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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder takes a romantic stroll with his Vampire Diaries co-star and real-life girlfriend Nina Dobrev while out and about on Friday (May 25) in Paris, France.

“Good morning Paris-I’ve missed you,” the 33-year-old actor tweeted.

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Ian later wished the executive producer of The Vampire Diaries a happy birthday, saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @julieplec!!!!!! I love & appreciate you like I’ll NEVER be able to describe in 140 characters. Can’t wait to see you tonight!”

He also added, “Amazing day here in Paris… Wow.Can’t wait to see @julieplec and party down in the City of Lights.”

FYI: Nina is wearing a Show Me Your Mumu “Baxter” blouse.

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235 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers”

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  1. 126
    Sharon Says:

    You know, I’ve read all 125 comments on this article and can’t believe that people are really ready to talk so negatively against a very private, very shy 23 year old young woman. I mean, really….saying all the god awful things about her? Have you actually met her, in person? Or are you all going on what other people have said?

    Let me tell you a little story….I live in Atlanta. One night, toward the end of filming this season, we went to the set to meet the stars of the show…we waited a LONG time….I think it was like 3:00AM before Ian & Nina came out. They were exhausted. They’d been on set for close to 14 hours straight, for the 3rd day in a row. It was rainy and the weather was miserable. But you know what they both did? They came over, spoke with us, signed autographs, took pictures & talked with us for a little while. They didn’t ignore us and walk on like some of the other cast members did. No, both of them came over, after working such grueling hours, and was as nice & sweet as they could possibly be to us. Then, after about another 45 minutes to an hour of signing autographs, taking pictures and chatting with us, they went home, together. Nina was a part of all this and was just as gracious, and just as sweet as Ian was.

    I’m a big fan of both of them. I’m also extremely happy that Ian & Nina are together, as a couple. I don’t believe for one second that this is a photo op to promote TVD, I mean really people, Damon/Elena hasn’t happened on the show, Elena chose Stefan……I believe that these are two people, who are in a romantic relationship, who are trying to spend what little time they can together, before they have to go back to the grueling schedule of filming TVD……you’d think people would just be happy for them and move on.

  2. 127
    Natalie Says:

    Let me begin with @Teyla, a source of massive amounts of information (must be family or friend or crew.)

    I’m almost surprised you did not tell me the exact dates. Who needs the paparazzi when they have you? You can’t possibly have all that useless information in your head. That has to be written in a book somewhere. So Ian and Nina went Mexico together? Well blow me down… And Bora Bora, well isn’t that spectacular, but as I recall he was silent for a few days (forgot all about his fans you included) then all of a sudden tweeted “Skinny dipping with sharks.” I need to do some skinny dipping myself minus the “sharks,” of course.

    Furthermore, I’m fully aware of Megan’s issues with the fan base. When I first saw it I did not understand her reaction to them, but let me tell you, I certainly know why now.

    Ian and Nina can go anywhere they want, they have the finance to support it and they are together right? At the end of the day Ian will always try to maintain his image as the most outstanding man in the world.

  3. 128
    Natalie Says:

    @Rayne, So the fans were “misbehaving,” my hand is over my mouth, I’m in shock. This truly has to be a first for the TVD family. Yes, we were aware he hurt himself doing stunts and Nina, oh sweet Nina had to call in the big guns to protect him, because the fans (who spent a large sum of money and did not receive what they were promised) would have knocked him over, trampled on him and killed him. Then that would surely bring an end to TVD, and a bold news headline of “Sexy Beast Somerhalder, wasn’t beastly enough to keep his fans inline and was killed at his own Empoweresque event.”

    Yes we can’t forget about Coachella, where Ian was doing the ground work for ISF, and feeling up Nina’s backside for the eager cameras.

  4. 129
    Natalie Says:

    @Sharon you actually read all 125 comments? Isn’t a great discussion off of twitter? Man top notch; let me tell you. Both sides of a story not just one, all Nian and Delena based. This is very good, what’s happening here right now.

    Nina is “a very private, very shy 23 year old young woman.” I never got that vibe from her, I mean, if she can pose naked and semi-naked for EW, she’s not shy at all, Moreover she was extremely proud about it, but I guess that was just work.

    She’s indeed really private, I never know when she’ll do some shopping, baking, dressing up, having her hair styled or nails done, or spending time with her mom or her friends, or when she has her backside felt up while on stage at the MMVAs. That’s really hard info to get your hands on.

    Nian actually came out in bad weather after work at 3am, when the other cast members left, to sign your autographs? This had to be something new to them. Ian really does love his fans and he has Nina with him. How would it look, after work, you guys are there and they pay no mind? They need you all to keep supporting their relationship and the show, but I must add you are some truly dedicated fans. Really bad weather, and you guys are standing out there in the cold, waiting? That is true devotion. No difference between you really, and the other fans that love everything to do with Ian.

  5. 130
    one girl Says:


    I understand he had other things come up, but it looks bad on him and his people that he was at coachella the same weekend as chicago when he committed to chicago last july. aka 9 months in advance… yes they had 3 other guests come in his place. But all those guests had busy schedules as well and still managed to steal a few hours to come to chicago and be with the fans

  6. 131
    Rayne Says:


    The fans were not given what they were promised which was …. what ??? The expectation of time alone with Ian for hugs, kisses and a make out session just for them? They would truly be silly to expect that. The gift bags that were stolen by the fans that crashed the upper level area, which is why Nina went to security to begin with? Ian paid for a security detail to be on hand to make sure the different levels of tickets purchased were not compromised. Apparently the security team did not do their job because Nina noticed there were more people in that area than there was suppose to be. The room became too crowded and “yes” there were many of his friends and other attendees that were concerned for Ian’s knee. He was in a lot of pain the whole night, but tried not to show it. Kim Klinger, ISF Executive Director, sent out a notice to contact her and she would make sure the gift bags were sent to people that did not receive theirs. The amount of money that was spent was for a charity event? … charity means giving without an expectation of something in return. Apparently there was a group of fans that went to the Empoweresque fundraising charity event that did not understand the concept of what charity means. Considering at 9pm the event was only for 21 and older, I would think that Ian, as the host, would not have to keep his fans inline. At age 21 and up, they should be able to handle themselves in an appropriate and respectful manner, but apparently some were not. I went (did not dress in burlesque) to his fundraiser to have a good time, which I did, and to support Ian and his foundation, but I would have been just as willing to write a check in the same amount as my ticket as a charitable gift without attending. My gift bag was taken too, but I understood what had happened and did not make a fuss over it, nor have I held a “grudge” over it. To do that would be petty. While some of these fans that had enormous expectations for themselves and felt like Ian should be indebted to them somehow because they attended his “charity” event, decided to take their anger and frustration out on Nina because she was the easiest target. Suddenly she was being called the “*****” that interfered with them getting their way, which resulted in the rumors that were spread about her that night. Nina never yelled at Ian, nor did she ever act like a “*****” to anyone, nor did she stomp out of the event. That is all lies just to destroy her reputation. Nina left with the other cast members and rode a shuttle bus back over to the Eyecon. Ian stayed behind for a little while longer and continued to be a host as his guests were leaving. After that Ian, Nina and the other cast members that supported him by attending his charity event all went out for a bite to eat and friendly conversation.

  7. 132
    Rayne Says:

    @one girl:

    I don’t see how that reflects badly on Ian at all. It would be different if it was an Ian Somerhalder event, but it wasn’t. It was a Vampire Diaries fan convention. Ian gave a two month notice that he would not be able to attend, which gave Creation Entertainment plenty of time to get replacements. In reality it doesn’t matter why he cancelled, it just meant there was a scheduling conflict, which is why the event planners have a disclaimer regarding their guests may have scheduling conflicts. How Creation Entertainment or Eyecon handle refunds to the attendees is totally up to them, but before purchasing tickets I would definitely read their refund policies. Jensen Ackles just cancelled his fan convention too. It happens. While it is nice that the actors want to come to these fan conventions, they are not obligated to do so. Ian has only cancelled two USA fan convention events over a three year period and unfortunately they were both handled by Creation Entertainment this year. Overall, that is a pretty good record. The first year a fan convention was held in England both Paul and Ian had to cancel due to the filming of TVD. Paul had to cancel out on the Atlanta Dragon con twice due to scheduling conflicts. I don’t think any of the TVD cast deliberately want to disappoint any of their fans, but sometimes things come up and schedules have to be adjusted. I certainly don’t take it as a personal insult although it is disappointing if a favorite actor has to cancel, but that is the risk one takes in purchasing tickets to these events. There are no guarantees.

  8. 133
    Natalie Says:

    @Rayne I’m truly loving this moment when someone explains charity to me and I’m also loving your explanation to me about security detail. It’s a good thing I have some experience in both so I know how this works. In any case you have some direct contact with Nian, and their associates so your point of view will be different from the rest.

    Now you’re saying that 21 year olds and up should know how to carry about themselves with Ian, Really? 21 year olds? With Ian who does lewd gestures, talks sex in the presence of a children but then catches himself and apologizes, but does it over and over again? And I’m not even surprised that things were stolen, this is the TVD family we are talking about, but I agree with you though, they should be more mature and behaved.

    Alright, rumours were spread about Nina’s behaviour when she was being all kind and sweet and just looking out. Funny thing is rumours on a whole are nothing new within this group of people, but I suppose you were with Nian ever second of Empoweresque to know what was taking place between them, but you seem level headed so I’ll go with your version for the time being.

    There is one thing you need to understand however, we know that was a fundraising event, and we know the principle of charity. We know Ian is not well, but people paid their money (whether it is was $50, $300, $1000 whatever) and were told of certain level of service which they did not receive. Money will always have value charity or no charity, and people will always gravitate towards an organization which they believe will give them the most satisfaction, whether that satisfaction is simply knowing that they helped someone, or satisfaction in getting back a certain level of gratitude for their donation.

    Even the most famous love the attention of everyone knowing they gave to a charity. They love the comments they receive, “you’re selfless,” “thank you, your donation will go along way,” “your too kind” and Ian is no exception to this rule. So do not be upset with the folks who want to be acknowledged for just showing up at Empoweresque. They did not have to buy tickets; they could have left his event high and dry with just you to write a cheque.

  9. 134
    alyssa Says:

    I don’t think nina is shy! Do you see the video at conan O’ Brien?

  10. 135
    chick2508 Says:

    Guys look at ourselves we are all bickering because of celebs come on! Havent we got anything better to do? Ok so everyone is gonna have their opinions some love Nian some hate Nian noone is gonna agree we just have to agree to desagree.

    I have stong reservations about the relationship but you know what Ian is a big boy and I am sure he knows what he is doing. If its publicity stunt or not do we really care? All i have to say is that I wish them the best of luck in whatever they decide to do and if it works great if not then I am sure the Nian fans will get over it!

    I am personally not a Nian fan but you know what its not for me to say I dont really care who the guy dates. I respect his work and I think he does a great job helping others, so give the poor guy some credit! Nina I have heard alot of mixed stories about her some say she is nasty some say she is nice who knows what the real deal is with them two and to be honest I dont think we ever will!

    I watch TVD because I like the show not because I am crazed Ian fan, I follow and support his foundation because I believe in the cause and I help anyway I can!

    I respect everyones opinions and some I agree with some I dont but my opinion everyones here isnt gonna change the fact that they are together is it?

    We should all suck it up and just wish them the best of luck!

  11. 136
    chick2508 Says:

    can I also say @Natalie you are so funny I love you! High five girl! I wish there were more people out there like you! Honest and straight to the point! xo

  12. 137
    Natalie Says:

    @chick2508 Lol thanks, appreciated your comment also.

  13. 138
    DE Says:


    You couldn’t have said it better!!
    There are some sad & bitter people here. Why bash them? It makes no sense to do so. If they make each other happy then good for them!

    I may not like some other couples/actors/actresses mentioned here on this site but I don’t go and type out negative comments. If you don’t like the topic, ignore it & go find a topic you do like and comment on that.

  14. 139
    lolly Says:

    Whoever said Nina was shy haha that comment made me laugh! The woman stripped off naked in EW magazine and then she does this handstand yoga crap on some show. If thats shy I hate to see what isnt! lol

    @Natalie RESPECT! I hear you and your views are great!

    Noone here is personal friends of Ian and Nina so come on get over yourselves and stop acting like you know them both! We dont know what goes on behind closed doors. But these pics of them dont do their relationship any justice as she looks miserable as hell!!

  15. 140
    Teyla Says:

    @So true: How in the world do you dream up this rubbish? What is up with this campaign to ruin a young woman’s reputation by spreading rumors and ill conceived notions about her?
    The cast and crew do not “hate” Nina. She is funny and cute on set. Does she get tired after being on set after 14 hours straight? Yes she does. Does she get tired of shooting the same scene for 6 hours straight all of the sake of correct lighting. Yes, she does. Does the cast and crew look forward to Nina’s homemade cookies and desserts? Yes, they do. Ian is not pretending to be in love Nina all for the sake of TVD. That is ridiculous. He loves her because of who she is. Nina is not hateful and nasty to Ian. If she was, he would not be with her. To even think that is pure nonsense. If it was all for the sake of TVD, I don’t think Ian would be spending Christmas with her and uniting his family and hers together. I don’t think Ian would be going with Nina to Mexico for New Years one year and then to Bora Bora the next New Year if he did not love her. I don’t think Ian and Nina would have spent a week in Hawaii together if he did no love her. . I don’t think Ian would have taken his mother along on vacation to Paris last year with Nina and her mom if he did not love her. I don’t think Ian would arrange a Valentine’s “weekend” nature get-away at a small community resort for the two of them in a remote area near Atlanta if he didn’t love her. I don’t think Ian would be leaving Paris and going to the French countryside for a few day with Nina if he did not love her. I don’t think Ian would have taken Nina to the emergency clinic when she injured her head on set during filming if he did not love her. I don’t think Ian would be sitting in the waiting room at the dentist’s office while Nina was having her wisdom teeth removed if he did not love her. Overall, I don’t think Ian would be spending the amount of time he does with Nina if he did not love her, nor would Nina be spending the amount of time with Ian if she did not love him. Their relationship has nothing to do with TVD. They are two people that met and fell in love. It is just as simple as that.

  16. 141
    So true Says:

    my greatest respect for ya girl! and tyanks for not to shy to tell the truth or not popular opinion here

    what fanpage did u read to make that comments as a statement of truth?
    Were u with Ian when he did all those things? no!
    but thre are a lot and i tell u a lot of ppl who saw different things but were shuted up by aggresive Nian shippers!
    for a start/ Yes Ian and Nina was together at Bora Bora at vacation (i asume payed by CW) but they lived separately! and there are at least 15 ppl who can state that, but they were called as haters and bushed all over the web
    evryone knows that Nina was alone at the dentist
    As for Idiho resort. Half of the cast were there too/
    Paris with Moms…well thx to the coutresty of drunken cousin whole Toronto knows that CW asked mama Dobrev to come to Paris with Nina after they rescheldued Ninas photoshoot for TEENvogue to Paris so she would be there same dates with Ian
    as for France countryside, there are brucnch of ppl who saw Ian with a girl but not Nina last two days in France. They were called delusional haters and oh wow as soon as cat is out of the bag Ians father gives a hint that there is relationship between Ian and nina
    they show PDA or love only when somekind of award or season finalle is upcoming
    as for hartred towards Nina. try to talk to a crew not to the cast or beter to cateters they don’t have nothing to lose or to get
    some crazy fans who wanted jucy details went to them in Atl but in a result instead of epic love they found out that there is nothing but Ian tolerance to her and the fact that he is the only one on the set who can shout louder than Nina
    Nian era is over!Only really crazy fans still believe in it and both Ian and Nina will do everythung to keep it up, but as soon as fanbase will have a downfall Nian will end

  17. 142
    one girl Says:


    correct it’s not a personal insult, just disappointing. Thank you those are the words I was looking for

  18. 143
    Teyla Says:

    @So true: This is pure RUBBISH! You have no idea who I am, or what capacity my facts come from.

  19. 144
    Natalie Says:

    @lolly @So true Thanks. This thing is full of fluff and is over done which gives Ian a swell head.

  20. 145
    Teyla Says:

    @So true: BTW: What could possibly make you assume that the CW Network would pay for Ian and Nina’s trip to Bora Bora during the Christmas/New Years hiatus? What would make you think that 15 people were in Bora Bora and visually saw Ian and Nina in separate living arrangements? I know for a fact that is not true. I’m also sure that they did not have separate quarters in Hawaii either. Also, what would make anyone think the CW network would care if Nina’s mom was at a Teen Vogue photo shoot in Paris? Courtesy of a drunken cousin in Toronto? That alone should put it to rest. Mama Dobrev wasn’t even in Toronto at the time, she flew from Turkey to Paris. The CW network’s marketing team is only interested in the promotion photo shoots that represent the show. Also, there is the Warner Brothers Studio Mondo photo shoot in Los Angeles. The fashion photo shoots are handled between the designers, magazines and the actor’s managers/PR agents. If the actor wants to take the job, then they will. Coming from the modeling world, Ian is in great demand for photo shoots. His connections within the industry has definitely helped Nina quickly become a fashion icon. Nina can go from being the most beautiful/best dressed on the Red Carpet at any event to the girl that straps on a backpack and boots to go hiking with Ian in the Georgia mountains. Everyone knows Nina was alone at the Atlanta dentist office while getting four impacted wisdom teeth extracted? Who is everyone? I know for a fact that is not true and that Ian was sitting in the waiting room. Once he got Nina back home and settled in, he did go to the set later on in the early evening for filming. Half of the TVD cast were staying with Ian, Nina and their families at the Somerhalder retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho at Christmas? Seriously? I think not. I don’t know who is feeding the information that Ian was not with Nina in the French countryside after they left Paris, but that is wrong information. Ian was not with another girl, but that was a nice try. Considering I live and work in Atlanta there is no need for me to talk to the TVD crew or the caterers that service the TVD/Bonanza Production studios in Decatur, GA. I’m pretty sure none of them would spout off Nina “hate”. As for who yells the loudest on the set, I am betting it is the TVD director.

  21. 146
    Natalie Says:

    “Coming from the modeling world, Ian is in great demand for photo shoots. His connections within the industry has definitely helped Nina quickly become a fashion icon.” Via @Teyla

    “Nina can go from being the most beautiful/best dressed on the Red Carpet at any event to the girl that straps on a backpack and boots to go hiking with Ian in the Georgia mountains.” Via @Teyla

    Clothes does make the man (or woman in this case), especially when you have the aid of professionals.

  22. 147
    Jessie Says:

    @Sharon: That is so true! Fans do come from all across the country and Internationally to visit Covington, GA. and have high hopes that they will get to see their favorite actors. If filming is taking place in and around Covington, GA it is not unusual for fans to hang out until filming is completed no matter how late. “Yes”, Ian and Nina are always gracious and engaging to their fans no matter how late they pack up to leave. When filming is taking place in and around the Covington Square it is not unusual at all for fans to bring lawn chairs and sit on the side lines. During breaks Ian and Nina never miss an opportunity to meet and greet the fans. Anyone working or living in Covington knows this to be true. Sometimes it is a hassle, but the show has been great for businesses on the square, especially “Scoops”. The TVD cast loves that place. Ian’s favorite is the banana pudding ice cream. Oh! One other thing, I live in Covington, Ga just off the square and have the opportunity to watch the outdoor filming that takes place at the Gilbert house and the Forbes house. Anyone that thinks Ian and Nina are not a couple, are very wrong. Those two could not possibly be more joined at the hip. The night they filmed the episode 1912 they brought in dump trucks full of dirt to cover the street in front of the courthouse, but cleaned it all up before morning. They wanted the authenticity of how the courthouse looked in 1912. The set up crew is amazing. Did not mean to go on and on and you may not even have a chance to read this, but I did want to let you know that what you said about the fans is very true and about Ian & Nina too. Glad to hear that you had the experience of meeting Ian and Nina, but sorry it was on such a miserable rainy night.

  23. 148
    Natalie Says:

    @Jessie Ian favourite ice cream is banana pudding, OMG that is so awesome. I love bananas, really good for the bowels.

    “The night they filmed the episode 1912 they brought in dump trucks full of dirt to cover the street in front of the courthouse, but cleaned it all up before morning.” There seems be a lot of dirt around this group so this is no surprise.

    And Ian and Nina are more joined at the hip, I’m guessing this a conjoined twins thing, join at the hip and not the head. hmmm Oh well…

  24. 149
    lolly Says:

    Ok I am seeing every comment I know that for a fact? Ok how do you know, do you personally know Nian oh thats right you are all stalkers?? come on without solid evidence who knows what happened. But we all know a celebs life isnt always as peachy as everyone thinks!

  25. 150
    So true Says:

    You are right i don’y know who you are and where you coming from. You are saying that you are coming from Atl/GA/USA and use the names of companies related to TVD which u can find in internet (i meqan that this info is public) and miss a helluva lot details.
    I know that i have a degree in psychology and in social media. And i do know how promoter works, I never denayed my interest at ISF and underlined that i do not care about Nian thing or whom else ian is using on/off set for his sexual release after stressfull days
    What i know is that Nian fans always saying the same facts which they practically created on their own twisting facts and words of actors. Also all Nian defenders have the same speach learnd by heart with the same points. But those who dare (brave ones) to disagree and really saw smth different always have different facts and different stries with the common point though. And you know what it means? It means that the chance that the ones who saw not epic love saw the truth b/c in reality nothing is perfect,nothing in this life looks and happens as in the books
    Also i may add that all stories about meeting Nian are always related to moments when both of them were on their acting duty or related to TVD events when actors has to behave is was written in their contracts
    CW is well known in industry as a chanel who builds the show around the show because it is a best way to hook the fans
    As for Bora Bora payed by CW you all have proves for that but chose to ignore it. Nina on her private NY vacation did photoshoot to promote the company who helped her to ger diving certificate and a hotel web which is partners of CW where all actors are staying with discount during their trips. You call this private NY vacation i name it as payed vacation with work related shoots
    Same goes for Paris. Ninas clothes from Paris 2011 was used in episodes of TVD in season 3 but fans are so obsessed with Nian that chose to ignore or twist the info
    I read somewhere here but also heard it from friends who worked at Coachella that ian was drunk. Btw a lot of ppl tweeted it to, that Ian was drunk and all hugging was b/c he barely stood stright.and that Nina was trying to jump him
    I don’t know if it is true or not (i’m not you i do not state that all the fact i’m writing is absolute) but the thing is that ppl who goes to Coachella are barely crazy fans and if this info had poped out it does prove that Coachella pics are not what everyone think they are (btw Ians body language proves a lot more than that but it is irrelevent right now)
    I have so much more to say but i don’t see the point actually
    Nian fans are zombied by good ole media tehnique b/c of their need in fairytale/ So let it be
    Ppl who are able to see the facts and does met them in reality aside from TVD related stuff will tell u an opposite story
    But what the fact is, that when ppl are hiding\protecting their relationship even crazy stalkers can barely get any info (Paul and Torrey, zach and candice, Michael and his girl), no one knew until drunken incedent in Atl after season 2 wrap party that Nina had a fling with Trevino during season 1 and CW folks did a lot of damage controll to hide this cat back in the bag
    my point is, that whole Nian relationship are so followed and oh so much fit to a fan expectation that it really look staged
    and reading ur description of them it is obvious that you use physicla looks of both Ian and Nina then create your own personal traits put them on them and live in your happy bubble
    It is your choice
    I’ll repeat myself once again i don’t care about how long Nian charade will go on, I start to believe that they are not even co workers with benefits (to much shows about it and to hard CW ppl try to prove overwise)
    i care for the fact that Nina does damage to Ian career and to ISF
    I did met Nina i did saw her behavior during Inas important event (btw hey there Jared u’re a good dancer) and as much as i understand that despite all good things Nina and Ian are rivals for fan support b/c if smth goes wronge they need each own fan base not only Nian shippers who will grew up eventually, so as i said as much as i understand that i do not agree with behavior which ruins somebodies career when that somebody is helping u with urs
    why people who wants to help with ISF are forced to deal with unwelcomed bonus Dobrev who still cannot properly answer about ISF
    she doesn’t know what ISF doing and how it works it was obvious during Influence affair
    so, either be a good actress and ad some more text to learn or leave Ian alone in ISF, Nian fansetrvice charade is enough

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