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Jessica Simpson: Baby Maxwell's First Pic!

Jessica Simpson: Baby Maxwell's First Pic!

Jessica Simpson proudly shows off her new daughter, Maxwell, on the cover of People‘s latest issue.

“[My] life has completely changed. From how I sleep to what I think about, Maxwell has definitely taken over everything!” the 31-year-old entertainer tells the mag.

Jessica and fiance Eric Johnson welcomed their first child on May 1.

“It’s the worst if I have to pump and give Eric a bottle to give her. I miss holding her and having that closeness,” she shared.

“We stare at her all the time,” she added. “We can’t get enough!”

For more of Jessica‘s interview, including pics of Maxwell, check out the new issue of People on newsstands this Friday!

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  • Dee

    Haha I won’t comment on the mom cause yeah I don’t know but Maxwell is adorable! Fat babies are always the cutest babies!

  • Dee

    What an ugly kid, at least it doesn’t have blond hair.

  • sonnyboy

    JESSICA SIMPSON IS UGLY, FAT, SLOB! She is a has-been from the Britney Spears wanna-be pop days back in the early 2000s. Why the hell did she name her daughter MAXWELL? That’s the dumbest thing she has done so far! She is really stupid and I wish she would leave all of us alone about her damn kid and her freckin’ weight! NOBODY CARES! She is so arrogant like the rest of those celebrities! She actually think we give a s_it about her ugly fat son…i mean daughter??? And that baby daddy is the best she could do???? HAHahahhahahahahhaha Her career, Beyonce’s career, and all the rest of the talentless brigade is OVER!!!!!!!!! And let me tell you something about motherhood, IT’S HARD WITH OR WITHOUT MONEY! SHE WILL AGE INDEFINITELY!

  • boo!

    @sonnyboy: Angry much?

  • ace

    what a beautiful baby. congrats to them…..and best wishes. i cant believe the hateful, rude comments on here. the world is really going to hell. how can people make such awful comments about an innocent baby.

  • lea

    Seriously half of these comments are sad. We are talking about a child here, talk about Jess if you have to say a nasty comment but leave the child alone. All I can say is congratulations to the both them in having a healthy baby

  • Aurora

    @original miley: I’m pretty sure the only reason Hilary Duff didn’t sell her photos was because no one was actually interested. She hasn’t worked (or at least done any work that was relevant) in years. Jessica on the other hand has a fashion line and she also had that show. She’s also just more widely known than Hilary.

  • Kara

    Oh yeah, Brangelina, Jennifer Lopez and others are all so talentless. What a stupid comment. Only when Jessica does it it’s not good because she’s Jessica Simpson. You people are so full of double standards.

  • j

    actually you can get rid of stretch marks with a tummy tuck

  • swati

    you are very right!

  • Delilah

    @Kara: Brangelina gave away all the money to charity, so don’t compare Simpson to Angelina Jolie. And, you obviously missed one thing – Angelina is a TALENTED, famous actress, known best for her movie creations.

    And just compare 800,000$ to 11 (or 14?) million dollars Brangelina received for their twins pics. You have to admit, she’s over and even after her sexy-talk throughout the pregnancy about having best orgasms in life and delivering a baby in heels, she is not considered a true celebrity anymore. Just a fame w****e ready to sell anything she has, so don’t be surprised when the “birth video” is revealed.

  • lexy hates bilson

    OMG!! She looks like a plastic doll they photoshopped her so much!! When will she start to sell the video of her GIVING birth???

  • Z

    Adorable baby, I don’t see why people feel the need to post a mean comment about a BABY, that’s sick.
    And I don’t like Jessica for naming her a masculine name, poor baby.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi


  • Meg

    Jessica is no longer a decent human being anymore. She is a shallow, superficial bimbo who runs her vulgar, stupid mouth about her pregnancy and her sex life. She’s also a fat, obnoxious, greedy, opportunistic attention wh0re who, since her divorce from Nick, has spent her life indulging in alcohol, eating out of control, getting obese, and sleeping with any man who looks at her. Then came the illegitimate child with an unemployed loser who is probably getting paid to sleep with her big, fat @ss. Now she makes money any way she can, even pimping out her baby’s photos and being paid to lose weight, something she should be doing on her own. If she looks after her child the way she looked after her dog (who got killed), then that kid has no chance; she probably doesn’t anyway, since her mom and dad have extremely low IQs. I hate this stupid b i t c h with a passion.

  • LIpapel

    I’m shocked so many nasty comments. I thought in North America, where the population is mostly Protestant, people worshiped the tolerance and love of neighbor.

    Congratulations to Jessica and her beautiful baby. Jessica is a beautiful woman and her daughter will grow up to be as beautiful as her mother.

    Sorry for my English. I’m not American.

  • Meg

    @LIpapel: Why should we have tolerance and love toward someone who sold their soul to the devil years ago?

  • me II

    WHY DID THIS CHICK HAVE TO SELL HER BABY PICS?? I know Nick wouldn’t let that happen…..Nick is sooooo happy i’m sure that he is rid of her…and has a good wife!!! plus….these pics of jess are sooooo photoshopped…..she has a big fat face…..and they slimmed it a ton…and the rest of her showing!!! baby is fat too!! why did this boyfriend let her eat up soooo much…….and why this interest in her every move??? i don’t get it…..

  • original miley

    @Aurora: i said hilary because was the first name that pop out in my mind, beyonce did the same, charlize theron, jennifer garner & ben affleck too, to name just a few

  • Heloe

    Good for JEssica she is so happy. Her lil girl is precious, poretty and happy, and helathy.
    I liked Jessica before she and her family,led by her fahter, dissed Kick Lacehy. Thatwas wrong.
    YES, he wanted and deserved his rightful share of money they made together.

    Now, Jessica is with this no job, ugly, loser, highly educated, nothing, nobody,easy for her to get, moocher, freeloading man, Eric Johnson.

    Yeah, don’t hate the player, hate the game. KFed started the trend …nobody, nothing guy, sweet talk rich, girl inot a marrriage, baby,and Cha-ching, you are in the money.
    It worked well for KFed adn is very good for Eric Johnson.

    I predict Jessica will diovrce him one or he, divorce her.
    I give them four years min, 5 years, max.

  • hey

    yea, you would have to be the parents of the child or close relative to call it ”insanely beautiful”
    babies are magic, true, but not that pretty to outsiders

  • Miss Leah

    Jessica went straight downhill after she broke up with Nick. She has never gotten over him & the only reason she is with her lump of a man is because no successful hot guy wanted her! She is a talented singer & beautiful….but no one responds well to desperation. If she has worked at herself as much as she has at her million dollar business, she would have landed a great guy & would have so much self esteem. Now she is just a obese mom with an equally obese baby. I can’t believe she isn’t embarrassed to show such a fat baby off given her huge weight issues! No magazine cover has ever featured a fat ugly celebrity baby….unless I missed Jessica Albas last one. FUGLY! Nicole Richie who outtalks & outwits her on every Fashion episode making her look like such a dumb
    blonde idiot…..makes it too tough to watch. Jessica needs to hit the gym, get into therapy, grow a backbone & take college courses.