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Katie Holmes & Suri: Goodbye Louisiana!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Goodbye Louisiana!

Katie Holmes gets ready to leave Baton Rouge on a private plane with daughter Suri in Louisiana on Monday (May 28).

The 33-year-old actress was in town to visit her husband Tom Cruise who is currently working on his next film, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick called Oblivion.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suri Cruise.

Earlier in the week, Katie was spotted working on her new film in a small town in Connecticut.

The new drama, which is based on Chekhov‘s ‘The Seagull’, also stars Jean Reno and William Hurt.

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  • wren

    So this is kind of weird. We have one photo of Suri scowling at photographers and the rest of the photos are of Katie carrying a lifesize baby substitute? I guess the turkey baster isn’t going to work for baby number 2….

  • Shawna

    Why is she always carrying around Suri’s stuff? She isn’t a baby anymore. My kids know that whatever they bring out of the house they are responsible for. My youngest is 3 months older than Suri and there is no way I’d be carting around her stuffed animals for her. But then again I actually provide discipline and boundaries for my kids so I guess that’s the problem.

  • vool

    Do you guys think Tom & Katie r still together? They seem estranged to me..

  • lucy2

    I think it’s funny that Jared ran a post with Suri’s (probable ;-) real daddy right after this one. Tom is such a creepy loser!

  • theresa

    to vool

    i honestly don’t know.

  • Derek

    Awww…she’s sooo cute!

  • Orange to the second power

    Suri needs a new mom

  • sharon

    haters, blergh

  • CHorowitz

    Lucy2, I agree – thought it was funny to have her probably “real” daddy (JJackson) following this story….She looks like she is going to be tall, like her “real parents”

  • Orange to the second power


    athletic too ;)

  • Hamlet

    You have no idea how this kid is being raised, #2. Worry about your own brood.

    They’re flying over to visit him, #3!

  • joel

    all the money in the world and yet so homely.

  • Hamed

    this child is too much chilish!

  • annie

    Katie looks cute.
    Suri really doesn’t like the paps.
    And for what it’s worth, when I go shopping with my mum, she usually winds up carrying my stuff,because I usually wind up carrying my sons stuff. And when my grandma comes along, she also winds up carrying stuff for the boys because she loves buying things for them.
    This is what happens everywhere, or at least in my world.

  • Tammy

    @Orange to the second power:
    Suri’s got that Canadian blood so maybe she’ll get a role in the next generation of Mighty Duck movies!

  • Leutian

    Eat, Cruise & Pray

  • Debra

    Suri Love

  • Baked Alaskan

    She looks Russian


    Suri use to be cute. Now she looks like a spoiled little brat. If she is so unhappy being photographed then her parents need to stop parading her around. I rarely see so many pics of other star’s kids.

  • Lynn

    I have never seen a child who is so consistently miserable. She;s forever scowling, making faces and generally looking unhappy…and I honestly dont believe its just because of the paps. These pictures were clearly taken at a distance so its not as if they were invading her space or harassing her. I honestly think that poor little girl knows there’s something very wrong with the way she’s being raised and with her parents/family life. Nothing about any of her situation is even remotely normal….much more so than other celebrities who seem to have a handle on raising their children in spite of their celebrity.We also know that Cruise and Holmes are not photographed when they dont want to be. Months have gone by without pap pictures of Cruise (last time was Easter and it was a big show with Holmes, Suri and her family – clearly a set up for paps). Holmes and Suri have had minimal pics taken recently. Fact is if Suri is miserable its her parents fault.

    Also, to the person who thinks Cruise and Holmes may not be together, I think that entire marriage is for show and has been for awhile. I think they live separate lives and every now and then, Holmes drags Suri to see Cruise where ever he’s filming. Now they’re both working at the same time, which most 2 celebrity couples dont do so they can spend time together. Clearly Cruise and Holmes dont care if they spend time together or not.

    Lastly, who is this Hamlet guy and his wacko counterpart annie? I see the same comments constantly about “minding your own kids” from Hamlet. That’s just weird. This is a gossip site. People are commenting on what they see and have every right to say what they wish. How about you mind your mouth, Hamlet. Hamlet also needs to remember that we may not know Holmes and Cruise, but neither does he. As for annie, its rather sad that her Mommy still holds her stuff considering she’s a grown woman – not that anyone here could care less. Just because she’s disfunctional doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. My children (I have 3 under 8) also know they must carry their own things if they choose to bring them out of the house. Then again, they also know they have to walk, wear appropriate clothing and be well behaved which is probably because they have competent parents….something Suri doesnt have and something, obviously annie isnt giving her kids either.

    People need to face that Cruise and Holmes are not for real and are majorly disfunctional.

  • Nika

    @Baked Alaskan: WTF! i hope you’re a 12-year old girl who doesn’t know anything… You can be pale with blue eyes and blonde hair, you can have darker skin with brown eyes and black hair or you can be Asian looking and still be Russian!!! There’s no Russian-looking person since it’s a large territory with many types of people. And this comes from Russian and I look nothing like this girl…

  • anjeli

    she’s a beautiful child, this kid never looked happy. and are they feeding her? she’s too skinny!

  • annie

    well looks like i’m dysfunctional too, not to mention half of the world, all of you here are so perfect, behind your computer ….that is.

  • why
  • why
  • Peapo

    I agree this girl is miserable. She’s always having fits and you can’t just blame the Paps. She’s been inundated with them her whole life she should have adjusted. All children I’d celebrities don’t like the paps but they put up with them, they basically ignore them.
    There must be a lot of dysfuntionality in the family. (duh) They were saying Katie was going to NOLA to visit Tom, than it cane out she was actually flying up the Connecticut to make a move ( although you never see any actually film people) Than she goes back to visitnTom but you nevermseemthem together. I,think they are separated but they don’t,want anyone to know because it will be bad for Tom’s Mr. Perfecf reputation.. Suri is always with her mom walking in NYC of CONN. They both seem to never do anything. No school for Suri or No work, friends, or husband for Katie. what misery. And I want to blame Tom for get into this Scietology nonsense but Katie knew what she was getting into. I guess Suri is the only innocent one but the way they raise her makes her so bratty and whiney that I can’t find it in my heart to feel bad for her either. Strange, strange family.

  • Maria Silveira

    I wonder why, at the age of 6, isn’t Suri attending school???

  • lucy2

    We can only all hope that once the divorce happens, Suri disappears for like a year to go through serious counselling and deprogramming. Slowly introduce her into a world of school, other kids, solid food, walking, etc…

  • Derek


    She needs to stop carrying her…omg

    Where’s the “ahem”dad, I mean Tommy boy…doesn’t he help carry her? lol

    actually…it’s sad :( dysfunctional at best

  • Sophia


    Agree! WOW!