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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Monaco Grand Prix!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Monaco Grand Prix!

Vanessa Hudgens and beau Austin Butler attend the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday (May 27) in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The 23-year-old actress and Austin, 20, got a tour of one of the garages and checked out some of the Formula 1 drivers’ equipment.

Earlier in the weekend, Vanessa made a solo appearance at the Amber Lounge Fashion Show, which featured F1 racers joining their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and children on the catwalk for charity.

“Afternoon fitting with my lovely stylist Annie Jagger and she caught me checking my emails in this beautiful gown. Oh how i love clothes,” Vanessa recently wrote on her blog.

FYI: Austin is wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

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  • florence2

    Looking good as always and so happy with Austin he really is her soulmate. Anyone know when Ausin,’s bday is bet it will be a great 21st whenever it is.

  • Skounoupi

    sick and tired…

  • R U sure

    @florence2 I saw your comments to OK. on the other site she/he was right she still has the bracelet.
    I will say this you are right they look very good and happy together

  • Pinoy

    This Filipino chick needs to give a Filipino boy a chance for a change.

  • Anna

    And the reason they get photographed so much is because?……..

  • What!


    There were paps at the event. Other celebs picture was taken as well.

  • Cutie

    @Anna: She’s beautiful…he’s good looking. She always gets a lot of hits on JJ. Her fans love her and support her. Not exactly rocket science.

  • Lance

    @Pinoy: She is only half Filipino and obviously prefers her white side more. Filipino boys are not good looking.

  • Vic

    @Pinoy: maybe its because he dad is White so she is looking for guys like him? also @Lance: I realised that the filipino boys are not as good looking as the girls but i dont think thats why she doesnt date them

  • peggy

    You fools Vanessa hosted the event you had pics of her with her co-host.

    Do you have selective amnesia

  • nick

    no offense…I don’t see the appeal in her. she’s not that great looking and not such good actress. but im glad things are working out for her. she seems happy.

  • mac

    filipino girls are beautiful…in my opinion.

  • thetis


    Were you born racist or developed it later – who you date has NOTHING to do with what side you prefer of your heritage unless of course you’re an ignorant racist where everything is about race (look in the mirror).

    And btw since learning and growing seems not to be your strong suite – good looks is in the eye of the beholder.

  • http://Facebook vanessa hudgens!!!

    @florence2: His b-day is on August 17th. And he will turn 21 then!

  • Gee

    Austin & Justin would make a perfect couple


    Cute girl. Horrible fashion sense. She tries too hard, always. Either she tries the Bohemian look and ends up looking like she belongs in a Pocahontas/Native American convention or she tries to do the hippie thing and just looks dirty and homeless. Just stop trying so damn hard and you will look nice, Vanessa.

  • thetis


    I think you should wait for Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter both rather serious roles based on true stories before making a judgement about her acting.

    I can name quite a few actresses that were written off who proved to be excellent actress and people had to reevaluate

  • http://Facebook vanessa hudgens!!!

    They’re gorgeous!
    I love them! No matter what you haters all say!
    They’re a really cute couple!

  • nick

    @thetis: Yeah, I’m definitely going to check those movies out. (If the trailers look appealing) I just feel like right now, she as no strong movies or acting chops. Hopefully she proves me wrong.

  • kev

    I kinda agree with nick. she seems like she has no talent in the acting department. but she has a nice voice and she can dance.

  • jade

    why did it take so long to get on jj but within seconds it was already on jjr?

  • R U sure

    @florence2 Vanessa and Zac where toghther for five years? I wonder how many times she let him ? on her? Stay off Zac’s posts if you can’t be nice , or you can get the same crap here.

  • KL

    She’s one ugly famewhore wanabe. She CAN’T act to save her own life.

  • moon

    I heard she calls photographers (paps) to follow her around so she can have pics on blog sights and get publicity. Is this true? If so, that’s disturbin. I do see a lot of pictures of her and this guy just making out like no other and she doesn’t really have anything going on right now. (seems like)

  • hol

    @moon: probably true. she’s one of the worsts (IMO).

  • Keek

    it seems like she’s got too much going on..the dress, the accessories…she looks nasty. EWWWWWW. she doesn’t even do anything…but go to events and just try to get her name out there.

  • Iris


    Anything going on?!?!? Well, you need to read more about upcoming movies because Spring Breakers is all around lately and what about Journey 2? It was a box office hit that movie. What about working with Nicolas Cage, John Cucsck?

  • Iris


  • tina

    She just completed three movies, which are all in the post production stage. She just stopped filming “Spring Breaker” last month. She was in Monaco to host a charity event (which to the uninformed means she was flown there and her expenses were paid). My mother always said when you don’t know something it’s best to keep your mouth close rather than to open it and let the world know how ignorant you are.

  • moon

    @Iris: it seems like she just takes projects because she is in need of a movie. Im sorry, but Journey 2 was a flop. Spring Breakers is probably the only controversial/worth watching movie she has. But we don’t know that because we haven’t seen a trailer or anything for it. Only because they kept posting pictures of themselves in bikinis that they got attention for it. (and Franco). She just doesn’t have talent. **IMO**

  • moon

    I like to say what’s on my mind. So there you go. That’s just how I feel. I know she’s got a cult following and all that. But I am hoping she proves me wrong when I say she can’t act.

  • tina

    @moon: A 300 million dollar “flop” with talks of a sequel. NO MATTER HOW YOU SAY IT, HOLLYWOOD RUNS ON MONEY. So you do know what she’s been doing but are trying to make it seem as if you don’t.

  • rob

    @moon: Journey 2 actually grossed $300 million+. That is considered a bonified success. There will be a sequel next year. Stick to what you know (which obviously isn’t much). Otherwise you look like an idiot.

  • OO

    She’s FUGLY. She CAN’t ACT. YUCK.

  • crys

    If it was a success, it definitely wasn’t because of vanessa! LOL. this girl can’t act! Her voice is so annoying.

  • lol

    yea, one of the paps said she gives them calls and hints to where she is so she can have her pics taken! how pathetic is that? kinda low actually. she isn’t the best actress…and she seems to just do it for the fame.

  • Gerrett

    She’s unattractive.

  • tina

    @lol: Stating lies as if they were facts is pathetic. So she called whatever “paps” in LA and they flew to Monaco because she “gave them a tip” Grow up

  • rob

    It really doesn’t matter what you haters think. This girl doesn’t cry all the way to the bank if you know what I mean!

  • Kim

    I can’t take her seriously. She’s some-what ok looking.

  • lol

    @tina: I didn’t say it was this specific post. I didn’t say she called the paps for them to go to MONACO. I just said in general. When she’s around LA.

  • tina

    @rob: It’s just a hand full of girls who change their names and answer themselves. Like suddenly everyone will believe them. They are so silly they sometimes forget and answer with the same name. Like you said @rob: she laughing all the way to the bank.

  • malin

    she’s alright. she definitely doesn’t have the acting chops, but i can tell she has a good heart.

  • robert

    LOL….this girl is far from unattractive. Well you know schools out for the summer so all this little kiddies are online trash talking this girl. Give it up kids….she’s always going to be better looking, dating a better looking guy and wealthier than you! That you can count on! Lol….

  • tina

    @R U sure: you came here because of a problem with florence2 who either has a mental problem or is 13 years old?

  • Lisa

    She needs to get acting classes!!! But she’s totally happy and laughing herself ALL the way to the bank.

  • tina

    @lol: Don’t know you can’t come right out and call you a liar but……………

  • ha

    Tubbens is hiding her chubs

  • nina

    she has gotten a lil chunkier. maybe it’s all austins meat. haha

  • tina

    I love the way all these “acting” critics have time to post on Vanessa threads. When she is auditing for REAL directors and they are hiring her, she doesn’t really need to satisfy “armchair critics”