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Robert Pattinson: Not Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'

Robert Pattinson: Not Finnick Odair in 'Catching Fire'

Robert Pattinson has shot down rumors that he is being cast as the pivotal role of Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The 26-year-old Twilight actor said that he even fell for the rumors at first!

“I woke up this morning and saw all these things about me being cast in The Hunger Games,” Rob told USA Today. “I was kind of curious for a second. So I called my agent. [My agent] was like ‘no one’s going to offer you that part.’ I was like, thanks for the reassurance.”

WHO DO YOU THINK should play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire?

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# 1

Robert is such a cutie

# 2

i would love to see him in it, if he got ripped

# 3

Definitely not him. Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds would be good. I thought of their bodies when reading it.

# 4

Oh thank god!!! I was so worried cause Finnick is actually one of my favorite characters! :D

# 5

Jesse Williams needs to be Finnick.

# 7

Rob would NEVER EVER EVER do another series again. There is no way. He hates the attention he gets now after playing Edward Cullen so even if he had been offered the part in Catching Fire, he would have certainly turned it down.

# 8

Thank the lord he wasn’t cast. It’s Matt Bomer’s part!!

# 9

Finnick is described as golden skin. He is latino or spanish. He is not pale and NOT white. Please don’t whitewash a heart throb book character with another white actor. A man of another race can be attractive, too.

bahha black sheep @ 05/26/2012 at 11:21 pm

get Chris Brown

@Andrew Berry: YES! thank you!!! I love Hunger Games and I would not watch it again if he was in it…

THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kellan Lutz or Jesse Williams

speaktruth @ 05/26/2012 at 11:49 pm

I like Rob and most of his acting but HATE his interpretation of Edward. So, I’m glad I won’t have to worry about that happening with Hunger Games with him.

i think garret hedlund should play finnick or an unknown. i would of literally cried if robert pattinson had been cast, i would be like ‘oh my god oh my god WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!’ he’s a decent actor, like he’s not awful but he can’t really bring a character alive from a book- twilight made everyone look like stupid, useless actors though but i just don’t think he was right for the part or any part in the hunger games, even if he was just in the backround. ugh. no. no. no.

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im hunger games based.

William Moseley? he would be epic in that role!

thank You God for most this amazing day

If he was finnick i would kill the casting director. I don’t see why people think hes hot, hes ugly af!

They should get William Levy!

adddddddddl @ 05/27/2012 at 12:43 am

THANK GOD!!!!!! I think GARRETT HEDLUND is the best for finnick odair

Haha! I laugh at Hunger Games fans who say they’re happy Rob pattinson wasn’t cast. It reminds me of when they were casting for Edward Cullen and they signed a petition for him not to be Edward and then those same girls turned around and became so obsessed with him that they turned his life into hell. All the stalking. Same thing would have happened if he became Finnick Odair. Rob just inspires that type of passion. Too bad he’s way too good for this series now. It would have been cool for him to star in all the major YA franchises.
Maybe Bonnie Wright’s boyfriend can do the part.

Jessie Williams is the best choice for Finnick, hands down. And Helena Bonham Carter as Wiress!

Luke Mitchell (from Home & Away and H2O: Just Add Water) is the PERFECT actor to play Finnick!

I imagined a younger tanner version of Adrian Grenier. I think Jesse Williams looks too old for the part

thank the lord! casting pattinson as finnick would be a HORRIBLE decision by lionsgate. that’s crossing two fandoms, and especially since there’s a surprising amount of people in the hunger games fandom that dislike twilight. i would prefer and REALLY REALLY hot unknown with excellent acting chops to play finnick. someone popular and too mainstream would also be very bad cause they need to create an identity of finnick and if they see someone like zac efron (for example) they’ll see THE zac efron and not finnick. same with pattinson. they’d see edward cullen, not finnick.

Zac Efron would be perfect as Finnick!

@Belle: Actually, that description fits me perfectly, and I happen to be Hispanic, not white. Therefore, she is not “so clearly wrong” as you state. Your ignorance is showing, and it’s not attractive.

i actually pictured blonde and tan but no matter what he has to be charming in an “i know i’m charming” sorta way. no offense but not r.patz.

Alex Pettyfer would make a good Finnick

I Think Austin Butler, Alex Pettyfer, or Garrett Hedlund

@Chris: not true! I still think that he’s the ugliest guy I’ve seen but I must admit he may be the best actor in the Twilight thing since everyone else was so dreadful…I mean what a horrible acting and I only saw the first one b/c I couldn’t watch more of that!!! At least Hunger Games has an important message in it but Twilight?! we’re talking vampires, people…

Grant Gustin !

Dont care about him; all I know is that I want ALEXIS BLEDEL to be Annie Cresta

Justin Hartley would be perfect for Finnick! :)

jesse williams for finnick and alexis bledel as annie would be absolute perfection!

Rob is too good to go back to this sort of movie.


When I read Finnick Rob came to mind. I wish it were true.

Thank God! Don’t want him to ruin this franchise.

What about Taylor Kitsch?
He is gorgous enough to play Finnik^^

Milla Bell @ 05/27/2012 at 11:23 am

Cam guigandet would be amazing as finnick. I think that Finnick has a slight slimey side to him, and I think that Cam would portray it well. I can’t imagine anyone else playing him. Definitely not Rob – he is too famous and The Hunger Games is too similar to the Twilight saga, in its teen poularity and that it has come from books – not in story line.

THANK GOD!!!!!!!! Please do NOT ruin this movie… Twilight was enough.

I’m glad we won’t have that guy in another series…i will vote for Chace Crawford.

@Hedly: I beg to differ. I think he is white he was described as about mid 20′s strong, muscular, tall, dark hair, and gray eyes, very handsome. Tan only because he comes from the district where they are known for fishing. Now I do think Johanna should be Hispanic or a woman of color. She was described as having long dark hair, dark, and in her 30′s. I hope they get these parts right. They did a good job with Katniss, Rue, Thresh, and of course Gale. Katniss should be skinner then Jennifer’s curvy frame, and Josh who plays Peeta was a little too short but they pull it off.

Rob unfortunately just does not fit the description of Finnick.

Hedlund or Pettyfer would be the best. I think they should consider Parker Young from Suburgatory too.


Zac Efron is perfect in very little and he damn sure neither has the look or talent for this character

I love Rob but frankly I don’t picture him as Finnick. In my mind I have a few choices: Alex Pettyfer, Matt Baker, Hayde Christensen, even Ryan Reynolds

I think Ian Somerhalder would be an amazing Finnick Odair.

I don’t want Jesse Williams as Finnick because he looks nothing like Finnick, and dying his hair won’t do ****. Call me racist if you want, I don’t care. Also his overall look is just too intense.

i always imagined finnick as him :)
i’m btw so happy Robert isn’t gonna be in CF, that’d be horrible, sorry.

Garrett Hedlund for Finnick!!!

JESSE WILLIAMS. He is beautiful. Finnick is beautiful. The end.

Jensen Ackles would be the perfect Finnick!

Finnick is practically Dean Winchester!

i don’t see him ever taking on the role, but I agree with the idea of Zac Efron. He’s exactly what I pictured when I read the book.

Jensen Ackles would make a perfect Finnick,he’s got the sea green eyes and the perfect bod

Taylor kitsch, please!

Jennica Panettiere @ 05/27/2012 at 6:35 pm

God all you people have such cliche teenybopper choices!

I hope they cast an unknown with the acting chops and make him a star. It’s not like they need to cast a star to draw in viewers.

I want Finnick to be portrayed with a FRESH perspective. With a fresh perspective people will be more intrigued.

Can everyone just STFU. Damn.
You have no say in who gets cast. End of.

trevor DONOVAN

i have to wonder who Suzanne Collins chose for Finnick is.

Thank god! I was going to shoot myself if he portrayed Finnick

Actually... @ 05/27/2012 at 9:37 pm

Some of you need to stop throwing around actors that look like they’re in their 30′s. In the book Finnick was 24. (He was 14 in the 65th hunger games so he would be 24 in Catching Fire.)

Armie Hammer as Finnick!

Come on, Zac Efron will be the perfect cast.

Though he has The ‘HSM’ syndrom, which Zac definitely struggles to get out of…(pity..) He has proven himself he can act quite well, judging from his recent films.

He has the exact looks decribed in the book, and he can act well.
What’s the problem?

I think people who hate Zac Efron must have only seen the High School Musicals.. which is his worst film. You guys should get over your prejudice on him.

Pleeeeease please pleeeaasee bring Alex Pettyfer or Jamie Campbell Bower, all the actors suggetions you guys made where way too old to play Finnick!

Why would people even believe Rob got cast as Finnick? He’s in another big franchise… Just as his manager said, they would never offer him the part.

Well that is such a great relief! Someone better should play Finnick Odair, the character is a dreamy type. I have someone in mind, someone perfect for the role. :)

Jesse for Finnick!

It’s a good news!!!! I never watched twilight because I don’t like the characters!!!!! hahahaha

the movie won’t be as awesome as I imagine if he plays Finnick..
Thank you so much…!

I vote for Milo Ventigmilia as Finnick Odair :)

GRANT GUSTIN. Hands down.

Good, even though he’s cute, he’s just not fit for the part. Finnick’s got a dynamic about him that I think Rob would only be able to pull off one side of.

I love Robert Pattinson but I always imagined Jake Abel as Finnick Odair ;)

thank GOD!!! Why in Cosmopolis David Croneneberg??

Zac Efron or Chace Crawford would be my choices for Finnick. Both would be well suited for the role.


I was picturing Ryan Gosling.

Jesse Williams! *swoon*

Luke Mitchell

Glad it won’t be Rob. Still routing for Grant Gustin, but as long as it’s someone who fits the part I don’t care

I think Mark Salling is perfect for the part! Looks, attitude, age! Don’t need to keep looking!

Parker Young from Suburgatory! Yes – he would make an excellent Finnick!

Hunter Parrish.

Joey Graceffa should be Finnick no Sam Clafin!!!D:<

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