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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers

Ian Somerhalder takes a romantic stroll with his Vampire Diaries co-star and real-life girlfriend Nina Dobrev while out and about on Friday (May 25) in Paris, France.

“Good morning Paris-I’ve missed you,” the 33-year-old actor tweeted.

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Ian later wished the executive producer of The Vampire Diaries a happy birthday, saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @julieplec!!!!!! I love & appreciate you like I’ll NEVER be able to describe in 140 characters. Can’t wait to see you tonight!”

He also added, “Amazing day here in Paris… Wow.Can’t wait to see @julieplec and party down in the City of Lights.”

FYI: Nina is wearing a Show Me Your Mumu “Baxter” blouse.

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235 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Paris Lovers”

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  1. 151
    savannah Says:

    @So true:
    So True AND Teyla, Im really confused, please contact me on Email
    I want to know the TRUTH and that’s mean to listen to both of you!
    tnx :)

  2. 152
    lolly Says:

    Well said @so true people choose to see what they want to see. Look at the paris pics nina looks as miserable as hell in them her body language is stating she doesnt want to be there. Trevino is news to me didnt know that. I knew candice was dating matt davis and left him for Zach (so i heard) these two are like the Posh and Becks of the USA everywhere you turn oh oh look pic of Nian I mean at first fair enough but seriously i think we have had enough of it! If your dating great congrats enjoy but quit showing us mindless pics of nina bored as hell and Ian trying his utter most to make her happy! Public dont wanna know GET OVER IT ALREADY & MOVE ON!

  3. 153
    So true Says:

    it is human nature,golden mine of industry. Ppl see pretty faces and create pretty stories about them
    They “hide” their relationship but fans managed to had sneak peaks and create a full database with proves, then they “opened up” a little and fans went all – yeah we were righ !we’re so smart! now those to very shy and private persons flaunt their PDA and epic love at each corner at both contoinents. Is that love? Well someone see it like that, i don’t
    and what i like the most…all insider sources tells us that yes, they are in love. But Ian is so in love and so proud of his girl that he refuses to admit or confirm that he commited to a girl in interview which comes after kissing pics
    such a perfect bf with a respect to relationship
    Nina is not better, she acts possesive about ian only when fans are around when they are not she doesn’t give a flying F about him or hios life, we can see at pics above…a man passionatly sharing some stories and a girl///well she wants to be somewhere else

  4. 154
    lolly Says:

    @ so true you are right. I think Ian is probably more into it than she is but again who knows eh. Who would have thought Jen and Brad were in trouble I mean everyone thought they were the golden couple years back. Not that I am one to judge about age as my other half is older than me but 10 years is alot conversations must be great for those two apart from TVD what do they chat about? I can just see it now a 80′s song comes on Ian says wow i love this song i rememeber when this came out, he turns to nina do u remember it, she says nah i wasnt even born then lol. Iam sorry i dont mean to sound rude be seriously. The guy is 33 and I do love Ian but you can see he is getting old, she is 23 and dont you think people have ever wondered wtf are those two doing together? She is more Trevinos age not Ians. But then rumour has it and dont quote me that Ian is very well known to date his co stars not sure if thats true or false but he is very much a ladies man. Again correct me if Iam wrong but there is a pattern that many of his relationships have only lasted around the 2 year 3 year term. Sooner or later he is gonna want to settle down and I cant see Nina doing that she made it clear on a interview she wasnt ready for marriage and she wanted her career but then she contradicts herself by saying if Ian proposed to me dont you think I would have the ring on my finger well hello NINA which is it?? You want to be married or not?? Sorry but she also comes across as pretty dumb in some interviews, at one of the cons a fan asked her a question and she babbled on about something I think the poor fan must have thought wtf? Next time i wont bother asking. Also i cant see Nina being interested in any of Ians ISF stuff she only goes with him everywhere wouldnt you if you were on a freebie, i mean dont tell me Ian lets Nina pay he is the sort of nice guy that would pay for his gf. Come on if i didnt love a guy but I could jet across every country for free guys I will be there dont care if I liked the guy or not! Can someone explain to me then why Nina isnt invited to hardl any cons? If fans love her so much surely they would want to see her, obviously somethings not right there eh?

    Guys everything isnt black and white, you will find that things are never what they seem. I hear rumours Torrey is a nightmare but my friends have met her at the cons and say she is amazing! So it swings about in roundabouts you may love Nina we dont simple as that, you just have to respect everyones opinions. :)

  5. 155
    So true Says:

    Girl u are right on some many levels. The problem is not in age gap but in generation differences. I know from my own experince that it is hard sometimes to be in relationship with omeone who grew up with different values in his life.
    Plus Ian is a smart cokkie and Nina is not as much (if i’ll be polite here)
    what they can talk about except work related things? Ian saw whole world and expirienced a lot of stuff he would gladly teach her but as we can see she is not a good student.
    As for pattern for his co workers it is not true. There were rumors b/c fans wanted to be him together with his co staer if not on the screen then at least off screen (looks familiar isn’t it?) but he wasn’t that long on the show so this would bloom. If u know about Ian he never denyes if he is in relationship and openly says so, but if he is going deflecting and vague answers he knows about rumors and let fans think what they want
    actually it is his right to not to answer us, but what i respect about him that when he loves a woman he doesn’t do vague blabing he proudly states – my woman and who doesn’t like it – suck it up!
    Torrey is sweet girl she can be tough sometimes though

    As for Ian being nmore into her
    Well i think that they are not into echother anymore equaly Ian just like auditorium to share a story of his adventures (who doesn’t btw)
    as for pattern of Nian it was always obvious how she drooled over him and how he treated her like a kid

  6. 156
    innasunrise Says:

    I want to know more about ian and nina how they are? what kind of women loves Ian?

  7. 157
    So true Says:

    how the hell we’re suppose to know that for sure?
    find old and new interviews with ian and read what he has to say about it

  8. 158
    lolly Says:

    @ so true lol thanks like this article and I quote “Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder make separate entrances into their hotel on Monday (May 14) in New York City.

    The Vampire Diaries costars and real-life couple both kept a low profile in sunglasses.” ok people wtf?? Arent they meant to be dating so why the hell are they going into a hotel seperately and keeping a low profile hello?? We all know you are dating so whats with all the secrets? Jesus get over it! why play games! Go back to school if you want to play games people!! Just makes me so annoyed! if you your dating be proud and show her off say yeah we are couple so what?But seems to me its far from the truth as all they want to do is keep a low profile shhhhh everyone lets pretend we are dating so the fans will love us more!! argh!!! GROW UP!!

  9. 159
    So true Says:

    they need speculatiuon!
    actually we’re helping them too but at least we’re not drown in snivels,tears and other organic liquids about them
    i guess we’re not teens and have a life too
    though i’m here due to the duty but i love the fact that so,e ppl finally stating the truth here
    what kind of relationship they have if they allowe speculation due to their action?
    no one in real relationship even in showbiz will act the way it put ur partner at a doubt
    ian defended meghan from fans risking his own career! But never ever he said smth in defece of Nina

  10. 160
    Teyla Says:

    @So true It is amazing to me how your information always seems to come from “drunks”. Having a degree in psychology and in social media means nothing if you do not have the correct information, which you don’t. The only thing you seem able to do is repeat rumors from 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.hand information. Then you continue on as though it is fact. For someone who does not care about Ian and Nina, you spend a lot of time trying to destroy their reputations, especially Nina’s. For the record Matt Davis and Candice never dated, nor did she date Steven R. McQueen, but her and Zach did hang out a lot with Matt in Atlanta. They had a lot of fun together. It doesn’t matter now because Matt is gone, but while he as living in Atlanta he lived in a loft apartment complex, which is located in Little Five Points and not far from Inman Park. The lofts are unique because the building was actually a High School built in the 1923 and was originally a junior high, but was converted into a high school in 1947 and is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. I have family members that graduated from there. The school was converted into lofts in 1998 and the hallways still have the old clocks and some of the apartments still have the original chalkboards. The lofts offer a nice fenced area for a dog to get exercise and playtime, as well as a dog walking path. There is also a very nice dog park nearby, all of which was great for Matt and his dog Mo. Nina never had a fling with Michael Trevino in Season one, but if she did I don’t think the CW network would care. As for Nina’s PADI certificate renewal, that was handled in Atlanta. The CW network is the little sister of CBS and you give them way too much credit for their involvement with the actors. All they want is the promotional material to advertise the show considering they are the network that show is on. Kevin and Julie are the Executive Producer/Creators of the show. They call the shots, run the show, hire the actors, negotiate the contacts and are over the writing staff and give the direction the show goes each season. Bonanza Productions produces the product (TVD) and pays the bills. There is a contract between Warner Brothers Studios and Bonanza Production involving equipment use. The CW network orders the 22 episodes and writes the check to Bonanza Productions. The CW gets paid by the advertisers and that is what keeps the show on the air. If we are touting our degrees mine is “Marketing and Communication” from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

    Any of the photo shoots and feature articles that Ian, Nina, or any other cast member are involved with for the fashion industry( Teen Vogue, GQ, Elle, Rolling Stone, People Magazine etc…) that is a separate paycheck and has nothing to do with TVD. Kat Graham’s music career and new record contract with
    A & M has nothing to do with TVD. The TVD fan conventions that the actors agree to participate in has nothing to do with the TVD show runners themselves. That is solely handled, marketed, and paid for by the Event Planners that know there is a marketable fan base for it. The event planners negotiate a salary with the actors who are asked to participate It is up to the actor on whether they will sign on, but there is always a clause in the negotiations that their appearance is subject to change due to scheduling conflicts. Only photo shoots used for promotional material of The Vampire Diaries involve the show runners.

    @lolly That article of them making separate entrances into their hotel wearing sun glasses has nothing to do with them as a couple, or them trying to hide anything. They were each out and about in New York that day with their own individual commitments.

  11. 161
    savannah Says:

    please send me a mail, I want to ask you something :)

  12. 162
    So true Says:

    my “drunken” reports are same ledit as ur info from inside.
    Thank you for publishing internet explanation on who works for who. Everyone can get that info if they want.
    All cast members live at Five Points near central subway station in Atl, not a new fact. Each cast member has it’s own apartament. Would u name a restaraunt where ian is having a dinner at Sundays? It is near his apartamentblock and he is eating alone. You repeat info of fans who lives in Atl and hide in the bushes.
    BTW i never told that Matt and candice dayed,do not put everything in my mouth.
    I have a question for u,though. If u are so secure that Nian are match made in heaven and actually are together,why u feel the need to defend them? I do not denay that most of the time i provoce u here (Ian need an attention all the way and all ppl here defend him against rumors or doing good PR for him as for a perfect bf. As far as this speculation is good for getting attention to Ian and ISF, i’m in it) but u act as insecure teenager. Ppl who disagree with u here gives u a helluva lot of examples about what we hear or know,what we saw and witnessed, but u on the other hand as a parrot repeat what wqas written by fans on their blogs.
    Thank u,if i’ll want a memory refresh of welcome to MysticFalls tour made by Jessica i’ll go to Atl as a tourist.
    If Nina is such a nice person she doesn’t need defenders. But ooopsss you are trying to defend her,and also in ur defence u do not use any personal qualities of hers,but just using a fact that she is Ians gf and that is why she is perfection. I guess being Ians gf is her top level in career! lol
    one more point, when i or other girls write here we do not make our words as an absolute statement, u on the other hand say that u are somekind of insider.
    If u are, then well u might tell them that majority of ppl stopped belieave in their relationship (as it was in october) what happens next? as it was before…kiss pics or this time sex tape?
    i never read any fact from u!JHust a way to tell what fans created in their epic love story
    u are so fun u can’t even defend them prioerly b/c u have just 1,2,3,4,5 pointws which can easily proved wrong
    but we’re not here tpo prove that Nian are in love or that they are not
    if u can’t respect other opinion u are just a good example of what kind of fans can belieave in Nian
    we’re here to share what ppl saw and know,sometimes stories are very common and u know what is interesting, those common stories with facts and proves are about Nian non existance
    and if u’ll say smth about Ian waiting for Nina at the dentist (btw Thank u Nina for advertising dentist spa in Atl, did they give u discaount or just visit for free?) i might ask u do u sit near Ians toilet at his house too?In case that u need to check does Nina help him to pee as the most supportive gf ever?

  13. 163
    jannyjo Says:

    Why isn’t Nina with him in Brazil? She wasn’t with him in the Philipines either.

  14. 164
    Natalie Says:

    You know, I love Historic Buildings they carry a lot of life and value which most people of modern times don’t really care about, they just see it as something old to be broken down and forgotten. The folks however, that invest the finance and time to maintain or restore these buildings, are people with vision and to me the end result is art with walls. What they have secured is a structure that tells a story.

    Anyone can tell a story be it fact or fiction. We all draw conclusions based upon what is presented to us. People on the inside see something different from those on the out, people on the outside are treated differently from those on the in, and therefore, everyone has a different story to tell.

    Let’s go with this, what is basically being said is that Ian and Nina has the best relationship that a man and woman in love could possibly have. They go out; they spend as much time together as they can, he carries her everywhere and they partake together in different activities.

    So why does she need to establish her presence as the dominant factor in his life? “I own him. Let’s get that clear, he is mine.” This is amplified through the fan base and media for a reason, and no one can deny that TVD receives a hell of a boost in ratings because they have a “thing.”

    From what I understand from the convention in Barcelona, Ian had a blast as the man on top with the best relationship ever. I don’t know if the ladies being all about him was a bit much, but from what was expressed (over and over again) by those who attended, he was very boastful like he had something to prove. Why is all of that necessary for a couple happy with just being with each other? People’s acknowledgement should not matter if they are based on a firm structure.

  15. 165
    So true Says:

    I missed you girl!
    As for barcelona. he did had a blast! Truly!But he started that proving behaviour after some slips and Ninas fit before the con. There were a helluvalot tweets who saw them recieving separete room keys,spending time apart,arriving at shop separatly,at restaraunt separatly and a lot of slips during the con where ian syas that he doesn’t understand how damon can fall for a teen. Call this blast as a damage control. As soon as smth happens, we recieve that kind of damage control. Either it is their amplified ;love behavior,either it is rumors
    But u see at important events,when due inside hollywood code couples do red carpet together, they do not do it and ian refuses to take a pic together
    and we all know that it has nothing to do with CW orders
    more than that
    If that girl is so happy in love b/c she is with a wonderman longer than 2 years and before that he chased her like a crazy man and dumped his gf for her, why she is so insecure about their relationship?why so possesive,huh?
    and even more,if they are so secretive and protective about their relationship how fans always know were are they or even better can predict how they’ll spend their vacation???

  16. 166
    Sharon Says:

    Thanks Jessie! I actually met Ian & Nina together outside the studio in Decatur. (It wasn’t the first time I’ve met Ian, but it was the first time I’d met Nina, or personally saw them together) Like I said, it was a miserable night, but meeting them was worth the wait. Some friends of mine had come in from out of town and had no idea where the actual set was. You can imagine how excited they were to be taken to the set to meet some of the stars of their favorite show. When Ian & Nina came out, you couldn’t find two more gracious or kind people. That was one of the reasons I was so shocked at all of the Nina bashing going on. My experience with her is completely different that what is being described in the comments here. Like I said, they’d been working 14 hour days for 3 days in a row. You’d think if she was going to be rude, she would have done it at that point, being exhausted and all. I know a member of the TVD cast was quite rude to us that night, (and no, it wasn’t Ian) but I put it down to the fact that he was just tired. Anyway, Ian & Nina left the set together, and from what I gathered from other crew members, who happen to be personal friends of mine, it’s not uncommon for them to arrive and leave together daily. Oh, and by the way, those friends of mine that are crew members on the TVD set that I mentioned above had a few choice words for me when I mentioned what people were saying about Nina here on this article…..they were STUNNED that anyone could say these awful things about her. My guess is that they would know what kind of person she is, considering they have to work with her day in/day out approximately 10 months out of the year.

    Regarding all the dirt dumped in the Covington town square…..I know. I remember wondering how they were going to get all that stuff cleaned up:) But, our trusty TVD crew worked hard, and got the job done. They were really proud of themselves, because it was quite an undertaking from what I gather.

    I actually live north of Atlanta, in Gwinnett Co., but I’ve visited your lovely town of Covington. My friends, who work on the crew, thought it would be neat for me to see the different areas around town where TVD is filmed when they need outside footage. I’ve actually been to Scoops, too….I couldn’t believe how many flavors of ice cream they have:) My personal favorite treat was the candy/cookies they sell. I think I came home with $25.00 worth of “chocolate turtles”:)

    I was reading through the comments and was sad to see that the bashing continues. But, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your kind words, considering we both live here in Georgia:)

  17. 167
    Natalie Says:

    Yup those on the inside are certainly treated differently.

  18. 168
    Natalie Says:

    @So true lol, I still can get over @Sharon’s comments.

    “STUNNED that anyone could say these awful things about her”

    “Regarding all the dirt dumped in the Covington town square…..I know. I remember wondering how they were going to get all that stuff cleaned up:) But, our trusty TVD crew worked hard, and got the job done. They were really proud of themselves, because it was quite an undertaking from what I gather.”

    “Anyway, Ian & Nina left the set together, and from what I gathered from other crew members, who happen to be personal friends of mine, it’s not uncommon for them to arrive and leave together daily.”

    That is some boss promoting going on right there.

  19. 169
    So true Says:

    but of course ppl from inside would be treated carefully b/c she has to work with them and if they like her they won’t tell the stories about what is really going on during shooting
    but those who is only one time contract workers they do sghare a lot

    but what’s the point? Ppl who are not blind already started to have doubts and feel like Nian is throwen them down the throat. Yes they look cute and adorable together and it is the main reason ppl want them be together (i have news for u, Ian can make a traffic light pole made look as sexiest or cutiest thing if he is near and he is in the mood.) and they don’t care for the reality,they belieave in the truth they created and happy with that
    i guess it is ok
    it just..please stop doing those convincing attacks at ppl who see it differently
    and as i said – real relationship never leaves a place for doubters

  20. 170
    Teyla Says:

    @jannyjo: Nina is in Sofia, Bulgaria with her mother visiting family. Ian is in Brazil for a TVD convention, making an appearance at the John John store in Sao Paulo and holding meetings regarding his foundation. Ian’s father is with him and so is his ISF secretary and the ISF Executive Director. Obviously Ian and Nina cannot be together 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  21. 171
    Natalie Says:

    Does Ian and Nina wear matching underwear?

  22. 172
    So true Says:

    ya know my co worker used to be a soviet pioneer before they moved here. My point is that this comment reminds me of her stories when they did reports about work in summer camps

    but u know what i liked here
    “Anyway, Ian & Nina left the set together, and from what I gathered from other crew members, who happen to be personal friends of mine, it’s not uncommon for them to arrive and leave together daily.”

    leaving and arriving together nowadays is first sign of relationship
    darn i’m dating my bosses driver for 6 yers and din’t know about that!

    why did those crew friends who were STUNNED about how come ppl do not see Nina as a planet sun of their own,didn’t defend Nian relationship???

  23. 173
    Teyla Says:

    @So true: Not all cast members live in Little Five Points and not all cast members live alone in their own apartments.

  24. 174
    Natalie Says:

    @So true You have me going here tonight. lol

  25. 175
    jannyjo Says:


    OK. It just seems they spend a lot of time apart. They were together for one weekend and now apart again. Not much of a relationship. I find it interesting also that Nina doesn’t seem to ever go to these conventions.

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