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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder takes a romantic stroll with his Vampire Diaries co-star and real-life girlfriend Nina Dobrev while out and about on Friday (May 25) in Paris, France.

“Good morning Paris-I’ve missed you,” the 33-year-old actor tweeted.

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Ian later wished the executive producer of The Vampire Diaries a happy birthday, saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @julieplec!!!!!! I love & appreciate you like I’ll NEVER be able to describe in 140 characters. Can’t wait to see you tonight!”

He also added, “Amazing day here in Paris… Wow.Can’t wait to see @julieplec and party down in the City of Lights.”

FYI: Nina is wearing a Show Me Your Mumu “Baxter” blouse.

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235 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers”

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  1. 51
    Case Says:

    @confused: well what’s the purpose of fake pr relationships? To get more hype for w/e show they’re on right? &the method is getting as much pictures of each other being as sweet as possible and and talking about each other and showing how “in love” you are. Which is why it’s called a SHOWmance. You’re trying to put on a show.
    But these two have been dating for practically over two years, they’ve never really admitted that they’re dating or talked about each other that way. In every TVD event they don’t even get pictured together. And Paris with their mothers! &basically being together whether the public knows it or not, pictures or not. If this is a fake relationship then their PR people are doing a ****** job.
    It’s not really about evidence, it’s more just common sense.

  2. 52
    Alaine Says:

    @Anna: LOLL “not famous enough to be followed by paparazzis in Paris” comments Anna under paparazzi pictures of Nian in paris.

  3. 53
    nick Says:

    This site needs to be moderated. I see all the haters come out full force here cos they can’t spread hate at most other sites or forums.

  4. 54
    M Says:

    I don’t get all the animosity being spread on here. If you don’t like Nina or Ian, it’s simple STAY off of sites/articles that are about them. Don’t read about them either. I can bet that all these haters on here would say absolutely NOTHING like this if they were face to face with either Nina or Ian. So go back to cowering behind your computer screen since it’s what you do best.


  5. 55
    Anna Says:

    @Alaine: Yeah, that’s why I said the pictures were staged. No way these pictures are taken otherwise.

  6. 56
    Amna Says:

    I love both of them.lovely couple and perfect for each other.people should not hate them.get life people.i must say jealous people r jealous…

  7. 57
    Amna Says:

    Seriously i love nina and ian.and plz stop hate nina.bec she is sweet not rude..she want some spend privte time with bf ian…and dont hate ian he is nice…they both r in love eachother.people and lier fans should leave them…

  8. 58
    Kate Says:

    @Anna: Yeah, so can you please explain to me, why Paul Wesley and Torrey de Vitto, who are exactly on the same level of fame and actually on the same show, got papparazzi picture in the very same city a couple of days ago? Wait, I get it… because their MARRIAGE is stagged and nothing but PR as well!
    And in case you haven´t realised, I was being ironic.

  9. 59
    R.A Says:

    Always looking for a photo-op, really sick of these two. Its funny how every other celebrity couple is supposed PR, but these two who make sure to pose is considered true love.

  10. 60
    Chris Says:

    Bitter Mofo’s can’t keep this couple down! Love them! they are adorable <3

  11. 61
    Verite Says:

    I for one don’t believe that off-screen romances are good for a TV show. The line between the story and the show gets blurred and writers and producers can feel constrained because fans cannot distinguish between one and the other. I feel like these two likely hid their true relationship for some time because it would harm the show and it must make working with their fellow castmates awkward. I don’t really think its a “fake” relationship. Whether it is a good one and they are good for each other is another story. Ian has had MANY girlfriends and dalliances. He’s been a playboy and he’s not shy to speak of it. Nina is very young and I doubt she is looking at something as “forever”. They probably care for each other very much in their own way right now. But relationships in show business are very hard to maintain. In the end though we don’t know these people are their true motivations or intentions and what I really dislike most is when people go on these boards and attack others very personally when they have no real knowledge of them and its none of their business anyway. Does it really make a difference to any of our lives if they are faking it or not or if they last or not? Who cares?

  12. 62
    Natalie Says:

    @JenniferH According to you, all we do are spread lies, but you, you are one of the kindest and most respectful fans out there, a hot little thing and force of nature for Nian.

    Ian is the sweetest person inside and out, so you all worship him like he is some kind of god. That is man like any other so don’t put him up on a pedestal and say he is perfect. No man in this planet is perfect. Fame and fortune are what you are hooked on, half of you there, did not know who he was before vampire diaries nor did you care about him.

    You behave as though Nina is the best thing to ever happen to him, but Megan was the one that stood by him when he was struggling in his career, Megan was his initial guide with his environmental work. All Nina does is look pretty, and be taken all over the world as his “arm candy.” She only does these charitable events when invited. She follows two main environmental advocates besides Ian, because of Ian, and they are Leonardo DiCaprio and ISF. She only posts certain important issues on a rare occasion when asked to.

    But hear what, we are trolls, blind and deaf without a brain, hiding behind a computer screen just like you. We are haters because we don’t want to join the Nian bandwagon and worship them. The TVD family portrays the most disgusting attitude to the outside world, as just said “Bitter Mofo’s,” so forgive us, if we have no desire to be sucked in your hypocriticalness, as defenders for Nian.

  13. 63
    treenapants Says:

    @JenniferH: I agree with jenniferH.

  14. 64
    Natalie Says:

    @Treenapants Unlike @JenniferH response to me, here is my response to you… I have no problem with what you agree with.

  15. 65
    I Says:

    they are just perfect together. HATERS GO GET A LIFE :D

  16. 66
    Natalie Says:

    Maybe you should get one instead.

  17. 67
    Verite Says:

    @Natalie, I am not a defender for Nian nor am I going to go on a board like this one and be against them. I read these stories to pass the time and relax. I know that we are presented with only a fraction of what is actually true. I work in an industry where we deal with the press all the time and I can tell you that what is written is highly distorted most of the time. But people read things and they think they are true. For example, you can’t possibly know how good or bad his previous girlfriend was for him. If she was then the fact that he left her and immediately started dating Nina says more about HIS character than Nina’s. Nina is a young woman – only 23. Before this show she lived in Canada most of her life, going to school, doing gymnastics,acting on a local TV series. If she seems to be more superficial it’s because she hasn’t lived enough yet to have formed those goals. And perhaps this is what Ian was looking for right now that is, something not so serious. Who knows? We can’t know the truth either way. For all we know they are the best thing that ever happened to each other OR they are just fooling around for now and will go on to other people. We don’t know so its no point defending them OR attacking them.

  18. 68
    Natalie Says:

    @Verite I appreciate your unbiased judgement to highest. You are a very sensible person and for that, I respect your view.

  19. 69
    jannyjo Says:

    I don’t think it’s real, but what do i know? They just spend spend so little time together it’s either a PR stunt or a casual relationship. One day of PDA in Paris, one day in NYC. Ian was photographed several times in NYC without her and when he spent the day with his family she wasn’t there. Very strange if they are seriously involved. He also just spent a week in the Philppines without her. He’s gone to several important events without her. I just don’t buy the whole big romance thing. But like I said, what do I know? It’s just speculation on my part.

  20. 70
    just me Says:

    Cute couple ! Don’t talk about each other at all. Which is good thing. Hope it last Maybe Rachel bilson should stop talking about hayden and hook up with her co star too. The one that play wade!

  21. 71
    Natalie Says:

    The thing is, they always see a disapproving comment as hate, like everyone is just supposed to love them automatically because they are stars. As soon as they notice people are not on the same page with them, they are ready to attack and insult others because of their differences in opinion, but they want to come across as though they are this magnificent family of valiant fighters, pioneers for the good cause of a relationship. The majority of these people are teens and young adults with a few older ones mixed in between, but hey, this is just my opinion.

  22. 72
    Rose1987389!!! Says:

    @Jenna: 34 & 22??!!! Yeah this would have been cute but he does looks really old next to her. She looks like a teenager and he looks like an old dried up married man!!

  23. 73
    Verite Says:

    @Natalie, I agree it is wrong to look at actors as flawless people who can do no wrong just because they are talented or attractive or even charming. As you state, often fans are very young people who have the ideals of romantic love where everything is wine and roses. And who among us wouldn’t want that? A handsome man, a pretty girl, travelling all over the place, stolen kisses, beautiful gowns … why not? But the truth is relationships are VERY HARD and complicated even for those of us who just work at regular jobs every day. For these people, I am always amazed when they DO work out. Actors travel so much and are away from each other and have many MANY temptations from their collegues as well as fans and groupies. So if you enjoy Nina and Ian’s performances, as actors, and you like to look at their pretty photos as models and promoters, enjoy them and be entertained. But don’t expect them to be paragons of virtue in their lives because they are NOT perfect people and you will inevitably be disappointed if you expect them to be.

  24. 74
    Verite Says:

    @jannyjo … remember that the pictures you see online are not their lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just because you don’t seen them hanging out together all the time, doesn’t mean they don’t have a relationship with each other. The fact that since filming ended, they’ve been apart sometimes but did eventually travel to be at each other’s side even when they didn’t have to be does signal to me that they are more than just a PR couple. Nina Dobrev didn’t have to go to Paris at all…she wasn’t at the convention. But she went. And when they were in NYC, Ian didn’t have to go to NYC; it was her event to go to. But he went. So they do follow each other around a fair bit on and off camera. Again, say what you will about whether or not you like them together but what they are doing is far too much work for just a bit of PR.

  25. 75
    Natalie Says:

    @Verite Well said…

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