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Eva Mendes: Sunday Starbucks Run

Eva Mendes: Sunday Starbucks Run

Eva Mendes keeps it cute and casual as she steps out for coffee on Sunday (May 27) in Studio City, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress stopped by her local Starbucks and also picked up some snacks at 7-11 while she was out.

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Eva reportedly headed back to boyfriend Ryan Gosling‘s house after getting her caffeine fix.

Holy Motors, Eva‘s new movie, was screened at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and is set to be released later this year.

10+ pictures inside of Eva Mendes picking up some coffee…

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eva mendes runs to starbucks 01
eva mendes runs to starbucks 02
eva mendes runs to starbucks 03
eva mendes runs to starbucks 04
eva mendes runs to starbucks 05
eva mendes runs to starbucks 06
eva mendes runs to starbucks 07
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eva mendes runs to starbucks 09
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  • UrBigfatass

    omg what sour puss , does she every smile. damn miserable people

  • Ummm..

    You beat me too it, I was gonna say “smile date Ryan Gosling!”

  • ren

    i don’t like her.. but i love her hair

  • Emma

    She’d better start doing coffee intravenous infusions. I hope she’s not infecting Ryan with her gloominess.

  • Dieter

    Erin Heatherton makes her look like a dog!

  • Dieter

    Erin and Leo make Ryan and Eva look like unwworthy

  • me II

    can’t any of them make coffee at home????

  • well…

    You would think Eva would start staging their photoshoots elsewhere but I guess no one would believe her if she was walking out of a bookstore.

  • Black-Dahlia

    Well she mastered the art of ‘bitchface’.

  • andie

    Yet another coffee run for Ryan. What is she? His servant now or something?

  • marie

    She never looks like a very happy person. What does Ryan see in her?
    Life is too short to always scowl like that.

  • Rachel

    She is such a hard looking thing. Cuban TRANNY heels and this does nothing to stop the rumors about Ryan being GAY.

  • Marina

    She is gorgeous and has an amazing body. Look at that curvy body, but she looks so bitter all the time. Why is she so angry?!

  • amanda

    I don’t really care for Eva, but I think she needs to re-evaluate why she’s with Ryan. She’s always doing everything for him. And I’m sure he’s sitting back and enjoying it. It’s way too easy for him and it’s not really fair to her.

  • Paul

    Ryan can do so much better he certainly proved that when he dated Rachel McAdams. Too bad Rachel dumped him so he had to settle for this.

  • lorrie

    @amanda: I agree. She’s hasn’t done any work for a long time, and she doesn’t have any upcoming projects. It’s like she’s put her own life on hold to take care of him.

  • savanna

    She comes off as quite needy. it was funny how her people were so quick to deny the split rumours a while back, when the relationship was never confirmed in the first place.

  • miami

    If you see pictures of Ryan you can tell that he is not happy he hasn’t been since the split with Rachel. This chick is desperate to keep him and acts more like his errand boy than anything else.

  • JJ

    She’s rude. I don’t know why people always stick up for her. She didn’t bother to thank Ellen for the onesie, which is basic human decency.
    I don’t care if she’s beautiful, it doesn’t excuse this behavior. Either this is a showmance that Ryan was forced into doing for some reason, or he’s lost his mind.

  • ha ha

    Maybe that’s what he wants, someone not as in demand as he is. Rachel A. has it all going on for her. I read about Eva’s movie they played at cannes. Sounds terrible and she’s in it for only like 5 minutes! She don’t get much work nowadays. Time on her hands to follow Ryan around in his much more successful career.

  • Sofia

    She is far from beautiful.

  • kara

    @ha ha: Actually her movie “Holy Motors” did quite well at Cannes. But she has a really small part, and they supposedly wouldn’t pay her way to go there. She said it was because she was too busy. That’s bull. Busy being Ryan’s housewife.

  • carrie

    @ha ha: Rachel has been very busy working since she and Ryan split. Her career is on the upswing again. Good for her, she seems so sweet, very unhollywood. Maybe Ryan doesn’t want his girlfriend to be as successful as him because he doesn’t want to share the spotlight? He might seem like a nice guy, but he’s probably got a pretty big ego.

  • miami

    Eva looks like a dude in FULL DRAG.

  • patty

    Why is this C-list “has been” always clogging up my search engine results whenever I try to search for info on Ryan?!! So frustrating!

  • Ortiz

    @miami: With FALSIES.

  • Xp 10

    Holy motors got a lot of buzz and praise in cannes and honesty the trailer looks way cooler than gangster squad, how funny he! What happened with the movie they did together? Only god forgives had a 3 min feature in cannes, very violent, people are reporting. I loved drive, so i hope the next refn/gosling colabo will be good as well.

  • blue

    @patty: Exactly! She is totally using Ryan’s name to get herself in the limelight again. Almost all their photos together look completely staged. We are not stupid. We know something’s not quite right.

  • KN

    Watch her get pregnant with Ryan’s kid. She has nothing else going on and her career has peaked as high as it will ever go.

    She looks like one moody, cranky b**ch. Makes me question Ryan’s personality too if he’s into her.

  • KN

    OH and at first I thought this was that Elizabeth Canalis, another tranny-looking gal like Eva. They look like dudes in drag, so masculine.

  • mimi

    Its like she lives to serve him nowadays, but that might be exactly what he wants in a girlfriend. I always wonder why she gets papped so much when there are so many more famous people out there. Every day there seem to be more photos. Either she goes where she knows the paps will be or she makes sure they know where to find her…
    She does look great though, not everybody manages to look sexy in a simple white t-shirt

  • max

    @KN: Apparently she’s trying to get pregnant by him as we speak. I really hope that tabloid article to false though. If it happens, I’m done with Ryan. I’m sorry, but it is what it is. She’s trashy and rude, and the fact that Ryan is associating with her makes me think twice about him.

  • max

    I meant to say I hope that tabloid article is false.

  • colleen

    Is that movie they did together ever going to come out? It seems like everybody’s forgotten about it.

  • A


  • lucy

    @max: well, there have been news that he didn’t want to move in with her and that she wants to get pregnant, isn’t it a contradiction ? It’s PR… and journalist make up stories when they have no news. About her movie in Cannes some journalists said it should have won the palm, others said it was sh.t. The Figaro newspaper classified her scene in the cave with Denis Lavant the most ridiculous of the festival. The film will be soon in theaters, we’ll see…

  • jayce

    @lucy: You are right. If it’s true he wants to slow down and not move in with her yet, it’s unlikely he’s going ring shopping and wanting a kid right now either.

  • hannah

    Any news about “Place Beyond the Pines?” It has no US release date. Only a few european release dates. Strange.

  • an opinion

    me II @ 05/28/2012 at 8:33 am
    can’t any of them make coffee at home????
    Great Question. There is no excuse if you make millions to have to go for a coffee run from your home. It’s all about being seen.

  • amy

    So she’s cooking all this thai food for him all the time. But she didn’t bother to learn how to make a decent cup of coffee?

  • Louanne

    @lucy: Holy Motors’ director is a kind of French David Lynch. So, it is love or hate.

  • Louanne

    @Rachel: Those rumors are ridiculous. There’s nothing gay about Ryan. Just because he is gentle-mannered? I live in Canada, and Ryan does look and act very Canadian!!!

  • lucy

    @Louanne: I know who is Leos Carax, please don’t compare him to the great David Lynch !

  • jo

    Another post with irrelevant Eva Mendes getting coffee. Boring.

  • Umm

    @ha ha:

    ”Holy Motors” got great reviews.

  • michele

    She comes off as very ditzy in interviews. And it’s strange she is only comfortable answering questions about her diet and beauty routine.

  • lucy

    @Umm: People were very divided about this movie like for every Carax film, besides he didn’t get any award in Cannes ! But it may be interesting to see for his actor’s performance Denis Lavant . A lot of journalists didn’t understand what it really was about because it seems that it is very impenetrable , full of references that the comun public don’t understand. That’s why they say that Leos Carax despise people. But others really loved it and had a lot of” pleasure ” during the screening, so we’ll see …

  • Louanne

    @lucy: Lucy, David Lynch is one of my favourite directors, but I know many people who don’t like him and find his movies pretentiously weird. So, I am just comparing people’s reaction to their movies. I remember feeling pretty mesmerized, almost shocked in a good way, when I saw a couple of Leos Carax’ movies many years ago. But, still, of course, David Lynch is unique and amazing.

  • lucy

    @Louanne: Yep agree with you, in fact they’re both said to be pretentious ! They are artists and both very talented ! But I prefer David lynch’s movies.