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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder takes a romantic stroll with his Vampire Diaries co-star and real-life girlfriend Nina Dobrev while out and about on Friday (May 25) in Paris, France.

“Good morning Paris-I’ve missed you,” the 33-year-old actor tweeted.

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Ian later wished the executive producer of The Vampire Diaries a happy birthday, saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @julieplec!!!!!! I love & appreciate you like I’ll NEVER be able to describe in 140 characters. Can’t wait to see you tonight!”

He also added, “Amazing day here in Paris… Wow.Can’t wait to see @julieplec and party down in the City of Lights.”

FYI: Nina is wearing a Show Me Your Mumu “Baxter” blouse.

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235 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers”

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  1. 26
    sue Says:


    Jealous much! Guess haters gonna hate no matter what and btw since when has being ambitious been such a bad thing? Doesn’t everyone go into their chosen profession wanting to get ahead? I guess treating your fans nicely with respect and apprecaition is a bad thing too?

  2. 27
    sarah Says:

    @JenniferH: You know you sound like GP from that site that bullys people. Actually stopped going on that site because “Delena”s” bully way to much. As for the comment about “fan of someone you feel is in direct competition” sorry, you are wrong. I watched the first season. Not into the show as much now. Watch it when I can, here and there. As for my info, try wikipedia and as for Megan the year that Nina and Ian got together. The pap’s had a picture of Ian and Megan holding hands in NY in Feb. Literally, days later Ian and Nina were cozying up. That’s called a cheater on both there part.

  3. 28
    confused Says:

    I’m confused. How can you be sure they are real or fake? And I mean for both sides. You don’t know unless you have a proof.

  4. 29
    kgg Says:

    Sarah, Nicole, or whatever name you’re going by at the current moment, you sound like a bitter little child who is unhappy and wants everyone else to be. So you pick and prod and verbally attack someone who has done nothing to you and is a good person who is trying his hardest to better the world and what have you done lately….just as I thought…nothing. You, my dear are a bully and your victims are a happy young couple in love….since when is that a crime? Nuff said…

  5. 30
    sarah Says:

    @kgg: Typical Delena. There way or the highway. God forbid someone actually tells the truth. Nothing wrong with being happy. But when you have to step or cheat on people to get what you want. That is wrong.

  6. 31
    Natalie Says:

    @kgg “Better the world,” no wonder he’s so full of himself. “Happy young couple in love,” a 33 year old dating a 23 year old, well I guess that makes a young couple and not an older man dating a younger woman. You are so right but, he is also dubbed “God’s gift to women,” and he loves to play with the ladies.

  7. 32
    Clare Says:

    My god, look at the comments “typical Delena” huh?? Yep that says it all. What has Delena got to do with Ian and Nina spending time in Paris.
    I agree with kgg, Sarah and Natalie sound like spoilt bitter little brats not getting their own way about something.
    Boyfriends and girlfriends break up all the time, Ian is not in an exclusive club for that……and you go on and on about something that happened 2 years ago. You find articles to spew your same old crap about Ian. Get a life, you are pathetic.
    I have nothing but respect for Ian and what he wants to achieve in life, which is a damn sight more than hiding behind your big computer screen bashing people you don’t really know. Seriously look at yourself. FU hater.

  8. 33
    Natalie Says:

    @Clare Temper temper… I don’t know what Ian and Nina are doing in Paris but I do know that TVD has a convention in Paris. “Spoilt bitter little brats” well I guess that makes you, Ian and Nina all perfect little saints.

  9. 34
    florence2 Says:

    For me TVD has become the Ian and Nina show, the writer’s have totally stuffed up the series and everyone know’s that they will put them together in the show as well as in real life so they should just get on with it.

  10. 35
    Vamp Says:

    Some ppl really sound like jealous good for nothings here…. FYI people, they have been dating for 3 years almost and going quite strong…. As for the “showmance” crap, I think this is the first time uv seen a happy couple on d street…. Get a life…. Sorry to be rude but this just frustrates me…..

  11. 36
    ouch Says:

    cute, old bro taking care of lil sis

  12. 37
    Natalie Says:

    And here we go… beautiful couple, cute couple, perfect couple, lovely couple, perfect together, great together, happy together, awesome together and in love together, Nian, Nian, Nian, Nian, Delena, Delena, Delena, Delena. Broken records, noise makers and empty vessels.

    They probably belong together because they have the same hair color, which they don’t, since black in not his natural hair color and you don’t know what’s going on between them behind closed doors. They are not rabbits, so sex all day as you may believe, does not happen.

    “6000 friends” not even rock stars talk like that. Nina is “on top of the world,” self proclaimed of course, so she became an astronaut while dating Ian.

  13. 38
    XYZ Says:


    He really is and the whole “romantic” crap is staged. Imbeciles cant see and/or dont want to see that there’s 0 chemistry between them. NINA is just another beard for him. Everyone in Hollyweird knows it…

  14. 39
    Jamilyn Says:

    Reading all the comments in here makes me laugh! PEOPLE WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THEIR PRIVAT LIFE!

    All I know is that Ian is one of the sweetest human being ever and I want him to be happy!

    And do some of you guys even know what ‘faking a relationship’ means? Basically= giving up your whole life! Ian is one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen and there is NO way he is single…so if he’s NOT with Nina…who is his girfriend? We’ve NEVER seen him with someone else beside Nina! THINK ABOUT IT!

  15. 40
    JenniferH Says:

    Lovely how you just assume what kind of fan I am. Unlike you I actually follow up and read on these actors who I like, and Nina has her off-days, but she also does some wonderful things that are well-documents (and not sent out by her PR people). Nina/Ian have been together for TWO YEARS and it is only in the last 3 months that there have been romantic pictures of the two. The first year and a half they avoided being seen together so that screws up THAT contention of yours.

    As for for me? I spend my money on DVDs, that’s it. I don’t do conventions or stalk them. Heck, I live in Georgia and have yet to visit the set. I don’t care about stuff like that. I enjoy their work, think they’re a cute couple, that Nina’s pretty well put together, and that Ian is amazing.

    Just keep assuming the worst about people, it only assumes the kind of person you are, “honey.”

  16. 41
    JenniferH Says:


    Really? Wikpedia? REALLY?! The last pics of Ian/Meghan were the end of February 2010. Nina/Ian were seen together (in a non-work related function) at the end of May at the Lakers game, then in Venice Beach. Your “literally days later” — was about Nina, Ian and PAUL at the Paley event where Nina was smiling and had her arms around both guys. Was she more into Ian? Yeah, cuz girl obviously had a crush on him. But as far as we know, there was nothing going on until after he broke up with Meghan. Is it possible something did happen? Absolutely. However every bit of photographic, video, etc. “proof” that is out there shows clearly that by the time Ian/Nina were together, Ian had broken up with Meghan.

    And honestly how am I bullying by pointing out that your “facts” are incorrect? They are. You are saying some things that are emphatically not true and besmirching Ian’s character in the process. Period. And other things are pure guesswork on your part (he was cheating on Meghan) because there is no actual evidence — anywhere — that shows Nina/Ian together as a couple before the middle of April.

  17. 42
    Vamp Says:

    Yea, if ur sooo uncomfortable with the fact that u don’t see a couple on d street but a”33 year old man with a 23 year old girl” something is obviously wrong with you… Age is just a number, not a barrier. And who are u to question some others life? Don’t like it, don’t comment and get the hell off this page….

  18. 43
    Natalie Says:

    @JenniferH You live in Georgia and “follow up and read on these actors” which makes you “the know it all” about their lives, you know when they eat, bath, and take a dump.

    You are so deep into their lives you have made yourself some kind of champion to defend them, because they need it. Two grown adults and one of them, Nina demands that you all respect her private life but shows that she wants something else.

    Only three months they’ve been romantic in pictures, I wonder why, yes, it was to show off to the world that they are a so called happy, cute couple. Well at least you have common sense to only spend your money on DVDs, but who gave you the impression I was assuming anything honey? “Nina’s pretty well put together,” she has makeup artist. to make sure she looks that way.

  19. 44
    Natalie Says:

    We are uncomfortable, what we see is more than age. So we must get off this page because you don’t like disapproving comments, bully101.

  20. 45
    Anon Says:

    He is truly a gorgeous man, inside and out.

  21. 46
    JenniferH Says:


    Yeah, I’m done. You are just coming across as a thoroughly unpleasant person who enjoys coming up with insulting conclusions about fans simply because they are {gasp!} fans who don’t sit quietly by while insulting, easily verifiable lies are being spread about their favorites. Peace.

  22. 47
    Amanda Says:

    Theyre lovely. Thanks for the pics, Jared.

    @JenniferH honey don’t feed the trolls. You don’t need to defend or justify Ian and Nina. Every one with eyes and brains can see they’re a sweet young couple very much in love and having a great life. Lucky them.

    People who say its a front make laugh so much. Why would a young beautiful girl like Nina go along with it? These claims of PR make even less sense. They are not even a couple on the show.

    The less sense the trolls make the more entertaining to read your comments, so please carry on

  23. 48
    Anna Says:

    Staged. Not famous enough to be followed by paparazzi in Paris.

  24. 49
    JenniferH Says:

    @Amanda: Great attitude, you are so right. :)

  25. 50
    Lala Says:

    @jacqueline: why would they call paparazzi whenever they’re in other countries? That makes no sense. Wouldn’t doing so in America be hella easier if that was what they were trying to do anyways?

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