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Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio leaves a chiropractor’s office on Tuesday (May 29) in New Orleans, La.

The trailer for the 37-year-old actor’s upcoming movie, The Great Gatsby, was recently released – check it out in case you missed it!

The movie, set to hit theaters December 25, is director Baz Luhrmann‘s big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s novel.

Leo has another movie coming out on Christmas Day, Django Unchained, which centers around a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.

The Western co-stars Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, and Christoph Waltz.

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330 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans”

  1. 1
    first! Says:

    always wanted to do that lol

  2. 2
    Philly Says:

    He’s got such slim legs. His limbs are relatively slender actually!

  3. 3
    Buzzy Says:

    You’re sure it wasn’t the accountant’s office he visited?

  4. 4
    tourism Says:

    Why does he have Brad’s look?

  5. 5
    Leo Fan Says:

    He looks good…. and relaxed. But the beard OMG, the beard %?/”!!!

  6. 6
    Fassdong Says:

    Nice to see Leo out and about again! He’s been working so hard. I can’t wait to see Gatsby and Djano! Christmas/my birthday is going to be good this year!

  7. 7
    Samie Says:

    any one see new django pics?

  8. 8
    Elle Says:

    Still no Erin sightings, interesting!

  9. 9
    Django's future fan Says:

    The other actors went to spend the Memorial weekend with their families and girlfriends. I guess Leo had his mom or some of his buddies with him in NOLA.

  10. 10
    Samie Says: tut tut leo…

  11. 11
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Says: this is what the beard is for

  12. 12
    kiki Says:

    he has an adorable smile. that beard is for django unchained.

  13. 13
    @Elle (#8) Says:

    Indeed. After two months or no razzi pics nor sightings, it’s clear they’re no longer together. She used to be on his heels like a desperate puppy for 3 months. The guy needed air.

  14. 14
    Leo Fan Says:

    We know the beard is for Django. Still, it’s ugly.

  15. 15
    Gossipgirl Says:

    I can’t wait to see bth movies!

  16. 16
    mimi Says:

    Wow, I`ve just been to a chiropractor`s today, too!

  17. 17
    laura Says:

    I like his vans (as in shoes) very cool…

  18. 18
    sayuri Says:

    He is AMAZING! Best actor ever!

  19. 19
    ace11 Says:

    Still blew it by letting Giselle Go

  20. 20
    carrie Says:

    i like his tee-shirt

  21. 21
    Myra Celis Says:

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  22. 22
    Frozoid Says:

    Pot belly.

  23. 23
    Swattibex Says:

    No “GET THE LOOK” on this one Jared?????

  24. 24
    Swattibex Says:

    What no “GET THE LOOK” on this one Jared?????

  25. 25
    smiley Says:

    nice to see him smile

  26. 26
    tinkerbell Says:

    @smiley: @smiley: Yes I think NOLA’s laid back atmosphere and non-clubby old school blues, jazz. r and b atmosphere has been good for him. He looks happy, has a cute little belly (too many crawdads) and looks like a normal cute guy doing his thing. Havent seen a real smile from him in years. Starting to like the hat too.

  27. 27
    smiley Says:

    @tinkerbell: I agree. Guess he’s getting some zen in his life over there. he’s been truly busy.

  28. 28
    tinkerbell Says:

    note, I say seemingly harsh things about this man sometimes, but I hang on WANTING TO BE PROVED WRONG. I also want him to be happy and I think his lifestyle in general doesnt. He’d be happier owning a club in NOLA watching good musicians eating shrimp and having a cold one than the way he rolls now.

    And I want him to be happy. So sue me.

    Vegas=Bad. NOLA=good
    Diesel yachts=Bad Little boat to go fishing in=GOOD

  29. 29
    leo Says:

    He has zero physique – paunchy stomach, chicken legs. It’s good that he only relies on his acting chops and hence this doesn’t matter !

  30. 30
    *************************** Says:

    @@Elle (#8):

    Not in France with his buddies? REAL puppy, Bar, must be with him in NOLA, cause I know those cameras and parties bring out the media ***** in her. She would not pass up the chance unless there was a good reason.

    When is the wedding, Tzipi?

  31. 31
    tinkerbell Says:

    @leo: He actually was born with a nice physique–tall, broad shouldered, long torso, smallish waste. With a tiny bit of regular work outs he’d be so fine he’s be scary. But he wants it that way. I don’t hate. He and Dad have robust physique—Dad was hot back in the day.

  32. 32
    :S:? Says:

    bAr? LOL what rock have you bee under? they haven’t been together in over a year?!?

  33. 33
    tinkerbell Says:

    Do you see what I am talking about…..I didnt bring this up AT ALL. They just cant let go.

    Not in France with his buddies? REAL puppy, Bar, must be with him in NOLA, cause I know those cameras and parties bring out the media ***** in her. She would not pass up the chance unless there was a good reason.

    When is the wedding, Tzipi?v***********:

    When is the wedding?
    The wedding is NEVER.
    As in NOT EVER.

    Have a nice day!

  34. 34
    Mya Says:

    @Elle: over but for the shouting. These girls all sign non disclosures…could have been over week ago. She was a “fill-in” anyway. Not saying a bad person, but a fill-in-the-blanks kind of thing. Too bad she didnt know.

  35. 35
    S Says:

    So Tinker… still obsessed with Bar? Please, get yourself a “real” doctor.

  36. 36
    tinkerbell Says:

    @S: YOU brought her up, not me. That is the new gambit. You bring her up and then when you dont get the response you want you accuse me of being obsessed or tell me to get help…or say I am ruining the thread.

    I will stop talking about her but please stop bringing up these ridiculous rumors. They make you look pathetic.

    ‘Nuff said.

  37. 37
    @Elle Says:

    At least it didn’t take her years to understand and open her eyes. I still think Blake was the fastest to realize things, unlike Gisele or Bar.

  38. 38
    boooo Says:

    this says erin is still dating him but i don’t get it i think it’s all for publicity and she just got a movie role so obviously is getting attention w/the publicity. she is cute in a high school girl way but no personality just nothing….. no substance. lol that’s how he likes em apparently.

  39. 39
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@Elle: I dont think anybody realized anything except that Leo is the top of the food chain. Also Leo dumped Blake gave her the “I’m too busy for a relationship now” excuse. Otherwise she would have hung on….

    I think this one (EH) just kind of faded…he needed someone for Oscar season which didnt quite turn out the way he thought…but she might pop up again ya never know.

    I’m sorry, we’re supposed to be having an intellectual conversation about his films or something? Should we run a Deconstructionist, post-Derrida Lacanian dissertation on Man with the Iron Mask?

    Or Creepshow 3?

  40. 40
    tinkerbell Says:

    @boooo: Just really not the same without the photoshop is she? You can just see the cottage cheese about to blossom…and how classy to let someone film you up your skirt in a cheerleader outfit washing a car….everyone has to start somewhere but she might have tried for a hmmmm speaking role?

  41. 41
    @38 Says:

    You know Erin used to be a brilliant and daring model. Now, it is quite sad to see her in such a degrading role for a Sandler movie. Looking at her in her push-up bra and tweeting to guy that she knows how to use a sponge…??? Low class or lack of judgment or both. So this is where modeling for VS has led her?

  42. 42
    Come onnnnnn Says:

    @boooo: She won’t deny the rumors about the break up cause she never comfirmed the dating.

  43. 43
    FashionGal Says:

    @boooo Erin make Blake look gorgeous and fascinating in comparison!

  44. 44
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@38: I dont think there is such a thing as a “brilliant and daring model”–by definition you are supposed to just conform to an idea, not be daring. But she has walked for real designers, I give her that and this is just really demeaning. But you know what? I once saw the first walk on for Marilyn Monroe- I forget what movie it was, but it was minor. You just take what you can get.

  45. 45
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Come onnnnnn: She cant. All Leo girls sign hard core non-disclosures. He does it because a long time ago he slept with a Danish waitress in France who then talked to the press and said he was pale, flabby, and not good in bed. Sex symbols cant have that on page 1. So I think to be a Leo girl you get the
    necklace, the visit with mom, and the PAPER. The visit to the lawyer. She can’t say anything about him. Even Gisele begs off.

    They could still be on, in a very freelance sort of way.

  46. 46
    tinkerbell Says:

    @FashionGal: Unfortunately I agree. Erin looks like melted kewpie doll close up with hair off her face, but Blake is just a fugly horse face. And she was worse before surgery. I mean I just dont get her at all.

    A good thing about Erin–she doesnt talk. Not a lot, not out loud. We are spared inanities.

  47. 47
    tinkerbell Says:

    and leo gets moved up to the pole position on Jared. Always does. He’s an icon…a beautiful monster or a monstrous beauty…Elvis, James Dean, Monroe, Liz Taylor, MJ, Leo, all gorgeous, brilliant, flawed. Something we cant let go of with them all.

  48. 48
    raven Says:

    Aw! representing Magic Johnson with his t-shirt. He looks good, nice to see a smile on his face.

  49. 49
    gossip girl Says:

    Ryan Reynolds is so much hotter than Leo. Blake dumped Leo and she is love with Ryan.

  50. 50
    Sonia Says:

    Why do we always have to talk about his girlfriends. on all his posts
    I find it really annoying
    someone always brings up Erin,Bar, Blake and even Giselle
    I mean Giselle is a happily married mother. Like leave her out.
    Someone always brings them up and analyzes his personal life.
    Can we please stop that, hes someone who is actually talented and famous for something more then his personal life.
    unless he gets married and publicly acknowledges it, lets not assume much and wish the best for him. Basically his happiness

  51. 51
    Sonia Says:

    btw he looks amazing
    He has the most amazing smile I have ever seen,so cute
    He looks so relax and actually happy, its so amazing I can’t find another word to describe it
    Love that hes not hiding his face under a cap or whatever :)

  52. 52
    iddie Says:

    @tinkerbell: your mother is a fugly horse face!

  53. 53
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Sonia: uhm, NO.

  54. 54
    tinkerbell Says:

    @gossip girl: ohhhhhh.

    First of, no Ryan isnt. In Blade 2, when he was totally cut, agreed, very hot. Lately, nah, not really. In terms of career, solid B-lister. That’s it. Would take a miracle to make it out. HOWEVER, he seems like a NICE guy, and if I were Blake, I’d consider him a keeper.

    However Ted Casablancas has been posting for two weeks now that
    she’s not in love with Ryan, but someone else, an unknown A lister. Ted is sometimes right, but I dont know who the guy is. Not Leo.

    She’s Veronica Bee Stings on Awful Truth, check it out.

    There is hot “physical” and hot “hollywood pecking order.” Blake knows about both and cares about the second more. Leo is facially more handsome than Ryan, but Ryan takes care of himself.

    Leo is at the tip-top in HW because he is still the #1 grossing box office actor 14 years later for a live action film—-Jim Cameron’s little blue people made more but Leo is a live person and he’s tops.

  55. 55
    tinkerbell Says:

    @iddie: She looks great for her age.

    But Ive never understood about Blake–she had lots of surgery and still isnt pretty, why do people think she is? I think because she’s tall, dyes her hair and has bolt on boobies people think that’s beauty—by itself its just not.

    She was FUG before the surgery sorry.

  56. 56
    tinkerbell Says:

    My new blog will be called “ta da”

    Life in Hell with Tinkerbell

    General Commentary and Celebrity Stupidity

    (Im not talking about my life its copacetic if quiet right now.) I am talking about life in general. Along the lines of dlisted meets (one of my favorite) sights with references to Ghetto Hot and Monty Python.

    Come aboard, it’ll be a ball!

    I’ll rub my crystal ball and predict that tomorrow on this website we’ll see a well known d-lister looking hot, fat, and bitchy on a bicycle.

    We’ll see.

  57. 57
    Allison Says:

    The beard is for his ROLE in Django Unchained, people. If you’ve seen pictures of his character in the film, the beard he’s been sporting is explained.

  58. 58
    www Says:

    @tinkerbell: don’t forget to show your pic as you are now….I know you’ll love the comments

  59. 59
    tinkerbell Says:

    @www: I never fall for that one….but I look great !

  60. 60
    tinkerbell Says:

    I should have said, AND I look great, I do…but you dont need to know bout me…

  61. 61
    Ka Says:

    love his smile! love his bread! cant wait to see Django.

  62. 62
    eva Says:

    i watched this titanic: blood and steel series and saw their photocall in rome … reminds me of jack and rose … wishing kevin zegers and alessandra mastronardi a long relationship just like leo and kate.

  63. 63
    LeoLover Says:

    Go back to Lipsh8t Alley where you belong, Stinkerbell. You always stink up the place. Leo deserves better than your fugly old a ss.

  64. 64
    LeoLover Says:

    No one wants to live in Tinkerhell with you, Stinkerbell. You’re a blight on this site. Take care of your own stupidity before you lecture Leo.

  65. 65
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LeoLover: but he never gets it or evge@Ka: I love his bread too, especially the pumpernickel!

  66. 66
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LeoLover: waah waah waah

    I hear a baby crying…

    it is you?

  67. 67
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LeoLover: did i hurt your feelings somewhere along the line, lover?


  68. 68
    tinkerbell Says:

    no one wants to live in Tinkerhell with you

    you kind are though arent ya?????


  69. 69
    lance Says:

    love the styles in there

  70. 70
    what`s new? Says:

    tinkerhell is still obsessed and still doesn`t have a life. same old same old!
    @boooo: how does that article prove that they are still together? she looks laughable trying to look sexy which she isn`t. boring and low class. just the way leo like them

  71. 71
    www Says:

    @tinkerbell: we’ll be the judge of if you look ugly or not just like how you like to be your own judge about the way others looks i.e. horse face…It will be fun for us just like it is fun for you.

  72. 72
    @#tinkerbell Says:

    You really need professional help? Why write a thesis on all Leo girlfriends in every single one of his threads? WTF is wrong with you?

  73. 73
    hi Says:

    Maybe he got a bit stiff in the back from banging all those models??? Or maybe he is just getting old..

  74. 74
    some news Says:

    I think Lainey is right

  75. 75
    xXx Says:

    @boooo: or it means that the contract is finished and it’s her gift, Clooney also helps his girlfriends to have some success

  76. 76
    @74 Says:

    I kinda agree. I have much higher hopes for Django even though I don`t like Tarantino movies in general. But I don`t think Leo is `lacking` in the Gatsby trailer. I would rather say everything else around him is lacking and looks really fake and superficial: the images of NYC, his co-star and the music. I think Leo seems like a great Jay Gatsby but everything else is a mess.

  77. 77
    Leo vs Shaun Says:

    OK the fat faced D list model PR has been working it in NY. Implying she’s boning Olympian jumper. What a comedown. Poor Barf. After paying Maxscum magazine still couldn’t get a sports star of higher standing? All this hoping Leo calls from NOLA.

  78. 78
    kerri lynn Says:

    leo and Bar forever!

  79. 79
    no Says:

    no leo, don’t smile! we are so used to your surly looks, what are you suggesting? are you enjoying yourself??

  80. 80
    BarFan Says:

    bar is better than him surely.

  81. 81
    Oh, no! Says:

    The Bar obsessed nutcase is here again! WHO CARES ABOUT BAR OR WHO SHE IS DATING! Get over it already! Take it to her threads and stop ruining Leo`s! `All this hoping Leo calls from NOLA.` Where do you get that? When she was with Leo that was your problem and now that she is finally gone you don`t do anything other than making up stuff like that so you can continue talking about her. Seriously get over it already and get some help! You are obsessed with her. You must be her fan otherwise you would finally shut up about her!

  82. 82
    vagabond Says:

    @boooo:Wasn’t there an alleged insider on here that said she wanted to be like Rosie.Have a famous boy friend and get into acting?I guess this is the start.
    @Oh, no!:I keep hoping she’ll hook up with some one.I feel that if she gets a serious boy friend for awhile they’ll finally move on??She’ll only be mentioned in passing like the others.
    Anyway I guess those were leo bots in france,since he is here.Nice to see him smiling,maybe he was going to the accounting office.His bank account would make anyone smile.

  83. 83
    no Says:

    yeah, that’s it!! he’s got dollar-signs in his eyes too. Yes, women you get tired of very easily, but cash is never dull LOLLL

  84. 84
    ahaaht Says:

    @BarFan: LOL troll. Bar wasnt even a known working model pre (or post) Leo! Maxim and red carpets ain’t modelin dear. Chances are; most of the world wouldn’t even know who Barfy was, if she never dated him. So you should be thanking him for introducing your d list mens mag model to the world in the first place. Her first (semi) big cover ,Esquire, was AFTER she dated him not before. Before him she was nothing but an anonymous Israeli catalog model. Its funny even after dating him, shes still not far from being just that. lol.

  85. 85
    kerri lynn Says:

    come on guys you know you miss gorgeous bar and leo together.

  86. 86
    no Says:

    yes, and leo’s surly looks i miss too. can’t they get back to being their quirky old selves again?

  87. 87
    Oh, no! Says:

    @vagabond: Is this acting? Being an utterly unsexy and mind-numbingly boring cheerleader in a D-list box office bomb? Hardly…
    Accountant? I thought it says in the TITLE that he visited a chiropractor….
    Boy, these threads are getting unbearable!

  88. 88
    Lies? tink everyone knows.... Says:

    She probably is not dating Shaun. PR set-up because of all the heat they are getting for conning the public about their relationship? He dropped her off after the club, and went back to his party. Now, ___has her own beard?? Wow….they are really trying to convince people they are not together. Wonder why that is?
    IMO, Stop dragging Erin into your giant web of lies!!

  89. 89
    Oh, no! Says:

    @88: Why stop dragging Erin into this? How come you can trash his ex as much as you wish but nobody can bring up the current one? Lord, all the obsessed freaks and hypocrites posting here and they don`t even realize how dumb and stupid their comments are!

  90. 90
    vagabond Says:

    @Oh, no!: I was joking about the accountant bit.As far as acting goes i guess you gotta start somewhere?Seems like Leo could pull a few strings and get her something a little better?

  91. 91
    katchitup Says:

    Oh too bad his beautiful VS model, Erin is no longer following him everywhere, so sad.

  92. 92
    tinkerbar Says:

    tinker might as well be bar. both obnoxious and arrogant, and can’t live without each other.

  93. 93
    Leo? Says:

    Nice smile. Shame about everything else. The beard is for a role, but what about the rest? He was aging so well. What happened?

  94. 94
    smiley Says:

    how come there is always snarly comments and fights on the leo boards? Bar is so 2010 people lol. Havent you heard? SHe wants to marry the Biebs haha. Personally the fighting and attacks on some of the people on here is getting old. I miss the days of Crystal Ball. At least that was entertaining

  95. 95
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Oh, no!: 77 isnt me. Just for the record, I’ve been at work without internet access—they have it but I’m a contractor and I dont want them to see me on it. The new thing is to post about bar and then blame me for it as a way of covering tracks. Clever.

  96. 96
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Leo vs Shaun: would that be Shaun White, the SNOWBOARDER????? I had no idea, but he looks like Carrotop before steroids.

  97. 97
    @96 Says:

    Yep its in the NY Post. I thot you lied in NY? Probably encouraged by Scott Lippi so Leo can hear about it.

  98. 98
    tinkerbell Says:

    Boy, the Refaeli machine jumped on that poor dude quick. they were seen once in a night club together and now there are 52 articles in a google news search? Nice work guys. He’s homely as an old shoe but at least he’s an olympian. that’s what you’re thinking right? I guess Shakira got her man Gerard Pique in check so barfie had to move on. And yesterday she wanted to marry baby Biebs…….at least they have started to move onto other possibles for her to latch on too….still dropping the L word here though in a most annoying manner.

  99. 99
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@96 In general, in NYC, we prefer the brutal truth to some baby fantasy lying crap. And because so many of us work in the media, we know ALL ABOUT IT.

    I think they know LWD doesnt give a RATS AZZ about you know who. How can you make the man who has everything jealous? I mean two movies this year = $50 million. And he replaced her, TWICE. Also you seem to think he gave a rats azz bout her in the first place—and the jury is still out on that.

    She cannot make him jealous. He doesnt care about her. If he wanted to be with her he would be. He found other young, dumb opportunistic blondes to take her place. There is and endless supply out there.

    Its not even Bar herself who is just another media package like Octomom or what’s her name Gosselin that bothers me. She’s another two bit piece of azz, like a girl in a beer commercial at a deli, or a “model” in King Magazine.It’s the way they manuever, dodging the draft, hiding money from taxes, and using men to get her name out there. Ambition is fine as long as it includes actually being good at something or worth being looked at. She doesnt have it so they sneak and squirm around and use whatever/whomever they can.

    And that’s what bothers everyone else too. You can call a sow’s ear a silk purse as much as you want, but its still a sow’s ear and basically worthless except to the sow herself.

  100. 100
    Please.. Says:

    some news!!!!!!!!! :((((((((((((

  101. 101
    @95 Says:

    @tinkerbell: We all know it’s you who posts about bar, it’s the only way you can justify talking about her! and please if you must use ellipsis< it's only 3 dots.

  102. 102
    riot Says:

    We can all see what he has been doing, make great movies!! Way to go!! As for the woman to capture this mans’ heart, can she ever be good enough for you? She just has to answer to all your mighty standards. :)

  103. 103
    ??? Says:

    @riot: fabulous comment!

  104. 104
    FashionGal Says:

    @katchitup is that sarcasm?

  105. 105
    Message Says:

    It’s good to see a little smile on his face, at least. He is still a cutie, even with the beard and the gut. I think both Gatsby and Django are going to do well for him. I can’t wait to see them both!

  106. 106
    riot Says:

    Wow, who thought anyone would care? Much like, who cares what gal this guy hangs with??…

  107. 107
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@95: not this time, someone else started it, and there are others, usually her flacks, who start the convo.

    Enjoy the goo-goo pap.

  108. 108
    I need Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    I miss Leo so much! Where you at boo?

  109. 109
    tinkerbell Says:

    @I need Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: still in NOLA, I hope.

    Good luck to you LWD-long may you rave

  110. 110
    I need Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    @tinkerbell: I also hope so…

  111. 111
    Oh, no! Says:

    No, he is in LA. bz has a tweet with photo of an LAX sighting.

  112. 112
    Oh, no! Says:

    The photo is apparently old but the sighting was posted hours ago.

  113. 113
    Argie Says:

    hmmm is he still dating erin? it´s been a really long (an happy) time wihtout new pics of them together… she´s in spain (i don´t know what the hell is she doing there but…)… am i the only one smelling troubles in paradise? she doesn´t follow him anymore like she used… hopefully we´ll see break up news soon…

  114. 114
    @Argie Says:

    keep hoping. then he can hook up with yet another model, and another after that, and another…….and you losers can start and continue the countdown for all those till you get boyfriends of your own.

  115. 115
    @114 Says:

    Could you be any more boring? Until `you get boyfriends of your own`? Come on! You can do better than that? Also if the thread is full of losers why are you here?

  116. 116
    £1.13 Says:


    poor bar.

  117. 117
    BAR Says:

    was Posted: BAR REFAELI went to MADONNA’S concert Last Night, doubt Bar is feeling “Poor Bar” at the Moment… Lucky Bar, Just say’n!!!!

  118. 118
    @117 Says:

    If she’s feeling so great and happy good but then why would a fan like you have to come and post in a Leo forum of all -places and use a Madonna concert as some sort of status symbol? WTF bother?

  119. 119
    Break up news Says:

    @Argie: I can not f* wait for this break up news….you have no idea! lol

  120. 120
    BAR Says:

    @ 118 – :) Because I Wanted Toooooo thats Why. – Whah Whah – I also believe LEO misses that Girl. – She still does a certain type of annoying PR for this guy, I’m just not going to say what she’s does STILL – ~ K.R.

  121. 121
    BAR Says:

    YOU GOT IT?????? – GREAT – Now You Know ;)

  122. 122
    eva Says:

    just like to share this memories

  123. 123
    @120 Says:

    Leo does not give a s**t about her. He would not have cheated on her so much and then dumped her otherwise. Get lost obsessed Barf freak

  124. 124
    Argie Says:

    @119: me too!!! i hate the fact that she acts like she is a private person and then she share all kind of personal pics wiht leo´s friends and all that stuff…. she seems so fake to me!!! nobody belives whem she says she doesn´t want to talk about her personal life…. please! give me a break… and a break up lol!!!

  125. 125
    racoo Says:

    Are they still together?!?!? Does anybody know if Leo is still with her?!?!

  126. 126
    lol Says:

    No need for break-ups if they were never together. What qualifies as a relationship, these days? lol

  127. 127
    BAR Says:

    @ ARGIE – seriously – why You Keep bringing up ERIN and BAR??? – You guys all here are the obsessed ones…. still calling her “Barfy” all the time. – his LEO guy is Never gonna Marry anyone… nobody is Good enough for that brat actor &his Family’s Inflated EGO!!!!!

  128. 128
    BAR Says:

    LEO got GREY FUZZ on his BEARDED FACE…. He is Sooooo OLD!!!

  129. 129
    mmm Says:

    @BAR: are you six??

  130. 130
    vagabond Says:

    @racoo: IDK really,not sure anyone else does
    From what i’ve read she is/was in Spain,no sightings of Leo there yet.She’s been tweeting quite a bit.If you go by the Bellazon tweeting rule she don’t tweet when she’s around Leo to protect his privacy,sooo…eh..

  131. 131
    racoo Says:

    @vagabond: she has tweeted around Leo so that’s not true..thats how we knew about the grand canyon, disney and the Bahamas….

  132. 132
    vagabond Says:

    @racoo: Yes i know.I was being So that could mean he’s in Spain or not,you know what i mean?

  133. 133
    racoo Says:

    she hasnt been around him… people would have tweeted it even if they didnt know who she was…she hasnt really been around him for 2 months…Leo isnt in Spain…Oh please lol

  134. 134
    @127 Says:

    Who´s family has the inflated ego?? I don´t think this was written by Leo´s mom! Or have you forgotten?

    Posted by Cookie on Yeeeah!: “Leonardo dicaprio and females he loves have the i dont like to see the face ever during sex.which includes yelling bossing around dominating and large amounts of narcotics.”



  135. 135
    Break up news Says:

    @Argie: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahaha…soooo true!!! :)

  136. 136
    tsk tsk Says:

    Bar and Leo coming out of the closet? She preggers yet?

  137. 137
    What Am I reading here? Says:

    Dicaprio using Erin?? Making her sit in the back seat, stay at other hotels, while Bar throws a tantrum to end the PR charade? Is this what is happening? Just a guess…?

  138. 138
    Argie Says:

    soooo…. she wasn´t working in spain after all, and she´s flying back to nyc according to her twitter… would you travel for a vacay when you loved one is working if you have the chance to be with him? i wouldn´t, but it´s ok… it´s may be just me lol…. somethig it´s not right i guess…. it´s been a really long time since the last time we saw them together…. c´mom sources… confirm the good news to the leo fans!!!!

  139. 139
    Break up news Says:

    @Argie: I love you! LOL

  140. 140
    Break up news Says:

    @What Am I reading here?: what’s your point honey? Spill it out please ;)

  141. 141
    Nona Says:

    I don’t believe Leo and Erin were ever serious. He has been seen with other women throughout their relationship. They’re probably not going to announce a break up unless one or both find steady companions. That’s how he has handled it in the past. Until then, he is probably happy to be flying under the radar in N.O. and she is happy being known as Leo’s girlfriend in the press.

  142. 142
    OMG Says:


    That is exactly what I thought…

    They only were a real couple in the minds of the Bellazonfreaks, and Erin obviously has benefited from the publicity that comes with being Leo’s girlfriend. Just look how many pages she had in Just Jared before and after.

  143. 143
    NOLA Says:

    Leo is in NOLA with Lukas and Jonah. There are tweet photos of them. Also there was a tweet from a girl who met Leo in a NOLA club. Leo told her she was beautiful…

  144. 144
    Leo w/ Lukas 6.3.12 Says:

    So glad his friend can find time for him out of his busy schedule and not you-know-who, who flew to Spain! LOL!!! Leo looks great! : )!/_GunsandRoses_/media/slideshow?

  145. 145
    @Nona Says:

    “Thats how he’s handled it in the past”? I’m not throwing shade but I don’t think Leo, with his notorious penchant for on/off mess with girlfriends has handled past break ups as you ascribe. He cools off during filming then it picks up again it seems.

  146. 146
    Lukas in Nola Says:

    @Leo w/ Lukas 6.3.12:

    I guess now we know why he lokked so happy in his latest pic in Nola… His other half is also filming a movie there where he is and Erin far away from him. Everything is perfect for him!

  147. 147
    vagabond Says:

    Having lunch
    @@Nona: agreed so im on the fence about saying they have broken up for sure.
    thanks for the pic and tweet info.

  148. 148
    Still with Erin Says:

    Acording to this tweet
    _ ‏@KaraTriche
    @ErinHeatherton hung out with my sister Britney with Leo and his chef best friend last weekend #woohoo

  149. 149
    NOLA Says:

    Why post the sighting one week later?

  150. 150
    OMG Says:


    Besides look today… Leo is out and there is a bunch of tweets… and She spends some time with Leo and his girlfriend and nobody notice??? Perhaps it was in a super secret place???
    Sorry but it seems kinda weird to me!

  151. 151
    @OMG Says:

    Seems you’re in denial cos you want them to break up so bad.
    You hear/see what you want to see and believe
    It is possible she has been with Leo and no one noticed. We have had random pics of them b4 at vegas, b-ball game) sans twitter announcements.
    I don’t think this a great love affair but I don’t believe not being in each others pockets automatically means break up, it seemsvery casual to me

  152. 152
    Nona Says:


    Was every split or reunion announced by his rep at the time it happened?

  153. 153
    @151 Says:

    Yes, there were random pictured and photos before and then nothing for quite a while. I personally didn`t jump on the break up wagon. Either over or super low key. But it is odd that after the random tweet sightings there was nothing for a long time. There are random tweets about Leo in NOLA and at airports but never with a tall blonde for the past several weeks.
    Other than that I agree. It seems very casual and we all know it will end just like the others.

  154. 154
    Nona Says:


    Has he ever talked about having open relationships? I remember a friend saying he and Bar weren’t exclusive the last time they got back together, but that’s it.

  155. 155
    Nona Says:


    Maybe she just found out about it from her sister. Doesn’t his friend Jonah Johnson sometimes work as his personal chef while he’s filming?

  156. 156
    NOLA Says:

    Also this tweet is a reply to …. Erin. Why post it as a reply to her? Like that tweet that she was in Mexico with Leo tweeted to JJ? It doesn`t sound like she is addressing it to Erin… I don`t know. I`m not saying they are over because of the lack of info but I find this tweet odd.

  157. 157
    bs tweet proves nothing Says:

    Thanks for the bullsh**t tweet but it says nothing that Erin was there with this girl not to mention this girl could also be lying. Over the past week we’ve had Leo all over the place except NOLA, he’s been to many airports from LA to Nashville, and been spotted many times in France! lol Its going to take a pic or at least multiple sightings for me to personally believe they’re still together! : ) Try harder next time! Go for a pic bellafreaks!! : )
    And even if they’re still together you can tell Leo is getting ready to kick her **** out!!

  158. 158
    OMG Says:

    @151Yes, I don’t like them as a couple since they aren’t a real couple!
    and if in fact we would have had actually sightings of them the last few months I wouldn’t have anything to say about it but I can’t believe that your only argument is a pic posted like 2 months ago, and we have seen sightings of him with everyone else.

  159. 159
    leo's fan girl Says:


    Just wanna know since your so obsessed with Leo, (and dont deny that you aren’t, you are, your posts prove it here) would you sleep with? Do you think about him during copulation or self stimulation and can you give us a link to your facebook page or post your pic, maybe Leo can look at it.


  160. 160
    I totally dislike Erin... Says:

    Erin having a convo with Tobey’s wife on twitter…she is trying to show something,like she is still in touch with Leo’s friend?Annoying much? Why trying to prove something???? What do you guys think about that? I don’t like her at all…and also think if she’s still with Leo,why she is talking to one of His best friend’s wife on twitter only? It seem like she is notttt so close to Leo’s life like she used to a few months ago…hope this ends soon…ugh

  161. 161
    Nona Says:


    Looking at this objectively: The lone Leo sighting from last weekend was at the airport in Nashville. The France sightings were the day before these pics were taken at the chiropractor in N.O. The L.A. tweet used an old pic. I would dismiss this tweet about Erin and the girl’s sister except for the detail about Leo’s best friend chef. That’s not commonly known, and the girl seems more of a model fan than a Leo fan. I’ll put it in the maybe column for now.

  162. 162
    Nona Says:


    Looking at this objectively: The lone Leo sighting from last weekend was at the airport in Nashville. The France sightings were the day before these pics were taken at the chiropractor in N.O. The L.A. tweet used an old pic and he is still in N.O. I would dismiss this tweet about Erin and the girl’s sister except for the detail about Leo’s best friend chef.

  163. 163
    I totally dislike Erin... Says:

    Erin Heatherton ‏@ErinHeatherton
    @JenMeyerMaguire haha baby steps.. @lilyaldridge just got a twitter she’s so excited about her necklace.. Lily you should follow jen too ;)

    Lily Aldridge ‏@LilyAldridge
    @ErinHeatherton @JenMeyerMaguire. Hi jen!!! Erin always tells me such great things, can’t wait to meet and so excited for my necklace ♥

    Jennifer Meyer ‏@JenMeyerMaguire
    @LilyAldridge @ErinHeatherton Thats so sweet. Thank you. Can’t wait for you to get your necklace. Look forward to meeting you soon!! xo

    WHAT IS THIS NECKLACE CONVO? The same necklace Erin is wearing and the bellafreaks said it was a Leo’s gift????Maybe it was not from Leo to Erin,but from Jennifer to Erin??? I’m confused…and curious…

  164. 164
    bar did too Says:

    @I totally dislike Erin…: bar still to this day talks to Leo’s friends on twitter…she and Emily are STILL friends…

  165. 165
    NOLA Says:

    The LAX tweet could be legit regardless of the old photo. Not that long flight and he lives in LA. I never really beloved the France tweets. But there were several Leo tweets in NOLA in museums, buying lemonade from a little girl, eating pizza just to name a few. Or the club sighting this weekend complementing a girl. But none with a tall blonde.
    The Erin tweet. @ErinHeatherton can mean that the tweet was addressed to her since it’s a reply. In that case it means she wasn’t there. I know it can also mean she was there and her name is shown as @ErinHeatherton.

  166. 166
    NOLA Says:

    *since it’s a reply to Erin.

  167. 167
    NOLA Says:

    *believed the France…

  168. 168
    Hmmmmmm Says:

    …speaking of Leos friends this @DonatienneLA is the Luka’s girlfriend? Cause it’s been a while since the last day she tweeted to Erin, the last tweet (with pic) was on March 11 and after that she already tweeted a pic of Leos ex Gisele wearing a bag from her collection lol and no sign of Erin Borington.They used to talk about their travels (wich means Erin-the-puppy following them everywhere )

  169. 169
    Erin and Jennifer Says:

    @I totally dislike Erin…:

    For me that ridiculous tweets between Erin and Jen are another attempt by Erin to promote herself as Leo’s girlfriend. She did act the same with Kevin calling him her buddy and knows him 3 seconds ago

    Look… I’m close to every Leo’s friends, the wives of his friends, his mom … funny that we have never seen her having that kind of closeness with Leo. Everything we’ve seen of them or heard of them is he walking away from her, glued to his cell without talking to each other.

  170. 170
    I totally dislike Erin... Says:

    @Erin and Jennifer: THIS! True.Thank you!

  171. 171
    new name! Says:

    @Hmmmmmm: hahaha Erin Borington…I like that…

  172. 172
    Hmmmmmm Says:

    @new name!: Haha she is boring as hell LOLLLLLL

  173. 173

    I think you as a grown man should have the balls to live with WHO & the WAY you want to live! Go Leo! :D

  174. 174
    webby Says:

    @TO LEO WITH LOTS OF LOVE!: we don’t believe that **** on this forum….people just giving their opinions like on JJ….as a matter of fact people on JJ might just know more about Leo And its not saying anything new

  175. 175

    @webby: WE? R u speaking for all? Speak for you,cause I am someone and I believe them.Everything Incog said would happen,truly happened.Many things makes sense there.I have my reasons to believe and I won’t argue with you,cause it’s my opinion,my point of view,and I won’t change.Period.

  176. 176
    picky Says:

    oh, that’s nice that you got him all figured out. Like, no chance he will ever have a decent sort of private life for himself without twenty people listening in. I say, no fuss until he announces an engagement!!

  177. 177
    lol Says:

    @bs tweet proves nothing: I dont know why you use the term ‘bellafreaks’ you guys here are far more freaky,with your theories of his relationship status. And no, I’m not the thread police, bar, Tsipi or Adi, just sayin’

  178. 178
    @lol Says:

    They have taken time to study Erin’s tweets deconstruct and analyse every tweet about either Leo and Erin screaimng ‘Lies’, ‘They hate each other’, ‘We’ll go an read her twitter page and attack her for it’ then we have the Barf brigaide informing us SHE tweets with his friends like its some contest. between the two And this forum calls other people nuts and freaks?

  179. 179
    Interstingly.... Says:

    @bar did too:
    Bar does not tweet with Jen Maguire or Lukas Hass who both tweet with Erin. Its common knowledgede Bar and Lukas did not get on in later years and even if it was a locked account it would show on who both Jen and Lukas are following is locked but Bar is not present. Neither does Erin follow Ethan Suplee and probably Emily.
    The only Leo friend both girls follow is Kevin C.

  180. 180
    the 411 Says:

    Sean White attended. Barfie’s b- day party this past weekend maybe the rumors are true? She so desperate to stay in the so glad Leo dumped her pathetic as$ let’s hope Erin a.k.a Barf jr’s next!

  181. 181
    @The 411 Says:

    @the 411: So why should you care? freak

  182. 182
    freaks Says:

    Give it up f r e a k s …Leo and Erin Borington are dunzo!!!

  183. 183
    @The 411 Says:

    @freaks Who the hell cares!

  184. 184
    tweet Says:

    Bar has tweeted Kevin, Emily and Ethan Suplee after she and leo broke up. Erin tweeting Jen means nothing. I think Emily and her husband went to Bar’s birthday party. I hope Bar and Shaun White are happy. I think they make a cute couple. I wonder if Erin will date an Olympic star too??!?

  185. 185
    freaks Says:

    @@The 411: you care clearly. Why are you here? To talk about Leo’s chiropractor visit!?! This thread isnt really active anymore so you had to seek it out so why are you here?!? You know whats talked about after the threads disappear from front page news, so if you don’t like it don’t come freak…duh!!!! No one is talking about Leo’s visit to the chiropractor! lol

  186. 186
    @tweet Says:

    So is Erin tweeting Jen ‘means nothing’, why should Bar tweeting Kevin and Ethan mean something? Kevin tweets with Erin too.
    Why are you so threatned?

  187. 187
    @180 Says:

    Poor Bar despite her desperation and agents’ machinations she could not even get someone with the status or looks of a Tom Brady

  188. 188
    tweet Says:

    @@tweet: I don’t just want to take away your hope! : )

  189. 189
    @186 Says:

    Ppl here don’t even know how to read…go study some reading comprehension ppl! This isn’t about Bar,is about Erin…
    What has been said about Erin tweets to Jen IS:

    If Bar ins’t with Leo anymore and still talks to Jen and Tobey on twitter,Erin could also be talking to Jen even if she WASN’T dating Leo anymore,BECAUSE they have this habit,this costum…to talk with Leos exes!!! But doing this she’s trying to show us she have contact to his friends,what she don’t know is: WE KNOW YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE WITH LEO TO TALK TO HIS FRIENDS,BECAUSE BAR AND GISELE DOES THAT (OR USED TO) SOMETIMES,AND THEY’RE NOT TOGETHER ANYMORE!!!

    @186 Nobody said that Bar talking to Leos friends means something,on the contrary,we’re saying that talk to Leos friends DOES NOT MEAN ‘dating Leo’ BUT Erin thinks this means a lot,poor boring girl!

  190. 190
    The Bellafreaks... Says:

    …they will ‘thumbs down’ every bad thing we say about Erin hahaha but I already told you freaks,this won’t change the facts! Erin is a loserrrr,thumbs down all you want,we don’t care…

  191. 191
    the 411 Says:

    the Barf\ bellafreaks are back trying to disguise themselves as “leo fans”…lol pathetic

  192. 192
    donna Says:


    DonatienneLA is Erin’s friend and wife of Leo and Lukas’ friend Chuck.

  193. 193
    donna Says:

    If I were Leo I would encourage my friends to be friendly with ex’s. It makes the transition easier. Bar had five years of off and on open bsh it relationship without fulfilling her baby goal. That’s got to sting. To tell his friends to abandon her would be cruel.

  194. 194
    gossp Says:

    Oh go on and be cruel. Who’d want to hang around losers that just screwed up five years of your life.

  195. 195
    Naah Says:

    individual responsibility an’ all. She could have walked away amongst their multiple break ups / cheating over the years but chose not to. No one screwed anyone else’s life but their own by volition!

  196. 196
    OMG Says:

    @Donna I don’t think that Leo can control what his friend do! If they want to talk with his ex’s they can do it…

    The worst thing is for his friends … when they get used to one of his girlfriends he quickly changed to a new one.

  197. 197
    gossp Says:

    Changing partner is never an easy thing, or should not be, and hanging around old friends is usually very much a dead end street. Being in charge of your own life can be just as hard as that too. Enjoy solving that problem in full view of tons of fans. Good luck!!!

  198. 198
    Naah Says:

    That’s passing the buck to me. You say it’s difficult to be in charge of your own life, so instead leave it up to others to take charge and te blame for ‘******** it up’ because s/he lacks the ability to think, esp when any one with half a brain can see how it is going to end?

  199. 199
    Hmmmmmm Says:

    @donna: Thanks for the info!

  200. 200
    Just me Says:

    ‘The perfect stranger’ is on Tv right now,I bet Leonardo is watching…

  201. 201
    @The 411 Says:

    @freaks: Do you know what? I dont know why i come here any more, I should have realized by now that nothing changes here, just a lot of bitter, angry bored women. tata

  202. 202
    literally a model Says:

    i don’t think any of LD’s “relationships” are real since Giselle. there was someone that supposedly knew him and said the girls since then have been for press/looks only. i believe that because it never seems real and is so fake. plus these women are just bookends—bland with no personality or brain. i can’t believe someone as intelligent as him would really be into any of them whether he’s gay, straight or bi. which of course working in hollywood, i’ve heard rumors of all that but you never know. of with travolta and certain people it’s getting plain to see that they are what is rumored of them.

  203. 203
    celticrose Says:

    Forget the talk of past or possibly present gfs, I get tired of hearing people calling him fat. Not having washboard abs is not the same as being fat. Whatever “it” is that makes a guy have sex appeal, he has it. . . in spades! Let him live his life and be happy.

  204. 204
    celticrose Says:

    Yeah I totally agree that he has an amazing smile AND amazing eyes.

  205. 205
    celticrose Says:

    I remember that story from ages ago. Show me a guy in his early 20s who has had too much to drink whose performance would still be stellar! :)

  206. 206
    Awful models Says:

    @literally a model:

    i can’t believe someone really intelligent would really be into BG.

  207. 207
    Jerk team Says:

    Mobli Trends:Bar Refaeli,the LDF,Adam Levine…so called A-LISTERS…LOL

  208. 208
    :) Says:

    It’s adorable how a bunch of BZ girls are trying to convince people ( themselves ) that they are still together for sure! Even that not too convincing tweet was posted of course not in the original form.

  209. 209
    vagabond Says:

    Biking in Nola,,20601061,00.html#21168991

  210. 210
    Re Says:

  211. 211
    Re Says:

    Did you guys see Leo’s new facebook account?

  212. 212
    facts Says:

  213. 213
    Elena Says:

    @facts: lol, that’s fascinating and all but you do realize that while his NAME is leo, his SIGN is scorpio, right?

  214. 214
    facts Says:

    while his sign is scorpio he is leo anyway.

  215. 215
    LOL- facts Says:

    thats funny. Yep, hes not a Leo but a Scorpio.

    I just realized Jen doesnt follow Leo but follows everyone else lol.

    Any REAL leo news? Enough Bar

  216. 216
    say it right Says:

    Leo is a Scorpio

    same sight, right sign

  217. 217
    Bellazon are not Erin fans Says:

    Refaeli Bellazon is really inferring that Leo and Bar are together:
    Neontiger92: ” i keep looking at this picture half-expecting to see leo coming out behind her with his cap pulled down over his face.”
    Wijnboerinnetje: “It says she will get an format, and she will host/present the show. So yes, I think she’s getting her own show! Although it says in the article the producers don’t want to say anything about it yet.But ProSieben is one of Germany’s biggest channels, so it’s a big deal! ”
    Kerri Lynn: “Bar is back in Tel Aviv. She was seen arriving in the country with her friend Danny A.
    Both articles are very similar. Apparently she attended a party last night and she will celebrate her birthday at her family’s home in Hod Hasharon on Saturday, where Danny is expected. ”
    Lion66: ” I love her. ”
    Me: Bar hated Danny when he was in Australia with the hot ladies for him, now she is hanging with him? Makes sense? Her team was even trashing Danny on JJ.

  218. 218
    tinkerbell Says:

    @leo’s fan girl: you’re funny right?

    Just wanna know since your so obsessed with Leo, (and dont deny that you aren’t, you are, your posts prove it here)

    1. Obsessed is when you truly cant think of anything else. Unfortunately for me, I have to think of lots of other things, from global warming to the best way to make cornbread

    would you sleep with?

    2.once again, not a real sentence, but he doesnt want to sleep woth me or even know of my existence, I dont want to sleep with him because I dont really know him.

    Do you think about him during copulation

    3. Do you mean do I think about him during real life sex with my real life man?

    No, too busy swinging from the chandelier.

    or self stimulation

    DO YOU? After all you’re his “LOVER”. I am not.

    and can you give us a link to your facebook page

    4. What is this obsession with my NON EXISTENT facebook page. There is no law saying you have to have one and I dont.

    or post your pic, maybe Leo can look at it.

    5. And the obsession with my picture? What are you Tzipi Levine so you can go after me like she did Moran Gross? Wouldnt I be stupid to do that??? Anyway as chuck d once said my identity alone causes violence. might suprise who i REALLY am and how I know what I know, but I leave you to YOUR OBSESSION——-ME! I mean with you repeatedly wanting to see my picture an so forth.

    to quote Steve Tyler “Dream On”

    that guy on the bike up there is cute and I’d talk to him in a blues bar in NOLA, but as seen there he is NOT HOT or even that cute especially with the pork pie shoved on his head. But I find all kinds of people interesting. I think NOLA has been good for the L-man.


  219. 219
    Published in TA Says:

    This was published in May 2012

    Bar’s Interview (Bellazon):
    From 2012: Here’s smth from The Gil Riva Show
    “It starts in Hebrew. Bar describes how she always wanted to meet Warren Beatty (who dated her mom-Tzipi 35 ys ago) and tell him “Hi do u know who my mom is? “..(she says she was 12 ys..and didnt know that one day she’d b a supermodel..)Then one day she met him and said Hello..but didn’t feel comfortable to present herself as Tzipi’s daughter since he was with his wife.The other day Leo came home and told her..(this part is in English so u can watch it..) Anyways..Leo met Warren who told him “I met your gf last night..she is very very beautiful! but her mom…..her mom was…


    When are they getting married? This summer at Hotel Du Cap? Already working on kids??

  220. 220
    LOL Says:

    So apparently Leo finished filming Django and now is in NY.

    Wonder if NOW he will be seen with a blonde , tall, with freckles in any sighting there. And even so we wouldn’t be certain that is Erin and not a new one.

  221. 221
    LOL Says:

    Lola Ogunnaike ‏@lolaogunnaike/
    This Gary Clark Jr. must be special. Leonardo DiCaprio, Q-Tip, Pharell, Questlove and more in the house…

    Ok first sighting and no signs of a blonde , tall, with freckles.
    Funny that after a time without seeing each other, the first night on the town where his girlfriend lives, he prefers to go out to a concert with one of his buddies

  222. 222
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOL: how do you know? Thank god brooklyn decker is married or she’d be next. Interesting.

    And if I really, really wanted to meet Leo do you know how easy it would be? Just follow the tweets when he is in NYC. I’m a world class gate crasher. But I dont want to. Live and let live Leo, go in peace.

  223. 223
    sigh- grandma, we need help. Says:

    After all that Erin is doing for you, you could at least help her?! You did with all the others. Look, I don’t know Erin, but cannot blame a young girl being swooned by a rich and powerful star, and falling for it? And look, barfreaks, ___did the same thing, but now she is SMOTHERING him.

    LEO, you used Erin very badly! You are no longer considered admiral to me. Procreate with that controllable dumb ass. But, remember all the people you hurt along the way. If I was ERIN, I would lawyer up, because treating her the you way you have in the press, with __ and her obnoxious family still around, really makes her look naïve. I am sure it is not her fault. You have really transformed from possibly kind and helpful to SELF CENTRED, EGOIC, AND MOST OF ALL —– DISRESPECTFUL. You use people like the paps use you.
    I really wish your grandmother was alive.

  224. 224
    tinkerbell Says:

    @LOL: she’s a well known visual artist if I am not mistaken…must be private party in harlem. Drove through there today.

  225. 225
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Published in TA: Yeah, we’re OVER this already.

    Warren Beatty slept with an estimated 13,000 women including European royalty, and real beauties like Isabel Adjani. How would he even remember her? I dont think he does. Also there is no “home” they never had one together, she shacked with a him a few weeks at a time in LA, but that is soooooo over.

    This reeks of “made up.” Also the interview could be old, back to when they were shagging.

    To answer this one

    When are they getting married? This summer at Hotel Du Cap? Already working on kids??


  226. 226
    Hmmmmmm Says:

    @LOL: LOLLLLLLLL…I LOVED!!!!! Go away Erin Borington!!!!!

  227. 227
    tinkerbell Says:

    eh, no Lola’s a New York Times and CNN journalist.

    Guys, does SHE look simian to you or like she wants a banana? Because you said that before about Serena Williams and Michele Obama. Just the greatest tennis player of our generation and the first African American first lady of the US……nice….

  228. 228
    tinkerbell Says:

    do you see Tzipi Levine on this list anywhere—maybe between Princess Margaret and Susannah York? How about Barbra Streisand, legendary black runway model Pat Cleveland and Nicarguan Bianca Jagger?

    Dont see a mention.

    The question once you get down to the bottom is who will his Annette Bening?

  229. 229
    Leo...what would Nana say... Says:

    This was “creatively” EDITED in Bellazon. HERE is the full version, where she basically says that she and Leo are still together. She wants to shout it from the rooftops. IWIN!!! I AM MRS. DICAPRIO. I AM THE MOST IMPORTANT WOMAN IN THE WORLD. Omg….pathetic. It’s on the ACCESS Hollywood website, entitled something like, “what is Bar looking for in a man”. NOT THE OTHER ONE, where she just talks about the parts of her body she loves.


  230. 230
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Hmmmmmm: that’s Erin HEIFERton to you!

  231. 231
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Leo…what would Nana say…: I think the video is poss. from last year, no?

  232. 232
    grandma Says:

    @sigh- grandma, we need help.: yes, you do because Barfie girl and her entourage are NO WHERE near my dear little grandson.

    I fixed it with the BIG GUY up here, I cashed in a few chips up here in heaven.

  233. 233
    grandma Says:

    @LOL: gary clark jr—very well respected african american blues artist….

  234. 234
    Sarah Says:

    This was “creatively” EDITED in Bellazon.

    HERE is the full version, where Barf basically says that she and Leo are still together. She wants to shout it from the rooftops. I WIN! I AM MRS. DICAPRIO. I caught the most important HW actor…wow, I must be IMPORTANT”.

    Omg….pathetic. It’s on the ACCESS Hollywood website, entitled something like, “what is Bar looking for in a man”. NOT THE OTHER ONE, where she just talks about the parts of her body she loves.

    The proper title of this, second, video is called “bar refaeli on what type of guy shes looking to date…”

    THIS was moderated out. second try without the link.

  235. 235
    bubbles Says:

    gary clark jr is amazeballs. it would really suck if leo left erin at home on his first night back in nyc. are you sure she’s not there? is she in town?

  236. 236
    231 Says:


    NO. MAXIM interview posted on Access (where I found it) as May 2012. I was absolutely SHOCKED. what a big lie.

    NO INTEGRITY in Leo management or the person, apparently.

  237. 237
    bubbles Says:

    what are you talking about sarahbell? pls don’t make me sit through a bar interview.

  238. 238
    Hmmmmmm Says:

    @tinkerbell: hahaha why?

  239. 239
    vagabond Says:

    Sorry to spoil the party but there are tweets of Erin & Leo at the private concert.That’s why i was on the fence about them breaking up because he’s done this before,especially when filming.I’m with some of you guys that think it’s a casual relationship,and will probably end the same way the others have.
    @Bellazon are not Erin fans: Sorry but they are fans of all his girlfriends.Right now they are hoping for pictures of him and Erin together,and wondering if he’ll go to Turkey with her this weekend.

  240. 240
    bubbles Says:

    ugh i can’t believe i sat through a bar interview. there was nothing about leo. i’m never listening sarah tinkerbell again.

  241. 241
    Hmmmmmm Says:

    Finaly someone with sens on that FREAKS ZONE:

    Super PIP


    1,916 posts
    Posted Today, 10:21 AM
    Ah ok!… that’s what they were talking the other day on tweets between Jennifer and her. I was a little lost.

    But I think that doesn’t mean much … I mean, I talk with all the sisters of my ex and met for drinks (for a Girls’ Night Out, you know… ) … but that doesnt mean I’m going back with my ex.

  242. 242
    bubbles Says:

    leo’s got what he wants. a girl who doesn’t expect anything of him and is happy to be along for the ride

  243. 243
    Bubbly Cuteness (maybe) Says:


    It is not Tink. Believe it or not, the string does have more than one, even two and three, outspoken on the “wrestler”. She does not have to say his name on the video to imply it. Journalism and LAWCrosswitnessing 101. You just have to make sure the JURY (public, yes) hears it. It’s a suggestive strategy used wide and broad from boardrooms and courtrooms to the press. Sorry for pressing on your name, if it is indeed, Erin. The BS is insulting to his fans, and it is time to stop. With that unofficial ____ too.

  244. 244
    LOL Says:

    Just to correct information at the end it was a blonde, tall with freckled with Leo in a club.

    Ashlee ‏@goddessfan
    @JustJared Spotted! @ErinHeatherton and Leo DiCaprio hangin’ at The Darby with Pharrell, Q-tip and Nas!

    Good for her , finally someone recognized her. The weird thing is that the tweet was sent to JJ…

  245. 245
    232 Says:


    She is passed. Try some respect for once?

  246. 246

    so cute

  247. 247
    244 Says:


    Pffff….maybe Erin is a LITTLE more humble than you, ___(puke). She can be, she is the more beautiful. NOT at all like you recycling pics of yourself or calling the paps….hypocrite. THIS is what Leo babies are going to be modeled after?

  248. 248
    LOL Says:

    Checking … the tweets saying that Erin is with Leo in Darby/concert was sent by… MODELINIA ‏@Modelinia… writing HER twitter account @ErinHeatherton and not Leo’s or any other mentioned in the same tweet.
    Nothing else to say except shamelessly promoting her. Good job of her PR.

  249. 249
    . Says:

    Leo DiCaprio and @ErinHeatherton watching Gary Clark Jr. Show at The Darby in NYC! #CoupleAlert

    This boring girl won’t give up! She’s a fool,but who cares huh? I’M LEOS GIRL…dumbass!!! Where is the self respect?

  250. 250
    vagabond Says:

    @bubbles: That’s probably true wonder how long that will last?I mean her not expecting anything from him.That’s usually when things go sour.@CAN’T WAIT OMG!DYING HERE: Thanks for that,can’t wait to see the the longer trailer.

  251. 251
    bubbles Says:

    what are you talking about #247? recycling pics? calling paps? you’ve lost me.

  252. 252
    bubbles Says:

    vagabond, i hope it lasts a long time. they’re both getting what they want. why not?

  253. 253
    To Erin's PR... Says:

    …Pics or didn’t happen!!!

  254. 254
    bubbles Says:

    #249, girls don’t stay with leo if they have self respect, but e’s getting what she wants and leo’s getting what he wants. where’s the problem?

  255. 255
    . Says:

    @bubbles: I don’t owe you any explanation.

  256. 256
    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Says:

    she’s gross

  257. 257
    To be honest Says:

    i’m so disappointed right now! Still with ‘Erin who?’ Leonardo?????????
    Leo,honey,u can do sooo much better than this!

  258. 258
    excuses excuses excuses Says:

    Bla bla bla :

    PIP Prince


    3,926 posts
    Posted Today, 08:48 PM
    osa: I respect your opinion but I don’t see that way in this case, she’s was busy (she’s a VS Angel and this girls work a lot, some of the Angels are pregnant and Erin alongside with others are working a lot for VS this last months) and he’s was soo busy too, he started to shoot Django in march and she have been there a lot of times, when Leo was in Cancun for the Django photocall he took her with him, just because we don’t have new pics, it doesn’t mean they didn’t spend time together… and we know NOLA wasn’t the best place for new pics. How can we know they didn’t spend enough time together because he didn’t wanted? He was working… and she was too, honestly I don’t get this thing of: she came when he wants, no.

    Just my opinion. ”

    and bla bla bla how old are they? o.O

  259. 259
    @251 Says:


    Talking about someone else. It was my response to LOL – who might be a pukie person, herself.

  260. 260
    Uh-Huh Says:

    After all that Erin is doing for you, you could at least help her?! You did with all the others. Look, I don’t know Erin, but cannot blame a young girl being swooned by a rich and powerful star, and falling for it? And look, barfreaks, ___did the same thing, but now she is SMOTHERING him.

    Again….LEO, you used Erin very badly! You are no longer considered admiral to me. Procreate with that controllable dumb ass. But, remember all the people you hurt along the way. If I was ERIN, I would lawyer up, because treating her the you way you have in the press, with __ and her obnoxious family still around, really makes her look naïve. I am sure it is not her fault. You have really transformed from possibly kind and helpful to pathologically narsasistic, co-dependent, AND MOST OF ALL —– DISRESPECTFUL. You use people like the paps use you.If you are, in fact, still with the ex, than you are desperate too. Get yourself on the right road, Leo.
    I really wish your grandmother was alive.God Bless her and your mother.

  261. 261
    lol Says:

    Never seen a giraffe with a nose job ? lol

    The weirdest neck,model-body and rhinoplasty I have ever seen in my lifeeeeeeeeeeee!


  262. 262
    Bahahahhahahaha! Says:

    @lol: I bet shes a chipmunk with nose job and neck of a giraffe
    Those fat cheeks,fat face LOL

  263. 263
    Unbelievable Says:


    End It and Be HappyNEW
    by: Anonymous

    In my experience Leo men are not remotely loyal unless you are ready to be a servant and slave to their needs and whims. Leo is not a sign that will cherish you and make you feel like a Queen and adored above all other women. Leo men can be selfish, arrogant, controlling and tedious in their lack of understanding and inability to listen to others. Leo craves adoration without needing to earn it. They think the world should bow down to them just because thats what they want. They have no concept of humility. They would make the worst knights in shining armour if they were still in existence. Ditch him quick!

    Selfish A**holeNEW
    by: Anonymous

    OMG! You all are so right. I have been one and off with my Leo for more than a year but recently he put the icing on the cake. He’s 15 years older than me and that makes it even worse; no excuse for a 41 year old man to be this way. But anyway, he doesn’t want to give me what I need but expects me to sit around and wait for him to make up his mind about what he wants. Just a few days ago, I actually see him and we have a talk abiut what happened between us. I finally get him to admit the fact that he’s selfish and never considered my feelings. I told him that I would like to give it another try and we both agree. On another note that night he was all over me and I decided to go home anyway because I didnt want us to start over on a bad note. So Sunday night he doesnt pick up his phone nor does he repsond to my text messages.

    I finally spoke to this ******* yesterday morning and he was at work. His excuse was that he was sick. Really? Bulls***t!!! His repsonse was of course as if nothing was wrong. He thinks that this is a game! After that I blocked his number,told him how much of a loser he was, and left it at that. Let’s also mention that I am the only one who he could depend on and trust. He doesnt get along with his family and his friends are not that dependable. He seems to think that my feelings are irrelevant. I dont know about this cocky attitude that they have but it is not cute or funny when a 41 year old man plays mind games. What exactly do you have to boast about. Your a old man and a loser and that is nothing to be proud of. Yes. I am to blame in part for even chosing to talk to him but I honestly thought that he was being sincere. But as always you never know what you have until it is gone. I took care of his every need and have nothing to show for it. Never Again!!

  264. 264
    Philly Says:

    @vagabond, @Naah
    I agree with both of you. But why do Leo forums become such a mess? I knew they had not split, I think its casual but I’m baffled as to the level of Erin hate and why these Leo stans care so much
    I guess Canada Girl came back, saw, and checked out for good huh?

  265. 265
    Grandpa Says:


    Have you seen her ***** pics?HE used her badly?!He likes them, those famous dirty sharks are enjoyable for his empty head and disgusting needs

  266. 266
    OMG Says:

    by: Anonymous

    Its amazing to read all these comments which are so similar to my leo boyfriend. When he is being nice he is great company and this is the only reason I think I am still seeing him. However 90% he is useless. I don’t feel like his girl friend on any level as he is such a selfish idiot. I just got a Valentines card and I was supposed to be super grateful for that after 6 years. My valentines day present was some food from the supermarket. When he paid for it he immediately started to complain! Romantic NOT. He loves to be seen with me because it boosts his ego. I can’t speak to another man without him going into a fit of jealousy. I found out he slept with someone else and he totally lied about and only admitted to it after he realised I wasn’t going to buy his BS. When my dog was on his last legs, he kept telling me to ‘just kill him’. When I had to put my pet down at the Vets, when he came over, he didn’t even say he was sorry about what had happened. Before Charlie died, I couldn’t walk without being in a lot of pain due to a spinal problem and I had to carry him up and down 3 flights of stairs because his legs were so bad. Leo man never offered to help me once and when I asked he would just lay on the sofa. When he did do it, he would be impatient and a bit rough with him deliberately, knowing he was an old fragile dog. I knew then that I despised this person. Im a Sagittarian (animal lover), if you are bad to an animal the fires of my hatred will burn. I never asked him again for obvious reasons. He keeps saying “Im an immigrant and I have to take care of my own ass”. I never ask him for anything, but he says I take from him all the time? I was with a gemini and he was super selfish also. He wants to be worshiped, is disgustingly tight fisted with money, needs attention constantly, is terrible and lazy in bed, is lazy generally, is ignorant, a bully, thinks he owns me and is ultra controlling. I have never been with anyone who has tried to put me down as much as he has – constantly. He isn’t even that good looking. People like this live in a dream world. They love themselves and think the rest of the world should do the same. He is a total and utter user. Im sick and tired of him and have zero trust in him. I haven’t felt love for him for years so I need to get rid of him. Pointless, useless excuse for a man.

  267. 267
    Official Says:

    This thread is full of only the crazies!! I guess the non-break up news had that effect.

  268. 268
    hanging out? Says:

    hanging out? It`s just as lukewarm and boring as Erin herself. The last tweet was also about hanging out. I remember with all his exes it was about kissing, hugging, holding hands…etc. I have NEVER seen a tweet that would have reported anything like that between Leo and Borington ( I can`t remember who came up with that name but it`s spot on! Good one! )
    There were plenty of tweets about Leo at the concert with friends but the only one placing her there is from a fashion blog and it was sent to Jared. That tweet about the other weekend was sent to Erin. The tweet about her being with Leo in Mexico sent to Jared. Them together are never random tweets like Leo was riding his bike in NOLA or Leo was at a cheese stop.
    Anyway it seems like their relationship is nothing else but `hanging out`. Boring like Erin.

  269. 269
    hanging out? Says:

    @offficial: It seems like some people are mad at him for still being with her , doesn`t it? Probably that`s why the bashing. If they were over he would have been seen with women in NOLA and I guess he needs a companion for the summer. I doubt it will last much longer but for now it seems like they are on. It`s a little weird that only one tweet mentions her there but it is what it is…

  270. 270
    Belladonna Says:

    WTF with their faces and heads if they think that refaeli or heatherton avatars are better than their own???He is changing his famewhores -they are changing their avatars.Those girls are just disgusting little prostitutes, like leo girls

  271. 271
    bz Says:

    Tweets… Just yesterday this was posted by one of the wise bz girls.
    `Twitter isn’t exactly reliable is it? Anyone has the ability to make up anything… ` You can’t disagree with that. But of course she didn’t refer to these perfectly timed and placed Heatherton tweets.

  272. 272
    OMG Says:

    @hanging out?:

    I think something is weird… and maybe I’ll sound like the conspirators of BZ or the barfreaks or whatever. But Why only a tweet placed Erin there (and was by fashion blog) but neither those who were present , or the mtv host (who also tweeted about Leo) and not even an article about the concert last night mention her…
    Makes me think why her people lie about a sighting??? If they are supposedly still together and he’s already in NY… why not wait for a real sighting of them to call the paps instead of lying about one???

  273. 273 Says:

    He is with erin the heatherton and his parents in nola.Staged photos on popsugar

  274. 274
    Nessa Says:

    Why does he look so miserable in those pictures? And, why would e stage photos with Erin? Is it possible that he might actually like her?

  275. 275
    ???? Says:

    So she was in Spain over the weekend, Monday in NYC at the fashion event, Tuesday in NOLA for this pathetic bike ride ( it looks like Irmelin is being tortured riding around on that bike not to mention Leo`s usual miserable face) and then on Tuesday night in NYC at that concert? She went to NOLA for one day and there happened to be photographers to take a photo of her riding a bike with her boyfriend, his mom in heels and in a huge bag? Ok…

  276. 276
    ???? Says:

    It seems like whenever Leo is done filming a movie some `official` photos are out. You don`t get a sighting of them together for months then all of a sudden you have clear paparazzi photos. Just like in Sydney.

  277. 277
    Oh Geez Says:
    You lot need to chill. You clealry hate him but Leo is NO different to celebs who get happily papped after twitter sightings/inside info/tips. Why would he need to stage anything now? There has hardly been any outrageous news on him -in fact he has been remarkably low key – to counteract/preempt that he needs to stage an op.

  278. 278
    @OMG Says:

    Now we have pics of them where do you hope to buy the pills for your inevitable nervous breakdown? Get something for Leda as well.

  279. 279
    @278 Says:

    Nobody needs a pill here. I don’t think anyone believed in the break up for 100%. The photos scream photo op whether you like it or not. Just chill and let others be! Here anyone can post their opinion. If it irritates you do much then just take your sarcasm somewhere else. JMO!

  280. 280
    @278 Says:

    @@OMG: Ok and meanwhile don’t try to hide your obsession with her neither.

  281. 281
    @277 Says:

    Why was he so unusually public with Blake last year? How come there are so many photos of this ride and all of them are clear shots without Leo even trying to hide? They were on the move obviously and this lucky photographer could keep up with them taking excellent pictures.

  282. 282 Says:

    @Oh Geez:

    Ur thoughts are just funny.I bet his photos are just his present for bar bd. He could be a good actor but he is full of **** and we can see him biking with Red Lights girls soon!Leo has no self esteem

  283. 283
    @281 Says:

    How was he ‘unusually public’ with her? Apart from Europe we had roughly 4 – 5 pics of them at most. Considering she was his first US girlfriend that was famous in her own right, (obv not at his level) we did not have that many. There were more of Diane/Joshua, Tom/Kate, Miranda/Orlando e.t.c
    Funny enough the Leo stans were exactly the same with their hateful hysterics now towards Erin:
    We have pics – ‘Photo Op’! No pics – ‘Split’!
    Till the next girlfriend.
    @151 I completely agree with you

  284. 284
    Oh Geez Says:

    WTH? The phots are a present for “bar bd”? What does that even mean? You know what if you’re that Spanish Barf freak dont answer.

  285. 285
    @#282 Says:
    Aww Bar fan you’re still soooo upset. Poor thing. Lets see all the insults you can unload on Leo and Erin now in your mangled english.

  286. 286 Says:

    You know if you are just blind freak who could not understand that there is no relationships between eh and leo DONT ASK.

  287. 287
    @283 Says:

    It was just enough how public he was with her in Europe. You are right she was his first US girlfriend who is famous. How does it explain that he wasn’t even trying to hide and several times stared or even smiled at the photographers. Whether it changed in the US A or not it was ( still is ) puzzling while they were in Europe.
    If this thread is full of ‘stans’ why are you here? I mean wouldn’t it be logical not to read something you clearly don’t like? It’s not like you’re gonna change anything around here…

  288. 288 Says:

    Look at eh’s CK party!There is some real passion between her and that party freak! Shame on you ,leo

  289. 289
    @287 Says:

    Not that its any of your damn business but I enjoyed the early Leo GQ thread and occasioanlly check in to see if Message, riri, Doormat 2 e.t.c. may have popped in
    And its funny how y’all memory is sooooo selective. In Europe yes Leo was happy and smiley as he always is when on vacation whether on yachts with Naomi Campell or with is pals on French beaches. Back in the US i.e the Stevie Wonder pics and shopping pics you stans carped/bitched about how miserable he looked and was hiding/scuttling again. Now you’re claiming he was smiling directly at the photogs?

    @****.inside there is not enough professional help for you.
    Go find Bar a boyfirend and stop stalking Erin pictures stupid cow.

  290. 290
    Loser Says:
    Keep telling yourself that and telling yourself he wakes up in the morning because of Bar. ALL LIES

  291. 291
    @289 Says:

    No, I don`t think I have selective memory. When he was on vacation in Europe most of the photos were paparazzi photos and he wasn`t always aware. The Lively photos from last summer were different. The photographers were right in their faces. And yes, in Cannes he was smiling at the photographers when they were on that boat. Check it out.
    The GQ thread was a long time ago and you should have figured out how these threads are now. It`s one thing to check it out but you pick on so many things. That`s why I was curious why do you read the JJ threads because it`s clear you disagree with everything here. It`s not my business I just asked.

  292. 292
    Giselle Says:

    I don’t like Giselle but she was and will be the most decent woman in his trashy life.

  293. 293
    True! Says:

    And now she is expecting her second child. Good for her! With Gisele he always looked so happy and relaxed. Maybe that`s what his `stans` are missing with the other girls?

  294. 294
    Philly Says:

    Congrats to Gis. Hope it’s a girl
    @True! but if he looks happy and relaxed his stans then claim its for ‘show’, ‘force’, ‘blackmail’ and ‘photo-op’. They did not with Gisele only cause that relaysh was almost 10 years ago.
    Anyway whatever hope Gatsby is good. Nervous about Django

  295. 295
    True! Says:

    You can pick on every word I said but you can’t deny he hasn’t looked as happy and relaxed as he was with Gisele for a very long time! Pick on that as much as you want! The Lively romance ( all those words you mentioned refer to that ) was something very different.

  296. 296
    Ramey Says:

    Same photo agents for the Australia pics.

  297. 297
    Leda having nervous breakdown Says:

    is the one thing I like about Leo and Erin.

  298. 298
    Philly Says:

    Who’s that guy with his mom? His stepdad/German uncle?
    Is there a special reson for the pics or is it what most, yes most, celebs do at this time of year to say ‘I’m alive’. Tobey has done quite a few

  299. 299
    vagabond Says:

    Wow call me surprised Leo biking with girlfriend in NY with mom or friends.I see that Leo circle of dating is in full Eh looks like she’s having a good time but the rest of the group not so much,all have serious looks on their faces.This is why I’m a middle of the road Leo fan,it’s Leo not the girls.So no point in hating on them.TBH,i think he enjoys being a modelizer/womanizer.I will say this they don’t seem to have much chemistry between them.I like some of the others on here don’t see it as some great love affair.

  300. 300
    @297 Says:

    Sure, whatever you say! Another stupid and pointless comment from the thread police! Boring, too! :)

  301. 301
    Philly Says:

    Pls stick around curi.
    You’re one of the few from the old crew that’s always fun to read. I enjoy dissecting his private life but it does not send me into a rage. Funny I think with Wolf, this is the 1st time Leo is going to do back to back movies in the US. He usually has exotic/ far away locations for filming. Surprising

  302. 302
    Stagecoach Says:


    I have no idea who the older gentleman is. Maybe mom got a boyfriend. He’s ruggedly handsome. The photos are probably staged. New Orleans isn’t a paparazzi hot spot. The purpose? To say I’m alive, I’m still with Erin, and most importantly watch my Django Unchained trailer when it’s released today.

  303. 303
    Uncle Leo Says:

    .. took on the chaperone role again to take out his toy-doll last night.

  304. 304
    @302 Says:

    Sorry appreciated, but I think you’re wrong.
    First this aint New Orleans its New York
    Alive? Surely the chiropractors’ visit would have confirmed his existence, and Dajngo Unchained was already going to get a lot of play/hype bike ride or not
    @Philly – I don’t think anyone can be sure.

  305. 305
    @304 Says:

    Even in NYC it`s rare to get so many and so clear paparazzi photos. The club sighting? It`s a NYC hotspot so it was obvious that it was going to get attention. Just like it would have been noticed if they did it in NOLA. But there was nothing like that. One thing is for sure it`s a lot of attention and new stuff all of a sudden.

  306. 306
    vagabond Says:

    @Philly: I don’t post all the time but I’m always on here reading.You notice he didn’t take a year off between films like he’s done in the past.From J Edgar to Wolf it’s been just a few months of downtime.
    @Uncle Leo,thats maybe the second sighting that actually said they were making out.His mom was there too.Seems like it’s always some group thing with these two.

  307. 307
    Uncle Leo Says:

    I recall one getaway when it was only the two of them. I think it was somewhere in California. And yes, the second make out report in like 8 months?

  308. 308
    Stagecoach Says:


    The chiropractor pics have a link to the Gatsby trailer. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but there’s no such thing as too much publicity. Jared, Popsugar target different audiences than film sites. New York has paparazzi hot spots, like The Darby.

  309. 309
    Stagecoach Says:

    Ramey got good clear shots of Leo and Erin in Australia and New York.

  310. 310
    @309 Says:

    And a lot of clear shots in New York while they were riding their bikes. I mean they were on the move but no hiding and a lot of pictures.

  311. 311
    Philly Says:

    @Uncle Leo
    And if there were constant make out reports you would call them fake right?
    I say its a casual thing and it makes no logical sense to me how pics of him now would impact Django awareness/ box office in December. JMO. We’ll have to agree to disagree

  312. 312
    Uncle Leo Says:

    No, I wouldn`t call them fake. That`s your assumption just to pick on something again.

  313. 313
    Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t she say she was gluten free?? Beer has a lot of wheat in it!!! Story seems staged.

  314. 314
    Don't worry about Leda Says:

    We all know Leo will dump her soon like the others…he looks bored as usual….

  315. 315
    But... Says:

    @Don’t worry about Leda:
    thats what Leda wants I just went on popsugar and the crazy b***h has been back on there in one of her multiple ‘names’. She’ll be on other sites soon enough. I hope Leo marries Erin just for whateva/Becky DD to kill herself.

  316. 316
    But... Says:

    Oh & I LOVE the fact that someone on pops***r actually called her on it

  317. 317
    OMG Says:


    Some people here really have problems… starting with you. Seriously Talking about suicide?… Are you kidding???

  318. 318
    OMG!! Says:

    I posted on 2 sites! Now what? What`s gonna happen now? It must be against the law! lol
    Someone on the other site called me out because I said Erin looks very young next to Leo! I can`t believe what a crazy b*tch I am to say that. It`s such a huge event that the internet police had to mention it here… Don`t you have to make some new avis instead of dealing with insanely big issues like that? kill myself… and of course I`m the crazy b*tch! lol multiple names? Really? I thought I used only one name but for the all-claims-no-proof person that doesn`t matter! Oh, thanks for making me laugh at the end of the day! It was pointless and stupid as usual! :)

  319. 319
    I'm not worried about Leda Says:

    She only hurts herself. Leo could give a rats ass. That’s why she screams violently around the clock about. She knows he doesn’t care and it hurts.

  320. 320
    I'm not worried about Leda Says:

    OMG, it was a crude joke and shouldn’t have been made, but I can’t deny Leda is reaping what she sows.

  321. 321
    Hmmmmmm Says:

    @@319: OMGGGGG why so rude…? I was trying to say that I don’t care if they criticize you I like what you have been posting here,sorry for the misunderstanding :(((

  322. 322
    Don't worry about Leda Says:

    @I’m not worried about Leda: you are an idiot. Hoping someone kill themselves might get you thrown in jail in some parts of the USA nowadays they way these net laws are always changing. JJ probably has your ip addy written down just incase anything happens you idiot. People get in trouble with less. And s*ut the f c k up because you know Erin is just a play thing for Leo and they’re not getting married. Leda will be fine just like the rest of us. Leo will dump her and she will still be 23 not the required 25!!!

  323. 323
    @322 Says:

    I would say you are the idiot. I am #315 and #319 is a different person
    And I would tell YOU to now shut the f**k up. No neither you nor Leda will ever be fine in your lives as you continut to tail Leo and obsess over is next girlfriend in your hysterics. His next choice will probably drive you to optimum point with and will be fun to watch as Leo himself could care less

  324. 324
    OMG!! Says:

    @322: Thanks. People here just can`t handle forums like this so I don`t understand why they push it. Being over-dramatic and vulgar is of course so much better than posting your opinion. I`m perfectly fine since I never thought Leo broke up this his gf. Clearly he has a pattern and he is going to move on to the next one sooner than later. So what? #315 and #319 can go crazy as much as they want they don`t matter to me and couldn`t care less about their opinion. Waste of time responding to them!

  325. 325
    ??? Says:

    @OMG!!: Normal people cant handle constant bagging of his girl friends, it’s the same old, same old every time!

  326. 326
    @325 Says:

    @???: well then don’t come on the forum idiot…if its the same old same old what are you doing reading over the same thing over and over…sounds like you’re the one that needs to get a move on…or stfu cause its not gonna change…try the bellafreaks forum..that might be more your speed…

  327. 327
    ??? Says:

    @@325: No, hows about you stop slagging off people here? but if it’s beyond your personality not to, then you dont come here!! easy

  328. 328
    @327 Says:

    @???: you first Hypo as in Hypocrite!!!lol Dont’ come in here…yeah okay lol

  329. 329
    I'm not worried about Leda Says:

    @Don’t worry about Leda:

    If that were the case, Leda could be thrown in jail for the horrible things she’s said. Most of us believe Erin is a plaything, but most of us know how to express ourselves without resorting to vicious attacks 24 / 7 like Leda is guilty. She’s vicious and obsessed. I don’t agree with it, but I’m not surprised when people give her a taste of her own medicine.

  330. 330
    lisa runnels Says:


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