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Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio leaves a chiropractor’s office on Tuesday (May 29) in New Orleans, La.

The trailer for the 37-year-old actor’s upcoming movie, The Great Gatsby, was recently released – check it out in case you missed it!

The movie, set to hit theaters December 25, is director Baz Luhrmann‘s big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s novel.

Leo has another movie coming out on Christmas Day, Django Unchained, which centers around a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.

The Western co-stars Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, and Christoph Waltz.

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    @tinkerbell: We all know it’s you who posts about bar, it’s the only way you can justify talking about her! and please if you must use ellipsis< it's only 3 dots.

  • riot

    We can all see what he has been doing, make great movies!! Way to go!! As for the woman to capture this mans’ heart, can she ever be good enough for you? She just has to answer to all your mighty standards. :)

  • ???

    @riot: fabulous comment!

  • FashionGal

    @katchitup is that sarcasm?

  • Message

    It’s good to see a little smile on his face, at least. He is still a cutie, even with the beard and the gut. I think both Gatsby and Django are going to do well for him. I can’t wait to see them both!

  • riot

    Wow, who thought anyone would care? Much like, who cares what gal this guy hangs with??…

  • tinkerbell

    @@95: not this time, someone else started it, and there are others, usually her flacks, who start the convo.

    Enjoy the goo-goo pap.

  • I need Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I miss Leo so much! Where you at boo?

  • tinkerbell

    @I need Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: still in NOLA, I hope.

    Good luck to you LWD-long may you rave

  • I need Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @tinkerbell: I also hope so…

  • Oh, no!

    No, he is in LA. bz has a tweet with photo of an LAX sighting.

  • Oh, no!

    The photo is apparently old but the sighting was posted hours ago.

  • Argie

    hmmm is he still dating erin? it´s been a really long (an happy) time wihtout new pics of them together… she´s in spain (i don´t know what the hell is she doing there but…)… am i the only one smelling troubles in paradise? she doesn´t follow him anymore like she used… hopefully we´ll see break up news soon…

  • @Argie

    keep hoping. then he can hook up with yet another model, and another after that, and another…….and you losers can start and continue the countdown for all those till you get boyfriends of your own.

  • @114

    Could you be any more boring? Until `you get boyfriends of your own`? Come on! You can do better than that? Also if the thread is full of losers why are you here?

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    poor bar.

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    was Posted: BAR REFAELI went to MADONNA’S concert Last Night, doubt Bar is feeling “Poor Bar” at the Moment… Lucky Bar, Just say’n!!!!

  • @117

    If she’s feeling so great and happy good but then why would a fan like you have to come and post in a Leo forum of all -places and use a Madonna concert as some sort of status symbol? WTF bother?

  • Break up news

    @Argie: I can not f* wait for this break up news….you have no idea! lol

  • BAR

    @ 118 – :) Because I Wanted Toooooo thats Why. – Whah Whah – I also believe LEO misses that Girl. – She still does a certain type of annoying PR for this guy, I’m just not going to say what she’s does STILL – ~ K.R.

  • BAR

    YOU GOT IT?????? – GREAT – Now You Know ;)

  • eva
  • @120

    Leo does not give a s**t about her. He would not have cheated on her so much and then dumped her otherwise. Get lost obsessed Barf freak

  • Argie

    @119: me too!!! i hate the fact that she acts like she is a private person and then she share all kind of personal pics wiht leo´s friends and all that stuff…. she seems so fake to me!!! nobody belives whem she says she doesn´t want to talk about her personal life…. please! give me a break… and a break up lol!!!

  • racoo

    Are they still together?!?!? Does anybody know if Leo is still with her?!?!

  • lol

    No need for break-ups if they were never together. What qualifies as a relationship, these days? lol

  • BAR

    @ ARGIE – seriously – why You Keep bringing up ERIN and BAR??? – You guys all here are the obsessed ones…. still calling her “Barfy” all the time. – his LEO guy is Never gonna Marry anyone… nobody is Good enough for that brat actor &his Family’s Inflated EGO!!!!!

  • BAR

    LEO got GREY FUZZ on his BEARDED FACE…. He is Sooooo OLD!!!

  • mmm

    @BAR: are you six??

  • vagabond

    @racoo: IDK really,not sure anyone else does
    From what i’ve read she is/was in Spain,no sightings of Leo there yet.She’s been tweeting quite a bit.If you go by the Bellazon tweeting rule she don’t tweet when she’s around Leo to protect his privacy,sooo…eh..

  • racoo

    @vagabond: she has tweeted around Leo so that’s not true..thats how we knew about the grand canyon, disney and the Bahamas….

  • vagabond

    @racoo: Yes i know.I was being So that could mean he’s in Spain or not,you know what i mean?

  • racoo

    she hasnt been around him… people would have tweeted it even if they didnt know who she was…she hasnt really been around him for 2 months…Leo isnt in Spain…Oh please lol

  • @127

    Who´s family has the inflated ego?? I don´t think this was written by Leo´s mom! Or have you forgotten?

    Posted by Cookie on Yeeeah!: “Leonardo dicaprio and females he loves have the i dont like to see the face ever during sex.which includes yelling bossing around dominating and large amounts of narcotics.”



  • Break up news

    @Argie: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahaha…soooo true!!! :)

  • tsk tsk

    Bar and Leo coming out of the closet? She preggers yet?

  • What Am I reading here?

    Dicaprio using Erin?? Making her sit in the back seat, stay at other hotels, while Bar throws a tantrum to end the PR charade? Is this what is happening? Just a guess…?

  • Argie

    soooo…. she wasn´t working in spain after all, and she´s flying back to nyc according to her twitter… would you travel for a vacay when you loved one is working if you have the chance to be with him? i wouldn´t, but it´s ok… it´s may be just me lol…. somethig it´s not right i guess…. it´s been a really long time since the last time we saw them together…. c´mom sources… confirm the good news to the leo fans!!!!

  • Break up news

    @Argie: I love you! LOL

  • Break up news

    @What Am I reading here?: what’s your point honey? Spill it out please ;)

  • Nona

    I don’t believe Leo and Erin were ever serious. He has been seen with other women throughout their relationship. They’re probably not going to announce a break up unless one or both find steady companions. That’s how he has handled it in the past. Until then, he is probably happy to be flying under the radar in N.O. and she is happy being known as Leo’s girlfriend in the press.

  • OMG


    That is exactly what I thought…

    They only were a real couple in the minds of the Bellazonfreaks, and Erin obviously has benefited from the publicity that comes with being Leo’s girlfriend. Just look how many pages she had in Just Jared before and after.

  • NOLA

    Leo is in NOLA with Lukas and Jonah. There are tweet photos of them. Also there was a tweet from a girl who met Leo in a NOLA club. Leo told her she was beautiful…

  • Leo w/ Lukas 6.3.12

    So glad his friend can find time for him out of his busy schedule and not you-know-who, who flew to Spain! LOL!!! Leo looks great! : )!/_GunsandRoses_/media/slideshow?

  • @Nona

    “Thats how he’s handled it in the past”? I’m not throwing shade but I don’t think Leo, with his notorious penchant for on/off mess with girlfriends has handled past break ups as you ascribe. He cools off during filming then it picks up again it seems.

  • Lukas in Nola

    @Leo w/ Lukas 6.3.12:

    I guess now we know why he lokked so happy in his latest pic in Nola… His other half is also filming a movie there where he is and Erin far away from him. Everything is perfect for him!

  • vagabond

    Having lunch
    @@Nona: agreed so im on the fence about saying they have broken up for sure.
    thanks for the pic and tweet info.

  • Still with Erin

    Acording to this tweet
    _ ‏@KaraTriche
    @ErinHeatherton hung out with my sister Britney with Leo and his chef best friend last weekend #woohoo

  • NOLA

    Why post the sighting one week later?

  • OMG


    Besides look today… Leo is out and there is a bunch of tweets… and She spends some time with Leo and his girlfriend and nobody notice??? Perhaps it was in a super secret place???
    Sorry but it seems kinda weird to me!