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Nina Dobrev: Très Jolie à Paris!

Nina Dobrev: Très Jolie à Paris!

Nina Dobrev is white hot as she steps out for a little shopping on Sunday afternoon (May 27) in Paris, France.

The 23-year-old Vampire Diaries actress was greeted by tons of fans.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nina Dobrev

Earlier in the weekend, Nina was spotted out on a romantic stroll with boyfriend Ian Somerhalder!

Nina‘s upcoming movie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which also stars Emma Watson and Logan Lerman, premieres September 14. Don’t miss it!

10+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev doing some shopping in Paris…

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nina dobrev paris shopper 01
nina dobrev paris shopper 02
nina dobrev paris shopper 03
nina dobrev paris shopper 04
nina dobrev paris shopper 05
nina dobrev paris shopper 06
nina dobrev paris shopper 07
nina dobrev paris shopper 08
nina dobrev paris shopper 09
nina dobrev paris shopper 10
nina dobrev paris shopper 11

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  • Lauren

    She is not even a Hollywood star to be chased by so many people!!!!
    She is just a pretty girl, like many others, in a teen series!

  • jjj

    and she has a big va*ina like all the girls from teen series

  • poppy

    She LOVES the attention!
    Pull the plug to the Vampire Diaries already! It turned into a Nina/Ian show only!

  • Melani

    She is annoying as hell and loves the attention! urgh

  • Ellen

    She goes shopping while her co stars do all the work (Ian, Paul and Torrey <3 Thanks for coming to Paris you three! Awesome Convention <3) ….well done Nina! (sarcasm)

  • Melani

    @Lauren: I agree! Nothing special about her! Without make up she looks so blah! ;( next….

  • Nathalie

    I think Nina is amazing I’m a huge fan of her. She looks pretty as always.

  • lola

    Oh she is promoting her new movie that’s why she is shoved down our throats Emma Watson is the star of the movie but she is not promoting herself everywhere like Nina

  • Lara

    Why are you here if you’re sick of seeing her?

    Nina is a nice person and no she doesn’t like to have the attention on her. In Paris she tried to avoid all the photographs.. But she’s nice with her fans so she didn’t push them away.

    And if she wasn’t at the convention in Paris, it’s just because WeventProduction hasn’t invited her.. In fact, at first it was supposed to be Ian, Paul & Joseph only .. But joseph had to cancel , so Torrey replaced him. But this convention was supposed to be just for boys in TVD

    Whatever, she’s a nice girl ! Don’t be jealous because she’s pretty and she’s famous!

  • toota

    @Lara: Actually i met Nina at the CW Upfronts event yeah she is a pretty girl but with her fans she was cold and distant unlike the rest of the cast who were cheery, maybe she was having a bad day but she signed some autographs barely smiling and then she left…
    And there are many female celebs who are prettier and more talented and famous than her so why would anyone be jealous.
    You keep saying she is a nice girl do you know this girl personally? no so stop repeating that because behind closed doors we don’t know what type of people celebs are

  • Yum

    Yeah she’s definitely LOVING the attention. Ugh. People are such sheeps. A show about a love triangles and the guys happen to be vampires and you got all the girls worship them for all the crap. They can’t act to save their butts. The only “talent” they have is to look pretty!! Girls are so shallow and naive these days….. Ugh, grow up already. I hate it when those non-talents act like they’re the sh!t in Paris. And worse thing is, people help them believe it. YOU ARE ALL SHEEPS. KEEP FOLLOWING THE HERD

  • Loftevers

    I’m pretty sure TV series stars are getting bigger than Hollywood stars. I myself find them much more likeable.

  • Yum

    *a love trianglE sorry, you get the point =)

  • florence2

    @poppy: Could’nt agree more used to love watching it but with all the flirting and getting up close to each other all the time it really has turned into the Nine and Ian show and lost my inheres.

  • emily

    Well, can I just agree with all of you. Nina is definitely loving the attention she’s not that nice as she appears to be on the show or interviews. She really is a cold person. My friend works as an extra on the vampire diaries and I’ve been to that set when I want to visit my friend. I see how the cast is so friendly to the extras like Kat, Candice, and Paul but Nina doesn’t even say hi to the crew. Every time I’m there she always has an attitude. It’s kinda weird really because everyone is nice to her. No disrespect to her I’m sure those fans only wanted some pictures and autographs. If you have this job be prepared for what’s coming. I’m no expert but there’s so many more beautiful and talented girls out there in Hollywood with more grace and that are MUCH MORE well known that don’t like that with their fans and people. Really I just think Nina is nothing special. But you don’t have to believe in my word or my experience.There’s more people out there who’ve said the exact same thing I’m saying about her. Look at how many people complained about her during other conventions and stuff. Really don’t let the way she acts in front of the cameras or interviews fool you.

  • sarah

    @Ellen: Obviously she wanted more money then she was offered. Actors get paid when they go to the events plus hotel, etc. When you hear they may or may not be going, it usually means they are wanting more money. As for the picture, sorry to say she is not a big actress. Someone called or paid a pap to take her picture to bring attention to the show she’s on.

  • Jenny

    A lot of people are saying what I experienced! Nina is so cold to her fans, she truly is a diva! Sorry but that is the Truth!

    I get why Ian,Paul and Torrey are in Paris but why is she there? Just to get her Pictures taken again? aweful ;(

  • Vamp

    Look at all the hate here….. Dunno how ppl can just judge her like that without even knowing her……

  • nina

    I am really wondering if half of these comments r legit or not, especially the one ones that say that they have met her. If she is truly like people have described her then fame has gone to her head and if not then is not nice to make up rumours.

  • d

    she totally called the paps, there is no way shes that famous from some crappy teen drama on cw,
    still cant believe that show is still on, WEIRD

  • lena

    seriously I’m a bit surprised that she’s walking without a hat, without being a bit more covered, in order not to be recognised, on this very popular street in Paris. I think she wanted to be papped too. sad but seems true

  • KN

    Do they even know who she is in Paris??? Seriously, she’s on a tv show, hardly a big star. I smell a papp call was made here and an agent found some “fans” to make her seem more popular. Totally staged. There is no way she’s is this famous.

    And she needs a bra.

  • isa

    actually, she is that famous, the show has a lot of fans in france. but she should have hidden a bit.

  • Dave Franco

    I like Nina, she is a sweet person despite what the haters say but this is an obviously such a set-up by her PR team. You can just tell.

    Btw, the paps are so annoying.

  • M

    @nina I’m with you completely 100%. how do we know if these comments are legit or not=/ and if they are true then I agree fame has gone to her head=/

    I only hope that if I someday meet her I could put all these nasty comments about her to rest

  • D

    I know a few people that know her, and they all say that she is a very kind, very sweet, very shy person. She is kind of hard to get close to at first, but when you do, she will do anything for you, no questions asked. How is this any different from any other shy person? She does not deserve to be crucified on the alter of public opinion just because she’s not comfortable around a lot of people. Shame on all of you that spread nasty rumors and say mean things about her. Your actions are those of bullies and you should all be ashamed, but I know you aren’t , and you will do it again and again. She is a regular person that just happens to be on TV. All I can say is that my friends consider themselves lucky to know her because of who she is, not because she’s on TV, and I hope to God this poor girl never sees the things that get said about her. She is too good of a person and deserves much better than that.

  • Buzz

    look at jealousy ppl just bashing with non sense
    so what if she’s not the “A-Lister’ she still has her fans lol, jealous much?

  • Abena

    I don’t think she’s as mean as everyone says she is. Maybe she may seem cold and distant because she’s shy. I’m a really shy girl myself, and i come off that way too until you get to know me. It’s not fair to judge people unless you take the time to get to know them.

  • jade

    im pretty sure all the people hating are just 1 tiny person *rolls eyes* love ya nina! i wish you would speak french cuz apparently shes fluent

  • http://Justjared Amna

    why haters dont like nina bec she is not amercian.she is balgarian-canadian actress…people says she is rude..r people know her personly.?absolutely not..she is famous bec of tvd..but she would be more famous bec of hr up coming movie…i dont think so she called pp..or fans.,there r many fans of hr in ian has many fans in falpine(asia)so why not she has many fans in paris…plz haters dont hate her.i like nina very much.she is perfect.she is talented.sometimes i think hates hate her bec she is with ian…i dont know if its true…fans of tells that she is nice and preety.why these hater put bad comments on this web.people should move on and they should hate their fav celebs.they donw have right to hate a such a nice celebrity….

  • Rayne

    NIna looks so pretty. Love her dress. I was hoping she would go to Paris and reunite with Ian. They are so much in love. One week apart was enough. They are such a cute couple. Nina, without a doubt, is one of the most generous, kindest, sweetest person one could ever meet. She may be shy and a bit reserved, which may come across as being aloof, but she is truly a very warm person with an extraordinary good heart.

  • Sammy

    I think she is very pretty and has just begun in this industry

    but if she , like many are saying, is really cold and diva-like. then it is disappointing

    Also.. I don’t know how legit all the claims are but I know one thing there is no smoke without fire.. Lets hope she is successful in her work.

  • sweetsecretshayaty

    Why are so many people hating on Nina? She is a successful actress in the U.S. and abroad because of TVD.

    I saw the CW Upfronts fan footage and she wasn’t rude, she was gracious and friendly to her fans. Also, Paul said in an interview that they have a huge fan base in France, they have TVD dubbed in french and ppl watch it online..

    SO quit hating, Nina is sweet, classy, and gorgeous. I think all the haters are jealous because of her success, class, and beauty. What’s the big deal if she decides to go shopping in France? Are you saying because she’s a celebrity that she cannot go and shop like the rest of us?

    AND if you have a problem with her, then don’t read articles about her or watch the show. Sheesh.

  • seriously

    Her PR agent must have told her to pull up near a youth hostel. All those girls look like students visiting Paris. I don’t know this actress very well, but I do know how ppl in PR think :)

  • pauline

    She showed up in Paris to get her pictures taken since noone cared about her when she was alone in Cannes! You can TOTALLY tell this is ALL set-up by her PR team! She is all smiley and has make-up all over her face!

    I really liked her but she has become such a fame W***e! I’m voting for kat Graham on Teen Choice awards now! She is a real sweetheart! ( Ian and Candice too <3 )

  • Louise

    Why people think she is shy? She posed almost naked for a magazine and do you remember at Conan O’Brien? I have nothing against her but she is not shy!!!!