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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder takes a romantic stroll with his Vampire Diaries co-star and real-life girlfriend Nina Dobrev while out and about on Friday (May 25) in Paris, France.

“Good morning Paris-I’ve missed you,” the 33-year-old actor tweeted.

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Ian later wished the executive producer of The Vampire Diaries a happy birthday, saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @julieplec!!!!!! I love & appreciate you like I’ll NEVER be able to describe in 140 characters. Can’t wait to see you tonight!”

He also added, “Amazing day here in Paris… Wow.Can’t wait to see @julieplec and party down in the City of Lights.”

FYI: Nina is wearing a Show Me Your Mumu “Baxter” blouse.

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  • Case

    @confused: well what’s the purpose of fake pr relationships? To get more hype for w/e show they’re on right? &the method is getting as much pictures of each other being as sweet as possible and and talking about each other and showing how “in love” you are. Which is why it’s called a SHOWmance. You’re trying to put on a show.
    But these two have been dating for practically over two years, they’ve never really admitted that they’re dating or talked about each other that way. In every TVD event they don’t even get pictured together. And Paris with their mothers! &basically being together whether the public knows it or not, pictures or not. If this is a fake relationship then their PR people are doing a shitty job.
    It’s not really about evidence, it’s more just common sense.

  • Alaine

    @Anna: LOLL “not famous enough to be followed by paparazzis in Paris” comments Anna under paparazzi pictures of Nian in paris.

  • nick

    This site needs to be moderated. I see all the haters come out full force here cos they can’t spread hate at most other sites or forums.

  • M

    I don’t get all the animosity being spread on here. If you don’t like Nina or Ian, it’s simple STAY off of sites/articles that are about them. Don’t read about them either. I can bet that all these haters on here would say absolutely NOTHING like this if they were face to face with either Nina or Ian. So go back to cowering behind your computer screen since it’s what you do best.


  • Anna

    @Alaine: Yeah, that’s why I said the pictures were staged. No way these pictures are taken otherwise.

  • http://Justjared Amna

    I love both of them.lovely couple and perfect for each other.people should not hate them.get life people.i must say jealous people r jealous…

  • http://Justjared Amna

    Seriously i love nina and ian.and plz stop hate nina.bec she is sweet not rude..she want some spend privte time with bf ian…and dont hate ian he is nice…they both r in love eachother.people and lier fans should leave them…

  • Kate

    @Anna: Yeah, so can you please explain to me, why Paul Wesley and Torrey de Vitto, who are exactly on the same level of fame and actually on the same show, got papparazzi picture in the very same city a couple of days ago? Wait, I get it… because their MARRIAGE is stagged and nothing but PR as well!
    And in case you haven´t realised, I was being ironic.

  • R.A

    Always looking for a photo-op, really sick of these two. Its funny how every other celebrity couple is supposed PR, but these two who make sure to pose is considered true love.

  • Chris

    Bitter Mofo’s can’t keep this couple down! Love them! they are adorable <3

  • Verite

    I for one don’t believe that off-screen romances are good for a TV show. The line between the story and the show gets blurred and writers and producers can feel constrained because fans cannot distinguish between one and the other. I feel like these two likely hid their true relationship for some time because it would harm the show and it must make working with their fellow castmates awkward. I don’t really think its a “fake” relationship. Whether it is a good one and they are good for each other is another story. Ian has had MANY girlfriends and dalliances. He’s been a playboy and he’s not shy to speak of it. Nina is very young and I doubt she is looking at something as “forever”. They probably care for each other very much in their own way right now. But relationships in show business are very hard to maintain. In the end though we don’t know these people are their true motivations or intentions and what I really dislike most is when people go on these boards and attack others very personally when they have no real knowledge of them and its none of their business anyway. Does it really make a difference to any of our lives if they are faking it or not or if they last or not? Who cares?

  • Natalie

    @JenniferH According to you, all we do are spread lies, but you, you are one of the kindest and most respectful fans out there, a hot little thing and force of nature for Nian.

    Ian is the sweetest person inside and out, so you all worship him like he is some kind of god. That is man like any other so don’t put him up on a pedestal and say he is perfect. No man in this planet is perfect. Fame and fortune are what you are hooked on, half of you there, did not know who he was before vampire diaries nor did you care about him.

    You behave as though Nina is the best thing to ever happen to him, but Megan was the one that stood by him when he was struggling in his career, Megan was his initial guide with his environmental work. All Nina does is look pretty, and be taken all over the world as his “arm candy.” She only does these charitable events when invited. She follows two main environmental advocates besides Ian, because of Ian, and they are Leonardo DiCaprio and ISF. She only posts certain important issues on a rare occasion when asked to.

    But hear what, we are trolls, blind and deaf without a brain, hiding behind a computer screen just like you. We are haters because we don’t want to join the Nian bandwagon and worship them. The TVD family portrays the most disgusting attitude to the outside world, as just said “Bitter Mofo’s,” so forgive us, if we have no desire to be sucked in your hypocriticalness, as defenders for Nian.

  • treenapants

    @JenniferH: I agree with jenniferH.

  • Natalie

    @Treenapants Unlike @JenniferH response to me, here is my response to you… I have no problem with what you agree with.

  • I

    they are just perfect together. HATERS GO GET A LIFE :D

  • Natalie

    Maybe you should get one instead.

  • Verite

    @Natalie, I am not a defender for Nian nor am I going to go on a board like this one and be against them. I read these stories to pass the time and relax. I know that we are presented with only a fraction of what is actually true. I work in an industry where we deal with the press all the time and I can tell you that what is written is highly distorted most of the time. But people read things and they think they are true. For example, you can’t possibly know how good or bad his previous girlfriend was for him. If she was then the fact that he left her and immediately started dating Nina says more about HIS character than Nina’s. Nina is a young woman – only 23. Before this show she lived in Canada most of her life, going to school, doing gymnastics,acting on a local TV series. If she seems to be more superficial it’s because she hasn’t lived enough yet to have formed those goals. And perhaps this is what Ian was looking for right now that is, something not so serious. Who knows? We can’t know the truth either way. For all we know they are the best thing that ever happened to each other OR they are just fooling around for now and will go on to other people. We don’t know so its no point defending them OR attacking them.

  • Natalie

    @Verite I appreciate your unbiased judgement to highest. You are a very sensible person and for that, I respect your view.

  • jannyjo

    I don’t think it’s real, but what do i know? They just spend spend so little time together it’s either a PR stunt or a casual relationship. One day of PDA in Paris, one day in NYC. Ian was photographed several times in NYC without her and when he spent the day with his family she wasn’t there. Very strange if they are seriously involved. He also just spent a week in the Philppines without her. He’s gone to several important events without her. I just don’t buy the whole big romance thing. But like I said, what do I know? It’s just speculation on my part.

  • just me

    Cute couple ! Don’t talk about each other at all. Which is good thing. Hope it last Maybe Rachel bilson should stop talking about hayden and hook up with her co star too. The one that play wade!

  • Natalie

    The thing is, they always see a disapproving comment as hate, like everyone is just supposed to love them automatically because they are stars. As soon as they notice people are not on the same page with them, they are ready to attack and insult others because of their differences in opinion, but they want to come across as though they are this magnificent family of valiant fighters, pioneers for the good cause of a relationship. The majority of these people are teens and young adults with a few older ones mixed in between, but hey, this is just my opinion.

  • Rose1987389!!!

    @Jenna: 34 & 22??!!! Yeah this would have been cute but he does looks really old next to her. She looks like a teenager and he looks like an old dried up married man!!

  • Verite

    @Natalie, I agree it is wrong to look at actors as flawless people who can do no wrong just because they are talented or attractive or even charming. As you state, often fans are very young people who have the ideals of romantic love where everything is wine and roses. And who among us wouldn’t want that? A handsome man, a pretty girl, travelling all over the place, stolen kisses, beautiful gowns … why not? But the truth is relationships are VERY HARD and complicated even for those of us who just work at regular jobs every day. For these people, I am always amazed when they DO work out. Actors travel so much and are away from each other and have many MANY temptations from their collegues as well as fans and groupies. So if you enjoy Nina and Ian’s performances, as actors, and you like to look at their pretty photos as models and promoters, enjoy them and be entertained. But don’t expect them to be paragons of virtue in their lives because they are NOT perfect people and you will inevitably be disappointed if you expect them to be.

  • Verite

    @jannyjo … remember that the pictures you see online are not their lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just because you don’t seen them hanging out together all the time, doesn’t mean they don’t have a relationship with each other. The fact that since filming ended, they’ve been apart sometimes but did eventually travel to be at each other’s side even when they didn’t have to be does signal to me that they are more than just a PR couple. Nina Dobrev didn’t have to go to Paris at all…she wasn’t at the convention. But she went. And when they were in NYC, Ian didn’t have to go to NYC; it was her event to go to. But he went. So they do follow each other around a fair bit on and off camera. Again, say what you will about whether or not you like them together but what they are doing is far too much work for just a bit of PR.

  • Natalie

    @Verite Well said…

  • Brittney

    Now I get it, this Natalie must be Meghan.

    It’s been 3 years, sweetie. Move on. Ian obviously has. Isn’t it pathetic to come and bring up ancient history under every article of his? Bitter much?!

  • Natalie

    Oh @Brittney you have so much too learn, but just to ease your curiosity, no this is not Megan.

  • Vamp

    Okay, let’s get one thing straight here. These pics were taken to show them as a happy couple not to bitch about their lives…… So unless u can’t comprehend, I think everyone of us understands what Paris lovers is…… It’s not written weird couple or awful couple…… And I think ur the one passing unjust opinions about people who are not even related to u in any way….who’s d bully now?????

  • Natalie

    @Vamp Actually you’re the bully now, good for you on demonstrating your talent.

  • Haters Will Always Be Pathetic

    Baby Doll, you may say whatever lies you want about Nina, but talk trash about Ian and we got a problem.

    Ian cares about the world, and every being on the earth, even pathetic beings like you. He is constantly in volunteer work, LOVES children, and LOVES HIS FANS TO DEATH! Where the bloody hell are YOU getting YOUR information love? Last time I checked, you were hiding behind your 40 dollar ancient PC spreading your hate and lies around the internet like a epidemic. But wait… you have no proof now do you? It’s a FACT Ian is a down to earth, caring person. Wether you like him or not is YOUR choice and no one is trying to force you to like him, BUT DO NOT MAKE LIES ABOUT GENUINELY GOOD PEOPLE!

    They have done NOTHING what so ever to you. Although their relationship IS NOT staged, what the hell does it have to do with you anyways? WHY DOES IT CONCERN YOU? That’s right… it doesn’t… Your opinions do not matter love. You honestly, do not matter. Haters and Liars aren’t welcome here. Go troll you a$$ off somewhere else, Love.



  • Beard

    Fake as ever

  • Natalie

    My my my, aren’t you all fired up. Well if my opinion does not matter love, why are you all upset?

    “Haters Will Always Be Pathetic” but you are pathetic right now; wasting your precious energy on me when you should be reading a book, and making yourself knowledgeable about the world you claim Ian cares about?

    Take it easy darling, don’t burst a blood vessel, I want you to be around for a while.

  • florence2

    Nina look’s bored in these photo’s and does’nt even seem to want to get to close to Ian.

  • chica

    Dont scream but I have to agree with sarah on this one and I am not one to judge but, I have friends that have actually meet Nina and they say she is a complete B***h to Ian. At the empowerment event (ISF) she got in such a mood because Ians fans were around him and she hated it so she said to him I want to leave at his own event. When he didnt she stormed off and one of the volunteers had to run after her and calm her down. She acted spoilt and chidlish because Ian was getting the attention from his fans!

    She is in Paris for the TVD convention with Ian but they didnt invite her, many of the TVD conventions she hasnt been invited doesnt that make you wonder, there is one next month in Birmingham which i am going to and again Nina not invited. Yet all the other cast members go, you would have thought being one of the main characters in the show she would be there but apparently due to her attitude and her demand for more money that Ian noone wants to touch her. She hasnt attended that many.

    She rubbed poor Ians face at the Teens Choice Awards he deserved an award and somehow even though she wasnt intially voted she won wtf? Then the pics showed her tweeting her award poor Ian looked miserable. I mean fair play you won it but dont rub it in your boyfriends nose for christ sake!

    I know alot of people love Nina I used to too but finding all of this out just makes my opinion less of her.

    As for their relationship I have to agree it seems like its for publicity, Nina isnt that famous and to me it seems that everytime there is a camera she is looking straight into it! It just seems very staged! I look at Torrey and Paul and think now this is a couple in love they dont have to keep showing affection for the cameras seems to me everythime they are out Nina and Ian they have to show some kind of affection for the camera and yes it does look forced.

    Candice and Zach are dating in real life (Matt & caroline) but you dont see them do as much as Ian and Nina, first it was a massive secret oh no we arent dating pics showed him walking in front her at the back like they didnt want to be seen with each other and then the big clanger was the coachella concert when suprise suprise she was holding ians hand and guess what she looked straight into that camera as if she knew. Sorry I know this is probably gonna rub people up the wrong way and I am sorry but truth be told Nina isnt an angel and Nian just looks way too fake and all for publicity. Nina is riding off Ians success and once she has found her footing and got her fame she will leave him high and dry!

    Dont get me wrong I love Ian and I think what he does for the environment is great and I respect him, I also run a support ISF site on twitter and yes he follows me and also spoken to him and he is an amazing guy but honestly I cant see why he puts up with Nina he is way too nice and too good for her!

  • So true

    All interenet is oh poor Nina right now,because some fans finally said the truth to her face.
    She wasn’t invited to {Paris,she came there just for Plec BDay and because Nian crazy pees demanded her to be near Ian. But what did she do when she first came there?(well except posing for paps on the pics above with a very sore face as she is doing Ian a favor) She refused to sign a pic to a fan in wheelchair!!! Or so nice girl!
    No one who met or worked with Nina believes in Nian anymore,especially after Barcelona. She was the only one from trio who has problems with fanbase all the way (remeber Ian comment after PCA about ppl do love you!? ) and the only way to get an attention is to be Ian’s gf.
    But now she can’t pull even that because she is to much selfcentred person.
    Ian is to good in his attitude for her.Yes of course he gathers smth from this stuff too,but he can be with out staged relationship but Nina can’t,she is nothing with out him/ Barely who want’s to read about her when Ian isn’t ,mentioned with her.
    So i am not surprised that fans hates her,they do have reason.

  • chica

    Exactly! The whole Nian is unfortuately a good publicity stunt come on the stars of TVD dating its a massive publicity stunt, why only focus on them two as I said Candice and Zach are dating but yet noone really cares about them two, its all Nian Nian! For me I dont buy it! She is dreadful with her fans and cant stand the fact that Ian gets all the fame. She got run down again in paris I hear, this is the 2nd time french fans have pushed and shoved her out of the way. Unfortuately she will only be known as Ians girlfriend. Ians name is always before hers never do you see Nina Dobrev’s boyfriend Ian Somerhalder its always Ian Somerhalders girlfrend Nina Dobrev. I understand that fans love her and i do feel sorry for her fans cause they truly dot on her and to be brutally honest without her fans she is no one! So show alittle respect Nina for your fans! Yes she was only in Paris for Julie Plecs birthday otherwise she probably would have stayed in her room like she always does. I mean what sort of gf would make her boyfriend cancel all plans in June/July as she is filming and wants him there with her, doesnt she trust him or something? That is just abit unfair he has ISF stuff and probably other movie deals but no she wants him to cancel everything! Sorry guys for me the whole NIAN is a big FAKE! People are panicing that Ian may not even turn up for Birmingham because of Nina so rumour has it they are trying to get Nina down to Birmingham so he will attend as many people are flying from other countries to come and see him in the UK next month. Lets hope he doesnt cancel as he will really annoy his fans! There are where they are purley because of their fans!

  • So true

    What do u mean cancel everything? He has Rio in June, then Germany,then Vienna and then England
    I know that there was problems with Rio because not all guests managed to get visa at time. But germany and Vienna are still on. Though as i heard no one even wanted\planned to invite her to attend.
    If they are dating for 2 years or more, why she is so insecure?Why she is always moody when someone is near Ian?
    she acts like a spoiled kid. I was very surprised that when someone asked her about ISF in barcelona she wasn’t able to give an answer. She is Ians gf who she doesn\t know about ISF projects!
    All Nian screams fake.
    Paul and Torrey do not flaunt their relationship, we barely know about them. Zach and candice. Steven too has a gf but no one follows them
    but Nian is pure fan fuss and to please fans
    poor Ian, he wanted to help a kid (aka Nina) but get involved with hysterical baby

  • bbiix3

    @CC: paul has nothing to do this so dont bring him up

  • Ianfan

    Ian made alot of fans annoyed when he cancelled one of his cons this year and said he had ISF stuff and ended up in Coacella (sp) he blantely lied and said he was in the dessert doing ISF work, fans flew all over the country to see him and he blew them out to be with Nina at the concert. Yet other TVD stars managed to do the con and still do the coacella concert, alot of people were not happy.

    she even goes around slating him on how bad he is behind doors their intimate relationship like wtf? I am friends with alot of the ISF ppl who actually know the couple and well Ian is amazing but sorry Nina is a nightmare she acts like a brat! Everyone is entitled to their opinion so this is mine you may love or hate it but I have heard it from people that know her and met her. My friend travelled to see her on one of the mystic falls events and she was horrid she didnt even want to come out and sign autographs! She doesnt get invited to cons here cause she asks for way too much money more than Ian just her excuse being I play two characters wtf? That doesnt mean you have to ask for more money! If she is so great why hasnt she been invited to many cons, why invite Torrey she isnt a main character? Its because noone likes her and she knows it! Ians comment said it all, ” See babe people do like you?” Sorry you can dislike and give me negative feedback but thats only cause you cant handle the truth! Sorry, the relationship is SHAM and once TVD is over the couple will split or if not before once she gets her fame. Remember Nina was a nobody before TVD she has only gotten famous because of Ian and the show nothing to do with her! All this crap about supporting cancer etc but she smokes like a chiminey how two faced is that?? I have met Malese, Torrey, Steven, Zach and Candice and Paul and there are lovely! Hoping to met Ian next month! I agree with Chica she is right sorry guys!

  • So true

    How bad he is behind the doors? Really and that comes from 23 yers old kid who is veeeery experienced i guess!
    Actually in Toronto there is club called ROX and miss Jenny is very often guest thre, who got a free pas because she is Ninas cousine. And when she is vereeery drunk she might tell u a lot of stories about how Nina tried to seduce Ian during summer after season 1 but Ian prefered to be drunk rather go to bed with Nina! TO is full of stories from Ninas ex gf whom she pissed off by being stuck up B8ch

  • Ianfan

    @so true lol really well my friends friend knows her PA and well things started to get out. I do feel sorry for Ian i really do as he is amazing and such a nice guy the sort of guy you would so want to bring home to your mum, i really think he is great but I am not a mad ian stalker, I go to the cons cause I want to meet people not because of him, funny as all the cons i went to i never really met him but seen him there. Hoping next month will be different.

    He can date whoever he wants I just think that Nina is going to end up breaking him because of him his fans are backing off because she is so neagative towards them, it cant be helped that his fans are girls he is a good looking guy so she has to grin and bare it thats the price that comes with dating a good looking famous guy she has to get over it! Seems to me she cant handle it! I would say bla its her age but come on Kat Graham is lovely with her fans, I met her when we went to the chigago con and she asked a group of girls to go for some pizza with her, she is amazing and she is not that much older than nina. So what makes Nina so different your just an ordinary girl who happens to be dating hot leading vamp in a popular show! Get over it Nina and stop acting like you are so much better than everyone! Respect your fans they deserve that! @Chica yeah without their fans people like me and you and many on here Nina and Ian wouldnt be where they are! Remember its the fans and the viewers that made the show no one else!!

  • So true

    but Ian,Nina and Paul share same PA. And there were ppl who said that when things started to get out it was about Ian passing out before she managed to..well you know. That story started a long ago because everyone at one moment was fed up how she was chasing him not only on set but during the cons. I just think that Nina misunderstood Ian flirting attitude and though that she can get more. They are just up in this situation because of fans. We all see that BS like – I would die if Nian will ever break up. No show for me with out Nian/ So whole Nian thing is crazy fans and they have to play along. Difference is how they handle it with class and friendly as Kat or cancdice or like Nina/ Ian is gentelman he can’t say in public smth like – hands off me/ And yes he is protective over Nina but people who visited cons knows that he is THE SAME protective and touchy feely with other girls too, he is like a big brother towards them

  • Ianfan

    @so true oh yeah i heard that haha and that he just was too fast before you know what and she ended up annoyed yeah that was apparently what she said to one of her mates, why would you do that and slate your bf is beyond me?

    Apparently they have different PAs Nina has her own but dont quote me as i dont know that for a fact just what I have heard from others.

    Yeah Ian is touchy feely and he is so lovely she just doesnt seem to trust him. cant believe she was the one chasing after him I heard it was him chasing her.

    I dont think she would beable to work with him if they did break up but rumour had it their relationship was on the rocks as he was spending alot of time with Matt Davies (RIC) and when she had her tooth done at the dentist he wasnt even with her. So who knows! She wouldnt be professional like Candice and Matt they dated before she was with Zach. I cant seen Nina being professional, I mean i would love to see what she thought of that scene with Clare Holt she probably wanted to kill her lol.

    I wouldnt mind if Ian dated anyone else just Nina needs to grow up and stop acting like a brat!

  • So true

    Sometimes (especially after looking at the pics when Ian pull back or aside the most precious part of his anatomy) i start to believe that there was nothing and they just forced to pretend in front of fans/ They was good friends in the beginning but we all know that in the middle of shooting season two whole cast hated Nina and i so doubt that Ian started and affair even just for well u know..with her after she showed her true colours. He is nice to her, polite,sweet and protective because she is a young girl and collegue and yes he might feel responsible towards her, but nothing more.
    He was to fast..haha…i know that we being rude and crude here/ But even on the show look at his moves,his body language tells that he knows how to use his body. May be she is to cold and to slow?
    He chasing her? he was in love and very beat up and broken after his relationship ended much later than fans think.
    i don’t care whom he is dating i just don’t like when a wannabe free bee lying to my face for my money and thinks tjhat i cant see that

  • Miss M

    @ianfan I went to the chicago con, and I was so amazed by all the other cast members who found time to come to the convention for a few hours out of their busy schedules. I’m still mad at Ian’s reasoning for cancelling on chicago, but I still love Ian. I just don’t look at him the same anymore.

  • kristin

    some people are so retarded. its a known fact that they are in Paris right now, so theres no need to call any paparazzi. and these two have been together a while now. this looks like a couple waiting on the street for a cab or something while they talk. nothing staged about it. if it was Paul and Torrey no one would be saying it was staged and shit. if Ian and Nina were a stage couple then they are doing an awful job considering they’ve only been caught kissing in public like twice since they’ve been dating. this is a couple, who prefers to keep their relationship to themselves, and you can tell they are genuine towards each other. you people should spend more time worrying about things that actually effect your life, staged or not, is any of this really bothering you people? leave them alone, let them live your lives and you live yours.

  • Natalie

    Nothing these two do is spontaneous where their public affection is concerned, but in any case, from what I read here, no one is question if they are together anymore, it has now changed to Nina is more or less using Ian which was established a long time ago, but the truth is sometimes hard to swallow.

  • So true

    i do have all reasons to believe that they are not together as an item or as a couple. They are together as a pack of leading actors for sale and yes Nina is using Ian in this situation
    best shot what happend between them is a drunk sex!

  • Natalie

    @So true, at this point, it’s just sad that Ian has allowed himself to be sucked into the hype and not really considered what he was getting himself into or what he has.

  • So true

    I think due to the fact that he wasn’t on TV show longer than one season he never thought that smth like that will last and he def wasn’t prepared that his courtisty will be used like that/ ppl who works and worked with Ian saying that he is smart cookie but to noble for his own good
    But the good thing is that no matter what Ian did earned respect not only from fans buty inside industry so in the end of the day he wins, can’t say the same from Nina
    some fans are blaming her for FAKE (it was proven by videos) rumors about being insulted in Paris