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Nicole Kidman Insisted on Zac Efron Pee Scene in 'Paperboy'

Nicole Kidman Insisted on Zac Efron Pee Scene in 'Paperboy'

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron‘s scene in which she pees on him in their new film The Paperboy has been one of the hottest stories from the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

The film’s director Lee Daniels sat down with GQ to talk about the scene and other controversial moments in his work.

On why the pee scene was necessary: “Well, I got nervous at the end, after we shot it. So I called Nicole. First of all, it was really hard to shoot. It was the third day. The first scene we shot was the sex scene with John [Cusack and Kidman]. I like to get that right out of the way. The second day was the telepathic sex scene in the prison. And the third day of shooting was the piss scene. But, when right before I sent it off to Cannes, I called Nicole at three in the morning. I said, “Nicole, I can’t do it, I’ve gone too far. I can’t put that scene in the movie.” She said, “Lee, you made me pee on Zac Efron, if you don’t put that in the movie, you’re out of your freakin’ mind. I did it! I did it!” She said, “No way, you’re out of your mind.” So we put it in. That was the one where I thought, “Oh… No…” When you’re doing the script it makes sense, when you’re shooting it, it makes sense, but then you see the totality and you’re like, “Woah. Woah.”"

On Zac’s reactions while filming the scene: “And if you could have watched Zac’s face: He’s supposed to be passed out and [while she's peeing] he’s just got this smile on his face. I’m like, “Zac, pretend like you’re dead!” And he’s just got this crazy smile on his face. The whole thing’s crazy.”

On Zac’s scenes in just his tightie whities: “I was just like, how can I make him look ugly? I couldn’t. Matthew [McConaughey] is handsome, at least, is older, so I could rough him up, but fucking Zac? It was hard. I kept twisting the camera but he always looked good. The tightie whities?”

FYI: In the scene, Nicole‘s character pees on Zac‘s character after he is stung by a jellyfish while swimming in the ocean.

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114 Responses to “Nicole Kidman Insisted on Zac Efron Pee Scene in 'Paperboy'”

  1. 1
    ColinG Says:

    WTF did i just read…sounds hot

  2. 2
    Kary Says:

    this will be a must-see moment… it sound hilarious… Nic is an excellent actress… so she loves the challenges!!!

  3. 3
    Lana Says:

    I am pretty sure I am going to laugh my ass off at that scene.

  4. 4
    yes!!! Says:

    I am pretty sure that Zac did an amazing job!! i am so proud of him!!!

  5. 5
    maire Says:

    “Zac, pretend like you’re dead!” And he’s just got this crazy smile on his face. The whole thing’s crazy. lol hahahaha

  6. 6
    A. OK Says:

    Sounds like a great movie , Zac is getting very good reviews.

  7. 7
    tj20 Says:

    lmao i need to see this movie

  8. 8
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  9. 9
    jimmy Says:

    i like that position, its too bad zac had to get pissed on. her thighs are real thick

  10. 10
    ha ha Says:

    wth is she doing, so funny the guy next to her totally ignoring or sleeping, like she’s just another nut on the train

  11. 11
    kami Says:

    “Zac definitely outshines all the other stars in PAPERBOY”


    “CANNES: THE PAPERBOY last movie – should have been trashier – amazingly Zac Efron gives the best performance in it. Southern Fried Sleaze.”
    just the kind of movie i love–southern fried sleaze.

  12. 12
    WOW! Says:

    @jimmy: JUST SHUT YOUR STINK MOUTH!… YOUR ******* IS THICK *****!

  13. 13
    Barbara Says:

    how funny that gets talked about more then Kidman love scenes with ZAC. am sorry but the pee scene doesn’t turn me on at all. in fact its disgusting to say the least. if the sex scene with her and ZAC gets talked about more maybe i be interested in this movie. =/

  14. 14
    @Barbara Says:

    The pee scene isn’t suppose to “turn you on”, idiot. He got a jellyfish sting.

  15. 15
    rj Says:

    What’s next? You really don’t have to piss on anyone. All they have to do is give the viewers imagimation of her peeing. Movie makers often time goes too far, thinking viewers are brain dead. For this reason, I will never watch this movie.

  16. 16
    Marina Says:

    @rj: Do your really that it counts if you watch the movie or not? No, it doesn’t. Every single detail of such a movie is written in the contracts they have to sign. No matter how nice or maybe disgusting something might be, it’s in the contract and with the sign the actor/actress accepts it.

    All people out there think being an actor is a funny and relaxing job, well it’s exactly opposite. A day on a set takes at least 12 – 14 hours, usually more than that and after the shooting it’s not over because then they have to prepare for the next day. What actors and actress have to do is often a torture for their bodies. No matter if they have to gain weight and then lose it in a very short period, like Zellweger and Bale had to for their roles. Put on muscle mass like Zac had to do for The Lucky One or Hugh Jackman for his role as Wolverine. They don’t get much sleep during a shooting, that’s the next.

    They don’t have the funny life that everybody thinks they have.
    As far as I remember Matthew McConaughey had to eat mud for his other movie that is in competition in Cannes, also nothing funny but he had to do. It always depends if the actor/actress wants the role, if yes then they have to do what the directors and productions companies demand from them and if not then they can go and will be replaced. That’s the life.

  17. 17
    Iz Says:

    BUT I wonder how did they really do that scene? Because of course she could have not piss on him.

  18. 18
    Rachel Says:

    Read that the cast did a great job, hence can’t wait to see ‘The Paperboy’!

  19. 19
    bluenightfox Says:

    In this pic Nicole looks a bit like Lindsey Lohan….

  20. 20
    Dieter Says:

    Nicole has so much class and is such a devoted actress. If you need to pee, you need to pee !!!!

  21. 21
    Rachel Says:

    About the standing ovation Paperboy got in the evening that day :

  22. 22
    Roger Says:

    The standing ovation for ‘The Paperboy’ was the longest of the Festival this year : 16 minutes of applause!
    From Pete Hammond (Deadline) :
    ‘Cannes Festival director Thierry Fremaux told people associated with the film that (despite some blistering reviews) it received the longest sustained applause of any film in Cannes this year (clocked at 16 minutes, far ahead of every other film to date and comparable to what Drive got last year).’

  23. 23
    A. OK Says:

    Let’s end the speculation here and now. In an interview at Cannes with Macy Grey , when asked , Zac teases at first then says , “No , she didn’t really do it”.(about Nicole Kidman peeing on him)
    Zac seems to be so honest and sincere in his interviews here. It is like he grew up since The Lucky One. He sounds more like an adult actor , instead of a horn dog teenager going for headlines.

  24. 24
    KN Says:

    I feel like every movie Nicole chooses, every role is with an “award” in mind. Not saying she is not a good actress, she is, but I think she needs, wants, desires award-love for validation, think it means alot to her.

  25. 25
    PPlease Says:

    @KN , you are absolutely right. But, Nicole is a brave actress.

  26. 26
    Roger Says:

    @KN: Huh? ‘The Paperboy’ is the exact opposite of what Oscar voters love. It’s an incredible risk for a big star like Kidman. Same for ‘Dogville’, ‘Birth’ or ‘Margot at the Wedding’. And what about things like ‘The Golden Compass’, or ‘Just Go with it’? Do you think she chose those with awards in mind too? Kidman is a great actress with an incredibly diverse, fascinating career. After 30 years in the biz, she’s still able to provoke and surprise everyone. Give her the credit she deserves.

  27. 27
    Barbara Says:

    the person who insulted me can go to hell. and if you like getting peed on i piss on you.

  28. 28
    Tiffany Says:

    wow what am interesting movie i wait to see it. i LOVE Nicole Kidman she rocks,but the piss part might be gross to some fans. LOL

  29. 29
    Tiffany Says:

    *I cant wait to see the movie*.

  30. 30
    Barbara Says:

    in fact who ever called me an idiot for my opinion. why don’t i do you the honor of pissing on your grave when you die. since you love Nicole peeing on ZAC SO MUCH. i piss on everyone here. losers

  31. 31
    Dee Says:

    One thing I have noticed is that if Nicole Kidman in in any of JJs articles there is always lots and lots of comments, other stars just a few. I think it is because she is a REAL MOVIE STAR and is just so kind but yet sooo fascinating. Nicoles’ arm candy is pretty nice also (Keith Urban), another REAL talent.

  32. 32
    @Barbara Says:

    You’re a psycho.

  33. 33
    A. OK Says:

    @Barbara Don’t let the haters and the crazies here get to you. This will probably not mean much to you, but I enjoy reading your comments when I see them. They seem well thought out and from your heart.

  34. 34
    Little MY Says:

    Nicole has confirmed that she did actually pee on Zac efron’s face, read her deadline interview.

  35. 35
    Beate Says:

    Another link to an interesting article on the scene as well as the whole movie, Nicole Kidman, and her other projects:

  36. 36
    Barbara Says:

    if its more about the piss scene i pass. and i really hope the love scene that zac said he had with nicole wasn’t a lie. if so am going to have mixed emotions about this movie. whether or not a love scene between him and nicole is in the movie isnt the issue. my point is don’t lie about something being in a movie thats not. thats all am saying. but i guess we will wait and see though.

  37. 37
    modine Says:

    Imho, it’s not disgusting that she (‘actually’, really?) peed on his face, at least not for me. What is disgusting here is that these days creators will do anything to sell a movie. Because many ppl will learn about this movie and will go see it thanks to the peeing scene and publicity it has and will generate. Desperate.

  38. 38
    Louise Says:

    Love that Nicole Kidman takes on challenging roles. She is one of the few ultimate actresses in Hollywood. So talented, so beautiful, and so in love with her family. A fine, fine person.

  39. 39
    Bunnylover Says:

    @modine: well in the book the scene is actually multiple people peeing on zac’s character!! and at least they are creating interest!! so can’t wait to see this!

  40. 40
    Alexandra Says:

    When I found out Nicoles’s character pees on Zac’s character I imagined the craziest scenario ever.. like a sex scene or something like that.. and then when I read the FYI note i laughed so hard because she pees on him because he’s stung by a jellyfish. I found it absolutly hilarious

  41. 41
    kami Says:

    southern ppl use pee for a lot of ailments. not just jellyfish stings. lol

  42. 42
    mae Says:

    She’s brave, honest, strong. She isn’t fraid of taking risk. She does what she wants, she’s free and indipendent. She’s a movie star. She’s Nicole Kidman.

  43. 43
    taco Says:

    She got the best reviews for her perfomance and movie had a 16 minutes long standing ovation…She is the queen of Cannes and the queen of Hollywood…Love her…this girl is brave! she could be one of the ,any boring actresses that do bland romantic comedies but she takes risks and she puts herself at stake. she’s great!

  44. 44
    Tina Says:

    I’m sorry the scene is funny the fact that she really peed on him with urine is not. It’s disgusting that an actor is that desperate to get work to lower their standards to this. What is the next step actually having sex for the director. Well those movies are in the X rated sections What has our society come to when movie magic beomes a reality and when legitimate actos have to sell their souls to get a part.I’m sorry but they reall could have used gatorade ad made it look real. You call Nicole and Zac brave I call them “pigs”. I can’t even imagine what they do in their private lives. I am not a pride but if I want the real thing then I will rent a porn.

  45. 45
    Tina Says:

    I meant I’m not a prude . Also There is a video where EFron says it wasn’t true then in this one he says it was true.

  46. 46
    kami Says:

    did the paperboy win any awards at cannes?

  47. 47
    Barbara Says:

    i guess kidman pissing on zac is the closet thing that we will ever get to a sex scene. LOL

  48. 48
    Shelly Says:

    Wow. I don’t care how much she or he is getting paid. That’s just ridiculously disgusting. If it’s true, both of them should be ashamed of themselves. And for NK to push the inclusion of it in the movie speaks volumes.

  49. 49
    touche Says:

    Does anyone know if Kidman legitimately urinated on ZE in that scene? I can understand the scene being integral to the movie but it sounds like the way it was shot especially if she actually urinated is borderline exploitative. A shame they would have to resort to this to sell the movie….especially since the performances have all been praised and the movie would have a decent shot without this constant pandering to the lowest common denominator.

  50. 50
    just a thought Says:

    The fact that the director of Paperboy said he felt they may have gone too far in the movie (I presume with regard to the peeing scene), speaks volumes. Without seeing the movie, I can’t pass judgment on it, however, I already feel hesitant with the idea of it (that scene). To just do it for the sake of having done it, (as NK said to the director: “I friggin did it!”), and in terms of grabbing attention for the actors being “brave” enough to do it, does not make it great movie-making. If it were me, I certainly would not be wanting the world’s mental attention focussed on my genitals; and how I positioned them over Zac’s face, or was it real etc. The headlines have grabbed this little ‘nugget’ and I could not avoid seeing it, and being drawn into reading further about it, really out of incredulity. The makers of this film knew it would be sensationalist and a lure. It is not for me about great acting. Just my own inconsequential opinion.

  51. 51
    just a thought Says:

    correction; NK didn’t say ‘friggin’, just ‘I did it!’.

  52. 52
    Beate Says:

    Initially I only read the article because it was about Nicole Kidman, and she usually does interesting things. (When I first saw a picture of her, I did not consider her especially beautiful, but she became more beautiful with every movie I watched, which probably means she is a really good actress).
    If everybody talks about the ‘piss scene’, whose fault is it? The director’s, Nicole Kidman’s, or the public’s? I would have to see it in context to know if it’s important to the movie, or not.
    Concerning ‘real’ – there seems to be a tendency in movies to get back to the ‘real’ thing, as opposed to CGI, because apparently it always looks more convincing. Is seeing people pee actually so disgusting? I remember that when I was young many people found sex scenes generally disgusting. And what about stunt people risking a lot without ever becoming rich of famous? Shouldn’t their scenes be replaced by hints or CGI? But then, if they chose to live that life, I think it’s okay. On the other hand, I was really impressed by ‘Gilmore girls’ being about sex a lot of the time with showing so little that it was not rated at all – most of it was in the dialogues, so only those who were supposed to get got it. Like when I was a child, an didn’t get it.

    I agree that actors should not be pressured into having to do anything they really do not want to do (but in my view, this also should apply to porn actors, and I cannot view porn as anything ‘real’). I once felt quite upset when I read a comment by a fan stating that an actor, just because of being an actor, has to do (or take off) all kinds of things – in my view it should be up to the actor. (And the people watching movies, – nobody should, of course, be forced to watch a movie. Once a scene from a horror movie shown at a school party bothered me for a long time, along with one I came across when switching channels).
    But with Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron being so famous, I assume they had a choice. So all that should matter is if the scene makes sense within the movie (I remember hearing stories about soldiers in WWII peeing on each other’s wound because pee is supposed to clean wounds of germs). (With so much violence shown in all kinds of movies, does a pee scene really matter?)

    to @A.OK. – I do not mind Barbara’s comment as such, only her reaction on the comments on her comment – she is the one who started being harteful, after just being corrected, not insulted.

  53. 53
    A. OK Says:

    @Beate I understand what you are saying, I try to understand what everyone is saying.

  54. 54
    Barbara Says:


    oh really and just how my comment was hurtful by thinking about someone peeing on someone was nasty. let me ask you something do you like getting peed on? if so thats says a whole lot about your mindset too.

  55. 55
    Barbara Says:

    and calling me an idiot that’s was “correctly” me. no that sounded like an insult to me. if you think calling people names is suppose to correct them them you are mistaken honey.

  56. 56
    Barbara Says:

    and i only reacted negatively after someone reacted negatively towards me for stating my opinion. am sorry but am not going to allow others to be hurtful towards me and not react to it. my philosophy is you give respect to get respect. if that person didn’t like what i said they should’ve kept their mouth shut if they didn’t have anything positive to say.

  57. 57
    just a thought Says:


    It is unfortunate that so many commenters will always attack another commenter, simply because they don’t like the opinion ventured, unable to debate, or even argue, the points put forward. Simple knee-jerks.

    Even this comment of mine will surely be thumbed down; it is mental laziness.

  58. 58
    nodoubt Says:

    It’s not laziness. If it walks like skeptic, squawks like a skeptic, then it’s a skeptic. No matter how much you and ”Barbara” try to pretend you aren’t.

  59. 59
    Barbara Says:


    whatever am going to have a damn opinion whether you agree or not. and if everyone had the same opinion the world would be boring. so if am a skeptic well maybe i am. i have every right to be dealing with people like you in the world. and being a ZAC fan doesn’;t mean that i have to like every single movie he does nor do i have to like the elements in the movies.

  60. 60
    nodoubt Says:

    Don’t waste your breath trying to convince me of anything. You nuts are a joke and life is passing you by with every second you choose to live in hate.

  61. 61
    Barbara Says:


    am not your not worth convincing. keep on living in fantasy land and delusion. i couldn’t care less. but am going to have an opinion whether you like it or not. am not hare to convince you or anyone else who have your heads in their butts.

  62. 62
    Barbara Says:

    and your nuts if you can’t except different opinions that are different from yours. you the one that need the help not me darling.

  63. 63
    just a thought Says:



    To use Nicole’s adjective, YOU are a “freakin” pain in the “freakin” butt with your “freakin” eternal “freakin” cr*p about “freakin” ‘skeptics’ and “freakin” “haters”, your “freakin” obsession with EVERYONE who posts something that you don’t “freakin” like for whatever “freakin” dumb “freakin” juvenile “freakin” tiresome “freakin” reason!!!!!! You are NOT the “freakin” moderator … you are a “freakin” stalking harassing “freakin” lowlife; one guess: “freakin” S “freakin” M.

    “freakin” just disappear; you have tried to “freakin” rule this roost for years: “freakin” enough already!!! “freakin” JERK. SO over YOU!! You are the “freakin” rot on the NK threads.

  64. 64
    just a thought Says:


    YOU are the one that is filled with HATE!

    get it? loser

  65. 65
    Observer Says:

    @Barbara, you said ‘I’m sorry but the pee scene doesn’t turn me on at all” . The commenter after you said it wasn’t suppose to turn anyone on. Zac’s character gets a jellyfish sting. In the book, there is a group of college girls arguing about which one gets to pee on him (because Zac’s character is kind of a sleezebag). In the movie, Nicole burst though the group of girls and says “if anyone’s gonna pee on him, it’s going to be me’. Maybe the makes more sense in perspective. It’s definitely not suppose to be a turn on but it’s a funny scene in the book.

  66. 66
    Layer Cake Says:

    Facts don’t mean much to several people who post here. Neither does reality or common sense.

  67. 67
    Barbara Says:


    OKAY whatever the person was right for calling me an idiot and am wrong for defending myself. my mistake everyone is smart and am the damn idiot for not liking the pee scene.

  68. 68
    Barbara Says:

    i apologize for not going along with everyone here. excuse me for being a dAMN INDIVIDUAL.

  69. 69
    Barbara Says:

    you know what am done goodbye everyone enjoy kidman pissing on zac. maybe someone will actually move their bowels on him too. and i hope you enjoying seeing that too. am done you all disgust me.

  70. 70
    Barbara Says:

    and give a thumbs down I DONT FREAKING CARE.

  71. 71
    Barbara Says:

    to the ones are insulted me and the ones who don’t understand when i’ve been insulted. you all are some nasty ******** i swear. and i mean that both literally and figuratively. so have A POOP AND PEE GOOD TIME. and won’t you all swim in your bowel movements and urine since you like that so much. crazy stans.

  72. 72
    Barbara Says:


  73. 73
    Andy Says:

    I think Nicole didn’t actually peed on Zac because when asked about the scene, both actors’ answers were quite vague. No matter what they say, I’m sure they used a stunt or simulation or whatever to make it look real. This could just be a publicity gimmick so that the film gets talked about until it’s release date.

  74. 74
    George Says:

    @Barbara You bloviating ignoramous.

  75. 75
    Missy Says:

    @Barbara – Ya know, if you want to prove you’re not an idiot, you might wanna stop behaving like one. Get some help. You clearly have mental issues if something so trivial, sets you off to that extent.

  76. 76
    tina Says:

    @Barbara: @Andy: Unfortunately all the interviews an articles are saying she really did pee on him . I think that is what is shocking everyone. Yes the scene was funny and as movie goers you think it’s fake but when you find out it was real. Sorry it’s disgusting and if that is how the movie will get an audience it’s a pathetic stunt and disgusting that actors of that caliber had to lower themselves to that for money or fame. Sorry they prosituted themselves.

  77. 77
    Beate Says:

    I re-read the initial exchange. I had only skimmed it and read the correction about the cause of the pee-scene. I had overlooked that you were called an ‘idiot’. So, yes, you were offended, and that is not okay, especially because it was done anonymously.
    Still, I think you are overreacting quite a bit. If you approached things more calmly, probably people would take you and your opinions more seriously. Maybe you should take three deep breaths before you write anything.
    I really do not mind you having an opinion, or a different opinion -discussing different views are what comment sections should be for, and the scene is controversial. I just do not like the tone of your posts when you feel offended and get very excited. Don’t get me wrong, I don not like the tome of several other comments, either.
    Discussions should be about understanding other people’s points of view, and not take off in a spiral of offenses leading nowhere but spoiling the atmosphere.

  78. 78
    Barbara Says:

    @Beate: guess what i dont give a damn whether you like my tone or not.

  79. 79
    Barbara Says:

    i don’t have to prove anything to anyone here. if something is calling me names of course am going to react negatively too it. DO YOU LIKE TO BE CALLED NAMES?? I dont think so, so dont you dare tell me that my reACTION TO IT IS WRONG.

  80. 80
    Barbara Says:

    if defending over hurtful people makes me an idiot i be one then. so screw you and your judgments of me. you know what why i am i even wasting my time with making you brain dead people understand my point of view? you all will never get it anyway. you all are just hurtful and mean individuals with no compAssion for others. i mean if you see a child crying on the street and tell them that their crying is wrong and there idiots. i suppose people who have been raped need to not react to their injustice right. IF YOU REALLY THINK THAT YOU ARE SOME LOSS SOULS AND I FEEL FOR YOU ALL.

  81. 81
    Barbara Says:


  82. 82
    Barbara Says:


  83. 83
    Barbara Says:

    @Beate: you sound stupid you know that?? someone insults me and am not suppose to be offended? wow you really lack emotionally intelligence do you? well since am not suppose to be offended by being called an idiot. i suppose you wont be offended by me calling you a dumb ass. its okay don’t be offended is only trivial. you get over it like i will get over being insulted by you jerks.

  84. 84
    Barbara Says:

    @@Barbara: your mother is a psycho. now dont say another damn word to me loser.

  85. 85
    Barbara Says:

    @Missy: i only get help if you drop dead b itch

  86. 86
    Barbara Says:

    am sorry i dont mean to be hurtful to people. am not usual like that but when people like you say things that are mess up, you bring it out of me somehow.

  87. 87
    Eve Says:

    Skeptic get your a$$ off the computer chair and your mouth off the bottle. You have no intention of staying away from the here and we all know it. Go seek attention somewhere else.

  88. 88
    Just Barb Says:

    @Barbara: Well honey, if it walks like a duck, and squaks like a duck…………

  89. 89
    ANNA Says:

    My goodness have the skeptics gone off the deep end or what? One of them is in real trouble. That leaves 3 more to follow!

  90. 90
    just a thought Says:

    @Just Barb:
    and @Eve

    Barbara has seemingly done a retrospective, apologised, and is moving forward;
    perhaps you too could do the same.

    For whatever reason Barbara had a wobbly, it is not reason enough for you to continue your regular repetitive abuse; at anyone you see fit to categorise as a “skeptic” or a “hater”, or ‘drunkard’.

    Intelligent commenters web-wide are expressing consternation at this disturbing trend where commenters categorically call others “haters”, simply because they don’t share the same opinion.

    Opinion (of something thrown on ‘the web-table’) is one thing. Prejudicial intolerance and unreasonable abuse toward participants is quite another. As is misrepresentation.

    We need to remember that people posting are aged from early teen to babyboomer, and older. That means many levels (and differences) of education, worldliness, culture and savvy. And sex.

    Not everyone commenting “negatively” or challengingly, Skewer Mistress, is a “middle-aged drunk moronic idiotic hateful skeptical keith-obsessed lying middle-American woman with big panties” (your eternal description, often, and ludicrously falsely, to me).

    That is what I mean by ‘mental laziness’. Well, apart from the inability to DEBATE courteously and intelligently, irrespective of wildly differing opinions, instead of just insulting blindly.

  91. 91
    just a thought Says:


    comment #90 applies to you too

  92. 92
    just a thought Says:


    You said: “It’s not laziness.”

    I said it was mental laziness. And it is also emotional laziness, spiritual laziness, empathic laziness and psychological laziness.

  93. 93
    ANNA Says:

    @just a thought:

    Well I am insulted by you.!

  94. 94
    Zarathustra Says:

    Nicole can pee on me anytime she wants….. as long as I get to do her afterwards…..

  95. 95
    @just a thought Says:

    Oh shut up, you skeptic cow. It sure DOESN”T look like your drunk friend Barbara has “moved on”. Opinion, my a$$. Seven years of hateful comments and made up lies about Nicole Kidman is NOT an opinion. It wouldn’t matter what she looked like or what movie she was in, as long as it’s Nicole Kidman, the “opinion” will be negative. Maybe it makes you feel better to chalk it up as an “opinion” so you don’t have to own up to the hater you are but you’re not fooling a soul. The longer you keep it up, the more pathetic you look. Every normal person who was in your little skeptic club left you a-holes in the dust and old has beens like Old Hickory can only relive 2005 to feel important. You’re a joke and your attempt at intelligence (your post) is a dead giveaway to who you are. You’re seven years older, dip$hit. Get a life before you’re dead like Gloria who no doubt wished she wouldn’t have spent the last 4 years of her life sucked in by your lies.

  96. 96
    Eve Says:

    A nut defending another nut. How cute.

  97. 97
    Jill Says:

    @just a thought, @breathingmusic72, @middlesea, @cynical gal, @justme
    Take your multiple names, endless quotation marks and moronic arrogance and get a life. If anyone knows all about prejudicial intolerance it would be you and your E buddies. Oh, and don’t forget to mind your p’s and q’s over at the club lest you be banned again.

  98. 98
    Barbara Says:

    @@just a thought: no compassion for anyone but yourself, i hope you experience the hell am going though, dumb ass i hate you and your idiotic friends. i apologized but screw that am going to say whaever the hell i want. because i can;t be nice to idiots like you. why don’t you go back to school and give off zac efron nbut case.

  99. 99
    Barbara Says:


  100. 100
    Barbara Says:

    if an on the freaking bottle is because losers like you drive me to it. die die.

  101. 101
    Just Barb Says:

    @just a thought: Yeah, I see how Barbara has moved on. LoL

  102. 102
    rob Says:

    Can’t these two get their story straight? First, it’s faked that she peed on they are all gung ho saying it was the real thing. They both come off as desperate. She needs a hit so she won’t be considered box office poison and he is desperately trying to make everything think he has escaped his teen boy hearthrob past. I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures! Zac’s parents must be so proud!

  103. 103
    rob Says:

    Here’s a thought: why don’t this guy just make a movie where he doesn’t have to prance around with his shirt off and in his underwear or resort to sleazy tactics to sell it. Really is it that hard?

  104. 104
    @rob Says:

    I bet Zac prancing around with his shirt off and in his underwear makes you hard.
    Read the book before you comment on the story, moron.

  105. 105
    rob Says:

    @@rob: Yuck…LOL sorry no can do. He actually makes me want to spew chunks. I wouldn’t hit even if I werevwhich I’m not…loser.

  106. 106
    rob Says:

    To clarify…I wouldn’t hit that punk even if I were as gay as Christmas on Fire Island!

  107. 107
    just a thought Says:

    @@just a thought:


  108. 108
    just a thought Says:



  109. 109
    Jill Says:

    The only FAIL is you 72.

  110. 110
    Julia Says:

    @just a thought: LOL

  111. 111
    Julia Says:

    @tina: Urine is not effective on jellyfish stings. You would think that whoever wrote the script would have researched this. It shows that it was only for the shock value and unneeded in the movie. Another reason not to see this bomb.

  112. 112
    Julia Says:

    @Andy: It really doesn’t matter Andy. It will bomb anyway.

  113. 113
    LJ Says:

    I wish Nicole Kidman would pee on my face. That is hot as hell and I wouldn’t miss this one for the world.

  114. 114
    JeffT. Says:

    @<a href="/2012/05/26/nicole-kidman-insisted-on-zac-efron-pee-scene-in-paperboy/comment-page-1/#comment-2
    What a twit you are. Actors in movies like the ones you mentioned get paid INSANE, ABHORRENT amounts of $ for their work, while others work far harder for a minute fraction of that pay for supplying the food those actors eat, not to mention other manual labor jobs.
    Do you actually think McConaughey ate real mud? Shut your cake whole!

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