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Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio leaves a chiropractor’s office on Tuesday (May 29) in New Orleans, La.

The trailer for the 37-year-old actor’s upcoming movie, The Great Gatsby, was recently released – check it out in case you missed it!

The movie, set to hit theaters December 25, is director Baz Luhrmann‘s big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s novel.

Leo has another movie coming out on Christmas Day, Django Unchained, which centers around a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.

The Western co-stars Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, and Christoph Waltz.

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  • first!

    always wanted to do that lol

  • Philly

    He’s got such slim legs. His limbs are relatively slender actually!

  • Buzzy

    You’re sure it wasn’t the accountant’s office he visited?

  • tourism

    Why does he have Brad’s look?

  • Leo Fan

    He looks good…. and relaxed. But the beard OMG, the beard %?/”!!!

  • Fassdong

    Nice to see Leo out and about again! He’s been working so hard. I can’t wait to see Gatsby and Djano! Christmas/my birthday is going to be good this year!

  • Samie

    any one see new django pics?

  • Elle

    Still no Erin sightings, interesting!

  • Django’s future fan

    The other actors went to spend the Memorial weekend with their families and girlfriends. I guess Leo had his mom or some of his buddies with him in NOLA.

  • Samie
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  • kiki

    he has an adorable smile. that beard is for django unchained.

  • @Elle (#8)

    Indeed. After two months or no razzi pics nor sightings, it’s clear they’re no longer together. She used to be on his heels like a desperate puppy for 3 months. The guy needed air.

  • Leo Fan

    We know the beard is for Django. Still, it’s ugly.

  • Gossipgirl

    I can’t wait to see bth movies!

  • mimi

    Wow, I`ve just been to a chiropractor`s today, too!

  • laura

    I like his vans (as in shoes) very cool…

  • sayuri

    He is AMAZING! Best actor ever!

  • ace11

    Still blew it by letting Giselle Go

  • carrie

    i like his tee-shirt

  • Myra Celis

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  • Frozoid

    Pot belly.

  • Swattibex

    No “GET THE LOOK” on this one Jared?????

  • Swattibex

    What no “GET THE LOOK” on this one Jared?????

  • smiley

    nice to see him smile

  • tinkerbell

    @smiley: @smiley: Yes I think NOLA’s laid back atmosphere and non-clubby old school blues, jazz. r and b atmosphere has been good for him. He looks happy, has a cute little belly (too many crawdads) and looks like a normal cute guy doing his thing. Havent seen a real smile from him in years. Starting to like the hat too.

  • smiley

    @tinkerbell: I agree. Guess he’s getting some zen in his life over there. he’s been truly busy.

  • tinkerbell

    note, I say seemingly harsh things about this man sometimes, but I hang on WANTING TO BE PROVED WRONG. I also want him to be happy and I think his lifestyle in general doesnt. He’d be happier owning a club in NOLA watching good musicians eating shrimp and having a cold one than the way he rolls now.

    And I want him to be happy. So sue me.

    Vegas=Bad. NOLA=good
    Diesel yachts=Bad Little boat to go fishing in=GOOD

  • leo

    He has zero physique – paunchy stomach, chicken legs. It’s good that he only relies on his acting chops and hence this doesn’t matter !

  • ***************************

    @@Elle (#8):

    Not in France with his buddies? REAL puppy, Bar, must be with him in NOLA, cause I know those cameras and parties bring out the media whore in her. She would not pass up the chance unless there was a good reason.

    When is the wedding, Tzipi?

  • tinkerbell

    @leo: He actually was born with a nice physique–tall, broad shouldered, long torso, smallish waste. With a tiny bit of regular work outs he’d be so fine he’s be scary. But he wants it that way. I don’t hate. He and Dad have robust physique—Dad was hot back in the day.

  • :S:?

    bAr? LOL what rock have you bee under? they haven’t been together in over a year?!?

  • tinkerbell

    Do you see what I am talking about…..I didnt bring this up AT ALL. They just cant let go.

    Not in France with his buddies? REAL puppy, Bar, must be with him in NOLA, cause I know those cameras and parties bring out the media ***** in her. She would not pass up the chance unless there was a good reason.

    When is the wedding, Tzipi?v***********:

    When is the wedding?
    The wedding is NEVER.
    As in NOT EVER.

    Have a nice day!

  • Mya

    @Elle: over but for the shouting. These girls all sign non disclosures…could have been over week ago. She was a “fill-in” anyway. Not saying a bad person, but a fill-in-the-blanks kind of thing. Too bad she didnt know.

  • S

    So Tinker… still obsessed with Bar? Please, get yourself a “real” doctor.

  • tinkerbell

    @S: YOU brought her up, not me. That is the new gambit. You bring her up and then when you dont get the response you want you accuse me of being obsessed or tell me to get help…or say I am ruining the thread.

    I will stop talking about her but please stop bringing up these ridiculous rumors. They make you look pathetic.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • @Elle

    At least it didn’t take her years to understand and open her eyes. I still think Blake was the fastest to realize things, unlike Gisele or Bar.

  • boooo

    this says erin is still dating him but i don’t get it i think it’s all for publicity and she just got a movie role so obviously is getting attention w/the publicity. she is cute in a high school girl way but no personality just nothing….. no substance. lol that’s how he likes em apparently.

  • tinkerbell

    @@Elle: I dont think anybody realized anything except that Leo is the top of the food chain. Also Leo dumped Blake gave her the “I’m too busy for a relationship now” excuse. Otherwise she would have hung on….

    I think this one (EH) just kind of faded…he needed someone for Oscar season which didnt quite turn out the way he thought…but she might pop up again ya never know.

    I’m sorry, we’re supposed to be having an intellectual conversation about his films or something? Should we run a Deconstructionist, post-Derrida Lacanian dissertation on Man with the Iron Mask?

    Or Creepshow 3?

  • tinkerbell

    @boooo: Just really not the same without the photoshop is she? You can just see the cottage cheese about to blossom…and how classy to let someone film you up your skirt in a cheerleader outfit washing a car….everyone has to start somewhere but she might have tried for a hmmmm speaking role?

  • @38

    You know Erin used to be a brilliant and daring model. Now, it is quite sad to see her in such a degrading role for a Sandler movie. Looking at her in her push-up bra and tweeting to guy that she knows how to use a sponge…??? Low class or lack of judgment or both. So this is where modeling for VS has led her?

  • Come onnnnnn

    @boooo: She won’t deny the rumors about the break up cause she never comfirmed the dating.

  • FashionGal

    @boooo Erin make Blake look gorgeous and fascinating in comparison!

  • tinkerbell

    @@38: I dont think there is such a thing as a “brilliant and daring model”–by definition you are supposed to just conform to an idea, not be daring. But she has walked for real designers, I give her that and this is just really demeaning. But you know what? I once saw the first walk on for Marilyn Monroe- I forget what movie it was, but it was minor. You just take what you can get.

  • tinkerbell

    @Come onnnnnn: She cant. All Leo girls sign hard core non-disclosures. He does it because a long time ago he slept with a Danish waitress in France who then talked to the press and said he was pale, flabby, and not good in bed. Sex symbols cant have that on page 1. So I think to be a Leo girl you get the
    necklace, the visit with mom, and the PAPER. The visit to the lawyer. She can’t say anything about him. Even Gisele begs off.

    They could still be on, in a very freelance sort of way.

  • tinkerbell

    @FashionGal: Unfortunately I agree. Erin looks like melted kewpie doll close up with hair off her face, but Blake is just a fugly horse face. And she was worse before surgery. I mean I just dont get her at all.

    A good thing about Erin–she doesnt talk. Not a lot, not out loud. We are spared inanities.

  • tinkerbell

    and leo gets moved up to the pole position on Jared. Always does. He’s an icon…a beautiful monster or a monstrous beauty…Elvis, James Dean, Monroe, Liz Taylor, MJ, Leo, all gorgeous, brilliant, flawed. Something we cant let go of with them all.

  • raven

    Aw! representing Magic Johnson with his t-shirt. He looks good, nice to see a smile on his face.

  • gossip girl

    Ryan Reynolds is so much hotter than Leo. Blake dumped Leo and she is love with Ryan.

  • Sonia

    Why do we always have to talk about his girlfriends. on all his posts
    I find it really annoying
    someone always brings up Erin,Bar, Blake and even Giselle
    I mean Giselle is a happily married mother. Like leave her out.
    Someone always brings them up and analyzes his personal life.
    Can we please stop that, hes someone who is actually talented and famous for something more then his personal life.
    unless he gets married and publicly acknowledges it, lets not assume much and wish the best for him. Basically his happiness