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Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio: Chiropractor Visit in New Orleans

Leonardo DiCaprio leaves a chiropractor’s office on Tuesday (May 29) in New Orleans, La.

The trailer for the 37-year-old actor’s upcoming movie, The Great Gatsby, was recently released – check it out in case you missed it!

The movie, set to hit theaters December 25, is director Baz Luhrmann‘s big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s novel.

Leo has another movie coming out on Christmas Day, Django Unchained, which centers around a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.

The Western co-stars Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, and Christoph Waltz.

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  • Philly

    Pls stick around curi.
    You’re one of the few from the old crew that’s always fun to read. I enjoy dissecting his private life but it does not send me into a rage. Funny I think with Wolf, this is the 1st time Leo is going to do back to back movies in the US. He usually has exotic/ far away locations for filming. Surprising

  • Stagecoach


    I have no idea who the older gentleman is. Maybe mom got a boyfriend. He’s ruggedly handsome. The photos are probably staged. New Orleans isn’t a paparazzi hot spot. The purpose? To say I’m alive, I’m still with Erin, and most importantly watch my Django Unchained trailer when it’s released today.

  • Uncle Leo
  • @302

    Sorry appreciated, but I think you’re wrong.
    First this aint New Orleans its New York
    Alive? Surely the chiropractors’ visit would have confirmed his existence, and Dajngo Unchained was already going to get a lot of play/hype bike ride or not
    @Philly – I don’t think anyone can be sure.

  • @304

    Even in NYC it`s rare to get so many and so clear paparazzi photos. The club sighting? It`s a NYC hotspot so it was obvious that it was going to get attention. Just like it would have been noticed if they did it in NOLA. But there was nothing like that. One thing is for sure it`s a lot of attention and new stuff all of a sudden.

  • vagabond

    @Philly: I don’t post all the time but I’m always on here reading.You notice he didn’t take a year off between films like he’s done in the past.From J Edgar to Wolf it’s been just a few months of downtime.
    @Uncle Leo,thats maybe the second sighting that actually said they were making out.His mom was there too.Seems like it’s always some group thing with these two.

  • Uncle Leo

    I recall one getaway when it was only the two of them. I think it was somewhere in California. And yes, the second make out report in like 8 months?

  • Stagecoach


    The chiropractor pics have a link to the Gatsby trailer. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but there’s no such thing as too much publicity. Jared, Popsugar target different audiences than film sites. New York has paparazzi hot spots, like The Darby.

  • Stagecoach

    Ramey got good clear shots of Leo and Erin in Australia and New York.

  • @309

    And a lot of clear shots in New York while they were riding their bikes. I mean they were on the move but no hiding and a lot of pictures.

  • Philly

    @Uncle Leo
    And if there were constant make out reports you would call them fake right?
    I say its a casual thing and it makes no logical sense to me how pics of him now would impact Django awareness/ box office in December. JMO. We’ll have to agree to disagree

  • Uncle Leo

    No, I wouldn`t call them fake. That`s your assumption just to pick on something again.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t she say she was gluten free?? Beer has a lot of wheat in it!!! Story seems staged.

  • Don’t worry about Leda

    We all know Leo will dump her soon like the others…he looks bored as usual….

  • But…

    @Don’t worry about Leda:
    thats what Leda wants I just went on popsugar and the crazy b***h has been back on there in one of her multiple ‘names’. She’ll be on other sites soon enough. I hope Leo marries Erin just for whateva/Becky DD to kill herself.

  • But…

    Oh & I LOVE the fact that someone on pops***r actually called her on it

  • OMG


    Some people here really have problems… starting with you. Seriously Talking about suicide?… Are you kidding???

  • OMG!!

    I posted on 2 sites! Now what? What`s gonna happen now? It must be against the law! lol
    Someone on the other site called me out because I said Erin looks very young next to Leo! I can`t believe what a crazy b*tch I am to say that. It`s such a huge event that the internet police had to mention it here… Don`t you have to make some new avis instead of dealing with insanely big issues like that? kill myself… and of course I`m the crazy b*tch! lol multiple names? Really? I thought I used only one name but for the all-claims-no-proof person that doesn`t matter! Oh, thanks for making me laugh at the end of the day! It was pointless and stupid as usual! :)

  • I’m not worried about Leda

    She only hurts herself. Leo could give a rats ass. That’s why she screams violently around the clock about. She knows he doesn’t care and it hurts.

  • I’m not worried about Leda

    OMG, it was a crude joke and shouldn’t have been made, but I can’t deny Leda is reaping what she sows.

  • Hmmmmmm

    @@319: OMGGGGG why so rude…? I was trying to say that I don’t care if they criticize you I like what you have been posting here,sorry for the misunderstanding :(((

  • Don’t worry about Leda

    @I’m not worried about Leda: you are an idiot. Hoping someone kill themselves might get you thrown in jail in some parts of the USA nowadays they way these net laws are always changing. JJ probably has your ip addy written down just incase anything happens you idiot. People get in trouble with less. And s*ut the f c k up because you know Erin is just a play thing for Leo and they’re not getting married. Leda will be fine just like the rest of us. Leo will dump her and she will still be 23 not the required 25!!!

  • @322

    I would say you are the idiot. I am #315 and #319 is a different person
    And I would tell YOU to now shut the f**k up. No neither you nor Leda will ever be fine in your lives as you continut to tail Leo and obsess over is next girlfriend in your hysterics. His next choice will probably drive you to optimum point with and will be fun to watch as Leo himself could care less

  • OMG!!

    @322: Thanks. People here just can`t handle forums like this so I don`t understand why they push it. Being over-dramatic and vulgar is of course so much better than posting your opinion. I`m perfectly fine since I never thought Leo broke up this his gf. Clearly he has a pattern and he is going to move on to the next one sooner than later. So what? #315 and #319 can go crazy as much as they want they don`t matter to me and couldn`t care less about their opinion. Waste of time responding to them!

  • ???

    @OMG!!: Normal people cant handle constant bagging of his girl friends, it’s the same old, same old every time!

  • @325

    @???: well then don’t come on the forum idiot…if its the same old same old what are you doing reading over the same thing over and over…sounds like you’re the one that needs to get a move on…or stfu cause its not gonna change…try the bellafreaks forum..that might be more your speed…

  • ???

    @@325: No, hows about you stop slagging off people here? but if it’s beyond your personality not to, then you dont come here!! easy

  • @327

    @???: you first Hypo as in Hypocrite!!!lol Dont’ come in here…yeah okay lol

  • I’m not worried about Leda

    @Don’t worry about Leda:

    If that were the case, Leda could be thrown in jail for the horrible things she’s said. Most of us believe Erin is a plaything, but most of us know how to express ourselves without resorting to vicious attacks 24 / 7 like Leda is guilty. She’s vicious and obsessed. I don’t agree with it, but I’m not surprised when people give her a taste of her own medicine.

  • lisa runnels