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Erin Heatherton: First Movie Role!

Erin Heatherton: First Movie Role!

Erin Heatherton breaks out her acting chops in her first movie role on the set of Grown Ups 2 in Boston, Mass., on Tuesday (May 29).

The 23-year-old Victoria’s Secret model filmed a cheerleading carwash scene and later tweeted to co-star Adam Sandler, “@happymadison had a blast, if you ever need a sponge bath, you know who to call.”

Taylor Lautner, Salma Hayek, Chris Rock, David Spade and Kevin James co-star in the film!

Earlier in the month, Erin helped to promote VS‘s “What’s Sexy Now” campaign in Los Angeles.

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Credit: Jeff Steinberg; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • ren

    you gotta be kidding me

  • Yikes

    OMG look at her standing next to the other girls, she’s enormous!

  • snoozy

    Ehm…Her body and legs are too massive for a “model”. Her face is kind of cute, but nothing special.

  • Laura

    @Yikes: She really is! I don’t get why some people are so obsessed with wanting to be model sized. The other girls look more feminine, and shorter people often have better waist definition

  • a

    Haha I bet that takes a lot of talent. She looks like an overgrown 10 year old.. gross!

  • Jerry

    This makes me sad for the future of the movie industry.

  • s

    why her!? anyone can play this role, just not her please!!

  • JEZ7

    I feel sorry for anyone in the acting profession, they never get roles because they’re too freely offered to models and singers. It’s like me studying dentistry and my job being given to a baker.

  • nina


  • Carey M.

    LOL, LOL, LOL! I just wonder how she auditioned for the role.

  • Leonardo Fan

    Thanks Jared. And once again, thanks for not bringing Leo’s name to her topic. .

  • fdgd

    @JEZ7: actresses have been stealing models jobs since the late 90s. Before than you never saw them on fashion magazine covers or campaigns. That was a models job, models were on the covers each month, not actresses. so its kinda of funny.

  • evan

    This makes me sad for the future of the movie industry.

  • Well

    At least the other girls look like real chearleaders. And as the only VS model on the set, she is the only one who can not fill her outfit’s top, even with the help of her pushup bra.
    “…if you ever need a sponge bath, you know who to call”. How gross!

  • Chace

    She looks OK. Don’t know why every girl that dates Leo needs to get relentless abuse.

  • Model Fan

    She works out her abs like if she was a guy. No need for this. She should wear a better padded push up and ask her hair colorist to remove some of that yellowish tone in her hair. Doesn’t look natural.

  • Josephine


    Agree. She doesn’t have a body for this kind of job at all. How someone with no boobs and no butt can be a good lingerie model? Just a decade ago it wouldn’t be possible, now even VS models have figures like teenage boys. And I don’t think it’s appropriate to say or tweet something like that to a married father, even in a joking manner.

  • Mary


  • @Josephine-@Well

    “And I don’t think it’s appropriate to say or tweet something like that to a married father, even in a joking manner.” Yep. What a lack of judgment. She looks cheap. Wasn’t she DiCaprio’s easiest lay he’s ever had? No wonder.

  • WOW!

    I see that the Leo fans are here.
    They feel the need to insult this poor girl so bad that they are willing to condem her for being fat and flat chested.
    Next they wil be condemning her for being too thin and setting a bad example for young women, and for flaunting her bosom.
    His fans will rip her apart with double standards and hypocrisy, just like the Orlando fans STILL do with Miranda.
    Leo will never look at you guys. Never. You just have to accept that he likes gorgeous blondes, and not silly, desperate, hateful fangirls.

  • Jerry

    Did #13 just steal my comment?!

  • Tyler

    Does Victoria’s Secret really worth it? Because with these girls as supermodels makes me really doubt it. I don’t know how they get there. Well, the show isn’t very smart but a panty show. I’ve seen better looking girls in catalogues.

  • Scary

    There’s the hypocrisy. You call them whores but then you put them on top. Sex is a must and intelligence a plus.

  • soraya desmangles

    leave erin alone, your just jelouse. ._. you guys are so immature.just be happy that she’s in it and how the hell, did leo get into this?it has nothing to do with this topic.

  • AmberWaves


    Because. Up until very recently she was dating Leo Di Caprio. They are probably still dating. He obviously got her the job. If he didn’t give her direct help then it was indirect, but believe me, being with him helped.
    Leo launches models. Who knew Gisele that well or Bar Raphaeli before they hooked up with him. He finds them right on the brink then “launches” them.

  • SalmaHayekFan

    I noticed that Salma Hayek is mentioned in this article. Here is a message to Salma Hayek. You need to get divorced from your stupid billionaire deadbeat dad husband because he is a jerk for abandoning his son with Linda Evangelista. I cannot stand Francois-Henri Pinault.

  • Dave Franco

    Guys, It doesn’t matter… this will end up going straight to video.

  • OMG

    How someone can look so unsexy in a cheerleader outfit?? Not even in her attitude!

  • woohoo

    I’m over these models & singers getting movie roles when they cant even act.

  • Demitasse

    Sometimes I think the Victoria Secret girls are nothing but paid “escorts.” But very high price! Every year they have this “lingerie” show in the Fall, and all these models parade around and all the celebrity guys are in the audience picking out their next piece. It’s a meat market. That’s where Leo hooked up with her. She “auditioned” for him and now she’s making movies and getting more modeling jobs. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • ali

    she is soooo beautiful and sexy !!

  • Jasmine

    @Chace: I guess I can only speak for myself about that, and it doesn’t have to do with her dating Leo, which I’m not even sure she is doing. I personally just wonder how in the world she gets jobs…modeling OR acting. There’s nothing special about the way she looks. Even with the nose job and push up bras, she seems average at best. I always wondered how she was able to become a VS models, working alongside truly gorgeous women.
    And I agree with the others here who say they feel sad about the acting industry upon seeing this…but for me, I started to lose faith in it when they started giving Kim Kartrashian acting jobs. It’s been downhill since!

  • Dieter


  • FashionGal

    God she’s so ordinary. She owes Leo for any press and jobs she gets now.

  • anon

    @AmberWaves: to be fair though none of his other model gf’s can compare to giseles status or the work she can get….and yes she got the best fashion work pre leo as well….I’ve yet to see Bar or Erin get even 1/3 the prestigious work she got as a foreign Brazilian 17 yr old, then they’ve had (or not) in their whole careers,. Leo makes them more relevant in the press but he doesn’t make their careers. Bar proved that with her non existent modeling career. LOL.

  • meh

    her legs look quite out of shape for a model….verging on cottage cheese-ish.

  • V

    Poor girl, always getting so much hate. I wish her the best

  • kerri lynn

    she is so blonde and young… i just wish bar would look as good as her.

  • Effy

    Why can’t models stick to modeling, singers stick to singing and actors stick to acting?!

  • @anon

    You sure have a lack of consideration for Leo Dicaprio. Pretending he would date a girl based on her level of work status. C’mon. Is he as shallow and insecure? I wish his choices of women are based on how they talk, think and their sense of values. If he wants to find a powerful and successful mate, then he better fall for a politician, a doctor or an engineer. Not a model.

  • Yuck

    She looks so fake and trashy. And her padded push-up makes her look even more ridiculous. I

  • hyvic

    @Effy: I wish so too. I didnt see Erin being very in demand in modeling/fashion besides VS (and shes not even had one Vogue cover just like his last ex Bar hasn’t lol) so acting was a natural next step for her I guess.

  • espana

    On Erin’s twitter it said that she’s going to Spain!!!! Bon Voyaaaaggee!!!!!

  • Erin Fan

    She’s on her way to Spain before attending the Antalya Fashion Show in Turkey next week. Which city in Spain is she going to?

  • espana

    @Erin Fan: what will she be doing in spain?!?!

  • shi

    The hate from Leo fans for anyone he dates is simply irrational. When will the crazy fans realize that HE makes these choices??? Why hate the person who is being chosen and not the one who makes the choice??? And why assume that she’s empty headed, etc? Do you know her personally or are you stereotyping based on the fact that she’s a model? I happen to be a fan of Leo too but jeez, i do realize that like many he has a type and that’s just how it is. You don’t have to understand it, only he has to since he’s the one who date them. And I’m sorry, but im sure he doesn’t care about strangers opinion of his dates.

  • Erin Fan

    @espana: – not sure, nothing is said about a work assignment. So she might just enjoy a little vacation. Spain is so beautiful.

  • jackson

    i would like to see one Adam Sandler movie with no models in it, at all. I remember how much promise he showed in the early 2000s with some of his indie roles….Now all of his movies seem so middle-age-crisis….

  • youch

    @shi: its even weirder too that they invest so much time and emotion into it all, lol. I remember Bar Refaeli threads here used to gain over 100 comments and now they are pretty much dead. I genuinely thought they hated her and thought she was what they said she is; but now I see they just move on their hate from gf to gf. When he was with Blake they abandoned Bars threads and went straight to hers, when he started dating Erin they abandoned Blakes etc. LMAO. they confuse me. and on certain forums they also begin to put the girl hes dating into their little fan art sets and once he stops dating a girl, they stop liking that celeb too. so they either hate everyone he dates, or suddenly begin loving everyone he dates. they’re little nut job fangirls.

  • shi


    That’s exactly what I thought too! I started believing that there really was something wrong w Bar then I saw the hate move from date to date then i realized they were just nutjobs. SMH