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Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio leaves a chiropractor’s office on Tuesday (May 29) in New Orleans, La.

The trailer for the 37-year-old actor’s upcoming movie, The Great Gatsby, was recently released – check it out in case you missed it!

The movie, set to hit theaters December 25, is director Baz Luhrmann‘s big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s novel.

Leo has another movie coming out on Christmas Day, Django Unchained, which centers around a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.

The Western co-stars Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, and Christoph Waltz.

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  • Sonia

    btw he looks amazing
    He has the most amazing smile I have ever seen,so cute
    He looks so relax and actually happy, its so amazing I can’t find another word to describe it
    Love that hes not hiding his face under a cap or whatever :)

  • iddie

    @tinkerbell: your mother is a fugly horse face!

  • tinkerbell

    @Sonia: uhm, NO.

  • tinkerbell

    @gossip girl: ohhhhhh.

    First of, no Ryan isnt. In Blade 2, when he was totally cut, agreed, very hot. Lately, nah, not really. In terms of career, solid B-lister. That’s it. Would take a miracle to make it out. HOWEVER, he seems like a NICE guy, and if I were Blake, I’d consider him a keeper.

    However Ted Casablancas has been posting for two weeks now that
    she’s not in love with Ryan, but someone else, an unknown A lister. Ted is sometimes right, but I dont know who the guy is. Not Leo.

    She’s Veronica Bee Stings on Awful Truth, check it out.

    There is hot “physical” and hot “hollywood pecking order.” Blake knows about both and cares about the second more. Leo is facially more handsome than Ryan, but Ryan takes care of himself.

    Leo is at the tip-top in HW because he is still the #1 grossing box office actor 14 years later for a live action film—-Jim Cameron’s little blue people made more but Leo is a live person and he’s tops.

  • tinkerbell

    @iddie: She looks great for her age.

    But Ive never understood about Blake–she had lots of surgery and still isnt pretty, why do people think she is? I think because she’s tall, dyes her hair and has bolt on boobies people think that’s beauty—by itself its just not.

    She was FUG before the surgery sorry.

  • tinkerbell

    My new blog will be called “ta da”

    Life in Hell with Tinkerbell

    General Commentary and Celebrity Stupidity

    (Im not talking about my life its copacetic if quiet right now.) I am talking about life in general. Along the lines of dlisted meets (one of my favorite) sights with references to Ghetto Hot and Monty Python.

    Come aboard, it’ll be a ball!

    I’ll rub my crystal ball and predict that tomorrow on this website we’ll see a well known d-lister looking hot, fat, and bitchy on a bicycle.

    We’ll see.

  • Allison

    The beard is for his ROLE in Django Unchained, people. If you’ve seen pictures of his character in the film, the beard he’s been sporting is explained.

  • www

    @tinkerbell: don’t forget to show your pic as you are now….I know you’ll love the comments

  • tinkerbell

    @www: I never fall for that one….but I look great !

  • tinkerbell

    I should have said, AND I look great, I do…but you dont need to know bout me…

  • Ka

    love his smile! love his bread! cant wait to see Django.

  • eva

    i watched this titanic: blood and steel series and saw their photocall in rome … reminds me of jack and rose … wishing kevin zegers and alessandra mastronardi a long relationship just like leo and kate.

  • LeoLover

    Go back to Lipsh8t Alley where you belong, Stinkerbell. You always stink up the place. Leo deserves better than your fugly old a ss.

  • LeoLover

    No one wants to live in Tinkerhell with you, Stinkerbell. You’re a blight on this site. Take care of your own stupidity before you lecture Leo.

  • tinkerbell

    @LeoLover: but he never gets it or evge@Ka: I love his bread too, especially the pumpernickel!

  • tinkerbell

    @LeoLover: waah waah waah

    I hear a baby crying…

    it is you?

  • tinkerbell

    @LeoLover: did i hurt your feelings somewhere along the line, lover?


  • tinkerbell

    no one wants to live in Tinkerhell with you

    you kind are though arent ya?????


  • lance

    love the styles in there

  • what`s new?

    tinkerhell is still obsessed and still doesn`t have a life. same old same old!
    @boooo: how does that article prove that they are still together? she looks laughable trying to look sexy which she isn`t. boring and low class. just the way leo like them

  • www

    @tinkerbell: we’ll be the judge of if you look ugly or not just like how you like to be your own judge about the way others looks i.e. horse face…It will be fun for us just like it is fun for you.

  • @#tinkerbell

    You really need professional help? Why write a thesis on all Leo girlfriends in every single one of his threads? WTF is wrong with you?

  • hi

    Maybe he got a bit stiff in the back from banging all those models??? Or maybe he is just getting old..

  • some news
  • xXx

    @boooo: or it means that the contract is finished and it’s her gift, Clooney also helps his girlfriends to have some success

  • @74

    I kinda agree. I have much higher hopes for Django even though I don`t like Tarantino movies in general. But I don`t think Leo is `lacking` in the Gatsby trailer. I would rather say everything else around him is lacking and looks really fake and superficial: the images of NYC, his co-star and the music. I think Leo seems like a great Jay Gatsby but everything else is a mess.

  • Leo vs Shaun

    OK the fat faced D list model PR has been working it in NY. Implying she’s boning Olympian jumper. What a comedown. Poor Barf. After paying Maxscum magazine still couldn’t get a sports star of higher standing? All this hoping Leo calls from NOLA.

  • kerri lynn

    leo and Bar forever!

  • no

    no leo, don’t smile! we are so used to your surly looks, what are you suggesting? are you enjoying yourself??

  • BarFan

    bar is better than him surely.

  • Oh, no!

    The Bar obsessed nutcase is here again! WHO CARES ABOUT BAR OR WHO SHE IS DATING! Get over it already! Take it to her threads and stop ruining Leo`s! `All this hoping Leo calls from NOLA.` Where do you get that? When she was with Leo that was your problem and now that she is finally gone you don`t do anything other than making up stuff like that so you can continue talking about her. Seriously get over it already and get some help! You are obsessed with her. You must be her fan otherwise you would finally shut up about her!

  • vagabond

    @boooo:Wasn’t there an alleged insider on here that said she wanted to be like Rosie.Have a famous boy friend and get into acting?I guess this is the start.
    @Oh, no!:I keep hoping she’ll hook up with some one.I feel that if she gets a serious boy friend for awhile they’ll finally move on??She’ll only be mentioned in passing like the others.
    Anyway I guess those were leo bots in france,since he is here.Nice to see him smiling,maybe he was going to the accounting office.His bank account would make anyone smile.

  • no

    yeah, that’s it!! he’s got dollar-signs in his eyes too. Yes, women you get tired of very easily, but cash is never dull LOLLL

  • ahaaht

    @BarFan: LOL troll. Bar wasnt even a known working model pre (or post) Leo! Maxim and red carpets ain’t modelin dear. Chances are; most of the world wouldn’t even know who Barfy was, if she never dated him. So you should be thanking him for introducing your d list mens mag model to the world in the first place. Her first (semi) big cover ,Esquire, was AFTER she dated him not before. Before him she was nothing but an anonymous Israeli catalog model. Its funny even after dating him, shes still not far from being just that. lol.

  • kerri lynn

    come on guys you know you miss gorgeous bar and leo together.

  • no

    yes, and leo’s surly looks i miss too. can’t they get back to being their quirky old selves again?

  • Oh, no!

    @vagabond: Is this acting? Being an utterly unsexy and mind-numbingly boring cheerleader in a D-list box office bomb? Hardly…
    Accountant? I thought it says in the TITLE that he visited a chiropractor….
    Boy, these threads are getting unbearable!

  • Lies? tink everyone knows….

    She probably is not dating Shaun. PR set-up because of all the heat they are getting for conning the public about their relationship? He dropped her off after the club, and went back to his party. Now, ___has her own beard?? Wow….they are really trying to convince people they are not together. Wonder why that is?
    IMO, Stop dragging Erin into your giant web of lies!!

  • Oh, no!

    @88: Why stop dragging Erin into this? How come you can trash his ex as much as you wish but nobody can bring up the current one? Lord, all the obsessed freaks and hypocrites posting here and they don`t even realize how dumb and stupid their comments are!

  • vagabond

    @Oh, no!: I was joking about the accountant bit.As far as acting goes i guess you gotta start somewhere?Seems like Leo could pull a few strings and get her something a little better?

  • katchitup

    Oh too bad his beautiful VS model, Erin is no longer following him everywhere, so sad.

  • tinkerbar

    tinker might as well be bar. both obnoxious and arrogant, and can’t live without each other.

  • Leo?

    Nice smile. Shame about everything else. The beard is for a role, but what about the rest? He was aging so well. What happened?

  • smiley

    how come there is always snarly comments and fights on the leo boards? Bar is so 2010 people lol. Havent you heard? SHe wants to marry the Biebs haha. Personally the fighting and attacks on some of the people on here is getting old. I miss the days of Crystal Ball. At least that was entertaining

  • tinkerbell

    @Oh, no!: 77 isnt me. Just for the record, I’ve been at work without internet access—they have it but I’m a contractor and I dont want them to see me on it. The new thing is to post about bar and then blame me for it as a way of covering tracks. Clever.

  • tinkerbell

    @Leo vs Shaun: would that be Shaun White, the SNOWBOARDER????? I had no idea, but he looks like Carrotop before steroids.

  • @96

    Yep its in the NY Post. I thot you lied in NY? Probably encouraged by Scott Lippi so Leo can hear about it.

  • tinkerbell

    Boy, the Refaeli machine jumped on that poor dude quick. they were seen once in a night club together and now there are 52 articles in a google news search? Nice work guys. He’s homely as an old shoe but at least he’s an olympian. that’s what you’re thinking right? I guess Shakira got her man Gerard Pique in check so barfie had to move on. And yesterday she wanted to marry baby Biebs…….at least they have started to move onto other possibles for her to latch on too….still dropping the L word here though in a most annoying manner.

  • tinkerbell

    @@96 In general, in NYC, we prefer the brutal truth to some baby fantasy lying crap. And because so many of us work in the media, we know ALL ABOUT IT.

    I think they know LWD doesnt give a RATS AZZ about you know who. How can you make the man who has everything jealous? I mean two movies this year = $50 million. And he replaced her, TWICE. Also you seem to think he gave a rats azz bout her in the first place—and the jury is still out on that.

    She cannot make him jealous. He doesnt care about her. If he wanted to be with her he would be. He found other young, dumb opportunistic blondes to take her place. There is and endless supply out there.

    Its not even Bar herself who is just another media package like Octomom or what’s her name Gosselin that bothers me. She’s another two bit piece of azz, like a girl in a beer commercial at a deli, or a “model” in King Magazine.It’s the way they manuever, dodging the draft, hiding money from taxes, and using men to get her name out there. Ambition is fine as long as it includes actually being good at something or worth being looked at. She doesnt have it so they sneak and squirm around and use whatever/whomever they can.

    And that’s what bothers everyone else too. You can call a sow’s ear a silk purse as much as you want, but its still a sow’s ear and basically worthless except to the sow herself.

  • Please..

    some news!!!!!!!!! :((((((((((((