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Jessica Simpson: Baby Maxwell's First Pic!

Jessica Simpson: Baby Maxwell's First Pic!

Jessica Simpson proudly shows off her new daughter, Maxwell, on the cover of People‘s latest issue.

“[My] life has completely changed. From how I sleep to what I think about, Maxwell has definitely taken over everything!” the 31-year-old entertainer tells the mag.

Jessica and fiance Eric Johnson welcomed their first child on May 1.

“It’s the worst if I have to pump and give Eric a bottle to give her. I miss holding her and having that closeness,” she shared.

“We stare at her all the time,” she added. “We can’t get enough!”

For more of Jessica‘s interview, including pics of Maxwell, check out the new issue of People on newsstands this Friday!

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72 Responses to “Jessica Simpson: Baby Maxwell's First Pic!”

  1. 1
    Courtney Says:

    that picture is precious Maxwell is a lil beauty

  2. 2
    po Says:

    No doubt the kid is well fed. Mom owns her own dairy.

  3. 3
    lOl Says:


  4. 4
    Nicole Says:



  5. 5
    Leenah Says:

    The baby is can you people talk bad about a baby?Jessica is glowing..

  6. 6
    Nicole Says:


    I think Po was talking about the size of her breasts and the milk that it carries. Po isnt lying. She could feed Texas with those things,

  7. 7
    Tate Says:


  8. 8
    Tanya Says:

    Beautiful fat baby congratulations Jessica.

  9. 9
    Callies Says:


  10. 10
    KC Says:

    Very cute baby.

  11. 11
    name Says:

    I think the name should have been more feminine like Tim, Charlie etc……..

  12. 12
    AlienBaby Says:

    Why do celebs insist on displaying their newborn baby pics for the world to see? Truth is, at this stage babies are not cute. They only start to get cute after about a month. Sorry, it’s the truth. I know to their parents it’s the cutest thing ever only because it’s theirs but do not try to convince me your newborn alien-like blob is cute. Thumb me down all you want, I do not care, I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking.

  13. 13
    ? Says:

    Who is that 45 year old transvestite posing with a baby in that picture?

  14. 14
    haaha Says:

    When you combine Eric’s and Jessica’s IQ’s you get about 70. That baby has no chance.

  15. 15
    hippo Says:

    I know Jessica will lose some weight and be photoshopped to hell half naked on the magazine cover (still can’t believe former Minister’s daughter is having babies out of wedlock and posed nude pregnant on a magazine cover *puke*) but can you imagine the stretch marks on this broad? She gained too much, she caused permanent damage to her skin. No nip and tuck can fix stretch marks all over your body. Whoever buys her “diet secrets” is a moron.

  16. 16
    Dandy Says:

    Love it!! Jessica looks great and Maxwell is adorable!!

  17. 17
    what's wrong with this name: Says:

    Max – Johnson
    -she’s gonna have a tough time in high school

  18. 18
    NotAGirl Says:

    Don’t you just hate it when they sell their baby pictures? It’s always the talentless ones. Go figure.

  19. 19
    dobbi Says:

    Cute chubby cheeks…and the baby has them too!

  20. 20
    Lailah Says:

    So what if she sold her baby pictures? Even the most private couples have shown off their babies. I think it all comes down to safety. Papparazzi go crazy trying to take pictures of these kids, so it’s not a surprise. It’s not like she’s using her baby to make money – she doesn’t need it.

    Jessica and Eric’s little bundle of joy is gorgeous and is so lucky to be surrounded by so much love. A mother’s love is the most purest and unselfish. I think the cover is beautiful. :)

    And also, look at how healthy she is! Jessica was huge so it should come as no surprise Maxwell is a big baby. Be positive guys! If you don’t have anything nice to say, why say anything at all?

  21. 21
    Vanessa Says:

    Look at the gigantic arms on that newborn the consequences of her greedy mother stuffing herself 24 hours a day.

  22. 22
    original miley Says:

    @Lailah: she’s using the baby to get money, because she’s not doing the cover for free! if she or any celebrity dont want to get money out of the baby, just post the pictures in twitter or the official page, like hilary duff did.

  23. 23
    Jessie Says:

    Little house on the Prairie dress on Max… Really people talking about
    ***** jeans u can’t come up with a rude word for that baby dress!

  24. 24
    donna Says:

    I respect Charlize Theron for not doing that. People is so out of touch. Jessica Simpson is irrelevant.

  25. 25
    me Says:

    I dislike JEssica Simpson. She is ugly and talentless and just got lucky to get so rich and famous- she is actually really UGLY and she thinks she is so important and like people give a sh$t about her. yeah she had a little mini me- ew, more grossness to spread in the world. and to name a girl maxwell just proves her stupidity

  26. 26
    Maxwell Says:

    @lOl: Weee weee weee weee!!!

  27. 27
    heyyou Says:

    Not wan’t to be bean, but this baby it’s not the cutest and pretiest! And Jessica looks very photoshopped in the photo!

  28. 28
    heyyou Says:

    oops, meaan! hahaha

  29. 29
    fatJessica Says:

    So I wonder if she kept her promise and kept heels on while giving birth? Can we say yuck at the image? She is so shallow.

  30. 30
    heyyou Says:

    B-O-T-O-X darling!

  31. 31
    Jessico Says:

    I really feel sorry for Maxwell. She’s not going to be a happy kid.

  32. 32
    hippo-cryte Says:

    remember when Jessica was making fame off her claims to remain a virgin until marriage? Fast forward 7 this the same person? lol

  33. 33
    Lee Says:

    On the top hand side corner, is that Pamela Anderson’s younger days?

  34. 34
    anymouse Says:

    What a Beautiful Baby! Of course she got paid for the photo, they all do, duh! Better to show this Adorable Baby, than have the paps stalking them and giving them no peace! Ya’ll must have sad lives, to hate on an innocent Baby. Maxwell is a gift from God, they are Blessed and Happy! Nothing you can say will change that, LOL!

  35. 35
    Bellissima Says:

    JJ left out the part of the interview which said she had a C-section. I suppose she was so huge and Maxwell was over 9lbs it was the only way lol! Hey…I just realised her baby could be nicknamed MJ.

  36. 36
    Some say tomato.. Says:

    @NotAGirl: Yeah like Angie and her boyfriend Brad!

  37. 37
    man face Says:

    @ anymouse: the only pap that stalks Jessica Simpson is her dad. I bet Jessica paid People magazine for the cover, not the other way around. Jessica looks like a man.

  38. 38
    kate Says:

    sweet baby and beautiful mama. who said she got paid for this pic, i didn’t read it anywhere but ita with others who say better then having the paps stalking and yes they would be hounding ,they do it to all new celeb mothers.
    Goood grief! Hasn’t anybody here had a chubby baby no mattter what size you were it can happen. I had one out of my two grown children but at age 2 she was so tiny very much built like me , chubby doesn’t mean a thing when they are newborns. Ppl are so mean, if you can’t say anything nice why hide behind your screen and talk crap about a new baby. Pathetic !

  39. 39
    Keebs Says:

    Baby Maxwell is beautiful!!! It’s so obvious that Jessica LOVES being a mom! And to anyone who has anything bad to say, shouldn’t say anything at all.

    And babies born over 9lbs do NOT have to be delivered via c-section. That is just a choice.

  40. 40
    d Says:

    @kate: you’re naive

  41. 41
    HI! Says:

    Fattie McFat and her out of the wedlock bast@rd

  42. 42
    jane Says:

    Newborns are ugly. And this kid is no exception.

  43. 43
    cutesy Says:

    This baby is a cute littlel butterball. She obviously got paid for the cover although I heard it was under $1 million….something like $700,000. She’s old news…doesn’t sing, act or do anything besides shill her name on that clothing line. Her fiancee is irrelevant too. Doesn’t act, sing, entertain…never had much of a sports career and sports career is over anyway. He basically is a regular Joe who she unfortunately has to support.

  44. 44
    Ava Says:

    @AlienBaby: hahaha I agree. In nursing school, our maternity teacher told us (after all her experience in that unit), every parent think their baby is the cutest thing and take all these pictures but in truth, they all look the same… and like aliens. It’s not until 2 or 3 months is when they even START to look cute lol

  45. 45
    Kim Says:

    She is giving the money to Charity , right ?

  46. 46
    boo! Says:

    They photoshopped THE HELL out of Jessica’s face. She looks like Bristol Palin after she had all that surgery done. I can’t even what Maxwell looks like. She is so chubby she has no features. It’s like everything is just smushed between two big cheeks.

  47. 47
    Aldrei Says:

    WTF happened with her shoulder?!?!? TOTALLY PHOTOSHOPPED

  48. 48
    anon Says:

    Don’t get on the religous kick about having children out of wedlock. Adam & Eve were not married, Mary & Joseph were not married.. it is assumed but no where in that bible is there ever any mention of weddings as we know it. Celebrations but weddings no. Same stands now today. People need to get off there friggin high horses.. Having a piece of paper does not always make for a healthy marriage. Commitment to each other & god does & it doesn’t take a piece of paper or church to have that. Stop judging! Given todays standards weddings mean nothing. NOt many last.

  49. 49
    ofjhfvg Says:

    First of all: Cute kid.
    But still…Maxwell for a girl? How very progressive of you, Jessica, to choose such an androgynous name. I wouldn’t have thought you were a feminist.
    When I think of the name Maxwell I think of the hot soul singer. Not Jessica Simpsons babygirl. But I guess I’ll have to get used to it lol

  50. 50
    HAHAHA!! Says:

    #48 Please go re-read your Bible, well maybe not yours but the King James version of the Bible.

  51. 51
    Dee Says:

    Haha I won’t comment on the mom cause yeah I don’t know but Maxwell is adorable! Fat babies are always the cutest babies!

  52. 52
    Dee Says:

    What an ugly kid, at least it doesn’t have blond hair.

  53. 53
    sonnyboy Says:

    JESSICA SIMPSON IS UGLY, FAT, SLOB! She is a has-been from the Britney Spears wanna-be pop days back in the early 2000s. Why the hell did she name her daughter MAXWELL? That’s the dumbest thing she has done so far! She is really stupid and I wish she would leave all of us alone about her damn kid and her freckin’ weight! NOBODY CARES! She is so arrogant like the rest of those celebrities! She actually think we give a s_it about her ugly fat son…i mean daughter??? And that baby daddy is the best she could do???? HAHahahhahahahahhaha Her career, Beyonce’s career, and all the rest of the talentless brigade is OVER!!!!!!!!! And let me tell you something about motherhood, IT’S HARD WITH OR WITHOUT MONEY! SHE WILL AGE INDEFINITELY!

  54. 54
    boo! Says:

    @sonnyboy: Angry much?

  55. 55
    ace Says:

    what a beautiful baby. congrats to them…..and best wishes. i cant believe the hateful, rude comments on here. the world is really going to hell. how can people make such awful comments about an innocent baby.

  56. 56
    lea Says:

    Seriously half of these comments are sad. We are talking about a child here, talk about Jess if you have to say a nasty comment but leave the child alone. All I can say is congratulations to the both them in having a healthy baby

  57. 57
    Aurora Says:

    @original miley: I’m pretty sure the only reason Hilary Duff didn’t sell her photos was because no one was actually interested. She hasn’t worked (or at least done any work that was relevant) in years. Jessica on the other hand has a fashion line and she also had that show. She’s also just more widely known than Hilary.

  58. 58
    Kara Says:

    Oh yeah, Brangelina, Jennifer Lopez and others are all so talentless. What a stupid comment. Only when Jessica does it it’s not good because she’s Jessica Simpson. You people are so full of double standards.

  59. 59
    j Says:

    actually you can get rid of stretch marks with a tummy tuck

  60. 60
    swati Says:

    you are very right!

  61. 61
    Delilah Says:

    @Kara: Brangelina gave away all the money to charity, so don’t compare Simpson to Angelina Jolie. And, you obviously missed one thing – Angelina is a TALENTED, famous actress, known best for her movie creations.

    And just compare 800,000$ to 11 (or 14?) million dollars Brangelina received for their twins pics. You have to admit, she’s over and even after her sexy-talk throughout the pregnancy about having best orgasms in life and delivering a baby in heels, she is not considered a true celebrity anymore. Just a fame w****e ready to sell anything she has, so don’t be surprised when the “birth video” is revealed.

  62. 62
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    OMG!! She looks like a plastic doll they photoshopped her so much!! When will she start to sell the video of her GIVING birth???

  63. 63
    Z Says:

    Adorable baby, I don’t see why people feel the need to post a mean comment about a BABY, that’s sick.
    And I don’t like Jessica for naming her a masculine name, poor baby.

  64. 64
    Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi Says:


  65. 65
    Meg Says:

    Jessica is no longer a decent human being anymore. She is a shallow, superficial bimbo who runs her vulgar, stupid mouth about her pregnancy and her sex life. She’s also a fat, obnoxious, greedy, opportunistic attention ***** who, since her divorce from Nick, has spent her life indulging in alcohol, eating out of control, getting obese, and sleeping with any man who looks at her. Then came the illegitimate child with an unemployed loser who is probably getting paid to sleep with her big, fat @ss. Now she makes money any way she can, even pimping out her baby’s photos and being paid to lose weight, something she should be doing on her own. If she looks after her child the way she looked after her dog (who got killed), then that kid has no chance; she probably doesn’t anyway, since her mom and dad have extremely low IQs. I hate this stupid b i t c h with a passion.

  66. 66
    LIpapel Says:

    I’m shocked so many nasty comments. I thought in North America, where the population is mostly Protestant, people worshiped the tolerance and love of neighbor.

    Congratulations to Jessica and her beautiful baby. Jessica is a beautiful woman and her daughter will grow up to be as beautiful as her mother.

    Sorry for my English. I’m not American.

  67. 67
    Meg Says:

    @LIpapel: Why should we have tolerance and love toward someone who sold their soul to the devil years ago?

  68. 68
    me II Says:

    WHY DID THIS CHICK HAVE TO SELL HER BABY PICS?? I know Nick wouldn’t let that happen…..Nick is sooooo happy i’m sure that he is rid of her…and has a good wife!!! plus….these pics of jess are sooooo photoshopped…..she has a big fat face…..and they slimmed it a ton…and the rest of her showing!!! baby is fat too!! why did this boyfriend let her eat up soooo much…….and why this interest in her every move??? i don’t get it…..

  69. 69
    original miley Says:

    @Aurora: i said hilary because was the first name that pop out in my mind, beyonce did the same, charlize theron, jennifer garner & ben affleck too, to name just a few

  70. 70
    Heloe Says:

    Good for JEssica she is so happy. Her lil girl is precious, poretty and happy, and helathy.
    I liked Jessica before she and her family,led by her fahter, dissed Kick Lacehy. Thatwas wrong.
    YES, he wanted and deserved his rightful share of money they made together.

    Now, Jessica is with this no job, ugly, loser, highly educated, nothing, nobody,easy for her to get, moocher, freeloading man, Eric Johnson.

    Yeah, don’t hate the player, hate the game. KFed started the trend …nobody, nothing guy, sweet talk rich, girl inot a marrriage, baby,and Cha-ching, you are in the money.
    It worked well for KFed adn is very good for Eric Johnson.

    I predict Jessica will diovrce him one or he, divorce her.
    I give them four years min, 5 years, max.

  71. 71
    hey Says:

    yea, you would have to be the parents of the child or close relative to call it ”insanely beautiful”
    babies are magic, true, but not that pretty to outsiders

  72. 72
    Miss Leah Says:

    Jessica went straight downhill after she broke up with Nick. She has never gotten over him & the only reason she is with her lump of a man is because no successful hot guy wanted her! She is a talented singer & beautiful….but no one responds well to desperation. If she has worked at herself as much as she has at her million dollar business, she would have landed a great guy & would have so much self esteem. Now she is just a obese mom with an equally obese baby. I can’t believe she isn’t embarrassed to show such a fat baby off given her huge weight issues! No magazine cover has ever featured a fat ugly celebrity baby….unless I missed Jessica Albas last one. FUGLY! Nicole Richie who outtalks & outwits her on every Fashion episode making her look like such a dumb
    blonde idiot…..makes it too tough to watch. Jessica needs to hit the gym, get into therapy, grow a backbone & take college courses.

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