nian fan but you know what its not for me to say I dont really care who the guy dates. I respect his work and I think he does a great job helping others, so give the poor guy some credit! Nina I have heard alot of mixed stories about her some say she is nasty some say she is nice who knows what the real deal is with them two and to be honest I dont think we ever will!

    I watch TVD because I like the show not because I am crazed Ian fan, I follow and support his foundation because I believe in the cause and I help anyway I can!

    I respect everyones opinions and some I agree with some I dont but my opinion everyones here isnt gonna change the fact that they are together is it?

    We should all suck it up and just wish them the best of luck!

  136. 136
    chick2508 Says:

    can I also say @Natalie you are so funny I love you! High five girl! I wish there were more people out there like you! Honest and straight to the point! xo

  137. 137
    Natalie Says:

    @chick2508 Lol thanks, appreciated your comment also.

  138. 138
    DE Says:


    You couldn’t have said it better!!
    There are some sad & bitter people here. Why bash them? It makes no sense to do so. If they make each other happy then good for them!

    I may not like some other couples/actors/actresses mentioned here on this site but I don’t go and type out negative comments. If you don’t like the topic, ignore it & go find a topic you do like and comment on that.

  139. 139
    lolly Says:

    Whoever said Nina was shy haha that comment made me laugh! The woman stripped off naked in EW magazine and then she does this handstand yoga crap on some show. If thats shy I hate to see what isnt! lol

    @Natalie RESPECT! I hear you and your views are great!

    Noone here is personal friends of Ian and Nina so come on get over yourselves and stop acting like you know them both! We dont know what goes on behind closed doors. But these pics of them dont do their relationship any justice as she looks miserable as hell!!

  140. 140
    Teyla Says:

    @So true: How in the world do you dream up this rubbish? What is up with this campaign to ruin a young woman’s reputation by spreading rumors and ill conceived notions about her?
    The cast and crew do not “hate” Nina. She is funny and cute on set. Does she get tired after being on set after 14 hours straight? Yes she does. Does she get tired of shooting the same scene for 6 hours straight all of the sake of correct lighting. Yes, she does. Does the cast and crew look forward to Nina’s homemade cookies and desserts? Yes, they do. Ian is not pretending to be in love Nina all for the sake of TVD. That is ridiculous. He loves her because of who she is. Nina is not hateful and nasty to Ian. If she was, he would not be with her. To even think that is pure nonsense. If it was all for the sake of TVD, I don’t think Ian would be spending Christmas with her and uniting his family and hers together. I don’t think Ian would be going with Nina to Mexico for New Years one year and then to Bora Bora the next New Year if he did not love her. I don’t think Ian and Nina would have spent a week in Hawaii together if he did no love her. . I don’t think Ian would have taken his mother along on vacation to Paris last year with Nina and her mom if he did not love her. I don’t think Ian would arrange a Valentine’s “weekend” nature get-away at a small community resort for the two of them in a remote area near Atlanta if he didn’t love her. I don’t think Ian would be leaving Paris and going to the French countryside for a few day with Nina if he did not love her. I don’t think Ian would have taken Nina to the emergency clinic when she injured her head on set during filming if he did not love her. I don’t think Ian would be sitting in the waiting room at the dentist’s office while Nina was having her wisdom teeth removed if he did not love her. Overall, I don’t think Ian would be spending the amount of time he does with Nina if he did not love her, nor would Nina be spending the amount of time with Ian if she did not love him. Their relationship has nothing to do with TVD. They are two people that met and fell in love. It is just as simple as that.

  141. 141
    So true Says:

    my greatest respect for ya girl! and tyanks for not to shy to tell the truth or not popular opinion here

    what fanpage did u read to make that comments as a statement of truth?
    Were u with Ian when he did all those things? no!
    but thre are a lot and i tell u a lot of ppl who saw different things but were shuted up by aggresive Nian shippers!
    for a start/ Yes Ian and Nina was together at Bora Bora at vacation (i asume payed by CW) but they lived separately! and there are at least 15 ppl who can state that, but they were called as haters and bushed all over the web
    evryone knows that Nina was alone at the dentist
    As for Idiho resort. Half of the cast were there too/
    Paris with Moms…well thx to the coutresty of drunken cousin whole Toronto knows that CW asked mama Dobrev to come to Paris with Nina after they rescheldued Ninas photoshoot for TEENvogue to Paris so she would be there same dates with Ian
    as for France countryside, there are brucnch of ppl who saw Ian with a girl but not Nina last two days in France. They were called delusional haters and oh wow as soon as cat is out of the bag Ians father gives a hint that there is relationship between Ian and nina
    they show PDA or love only when somekind of award or season finalle is upcoming
    as for hartred towards Nina. try to talk to a crew not to the cast or beter to cateters they don’t have nothing to lose or to get
    some crazy fans who wanted jucy details went to them in Atl but in a result instead of epic love they found out that there is nothing but Ian tolerance to her and the fact that he is the only one on the set who can shout louder than Nina
    Nian era is over!Only really crazy fans still believe in it and both Ian and Nina will do everythung to keep it up, but as soon as fanbase will have a downfall Nian will end

  142. 142
    one girl Says:


    correct it’s not a personal insult, just disappointing. Thank you those are the words I was looking for

  143. 143
    Teyla Says:

    @So true: This is pure RUBBISH! You have no idea who I am, or what capacity my facts come from.

  144. 144
    Natalie Says:

    @lolly @So true Thanks. This thing is full of fluff and is over done which gives Ian a swell head.

  145. 145
    Teyla Says:

    @So true: BTW: What could possibly make you assume that the CW Network would pay for Ian and Nina’s trip to Bora Bora during the Christmas/New Years hiatus? What would make you think that 15 people were in Bora Bora and visually saw Ian and Nina in separate living arrangements? I know for a fact that is not true. I’m also sure that they did not have separate quarters in Hawaii either. Also, what would make anyone think the CW network would care if Nina’s mom was at a Teen Vogue photo shoot in Paris? Courtesy of a drunken cousin in Toronto? That alone should put it to rest. Mama Dobrev wasn’t even in Toronto at the time, she flew from Turkey to Paris. The CW network’s marketing team is only interested in the promotion photo shoots that represent the show. Also, there is the Warner Brothers Studio Mondo photo shoot in Los Angeles. The fashion photo shoots are handled between the designers, magazines and the actor’s managers/PR agents. If the actor wants to take the job, then they will. Coming from the modeling world, Ian is in great demand for photo shoots. His connections within the industry has definitely helped Nina quickly become a fashion icon. Nina can go from being the most beautiful/best dressed on the Red Carpet at any event to the girl that straps on a backpack and boots to go hiking with Ian in the Georgia mountains. Everyone knows Nina was alone at the Atlanta dentist office while getting four impacted wisdom teeth extracted? Who is everyone? I know for a fact that is not true and that Ian was sitting in the waiting room. Once he got Nina back home and settled in, he did go to the set later on in the early evening for filming. Half of the TVD cast were staying with Ian, Nina and their families at the Somerhalder retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho at Christmas? Seriously? I think not. I don’t know who is feeding the information that Ian was not with Nina in the French countryside after they left Paris, but that is wrong information. Ian was not with another girl, but that was a nice try. Considering I live and work in Atlanta there is no need for me to talk to the TVD crew or the caterers that service the TVD/Bonanza Production studios in Decatur, GA. I’m pretty sure none of them would spout off Nina “hate”. As for who yells the loudest on the set, I am betting it is the TVD director.

  146. 146
    Natalie Says:

    “Coming from the modeling world, Ian is in great demand for photo shoots. His connections within the industry has definitely helped Nina quickly become a fashion icon.” Via @Teyla

    “Nina can go from being the most beautiful/best dressed on the Red Carpet at any event to the girl that straps on a backpack and boots to go hiking with Ian in the Georgia mountains.” Via @Teyla

    Clothes does make the man (or woman in this case), especially when you have the aid of professionals.

  147. 147
    Jessie Says:

    @Sharon: That is so true! Fans do come from all across the country and Internationally to visit Covington, GA. and have high hopes that they will get to see their favorite actors. If filming is taking place in and around Covington, GA it is not unusual for fans to hang out until filming is completed no matter how late. “Yes”, Ian and Nina are always gracious and engaging to their fans no matter how late they pack up to leave. When filming is taking place in and around the Covington Square it is not unusual at all for fans to bring lawn chairs and sit on the side lines. During breaks Ian and Nina never miss an opportunity to meet and greet the fans. Anyone working or living in Covington knows this to be true. Sometimes it is a hassle, but the show has been great for businesses on the square, especially “Scoops”. The TVD cast loves that place. Ian’s favorite is the banana pudding ice cream. Oh! One other thing, I live in Covington, Ga just off the square and have the opportunity to watch the outdoor filming that takes place at the Gilbert house and the Forbes house. Anyone that thinks Ian and Nina are not a couple, are very wrong. Those two could not possibly be more joined at the hip. The night they filmed the episode 1912 they brought in dump trucks full of dirt to cover the street in front of the courthouse, but cleaned it all up before morning. They wanted the authenticity of how the courthouse looked in 1912. The set up crew is amazing. Did not mean to go on and on and you may not even have a chance to read this, but I did want to let you know that what you said about the fans is very true and about Ian & Nina too. Glad to hear that you had the experience of meeting Ian and Nina, but sorry it was on such a miserable rainy night.

  148. 148
    Natalie Says:

    @Jessie Ian favourite ice cream is banana pudding, OMG that is so awesome. I love bananas, really good for the bowels.

    “The night they filmed the episode 1912 they brought in dump trucks full of dirt to cover the street in front of the courthouse, but cleaned it all up before morning.” There seems be a lot of dirt around this group so this is no surprise.

    And Ian and Nina are more joined at the hip, I’m guessing this a conjoined twins thing, join at the hip and not the head. hmmm Oh well…

  149. 149
    lolly Says:

    Ok I am seeing every comment I know that for a fact? Ok how do you know, do you personally know Nian oh thats right you are all stalkers?? come on without solid evidence who knows what happened. But we all know a celebs life isnt always as peachy as everyone thinks!

  150. 150
    So true Says:

    You are right i don’y know who you are and where you coming from. You are saying that you are coming from Atl/GA/USA and use the names of companies related to TVD which u can find in internet (i meqan that this info is public) and miss a helluva lot details.
    I know that i have a degree in psychology and in social media. And i do know how promoter works, I never denayed my interest at ISF and underlined that i do not care about Nian thing or whom else ian is using on/off set for his sexual release after stressfull days
    What i know is that Nian fans always saying the same facts which they practically created on their own twisting facts and words of actors. Also all Nian defenders have the same speach learnd by heart with the same points. But those who dare (brave ones) to disagree and really saw smth different always have different facts and different stries with the common point though. And you know what it means? It means that the chance that the ones who saw not epic love saw the truth b/c in reality nothing is perfect,nothing in this life looks and happens as in the books
    Also i may add that all stories about meeting Nian are always related to moments when both of them were on their acting duty or related to TVD events when actors has to behave is was written in their contracts
    CW is well known in industry as a chanel who builds the show around the show because it is a best way to hook the fans
    As for Bora Bora payed by CW you all have proves for that but chose to ignore it. Nina on her private NY vacation did photoshoot to promote the company who helped her to ger diving certificate and a hotel web which is partners of CW where all actors are staying with discount during their trips. You call this private NY vacation i name it as payed vacation with work related shoots
    Same goes for Paris. Ninas clothes from Paris 2011 was used in episodes of TVD in season 3 but fans are so obsessed with Nian that chose to ignore or twist the info
    I read somewhere here but also heard it from friends who worked at Coachella that ian was drunk. Btw a lot of ppl tweeted it to, that Ian was drunk and all hugging was b/c he barely stood stright.and that Nina was trying to jump him
    I don’t know if it is true or not (i’m not you i do not state that all the fact i’m writing is absolute) but the thing is that ppl who goes to Coachella are barely crazy fans and if this info had poped out it does prove that Coachella pics are not what everyone think they are (btw Ians body language proves a lot more than that but it is irrelevent right now)
    I have so much more to say but i don’t see the point actually
    Nian fans are zombied by good ole media tehnique b/c of their need in fairytale/ So let it be
    Ppl who are able to see the facts and does met them in reality aside from TVD related stuff will tell u an opposite story
    But what the fact is, that when ppl are hiding\protecting their relationship even crazy stalkers can barely get any info (Paul and Torrey, zach and candice, Michael and his girl), no one knew until drunken incedent in Atl after season 2 wrap party that Nina had a fling with Trevino during season 1 and CW folks did a lot of damage controll to hide this cat back in the bag
    my point is, that whole Nian relationship are so followed and oh so much fit to a fan expectation that it really look staged
    and reading ur description of them it is obvious that you use physicla looks of both Ian and Nina then create your own personal traits put them on them and live in your happy bubble
    It is your choice
    I’ll repeat myself once again i don’t care about how long Nian charade will go on, I start to believe that they are not even co workers with benefits (to much shows about it and to hard CW ppl try to prove overwise)
    i care for the fact that Nina does damage to Ian career and to ISF
    I did met Nina i did saw her behavior during Inas important event (btw hey there Jared u’re a good dancer) and as much as i understand that despite all good things Nina and Ian are rivals for fan support b/c if smth goes wronge they need each own fan base not only Nian shippers who will grew up eventually, so as i said as much as i understand that i do not agree with behavior which ruins somebodies career when that somebody is helping u with urs
    why people who wants to help with ISF are forced to deal with unwelcomed bonus Dobrev who still cannot properly answer about ISF
    she doesn’t know what ISF doing and how it works it was obvious during Influence affair
    so, either be a good actress and ad some more text to learn or leave Ian alone in ISF, Nian fansetrvice charade is enough

  151. 151
    savannah Says:

    @So true:
    So True AND Teyla, Im really confused, please contact me on Email
    I want to know the TRUTH and that’s mean to listen to both of you!
    tnx :)

  152. 152
    lolly Says:

    Well said @so true people choose to see what they want to see. Look at the paris pics nina looks as miserable as hell in them her body language is stating she doesnt want to be there. Trevino is news to me didnt know that. I knew candice was dating matt davis and left him for Zach (so i heard) these two are like the Posh and Becks of the USA everywhere you turn oh oh look pic of Nian I mean at first fair enough but seriously i think we have had enough of it! If your dating great congrats enjoy but quit showing us mindless pics of nina bored as hell and Ian trying his utter most to make her happy! Public dont wanna know GET OVER IT ALREADY & MOVE ON!

  153. 153
    So true Says:

    it is human nature,golden mine of industry. Ppl see pretty faces and create pretty stories about them
    They “hide” their relationship but fans managed to had sneak peaks and create a full database with proves, then they “opened up” a little and fans went all – yeah we were righ !we’re so smart! now those to very shy and private persons flaunt their PDA and epic love at each corner at both contoinents. Is that love? Well someone see it like that, i don’t
    and what i like the most…all insider sources tells us that yes, they are in love. But Ian is so in love and so proud of his girl that he refuses to admit or confirm that he commited to a girl in interview which comes after kissing pics
    such a perfect bf with a respect to relationship
    Nina is not better, she acts possesive about ian only when fans are around when they are not she doesn’t give a flying F about him or hios life, we can see at pics above…a man passionatly sharing some stories and a girl///well she wants to be somewhere else

  154. 154
    lolly Says:

    @ so true you are right. I think Ian is probably more into it than she is but again who knows eh. Who would have thought Jen and Brad were in trouble I mean everyone thought they were the golden couple years back. Not that I am one to judge about age as my other half is older than me but 10 years is alot conversations must be great for those two apart from TVD what do they chat about? I can just see it now a 80′s song comes on Ian says wow i love this song i rememeber when this came out, he turns to nina do u remember it, she says nah i wasnt even born then lol. Iam sorry i dont mean to sound rude be seriously. The guy is 33 and I do love Ian but you can see he is getting old, she is 23 and dont you think people have ever wondered wtf are those two doing together? She is more Trevinos age not Ians. But then rumour has it and dont quote me that Ian is very well known to date his co stars not sure if thats true or false but he is very much a ladies man. Again correct me if Iam wrong but there is a pattern that many of his relationships have only lasted around the 2 year 3 year term. Sooner or later he is gonna want to settle down and I cant see Nina doing that she made it clear on a interview she wasnt ready for marriage and she wanted her career but then she contradicts herself by saying if Ian proposed to me dont you think I would have the ring on my finger well hello NINA which is it?? You want to be married or not?? Sorry but she also comes across as pretty dumb in some interviews, at one of the cons a fan asked her a question and she babbled on about something I think the poor fan must have thought wtf? Next time i wont bother asking. Also i cant see Nina being interested in any of Ians ISF stuff she only goes with him everywhere wouldnt you if you were on a freebie, i mean dont tell me Ian lets Nina pay he is the sort of nice guy that would pay for his gf. Come on if i didnt love a guy but I could jet across every country for free guys I will be there dont care if I liked the guy or not! Can someone explain to me then why Nina isnt invited to hardl any cons? If fans love her so much surely they would want to see her, obviously somethings not right there eh?

    Guys everything isnt black and white, you will find that things are never what they seem. I hear rumours Torrey is a nightmare but my friends have met her at the cons and say she is amazing! So it swings about in roundabouts you may love Nina we dont simple as that, you just have to respect everyones opinions. :)

  155. 155
    So true Says:

    Girl u are right on some many levels. The problem is not in age gap but in generation differences. I know from my own experince that it is hard sometimes to be in relationship with omeone who grew up with different values in his life.
    Plus Ian is a smart cokkie and Nina is not as much (if i’ll be polite here)
    what they can talk about except work related things? Ian saw whole world and expirienced a lot of stuff he would gladly teach her but as we can see she is not a good student.
    As for pattern for his co workers it is not true. There were rumors b/c fans wanted to be him together with his co staer if not on the screen then at least off screen (looks familiar isn’t it?) but he wasn’t that long on the show so this would bloom. If u know about Ian he never denyes if he is in relationship and openly says so, but if he is going deflecting and vague answers he knows about rumors and let fans think what they want
    actually it is his right to not to answer us, but what i respect about him that when he loves a woman he doesn’t do vague blabing he proudly states – my woman and who doesn’t like it – suck it up!
    Torrey is sweet girl she can be tough sometimes though

    As for Ian being nmore into her
    Well i think that they are not into echother anymore equaly Ian just like auditorium to share a story of his adventures (who doesn’t btw)
    as for pattern of Nian it was always obvious how she drooled over him and how he treated her like a kid

  156. 156
    innasunrise Says:

    I want to know more about ian and nina how they are? what kind of women loves Ian?

  157. 157
    So true Says:

    how the hell we’re suppose to know that for sure?
    find old and new interviews with ian and read what he has to say about it

  158. 158
    lolly Says:

    @ so true lol thanks like this article and I quote “Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder make separate entrances into their hotel on Monday (May 14) in New York City.

    The Vampire Diaries costars and real-life couple both kept a low profile in sunglasses.” ok people wtf?? Arent they meant to be dating so why the hell are they going into a hotel seperately and keeping a low profile hello?? We all know you are dating so whats with all the secrets? Jesus get over it! why play games! Go back to school if you want to play games people!! Just makes me so annoyed! if you your dating be proud and show her off say yeah we are couple so what?But seems to me its far from the truth as all they want to do is keep a low profile shhhhh everyone lets pretend we are dating so the fans will love us more!! argh!!! GROW UP!!

  159. 159
    So true Says:

    they need speculatiuon!
    actually we’re helping them too but at least we’re not drown in snivels,tears and other organic liquids about them
    i guess we’re not teens and have a life too
    though i’m here due to the duty but i love the fact that so,e ppl finally stating the truth here
    what kind of relationship they have if they allowe speculation due to their action?
    no one in real relationship even in showbiz will act the way it put ur partner at a doubt
    ian defended meghan from fans risking his own career! But never ever he said smth in defece of Nina

  160. 160
    Teyla Says:

    @So true It is amazing to me how your information always seems to come from “drunks”. Having a degree in psychology and in social media means nothing if you do not have the correct information, which you don’t. The only thing you seem able to do is repeat rumors from 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.hand information. Then you continue on as though it is fact. For someone who does not care about Ian and Nina, you spend a lot of time trying to destroy their reputations, especially Nina’s. For the record Matt Davis and Candice never dated, nor did she date Steven R. McQueen, but her and Zach did hang out a lot with Matt in Atlanta. They had a lot of fun together. It doesn’t matter now because Matt is gone, but while he as living in Atlanta he lived in a loft apartment complex, which is located in Little Five Points and not far from Inman Park. The lofts are unique because the building was actually a High School built in the 1923 and was originally a junior high, but was converted into a high school in 1947 and is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. I have family members that graduated from there. The school was converted into lofts in 1998 and the hallways still have the old clocks and some of the apartments still have the original chalkboards. The lofts offer a nice fenced area for a dog to get exercise and playtime, as well as a dog walking path. There is also a very nice dog park nearby, all of which was great for Matt and his dog Mo. Nina never had a fling with Michael Trevino in Season one, but if she did I don’t think the CW network would care. As for Nina’s PADI certificate renewal, that was handled in Atlanta. The CW network is the little sister of CBS and you give them way too much credit for their involvement with the actors. All they want is the promotional material to advertise the show considering they are the network that show is on. Kevin and Julie are the Executive Producer/Creators of the show. They call the shots, run the show, hire the actors, negotiate the contacts and are over the writing staff and give the direction the show goes each season. Bonanza Productions produces the product (TVD) and pays the bills. There is a contract between Warner Brothers Studios and Bonanza Production involving equipment use. The CW network orders the 22 episodes and writes the check to Bonanza Productions. The CW gets paid by the advertisers and that is what keeps the show on the air. If we are touting our degrees mine is “Marketing and Communication” from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

    Any of the photo shoots and feature articles that Ian, Nina, or any other cast member are involved with for the fashion industry( Teen Vogue, GQ, Elle, Rolling Stone, People Magazine etc…) that is a separate paycheck and has nothing to do with TVD. Kat Graham’s music career and new record contract with
    A & M has nothing to do with TVD. The TVD fan conventions that the actors agree to participate in has nothing to do with the TVD show runners themselves. That is solely handled, marketed, and paid for by the Event Planners that know there is a marketable fan base for it. The event planners negotiate a salary with the actors who are asked to participate It is up to the actor on whether they will sign on, but there is always a clause in the negotiations that their appearance is subject to change due to scheduling conflicts. Only photo shoots used for promotional material of The Vampire Diaries involve the show runners.

    @lolly That article of them making separate entrances into their hotel wearing sun glasses has nothing to do with them as a couple, or them trying to hide anything. They were each out and about in New York that day with their own individual commitments.

  161. 161
    savannah Says:

    please send me a mail, I want to ask you something :)

  162. 162
    So true Says:

    my “drunken” reports are same ledit as ur info from inside.
    Thank you for publishing internet explanation on who works for who. Everyone can get that info if they want.
    All cast members live at Five Points near central subway station in Atl, not a new fact. Each cast member has it’s own apartament. Would u name a restaraunt where ian is having a dinner at Sundays? It is near his apartamentblock and he is eating alone. You repeat info of fans who lives in Atl and hide in the bushes.
    BTW i never told that Matt and candice dayed,do not put everything in my mouth.
    I have a question for u,though. If u are so secure that Nian are match made in heaven and actually are together,why u feel the need to defend them? I do not denay that most of the time i provoce u here (Ian need an attention all the way and all ppl here defend him against rumors or doing good PR for him as for a perfect bf. As far as this speculation is good for getting attention to Ian and ISF, i’m in it) but u act as insecure teenager. Ppl who disagree with u here gives u a helluva lot of examples about what we hear or know,what we saw and witnessed, but u on the other hand as a parrot repeat what wqas written by fans on their blogs.
    Thank u,if i’ll want a memory refresh of welcome to MysticFalls tour made by Jessica i’ll go to Atl as a tourist.
    If Nina is such a nice person she doesn’t need defenders. But ooopsss you are trying to defend her,and also in ur defence u do not use any personal qualities of hers,but just using a fact that she is Ians gf and that is why she is perfection. I guess being Ians gf is her top level in career! lol
    one more point, when i or other girls write here we do not make our words as an absolute statement, u on the other hand say that u are somekind of insider.
    If u are, then well u might tell them that majority of ppl stopped belieave in their relationship (as it was in october) what happens next? as it was before…kiss pics or this time sex tape?
    i never read any fact from u!JHust a way to tell what fans created in their epic love story
    u are so fun u can’t even defend them prioerly b/c u have just 1,2,3,4,5 pointws which can easily proved wrong
    but we’re not here tpo prove that Nian are in love or that they are not
    if u can’t respect other opinion u are just a good example of what kind of fans can belieave in Nian
    we’re here to share what ppl saw and know,sometimes stories are very common and u know what is interesting, those common stories with facts and proves are about Nian non existance
    and if u’ll say smth about Ian waiting for Nina at the dentist (btw Thank u Nina for advertising dentist spa in Atl, did they give u discaount or just visit for free?) i might ask u do u sit near Ians toilet at his house too?In case that u need to check does Nina help him to pee as the most supportive gf ever?

  163. 163
    jannyjo Says:

    Why isn’t Nina with him in Brazil? She wasn’t with him in the Philipines either.

  164. 164
    Natalie Says:

    You know, I love Historic Buildings they carry a lot of life and value which most people of modern times don’t really care about, they just see it as something old to be broken down and forgotten. The folks however, that invest the finance and time to maintain or restore these buildings, are people with vision and to me the end result is art with walls. What they have secured is a structure that tells a story.

    Anyone can tell a story be it fact or fiction. We all draw conclusions based upon what is presented to us. People on the inside see something different from those on the out, people on the outside are treated differently from those on the in, and therefore, everyone has a different story to tell.

    Let’s go with this, what is basically being said is that Ian and Nina has the best relationship that a man and woman in love could possibly have. They go out; they spend as much time together as they can, he carries her everywhere and they partake together in different activities.

    So why does she need to establish her presence as the dominant factor in his life? “I own him. Let’s get that clear, he is mine.” This is amplified through the fan base and media for a reason, and no one can deny that TVD receives a hell of a boost in ratings because they have a “thing.”

    From what I understand from the convention in Barcelona, Ian had a blast as the man on top with the best relationship ever. I don’t know if the ladies being all about him was a bit much, but from what was expressed (over and over again) by those who attended, he was very boastful like he had something to prove. Why is all of that necessary for a couple happy with just being with each other? People’s acknowledgement should not matter if they are based on a firm structure.

  165. 165
    So true Says:

    I missed you girl!
    As for barcelona. he did had a blast! Truly!But he started that proving behaviour after some slips and Ninas fit before the con. There were a helluvalot tweets who saw them recieving separete room keys,spending time apart,arriving at shop separatly,at restaraunt separatly and a lot of slips during the con where ian syas that he doesn’t understand how damon can fall for a teen. Call this blast as a damage control. As soon as smth happens, we recieve that kind of damage control. Either it is their amplified ;love behavior,either it is rumors
    But u see at important events,when due inside hollywood code couples do red carpet together, they do not do it and ian refuses to take a pic together
    and we all know that it has nothing to do with CW orders
    more than that
    If that girl is so happy in love b/c she is with a wonderman longer than 2 years and before that he chased her like a crazy man and dumped his gf for her, why she is so insecure about their relationship?why so possesive,huh?
    and even more,if they are so secretive and protective about their relationship how fans always know were are they or even better can predict how they’ll spend their vacation???

  166. 166
    Sharon Says:

    Thanks Jessie! I actually met Ian & Nina together outside the studio in Decatur. (It wasn’t the first time I’ve met Ian, but it was the first time I’d met Nina, or personally saw them together) Like I said, it was a miserable night, but meeting them was worth the wait. Some friends of mine had come in from out of town and had no idea where the actual set was. You can imagine how excited they were to be taken to the set to meet some of the stars of their favorite show. When Ian & Nina came out, you couldn’t find two more gracious or kind people. That was one of the reasons I was so shocked at all of the Nina bashing going on. My experience with her is completely different that what is being described in the comments here. Like I said, they’d been working 14 hour days for 3 days in a row. You’d think if she was going to be rude, she would have done it at that point, being exhausted and all. I know a member of the TVD cast was quite rude to us that night, (and no, it wasn’t Ian) but I put it down to the fact that he was just tired. Anyway, Ian & Nina left the set together, and from what I gathered from other crew members, who happen to be personal friends of mine, it’s not uncommon for them to arrive and leave together daily. Oh, and by the way, those friends of mine that are crew members on the TVD set that I mentioned above had a few choice words for me when I mentioned what people were saying about Nina here on this article…..they were STUNNED that anyone could say these awful things about her. My guess is that they would know what kind of person she is, considering they have to work with her day in/day out approximately 10 months out of the year.

    Regarding all the dirt dumped in the Covington town square…..I know. I remember wondering how they were going to get all that stuff cleaned up:) But, our trusty TVD crew worked hard, and got the job done. They were really proud of themselves, because it was quite an undertaking from what I gather.

    I actually live north of Atlanta, in Gwinnett Co., but I’ve visited your lovely town of Covington. My friends, who work on the crew, thought it would be neat for me to see the different areas around town where TVD is filmed when they need outside footage. I’ve actually been to Scoops, too….I couldn’t believe how many flavors of ice cream they have:) My personal favorite treat was the candy/cookies they sell. I think I came home with $25.00 worth of “chocolate turtles”:)

    I was reading through the comments and was sad to see that the bashing continues. But, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your kind words, considering we both live here in Georgia:)

  167. 167
    Natalie Says:

    Yup those on the inside are certainly treated differently.

  168. 168
    Natalie Says:

    @So true lol, I still can get over @Sharon’s comments.

    “STUNNED that anyone could say these awful things about her”

    “Regarding all the dirt dumped in the Covington town square…..I know. I remember wondering how they were going to get all that stuff cleaned up:) But, our trusty TVD crew worked hard, and got the job done. They were really proud of themselves, because it was quite an undertaking from what I gather.”

    “Anyway, Ian & Nina left the set together, and from what I gathered from other crew members, who happen to be personal friends of mine, it’s not uncommon for them to arrive and leave together daily.”

    That is some boss promoting going on right there.

  169. 169
    So true Says:

    but of course ppl from inside would be treated carefully b/c she has to work with them and if they like her they won’t tell the stories about what is really going on during shooting
    but those who is only one time contract workers they do sghare a lot

    but what’s the point? Ppl who are not blind already started to have doubts and feel like Nian is throwen them down the throat. Yes they look cute and adorable together and it is the main reason ppl want them be together (i have news for u, Ian can make a traffic light pole made look as sexiest or cutiest thing if he is near and he is in the mood.) and they don’t care for the reality,they belieave in the truth they created and happy with that
    i guess it is ok
    it just..please stop doing those convincing attacks at ppl who see it differently
    and as i said – real relationship never leaves a place for doubters

  170. 170
    Teyla Says:

    @jannyjo: Nina is in Sofia, Bulgaria with her mother visiting family. Ian is in Brazil for a TVD convention, making an appearance at the John John store in Sao Paulo and holding meetings regarding his foundation. Ian’s father is with him and so is his ISF secretary and the ISF Executive Director. Obviously Ian and Nina cannot be together 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  171. 171
    Natalie Says:

    Does Ian and Nina wear matching underwear?

  172. 172
    So true Says:

    ya know my co worker used to be a soviet pioneer before they moved here. My point is that this comment reminds me of her stories when they did reports about work in summer camps

    but u know what i liked here
    “Anyway, Ian & Nina left the set together, and from what I gathered from other crew members, who happen to be personal friends of mine, it’s not uncommon for them to arrive and leave together daily.”

    leaving and arriving together nowadays is first sign of relationship
    darn i’m dating my bosses driver for 6 yers and din’t know about that!

    why did those crew friends who were STUNNED about how come ppl do not see Nina as a planet sun of their own,didn’t defend Nian relationship???

  173. 173
    Teyla Says:

    @So true: Not all cast members live in Little Five Points and not all cast members live alone in their own apartments.

  174. 174
    Natalie Says:

    @So true You have me going here tonight. lol

  175. 175
    jannyjo Says:


    OK. It just seems they spend a lot of time apart. They were together for one weekend and now apart again. Not much of a relationship. I find it interesting also that Nina doesn’t seem to ever go to these conventions.

  176. 176
    Natalie Says:

    Ian is a crowd pleaser, if the majority tell him he has the best thing going because they like how it looks, that’s what he’ll go with.

  177. 177
    So true Says:

    Well u know so much..tell me when Ian goes for breakfast to a nearest restaraunt (whos owner adores ian (as every other single person on planet) but never seen nina with him in the morning or evening!) does he asks Nina premission to do so? Or she has a GPS bug on him to know when her lapdog is so long?
    what u present here (according all ur posts about Nian) is a man w/o a spine and self respect who chased a kid being in relationship at that time.
    But u see, the thing is that Ian himself always says that he is not a cradle robber, that he don’t get how damon fall for 18 years old teen,and a lot of othets hints like that
    Nina herself in january started to say that she even’t doesnt have a…bf or relationship we don’t know the answer was cutted/
    and u here telling us that u are from Atl and give as wiki essays about history of town, or gather facts about cast from blogs
    All actors live in 5points even Nina, she just bough an apartament instead of renting. And yes sometimes actors lives together with someone from cast or crew or guest stars
    Ohh….may be u’ll tell us with whom did Ian lived from guest stars??? u seem to know everything!!!
    and don’t forget to add the story about chocoloate it was quite populare fanfic when fans started to create Nian

    always happy to make u smile

  178. 178
    Teyla Says:

    @jannyjo: During this summer break, they have actually been together more than they have been apart since filming ended on April 3rd.

  179. 179
    Natalie Says:

    Woo Hoo go Nian for showing they are a couple after April 3rd

  180. 180
    So true Says:

    created spambox to reach u)) give me a text
    yeah isn’t it a patern to start tjhe show from the desert fest? Last year it was k rated thios year T rated

    3of april end of shooting? weird…i thought Ian was flying out at 4th,when did they do post production?
    and the wrap party?
    (i am openly mocking here. Check the dates Sherlcok)

  181. 181
    Natalie Says:

    @So true lol, sent a message, hope you got it. From his actions during this “time off,” Ian is over compensating, like he’s trying to make up for something. God alone knows what that could be.

  182. 182
    Teyla Says:

    @So true: All cast members do not live in Little Five Points. There is only one loft complex that is considered to be in Little Five Points because it was a school at one time. Little Five Points is actually a business district. Inman Park is the oldest suburb of Altanta and is a residential area that borders The Old Fourth Ward district. Nina did not buy a New York style soft loft in Little Five Points. Absolutely nothing that I have said about Ian and Nina as a couple could possibly be misconstrued as Ian is spineless in their relationship.

  183. 183
    Natalie Says:

    Ian and Nina wear wears bite me underwear, don’t they? Come on you can tell me.

  184. 184
    Natalie Says:

    Does he wear boxers? God I love to see sculpted men in boxers.

  185. 185
    Natalie Says:

    I just remembered Ian does not wear underwear. Probably only when it’s chilly out. If he could walk the world naked he’ll do that will glee.

  186. 186
    munovad Says:

    is joseph morgan dating with persia white?

  187. 187
    So true Says:

    and here girl u gave urself up
    b/c it is not a secret that cast rented/bought apartaments at Five Points area

  188. 188
    Teyla Says:

    @So true: No they didn’t. You have no idea what you are talking about in reference to Little Five Points. There is a difference between Little Five Points business district that has the shops, dinner theaters, restaurants, and the old high school, etc… and the neighborhoods nearby of Inman Park, Candler Park, Poncey-Highland. Not too far away is Virginia Highland and the Old Fourth Ward. Further up north from Little Five Points is the Piedmont Park area and Ansley Park. Little Five Points is called that because Five Points was already taken. The center of Atlanta is actually called Five Points. Little Five Points is a small business district that is East of Atanta and surrounded by older neighborhoods. Of course there is also the Morningside/Lenox area and the upscale area of Buckhead. All cast members do not live in the Little Five Point business district, nor did Nina buy her loft there.

  189. 189
    Rayne Says:

    @munovad: Joseph is not dating, or in a romantic relationship with Persia White. However, they are very good friends.

  190. 190
    Natalie Says:

    Property is intended to serve life, and no matter how much we surround it with rights and respect, it has no personal being. It is part of the earth man walks on. It is not man. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

  191. 191
    Verite Says:

    I just can’t believe when I read through these posts how many intimate details people have about this couple’s comings and goings. Do you happen to know how many times a day they go to the bathroom? Or if Ian is getting enough fibre in his diet? Wow. I think people forget the girls is TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD . I don’t know too many girls that age who are very secure in themselves or their relationships or who have very good judgement about their choices or who are comfortable practically moving in with a man. And the person who said they are worried this relationship will affect ISF? HILARIOUS!!! Really? Come on. The man lives and breathes his environmental projects. I just think you don’t like the fact that Nina is getting something you’re not. If you are so concerned about his livelihood, I say, go for it. Go. Meet the guy. See if he’ll have anything to do with you because of course, you dumping on his 23 year old girlfriend is going to make you super popular with him. He’ll just love you.

  192. 192
    Natalie Says:

    No one should be shocked about their intimate details, Ian plainly said he does not mind people being in his personal life, and clearly one of the two is discussing their business with outsiders. I don’t see a problem if Ian does not see one.

  193. 193
    Verite Says:

    @Natalie, I only skimmed the million posts above but people are talking about what hotel rooms they shared/did not share, where there apartments are located, arguments that happened at events behind the scenes….that is a little bit too much. And as for Ian being comfortable with people knowing his personal life, I don’t know too much about his personal life. In fact he speaks mostly about his ISF projects and his work on vampire diaries. He refuses to talk about relationships anywhere. As for someone who said they don’t want to be pictured together so…. all those pics taken in New York or Coachella were STAGED?!?!? Isn’t that a bit ridiculous, like some kind of conspiracy theory. Look, the man can choose to be with whomever he wants. And she can too. I just think all you people who seem to know what colour underwear he is wearing and whether she’s got her period one day are all a little bit nuts. Obsessed maybe because that’s alot of time and energy disproving a relationship that may or may not be commercial or not. If they ARE together, and she is awful to him, isn’t that HIS business? I personally don’t know any perfect people and yet there’s alot of imperfect people with many flaws and problems who are dating others, married, etc. So there’s hope for all of us yet….

  194. 194
    Natalie Says:

    @Verite, you know what? It is a bit much actually, but so is this I guess here he looks so cute, (looking as though he wants to eat the woman), I was not aware though of a conspiracy theory but thank you for bringing that to my attention, and furthermore those pictures won’t STAGED at all, just WELL DONE for the cameras. It is nice though for someone within the group to admit they are in fact not perfect.

  195. 195
    So true Says:

    well i won’t talk about the pic, because on them we just got a frozen moment which fans want to see as love, i mean short friendly peck on lips as passionate kiss
    but hey
    what kind of relationship they have if Ian openly Says no in Brazil when he was asked if Nina is his gf!?

  196. 196
    Verite Says:

    @so true — where is this interview that he says this? Do you have a link to the video or the story? And don’t give me stuff posted on someone’s tumblr account because fans make up alot of stories and they misinterpret things (like saying Nina was pregnant last month when she so obviously is not). So if you have a link to the actual interview I would love to see it or read it. And yes, I can understand portuguese.

  197. 197
    Verite Says:

    @Natalie, yes I watched that video and what it looks like to me is she asks him how it feels to have so much attention on his personal life and he says he can’t complain because he loves what he is doing and that’s just part of the job. I don’t read anything more into it than he says. THAT’s the issue I have with this whole fandom as well as with people trying to knock him down — they don’t want to take anything at face value. They interpret and read between the lines.

  198. 198
    Verite Says:

    @so true — I found the interview that you talk of and to me, watching that, I lose respect for Ian Somerhalder, 1000%. To allow himself to be photographed and videotaped with a young woman, holding hands, kissing her, saying his “girlfriend is calling him” at the MET fashion event, and then to go on an interview and say “I have no girlfriend”, is to me unacceptable. If a man has no intention of being in a serious relationship, then he should back away and let the girl know he has no intention and not pretend. Because otherwise he is using her. And say what you will about her using him, she’s only a kid compared to him. He is older and more experienced and he should know better. And if he lying because he doesn’t want to talk about his personal relationships, he should just answer to these questions that he likes to keep his love life personal and leave it at that. Watching that, I hope that Nina wakes up and leaves the guy alone and goes out and dates as many adorable young Hollywood types she can find and has some fun. Because THIS guy is either using her to look like some sort of stud who can still get younger women OR he’s incapable of taking relationships seriously.

  199. 199
    So true Says:

    interview fresh from Brazil
    and during the con he also said that he has no personal life just ISF and TVD
    as for met ball
    His words was twisted by fans. I know for sure that he calls all his co stars as his girl friends or brother mans and use the word babe even to April his agent
    But fans wanted to see smth more in Ians words than he intended so they put girl friend as girlfriend and decided that this was confirmation of his relationship with nina
    Ian or Nina alsways underline that their close friendship is misunderstood, but hey fans read in their words whatever they want!

  200. 200
    Natalie Says:

    @Verite I will admit, I do read between the lines and I might say a lot of mean things where these two are concerned, but one thing I know, even though Ian is damn well full of himself (because of this relationship also), he is not using Nina. At this point he does not have to confess to anybody (especially the media) about this relationship, the fan based has gotten enough confirmation to carry on about, don’t you think?

  201. 201
    So true Says:

    typing a long message to you! u’ll get is soon
    and i totally agree with u! ian do not use Nina, he is ok with or without those relationship
    though even based on comments and discussion here Nina has intereset to herself only as Ians gf
    Ian always underlined his relationship status, though ppl tend to think overwise
    i think even if he will have a public sex with over girl fans wi;ll chalk it to conspirasy move to protect his secret marriage with Nina

  202. 202
    Natalie Says:

    @So true lol, looking forward to the message, talk to you soon.

  203. 203
    So true Says:

    for those who speaks portugeese here
    i LOVED this article
    the journalist saying that Ian being moody and refused to talk about his private life and his gf b/c as Ian said he doesn’t have one
    oh i love the fact that Ian finally snapped

  204. 204
    Verite Says:

    No @sotrue and @natalie, do not bother defending Ian. He goes to events with her on his arm. He went to the MET ball with her and used her presence there for his goals. He went to Coachella and was pictured grabbing her behind and hugging and kissing her. He went to NYC and was pictured walking around holding hands with her. No matter how you might try to spin it, he is NOT treating her like he treats other women he works with and knows. You do not see him in pictures with Katerina Graham, in the same way, for example. If he doesn’t want people to think she is his girlfriend, then he should not be doing what he does with her. If there are pictures of them together that show up when he is in Germany next week for Vampire Diairies convention, then I’m sorry, I’m not going to blame HER. Because he is older and he should make sure he does not lead her on. She is a young woman who perhaps lacks judgement in this area. If she was my daughter or my sister or my best friend, I would tell her to stay away from him.

  205. 205
    So true Says:

    her presence at Met ball was bought by CW chanel as for all other actors. Ian was late for a red carpet (though i have a sneaky suspicion he did it on puropose to not to do a red carpet together b/c it is a couple thing) and REFUSED to pose together with her when paps asked
    we saw him taking a straw from Candice forhead at Coachella when Nina was near,we saw him kissing girls forehead and holding her close to him on his left while holding Nina on his right. He never ever said that he has a gf except ti,e he was with his ex.
    He holds hands with everyone, there are pics from 2008 from mexico where he during one perty walked hand in hand with a girl and also had an locked fingers with a guy. It is Ian
    we see how touchy flirty was Ian with Kyla during season 3, how many times he hugged Claire Holt, how sexy touchy pouty he was with Persia White
    we all see it but fans ignore it b/c it is not about Nina
    He will be with her in Germany IF fans on boards will create that story, but for both their sakes i hope they’ll have a vacation from each other b/c somehow they need to live through another season to shoot
    Pics with Nina for paparazy are taken only b/c fans want them
    Fans even twwt to paps as it was this may when they though that they saw ian and Nina names at Washington DC parties
    if not the fans demands there would be no Nian, they are just friends and co workers
    ian do not need relationship to get attention, but who is Nina when she is not Ians gf? Her Met ball almost failed untill Ians presence was known, cannes failed,she needed scandal and fake twitter rumors to get attention to herself
    Ian tweeted after PCA about – see ppl loves u – for a reason/ ppl do not love her they love her as his gf at he is her golden ticket
    Ian during both Xmas holidays used word – alone – in his tweets and word family, but no Nina
    he gives u all answers but u stull demand him to love Nina and to be with her
    i’m not surprised that he is saying what he is saying, and also in Phillipines when he said he has a lot of comitements in life and refused to say that he has a commitements with a particular girl
    Ian is being honest
    but fans twist his words, as i said thay managed to blame other fans and reporters to cover his words in Rio and decided that he just don’t want to admit to press to avoid rumors
    how stupid is that??
    don’t blame him, blame fan imagination
    and Nina is not so naive, she is in this business from 15 years old, she is quite a shark herself and yes she is using him. ians Somerhalder gf can went to White house dinner, Nina Dobrev a wanna be actress – no
    Ians gf can get to a lot of afterparties – but who is that canadina toddler? one of upcomings….ah sweet but no
    who is she with out being his gf?
    fans voted for her during PCA not b/c they like her but b/c they wanted ian to be proud of his gir, they voted for her b/c they assume she is his gf
    so yeah…the fact that he opened all doors to her is a really bad thing!
    God give him patience b/c as we all know fame hit her hard and straight to the fan, so….if he is protecting himself, i’ll say – finally!

  206. 206
    lulu Says:

    @Natalie: She isn’t a Nian spokesperson but she is very knowledgable about Nian. JenniferH is part of a Nian fanforum. She is lovely to everyone there although others on that site abuse those who don’t worship Nian. One girl is a complete stalker, she even moved over here to attend all the comic cons and follows ian everywhere. @JenniferH is very well researched with her information on Ian. Don’t hate on her! FYI Nian can’t stop telling everyone what they are doing so a bit of research goes along way.

  207. 207
    Natalie Says:

    @lulu I see, I don’t hate @JenniferH, she just does not impress me with her knowledge, but I’m sure all Nian supporters appreciate the time she takes to investigate Nian, every minute of everyday.

    @Verite You are so right Nina is a kid, but a kid trying to be in control of a man twice her age. With all that you’re complaining about (all of a sudden), she is one luckily little girl because she receives a queen’s treatment from that man, but does not appreciate it unless she is publicly acknowledged. You know what that means? She’s all about the fame.

  208. 208
    Rayne Says:

    @Verite: Ian said the same thing at the CW Uprfonts in 2011 right before Ian, Nina went to Paris with their moms. It is not unusual for Ian to say his girlfriend is The Vampire Diaries. He, nor Nina, will talk about their personal relationship. Ian and Nina have an agreement that interviews about their personal lives is off limits and they both will continue to honor that agreement. It is very obvious Ian and Nina are in a serious relationship and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. Ian’s father has said so himself. After Paul and Torrey were married in March 2011, I remember Paul going on Regis and Kelly. He was asked about his wife and Paul’s answer was “I have a wife”? Apparently he did not realize the “cat was out of the bag”. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Sometimes celebrities just don’t want their personal relationships or their lives under a microscope. Living in Atlanta at least gives Ian and Nina that privacy “bubble.

  209. 209
    Verite Says:

    @Natalie, Ian is not twice Nina’s age, let’s be clear on this. She is 23, he is 33. He is not 46. Also, she does NOT need Ian to be popular and famous. She is beautiful and talented and smart and charming. And when I see her in appearances by herself I find her to be funny and articulate. Its when she is with the entire group that she seems to hang back and that is, I think, her age and lack of experience in standing out among very strong personalities. It is to her advantage, career-wise, to promote herself as part of the Vampire Diaries team so I don’t blame her there. Also, who says Cannes flopped? She was gorgeous. She was on best-dressed lists of every website I saw. To say she only gains fame and popularity by being thought to be sleeping with Ian Somerhalder is outrageous and as women, you and me, we should be out there and supporting and promoting our fellow women to be famous without benefit of being someone’s sexual object. I don’t happen to agree with you that she needs Nian in order to be famous. I’m sorry. I know you all want to take Ian’s side and I’d say that its fairly common in the world to blame the woman when things don’t look right and to be jealous and envious of successful women. I for one say Ian is smart, he’s aware, he’s very handsome, but he does NOT have a good track record with women and relationships. So I don’t trust him.

  210. 210
    Rayne Says:

    @So true: Like Teyla has said you don’t know what you are talking about. If you actually knew what you were talking about, then you would know there were pictures posted of Ian and Nina together at Christmas 2011 and 2010 along with other family members They were posted by a family friend in their “album” that lives in Sun Valley, Idaho.

    As for the picture at Coachella Ian with his arms around two women, one being Nina, the other one was his ISF secretary, Jessica Ramsey. Jessica’s fiancee, Paul, was also there, as well as Erica, Nina’s personal assistant. Candice was hanging out with them too. They all met up in LA to go to Coachella together after Ian and Nina spent a romantic week together in Hawaii. You try to make it sound like something indecent , immoral and deceitful when it wasn’t. Coachella was a working – play weekend for Ian and Jessica. Three meetings were held over a two day period in regards to the Go Green Mobile generators, of which Ian has a financial investment in. Ian thinks the world of Jessica and loves her as a friend and part of his family. Ian and Nina do not show up at events with other dates because they are a couple.

    @Natalie Ian is not twice Nina’s age. You should know that.

  211. 211
    Natalie Says:

    @Verite “@Natalie, Ian is not twice Nina’s age, let’s be clear on this. She is 23, he is 33. He is not 46.”

    @Rayne “@Natalie Ian is not twice Nina’s age. You should know that.”

    Is this the moment I hear the drum roll or see a marching band and fireworks in the sky? So what’s all this fuss with being age specific? Alright I concede, he’s not 2x her age, he is exactly 1.43478260x her age. And (because you’re in an uproar about age, all of a sudden), I will not add any more years than 10 and 11 months (as their difference) for the sake of his beautiful face and glimmering blue eyes, he is just too pretty for that.

    You know, well no you don’t… I am no exception to the rule when it comes to dating older men. My current and my ex before him are both 15 years older than I am. Older men light a hell of a spark in the bedroom, it is outrageously orgasmic. Believe me when I tell you, they can work various parts of their bodies well to please a woman, if you know what I mean?
    Well enough of the “someone’s sexual object” talk for now. (Can’t wait for the response on that)

  212. 212
    Natalie Says:

    @Verite You’re saying to me Nina due to her youth lacks experience, but I am jealous of her success. But Ian (being twice her age in thought) is smart, aware, very handsome, but he does not have a good track record with women so you don’t trust him… Ok

    When I was 15 years old, one of my male friends got into some trouble. We both were library prefects in school and he was accused of stealing money. I went to the assistant librarian and I defended him; I said no way he would do that, I was very adamant about it. I mean, I asked my friend “did you steal?” He said to me “no,” and I believed him. A few days past and then the assistant librarian brought the two of us together, and he made him confess to my face, and I felt so betrayed, I never spoke to him again. I learnt a lesson that day, just because someone seems real, sincere, lovely and trustworthy, does not mean that they are.

    When it comes to trust, you have to earn that in my book. Everyone makes mistakes and anyone can change, but to say to me I am jealous of her success… What I know is, that material stuff you call success can take years to achieve and be lost in no time at all. So that does not matter to me, but you, you just accept what is presented to you at a given moment in time, you do not read between the lines so I don’t expect you to understand what I’m saying.

    @Rayne for someone who said “Living in Atlanta at least gives Ian and Nina that privacy “bubble,” you know a hell of a lot about what’s going on in that bubble, they are very fortunate indeed.

  213. 213
    So true Says:

    What amuse me the most in all this that somehow it is very important to Nian ppl to convince all others who have dif opinion or doubts in the fact that Nian is match made in heaven and the are perfect
    All those convincing speaches is somehow Nina based, as Nina fans trying to show her off/ What is sad is that in those speaches ppl are mostly Ok with the fact that Nina made Ian to cheat on his ex, (well cheating is still bad but if a guy cheats with Jina it is good),in those speaches it is good to use a man for ur purposes, in those speaches Ian is always Ninas lapdog
    As a female i would be proud of Nina is she did a hard job and made some success but when a girl use a staged make up,borrowed clothes,PR agents and rumors to be succesful, sorry i refuse to be proud of her
    Moreover if a girl is a hypocrite i refuse to be proud of her
    One more interesting thing. Some how when there are real open relationship on the set ppl have no interest about them, even when actors do not hide it. But speculation and detective hunt and then proving “love theory” to others is smth TOP priority for a lot of ppl
    As for Bubble here was very good line, somehow we know places where they eat,live e.t.c and also what they supposly do in their free time
    But decpite the obvious that for a lot of ppl Nian exists and who thinks otherwise is wrong, i want to ask u a question – why every fact,every pic,every sighting about Nian has commercial back story behind it and why every each one of it can be proven as doubtful
    Zach last summer openly wrote in twitter that he woke up with Accola in Europe, those two openly dated but 90% of fans didn’t know about it
    Both Nina and Ian one way or another denays that there is smth serious between them if there is smth between them at all, but ppl are damn sure that they are secretly married
    It is ridiculous!

  214. 214
    lolly Says:

    @Natalie & @so true I so wanna be in lol. I have missed your reponses you guys make me laugh!

    Ok the guy sorry to say is a complete douche! How can he say that Nina is not his gf oh right theres a difference isnt there between BOOTIE calle and gf and obviously she is is BOOTIE call if he openly admitted that he hasnt got a gf! The guy makes me laugh and shows me he really is digging himself a massive hole, all those NIAN fans heart broken! So all you NIAN lovers just goes to show even the man himself doesnt consider miss DOBREV his gf even he cant even admit it on an interview! So brings our point ITS STAGED & FAKE!

  215. 215
    Jomofan Says:

    lolok the real deal is that he is gay and is only with Nina as he is in denial! lol you NIAN defenders are funny! Look the guy obviously doesnt care that much for Nina if he can say he dont have a gf. In past interviews he pretty much bragged he had one. There was one interview i saw 7 questions with Ian or something and he was very much praising the fact that he went to the TVD reading driving along reading the script while it was sprawled across his girlfriend he says girlfriend alot in this interview! So either the relationship is a sham or he is being a twat for stating that he isnt dating anyone! He doesnt have to say who the girl is he can just say yeah i am currently in a relationship nothing wrong in saying that! But dont parade around with her kissing her and acting all lovey if you aint gonna own up your dating the chick. As Lolly said she is probably his booty call then! I dont think much of Ian and i think he is is an attention seeker what he does for ISF fair play but other than that I think he is conceited who names their foundation after themseleves!! At least Joesph Morgan is supporting a worthy charity! Why doesnt he support something like that, I just think he is as fake as the rest!!

  216. 216
    So true Says:

    I like u too
    U see what i like here most, that all that – it is Ian who uses nina, Nina is the best what happened to him and all Nian is match made in heaven EXTRA HARD activity is somehow started at the same time when a lot of fans started web capmpaigne against TVD for TCA in July
    am i the only one here thinks that love relationship is not the thing to promote for an award?
    and Ian fans are only defending him against nina ones
    ok i get i am delusional
    but hey….if i am delusional then i have password to Ians account where he is mocking a fact of having a wife

  217. 217
    Nicole Says:

    To all of you: GET A LIFE!
    If they are a couple or not is their business and only theirs. Why on earth you spend time to write all those rumors, lies and gossip? They are PEOPLE like us.They are famous, right but most of all they are people and their private lives is only theirs.

  218. 218
    Jomofan Says:

    @so true hahaha you make me smile! I LOVE U!! Yeah I noticed that! I mean if he doesnt admit he has a gf its probably cause he is married lol. Ahem you have the password eh! haha You could have so much fun with that! xoxox

  219. 219
    So true Says:

    I’m glad i made u smile!At least one good thing from all this…ahem///stuff
    U i said i do not really care but please, please and one more time please stop showing in my throat smth which so easy can be seen as a marketing thing
    i do understand why ppl wat to belieave in it but ppl come on :LISTEN to the actors, i think next thing to expect is Ian begging them to sent him free from Nina

  220. 220
    Jomofan Says:

    @so true I think Nian fans just want it so much, they wanted Delena and well that kinda went abit soar so whats the next best thing NIAN come on the fans even thought of the nickname NIAN so if anything its your devoted Ian & Nina crazies that want this. For all we know they probably dont even like each other and they are just playing the part of a couple because of the fans! Its great publicity soon to be a couple on screen and off screen just keeps the fans happy and without the fans watching the show TV ratings will go down. Its all about the ratings! I have noticed many times on twitter come Thursday you dont hear from Ian that week but Thursday he is ready to promote the show sometimes he does it a day before! Keep the fans sweet and the actors still have a job! Its a cut throat business and everyone is in it for themseleves! Their love life well if he blantley tells the public he isnt dating Nina then he has no respect for her or their “relationship” just goes to show he probably doesnt give a hoot about Nian and the only reason he is putting up with it is beacause he has a pretty girl who happens to be one of the leading actors in a hot tv show. But what do we know eh, judging by some of these comments we have people who follow them around daily and probably stalking them cause some of you seem to think you all know NIAN! Whereas there are people like @natalie & @so true who say what their believe and what they think and yet they get bashed or insulted for giving their opinion! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, my opinion not that NIAN would give a crap but I think that their relationship is not what its cracked up to be, Ian is a very big flirt and I cant see him staying with her much longer as I am sure he will probably have the 3 year itch as judging from his last gfs he hasnt lasted more than 2 years with them! I kinda had enough of the whole NIAN they arent royality **** even the queen dont get so much publicity than these two!! NIAN fans sorry to burst your bubble but I dont think the relationship is real I think its for show I could be wrong or I could be right who knows! But it doesnt fill me with confidence if Mr Smolderhalder doesnt even admit that he has a gf regardless of who she is or not! Tell me somthing would any of you STOP watching the show if NIAN ended?

  221. 221
    Natalie Says:

    @Lolly @so true @Jomofan I’m just glad Ian decided to say to the media “Hey, don’t mind my business,” in not so many words. Nian has pictures, tweets between them, eavesdropped quotes of their statements and all sorts of nonsense to go on, and keep on and on about. So to hear him say his full devotion is to his job, earned a portion of respect in my book.

    Personally, TVD is not all about Delena and Wesley he’s a major part of the show but is sometimes pushed to the side which is ridiculous. Come on now, Stefan is a fine specimen of Vamp. Who can’t see that is delusional (as they like to say).

  222. 222
    Natalie Says:

    This is the most popular phrase spoken by TVD family members, who cannot handle people disagreeing with their views of Nian, “GET A LIFE!” The last time I checked the “breath of life” still flowed through my nostrils, thanks be to God.
    Those of us who have given our views against, spend way less time focusing on Nian believe it or not, compared to others who sort through their pictures to post, creating trends all day, following them on the zebra crossing while they are taking a walk, finding out what hotel they are staying in to hide behind a tree, waiting hours in the rain and snow at their workplace just to cry tears of astonishment in their face, and kissing up to Nina only to get close to Ian.
    We don’t have the time to sit on the pavement for hours waiting for them to pass by. So don’t be upset with us, we’re just doing what normal people do everyday, giving an opinion.

  223. 223
    Ximena Says:

    ian said on his twitter ” apparently i have a wife”

  224. 224
    Jomofan Says:

    @Ximena I think he was making a joke out of it! You never know he might! @Natalie High Five! I totally agree!

  225. 225
    Rayne Says:

    @Ximena: and Ian was responding to a tweet by someone that called themselves Ian’s wife. It was a joke on Ian’s part.

  226. 226
    jannyjo Says:

    Ian said himself in an interview that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I don’t see why this argument continues.

  227. 227
    tinhorse Says:

    i agree @natalie thumbs up!!!!! :)

  228. 228
    Natalie Says:

    @tinhorse Appreciated

  229. 229
    River Says:

    @jannyjo: Ian called Nina his girlfriend as they were leaving the Met Ball party together. Ian specifically said “his girlfriend” in regards to Nina. Ian has calls the show, The Vampire Diaries, his girlfriend frequently. It is a way to deflect the questions that get personal about him and Nina.

  230. 230
    lord Says:

    i saw that joseph morgan is dating persia white are a lot pof pix with them in monaco

  231. 231
    donyy Says:

    i saw that pictures tooo he likes big older va gi na

  232. 232
    Natalie Says:

    I’m judging the originality of this group of people, of course when new material becomes available they will grab unto it like leeches but for the time being, when they can’t get their way, they must stir up lies and recycle nonsense from time past. They also possess very limited vocabulary to emphasize their points of no value.

  233. 233
    River Says:

    @lord: Joseph Morgan, Michael Trevino and Persia White were all together at the Monte Carlo Film Festival representing The Vampire Diaries. Their pictures were taken as a threesome, but was then cropped to make it appear they were only of Joseph and Persia, which was not the case at all. The original photos that were taken has Michael Trevino in them too.

  234. 234
    washirah Says:

    i think its there private life…….they are nice couple, we should not judge their life…where the ian was dating meghan…ect..4 now he is dating nina……..forget about his past…..and enjoy ian and nina together

  235. 235
    Amy Says:

    ALL THE HATERS ARE STELENA OR PAUL FANS! Stop being such haters damn!!

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