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Katie Holmes: Beer & Book on Connecticut Set

Katie Holmes: Beer & Book on Connecticut Set

Katie Holmes drinks beer and reads a book while filming scenes for her latest project on Tuesday (May 29) in Kent, Conn.

The 33-year-old actress stars in director/writer Christiain Camargo‘s modern retelling of Anton Chekhov‘s “The Seagull,” which has yet to be titled.

Katie got back to work on the movie after visiting Louisiana with daughter Suri. The two spent time with Katie‘s hubby, Tom Cruise, who’s been filming his upcoming sci-fli flick, Oblivion.

Earlier this month, Katie was in Milford, Conn., where she enjoyed some downtime with Suri at a flea market.

“They were really cute together,” an onlooker told People. “Suri was pointing things out, saying, ‘Look at this, mommy,’ and Katie said, ‘Oh, yes, that’s great!’ They seemed really happy.”

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Credit: Chris Watts; Photos: INFdaily
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  • *..*

    she should move to Kent, she belongs there..boring town with population of 200.

  • carrie

    i think the pic is funny

  • hahahahha

    i dont know why, but i laughed so hard when i saw this pictures.

  • ck

    She looks whatever your favorite definition for the opposite of “good” is.

  • kizbit

    Oh boy. Here we go again. Katie trying to act and ruining a film for all the other actors.

  • lucy2

    Tommy finally drove her to the bottle. nahh…Maybe she’s just finding a way to cope with the withdrawal from the Sci meds and shock therapy. Once she’s done detoxing, she’ll be ready for the press release regarding the separation!

  • Emma

    I still really think that Nicole was the love of Tom’s life. It’s very obvious that he wants his 3rd wife to emulate Nicole. First, he made her from a tomboyish cute girl to a sophisticated lady. Now, he wants him to improve her acting, thus, letting her play challenging roles in the hopes that maybe one day she can have an Oscar just like Nicole does.

  • Carbon Copy

    Looks awful as always.

  • http://justjared POLO

    No matter how much she tries, she’ll never be able to compete with Nicole Kidman, she’ll always remain an just an Ugly Pathetic Loser in Hollywood.



  • joel

    that looks so cheap. Beer drinking mommy.

  • Stable Isotope

    @Emma: Really? I never got that “love of his life thing” but you make an interesting point. Katie definitely doesn’t act like the person she was pre-tom-scientology. She seems sad even though they try to show off as the perfect marriage.

  • annie

    she’s filming scenes, but that’s too obvious for you lot, got to add you mega doses of salt and pepper.
    wish TC did stay with NK then Katie wouldn’t have to put up with you lot and your frigging nonsence.
    as long as you remember that she gave him something NK never could.

  • Hamlet

    I don’t know where to begin cutting down that stupid post, #7

  • annie

    oh and by the way– go see the new HStern ”ARVORECER” video of Katie and you can see why TC is with her, and it’s not a photoshopped picture either.
    dying to read all the ridiculous comments you’ll all come up with, but it won’t make any difference because the proof and the beauty is there, for all you NK fans .

  • Peapo

    Tom was never I love with NK or KH. He is in love with himself, David Musciavge, L Ronand and all the men he’s not allowed to have to due to the strict Scientolog rules and threats. NK and KH were just for show.David Musciavge tells him what and what not to do. He is completely brainwashed. Fortunately NK got away. But Katie is still hanging on and suffering terribly on the way to craziness.

  • Just a Guy Talking

    If it was a choice between NK or KH I would take Katie in a heartbeat.

    Sorry Nicole your beautiful but Katie is to die for.

  • Melaniem

    @kizbit: Oh LEAVE her alone. She was untouchable as Joey Potter – give her a chance and she’ll excel again.

  • taco

    @Just a Guy Talking:
    have you seen latest nicole’s pics at cannes film fest? no? well do it. katie holmes is noting.

  • 4squared and there


    “as long as you remember that she gave him something NK never could.”

    What a cruel comment Annie. Nicole had several miscarriages. Without her he would not have had Bella and Connor. For most people that adopt and have “birth” children–they will tell you that there is no difference in their love for their kids no matter how they arrived in their lives.
    And Tom and his cult certainly pushed Nicole out of their lives. I saw her on a visit to NYC when the kids were young. I don’t care what anyone says–you, the delusional Hamlet, the media etc., she loved those kids. She was walking to a park across from where I was reading. There were no paps, just her, the kids, a nanny and a body guard. there was no reason for her to be faking her joy in those two little ones.
    Personally I think Holmes-Cruise is on the way to a divorce. I think the reason Katie keeps pimping out Suri is to make sure there is a documented trail of her being the primary caregiver so that she doesn’t end up losing Suri to Tom’s mechanisms.
    Bella and Connor are just as much Tom and Nicoles as a natural child would be. And shame on you for your cruel comment.

  • annie

    Yes yes shame on me, more like shame on all of you -all the time, for the nasty comments.
    At no stage have I ever said Nicole doesn’t love her kids, but the trouble is you give too too much power to TC and Scie.
    However …..shame on you for saying that Katie is pimping her daughter as to document a trail of her being the primary caregiver,
    She has from the very beginning ,Suri has been with her on her film sets since she was 1, she doesn’t have to document anything it’s her daughter, anbd keeps her with her as much as possible.
    NK could have done the same——so yes shame on me!

  • 4squared and there


    Well Annie in case it slipped your notice, Tom was not that involved in the cult for several years during the marriage. Plus the cult kowtows to
    Tom so she probably got blindsided seeing as how she didn’t have an example to show her what was gonna happen. Katie did. She saw what happened to Nicole.
    And no, we don’t give too much power to TC and the cult. Most people, like you, under estimate its brutality to those that leave.
    And yes, she IS PIMPING her daughter to create a trail. We go for a month or two never seeing either one of them and then suddenly every where you look there is Katie pimping out Suri. In NYC they never seem to dine at the places that offer actors, politicians etc privacy. They always seem to go to places where they can be photographed thru windows and that are known pap hang outs.
    Am not denying that she keeps her daughter close, am just saying when she wants privacy for the two of them she manages to find it. When she doesn’t then you see day after day of photos like these. If I may point out at the risk of being called a JP fan–both Brad and Angelina, who are much more desirable pap targets, have said they alternate kids on their sets. You rarely see pictures of them with their kids on set. Nor do you see them putting the kids in the line of pap cameras generally–except when they are going and coming from some place. There is no way Katie doesn’t seek out the cameras when she wants to be back in the news. If William and Catherine can find a way to have a private life outside the cameras (currently she is the most desired pap target), then I’m sure Katie Holmes can manage it too. She certainly manages to do things like slip in and out of Toledo when she wants to visit her parents with no paps. Same goes their Colorado holding. So one does have to question why we go weeks without seeing the fashion challenged duo and then suddenly WHAM BAM they are in our face daily.
    But Annie, don’t worry, unless Katie pulls off something stupid or brilliant, most of the blogs are losing interest in her and her spawn. It used to be that every blog would publish pictures, now just a few do. So like Parasite Hilton, she appears to be fading off the radar whether she wants to or not.

  • annie

    Katie loves NY, and said so , after Batman she moved there for a while, before she started living in LA, which she said she didn’t care much for.
    But, can you answer something for me?
    Why is it that every single day you see Jen Garner, and Jessica Alba, now you see C Theron with her baby constantly , not to mention Miranda Kerr and her son, surely these people can find a way of not getting noticed as well, you only see them walking around going off to somewhere.
    Why is Gwen Steffani photographed at the park, how do paps know she is at the park, or stars coming out of doctor offices, with their kids.
    And—this is a big and , whether or not you want to admit it, the JP clan gets very noticable when there are movies to be premiered, they pop up all over the place, because they’re not in seclusion on their private estates in other countries.
    How do the paps know when BP takes his kids to Leggoland, or other places they get seen at, eg at a supermarket in a country village in France, please!
    The other day there were pics of them on a secluded beach, how convient, and AJ was so (to be polite) somewhat unusually dressed in a long black dress, with a huge black hat and an umberalla. You think that’s normal?
    Of course it is, for you, and their fans, but everybody else gets torn to shreds . The same goes for NK fans , they come here and have a go at these people, yet they stick up for when it comes to Scie, or her kids.
    The other day she said that she made this new movie with Clive Owen(forget the name), for her girls, her ”2 girls” not her ”3” girls, because that’s what she’s got ,regardless the age.. Mrs Perfect who everybody sticks up for , nobody said that was’t nice.
    Why should she be afraid of Scie anyway, what has she done , murdered somebody and is afraid of being exposed. She has the perfect opportunity to say a few choice words about them, I mean everyone thinks that she doesn’t see her kids because of SCIE anyway, so what’s the problem, why the silence?
    Please don’t say she’s scared of them, this is a woman with millions of dollars and access to the best legal system on offer.
    Why doesn’t she come out and say Scie sucks, yeah my husband dumped me , because they whispered in his ear to do so, because if they did, and he did it, then YES she should expose him and them for what they are.
    But the truth is, Scie probably didn’t have anything to do with it, more Penelope Cruise than anything else, so it suits her. Truly!

    How do they find Halle Berry at the beach with her daughter ?

    I think you see what you want to see , and you read something the way it suits you.
    Those pics of Suri and Katie swimming….couple of metres away was William Hurt being pushed in the water in a wheelbarrow, there were a flurry of movie people nearby, not to mention those pics of K and S were so blurry, that the paps were obviously very far away, but it looked like it was only K and S there, and those pics are everywhere on the internet.

  • annie

    sorry made some changes and mixed my post up a bit, wasn’t supposed to end that way.