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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder takes a romantic stroll with his Vampire Diaries co-star and real-life girlfriend Nina Dobrev while out and about on Friday (May 25) in Paris, France.

“Good morning Paris-I’ve missed you,” the 33-year-old actor tweeted.

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Ian later wished the executive producer of The Vampire Diaries a happy birthday, saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @julieplec!!!!!! I love & appreciate you like I’ll NEVER be able to describe in 140 characters. Can’t wait to see you tonight!”

He also added, “Amazing day here in Paris… Wow.Can’t wait to see @julieplec and party down in the City of Lights.”

FYI: Nina is wearing a Show Me Your Mumu “Baxter” blouse.

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  • So true

    typing a long message to you! u’ll get is soon
    and i totally agree with u! ian do not use Nina, he is ok with or without those relationship
    though even based on comments and discussion here Nina has intereset to herself only as Ians gf
    Ian always underlined his relationship status, though ppl tend to think overwise
    i think even if he will have a public sex with over girl fans wi;ll chalk it to conspirasy move to protect his secret marriage with Nina

  • Natalie

    @So true lol, looking forward to the message, talk to you soon.

  • So true

    for those who speaks portugeese here
    i LOVED this article
    the journalist saying that Ian being moody and refused to talk about his private life and his gf b/c as Ian said he doesn’t have one
    oh i love the fact that Ian finally snapped

  • Verite

    No @sotrue and @natalie, do not bother defending Ian. He goes to events with her on his arm. He went to the MET ball with her and used her presence there for his goals. He went to Coachella and was pictured grabbing her behind and hugging and kissing her. He went to NYC and was pictured walking around holding hands with her. No matter how you might try to spin it, he is NOT treating her like he treats other women he works with and knows. You do not see him in pictures with Katerina Graham, in the same way, for example. If he doesn’t want people to think she is his girlfriend, then he should not be doing what he does with her. If there are pictures of them together that show up when he is in Germany next week for Vampire Diairies convention, then I’m sorry, I’m not going to blame HER. Because he is older and he should make sure he does not lead her on. She is a young woman who perhaps lacks judgement in this area. If she was my daughter or my sister or my best friend, I would tell her to stay away from him.

  • So true

    her presence at Met ball was bought by CW chanel as for all other actors. Ian was late for a red carpet (though i have a sneaky suspicion he did it on puropose to not to do a red carpet together b/c it is a couple thing) and REFUSED to pose together with her when paps asked
    we saw him taking a straw from Candice forhead at Coachella when Nina was near,we saw him kissing girls forehead and holding her close to him on his left while holding Nina on his right. He never ever said that he has a gf except ti,e he was with his ex.
    He holds hands with everyone, there are pics from 2008 from mexico where he during one perty walked hand in hand with a girl and also had an locked fingers with a guy. It is Ian
    we see how touchy flirty was Ian with Kyla during season 3, how many times he hugged Claire Holt, how sexy touchy pouty he was with Persia White
    we all see it but fans ignore it b/c it is not about Nina
    He will be with her in Germany IF fans on boards will create that story, but for both their sakes i hope they’ll have a vacation from each other b/c somehow they need to live through another season to shoot
    Pics with Nina for paparazy are taken only b/c fans want them
    Fans even twwt to paps as it was this may when they though that they saw ian and Nina names at Washington DC parties
    if not the fans demands there would be no Nian, they are just friends and co workers
    ian do not need relationship to get attention, but who is Nina when she is not Ians gf? Her Met ball almost failed untill Ians presence was known, cannes failed,she needed scandal and fake twitter rumors to get attention to herself
    Ian tweeted after PCA about – see ppl loves u – for a reason/ ppl do not love her they love her as his gf at he is her golden ticket
    Ian during both Xmas holidays used word – alone – in his tweets and word family, but no Nina
    he gives u all answers but u stull demand him to love Nina and to be with her
    i’m not surprised that he is saying what he is saying, and also in Phillipines when he said he has a lot of comitements in life and refused to say that he has a commitements with a particular girl
    Ian is being honest
    but fans twist his words, as i said thay managed to blame other fans and reporters to cover his words in Rio and decided that he just don’t want to admit to press to avoid rumors
    how stupid is that??
    don’t blame him, blame fan imagination
    and Nina is not so naive, she is in this business from 15 years old, she is quite a shark herself and yes she is using him. ians Somerhalder gf can went to White house dinner, Nina Dobrev a wanna be actress – no
    Ians gf can get to a lot of afterparties – but who is that canadina toddler? one of upcomings….ah sweet but no
    who is she with out being his gf?
    fans voted for her during PCA not b/c they like her but b/c they wanted ian to be proud of his gir, they voted for her b/c they assume she is his gf
    so yeah…the fact that he opened all doors to her is a really bad thing!
    God give him patience b/c as we all know fame hit her hard and straight to the fan, so….if he is protecting himself, i’ll say – finally!

  • lulu

    @Natalie: She isn’t a Nian spokesperson but she is very knowledgable about Nian. JenniferH is part of a Nian fanforum. She is lovely to everyone there although others on that site abuse those who don’t worship Nian. One girl is a complete stalker, she even moved over here to attend all the comic cons and follows ian everywhere. @JenniferH is very well researched with her information on Ian. Don’t hate on her! FYI Nian can’t stop telling everyone what they are doing so a bit of research goes along way.

  • Natalie

    @lulu I see, I don’t hate @JenniferH, she just does not impress me with her knowledge, but I’m sure all Nian supporters appreciate the time she takes to investigate Nian, every minute of everyday.

    @Verite You are so right Nina is a kid, but a kid trying to be in control of a man twice her age. With all that you’re complaining about (all of a sudden), she is one luckily little girl because she receives a queen’s treatment from that man, but does not appreciate it unless she is publicly acknowledged. You know what that means? She’s all about the fame.

  • Rayne

    @Verite: Ian said the same thing at the CW Uprfonts in 2011 right before Ian, Nina went to Paris with their moms. It is not unusual for Ian to say his girlfriend is The Vampire Diaries. He, nor Nina, will talk about their personal relationship. Ian and Nina have an agreement that interviews about their personal lives is off limits and they both will continue to honor that agreement. It is very obvious Ian and Nina are in a serious relationship and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. Ian’s father has said so himself. After Paul and Torrey were married in March 2011, I remember Paul going on Regis and Kelly. He was asked about his wife and Paul’s answer was “I have a wife”? Apparently he did not realize the “cat was out of the bag”. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Sometimes celebrities just don’t want their personal relationships or their lives under a microscope. Living in Atlanta at least gives Ian and Nina that privacy “bubble.

  • Verite

    @Natalie, Ian is not twice Nina’s age, let’s be clear on this. She is 23, he is 33. He is not 46. Also, she does NOT need Ian to be popular and famous. She is beautiful and talented and smart and charming. And when I see her in appearances by herself I find her to be funny and articulate. Its when she is with the entire group that she seems to hang back and that is, I think, her age and lack of experience in standing out among very strong personalities. It is to her advantage, career-wise, to promote herself as part of the Vampire Diaries team so I don’t blame her there. Also, who says Cannes flopped? She was gorgeous. She was on best-dressed lists of every website I saw. To say she only gains fame and popularity by being thought to be sleeping with Ian Somerhalder is outrageous and as women, you and me, we should be out there and supporting and promoting our fellow women to be famous without benefit of being someone’s sexual object. I don’t happen to agree with you that she needs Nian in order to be famous. I’m sorry. I know you all want to take Ian’s side and I’d say that its fairly common in the world to blame the woman when things don’t look right and to be jealous and envious of successful women. I for one say Ian is smart, he’s aware, he’s very handsome, but he does NOT have a good track record with women and relationships. So I don’t trust him.

  • Rayne

    @So true: Like Teyla has said you don’t know what you are talking about. If you actually knew what you were talking about, then you would know there were pictures posted of Ian and Nina together at Christmas 2011 and 2010 along with other family members They were posted by a family friend in their “album” that lives in Sun Valley, Idaho.

    As for the picture at Coachella Ian with his arms around two women, one being Nina, the other one was his ISF secretary, Jessica Ramsey. Jessica’s fiancee, Paul, was also there, as well as Erica, Nina’s personal assistant. Candice was hanging out with them too. They all met up in LA to go to Coachella together after Ian and Nina spent a romantic week together in Hawaii. You try to make it sound like something indecent , immoral and deceitful when it wasn’t. Coachella was a working – play weekend for Ian and Jessica. Three meetings were held over a two day period in regards to the Go Green Mobile generators, of which Ian has a financial investment in. Ian thinks the world of Jessica and loves her as a friend and part of his family. Ian and Nina do not show up at events with other dates because they are a couple.

    @Natalie Ian is not twice Nina’s age. You should know that.

  • Natalie

    @Verite “@Natalie, Ian is not twice Nina’s age, let’s be clear on this. She is 23, he is 33. He is not 46.”

    @Rayne “@Natalie Ian is not twice Nina’s age. You should know that.”

    Is this the moment I hear the drum roll or see a marching band and fireworks in the sky? So what’s all this fuss with being age specific? Alright I concede, he’s not 2x her age, he is exactly 1.43478260x her age. And (because you’re in an uproar about age, all of a sudden), I will not add any more years than 10 and 11 months (as their difference) for the sake of his beautiful face and glimmering blue eyes, he is just too pretty for that.

    You know, well no you don’t… I am no exception to the rule when it comes to dating older men. My current and my ex before him are both 15 years older than I am. Older men light a hell of a spark in the bedroom, it is outrageously orgasmic. Believe me when I tell you, they can work various parts of their bodies well to please a woman, if you know what I mean?
    Well enough of the “someone’s sexual object” talk for now. (Can’t wait for the response on that)

  • Natalie

    @Verite You’re saying to me Nina due to her youth lacks experience, but I am jealous of her success. But Ian (being twice her age in thought) is smart, aware, very handsome, but he does not have a good track record with women so you don’t trust him… Ok

    When I was 15 years old, one of my male friends got into some trouble. We both were library prefects in school and he was accused of stealing money. I went to the assistant librarian and I defended him; I said no way he would do that, I was very adamant about it. I mean, I asked my friend “did you steal?” He said to me “no,” and I believed him. A few days past and then the assistant librarian brought the two of us together, and he made him confess to my face, and I felt so betrayed, I never spoke to him again. I learnt a lesson that day, just because someone seems real, sincere, lovely and trustworthy, does not mean that they are.

    When it comes to trust, you have to earn that in my book. Everyone makes mistakes and anyone can change, but to say to me I am jealous of her success… What I know is, that material stuff you call success can take years to achieve and be lost in no time at all. So that does not matter to me, but you, you just accept what is presented to you at a given moment in time, you do not read between the lines so I don’t expect you to understand what I’m saying.

    @Rayne for someone who said “Living in Atlanta at least gives Ian and Nina that privacy “bubble,” you know a hell of a lot about what’s going on in that bubble, they are very fortunate indeed.

  • So true

    What amuse me the most in all this that somehow it is very important to Nian ppl to convince all others who have dif opinion or doubts in the fact that Nian is match made in heaven and the are perfect
    All those convincing speaches is somehow Nina based, as Nina fans trying to show her off/ What is sad is that in those speaches ppl are mostly Ok with the fact that Nina made Ian to cheat on his ex, (well cheating is still bad but if a guy cheats with Jina it is good),in those speaches it is good to use a man for ur purposes, in those speaches Ian is always Ninas lapdog
    As a female i would be proud of Nina is she did a hard job and made some success but when a girl use a staged make up,borrowed clothes,PR agents and rumors to be succesful, sorry i refuse to be proud of her
    Moreover if a girl is a hypocrite i refuse to be proud of her
    One more interesting thing. Some how when there are real open relationship on the set ppl have no interest about them, even when actors do not hide it. But speculation and detective hunt and then proving “love theory” to others is smth TOP priority for a lot of ppl
    As for Bubble here was very good line, somehow we know places where they eat,live e.t.c and also what they supposly do in their free time
    But decpite the obvious that for a lot of ppl Nian exists and who thinks otherwise is wrong, i want to ask u a question – why every fact,every pic,every sighting about Nian has commercial back story behind it and why every each one of it can be proven as doubtful
    Zach last summer openly wrote in twitter that he woke up with Accola in Europe, those two openly dated but 90% of fans didn’t know about it
    Both Nina and Ian one way or another denays that there is smth serious between them if there is smth between them at all, but ppl are damn sure that they are secretly married
    It is ridiculous!

  • lolly

    @Natalie & @so true I so wanna be in lol. I have missed your reponses you guys make me laugh!

    Ok the guy sorry to say is a complete douche! How can he say that Nina is not his gf oh right theres a difference isnt there between BOOTIE calle and gf and obviously she is is BOOTIE call if he openly admitted that he hasnt got a gf! The guy makes me laugh and shows me he really is digging himself a massive hole, all those NIAN fans heart broken! So all you NIAN lovers just goes to show even the man himself doesnt consider miss DOBREV his gf even he cant even admit it on an interview! So brings our point ITS STAGED & FAKE!

  • Jomofan

    lolok the real deal is that he is gay and is only with Nina as he is in denial! lol you NIAN defenders are funny! Look the guy obviously doesnt care that much for Nina if he can say he dont have a gf. In past interviews he pretty much bragged he had one. There was one interview i saw 7 questions with Ian or something and he was very much praising the fact that he went to the TVD reading driving along reading the script while it was sprawled across his girlfriend he says girlfriend alot in this interview! So either the relationship is a sham or he is being a twat for stating that he isnt dating anyone! He doesnt have to say who the girl is he can just say yeah i am currently in a relationship nothing wrong in saying that! But dont parade around with her kissing her and acting all lovey if you aint gonna own up your dating the chick. As Lolly said she is probably his booty call then! I dont think much of Ian and i think he is is an attention seeker what he does for ISF fair play but other than that I think he is conceited who names their foundation after themseleves!! At least Joesph Morgan is supporting a worthy charity! Why doesnt he support something like that, I just think he is as fake as the rest!!

  • So true

    I like u too
    U see what i like here most, that all that – it is Ian who uses nina, Nina is the best what happened to him and all Nian is match made in heaven EXTRA HARD activity is somehow started at the same time when a lot of fans started web capmpaigne against TVD for TCA in July
    am i the only one here thinks that love relationship is not the thing to promote for an award?
    and Ian fans are only defending him against nina ones
    ok i get i am delusional
    but hey….if i am delusional then i have password to Ians account where he is mocking a fact of having a wife

  • Nicole

    To all of you: GET A LIFE!
    If they are a couple or not is their business and only theirs. Why on earth you spend time to write all those rumors, lies and gossip? They are PEOPLE like us.They are famous, right but most of all they are people and their private lives is only theirs.

  • Jomofan

    @so true hahaha you make me smile! I LOVE U!! Yeah I noticed that! I mean if he doesnt admit he has a gf its probably cause he is married lol. Ahem you have the password eh! haha You could have so much fun with that! xoxox

  • So true

    I’m glad i made u smile!At least one good thing from all this…ahem///stuff
    U i said i do not really care but please, please and one more time please stop showing in my throat smth which so easy can be seen as a marketing thing
    i do understand why ppl wat to belieave in it but ppl come on :LISTEN to the actors, i think next thing to expect is Ian begging them to sent him free from Nina

  • Jomofan

    @so true I think Nian fans just want it so much, they wanted Delena and well that kinda went abit soar so whats the next best thing NIAN come on the fans even thought of the nickname NIAN so if anything its your devoted Ian & Nina crazies that want this. For all we know they probably dont even like each other and they are just playing the part of a couple because of the fans! Its great publicity soon to be a couple on screen and off screen just keeps the fans happy and without the fans watching the show TV ratings will go down. Its all about the ratings! I have noticed many times on twitter come Thursday you dont hear from Ian that week but Thursday he is ready to promote the show sometimes he does it a day before! Keep the fans sweet and the actors still have a job! Its a cut throat business and everyone is in it for themseleves! Their love life well if he blantley tells the public he isnt dating Nina then he has no respect for her or their “relationship” just goes to show he probably doesnt give a hoot about Nian and the only reason he is putting up with it is beacause he has a pretty girl who happens to be one of the leading actors in a hot tv show. But what do we know eh, judging by some of these comments we have people who follow them around daily and probably stalking them cause some of you seem to think you all know NIAN! Whereas there are people like @natalie & @so true who say what their believe and what they think and yet they get bashed or insulted for giving their opinion! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, my opinion not that NIAN would give a crap but I think that their relationship is not what its cracked up to be, Ian is a very big flirt and I cant see him staying with her much longer as I am sure he will probably have the 3 year itch as judging from his last gfs he hasnt lasted more than 2 years with them! I kinda had enough of the whole NIAN they arent royality shit even the queen dont get so much publicity than these two!! NIAN fans sorry to burst your bubble but I dont think the relationship is real I think its for show I could be wrong or I could be right who knows! But it doesnt fill me with confidence if Mr Smolderhalder doesnt even admit that he has a gf regardless of who she is or not! Tell me somthing would any of you STOP watching the show if NIAN ended?

  • Natalie

    @Lolly @so true @Jomofan I’m just glad Ian decided to say to the media “Hey, don’t mind my business,” in not so many words. Nian has pictures, tweets between them, eavesdropped quotes of their statements and all sorts of nonsense to go on, and keep on and on about. So to hear him say his full devotion is to his job, earned a portion of respect in my book.

    Personally, TVD is not all about Delena and Wesley he’s a major part of the show but is sometimes pushed to the side which is ridiculous. Come on now, Stefan is a fine specimen of Vamp. Who can’t see that is delusional (as they like to say).

  • Natalie

    This is the most popular phrase spoken by TVD family members, who cannot handle people disagreeing with their views of Nian, “GET A LIFE!” The last time I checked the “breath of life” still flowed through my nostrils, thanks be to God.
    Those of us who have given our views against, spend way less time focusing on Nian believe it or not, compared to others who sort through their pictures to post, creating trends all day, following them on the zebra crossing while they are taking a walk, finding out what hotel they are staying in to hide behind a tree, waiting hours in the rain and snow at their workplace just to cry tears of astonishment in their face, and kissing up to Nina only to get close to Ian.
    We don’t have the time to sit on the pavement for hours waiting for them to pass by. So don’t be upset with us, we’re just doing what normal people do everyday, giving an opinion.

  • Ximena

    ian said on his twitter ” apparently i have a wife”

  • Jomofan

    @Ximena I think he was making a joke out of it! You never know he might! @Natalie High Five! I totally agree!

  • Rayne

    @Ximena: and Ian was responding to a tweet by someone that called themselves Ian’s wife. It was a joke on Ian’s part.

  • jannyjo

    Ian said himself in an interview that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I don’t see why this argument continues.

  • tinhorse

    i agree @natalie thumbs up!!!!! :)

  • Natalie

    @tinhorse Appreciated

  • River

    @jannyjo: Ian called Nina his girlfriend as they were leaving the Met Ball party together. Ian specifically said “his girlfriend” in regards to Nina. Ian has calls the show, The Vampire Diaries, his girlfriend frequently. It is a way to deflect the questions that get personal about him and Nina.

  • lord

    i saw that joseph morgan is dating persia white are a lot pof pix with them in monaco

  • donyy

    i saw that pictures tooo he likes big older va gi na

  • Natalie

    I’m judging the originality of this group of people, of course when new material becomes available they will grab unto it like leeches but for the time being, when they can’t get their way, they must stir up lies and recycle nonsense from time past. They also possess very limited vocabulary to emphasize their points of no value.

  • River

    @lord: Joseph Morgan, Michael Trevino and Persia White were all together at the Monte Carlo Film Festival representing The Vampire Diaries. Their pictures were taken as a threesome, but was then cropped to make it appear they were only of Joseph and Persia, which was not the case at all. The original photos that were taken has Michael Trevino in them too.

  • http://yahoo washirah

    i think its there private life…….they are nice couple, we should not judge their life…where the ian was dating meghan…ect..4 now he is dating nina……..forget about his past…..and enjoy ian and nina together

  • Amy

    ALL THE HATERS ARE STELENA OR PAUL FANS! Stop being such haters damn!!