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LeAnn Rimes: A Summer for Short Shorts

LeAnn Rimes: A Summer for Short Shorts

LeAnn Rimes makes a Memorial Day trip to the local Ralphs grocery store on Monday (May 28) in Calabasas, Calif.

Beating the California summer heat, the 29-year-old country singer wore a pair of short shorts and a sheer top covering her bikini top.

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It looks like it’ll be a food-fest kind of day for Leann on this holiday.

“Made tacos for the fam,” she tweeted. “Now, headed to a friend’s house for more food. #gluttonday”

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • naturegirl

    She wears the nicest shoes

  • R

    that to a grocery store squinty…… sigh!

  • ?

    29? I thought she was 38 or something:(

  • MyLeNe

    Yeah right … gluttonday … and my name is marilyn monroe men .. this girl eat absolutaly nothing .. big joke !

  • Mikaela

    First of all by the way she looks she DOESN’T EAT!! Second, if you’re going for groceries isn’t that outfit sord of innapropriate?? There are families and kids shopping as well, she’s sooo trashy at all times!!!

  • Alaia

    @naturegirl: Those shoes are hideous, are you kidding? She’s almost as clueless as Cheryl Cole in the style stakes.

  • Amber

    Who goes to a grocery store wearing that?

  • Lex

    She wares that to make a trip to the store?
    That’s beachwear, honey, so sad money can’t buy you style nor education…

  • Anon23

    Im sure this was another Pap call…

  • XYZ

    Enuff with these patethic buffoons!!!!

  • http://comcast Dee

    She’s not much to look at but she thinks she is, so I guess that’s all that matters.

  • gwen

    Who goes to a grocery store dressed like that? No one. The only people who would go to a grocery store dressed like that are people who are desperate for attention. She knew that GSI would be there because as usual she called them. Look at how she is acting like this a photoshoot. Notice that you don’t see her carrying ANY bags or pushing a cart and how GSI didn’t get any shots of the person who is carrying her bags/pushing the cart? Leann has now surpassed the Heidi M stage and reached Courtney Stodden territory. How is Leann’s behavior any different from Courtney Stodden’s, who is notorious for wearing ridiculous clothing just to shop at Target?

    She wants people to believe that the paps, the same ones who were with her and Eddie while in Cabo, just so happened to be at a grocery store in Calabasas at the very same time she decides to run an errand during a pool party? You can tell that the paps don’t normally hang out at this grocery store because look at the expression of the lady pictured in the background.

    Of course Leann made tacos. Once again isn’t Brandi always tweeting about tacos? It looks like Leann has been reading Brandi’s bikini blog. So is this why Leann called GSI so that she can let Brandi know that she has been reading her bikini blog?

    Let me guess, is this “good friend” Liz, Eddie’s mistress?

    Why oh why is Leann always tweeting during family gatherings or holidays? Doesn’t that tell you the true state of her relationship with Eddie and her family? If she was having a good time like she wants us all to believe why does she always interupt the moment by tweeting or stopping to take twitpics?

  • jezme

    nice gams….for real!

  • jezme

    That body that can wreck a marriage.

  • jezme

    @Lex: YOU need to buy an education!

  • gwen


    Courtney Stodden Jr, oops Leann Rimes, needs to buy a mirror and some new friends. That isn’t sexy, it’s sad. Eddie cheats on Leann while she is on tour and Leann thinks that she can cover it up by wearing a bikini, short shorts, and a see through shirt to a grocery store?

    Seriously, how can The Dailymail, JJ, and GG look at these photos of Leann and not draw comparisions to the staged photo-op of Courtney Stodden shopping at Target in a shirt, which she was attempting to pass off as a dress?This is beyond desperate. Does Leann think that this makes a good impression for those people who she had meetings with last week? Her meetings last week must not have gone as well as she claimed because why else would she be wearing a bikini to a grocery store?

  • Helen

    @Dee: You are right.. She is very ugly but she thinks she is the most beautiful in the world..and her body is gross

  • Linda

    LeAnn Rimes is a sad pathetic woman. She thrives on any publicity, be it negative or otherwise. Whatever did Eddie Cibrian see in LeAnn, oh, yes, $$$

  • KN

    Her face is just painful to look at. So unattractive, she looks like one of the Who-people in Who-ville. I personally think she is one of the most unnattractive people in Hollywood. But maybe it’s because she is so ugly on the inside too, you just think ugly all around when you see her.

  • Dee

    She reminds me of an ostrich

  • Meghan


    My thoughts exactly. An attention seeker? UGH.

  • Kari

    I think an eyebrow lighting is calling……….

  • jamiemvanlooy

    MMMM….she looks yummy, and I’m quite certain the 450 pound she-beast in the backround thinks she’d make a nice meal as well!

  • gwen

    Another indication that this was a staged photo-op: Why is Leann wearing a white bikini? The answer can be found in Brandi’s bikini blog.

    From Brandi’s bikini blog: “Colors matter: I find solid bright colors photograph better than prints. Three basic suit colors that one cannot live without are white, black and either turquoise or hot pink! I promise.”

    In the blog Brandi lists her favorite bikini designers, it would be interesting to see if Leann copied one of the five bikini designers that Brandi mentioned in her bikini blog.


    I think gwen is really Brand
    i. LOL

  • bc

    She needs a fashion intervention, STAT. She’s so blinded by needing twitter and tabloid attention, she can’t gauge whether her style is cute or not, it’s just all about showing as much skin as possible.

  • Sabrina

    @bc: Personally, I think her “stylist” secretly hates her. Her clothes are always put together terribly, her make-up is horrible,her hair is always styled in an unflattering way ( I am not judging her hair in this picture as I always shove my hair on top of my head when I go grocery shopping as well ) and her shoes are always totally out of proportion with her body. She looks like she is trying hard to look taller and instead just looks like she is teetering around on stilts. It is like she has Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome and has people telling her she looks great because she pays them, while in reality, she needs interventions, of both the fashion and PR variety. Everyone knows she calls the paps. Wearing a bathing suit to a grocery store just reinforces public opinion that she is desperate for attention.

  • butch

    @TWPUMPKIN: yes mte. ^^ and I think means is the other idiot. People lets settle down a bit. We live in socal … And summer’s almost here…lots of people in skimpy wear at the grocery store. I live in Venice beach… I see nekid practically every day. She’s a cuntry wife now. Can’t expect much more.

  • butch

    *means = jezme …stupid spell checker

  • betty

    Where are her groceries? Leann looks one hot mess. I noticed she hasn’t tweeted anything about Eddie lately.That’s alright Leann we know things are not blissful in paradise. All that hand holding and PDA for paid photos such as this one doe not spell happiness.

  • gwen


    Then by your logic that means that you are Leann Rimes!! LOL

    Seriously, Leann, why are you upset because as usual another one of your staged photo-ops is being met with criticism? Or are you upset because I pointed out how you must have read Brandi’s bikini article, considering that you showed showed up in a white bikini?

  • gwen


    Did you check out the article from Fox411 that was at the bottom of this site? They called Leann out for shopping at a grocery in a bikini because she once stated that it was something that she wouldn’t do. So based on the statement that Leann herself made, even she thinks that wearing a bikini to a grocery is tacky and attention seeking.

    This is from Fox 411: “LeAnn Rimes sported a bikini while grocery shopping Monday, the Post reports, even though the country singer once dodged charges that she is addicted to skimpy swimwear by saying, “I’m not, like, going shopping at the grocery store in a bikini.”

  • Why??

    @betty: Why do you follow her tweets? Obsessed?

  • Why??

    Gee, Gwen. Why don’t you just crawl up her snatch and get it over with?

  • Pamela

    “Omg! You just caught me completely by surprise!” HA, yeah right.

  • love leann

    You mention education, yet you are the one with bad spelling/ grammer…wear not “ware” lol.

  • betty

    @Why Why do you follow MY comments? Not obsessed but fun to read Leann nonsense.

  • jacksquat

    Chicks are dressed like that all the time in stores near the beach.
    Either stopping for something on the way or way back .

    You people should get out more.

  • gwen


    The better question is why are you using a name that doesn’t belong to you? You know what happened to your posts when you pulled the very same stunt on Eonline. Your posts were deleted.

    Seriously, what is your obsession with woman’s private parts? You wrote the very same posts on x17 when you were going by the name of Teresa!!!!!

  • Jane

    What the h??? ? She looks like she’s ready for a street corner in the worst part of Hollywood! No class at all, Leann. Your Momma obviously didn’t raise you right. No self-respecting woman with class, dignity and style would go out looking like that.

  • gwen

    @jacksquat: @love leann:

    Poor, poor, poor Leann.

    Just think, if Leann hadn’t called GSI and set up this staged photo-op, you wouldn’t have to resort to stealing names, making posts about how you see this all the time/would wear that to a church, or calling other women fat.

  • jacksquat

    @<a href="/2012/05/29/leann-rimes-short-shorts/comment-page-2/@love leann: mment-22727649″>love leann:

    If you are going to nitpick it is ‘ grammar not grammer ‘. How embarrassing huh ?

  • Addison

    Is Brandi PREGNANT?! Heather McDonald tweeted a pic at BBQ. Brandi’s stomach protruding. Who’s the daddy?

  • hello777

    meh, why judge her? shes cute although she maybe calling for too much attention.

  • Lisa

    “I am on the [bleeping] beach, for God’s sake,” RIMES told Handler, defending her frequent swimsuit shots. “I’m not, like, going shopping at the grocery store in a bikini.”

    perfect example of KARMA. its coming around pretty quick…better figure our your shit.

  • gwen


    Leann isn’t cute, even Eddie doesn’t think that Leann is cute. Eddie won’t touch Leann unless his other, other, other mistress TEQUILA is present.

    People judge Leann because she is wrong. Would it have killed her to enjoy the holiday without calling GSI? What exactly did Leann think was going to happen once these photos made their rounds? Did she honestly think that people were going to see these photos and fall in love with her? She knows by now that people don’t like her and are tired of her constant attention seeking. All she had to do was look at how the whole XFactor thing backfired. Now that her staged grocery store photo-op has backfired(ie-several sites are calling Leann out for how she stated that she would never go to a grocery store dressed in a bikini and how she confessed on Chelsea lately that she and Eddie set up staged photo-ops) all of a sudden Leann doesn’t like the attention, which she created the moment she dialed/texted GSI?

    Why does Leann keep insisting that the paps “followed” her to the grocery store or were just there waiting for her? Does she honestly think that people are stupid? It’s the same paps who were with her and Eddie in Cabo. The same paps who showed up at Eddie’s son’s soccer game and with her when she went shopping with Brandi’s youngest son. Leann isn’t even carrying any bags in these photos, all she is doing is prancing in front of the paps. Even Courtney Stodden was smart enough to make it look like she was “shopping” in her staged photo-ops. Who goes to a pool party wearing all that jewelry and a face full of makeup?

  • betty

    @Addison What photo are you looking at? At least Brandi knows she can have kids you appear envious.@jacksquat People that live in beach communities shop in beach attire but Leann does not live in a beach community. So what’s your point?

  • Addison

    Heather McDonald tweeted on her timeline a pic of her and Brandi at a BBQ. Brandi’s stomach is HUGE. It’s protruding! Is she knocked up? It looks 4 months along.

  • Addison

    I HOPE it’s not Darin’s baby. She can do better! Brandi will be a wonderful Mum third time.

  • Annie B

    People are aware Calabasas is not near a beach at all, correct? To where you walk up from the beach, throw on some flip flops and go to a store. Is a 40+ minute drive to Malibu. It’s a gated, residential community. Not a beach town. People don’t walk around in bikinis. Except attention whores who call Mike Kamara to snap their pics when Eddie isn’t there, since Eddie isn’t taking that BS anymore.